Pigots 1840 - Kent

Seven Oaks, Riverhead, Chevening & Chipstead


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Seven Oaks is a very genteel little market town, in the parish of its name, (which comprises the liberties of Riverhead and Weald), in the hundred of Codsheath and lathe of Sutton at Hone – 24 miles SE by S from London and about 17 west from Maidstone. It is supposed to derive its name from seven large oaks which stood upon the eminence whereon the town is built. The principal ornament of this district, and a point of great attraction to visiters is “Knole” the princely seat of the Countess of Portsmouth; the park and walks display scenery of surpassing beauty, rich and diversified. This has been a seat of consequence since the time of the conqueror: The Duchess of Dorset bequeathed it to the late Earl, upon the express condition that he should expend six thousand  pounds per annum on its improvement. The town is well built and divided into two principal streets, which are lighted with gas. The ancient market house is near the centre of the town, and in the  assizes are formerly held. It is under the jurisdiction of the county magistrates and certain officers are chosen annually at a court leet, but their authority is very circumscribed. The petty sessions for the lathe of Sutton at Hone are held here, and a court of requests for the recovery of debts not exceeding £5. The church dedicated to St Nicholas is a spacious and handsome edifice. A new church (or chapel), was erected a few years since in the Weald liberty; and a handsome Episcopal chapel has been more recently built at Riverhead about a mile from Seven Oaks. There are also chapels for Baptists and Wesleyan Methodists. The charitable institutions belonging to Seven Oaks are of a valuable nature. There is an hospital for the care and maintenance, in their old age, of thirty two decayed trades people. A school for educating poor children was endowed by Sir William Sevenoak – afterwards incorporated by Queen Elizabeth, and since designated “Queen Elizabeth’s free school;” it has six exhibitions which are not confined to any college or university; this is an admirably conducted establishment; the present master is Rev James L Wallace. Lady Boswells school, endowed on 1675, is another praiseworthy charity; it is a neat stone building erected in 1818 and within its walls one hundred and twenty boys and ninety girls receive the benefits of education. The weekly market (a good one for corn), it is held here on Saturday, a cattle market on the third Tuesday in every month and fairs on the 10th July, 12th of October and 17th of December. The entire parish contained by the returns of 1831, 4709 inhabitants.


About a mile and a quarter from Seven Oaks is Riverhead, a chapelry and respectable village in that parish. An Episcopal chapel has been erected and endowed by the Earl of Amherst and M Lambard esq; the living is a district incumbency in the patronage of the founders at whose decease the right of presentation will become possessed by the vicar of Seven Oaks. There is a small endowment for instructing a limited number of poor children in reading, writing and arithmetic. The population is returned within the parish.


Three miles NW from Seven Oaks, in the same hundred and lathe, is the small village of Chevening. The church dedicated to St Botolph is of stone, small, very old and inconvenient, with a square tower; it contains some handsome monuments to the Stanhope and Dacre families. “Chevening House”, the seat of Earl Stanhope, situate here is a very fine mansion encompassed by delightful grounds, laid out with taste assisted by the natural beauties of the surrounding country. It was at this seat that the late earl established the improved printing press bearing his name; he died in 1816. A fair is held here on 16th may.


Chipstead is a short distance from, and although but a hamlet to, Chevening is the principal place for business. The parish contained in 1831, 901 inhabitants.


POST OFFICE  - Seven Oaks, Thomas POULTER, Postmaster. Letters from London and all parts arrive every night at eleven and are despatched every morning at three.




