Pigots 1840 - Kent

Sheerness comprising Blue Town & Mile Town  - Isle of Sheppy


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The parish of Minster contains the several places know as Sheerness, Blue Town and Mile Town; the name Sheerness is erroneously, though commonly, applied to the entire, as that place comprises only the fort and the point of land on which the garrison stands. The whole are locally in the liberty of the Isle of Sheppy and the lathe of Scray – Sheerness being 51 miles SE from London, 21 NE from Maidstone, and 27 NE from Canterbury. Near this island the rivers Thames & Medway intermix with the waters of the German ocean. About the year 1667, in the reign of Charles II, the erection of the fort was commenced under the superintendence of Sir Martin Beckman, who had not however made much progress when the Dutch effected their memorable attempt on the shipping in the Medway and demolished the new works; then proceeding up the river, they committed considerable havoc among the merchant vessels and returned down without molestation. This bold aggression roused the energy of the nation and the fort soon assumed the form of a regular strong fortification, mounted with heavy cannon. A royal dock for building and repairing ships of was also constructed here, which gave employment to numerous hands and led to the progressive rise of Blue Town and Mile Town. The dock yard has, during and subsequent to the late war received considerable improvements, by the formation of magnificent docks, a basin, and storehouses for the equipment of ships of the largest class, at an expense of four millions sterling. The three principal docks are all equally spacious and communicate with a basin, nearly five acres in extent, so conveniently constructed, that a first rate ship of war, of one hundred and twenty guns, with all her crew, guns and stores of every description, can without any difficulty be docked at any time of high water; but the enlargement of the dockyard has produced the almost entire demolitions of the fortifications. New defensive works, however, on a most extensive scale, are in contemplation and are evidently necessary for the security of this important place, and that of the vessels of war laid up in ordinary in the contiguous harbour. The trade of the towns is mainly supported by the government establishments; and considerable supplies of corn and seed, the produce of the Isle, as well as oysters from the numerous prolific beds that line the coast; are shipped for the metropolitan market; there are extensive copperas works, likewise within a few miles of the towns. The principal Inns are the “Fountain” situate in Blue Town and the “Wellington” in Mile Town. During the continuance of hostilities the entire Isle of Sheppy was thickly populated, animated and thriving; but it is a deplorable fact that this place, and others once flourishing from the same cause have retrograded from prosperity since the establishment of peace; other sources of emolument than those created by the state of warfare must now be discovered. In 1835, a very handsome pier or jetty, extending nearly five hundred yards over the bed of the Medway and beyond low water, was erected, so that steam packets can land and embark passengers at all times; this is a great public accommodation and has materially increased the celebrity of Sheerness as a watering place; and the warm and cold sea water baths established by Mr Court have added another attraction to those previously existing.


Blue Town, is seated at the western part of the parish, and Mile Town about half a mile from it; the latter has been much improved under the patronage of the late Sir Edward Banks, who erected a number of neat brick dwellings, in agreeable situations. The facility of passage to and from the metropolis, the many pleasing spots in the Isle and the beautiful and extensive views obtained from its elevated parts, combine to render it an eligible resort of those who seek relaxation and quiet, distant from the bustle of crowded towns.


The church of Minster parish is ancient, the greater part of Norman architecture and was originally a monastery, or nunnery founded by Sexburga, widow of Ercombert, King of Kent; very little of the conventual pile is now standing, except a gatehouse and part of the church; the latter consists of two aisles, a chancel and a neat chapel; with the lower part of a square tower at the west end; it contains several ancient monuments, to a few of which are attached some curious traditionary anecdotes and legends. This church stands at the inconvenient distance of four miles from the towns and therefore affords but little accommodation to their inhabitants; in 1836 however the inconvenience was obviated by the erection of a handsome church at Mile Town, containing about eleven hundred sittings; of this living the Rev George Ranking is incumbent, who is assisted by the Rev W M Mungeam as his curate. The income of the minister is derived from pew rents, but six hundred free sittings are reserved for the use of the poorer classes. There is also an elegant Episcopal chapel, contiguous to and connected with the dockyard, and wholly independent of the parish church, for the convenience of the officers, artificers and others identified with and other public departments, the chaplain being appointed and being paid by the Lords of the Admiralty. There are besides, places of worship for Baptists, independents, Wesleyan Methodists and other religious denominations. In 1837 spacious and appropriate rooms were built at Mile Town for the purposes of National schools, which establishments, under the judicious management of the Rev George Ranking are in a very flourishing state; recently another educational institution, named the Sheerness British School, has likewise been opened in which children of the working classes are instructed at a trifling expense. The market is held on Saturday, in High Street, Blue Town where a market place was erected by Mr James Beal and opened 23rd December 1837. The parish of Minster, with Sheerness Ville, contained in 1831, 7983 inhabitants  - being a decrease, since the census of 1821, of 431 and an increase since 1801 of 2422.


