Pigots 1840 - Kent



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Is an ancient city and port (having separate jurisdiction), locally in the lathe of Aylesford, 20 miles ESE from London, 26 WNW from Canterbury and 9 N from Maidstone; situated between and adjoining to the towns of Stroud and Chatham, bounded on the west by the river Medway, over which is a handsome stone bridge connecting the city with Stroud. The healthfulness of it situation, the scenery with which it is surrounded, its great thoroughfare and other local advantages, render it highly important and eligible as a place of trade and pleasant as one of residence. This city (the Durobrivæ of the Romans and one of their stipendiary towns) was by the Saxons called Hrooffeceastre or Hrove ceaster from which its present name is derived. The time when this place was first encompassed by a wall cannot be exactly ascertained; it is conjecture by some to have been originally built by the Romans; and it was Dr STUKELEY’S decided opinion that at the west end of the north wall, there are rows of Roman bricks; the walls were erected to correspond with the four cardinal points. Amongst a great number of ruins, the castle presents itself as the most prominent – standing on an eminence of considerable altitude, almost overhanging the river Medway and must attract the notice and admiration of every lover of the remains of ancient greatness. Its situation was highly favourable for defence; the river secured it from any sudden attack on the west, whilst on the south, east and north it was protected by an extensive ditch. It is supposed (and with great probability) by historians, that the mound on the south may have been cast up by the Danes, when they besieged the city in 884. This castle, from its towering height, may be seen at the distance of thirty miles. The cathedral presents a fine exterior, though its immediate effect is deteriorated by being environed with houses, without open space sufficient to afford an advantageous view of the whole structure. It is pretty accurately ascertained that the erection of this church was commenced in 1077, and that Henry I was present at its consecration, by Archbishop CORBOYL, in 1130. It is upwards of 300 feet in length from the west door to the east wall of the chancel, the east transept is in length from north to south 90 feet. The style of the building has a uniform character, and presents a curious specimen of the early English or pointed mode of architecture. The numerous ancient monuments, which add interest to the interior of this venerable pile cannot be particularized; but they are of a nature well calculated to gratify the curious, and to reward the antiquary’s observation. The other places of worship are the parish churches of St Margaret and St Nicholas and chapels for independents and unitarians, Wesleyan methodists and the society of friends. Rochester abounds with charities: the first that comes under notice is the endowed grammar school, founded by Henry VIII, with an appointment for an upper and under master and of twenty boys called  “Kings Scholars”, it has exhibitions at Oxford. In 1701, Sir Joseph WILLIAMSON, founded a free school, for the education of freemen’s sons for the sea service; here is also a British school  on Lancaster’s system. Besides these there are other charities; St Catherine’s hospital is for poor women; St Bartholomew’s for lepers; Sir J HAWKINS for disabled seaman; WATTS’ charity for the relief of six poor travellers and HAYWARDS almshouse for poor men and women. A philosophical and literary institution has been established here conjointly with Chatham, having a reading room, library and museum; and the citizens have the advantage of a well conducted journal, the “Rochester Gazette”, which is published every Tuesday.


The first charter obtained by the inhabitants of Rochester was granted to them by Henry II, and by that which it was governed previous to the passing of the municipal act, was conferred by Charles I; the late enactment vested the government in a mayor, six aldermen and eighteen councillors, with the usual assistant officers, under the title of the “mayor and citizens of the city of Rochester, in the county of Kent”, the same act divided the city into three wards, and conferred upon it a commission of the peace. Quarter session are held for the city, an annual court leet and baron on the Monday after the feast of St Michael; and a court of requests, at the guildhall (a handsome brick building), the second Friday in every month. The city first sent members to Parliament in the 23d of Edward I, since which time it has uninterruptedly exercised the franchise; the mayor is the returning officer; and the present representatives are Ralph BERNAL and Thomas B HOBHOUSE Esqrs. The trade of Rochester principally arises from the great number of persons employed in the dock yards, private ship building and the oyster factory; over the latter the corporation exercise jurisdiction. An extensive distillery and a large brewery are in the town and contiguous to it are considerable lime works. The weekly market for general articles of consumption is on Friday, the corn market on Tuesday; and a stock market the fourth Tuesday in every month; the two latter are well attended. The fairs are entitled to be holden on 30th May and 12th December, but they are become of little consequence. The population of Rochester, including its several parishes, the cathedral precincts, part of Chatham within the city and Stroud-Infra, (part of the parish of Stroud, also within the city), by the parliamentary returns for 1831, amounted to 9,891.


