Pigots 1840 - Kent

Marden, Biddenden, Staplehurst & Frittenden


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Marden is a village in rather an extensive parish, in the hundred of its name and Lathe of Scray; the village is situate to the right of the road leading from Maidstone to Cranbrooke, about eight miles from either, and close to the line of the South Eastern Railway, on its route from London to Dover. The church which is dedicated to St Michael, is a very ancient but convenient building, with a low tower; the living is a discharged vicarage, in the presentation of the see of Canterbury. In the parish is a meeting house for independents and a national school. The parish contained in 1831, 2109 inhabitants.


Biddenden is a small village, in a large but not populous parish, in the hundred of Barclay and the lathe of Scray; situate on the road from Tenterden to Maidstone, 5 miles N from the former and 13 SSE from the latter town. This place was once famous for its clothing trade, long since entirely decayed. The church dedicated to All Saints is a fine structure, in the later style of English Architecture; the benefice, a rectory, is in the same patronage as that of Marden. The charities comprise an ancient endowed school, and an annual distribution of bread and cheese to the poor; the expense of the latter is defrayed from a bequest connected with a legend of some curiosity: - it is said that two sisters, of the name of CHULKHURST, and called the “Biddenden Maids”, were born joined together by the hips and shoulders, in the year 1,100; and having lived in that state to the age of thirty four, died within six hours of each other; to perpetuate the remembrance of this extraordinary phenomenon, cakes and rolls, bearing a corresponding impression of the figures of two females, are given on Easter Sunday to all who apply. To those who are disposed to look upon this tradition otherwise than as fabulous, the exhibition of the Siamese Twins in our days may be adduced as a useful prop to the credulity. The parish contained, by the Government census of 1831, 1658 inhabitants.


Staplehurst is a village, in a parish partly in the hundred of Cranbrooke and partly in that of Marden in the lathe of Scray. The South Eastern Railway passes the village which is five miles from Cranbrooke, pleasantly situated on the sides of a hill, upon the summit of which is the church dedicated to All Saints; some few years since it underwent a complete repair, when a handsome altar piece was added. The living is a rectory, in the patronage of St Johns College, Cambridge. There are two annual fairs held here, one on the first Monday in July, a pleasure fair; the other on the 11th October for cattle. The parish contained in 1831, 1484 inhabitants.


Three miles from Staplehurst, in the hundred of Cranbrooke and lathe of Scray, is the parish of Frittenden; it contains a parish church (a very old building), dedicated to St Mary and a population of 816 inhabitants.


POST OFFICE – Marden, William JUDE, Postmaster. Letters from London and all parts arrive (by foot post from Maidstone), every morning at eight, and are despatched every evening at six.


POST OFFICE – Biddenden, Robert TOLHURST, Postmaster. Letters arrive (by foot post from Hawkhurst), every morning at eight, and are despatched every afternoon at half past three.


POST OFFICE – Staplehurst, Thomas HUMPHREY, Postmaster. Letters from London and all parts arrive (by mail cart from Maidstone), every morning at seven and are despatched every evening at half past six.




