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Sandwich with the villages of Ash and Eastry and neighbourhoods


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Sandwich is a cinque port, market town, and borough both corporate and parliamentary, with separate jurisdiction, locally in the hundred of Eastry and lathe of St Augustine – 68 miles E. by S from London, 39 E from Maidstone and 13 E from Canterbury; situated on the navigable river Stour, about two miles from its influx with the sea, and environed by a considerable extent of low ground. It is one the most ancient towns in the kingdom and among the cinque ports is ranked as second – was formerly walled, and had eight gates, only one of which (Fishers Gate, well deserving the inspection of the antiquary and architect) is now standing. The guildhall, or court was erected in 1579 and it is a handsome building. Sandwich has received various charters; that granted by Charles II remained in force until the operation of the municipal act vested in government in a mayor, four aldermen and twelve councillors, with the usual assistants under the style of “the mayor jurats and communal of the town and port of Sandwich, in the County of Kent.” The civil jurisdiction extends to the neighbouring town of Ramsgate and to Walmer, Sarr and Brightlingsea (the latter in Essex), all of which are members or limbs of Sandwich; and all offences committed in these places are tried before the mayor, recorder and bench, at the sessions held for the purpose three or four times in the year. The inhabitants have the convenience of a court of record and also that of a court of requests. Among the privileges enjoyed by Sandwich as a cinque port is that of appointing three “Barons” to assist in supporting the canopy over the sovereign at the coronation; and when the queen consort is also crowned, six are deputed, who enjoy the favour of dining at the coronation feast, at a table placed on the right hand of their majesties. Since the 42nd year of Edward III, the borough has uninterruptedly returned two members to parliament, who are styled barons; the mayor is the returning officer, and the present representatives are Sir Edward Thomas TROUBRIDGE and Sir Rufane DONKIN, Baronets. The foreign trade of Sandwich is principally with Norway, Sweden and Russia, for iron,timber and hemp; and the home trade with Wales and Scotland, comprising the export of flour, seed, hops, malt, fruit, & c. Ship building and rope making are carried on to a limited extent, but not a vestige exists of its once famous woollen trade. There are some excellent inns; the principal are the “Cinque Port Arms” and the “Fleur de Lis” – the latter is in high estimation as a commercial house.


The town includes the parishes of St Clement, St Mary the Virgin and St Peter the Apostle. The church of St Clements is an ancient spacious structure with a massive tower in the Norman style; St Mary’s also is ancient and St Peters is a specimen of Norman ecclesiastical architecture, but the original south aisles of both have been destroyed by accident. The benefices of St Clements and St Mary’s are vicarages, in the presentation of the archdeacon of Canterbury; that of St Peters is a discharged rectory, in the patronage alternately of the crown and the corporation. Baptists and Wesleyan Methodists have their respective places of worship. The free grammar school, endowed with exhibitions, was founded in 1563; national and charity schools are likewise here. Among the charitable institutions are the hospitals of St Thomas and St John, situate within the walls, for the comfortable residence and maintenance of a number of aged persons; and the magnificent foundation of Saint Bartholomew’s hospital. Just without the town, supports sixteen respectable decayed tradesmen, and other of the corporation in a state of comparative affluence. Wednesday and Saturday are the market days; the Wednesday’s market held at the “Fleur de Lis” inn is a considerable one for corn; and on every alternate Monday there is a cattle market well attended. A large fair is held on the 4th December which often lasts ten days and there are several fairs of a minor character. The cinque ports and parishes of Sandwich contained at the census taken in 1831, 3136 inhabitants.


About three miles west from Sandwich in the same lathe and in the hundred of Wingham is the respectable village of Ash. The church is dedicated to St Peter and St Paul, is a handsome stone edifice, with a square tower and clock, conspicuous from the greater part of the village it was formerly a chapel to the ancient monastery of Wingham. Fairs are held on the 5th April and October 10th. Population of the parish, 2140.


