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Is a sea port, market town and parish, in the cinque port liberty of Dover, lathe of St Augustine and hundred of Ringslow (or Isle of Thanet) – 72 miles E. from London, 43 E.N.E. from Maidstone, and 16 N.E. from Canterbury; pleasantly situated at the northern extremity of the Isle of Thanet, partly on the acclivity of two hills and partly in the intervening valley. Margate in the middle of the last century, was nothing more than a fishing village of  small importance; but since that period it has been gradually ascending to its present rank, which is that of a populous town and a bathing place of the first celebrity. The waters are limpid, the shore level and the air bland, pure and invigorating. Steam packets were established in 1815; in that year the number of passengers visiting Margate was 23,500; in every succeeding season the number rapidly augmented, and in recent years it has more than quadrupled that of 1815. These vessels ply daily between London and Margate, effecting the passage in about six hours and a half; and in the season two thousand persons frequently land in one day. For this vast influx of visiters the accommodations of the town have annually been found insufficient, and new buildings are consequently in continual progress of erection. The establishments for the convenience of the temporary sojourner, the invalid and the wealthy resident, though numerous and attractive are consequently receiving improvements in elegance and in internal arrangement; and the baths, hotels, libraries reading rooms, assembly rooms, theatre, bazaars, promenades & c. surpass those of most other places on the coast; and the public and private boarding houses, established upon various scales of expense are proportionate in number and respectability. Great difficulty having existed in landing passengers from the steam vessels at low water, in 1824 a wooden pier was constructed, which is carried one thousand and sixty two feet into the sea; it is eighteen feet wide, and has been found perfectly suitable to the purposes of its erection: it is named “Jarvis’s landing-place,” in compliment to Mr. JARVIS, a resident gentleman of Margate, at whose suggession this beneficial improvement was undertaken. The new pier, the plan of the late Mr RENNIE, built of Whitby stone, is nine hundred and one feet long, sixty feet wide in the broadest part, and twenty-six feet high, with a parapet of four feet six inches. The promenade and fashionable evening lounge of the summer visitants, is eight hundred and fifty six feet in length, eighteen feet in width, and elevated seven feet and a half above the level of the pier; it is defended from the sun and rain by canvass awnings; a band of music attends and at night the whole is brilliantly illuminated with gas.


The parish church of St John the Baptist, situated on a hill was built about the year 1050 and was made parochial about 1220. From the great population during the summer months, and the increase of resident inhabitants, the old church was found inadequate to their accommodation, a new one was therefore erected; it was completed in 1829 from a design and under the superintendence of Mr William EDMUNDS; it is a beautiful structure, of Bath stone, in the early English style of architecture. The exterior is ornamented with buttresses and pinnacles; it is one hundred and forty three feet in length, and seventy one in breadth; the tower rises to the height of one hundred and thirty five feet, and from the commanding site on which the edifice is erected, is distinguished at a great distance – indeed it is the first object the eye recognizes on approaching the coast. The interior is composed of a nave, nearly sixty feet high and two side aisles elaborately groined; the windows are embellished with stained glass and it has a fine organ which with communion plate and the velvet draperies are the gift of some highly respectable individuals. The expense of the erection was £28,000; of which sum the commissioners for building churches gave £10,000, the pier joint stock company £2,000, the parish by rate about £8,000 and a similar amount was contributed by voluntary subscription. The church is dedicated to the Holy Trinity and the benefice is a perpetual curacy, in the patronage of the vicar of St Johns. There are places of worship for Baptists, independents, Wesleyan Methodists the society of friends and the Roman catholics. There are several charitable institutions; besides Drapers hospital and the national and charity schools, there is a royal sea bathing infirmary, at Westbrook, founded under the patronage of royalty; some years since it received the addition of a wing, appropriated to the accommodation of female patients; and the entire edifice is a proud testimonial of Thanet liberality. The “Tivoli Gardens” opened a few years ago, adjoin the town in a most delightful situation and are ornamented with fine sheets of water and umbrageous plantations. The remains of “Dandelion” a fortified mansion of a family of that name in the reign of Edward I, stand about a mile and a half to the south west of the town; the gate house flanked with four towers is still in good preservation. In 1820 a new market was constructed; over it is the town hall, a building of the Tuscan order, supported by cast iron pillars; the market is entered by porticos and closed by iron gates; and the whole presents a specimen of neatness and utility. Under a grant obtained from the crown in 1777 markets are held on Wednesday and Saturday. The resident inhabitants of Margate in 1831 was 10,339 – having more than doubled its population within the preceding thirty years.




Cecil Square, Frederick GORE, Post Master – Letters from London & c. arrive (by mail cart from Canterbury) every morning at half past six and are despatched every evening at nine – Letters from Broadstairs and Ramsgate arrive (by penny foot post) three times a day, and are despatched as often. – Letters to St Peters are despatched every evening at half past six.

The office closes for the London mail at half past eight in the evening, but letters are received until nine by paying twopence with each.