POST OFFICE – 26 High Street, Edward FINCH, Postmaster – letters from London arrive (by the Dover Mail) every night at half past eleven and are despatched every morning at half past two. Letters from Maidstone arrive every night at a quarter past eleven and are despatched every morning at a quarter before three.        




ALCOCK Rev John P. Minor Canon Row

ALLAN Mr Larkin, St Margarets Bank

BAKER Lieutenant George (RM), Pleasant Row, Troy Town

BAKER Capt. Thomas, Boley Hill

BALLARD Mrs Mary, St Margaret’s Bank

BELSON Mrs George, Nile Terrace

BELSON Mr Henry, Star Hill

BINGHAM Col. Robert T, Vine House

BOYHURST Mr John, High Street

BOYS Mr Edward, New Road House

BOYS Mrs Elizabeth, High Street

BRICE Mrs Johanna, Boley Hill

BURTON Capt. George Guy, Union Street

CARTER James esq, Boley Hill

CASTLE Mrs Elizabeth, High Street

CHARLTON Wm esq, St Margaret’s Bank

COLE Mrs Elizabeth, Nile Terrace, New Road

CONYERS Mrs Eliz. St Margaret Street

COOK Mrs Mary, High Street

COWAN Lieut James (RN), Cazeneuve Street, Troy Town

CUYLER Colonel, Boley Hill

DAVIES Rev. George, High Street

DAWES Rev, Henry John, St Margaret Street

DAY David Hermitage esq, High Street

DAY David J esq, Bank, Rochester

DAY Thomas esq, Frinsbury

DAY W esq, Rochester

DERTHWAITE Mr Thos, St Margaret Street

DEWE Rev. Saml. (AM), Minor Canon Row

DONALDSON Mrs Anne, Star Hill

DRAGE Rev. Wm, Minor Canon Row

DRUMMOND Mrs, Star Hill

ELY Mr George, High Street

FARQUAHAR Mrs Mary, Nile Terrace

FARQUAHAR Mr Robert (RN), Nile Terrace, New Road

FLEET Miss Mary, Nile Terrace

FRANCIS The Misses, Union Street, Troy Town

FRIEND Mrs Mary, 193 High Street

FRY Miss Susanh, St Margaret’s Bank

GRAHAM Rev. John, High Street

GURR Mrs Elizabeth, St Margaret’s Bank

HARKER Rev. George, Boley Hill

HAWKIUS Rev Edw (DD) The Vines

HERBERT Capt. George Flower (RN), Restoration House, Maidstone Rd

HICKS Mrs, St Margaret Street

HILLIER William esq, Boley Hill

HILLIER Wm Curry esq, Boley Hill

HOPSON Capt William, Star Hill

HUBBARD Mr Thomas, St Margaret Street

JENNER Mr John, St Margaret Street

KILVINTON Mr Peter, St Margaret’s Bank

KING the Venerable Archdeacon Walker, The Vines

KNEESHAW Capt, Joshua (RN), Union Street, Troy Town

LEWIS Rev William, Minor Canon Row

LOMAS Mr William, High Street

LONG Col. Jno, 5 Union Street, Troy Town

MANSFIELD Mrs H, St Margaret’s Bank

MARSHAM Hon and Rev Jacob (DD), The Vines

MASDEN Mrs, Gravel Walk, Troy Town

MATTHEWS Miss Kate, St Margaret’s Bank

MILLER Mrs Susannah, 204 High Street

NICHOLLS Orlando James, High Street

NICHOLSON Wm esq, St Margarets

OWTHWAITE Mr Thos, St Margaret Street

PATTEN Richard esq, St Margaret’s Bank

PECHE Mr Wm (RN), 162 High Street

REID Mrs, Star Hill

RYE Mrs Amelia, St Margarets Bank

SHAW Lady Theodosia, St Margarets Street

SHEPHERD Mr George jun. Boley Hill

SIMMONS Mr Chas May, Boley Hill

SIMMONS Mrs Sarah, St Margarets Bank

SPENCE Mr Chas, Union Street, Troy Town

SPONG Mr Ambrose, High Street