Eastry, a village and parish, partly in the hundred of Wingham, but chiefly in that of its name, in the same lathe as Sandwich two miles and a half from that town, was formerly distinguished as the residence of several of the Saxon kings of Kent. The church dedicated to St Mary is a spacious structure and appears to have been erected partly in the Norman style of architecture. An annual fair for the sale of cattle is held here on the 2nd of October. The parish contained by the last returns (those of 1831), 1245 inhabitants.



POST OFFICE - Market Street, Sandwich, William PRATT, Post Master – letters from London (by way of Canterbury) every morning at seven, and are despatched every evening at seven.


POST – Ash, Receiving House at William RALPHs – letters from London arrive (by foot post from Wingham) every morning at half past six, and are despatched every evening at seven.


POST – Eastry – Letters arrive (by foot post from Sandwich (every morning at half past seven and are despatched every evening at six.




BELSEY Mr Nathaniel, Love lane

BIRCH Mr Joseph, Strand st

BRIDGER William esq. Eastry Court

BROCKMAN Rev Thomas, King st

CASTLE Mrs Martha, Strand st

CASTLE Mr Thomas, Eastry

CHAMBERS Rev Charles, Eastry

COLLARD Mr William, Sandwich

CRANE MR William, Sandwich

De BOCK Mr Thomas, Lucksboat st

DEANE Capt William, Jail st

EASTRY Mr George, Eastry

EMMERSON Charles esq. Strand st


FRIEND Mr William, Ash

FRIEND Mr Wm jun. Molland

GODFREY John esq. Ash

HARRIS Mr William, High st

HARRISON Mrs Elizabeth, New st

HARRISON Mr George, Delph st

HARRISON Mr Richard, Harnet st

HATFIELD Mr James, Eastry

HUDSON Mrs Sarah, Guilton
HUDSON Mr Zachariah, New st

JOYNES Mrs Frances, Lucksboat st

KEBLE Mr Henry, King st

KELSEY Mrs Elizabeth, Ash

KNIGHT Mr George, Northbourne

LAWRENCE Mrs Elizabeth, Delph st

LAYTON Rev James, Canterbury gate

NETHERSOLE Mrs Mary, Gaol st

NIXON Rev Francis Russell, Ash

PEMBLE Rev Henry, High st

POTT Mr William, Market st

RAE Mr James, Walton house, Eastry

RANDOLPH Rev Geo. Vicarage, Eastry

RICHFORD Mr Richard, New st

ROLPH Mr William Henry, New st

SLADDEN the Misses, Ash

SLAUGHTER Mrs Elizabeth, Delph st

SOLLY Mr George, Bowling st

SPENCER Mrs Susan, Ash

STEWART Lieut Thos D (RN), High st

TURNER Mr Thomas, Ash

WALLER Miss Mary, Lucksboat st

WODSWORTH Miss Elizabeth, High st

WOOD John esq. Delph st

WOOD Thomas esq, Delph st

WOODCOCK Mrs Fanny, Strand st

WOODCOCK Mr Henry, High st

WYBURN Capt John (RN) New st




BEAL Thomas, King st

Free Grammar School, Canterbury gate – Rev James LAYTON, master

JONES the Misses, Strand st

JULLION Francis, Eastry

LASS John Lawrence, Strand st

National School, Harnet st, Henry HAWKINS, master; Miss WATTS mistress

National School, As, Samuel HATCHARD, master; Mrs HATCHARD, mistress

POWELL Esther, Strand st

SMITH John, Market st

STONE Sarah, King st

YOUNG Thomas, Eastry




LEE William (and clerk to the court of requests), Gaol st

MOURILYAN John (& notary public) Strand st

SURRAGE & EMMERSON, Strand st (and at Deal)