POST OFFICE – Blue Town, William KNEWSTUB, Postmaster. Letters from Sittingbourne arrive (by foot post) every morning at half past seven and are despatched every evening at six.




BANKS Delamark esq, Red House

BARTON Rev John, Eastchurch

BURFORD Mr Thomas, Minster

BUSTARD Rev John, Banks town

KIRBY Rev John, Royal Dock Yard

MUNGEAM Rev William M, Banks town

RANKING Rev George, Banks town

TURMINE Rev Henry, Minster

WARD William, esq, Banks town


ACADEMIES & SCHOOLS – not otherwise described are Day Schools


ACLAND Charles, Banks town

BLACKMAN Isaac, Mile town

BOWTON Mrs, Blue town

British School (boys & girls), Mile town, W. EDWARDS, master; Sophia MARSHALL, mistress

COURTNEY Miss, Banks town

EDWARDS Ellen & Fras, Banks town

GARDNER Sarah & Jane, (boarding & day), Banks town

HARRISON Sarah, Mile town

National School, (boys & girls and Infants), Banks town, Henry E SNASHALL, master; Mrs MILLIGAN, mistress

National School, Minster, Thomas CROMPTON, master

NORRIS Thomas, Eastchurch

READ George, Eastchurch

ROBINSON James, Mile town

TEMPLE William, Blue town

WILLIAMS Thomas, Eastchurch

YARROW, Julia, Emma and Amelia, (boarding & day), Banks town




ATTWATER James Thomas, (house & land and auctioneer), Mile town

BENTHAM William Walter, (to Lloyds & Trinity house), Blue town

BRIGHTMAN Richard, (house), Mile town

EDGCOMBE Thomas, (house), Mile town

EDGCOMBE William, (ship and custom house and the deputy receiver for droits of admiralty), Blue town