STEVENS The Very Rev. Robert (DD), Deanery, Cathedral Precincts

SURTEES The Misses, Boley Hill

SWEETMAN Mrs Anne, High Street

TADMAN Mr Thomas, High Street

TODD Mrs Mary, Star Hill

TWOPENY Edward esq, College Green

TWOPENY Mrs Susanh, College Green

WARNER Rev Daniel Francis, Minor Canon Row

WHEELER Mrs Mary, Boley Hill

WHISTEN Rev. Robert (AM), Star Hill

WILLIAMS Rev. John, Star Hill

WINCH Mr Richd, St Margarets Bank

WINDEYER Mr Archbd Chas, Star Hill

WINTHROP B E esq, St Margaret Street

WINTHROP Miss, St Margaret Street

WINTOUR Capt. Geo Stephenson (RN), Union Street, Troy Town


ACADEMIES & SCHOOLS – not otherwise described are day schools


BARLOW Eliz. & Martha, High Street

BATTYLL William, High Street

Baynards National School, St Margaret Street, Robt. NOAKES, master; Ann NOAKES, mistress

BOND Lucy (boarding & day), Maidstone Road

BOWMER John, Boley Hill

BRADDY Richard, Court Hall Place

BURNS William, St Margarets Bank

CARIGAN Susannah, Star Hill

DEWSBERRY Thos, King Street, Troy Town

DYKE Miss, Union Street, Troy Town

Grammar School, Minor Canon Row, Rev. Daniel Fras. WARNER, master;

HATHAWAY Timothy, (boarding & day), St Margarets Bank

HYLES Mary, St Margarets Bank

Lancasterian School, King Street, Troy Town, Anthony ROSKILLY, master; Rebecca WILKINS, mistress.

LESTER Elizabeth, King Street, Troy Town

McLEAN Mildred & sister, (boarding), Restoration House, Maidstone Road

NORTON & STABLES Messdames, (boarding), Eastgate House

RICKMAN Anne & Eliza, Boley Hill

Rochester & Chatham Classical and Mathematical School, Rev. Robt. WHISTEN (AM), master

SHIRLEY Geo. (boarding & day), Troy Town Academy, Troy Town

WILLIAMSONS (Sir Joseph), Free mathematical school, High Street, Rev. John GRAHAM, master




BIRCH Edward, High Street

LEWIS David Baxter (& town clerk), St Margaret Street

LEWIS James, St Margarets Bank

PATTEN Thos. (& notary), 57 High Street

PRALL Richard (& clerk to the magistrates), High Street

SIMMONS Charles May (& clerk to the court of requests), Boley Hill

TWOPENY & ESSELL, College Green   




BATTEN John, St Margarets Bank

BURR Thos. City Repository, High Street

KIDWELL Robert, High Street

WLIKINSON Thos. St Margarets Bank




ASHBY George, King Street, Troy Town

BOND Benjamin, High Street

BRESLIN John, John Street, Troy Town

DREWETT William, High Street

DUNSTALL Jas. (& biscuit), 34 High Street

GAMON Wm. J. King Street, Troy Town

HALL William, St Margarets Bank

HOPPER John, King Street, Troy Town

HUGGINS Henry, High Street

MAPLESDEN Richd, Gravel Walk, Troy Town

MOORE John, 166 High Street

PHILLIPS Edward, St Margaret Street

ROOK Samuel, 7 High Street

STEDMAN John, Cazeneuve Street, Troy Town

STREETON William, 45 High Street

WEBB  Francis Matthew, Eastgate




DAY David Hermitage & Sons, High Street (draw on GLYN & Co. London)

Surrey, Kent & Sussex Joint Stock Bank, High Street (draws on the London Establishment, 71 Lombard Street), William Curry HILLIER, manager