BAKER John, Market st

CROSOER Francis, Strand st

DENNE & HICKS, Market st

FAMARISS Frederick, King st




ARNOLD George, Strand st

BARTER George, Austins lane

BUSHELL John, Corn market

EWELL Henry, New st

FULLER Stephen, Fisher st

HAWKINS William, Butchery

HOBBS Susannah, Strand st

LARKIN George, Austins lane

LONGLEY Edward, Gaol st


SHARP Anslow, Eastry

SLADDEN Thomas, High st

SOLLEY Stephen, Ash

SOLLY William, Eastry

TAYLOR David, Chain

VERNON Sarah, Gaol st





(draw on GLYN & Co, London)




EPPS Thomas, Strand st

HARPER Sarah, Strand st




ATKINS Thomas, Stone cross

BRIDGES James, Gaol st

DRAYSON William, Eastry

HOPKINS William, Ash

NASH Mairs, New st

NEWING John, Cobb st, Ash

RALPH John, Harnet st

SMITH John, Strand st

SMITH Richard, Ash




AYERS Thomas, Delph st

BEAL William, High st

GIRAUD Edwd (& printer), Market st

RATCLIFFE George ( and printer, bookbinder and news vender), Ash




BRENSLEY Stephen, Butchery

BRISLEY John, ash

CHANDLER William, Ash

CORNWELL William, Harnett st

DEAN William, Market st

DENNE John, Market st

DURBAN Thomas, King st

FELLS Charles, Ash

FOX Thomas, Chain

FOX William, Corn market

FRIEND John, Strand st

HUNT Charles, Harnett st

LAWRENCE George, Eastry

MARSH Henry, Ash

MARSH Thomas, Ash

SAXBY George, Fisher st

SIMMONS Thomas, Lucksboat st

SOLLY George, Harnett st

STUPPLE George, Strand st

WARMAN Charles, Corn market

WILKINS William H, Lucksboat st




LEE George, Corn market

WATTS William, Corn market




BUSHELL George (and maltster), Ash

HOILE John, Strand st

WYBORN Robert, New st




BUSHELL Mary, East st

COLLARD Richd & Thos (& builders Sandwich)

ROGERS Edward, Ash

SOAMES Richard, Eastry

WRIKE George , Ash





BROWNING Richard (pork), King st

JOHNSON Charles (pork), Butchery

MOAT John, Eastry

OMER Elizabeth, King st

PITTOCK Richard, Delph st

PITTOCK William, Eastry

RALPH William, Galliard st

RIGDEN John, Market st

WILKINSON John, Harnett st

WOOD Susannah, Ash

WOODRUFF John, Strand st & High st




BAKER John, Market st

CROSOER Francis, Strand st

DENNE & HICKS, Market st

FAMARISS Frederick, King st

FELLS John, Ash




BRISLEY Edward, Ash

DRAYSON John, Christopher, New st

HADAWAY James, Ash

LONGLEY James, Church st

MOAT Benjamin, Eastry

SIMMONS George, Lucksboat st

SIMMONDS John, Lucksboat st




DIXON Frederic, Ash

DUNCAN Frederick, Market st

KNOWLES John (and dealer in British wines), Harnett st

MANSER George (and patent medicine vender), Eastry




BLAKE & DAVIS, Strand st

BUNTON Simon Nunn, Strand st

DRAYSON John, Strand st

PEARSON Thomas, Strand st




BEAL Thomas, Strand st

HOPE Richard, Strand st

NETHERSOLE William, Delph st

RALPH William, Market place




GENT John, Motes hole

WARREN & Son, Harnett st




Alliance, William DRAYSON & Son, New st

Kent, Geo SIMMONS, Lucksboat st

Norwich Union, John De BOCK, Market st

Phoenix, John DENNE, Market st




EPPS Thomas, Strand st

POWELL Charles, Market st


GROCERS & CHEESEMONGERS – see also shopkeepers & c.