ADAMS Rev Jno Hughes, Union Crescent

ALLAN Mr Alexander, 12 Caroline Square

ARLISS Mr Samuel, St John Street

BAKER Mrs Elizabeth, 26 Hawley Square

BARKER Mr William, Dane House

BARROW Rev Francis, Fort Crescent

BARROW Maurice Halford esq., 32 Hawley Square

BIRCH Mrs Harriet, 1 Upper Grosvenor Place

BOYS John esq. St James Square

BOYS Mary, 38 Hawley Square

BRADSHAW William Clare esq, 18 Union Crescent

BROOMAN James esq, 4 Churchfield Place

BROWN Lieut Alex (RN), Westbrook

BURTON Sir Richard, Sackets Hill

CADBY Mrs Elizabeth, 6 Cecil Square

CASTELL Mr William, 9 Clifton Place

CHAPMAN Geo. Esq, Great Mill Lane

COBB Francis William esq, King Street

COBB John M esq, 11 Upper Grosvenor Place

COBB Thos, Francis esq, Upper Marine Terrace

COBB William esq, Hawley Street

COPE John esq, 23 Dane Hill Row

COSTIGAN Rev Thos, Prospect Place

COURT Mrs Frances, Addington Street

CRIPPS Mr, Northumberland Place

CROFT Mr Robert, 14 Hawley Square

CROFTS Mrs Sarah, 5 Cecil Street

CROOKSHANK Mrs, 30 Hawley Square

CRUICKSHANK Capt. 19 Cecil Square

DAKIN Mr Thomas, 2 East Crescent

DALGETY Mr James, 11 Cecil Street

DAVIS Mrs, 12 Hawley Square

D’COSTA Maurice esq, Lousanne House

DENNISON Byam (MD), 7 Churchfield Place

DERING Mrs, 18 Cecil Square

DIXON The Misses, 23 Upper Marine Terrace

DODGSON Mrs Frances, 111 High Street

DORSON Miss Louisa, 10 Union Crescent

DOVE Henry (RN), 10 Addington Square

DWYER Miss, 8 Cecil Square

DWYER Lieut Robert (RN), Cecil Square

EASTER Captain, Wilderness

EDWARDS Thomas esq, 7 Fort Crescent

ELLA Miss, Northumberland Place

FFRENCH Mrs Dominic, Hawley House

FINNIS Mr George, 5 Churchfield Place

FLINT Thomas esq, 4 Crescent Place

FOAT Mrs, 5 Dane Hill

FORSTER Mrs, Northumberland Place

FRIEND Geo Taddy esq, Birchington

FRIEND John esq, Brooks End

FRIEND John esq, Birchington

FRITH William esq, 20 Charlotte Place

GARRETT Major Robert, Updown

GASKELL Geo esq, 3 St James Square

GASKELL John esq, St Nicholas

GASKELL William esq, 41 Hawley Square

GILES William, 11 Cecil Square

GILLOW Eliza, St Nicholas

GILLOW John esq, St Nicholas

GORE Mrs John, 9 Upper Marine Terrace

GRANT John esq, 5 Prospect Place

GRANT Capt Richd, 11 Zion Place, Dane Hill

GREEN John esq, 15 Hawley Square

HAMMOND Mrs, 6 Hawley Square

HARVEY Mrs Ann, 9 Union Crescent

HARVEY Mrs Fras. 9 Union Crescent

HATFEILD Chas Taddy esq, Hartsdown

HATFEILD Mrs, 2 Prospect Place

HAYES C D Esq, Chapel Hill

HEINTZ Mrs Elizabeth Henrietta, 3 Addington Street

HEMER Lieut Robert (RN), Newgate

HIGHAM Thos esq, 8 Churchfield Place

HILTON Rev, Sarr

HITCHCOCK Mrs, Dane Hill

HOVIL Richard esq, 7 Union Crescent

HOWARD Nelson esq, 5 Upper Grosvenor Place

HUBBARD Mr John, 4 East Crescent

JOLLY James esq, Shottendane

KEENE W C esq, Dent de Lion

KIDMAN Mrs Sarah, 45 Hawley Square

LANSELL Mr F, Belle Alliance House

LAW Chas esq, 12 Upper Marine Terrace

MALONE Edwd esq, 19 Dane Hill Row

MARCHANT Mr Stephen, 3 Park Place

MERTENS Mrs, 19 Cecil Square

MOCKETT Mr Edward, Dane

MONZANI Theobald esq, 4 Upper Grosvenor Place

MORTES Mrs, 19 Cecil Square

MUMMERY Mrs, High Street

MUNN Paul Sandy esq, Percy Lodge, Northumberland Crescent

NEAME John esq, Pleasant Pl, Dane Hill

NETHERSOLE Wm esq, Crescent Lodge

NEWBY Mr Abraham, Buenos Ayres

NEYLE Mr John, Vicarage Terrace

OSBORN Mrs John, 46 Hawley Square

OSBORN Latham esq, 14 High Street

OSBORN Latham jun. Esq. 12 Cecil Square

PEARCE Joseph esq, Egerton House, Paradise Place

PEARCE William esq, Adelaide Cottage, Bath Road

PEIRCE John esq, 35 Hawley Square

PITCHERS Major Wm. 28 Fort Crescent

PLEDGE Rev D, Prospect Place

PLUMMER John esq, Fort Lodge

POINTER Mr Jno, 6 Upper Grosvenor Place

PORTER Mrs, 24 Upper Marine Terrace

POWELL John Powell esq, Quex House

POWELL John Withers esq, 4 Addington Square

PRATT John Tidd esq, 22 Upper Marine Terrace

PRESTON William esq, 37 Hawley Square

PRICE John esq, Sterling Cottage, Dane Hill

PRINGLE John esq, 10 Upper Grosvenor Place

RAMMELL Gibbon esq, Dent de Lion

RAMMELL Gibbon jun. esq, Nash Court Farm

READ William esq, 1 Zion Place, Dane Hill

RICHARDSON Mrs, 2 Church Square

RYBOT Robert esq, 2 Churchfield Place

SACKETT Mrs, 27 Hawley Square