PLANT Robert, High Street

WADE Samuel, Gravel Walk, Troy Town




CULLEN Stephen, Gravel Walk, Troy Town

FEATHERBY Benjamin, Borstall

HOLDEN Hazael, Rochester Common

LATTER David, High Street

SCOONES Thomas Read, Rochester Common




BROOKS John Reeve, Gravel Walk, Troy Town

CADDEL Samuel, High Street

EDMED Henry, High Street

VIDION Geo. Henry, 21 High Street

WILDASH William, High Street




ADAM Arthur, 199 High Street    

BALCOMB James, 146 High Street

BALCOMB Thomas, College Yard

BRADLEY Chas, Cazeneuve Street, Troy Town

BROAD John, St Margaret Street

CHESSON James, St Margarets Bank

COLES John, 71 High Street

CORNELL Charles, 96 High Street

EVERDEN Geo, John Street, Troy Town

FOOTTIT Jas Henry John, 192 High Street

GOULD William, St Margarets Bank

HURST William, High Street

JACOBS James, Eastgate

LOTT William Robert, High Street

MOWATT William, King Street, Troy Town

PHILLPOTT William, 164 High Street

RANSOM Wm, St Margarets Bank

SMITH John, St Margaret Street

SWAYLAND James, Parrs Head Lane

TAFFS John, St Margarets Bank

THORNTON George, 150 High Street

TYLER John, 357 High Street

VINEY Geo M, East Row, Troy Town

WAKELING James, St Margaret Street




BARRETT  R & Co, 205 High Street

CLEMENTS William, High Street

JOHNS Robert, 191 High Street

PENN Robert, 29 High Street




COULTER Daniel, Pump Lane

SHEPHERD Henry, Troy Town brewery




ANDREWS James, High Street

JARVIS Thomas, Crow Lane, Troy Town

ING Thomas, High Street

NYE George T, King Street, Troy Town




CLEMENTS William, High Street

JARVIS Thomas, Maidstone Road

ROBINS Henry, St Margarets Bank

SIDDEN Samuel & Thomas, Star Hill




BAKER William, King Street, Troy Town

BASSETT Benjamin, Eastgate

BASSETT Joseph, High Street

CAPON James D, St Margaret Street

GRAY Thomas, 26 King Street, Troy Town

HILLS William, 25 High Street

LESTER & Son, High Street

LESTER John, High Street

LESTER Sarah & Charles, Eastgate

MILTON James, Eastgate

POPE Timothy John, St Margarets Bank

TUCKER Thomas (pork), Eastgate

VERIER Isaac, High Street

WAGHORN Edward, St Margaret Street

WAGHORN  William, 194 High Street

WELLS Henry, College Yard

WILD David, High Street

WOODHAM William, 202 High Street




BATTEN John, St Margarets Bank

DAWSON Elizabeth, Star Hill

DUNNING Henry, St Margarets Bank

KIDWELL Robert, High Street

THOMAS S & Sons, 147 High Street




ALLEN George, John Street, Troy Town

BARTHOLOMEW William, St Margarets

BROOKER Thomas, Rochester Common

COLLINS John, Henry Street, Troy Town

DADD Richard William, Freeschool Lane

DOVE Thomas, St Margaret Street

HEAD Richd (& undertaker), Victoria Place, Troy Town

HENDRY George, John Street, Troy Town

JETTER William, Freeschool Lane

MARSH John, John Street, Troy Town

PERRIN Thomas, Boley Hill

WEEKS George, Rochester Common




CHANDLER William, St Margarets Bank

FOSTER David, 48 High Street

RANDALL James & Rebecca, High Street




KING Thos. Simmonds, 208 High Street

POPE George, (& patent medicine vender), 144 High Street

RACKHAM William, 38 High Street

TATUM & KNIGHT, 206 High Street




EDWARDS James, Eagle Coach Office, High Street & High Street, Chatham




BAKER & SELL, High Street

BUTCHER John & Thomas (& harness makers), 189 High Street

MILLER George, Rochester Common




COLES Edward R, 1 High Street

FINCH William, 8 High Street

HAYMEN William P, 17 High Street

HOPKINS John, St Margarets Bank

JANES Frederick, 4 High Street

REINHARD Charles, Freeschool Lane




DREWETT William, 55 High Street

DUNSTALL James, 24 High Street

NICHOLAS Joseph Henry, St Margarets Bank

ROUSE John (& dealer in British wines), Eastgate




BAKER James, King Street, Troy Town

STRICKLAND John (& vat), Liddiards Yard

YOUNG John Matthew, High Street




BRENCHLEY Benjamin, High Street

DORRETT James, King Street, Troy Town

DORRETT Rebecca, 89 High Street

HOLDEN Hazel, 149 High Street

HUGGINS Henry, High Street

TRANAH Arthur, 173 High Street




HUDSON Thomas, Eastgate

PALMER Edwd Alexander, 55 High Street




WINCH Richard, Rochester Distillery, St Margarets Bank




BLUET  Jonas, St Margarets Bank

COLTHERUP Henry Phipps, High Street




THORP Sharlock, High Street