AUSTEN Col. Henry, Bellevue

AUSTEN Rev John, Chevening

AUSTEN Col. Thomas, Seven Oaks

BAILEY Capt James, Seven Oaks

BAYLEY St John, Seven Oaks

BRIGGS Rev John, Bessell’s green

BUCKLEY Henry esq, River hill

CADE Mrs Elizabeth, Riverhead

CHIN Rev John, Seven Oaks

COLE Geo Calverley esq, Seven Oaks

COMFORT Mr Robert, Seven Oaks

CRAWFORD the Misses, Bessell’s green

CURTIS Rev Thomas Sackville, Seven Oaks

DASHWOOD Mrs Sarah, Vicarage

GATTY Mrs Mary, Seven Oaks

GILPIN Rev Percy, Seven Oaks

GLENDENNING Mr Alex, Ash grove

HALL Mrs Mary, Seven Oaks

HARMAN Thos esq, Bradbourn vale

HART Mrs Charlotte Jane, Seven Oaks

HERRIES Robert esq, Rose bank

HUGHES Mrs Harriet, Seven Oaks

HUGHES Henry esq, Seven Oaks

IVERY Mr Thomas, Chipstead

KNOKES Mrs Judith, Seven Oaks

LAMBARD William esq, Beechmont

LIGHTFOOT Thomas esq, Seven Oaks

LYNE Thomas esq, Seven Oaks common

MACHIN Mrs Frances, Seven Oaks

MARKHAM Miss, Bessell’s green

MILLS Mr Thomas, Seven Oaks

MORELAND Miss Mary, Seven Oaks

MOUNT William Foot esq, Riverhead

NEPEAN Capt, Seven Oaks

NORTON Miss Mary, Riverhead

NOUAILLE Peter esq, Seven Oaks

ONSLOW Rev, Weald

PAINE Rev William, Chipstead

PERKINS Frederick esq, Chipstead place

PETLEY Charles Robert Carter esq, Riverhead

PETLEY Miss Judith, Riverhead

PETLEY Mrs, St Johns hill

PLYMOUTH The Countess of, Knole

POSNETT Mr Thomas, Seven Oaks

ROBERTS Mr William, Seven Oaks

ROGERS John esq, Seven Oaks

ROSE Mrs Dinah, Seven Oaks

SHIRLEY Rev Thomas, Seven Oaks

STANHOPE The Right Honourable Earl, Chevening house

WELLS Mrs, Seven Oaks

WIGGINS Mr Thomas, Seven Oaks

WIGZELL Mrs Ann, Seven Oaks

WILLARD Charles esq, (clerk of the peace for the county), Seven Oaks


ACADEMIES & SCHOOLS – not otherwise described are Day Schools


BRIGGS Rev John, Bessell’s green

BUSAIN Margaret, Seven Oaks

FIELD Catherine, Seven Oaks

GOWER Elizabeth & Sarah, (boarding & day), Seven Oaks

Grammar School (endowed), Seven Oaks, Rev James Lloyd WALLACE, master

Infant’s school, Seven Oaks, Mary COX, mistress

Lady Boswell’s Charity School, Henry PARKER, master; Margaret WELFARE, mistress

PEAT Abraham, (boarding & day), Vine house, Seven Oaks

STURLEY Harriet, Seven Oaks

SUMMERFIELD Sophia, (boarding & day), Seven Oaks




AUSTEN & CLARIDGE, (& clerks to the magistrates), Seven Oaks

CARNELL Thomas, (& commissioner for taking acknowledgements of deeds by married women), Seven Oaks

COLE Geo Calverley esq, (& master extraordinary in chancery, commissioner for taking affidavits, and acknowledgements of deeds by married women), Seven Oaks

MORRIS Richard William Grave, Seven Oaks




HOOPER George, Seven Oaks

SANDES Benjamin, Seven Oaks




COLLINS Henry, Seven Oaks

COOMBER James, Riverhead

GEORGE William, (& biscuit), Seven Oaks

HUNT Charles, Seven Oaks

KNIGHT Henry, Riverhead

LAMBERT Edward, Chipstead

MARSHALL Richard, Seven Oaks

RING William, Seven Oaks

RUSSELL Jno, (gingerbread), Riverhead




BEECHING & Son, Seven Oaks – draw on Masterman & Co, London – William MORPHEW, agent