SALUSBURY Mrs Mary, 49 Hawley Square

SAWELL Thos esq, Addington Cottage

SCOTTE Mrs, Prospect Place

SIMMONS Mr Wm, Clifton Cottages

SKERLING Mr James, 19 Fort Crescent

SLATER John esq, 17 Cecil Square     

SMITHETT Mrs Elizbth, 29 Hawley Square

SMITHETT Richard esq, Hen Grove

STARKIE esq, Flint Cottage, Dane Hill

STERLAND John esq, 6 Dane Hill

STREATFIELD Rev John, 7 Cecil Street

STRIDE Mr Robt, Dane House

STRUTHERS Wm esq, 11 Clifton Place, Dane Hill

TAYLOR Mr John, 18 Dane Hill Row

TOMLIN Jas esq, Boxtree House, High Street

TOWNE Josiah, Belgrave Cottage

TWYMAN Miss Judith, 10 Church Square

UPSTON Phillip esq, Flinthouse

WHALE Sir John Major, Northdown House

WHITE Mr, 9 Dane Hill

WHITE Edwd esq, 8 Upper Marine Terrace

WHITE John esq, 20 Hawley Square

WHITE John jun. esq, Whites Villa

WILKINSON Ths esq, Lower Marine Terrace

WILLETT William John esq, 13 Upper Marine Terrace

WINTER Mrs, Cecil Street

WOOD Mrs Frances, 2 Cecil Street

WORGER Mr John, Dane Hill Row

WRIGHT Jas esq, 31 Hawley Square

YOUNG Rev Thomas, Addington Square


ACADEMIES & SCHOOLS – not otherwise described as Day Schools

ABRAM Jas, Cecil House, Cecil Square

AUSTEN & WARD, 3 Hawley Square

BARLOW William, 30 King Street

BATSFORD Misses (boarding & day), Street Green

BOYS Emma, Argyle House, High Street

BROOKSON Ann, 115 High St

CUTHILL James M.A. (gents classical & mathematical brdg), Prospect Place

DAVIS Sarah (Pestalozean, day) 19 Union Terrace

DENNE Mary Anne & Nieces (boarding & day), Royal House

DUNBAR Jas (brdng), Dane Hill House

FRY Sarah Caroline (boarding & day), 15 High Street

HAIGH Miss (brdng), Thanet House, Cecil Square

HART Susannah, 1 Cecil Square

HUDSON John, Zion Place, Dane Hill

Infants School, Dane Place – William SOPER, master; Mary Ann SOPER, mistress

LEWIS Charles Sandys (boarding), Churchfield Academy

MARINACK Peter Giles (select classical boarding), Union Crescent

MARINACK Sophia (boarding), Union Crescent

MICKLEBURGH James & Son (boarding), Thanet House

National School, Mill Lane – Daniel FLUNDER, master; Mary ALDRIDGE, mistress

NEWLOVE Arabella & Daughter (ladies boarding), Bellevue Cottage

NEWLOVE James (gents boarding), Dane House

SLATER Elizabeth (boarding), 47 & 48 Hawley Square

SMITHER Ann, Buenos Ayres Cottage

STANLEY William (gents boarding), Bath House

SUTTON Mrs (preparatory), Upper Marine Terrace

WORTHINGTON Mary Ann & Bebe (preparatory boarding & day), Waterloo House, Hawley Street.



CARTER W S (to the General Steam Navigation Co), 2 Marine Parade

COBB Wm. jun.  (to Lloyds and the East India Company, and vice consul), Hawley Street

DUNN Thomas (to the Commercial Steam Packet Office), 4 Marine Parade

MARCH Isaiah (house), 9 Market Place

MILES Martin (to the Margate and London Steam Packet Company), Marine Parade

STANER Joseph (estate), 3 Garden Row



BOYS John & John Harvey, 10 Cecil Street

BROOKE & WILLETT, Cecil Square

BROOKE Wm (& notary), Cecil Square

PARSONS George, Cecil Square

SELBY Thos James, Aldby Place, Fort

WRIGHT James Edward, 36 Hawley Square



JENKINS Richard, 52 Hawley Square

MARSH Isiah, 9 Market Place

STANER Joseph, 3 Garden Row

VAUX John, Upper Marine Terrace



BARTON Thomas, 1 Crescent Place

BANDOCK Martin, 108 High Street

CHANCELLOR Matthew, 44 King Street

CHANCELLOR Stephen Sackett, jun. 6 Bridge Street

COBB Sarah, 1 Bankside

CROFTS John, 5 Broad Street

CRUMP Thomas, 7 Church Square

FAGG John, 2 Duke Street

FRANCKLIN Thomas, 70 High Street

FREEBODY John, 18 High Street

HILLS George, 3 Church Square

HUMPHREYS William, 27 Hawley Street

KIDMAN Charles, 5 Queen Street

LOVATT John (muffin & crumpet), 1 St Johns Place

MOCKETT Edward, 8 St Johns Place

MUSSARED John Knowles, 49 King Street

NICHOLLS Joseph, Addington Street

ROLFE Richard, 15 Bath Road

SACKETT Richard Henry, 21 King Street

SANDOM Charlotte, 25 Dane Hill

SAUNDERS Thomas, 1 Paradise Place, Dane Hill

SAWYER William, 6 Zion Place

SPRATT Henry, 2 Market Street

STANER Geo (& biscuit) 118 High Street

STRAND John, 17 High Street

THYNNE Samuel, 1 Churchfield Place

WHITE Thomas, 12 Newcross Street

WOODWARD Leonard, 131 High Street



COBB & Son, King Street (draw on BARNETT, HOARES  & Co. London)