BAKER John, Delph st

BING Thomas, King st

BOWES Thomas, Market st

BRETT James (and tallow chandler), Market st

BUNTON Simon Nunn, Strand st

FELLS Dennis, Ash

HOOPER Anne, Strand st

JACOBS William, Bowling st

MANSER George (& ironmongery & earthenware warehouse), Eastry

MARSH Henry jun. Ash

NEALES William (wholesale and tallow chandler), Strand st

PETTIT John, Lucksboat st

POTT William, Market st


SILVER William, Eastry

SIMMONS John, Strand st

SLADDEN Edward, Lucksboat st

SOLLEY Stephen, Ash




ADAMS Richard, Corn market

BUSHELL Thos (& perfumer) Market st

DUNN Thomas, High st

MORRIS William, Ash




BEAL Thomas, Strand st

HOPE Henry Augustine, Strand st

HOPE Richard, Starnd st




Bell, Thomas MATTHEWS (and posting house) Strand st

Cinque Port Arms, Thomas MAYLE, High st

Fleur de Lis (& commercial tavern, and corn market and general coach office), Thomas F CRAMP, Delph st




De BROCK John, (and stamp distributer), Market st

DRAYSON William & Son, New st

PALFREY Daniel, Ash

SILVER Sarah, Eastry

SMALLS James, Ash

SNELLING Henry, Strand st

TEMPLE Henry, Market st




BOWES John, Eastry

DENNE Henry, New st

GRAY William, Strand st

INGE May (and brewer of the Littlebourne ale), Delph st and at Littlebourne

MINTER Henry, Ash

NETHERSOLE William , Mote




BAKER James, St Clements

CLARK Thomas, Eastry

HODGSON & Co, Woodnesborough

MARTIN Stephen, Woodnesborough

NETHERSOLE William, Delph st

WEST George, Ash

WOOTTON Stephen, Guilton mills, Ash




MACKNEY Joseph, Delph st

MACKNEY William, Delph st




EWELL John, Strand st

FREWER John, Eastry

HADAWAY Edward, Ash

MINTER Henry, Ash

POWELL Charles, Market st

SAYER John, Ash

WALKER Stephen, Fisher st




DURBAN Thomas, King st

KETTLE Thomas, Corn market

LASLETT William (and sacking), Ash

WELLS William, Ash




BUTLER James, Eastry

COBUS Thomas, Eastry

FIELD Michael, Ash

HUSSEY William, Strand st

PHILPOTT John, King st

WEST Arthur, Ash




HURST Thomas, on the Quay

MANNING John Grey, Strand st




ADDLEY Thomas, Ash

EUSTON Richard, Strand st

HORN George, Fisher st




BLAKE Mary M, Bowling st

EWELL Susannah, Strand st

GILBERT Anne, Lucksboat st

SIMMONS Mary, Lucksboat st

TOSSELL Sarah, High st




ELGAR George, Ash

EMMERSON Richard, Harnett st

LEGGATT Richard S, Eastry

PETTMAN Henry, High st


WEEKES William Henry, High st




ADAMS Leonard, Harnett st

FAGG Richard, Eastry

GIMBER Giles Vanhear, Market st

KEBLE Edward Emanuel, New st

KELSEY John ( and draper), Ash

MOAT William, King st

SMITH Richard, Ash

WOODWARD Leonard, Strand st




KEEN Henry, Church st

SLAUGHTER Anthony, Canterbury gate




Admiral Owen, Thomas WOOD, High st

Bell & Anchor, John CASTLE, High st

Black Bear, Peter MATTHEWS, New St

Black Horse, Henry HUMPHREYS, Strand st

Bull, John FARRIER, Eastry

Bulls Head, George BLAKE, Bowling st

Chequers, Henry MARSH, Ash

Cinque Port Arms, Thomas MAYLE, High st

Crispin, John BROOKS, High st

Five Bells, John WILSON, Eastry

George & Dragon, Henry REVELL, Ash

George & Dragon, William SPICER, Fisher st

Green Dragon, Robert WYBORN, King st

Green Posts, John MARSH, King st

Greyhound, Abraham FRIGHT, New st

Kings Arms, Thomas PEARSON, Strand st