FELKIN Edward, (house & law stationer and accountant), Mile town




EDMEADES Robert, (& clerk to the magistrates), Mile town

HOOKER Edward, Banks town

WARD James, Mile town




BROWN Aaron, Blue town

COPPIN Rosamund, Mile town

FELTON Samuel, Banks town

FRENCH William, Mile town

HEARN Thomas, Mile town

HOOKER George, Eastchurch

HOOKER Samuel, Mile town

JACKSON Francis, Blue town

JOHNSON Charles, Mile town

JOHNSON Edwin, Blue town

KIMBER Robert, Mile town

PALMER William, Shrubsole, Blue town

RAYNER William, Mile town

SISLEY Richard, Laysdown

TAYLOR James, Blue town

WEBB Thomas Dalston, Mile town

WEST James, Mile town




BURNETT William, Minster

DENNIS George, Mile town

FARMER Henry, Minster

LOFT William, Eastchurch

SMITH Thomas, Blue town

WILLIAMS Thomas, Eastchurch




BRIGHTMAN Richard, (& news agent), Mile town

COLE John, Blue town

DOWDELL Sarah, (& library), Banks town

ELVY Jane, (& printer), Mile town

HERBERT James, (& library), Blue town

KNEWSTUB William, (& Printer), Blue town




BAKER Edward, Blue town

BAKER James, Minster

BIRCH Lot, Mile town

BROWN John, Mile town

COLE John, Blue town

ELGAR Robert, Mile town

FOX Charles, Minster

GLASS James, Eastchurch

GREEN James, Mile town

HILL Charles, Mile town

HUMPHREY Robert, Mile town

JARRETT Edward, Minster

JOHNSON James, Mile town

KING George, Mile town

LARGE George, Mile town

LARGE Richard, Banks town

LEFTLEY George, Mile town

LESTER Leonard, Blue town

LUCAS James, Mile town

MORGAN William, Blue town

ROUSE Richard Edward, Minster

SANSOM Joseph, Mile town

SAVERY William, Blue town

SHRUBSALL Joseph, Mile town

SHRUBSALL Squire, Blue town

TAYLOR Edward, Eastchurch




DODD Robert, Mile town

ROBINS William, Mile town




ALLEN George, Blue town

BLACKMAN John, Mile town

BROWNING William, Mile town

BUCKHURST George, Blue town

COLE William, (& grazier), Mile town

ELLIS William, Mile town

FILMER Thomas, Blue town

FILMER William, Blue town

GRIFFIN Thomas Crayden, Mile town

HAVILL Henry, Mile town

HEAD John, Blue town

SNELLING William, Mile town

SWIFT Thomas Craydon, Eastchurch

TAYLOR John Edward, Blue town

WARREN William, Minster




ATTWATER James Thomas, (& undertaker), Mile town

BURLINGHAM John, Mile town

MANTLE James, Mile town

SOUTH George, Blue town




COURT John, (& appraiser, surveyor & undertaker), Mile town

FORSTER Richard, Mile town

GREENSTREET William, Eastchurch

HOLTON John, Blue town

MACKETT William, Mile town

PALMER Nathaniel, Mile town

ROBINS John, Mile town

ROBINS William, Mile town

SOUTH George, Mile town

THOMPSON William, Eastchurch

WHITE Edward, Mile town




BEAL James, Blue town

MARKS Christr Beaven, Mile town

PILCHER George Francis, Blue town




FIFE John, Mile town

FIFE Thomas, Blue town

KIRTON William, Blue town

POLSON Charles, Mile town

SAFFERY Stephen William, (& oil & colourman), Mile town

VENABLES Francis, (& oil & colourman & window glass & lead merchant), Mile town




BRIGHTMAN Richard, Mile town

COLE James, (dealer), Blue town

JACKSON George, Mile town

JESSUP Charles, (dealer), Blue town

MATTHEWS Thomas, Blue town

POLLARD John, Blue town

WATSON Edward, Mile town




CHAPMAN Mrs, Banks town

HARRIS William, Mile town

PALMER William, Blue town




BASTARD Thomas, Mile town

BERRY Joseph, Mile town




Atlas, John POLLOCK, Blue town

Globe, Richard BRIGHTMAN, Mile town

Kent, Edward FELKIN, Mile town

London Assurance, George JACKSON, Mile town

National Provident, John COLE, Blue town

Norwich Union, Jas. BEAL, Blue town

Protestant Dissenters, John GORHAM, Mile town

Royal Exchange, Fras. VENABLE, Mile town

Sun, Jas. Thos. ATTWATER, Mile town

West of England, Thos EDGCOMBE, Mile town




FRAY John, Mile town

SCOTT Theophilus, Mile town

WICKEN John (& eating house), Blue town




LEVY John, Blue town

RUSSELL Samuel, Mile town




ADAMS Joseph, Minster

AMNER James, Mile town

BAKER Elizabeth, Minster

BEAL James, Blue town

BELTON Thomas, Mile town

BILLS James, Eastchurch

BLAXLAND John, Blue town

BRENCHLEY Elisha, Mile town

BRISLEY John, Eastchurch

COLYER Thomas, Blue town

EATON John, Mile town

ELLIOTT George, Mile town

FLUNDER Ralph, Mile town