TYLER John, High Street




Atlas George Henry VIDION, 21 High Street

County (Fire), Wm WILDASH, High Street

Globe, Thomas DAY, Bank, High Street

Kent, Edward MANCLARK, High Street

Protector (fire) & Provident (life), William WILDASH, High Street

Sun, Jno. BATTEN, St Margarets Bank




BOVER George, High Street

NICHOLAS Jos. Henry, St Margarets Bank

ORAM Charles, College Yard




BATTEN John, St Margarets Bank

DAWSON Elizabeth, Star Hill

KIDWELL Robert, High Street

THOMAS S & Sons, High Street




DARCH James , High Street

DENHAM John, 78 High Street

FORSHEW William, Eastgate

LANE John, High Street

TERRY William, New Road

WELLER John, St Margarets Bank




BOVER George, High Street

DARCH James, High Street

FORSHEW William, Eastgate

LANE John, High Street

MASON James, High Street

PAIN Edward, High Street

PERRIN Mary, High Street

WELLS James, Eastgate


GROCERS, TEA DEALERS & CHEESEMONGERS – see also shopkeepers & c.


BAKER Robert, Eastgate

BALLARD Edward Geo. 143 High Street

BOBART John Churchill, St Margarets Bank

CHURCH Thomas, Eastgate

DYKE Joseph jun. King Street, Troy Town

GOLDSTON Paul, Eastgate

HEDGCOCK Thomas, St Margarets Street

HOWES Robert, 99 High Street

LAMB Mary Ann, High Street

LANGFORD John,  Cazeneuve Street, Troy Town

LEE Wm Windham, 195 High Street

LOWRY George, 151 High Street

MARDEN John Thomas, 203 High Street

MASON James, Eastgate

REYNOLDS Deborah, 207 High Street

THOMAS WM (& wholesale), 354 High Street




BRADDY Geo Richd, St Margarets Bank

BURGE George William, 5 High Street

DALE John, 162 High Street

FOSTER David, 48 High Street

LAMB James Benjamin, Eastgate

MILES William, St Margaret Street

TAYLOR William , College Yard

WATERS Wm Andrew, 140 High Street

WHEELER Henry, 169 High Street

WHEELER Nathaniel, 214 High Street




BROMLEY & SHARP (& glovers), St Margarets Bank

CLARKE Harriet, 142 High Street

HULL John (& linen & woollen draper & glover, St Margarets House

MORLEY Jas (& cap maker), St Margarets bank




City Coffee House, Robert MUNDAY, High Street

Crown (& posting house), Geo CALDER, High Street

George, Josiah RANCE, High Street

Kings Head, Thos SAXTON, High Street

Silver Oar, Stephen SHARP, High Street

Victoria Hotel & Bull Inn, (& posting house), Henry BIRCH, High Street




BARRETT R & co. 205 High Street

CHANDLER Wm, St Margarets Bank

CLEMENTS William, High Street

PENN Robert, 29 High Street




BATTEN John, St Margarets Bank

BURR Thomas, City Repository, High Street

KIDWELL Robert, High Street

WOOD Edward, St Margarets Bank




BERRY Susannah,  (& New agent), 133 High Street

CADDEL Samuel, High Street

VIDION George Henry, 21 High Street

WILDASH William, High Street




LINDRIDGE John Wilmot, Borstall Cottage




EVELING & co 158 High Street

FALLAS Andrew, East Row, Troy Town

HOMAN John, St Margarets Bank

HULL John (& woollen, haberdasher, hosier, glover and carpet warehouse), St Margarets House

HUNTER Alexander, High Street

MOODY Edw (& woollen), 170 High Street

SIZER William, 20 High Street

STILWELL John Mariner, Eastgate

WATSON George, 15 High Street




BIRCH Henry, Victoria Hotel & Bull Inn, High Street

CALDER George, Crown Inn, High Street

CLARKE Thomas, High Street

HOPKINS Mace, High Street

HOWARD George, Freeschool Lane

MUNDAY Robert, City Coffee House, High Street

RANCE Josiah, George Inn, High Street

SAXTON Thomas, Kings Head, High Street

SHARP Stephen , Silver Oar, High Street



BELSEY Isaac, Star Hill

HORSNAILL Robert, St Margaret Street

STEDMAN William, Star Hill




ATKINS Hannah, Star Hill

BENDER Jane, St Margarets Bank

BISHOP Sarah, High Street

BURCH Rebecca, High Street

CATCHPOOL Mrs, St Margarets Bank

CLARK Judith, 175 High Street

DARCH Mary, 148 High Street

JOYNES Frances, 68 High Street

RANSOM Mary Ann, St Margarets Bank

RUDD Charlotte, Star Hill

RUSSELL Sarah, 90 High Street

TAYLOR Sarah, King Street, Troy Town

WEAVER Jane, Rochester Common




FRENCH Thomas (& pianoforte tuners), 176 High Street

TROUP Fraser, 165 High Street

TROUP James (& musical academy), 165 High Street and at Brompton House, Wood Street, Brompton and at Smiths Library, Maidstone