AUSTEN Mary (&cage), 5 Newcross Street

PACKER Edw. 2 Bedford Row, Churchfield Place

PACKER Wm. Bedford Row, Churchfield Place



BEALE John, 156 High St

FOAT Robt. 37 Upper Marine Terrace

HILL Richard John, 151 High Street

HUGHES Stephen, 159 High Street

JARRETT Mrs, 157 High Street

PHILLPOTT George, 150 High Street

READ Edward (vapour, shower and general bathing establishment), Clifton Baths

WOOD Richard (shampooing, medicated & vapour), 152 High Street



BENTLEY Wm (& bell hanger), 41 High Street

CHAPMAN George, King Street

KITE William, Church Square

MUSSARED William George, Hawley Street

PAINE William, Bridge Street

POTTS John, 14 King Street

RALPH John Gibbens, New Street

SANDON Daniel (& lock & gunsmith & bell hanger), Zion Place

SOLLY William Minter, Mill Lane

WITHERDEN John Stipard (and bell hanger), 40 Hawley Square



CARTER Wm S, Walpole Cottage, Dane

FARMER Mrs, 5 & 6 Union Crescent

KILLICK Misses, 7 Upper Marine Terrace

MILHOUSE Misses, Cecil Square

PRICE Eliz. (for children), 4 Buenos Ayres

WILLIAMS Catherine, (for children), Westbrook



DENNE James, 4 Queen Street

DIXON Charles, 22 High Street

STOW John, St John St



DENNE James, 4 Queen Street

GARMESON Wynyfrede (& librarian), 49 King Street

KEBLE Thomas Harman, (& Minerva library), 12 King Street

OSBORNE Robert Chappell ( and sub-distributer of stamps), 20 High Street



ALLEN Thomas, 55 High Street

BRICE James, 2 King Street

BUSHELL Richard, 154 High Street

CARTHEW Thomas, 139 High Street

CASTELL William jun. 1 High Street

CHAPMAN John, 163 High Street

CORK Daniel, 36 High Street

DIXON David, 69 High Street

DUNN Thomas, Parade

GRANT Robert, Pleasant Place

HARRISON Denwood, 11 Queen Street

HARRISON Moses, 145 High Street

HOLTON George, 60 High Street

KNOTT James, 107 High Street

KNOTT James, 116 High Street

MOCKETT William, Church Square

MUMMERY Francis, 9 Newcross Street

MUNNS Stephen, 10 Broad Street

PACKER Joseph, 8 Hawley Street

ROGERS Charles, 130 High Street

ROWE Abraham, 4 High Street

ROWE Christopher, Duke Street

ROWE William, 2  Fort Row

RUDD Richard, 33 High Street

SNOW John, 22 Zion Place, Dane Hill

WILKERSON Thos. 9 Zion Place, Dane Hill

YEOMANSON Francis, 40 King Street

YEOMANSON Wm. 5 Cranbourne Alley



CONSTABLE Stephen (and tin plate worker), 3 Princes Street

CROW Garton (and tin plate worker), 18 Market Place

FLINT Thos & John, 3 Market Place

PAINE William, Bridge Street

WITHERDEN John Sitpard, 40 Hawley Square



BISHOP Henry (retail) 130 High Street

COBB & Son (& maltsters) King Street

DAVIES Henry Benj. (retail), 61 High Street

GORE Richard (retail) 28 King Street

STRIDE John Henry, Dane Place

THIRTON Saml. Bicker (retail) Mill Lane



ADMANS George, Albion Place

BAYLEY Richard, 15 Princes Crescent

BUSHELL Richard, 5 Park Place

BUSHELL Stephen, 6 & 7 Park Place

MUSSARED John, Bankside

PARAMOR James, 13 Hawley Square

RICHES George, 3 Clifton Cottages

TAYLOR Charles, St John Street

TAYLOR William, Upper Marine Terrace

WALES William, Bath Road

WATSON George, Bellevue Place

WINCH Charles, 9 Marine Parade