Kings Head, James LONGLEY, Church st

Marquess of Granby, William WELLS, Ash

Mermaid, Thomas INGE (Inges celebrated Littlebourne ale), Corn market

New Inn, Charles OSBORN, Harnett st

New Rose, John Wm DEVERSON, Strand st

Red Lion, George STUPPLE, Strand st

Red Lion, Arthur WEST, Ash

Salutation, James FARRER, Sandwich

Ship, John BAKER, Ash

Ship, John SAXBY, on the Quay

Star, Thomas BAYLEY, Strand st

Sun, Mary L GIBBENS, Galliard st

Swan, John MUNDAY, Corn market

Three Colts, John CHANDLER, New st

Three Kings, William THISELTON, Strand st

Two Brewers, John QUESTED, Butchery




CAVE William, Eastry


PAIN Mark, Ash

PEGDEN Thomas, King st




ATKINS Thomas, Stone cross

YOUNG John, Strand st




BUNTON Simon Nunn, Strand st

WYBORN Robert, Lucksboat st




BARKER Fanny, stay maker, High st

Custom House, Sandwich Bridge, Thomas COLE, principal officer

DORMAN James, woolstapler, Strand st

FOSTER Hannah, milliner, Strand st

FULLER Sarah, confectioner, Butchery

Gaol, St Clements, Thos ARIS, governor

GRAY William, corn dealer, High st

HATCHARD Samuel, parish clerk, Ash

HERD John, glover, Delph st

HOILE Valentine, woollen draper, Market st

HUNT James, gunsmith, Lucksboat st

KNIGHT George, farmer, Northbourne

LASS John Lawrence, registrar of births & deaths, Strand st

MAY Thomas, sergeant of the court of requests, Fisher st

MILLER George, cooper, Strand st

MOAT Sarah, china glass and earthenware dealer, Lucksboat st

PILCHER James, veterinary surgeon, Corn market

QUESTED George, surveyor, Ash

SAXBY Edward, iron merchant, Strand st

SPAIN Edw. Tobacco pipe maker, Strand st

SPELT Henry, statuary & mason, High st

STANDLEY Hy, earthenware dealr, Harnett st

TAPPENDEN John, brickmaker, Cobb st

TEMPLE George, fellmonger, Strand st

Union Poorhouse, Eastry, George WATTS, governor

WANSTALL Isaac, carrier, St Clements

WASTALL Robert, fishmonger, Delph st

WOOD James, timber merchant, Strand st




To London, the Royal Mail (from Deal) and the Defiance (from Dover) calls at Fleur de Lis every evening at seven – and the Phoenix and Wonder every morning at ten; all go thro Canterbury


To Deal, the Royal Mail calls at the Fleur de Lis every morning at half past six.


To Deal and Dover, Post Coaches (from Canterbury) call at the Fleur de Lis, every evening at six and half past eight – and the Phoenix (from Margate and Ramsgate) calls at the Crispin & Cinque Port Arms every morning at half past nine and noon at twelve.


To Herne Bay, a Coach (from Deal) calls at the Fleur de Lis, every morning at eight.


To Margate and Ramsgate, Post Coaches (from Dover and Deal) call at the Cinque Port Arms & Crispin every morning at half past seven & noon at 12.





To Canterbury, a Van (from Deal) calls at the Three Colts and Fleur de Lis, every evening at half past five & Tuesday and Friday noon at twelve.


To Deal, a Van (from Canterbury) calls at the Fleur de Lis and Three Colts every evening at half past five and Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at 4.


To Margate & Ramsgate, a Van from the New Inn, every morning at nine.




To London, Thomas BEAL, Richard HOPE & Henry A HOPEs Hoys, alternately on Saturday.


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