Rochester Gazette, (Tuesday) Samuel CADDEL, High Street




ALDRIDGE William, 213 High Street

CHURCH Thomas, Eastgate

DAY Richard Benison, 154 High Street

FINCH Edward, 26 High Street

FOORD John, Rochester Common

MARRABLE John, 22 High Street

SMITH James, St Margaret Street

SPILLETT Robert, Rochester Common

WOOD Edw,  (& looking glass & picture frame maker), St Margarets Bank




COLES & WEST, 187 High Street

HOMAN John jun. High Street

HUBBARD Thomas William Charles & Thomas, 137 High Street

WENMAM Mary Ann, Star Hill




ANDERSON John, Star Hill

MARTIN Edwd (& surgeon), Star Hill

SMITH James, High Street




CORK Thomas, College Yard

FORSHEW William, 183 High Street

FORSTER Thomas, 168 High Street

HOLMAN Thomas, 170 High Street




BROOKS John Reeve, Gravel Walk, Troy Town

CADDEL Samuel, Rochester Gazette Office , High Street

EDMED Henry, High Street

ELVEY Bartholomew, St Margarets Bank

STEVENS Jas. Ths. (& engraver), High Street

VIDION George Henry, 21 High Street

WILDASH William, High Street




DADSON William (drawing), High Street

De STAINES Monsr. V D (French & drawing), Cazeneuve Street, Troy Town

FRENCH Thomas, (music & piano forte tuner ), 176 High Street

TROUP James, (music & musical academy), 165 High Street and at Brompton House, Wood Street, Brompton and at Smiths Library, Maidstone




BOUCHER William, 190 High Street

CASTLE John, 212 High Street

SMITH William, Eastgate




FREELAND Ann (barge), Freeland’s Wharf

LINDRIDGE John Wilmot, Borstall Cottage

TERNAN William L, (barge), High Street




CHESSON James, St Margarets Bank

DEAN Thomas, Eastgate

DENN John, King Street, Troy Town

GOLDACRE Thomas, King Street, Troy Town

GOODRHAM Jas, King Street, Troy Town

LADBURY John, High Street

LANE Thomas, King Street, Troy Town

MILLER Hy Thos. John Street, Troy Town

NEWTON Henry, John Street, Troy Town

SMITH Elizabeth, Common

TILLMAN Sophia, High Street

WILLIAMS Edwd. Hoard, King Street, Troy Town




BRISLEY William (& paver), St Margarets Bank, Rochester Bridge and High Street, Chatham