Surrey, Kent & Sussex (branch), Seven Oaks – draw on the Establishment, 71 Lombard st, London – Chas & Jos. PALMER, agents

Savings’ Bank, Seven Oaks – open on Mondays from eleven till three – Thomas MILLS, actuary




PETT Charles, Seven Oaks

PETT Geoffrey, Seven Oaks




GILBERT James, Chipstead

GUEST Thomas, Seven Oaks

HOARE Richard, (& white), Seven Oaks

HUMPHREY George, Seven Oaks

KNIGHT Henry, Riverhead

SIMMONS James, Seven Oaks

VARGE Mary, Riverhead




BAIN Sarah, (& fancy repository), Seven Oaks

CLOUT James, (& printer), Seven Oaks

PAYNE James, (& printer & sub distributer of stamps), Seven Oaks




BURGESS Charles, Seven Oaks

BURGESS Thomas, Seven Oaks

CRAMPTON James, Seven Oaks

KILLICK Philip, Tubbs hill

KNIGHT William, Seven Oaks

LEITCHFORD Thomas, Chipstead

LUCKHURST Daniel, Seven Oaks

MITCHELL Henry, Chipstead

MORGAN William, Seven Oaks

NICHOLSON William, Riverhead

PEARSON Richard, Seven Oaks

SKINNER William, Riverhead

SPARROWHAWK Richard, Chevening

WHITEMAN & BUSBRIDGE, Seven Oaks and Riverhead




BRIGGS John, Seven Oaks

ECCLESTON James, Seven Oaks




WIGZELL John, Seven Oaks





MARCHANT John, St John’s

MARCHANT William, Riverhead

PARKER Thomas, Seven Oaks

TEDMAN John, Chevening




CORK Charles, Seven Oaks

COVELL William, Seven Oaks

FLETCHER John, Riverhead

GEORGE Thomas, Seven Oaks

HATFIELD William, Chipstead

KENNARD Jonathan, Seven Oaks

MOON William, Seven Oaks

REEVES William, Riverhead

YOUNG Edward, Chipstead




BURTON Bryan, Seven Oaks

HOW Nicholas & Son, Seven Oaks

JOHNSON Matthew, Seven Oaks

MARTIN Thomas, Chipstead

MARTIN William, Chipstead




CHAPMAN Elizabeth, Seven Oaks

LAMBERT Sarah, (& toy), Seven Oaks

SMITH James, Seven Oaks




GIRAUD Charles Elden, Seven Oaks

VINCER Edward, Seven Oaks




ARROW Henry, Seven Oaks




ASHDOWN James, Seven Oaks

BOWRA William, Seven Oaks




COOMBER James, Riverhead

ORCHARD Maria, Seven Oaks

SMITH James, Seven Oaks




ALLWORK John, Seven Oaks

GATES George, Seven Oaks




CLARK John, (& brandy merchant), Seven Oaks

RING William, Seven Oaks




PALMER John, Seven Oaks

PARKER William, Seven Oaks




SUTTON John, Seven Oaks

WHITEMAN Edward, (& glover), Seven Oaks and at Riverhead




Atlas, Thomas CARNELL, Seven Oaks

British, Thomas PARKER, Seven Oaks

Guardian, William MORPHEW, Seven Oaks

Kent, Richard William Grave MORRIS, Seven Oaks

Norwich Union, Daniel LOCKHURST, Seven Oaks

Phoenix, George HOOPER, Seven Oaks

Royal Exchange, Benjamin SANDERS, Seven Oaks

Sun, AUSTEN & CLARIDGE, Seven Oaks




CARE Thomas, Seven Oaks

CARE Thomas jun. Seven Oaks

PARSONS John, Seven Oaks




HOOPER Charles, Seven Oaks

HUNT Charles, Seven Oaks

SHEPPARD John, Seven Oaks

SMITH James, Seven Oaks




COOMBER Samuel, Seven Oaks