FRANKLIN Alexander, Mile town

FRANKS Thomas, Mile town

HOGBEN George, Mile town

HOLMES William, (& shoe warehouse), Blue town

JARRETT Elizabeth, Blue town

JENNINGS John, Blue town

LEFTLEY George, Mile town

MARKS Christr Beaven, Mile town

MONK John, Blue town

NEEDHAM William, Mile town

NICHOLASS Robert, Mile town

PRATTEN Francis, Blue town

READ George, Eastchurch

SAFFORY John, Mile town

SHRUBSOLE Lewis, Blue town

SISLEY Richard, Laysdown

SMITH John, Blue town

SPAIN Thomas, Mile town

STICHTON John, Warden

WAGHORN William, Blue town




COLE John, Blue town

EASTERBY James, Mile town

FULLER Elizabeth, Mile town

JACOBS Phoebe, Blue town




BAKER John, Blue town

BENNETT Richard, Banks town

HEATH William, Mile town

LEWEN George, Blue town

PILCHER George Francis, Blue town

TAYLOR Thomas, Mile town

THARP George, Blue town




LEDDELL John, Blue town

MEESON Richard, Blue town




BARREN Henry, Banks town

MAY Samuel, New town

SHRUBSOLE William, Ordnance marsh




Fountain, (& wine & spirit merchant), George CLARKSON, Blue town

Royal Hotel, (& wine & spirit merchant), John Thomas SMITHSON, Banks town

Wellington, (commercial), H. BEECHING, Mile town




LEWCOCK Robert, Mile town

MULLINGER Edward, Blue town

SOUTH John, Blue town




HILLS John, Mile town

TOWNSEND Isaac, Mile town




ALDRIDGE Edward, Mile town

BAKER Thomas Brenchley, Blue town

EASTERBY James, Mile town

EVANS Edwin, Mile town

HOGBEN George, Mile town




HOWE Baldwin, Minster

VENABLES Francis, Mile town

WEBB Thomas, Mile town




BARNETT Susannah, Mile town

CHEESEMAN Mary A, Mile town

JACOBS Phoebe, Blue town

LEDDELL Mary Ann, Blue town

LEWIN Hannah, Blue town

NEEVES Sarah, Mile town

WATTERS Caroline, Mile town

WICKEN Rebecca, Blue town




BENTHAM William Walker, Blue town

PATTEN Thomas, Blue town & Rochester




CLAYTON John, Blue town

DODD Mary, Mile town

HARE Stephen, Mile town




ABRAHAMS Abraham, (& silversmith), Blue town

WEEKS James, (& silversmith), Blue town




DAINES Thomas, Blue town

HULL Thomas, Blue town

MILBANK William, Blue town

SHRUBSALL James, Blue town

TAYLOR Joshua, Blue town




DANN Ann, Blue town

SMITH Richard, Blue town




CLARINGBOULD William, Eastchurch

FAIRHALL Joseph, Minster

HILL Walter, Minster




ABRAHAMS Abraham, Blue town

ABRAHAMS Michael, (& silversmith), Blue town

EASTERBY James, Mile town

ELLIS William, Blue town

JACOBS Isaac, Blue town

JACOBS Nathaniel, Blue town

LEVY Isaac, Blue town




KITT Arthur, Mile town

STUTELY Thomas, Mile town




HOLMES Ann, Mile town

PLUCKROSE Stephen, Mile town

REED Elizabeth, Mile town

WATSON Elizabeth, Blue town




CULLEN Peter & Son, Mile town

HANCORN James, Mile town

KEDDELL John Staples, Banks town

WALKER George, Blue town

WARD William Lewis, Banks town




COURT John, (& appraiser & undertaker), Mile town

EDGCOMBE William, (& shipwright & mast, block &c maker), Blue town

FARRIS Richard, (& appraiser), Mile town




AKHURST John, Mile town

BEAL James, Blue town

BARLING Edward & Co, Banks town

CURRY Lawrence, Mile town

GREATHEAD Joseph, Blue town

HARRISON John, Blue town

HUGHES Thomas, Mile town




FREELAND George (& melter), Blue town

GORHAM John, Mile town




Anchor & Hope, William MARTIN, Blue town

Bell & Lion, Caleb SELBY, Mile town

Bricklayers Arms, Samuel BEAUMOMT, Mile town

Britannia, Sarah GIBBONS, Mile town

Carpenters Arms, John HILL, Mile town

Crooked Billet, William BRISLEY, Eastchurch

Crown, Sophannah LOCKYER, Mile town

Crown & Anchor, John STROUD, Blue town

Druids Arms, John BALLARD, Blue town

Duke of Clarence, John HEAD, Blue town

Ferry House, John ROBINSON, Harty

George, John PORTER, Blue town

Highlander, Elizabeth GRINSTED, Minster

Hit or Miss, John TURNER, Blue Town

Horse & Groom, Thomas ALLEN, Blue town

Kings Arms, Charles LESTER, Minster

Kings Head, Elizabeth COODY, Blue town

Lord Nelson, John BENSTEAD, Blue town

Mariners, William BAKER, Eastchurch

Marlborough Head, Francis CHAMBERS, Blue town

Navy Arms, William TONG, Blue town

New Jolly Sailor, Robert DODD, Mile town

Odd Fellows Arms, William REASON, Halfway house, Minster

Old Jolly Sailor, Edwin SHRUBSALL, Blue town