WOOD Thomas, Church Street


BUILDERS – marked thus * are also undertakers

ARNOLD Thomas, Addington Square

* BENSKIN George, 2 Trafalgar Place

BUNDOCK Martin, 108 High Street

* COZENS Edwin Bede, New Street, and 1 Addington Square

* CRUMP Richard, 9 Addington Square

DRAYSON, John, Dane Hill

* FOAT Robert, Pleasant Place

JENKINS Richard, 52 Hawley Square

KELSEY John, Bath Road

KNOWLER John, Upper Grosvenor Place

MERCER John & William (and brick makers), 65 High Street

MERCER Samuel, High Street

MUNNS Thomas, Garlinge

* ORPIN Edward, 58 High Street

PARAMOR James, 13 Hawley Square


PYLE Henry William, Addington Street

SAYER John, 68 High Street

SINNOCK John (and box and trunk maker), 8 Newcross Street

* SISLEY James, 23 King Street

* SOPER John, 6 Marine Parade

* SOPER William, 17 King Street

WINCH Charles, 9 Marine Parade

* WINCH Francis, 7 Market Place

* WOODWARD John, Zion Place, Dane Hill



ALLISTON Chas (pork), 16 Market Place

EPPS Wm. Northumberland Crescent

FINN John, Paradise Place

FOAT Richard, 56 High Street

HILLS Joseph, Hawley Street

MACNALLY Henry, 13 Market Place

MARSH Richard, 4 St Johns Place

MAXTED Henry, 105 High Street

MILES Thomas, (pork) 1 Broad Street

PAMPHLETT Stephen (pork), 1 Duke Street

PEETE John, 133 High Street

PEETE Thomas, Hawley Street

PHILPOT Charles (pork), 4 Love Lane

RELPH Edward, 1 Market Street

SACKETT Robt. Zion Place, Dane Hill

TRING Maria, 1 Market Place

WICKHAM Thomas, 6 Market Street


CABINET MAKERS – marked thus * are also upholsterers

BRETT William, 48 High Street

CARROWAY Jesse (and undertaker), 4 Cecil Street and Union Crescent

GODDIN Richard (& working cutler), 53 Hawley Square

* LOVELOCK Henry, 20 Crescent Place

* NOAKES Robert, 5 Cecil Square

PYLE Henry William, Addington Street

ROFFWAY James, Charlotte Place

* SINNOCK Henry, 6 Fort Crescent

WALKER James, High Street



CADBY John Philips, 9 Queen Street

FINCHAM Robert (dispensing), 31 High Street

PICKERING James, 13 High Street

QUESTED Charles, 8 Lombard Street

WOOTTON Edward, 136 High Street



CROW & WOOD, Mill Lane

WATSON Archer, Mill Lane



CROFTS Robert, Mill Lane

CUTTEN Jno. King Street & 2 Addington Street

DARBY Walter, 15 New Street

HUBBARD John, Waterloo House, Hawley Street

HURST John, King Street & Hawley Street

PHILLPOTT George Hegner, High Street

ROWE George, 49 High Street

SWINFORD John, 6 Lombard Street & Old Corn Exchange, Mark Lane, London.

TAYLOR James, Mill Lane



BRASIER Sarah & Jane, 7 High Street

CHANCELLOR Stephen Sacket  jun. 6 Bridge Street

DOXON James (and pastry cook), 22 High Street

KIDMAN Charles, 5 Queen Street

MOCKETT Edward, 8 St Johns Place

SACKETT Richard Henry, 21 King Street

SPRATT Henry, 2 Market Street

THYNNE Samuel, 1 Churchfield Place



BENTLY Daniel, 129 High Street

KNOWLER Henry, 123 High Street

QUESTED Richard, 44 High Street



CROFTS John, 5 Broad Street

FRANCKLIN Isaac, St John Street

MANNS William, 113 High Street

SOUTHEE John, Love Lane



OSBORN Latham jun. (and hoyman), 6 King Street

SWINFORD John, 6 Lombard Street  & Old Corn Exchange, Mark Lane, London.