HOOPER John, Seven Oaks

LAUNDER George, Seven Oaks

SANDERS Benjamin, (& undertaker), Seven Oaks




ANSELL Thomas, Riverhead

BOWERS John, Chipstead

CHAPPEL Thomas, Seven Oaks

COOMBER Samuel, Seven Oaks

COVELL John jun. Seven Oaks

DOUBELL Ansley, Seven Oaks

FULLJAMES Ann, Riverhead

GUEST Matilda, Seven Oaks

HOW James, Seven Oaks

HUNT Charles, Seven Oaks

IVES Mary, Seven Oaks

LAMBERT Edward, Chipstead

MARTIN William, Chipstead

PARKER Elizabeth, Seven Oaks

SHARVILL Edward, Seven Oaks

SUTTON Thomas, (& oil and Italian warehouse), Seven Oaks

SWANSBOROUGH William, Riverhead

TEDMAN John, Chevening

WEBB Henry, Seven Oaks

WINTER Richard, Seven Oaks




SAUNDERS William, Seven Oaks

STEVENSON Joseph, Seven Oaks




GATES Thomas, Seven Oaks

MORPHEW William, Seven Oaks

PALMER Charles & Joseph, Seven Oaks

STEER & Co, Seven Oaks

WIGHTWICK William, Seven Oaks




COLLINS Henry, Seven Oaks




Amherst Arms, Benjamin PAWLEY, Riverhead

Crown, (& family hotel), Jno HARRIS, Seven Oaks

Rose & Crown, William LEWIS, Seven Oaks

Royal Oak, Thomas Saunders SUTTON, Seven Oaks




BLIGH Samuel, Seven Oaks

BRIGGS John, Seven Oaks

SHEWEN John, (& iron plate worker & cutler), Seven Oaks


LINEN DRAPERS – marked thus * are also Woollen Drapers


* BOWERS John, (& clothier), Chipstead

EDWARDS William, Seven Oaks

MARCHANT George, Seven Oaks

* MORPHEW William, (& undertaker), Seven Oaks

* PALMER Charles & Joseph, (undertakers) Seven Oaks,

PAYNE John, Seven Oaks

STEER & Co, Seven Oaks

* WIGHTWICK William, Seven Oaks




DUDNEY Philip, Chipstead

KNOTT William, Seven Oaks

KNOTT William, jun, Chipstead





EDWARDS Ann, Seven Oaks

EVEREST Mary & Ann, (& haberdashers), Seven Oaks

HILDER Martha, Seven Oaks

LANGRIDGE Eliza. Seven Oaks

PAINE Susannah, Riverhead




MOORE Joseph, (& agricultural machine maker), Seven Oaks




SEALE William, Seven Oaks

SEALE William, jun. Seven Oaks

SMITH John, Seven Oaks




BAKER Rayner, Seven Oaks

EASTWOOD James, (& ornamental sign painter), Seven Oaks

ELLIOTT William, Seven Oaks

HARVEY Richard, Seven Oaks

SHOOBRIDGE Samuel, Seven Oaks

SIMMONS Robert, (sign & ornamental painter and oil and colourman), Seven Oaks




ANQUITEL John, (drawing), Seven Oaks

GIBBONS Thomas Percy, (music), Seven Oaks




COVELL John, Seven Oaks

FINCH John, Seven Oaks


WIGZELL William, Seven Oaks




HENDERSON James, Riverhead

INGLEFIELD James, (& statuary), Seven Oaks




BROOKS Rachael, Seven Oaks

ELLIOTT Agnes, Seven Oaks

HILDER Harriet, Seven Oaks

PETT Ann, Seven Oaks

SUMMERS Ann, Seven Oaks




ADAMS Robert Ebenezer, Seven Oaks

HARRIS James, Seven Oaks and at Riverhead

KELSON George, Seven Oaks

STEDMAN Robert, (& medical referee to the General Annuity Endowment Association, Seven Oaks