Parr’s Head, Thomas PARKER, Mile town

Prince Regent, Charles ALLEN, Blue town

Rose & Crown, Richard SISLEY, Laysdown

Ship, Samuel LONG, Blue town

Shipwrights Arms, Mary ATKINSON, Mile town

Smack, William, HODGES, Warren

Sun, John BACH, Mile town

Thatched House, Walter HILL, Halfway house, Minster

True Briton, Robert BRISLEY, Mile town

Victory, Jeremiah DAWKIN, Mile town

Waterloo, Joseph FAIRHALL, Minster

Waterman’s Arms, William HAMMOND, Blue town

White Horse, William SCOTT, Blue town

White Swan, James WARD, Blue town




BAYLEY John, (& Sawyer), Mile town

BRETT Henry, Mile town

BRIGHTMAN John jun, Mile town

COLE James, Blue town

JESSUP Charles, Blue town

PALMER Mathew, Mile town

POLLARD John, Blue town




HUNT Henry jun. Mile town

STILES Mary, Mile town




GORHAM Johannah, Blue town

THARP George, Blue town

THUSSON James, (& hardwareman), Mile town




BARNARD Frederick, (& silversmith), Blue town

FORSTER William Henry, Mile town

KAYSER J, Mile town

MUNN William, Mile town

NICHOLASS Robert, Mile town




CLIFFORD Charles, Minster

GARDLER Zachariah, Minster

THOMPSON William, Eastchurch




CLARKSON George, Fountain Inn, Blue town

SMITHSON John Thomas, (Royal Hotel), Banks town




ALSTON Thomas & David, oyster merchants, Chine rock

BENJAMIN Joseph, furrier, Blue town

BLYTH Mary, stay maker, Mile town

EASTMAN Edward, superintendent registrar, Banks town

EATON John, cooper, Mile town

EVELEIGH Thomas, principal coast officer, Blue town

FELTON Thomas, brewer, Mile town

FISHENDEN William, registrar of births &c, Mile town

Gas Works, Mile town, Richard BRIGHTMAN, collector

GREENSTREET William, parish clerk, Eastchurch

FRANCES Thomas, umbrella maker, Mile town

HARLOW George, cow keeper, Blue town

HAWKINS Jno, brazier & tinman, Mile town

JARRETT Edward, parish clerk, Minster

KEYS Thomas, boat builder, Blue town

MULLINGER Edward, oilman, Blue town

PARSONS Samuel, lock & gunsmith, Mile town

PETERS Chs, registrar of births &c, Eastchurch

REASON William, barge owner, Minster

Registrars of births, deaths &c; Edward EASTMAN, superintendent (and for marriages), Banks town; William FISHENDEN, for Minster District, Mile town; Charles PETERS, for Eastchurch District, Eastchurch.

Savings’ Bank, Banks Town, open Saturday, James MITCHELL, Secretary.

Sheppy Union, Minster, Thomas Butler JONES, master; Mary Ann JONES, mistress.

TEMPLE William, blacking manufacturer, Blue town

VENABLES Francis, manager & secretary to the Economics Society’s waterworks and bakehouse, Mile town

YARROW Hy John, teacher of French, Banks town







Commander in Chief – Sir R W OTWAY bart, KCB

Flag Captain  - Charles PAGET

Admirals Secretary – B CHIMMO esq




Captain Superintendent – Sir John HILL

Master Attendant – John GAGE

Master Shipwright – J. FINCHAM

Store Keeper – John MILLER

Store Receiver – George VINTER

Chaplain – Rev John KIRBY

Surgeon - William WARDEN MD

First Clerk to the Captain Superintendent – John PARMINTER

Clerk to ditto – J. BLUSON

Assistant Master Attendant – Chas BROWN

Assistant Master Shipwright - _ _ BOIS

Timber Converter – N. ICELY

First Foreman of Smiths – T.BIDDLECOMB

Boatswain – W.EDDY

Director of Police – Lieut John WISE

Engineer – John MITCHELL




Governor-General – Lord COMBERMERE

Lieutenant-Governor – Colonel WALKER

Fort Major – Major PILLING

Surgeon – John BASSAN

Surgeon to Ordnance – P. CULLEN

Ordnance Clerk of Works – George CLACK




Inspecting Commander – Captain Edward William PILKINGTON (RN)

Lieutenants – Isaac RICHARDS, (Cockleshell Hard); John Corry SICKLEMORE, (Stangate Creek); George William TOMLIN, (Garrison Point); Joseph STRONG, (East End Lane); and Frederick Blair HENSBROOK (RN).


VANS – for passengers and goods


To Sittingbourne, Francis PATTENS, from Blue Town every morning (Sunday excepted), at nine.




Steam Packets -


To London, every morning at nine calling at Southend and Gravesend.


Sailing Vessels -


To London, Samuel MAY’S Hoys every Thursday morning and Henry BANEN and    William SHRUBSOLE every Sunday morning.


To Chatham, a Barge, every Tuesday and Friday.


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