BURCH Rebecca, High Street

CLARK Judith, 175 High Street

CUNNINGHAM  Mary Ann, 72 High Street

HILL Mary, High Street

JOHNSON Mary, 178 High Street

JORDAN Jane, 164 High Street

TOWNER James, High Street




BELL William, High Street

ELY George, St Margarets Bank

JACOB Peter W, High Street

MARTIN Edward, Star Hill

NEWSON Samuel, 98 High Street

SEATON Edward, High Street

STEPHENSON William, St Margarets Bank


TAILORS – marked thus * are also Drapers


BAIRD Ebenezer, Rochester Common

* CLEMENTS Robert, 33 High Street

* COTTON Edward, 94 High Street

GRAY Thomas, King Street, Troy Town

* HALL James, 172 High Street

* HARROW Philip, 32 High Street

HENDLEY James, St Margaret Street

HILLS Edward, Eastgate

* HUBBARD Thomas, 152 High Street

IRVINE George, John Street, Troy Town

* KYBETT Thomas, St Margaret Street

NEWLYN William, Pump Lane

WILLIAMS Thomas, St Margaret Street




HOWARD George, (& melter), 76 High Street

WEST John, (& melter), 14 High Street




Assembly Rooms, John HUGHES, Freeschool Lane

Bear & Ragged Staff, John CLIFFORD, High Street

Black Boy, Ann BALDOCK, High Street

Blackmoors Head, Mary MILLER, King Street

Blue Boar, Thomas DAWSON, High Street

Bulls Head, Rebecca Ann IRWIN, High Street

City Arms, Mary Ann PEARSON, High Street

Cock, William Henry BEER, High Street

Cock, George CLARK, High Street

Coopers Arms, Henry William BALCOMB, St Margaret Street

Cossack, Henry WEST, St Margarets

Crown & Thistle, Wm NEWLYN, High Street

Dukes Head, William PARKINS, High Street

Eagle, Alexander BURNETT, High Street

Five Bells, Jas, BURREN, St Margarets Bank

Flushing, Thomas BALDWIN, High Street

Fortune of War, John MOORE, High Street

Golden Lion, Joseph BUTCHER, High Street

Hare & Hounds, George BARNES, High Street

Horse & Groom, Henry BEAUMONT, St Margarets Bank

Kings Arms, Frances THOMPSON, High Street

Lord Nelson, Richard BARNICOTT, High Street

Maidstone Arms, Jno. DARBY, Maidstone Road

Nags Head, John BATHURST, St Margarets Bank

Newmarket House, Henry ALLEN, Rochester Common

Old Parr’s Head, Wm. LOTT, Parrs Head Lane

Ordnance Arms, Thomas ING, High Street

Portland Arms, John ANDREWS, King Street

Queen Charlotte, Edward CONEY, High Street

Red Cow, John REYNOLDS, Bull Lane

Red Lion, Joseph UNDERHILL, Eastgate

Rochester Castle, George BOUCHER, Rochester Common

Roebuck, George WELLER, St Margaret Street

Rose, Ann BLACKMAN, St Margaret Street

Royal George, John HICKMUTT, Troy Town

Royal Telegraph, Wm. LADD, St Margaret Street

Sir John Falstaff, Solomou ALLEN, Troy Town

Star, John SEATH, Eastgate

Three Post Boys, Mary WARD, High Street

Two Brewers, James Wm, HODGES, High Street

Victualling Office, Barbara PRESCOTT, St Margarets Bank

Waterman’s Arms, Benjamin GILES, near the Bridge 

White Hart, William WOOD, High Street

White Horse, Thomas TUFF, Borstall




CHIFFEY Thomas, 47 High Street

ELVEY Bartholomew, St Margarets Bank




BATTEN John, St Margarets Bank

BURR Thos, City Repository, High Street

DANSON Elizabeth, Star Hill

KIDWELL Robert, High Street




FLETCHER Reuben, High Street

WOOLNOUGH John, Star Hill




BELL Frederick Godfrey, High Street

CHAPMAN Edwin, 181 High Street

HEIZMAN Anthony, 169 High Street

NYE Thomas John, High Street

POYNERD Noah, Gravel Walk, Troy Town

SOLOMON Samuel & Lazarus, High Street




BISHOP William & George, High Street

KEMP John, St Margarets

MILLER George, Rochester Common

SMITH William, Borstall




TUFFILL Wm. Jos (& brandy), High Street

WINCH Richard, Rochester Distillery, St Margarets Bank




ALLEN Henry, dealer in building materials, Rochester Common

ANDERSON Joseph, tobacco pipe maker, Rochester Common

BANKS Ralph, organist at the cathedral, Minor Canon Row

BARDO William, pilot, King Street, Troy Town

BARTHOLOMEW William, turner, 358 High Street

BENIFOLD Sarah, servants register office, High Street

BOUCHER John, currier, 141 High Street

CABLE Thomas, sail maker and ship chandler, Freeland’s Wharf

COLVIL George, collectors of poor’s rates, Union Street, Troy Town

COOPER John, working jeweller, St Margaret’s Bank

CROOK Wm shipbuilder, Rochester Common

DARCH James, parish clerk, High Street

DUNSTALL James, dealer in British wines, 34 High Street

FURRELL Frederick, registrar of births and deaths, St Margaret’s Bank

Gas Works, Waterside, near the common, George Hy VIDION, agent, 21 High Street

GREENWOOD William, silversmith, High Street

HARSEE Jno. umbrella maker, John Street, Troy Town

HAYMEN William, shipping agent, High Street

KINGHAM Isaac, verger, Minor Canon Row

LEVY J & Son, general dealers, St Margarets Bank

MATTHEWS John, ship smith, Blue Boar Yard

Medway Bathing Establishment, pathway, near the Bridge, George SUTHERLAND, actuary.