BARHAM Abraham, Chipstead

BARRETT Henry, Seven Oaks

GREEN Samuel, Seven Oaks

PARKER Thomas, (of highways), Seven Oaks


TAILORS – marked thus * are also Drapers


* ARNOLD William, Seven Oaks

GATES Thomas, Seven Oaks

* GRANGER James, Seven Oaks

GREEN Edward, Chipstead

HOOKER Thomas, Seven Oaks

KIPPS William, Riverhead

KITCHEN Thomas, Seven Oaks

* MORRIS William, Seven Oaks

SUTTON William, Seven Oaks

* WOOD Thomas, Seven Oaks




LEE John, (& wax), Seven Oaks




Bat & Ball, Edward PECKHAM, St John’s

Black Boy, Mary CLARK, Seven Oaks

Black Lion, James PEARSON, Riverhead

Bricklayers Arms, Thomas WELSTEAD, Seven Oaks

Chequers, Stephen GREEN, Seven Oaks

Dorset Arms, John FARRELL, Seven Oaks

George, William, MILES, Chipstead

Kings Head, James THOMPSON, Bessell’s green

Star, William SANDS, Chevening

Sussex Arms, John BUXTON, Chevening

Wheat Sheaf, Charles PARKER, Seven Oaks

White Hart, James COOMBER, Riverhead

White Hart, George COVELL, Seven Oaks common




BAIN Sarah, (& bat maker & stationer), Seven Oaks

FIELD Benjamin, Seven Oaks

LAUNDER Thomas, (& shovel maker), Seven Oaks




BOWRA George, Seven Oaks

BOWRA William, Seven Oaks

BROOKS Ely, (& jeweller), Seven Oaks

JONES Samuel, Seven Oaks

WHITEHEAD Edward, Seven Oaks

WOODHAMS Thomas, Seven Oaks




ARROW Henry, (coach & cart), Seven Oaks

COUCHMAN Charles, Chipstead

CROWHURST Thomas, Chipstead

SIMMONS James, Seven Oaks




CLARK John, Seven Oaks

PARKER John, Seven Oaks

SOUTHERN Thomas, (& rectifier), Seven Oaks

WIGZELL George, Seven Oaks




ASHTON Jno, veterinary surgeon, Seven Oaks

BAILEY Isaac, parish clerk, Seven Oaks

CLOUT Jas. cricket ball maker, Seven Oaks

FIELD Benjamin, clog & patten maker, Seven Oaks

FRANKS William, hardwareman, Seven Oaks

HEARNDEN Henry, poulterer, Seven Oaks

STANGER Jas. carver & guilder, Seven Oaks

THORPE George Durham, maltster, Riverhead

TIPPING Jos, hurdle maker, Seven Oaks

Union Poorhouse, St John’s hill, Jas. GAIN, governor; Mrs GAIN, matron




To London, the Royal Mail, (from Hastings), calls at the Wheat Sheaf, Seven Oaks, every morning at a quarter before three; goes thorough Farnborough, Bromley & Lewisham and the United Friends, from the Chequers, Seven Oaks every morning (Sunday excepted), at eight.


To Hastings, the Royal Mail, (from London), calls at the Wheat Sheaf, Seven Oaks, every night at eleven, goes through Tonbridge, Lamberhurst &c.


** in addition to the above, coaches to and from London, Hastings, Rye, Tonbridge Wells &c pass through Seven Oaks every hour and a Van for goods and passengers passes through Chevening every Monday & Thursday.


VANS – for goods and passengers


To Maidstone, Thomas RICHARDS, (from Westerham), calls at the Chequers, Seven Oaks every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at eleven.


To Westerham, Thomas RICHARDS, (from Maidstone), calls at the Chequers, Seven Oaks every Monday, Wednesday & Friday afternoon at four.




To London, Thomas BIRD, Thomas STENNING, Jesse LANGRIDGE and William FRANKS from Seven Oaks every Monday & Thursday morning.


To Dartford, Benjamin BOAKES and James ASHDOWN from the Wheat Sheaf, Seven Oaks every Wednesday & Saturday.


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