DALE William, Great Mill Lane

HARLOW William, Dane

MOTTLEY Edward, 21 Dane Hill Row



FAIRCLOTH Joseph, 7 Market Street

LOWE Henry Thornton, 3 Market Street

WESTFIELD Godfrey, 29 High Street

WRIGHT David (and coffee rooms), 12 Bankside



Alliance, Robert Chappell OSBORNE, 20 High Street

British, Charles WOODRUFF, 6 High Street

County (fire) & Provident (life), Frederick GORE, 4 Cecil Square

Crown (life) Charles Sandys LEWIS, Churchfield

Globe, John SWINFORD, Lombard Street

Guardian, Thomas BARTON, 1 Crescent Place

Kent, Thomas LANSELL, 19 Market Place

National Provident, Garton CROW, 18 Market Place

Norwich Union, George & Joseph STANER, 118 High Street

Phoenix, Edwin B COUSINS, New Street and 1 Addington Square

Phoenix Stephen S CHANCELLOR, Bridge Street

Phoenix and Pelican, Richard JENKINS, 52 Hawley Square

Royal Exchange, E R H WRIGHT, Parade

Sun, Saml LEWIS, Cobbs Bank, King Street

York & London, Samuel POINTON, Charlotte Square



COLLINGTON John, 2 Hawley Street

FOAT Stephen, 24 High Street

HAGGIS Samuel, 146 High Street

KELSEY William, 161 & 162 High Street

MILES John, 10 King Street

MILES John, 34 High Street

TAYLOR William, 4 Market Street



FOX John, Pump Lane

STRANACK John Seath (and harbour master), 10 Paradise Street



BRICE James, King Street

CROFTS Mary Ann, 1 Love Lane

FIGG Martha, 45 High Street

FISHLOCK Richard, 4 King St

GLADDISH James, 34 Zion Place, Dane Hill

INGMIRE William, 1 Lombard Street

INGMIRE William jun. 3 Queen Street

LOWEN John, 131 High Street

MITCHELL James, 4 Cranbourn Alley

MUSSARED John Knowles, 49 King Street

PHILLPOTT Sarah, 5 Love Lane

POND William, 8 Market Street

ROBINSON Thomas, 137 High Street



CARROWAY Jesse, 4 Hawley Street

GOODALE George, 10 & 11 Hawley Street

WETHERHILT John, Charlotte Place



COOKE Jesse, Rose Cottage

NETHERSOLE William, Swiss Cottage, Great Mill Lane



FELTHAM Thos. Wellington Place, Dane Hill

ROBINSON William, 147 High Street and Newcross Street

WITHERDEN John Sitpard, 40 Hawley Square



BAYLY John (and dealer in British wines), 13 Queen Street

BENTLEY Thos, 127 High Street

BREEDS Jeremh, 36 Zion Place, Dane Hill

CROFTS Robert, 1 Broad Street

DADD John, 36 King St

FALKNER Thomas, Paradise Street

FELTHAM Thos. Wellington Place, Dane Hill

FENN William Robert, 126 High St

GRANT John, 1 Flint Row

GRANT Richd, 16 Zion Place, Dane Hill

GYE Frederick (London tea company), 142 High Street

HARLOW William, 9 Cecil Street

HAYS John, 6 Marine Parade

HUGHES Robert, St James Square

KENTISH James, 8 Bridge Street

LADD William, 11 Market Place

LANSELL Thomas, 19 Market Place

MANNINGS Richard, 4 Cecil Square

MAW Benjamin Jesup (and dealer in British wines), 134 High Street

MAXTED Robert, 105 High Street

MERCER Samuel, 57 High Street

MOCKETT Edward, 8 St Johns Place

PARKINSON Robert, 16 Charlotte Place

PRIDHAM John, 87 High Street

READ James, Hawley Street

ROGERS George (and dealer in British wines), 16 High Street

ROLFE John Smith, 12 Crescent Place

SCOTT Thomas, 2 Bridge Street



BAYLEY Ann, 35 High Street

BENSKIN George, 2 Trafalgar Place

PARKER John, 148 High Street

SINNOCK Elizabeth, (& hosier), Duke Street



ACKHURST Elizabeth, 38 King Street

BING John Thos. 18 Charlotte Place

BROWN Bower, 11 Queen Street

COLEGATE Frederick, 138 High Street

LONG George, 4 Bridge Street

MORRIS John, 11 Bankside

SANDWELL Thomas, 47 King Street

SOLLY Henry, High Street

WATSON Robert, 117 High Street



HOBBS Joseph, 6 Cranbourne Alley

KENNARD Isaac Dobock, 2 High Street

PICKERING Edwin Francklin, 5 High Street

STILL Adam John, 45 King Street



Dukes Head, James M’ADAMS, opposite the pier

Fountain Hotel and Commercial Inn, William READ, 1 King Street

Foy Boat, William HUDSON, Bankside

Kings Head (commercial), Richard Dendy CROFTS, High Street

London Family Hotel (and livery stables) Francis Ths, HOWE, Hawley Square

Queens Arms Hotel, Tavern and Commercial Inn (& wine  and spirit merchant & excise officer), Charles JOSEPH, near The Parade.

Royal Hotel, Cecil Square

White Hart Hotel (posting, commercial and wine and spirit merchant), George CREED, Marine Parade

York Hotel, Edward Robert Hurst WRIGHT (& wine and brandy merchant), Marine Parade



BENTLEY William, 41 High Street

CROW Garton, 18 Market Place

FLINT Thomas & John (furnishing), 3 Market Place

PAINE William (and iron founder), Bridge Street

POTTS John, 1y King Street

WITHERDEN John Sitpard, 40 Hawley Square



GABB Mary (& stationer), 135 High Street

LEVEY Esther (boulevard), High Street



CARTHEW Thomas, 139 High Street

HARRISON Moses, 145 High Street

ROGER Charles, 130 High Street

WARREN George, 2 Charlotte Place



ATKINSON Ann & George, 2 Queen Street

BURTENSHAW John & Co, 12 Market Place

GOSTLING James, 13 High Street

JOLLY & Son (and French bazaar), 26 High Street

MARTIN Thomas, 23 High Street

PAICE Frederick, 6 High Street

WICKEN William, 3 Cecil Street

WILLIS Henry, 8 High Street



BROWN Wm. Bedford Row, Churchfield Place

CHAPMAN William, back of Marine Terrace

HARNETT William (and coach proprietor), Addington Street

HOLMANS Stephen (and coach proprietor and post-master), 4 Marine  Parade and 19 High Street