Medway Commercial Shipping Co. office, City Repository, George BOUCHER, clerk

NEWLYN Charles Jas, block & mast maker

REINHARD Charles, dealer in Boman cement, Freeschool Lane

ROGERS William, wood dealer, Union Street, Troy Town

SCOTT John, oil and colourman, High Street

SMITH James, parish clerk, St Margaret Street

Stamp Office, High Street, William WILDASH, sub distributer.

SUNNUCKS Sarah, grindery warehouse, Eastgate

TADMAN Thomas, coal surveyor, 74 High Street

VINEY George M, inspector of weights and measures, Pleasant Row, Troy Town

WATKIN Thomas, boat owner, Bathard

WOOD Edward, carver & gilder, St Margarets Bank


CUSTOM HOUSE - near the bridge


Collector - James CARTER esq.

Comptroller - Richard PATTEN esq.

Surveyor - Mr Alexndr Jackes COCKBURN

Landing Waiters - Edward TANNER and John DONOVAN

Collectors Clerks - Henry TRITTON and H B KING

Agent - William DALTON

Messenger - John FRIDAY


EXCISE OFFICE - St Margarets Bank


Collector - John SYKES esq

Collectors Clerk - Mr Thomas COULSON

Supervisor - Mr Jesse STEVENS


DISPENSARY - St Margarets Bank


Consulting Physician - Mr John ANDERSON, Star Hill

Physician - Mr Edward MARTIN, Star Hill

Surgeons - Mr William BELL, High Street and Mr William STEPHENSON, St Margarets Bank




To London, the Royal Mail (from Canterbury and Dover), calls at the Post Office and EDWARDS coach office, every morning at a quarter before three; the Nelson from EDWARDS office, every Monday morning at six and other mornings (Sunday excepted), at half past seven; the Commodore every morning at ten and the Tantivy (from Faversham) calls at the George Inn and EDWARDS office every day at twelve.


To London, the Eagle (from Canterbury and Dover), calls at the George every afternoon at one; the Express calls at the City Coffee House every afternoon at three; the Tally-Ho calls at the Silver Oar every evening at six; the Defiance calls at the City Coffee House every night at half past twelve and the Eagle calls at the George Inn and EDWARDS office, every morning at one.


To Canterbury and Dover, the Royal Mail (from London) calls at the Post Office and EDWARDS office, High Street, every night at half past eleven; the Eagle from EDWARDS office and the George every afternoon at two and the Tally-Ho calls at the EDWARDS office every evening (Sundays excepted) at six and on Sunday at twelve noon.


To Dover, Deal, Margate, Ramsgate and Paris, the Express (from London), calls at the City Coffee House, every afternoon at one; the Eagle calls at the George every afternoon at two; the Defiance calls at the City Coffee House every night at half past eleven; and the Eagle from the George every night at twelve; all go through Sittingbourne and Canterbury.


To Faversham, the Tantivy (from London), calls at the George and EDWARDS office every afternoon at four; goes thro’ Sittingbourne, Green Street & Ospringe.


To Gravesend & c. EDWARDS Omnibuses are continually running between Gravesend, Rochester, Chatham & c. meeting the steam packets plying between Gravesend and London.


To Maidstone, Coaches and Omnibuses from the Silver Oar, Dukes Head, Blue Boar and EDWARDS office, every morning at eight and nine; afternoon at one, two and five and evening at six and seven.




To London, the Hope (from Chatham), calls at the Eagle, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at half past nine.


To Canterbury, the Surprise, from the Queen Charlotte every afternoon (Sunday excepted) at two.


To Canterbury, Deal, Dover, Ramsgate and Margate, STANBURY & Co’s vans from the George daily.

To Gravesend, Omnibuses and Vans from the principal inns and taverns, almost hourly during the day. See also EDWARDS’ Omnibuses to meet the Steam Packets.


To Sittingbourne, PETERS Van, from the Queen Charlotte, every afternoon (Sunday excepted) at three.




To London, Stephen WRAKES Waggon, from the Two Brewers, every afternoon at half past four and STANBURYS Waggon from the George every night.


To Canterbury, Deal, Dover, Ramsgate and Margate, Stephen WRAKES Waggons, from the Two Brewers, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and STANBURY & Co’s Waggons from the George daily.




To London, Ann FREELAND’S Hoys from Freeland’s Wharf daily.


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