HUGHES Thomas, Mill Lane

SIMMONS John, 116 High Street

WARNER Philip, King Street



JENKINS John, 5 Bridge Street

STRIDE John Henry, Dane Place



GONGER Daniel, Margate Mills

SOUTHBEE John (and mealman), Love Lane and Westbrook Mill



CARLTON Mary, 4 New Cross Street

DIXON Mrs, 129 High Street

DYE Mary, Clifton Street, Dane Hill

HENDERSON Eliza. 25 High Street

HOLNESS Mrs, Hawley Street

HOWLAND Charlotte, 4 Crescent Place

HUBBARD Alicia, 14 Lower Marine Terrace

KNIGHT Eliza. 42 High Street

MATTHEW Sarah, 3 New Cross Street

ORPIN Selina & Emma, 21 Lower Marine Terrace

PARKER Charlotte, Dane Place

PARKER Esther, 148 High Street

POUND Elizabeth, 3 East Crescent

ROBINSON Emma, Brooks Place

SANDOM Ann, 25 Dane Hill

SAYER Harriet, 58 High Street

STEAD Sarah, 2 Garden Row

WALKER Sarah, 29y High Street

WINCH Emma & Sarah, 9 Queen Street

WOOD Ann, Union Crescent



ADAMS George, 15 Market Place

ADAMS William, Bridge Street

ADAMS William (house and ornamental), 3 Addington Street

AUSTEN William, 46 High Street

BALDRY Thomas, Clifton Street

CHIDWICK Edward, Market Street

COOPER John, 1 Garden Row

GOODALE George, 10 & 11 Hawley Street

GOODALE James Hudson, Charlotte Place and Princes Street

HERMITAGE Henry, 7 Wellington Place, Dane Hill

HERMITAGE Stephen, 4 Serene Place, Dane Hill

HOPKINS Robert, 8 Bankside

KNOTT Robert, Prospect Place

ROWE Thomas Smith, Broad Street

SIMMONS John Neame, 116 High Street

WATERS Richard (coach and ornamental), Zion Place, Dane Hill

WHARTON George, 4 Hawley Street



HART Michael, 72 High Street

RADFORD John, 141 High Street



JOHN Swinard, warden, 5 Northumberland Crescent

DAIR Thomas


PASCALL Henry Ledger



BRASIER George (and copper plate), 4 Addington Street

DENNE James, 4 Queen Street

DIXON Charles, 22 High Street

KEBLE Thomas Harman (& Minerva library), King Street

OSBORNE Robert (and sub-distributer of stamps) 20 High Street



BROWN James (music & organist), 8 Union Crescent

LING (dancing), 53 Hawley Square

SIBOLD John Henry (music & organist), 2 Hawley Square

WALTON Waller hale (dancing), Addington Street



KEBLE Thomas Harman (&Minerva library), 12 King Street

VAUGHAN William (& Marine library), High Street, Hawley Square



COBB William, Grosvenor Place

OVENDEN Stephen, 3 King Street



BISHOP Richard, Hawley Street

MATTHEW John, 3 Newcross Street

SAUNDERS John, 122 High Street

SAYRE Edward, 115 High Street



HUBBARD William, Neptune Square

LASHMAR Richard, Union Court



GORE William, Fort Row

GRANT Robert, Paradise Street

SOLLY John, Bath Road



BROOME John, 21 High Street

FRANCOIS Madame, 6 Queen Street

HUBBARD Elizabeth, 18 Crescent Place

MUMMERY Harriet, 140 High Street

TRITTON Mary Ann, King Street

YOUNG Susannah, 10 Dane Hill Row



DUCKETT John, 7 St John Street

HADLOW George, Biltons Court, High Street


CARLTON Mary, 4 Newcross Street

CAYLEY Sarah, 1 Bedford Row

CROFTS Elizabeth, 11 St Johns Place

MARTIN Thomas, 143 High Street

MAXTED Sarah, 11 Cecil Street

MUMMERY Harriet, 140 High Street

PARKER Charlotte, Dane Place

SELLERS D, 28 High Street



CHALK William Oliver, Infirmary

DENNISON Byam M.D. 7 Churchfield Place

HOFFMAN George & Son, 1 Cecil Street and Union Crescent

HUNTER George Yeates, 20 Charlotte Place

NEAME John, 16 Cecil Square

PRICE David, Northumberland Place

SANKEY W H O 10 Crescent Place

WADDINGTON Joshua, 14 Cecil Square


TAILORS – marked thus * are also drapers

BAMFORD William, 8 King Street

BLAKENEY John, 37 High Street

BROOME John, 21 High Street

DIKE William, 3 Love Lane

FALKNER Nathaniel, 3 and 4 Bankside

HALE John, 3 Hawley Street

HOBBS Joseph, 6 Cranbourn Alley

* HOLLAMS Joseph jun. (and undertaker), 137y High Street

* HUNTER John & Son, Duke Street

LEGGE Joseph Sims, Hawley Street

* NEWBY Thomas, 20 Market Place

NORWOOD Thomas, 4 Market Street

* PICKERING & Son, 3 High Street

SOLLY Stephen, 16 Fort Crescent

* STEDALL James, 3 Bridge Street

STILL Adam John, 45 King Street

TIKE William, 3 Love Lane

* WINCH Frederick, 10 Marine Parade

WOODWARD Richard, 14 Broad Street



LADD William, 11 Market Place

LANSELL Thomas, 19 Market Place

MERCER Samuel, 57 High Street



Britannia, Wm. Jas.WORMALL, East Cliff

Bulls Head, Thos LOADER, Market Place

Cinque Port Arms, Thomas LADD, 39 Lower Marine Terrace

Crown, John BARTLETT, Broad Street

Crown and Anchor, Ann MONNET, Zion Place, Dane Hill

Crown and Sceptre, John STRATTFORD, Chapel Hill

Dog & Duck, William DARBY, Westbrook

Druids Arms, William Frederick CONSTANT, 7 St John Street

Elephant  & Castle, Geo STURGES, High Street

First & Last, Mary CASTLE, Vicarage Place

Fort House Castle, William WHITE, Fort

George, Susannah READ, King Street

George  and Dragon, Thomasin GIFFORD, 11 Charlotte Place

Grosvenor Arms, John VAUX, Upper marine Terrace

Hoy, Richard KEMBER, Bank Side

Jolly Sailor, Edward Norwood ROUSE, High Street

Kings Arms, John Smith BAILEY, 5 Market Street

Kings Head (Tap), George ROW, High Street

Liverpool Arms, Ann JARRATT, Charlotte Place

New Inn, Henry AUSTEN, New Street

Prospect Inn, Samuel Lloyd, Zion Place, Dane Hill

Rose in June, Eddell PENNY, Belmont, Dane Hill

Ship, John MUSSARED, Bankside

Six Bells, William YOUNG, High Street

Star, John SAYER, 68 High Street

Tailors Arms, George KNIGHT, 42y High Street

Walmer Castle, (& wine vaults), Churchfield Place

York Hotel, (Tap), Henry MARSH, Duke Street



WOODCOCK Francis David, 149 High Street

WOODRUFF William, 144 High Street



CONCONI Louis, 10 Bridge Street

FAGG John (and working jeweller), 25 High Street

PAGE Henry, 119 High Street

PREBBLE James (& engraver), 6 Queen Street

SOMES William, 2 Cranbourn Alley

WOODRUFF Chs. (& jeweller), 6 High Street


CARLTON  Charles, Mill Lane

MERCER John & William, 65 High Street


SISLEY Jas. (& undertaker), 23 King Street

WATSON Archer, Mill Lane



BROOKE & Son, Bankside, Marine Parade

COBB & Son, (spirit), King Street

CREED George (White Hart Hotel), Marine Parade

HOWE Francis, 25 Upper Marine Terrace

JOSEPH Chas. (Queens Arms Hotel), near the Parade

WHITE & ABBOTT, 15 Cecil Square

WRIGHT Edward Robert Hurst (York Hotel), Marine Parade



BOYLAN Edward, short hand writer, Clifton Cottages

CAPADURO Mary, shopkeeper, 11 Newcross Street

CLAGGETT John, poulterer, 1 Hawley Street

COBB John Mitchener, iron, cement and timber merchant, Grosvenor Place

COOKE William, dyer, 42 Hawley Square

CURLING Wm. linen manufacturer, High Street

DEVESON Richard, coach proprietor, 1 Bridge Street

DIXON George, undertaker & parish clerk, Haddington Square

DRAPER John Elgar, block maker, 3 Marine Parade

EDMUNDS Wm. architect & surveyor, 16 Hawley square

FISHLOCK Richard, stationer, 4 King Street

HARNETT Geo, van proprietor, 1 Bridge Street

HERSEE Richard, exciseman, St James Square

HORN Stephen, hay dealer, Dane

JOHNSON Wm. marine store dealer, 3 Broad Street

KELSEY William, dealer in ginger beer, 161 High Street

LADD Margaret, shopkeeper & toy dealer, 11 King Street

PARKER Ann, tobacco-pipe maker, 2 Dane Place

PYLE Henry William, turner, Addington Street

RALFE Mary, shopkeeper, 8 King Street

SOLLY Stephen, carpet maker, 16 Fort Crescent




CUSTOM HOUSE – Cold Harbour

Principal Coast Officer, Searcher and Court Waiter – John RALPH

Acting Landing Waiter & Tide Surveyor – William CLEMENTS

Tide Waiters and Boatmen – Henry CASWELL, John EPPS & Henry Wm. VALDER



EXCISE OFFICE, Queens Arms Tavern, near the parade – Isaac BALLARD, supervisor




ISLE OF THANET REGISTRAR OFFICE, for births, deaths and marriages, Union Crescent – William FREEMAN, superintendent registrar.


PHILANTHROPIC SOCIETY, Fountain Tavern, King Street – John CUTTEN, secretary.


PIER AND HARBOUR COMPANYS OFFICE, Pier – Thomas MALPASS, harbour master: S.S. CHANCELLOR, collector of the droits.


POLICE STATION, Broad Street – Stephen MARCHANT, inspector


ROYAL SEA BATHING INFIRMARY, Westbrook – Joseph CANHAM M.D. and Byam DENISON M.D. physicians; Joshua WADDINGTON, surgeon; William Oliver CHALK, resident surgeon.


THEATRE, Hawley square



To London, the Eagle, from HOLMANS offices, 19 High Street and 4 Marine Parade, every morning at a quarter before nine - & the Union & Eagle, alternately, every evening at a quarter past six; all go through Canterbury, Rochester & c.

To Deal, Dover and Sandwich, the Magnet from HOLMANS offices, 19High Street and 4 Marine Parade, every morning at eight – and the Original Independent, every afternoon at half past 3.


To Ramsgate, Coaches from the above Offices, hourly, in summer and six times a day in winter.


* Besides the above, Coaches, await the arrival of the Steam Packets, from London and proceed to all parts of the Isle of Thanet.



To Canterbury, George HARNETT, from Bridge Street, every morning (Sunday excepted) at half past eight – John LOWE, from the Bulls Head, every afternoon, at four, and the Mail Cart, from HOLMANS Office, every evening at nine.


To Ramsgate, Vans (during the summer months) every hour.



For passengers:


To London, the Margate Steam Packet Company's Royal George, Royal William & Royal Adelaide, every morning during the summer months, and every Monday morning at nine in winter – and the Herne Bay Steam Packet Company's Vessels, the City of Canterbury and Red Rover alternately, every day, from March until the commencement of November.


* The Margate Company's Office, 4 Marine Parade & Herne Bay Company's Office, 3 Marine Parade.


For goods:


To London, the Isle of Thanet Trader, every alternate Saturday to CHESTERS Quay – Latham OSBORN  jun. owner; office at John POUSSETTS, 6 King Street, and at Captain VALDERS, Love Lane – and the Governor Trader, every alternate Saturday to CHESTERS quay – John SWINFORD, owner.


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