BEALE Mr John, Biddenden

BEALE Mr Richard esq., Biddenden

BUCKLAND Mr John, Biddenden

BURTON Mr Henry, Frittenden

HAGUE Mr Jenkins, Biddenden

HARRIS Mr John, Marden

HOOKER Mr Thomas, Biddenden

HORNBUCKLE Rev Thomas R, Staplehurst

JENNINGS Mr John, Frittenden

LE GEYT Rev Philip, Marden

NARES Rev Edward (DD), Biddenden

OSBORNE Mr Samuel, Marden

OTTAWAY Messrs W N & G J (attorneys), Staplehurst

PATTERSON Capt Cook, Biddenden

PHILLIPS Rev Isaac, Staplehurst

RABAN Rev Samuel, Marden

STILL Mrs, Staplehurst

USBORNE Mrs Elizabeth, Staplehurst

WALTER Mr James, Marden

WALTER Stephen esq., Marden

WATSON Mr Thomas, Staplehurst

WHITE Rev, Biddenden

WILLOUGHBY Rev, Frittenden

WITHERDEN Mr Carey, Biddenden




CHITTENDEN Ann (day), Staplehurst

CHITTENDEN William, (day), Staplehurst

Free School, Biddenden, John MORRIS, master

National School, Marden, William NETTLETON, master; Mary Ann NETTLETON, mistress

RABAN Mary, (day), Marden




EARL John Charles, Marden

PEACHE John, Biddenden

REEVES John, Staplehurst

WAGHORN Joseph, Staplehurst




BOURNE Thomas, Biddenden

BOWLES John, Frittenden

CHITTENDEN William, Staplehurst

CLEAVER Samuel, Marden

DEAN William, Biddenden

EVENDEN Thomas, Frittenden

FIELD Edward, Staplehurst

STANLEY David, Marden

TYLER Richard, Marden




BEACON James, Frittenden

BOURN James, Biddenden

CORNWELL Thomas, Marden

DAVIS William, Biddenden

GODDEN John, Marden

HEATH William, Frittenden

HOPPER Michael, Biddenden

INGRAM Charles, Staplehurst

NOAKES Richard, Marden

READ William, Biddenden

TOMSETT Henry, Staplehurst

VANE James, Staplehurst

WALTER Nathaniel, Marden




CHAMBERS Abraham, Biddenden

FREEMAN James, Biddenden

FUGGLE George, Frittenden

HOPPER John, Biddenden

SHOEBRIDGE John, Staplehurst

TAYLOR Stephen, Marden

WALTER Stephen, Marden




BUTTON Thomas, Biddenden

DEAN John, Biddenden

EAST William, Frittenden

IGGULDEN Joseph, Marden

OSBORN John, Frittenden

PILBEAM Joseph, Biddenden

WALTER William, Staplehurst

WATKINS William, Staplehurst

WILLIAMS William, Marden




BATES Henry, Frittenden

COLEMAN David & Edward, Biddenden

FARRIS Abraham, Biddenden

FRENCH Daniel, Marden

REEVES Thomas (& ironmonger), Staplehurst

STACE Henry, Biddenden

USBORNE Alexander, Marden

WICKINGS William, Staplehurst




Kent, Thomas REEVES, Staplehurst

Norwich Union, Charles BEAUFOY, Marden




AUSTEN James, Biddenden

BEAUFOY Charles, Marden

BRYANT Benjamin, Staplehurst

BUCKLAND Walter James, Biddenden

CHAINEY Elizabeth, Biddenden

EARL John Charles, Marden

EDMETT Charles, Staplehurst

FOSTER Martin, Frittenden

HARRIS Ann, Biddenden

HOLDER Richard, Marden

HOPPER & FIELD, Biddenden

HOW Sarah, Staplehurst

JUDE William, Marden

JULL William, Staplehurst

MACKINDER Henry, Biddenden

RUSSELL Richard, Marden

SHARP Paul, Biddenden

SOUTHON David, Frittenden




BAYLY John, Staplehurst

DUNGEY John, Biddenden

HAMMOND William, Marden

HEATH Henry, Biddenden

ORPIN Robert, Frittenden

REEVES John, Staplehurst

SANDERS Job, Frittenden

SHARP Stephen, Biddenden




EAST William, Marden

WESTON Shadrach, Biddenden




CRAMPTON John, Biddenden

WALTER Rosemond, Staplehurst

WEST Godfrey, Marden




GREENALL John, Biddenden

JOY Henry, Staplehurst

PERRY Robert, Marden




DAY William, Marden

HUMPHREY Thomas, Staplehurst

WELLS Alfred, Biddenden




Bell, John BUSBRIDGE, Frittenden

Bell, Samuel Relf COUSINS, Staplehurst

Chequers, George DOWLEY, Biddenden

Crown, Edward FIELD, Staplehurst

Kings Head, Hy BROADLEY, Staplehurst

Kings Head, Caroline BROOKS, Biddenden

Red Lion, George SKINNER, Biddenden

Stile Bridge, Stephen LEFEAVER, Marden

Unicorn, Thomas DAY, Marden




BOORMAN Edward, Staplehurst

CLEAVER Samuel, Marden

COLEBROOK Charles, Biddenden

DAY Richard, Marden

ROFE Henry, Frittenden

THURSTON John, Biddenden




CLEAVER William, veterinary surgeon, Marden

KELLY John, auctioneer &c, Staplehurst

SHARP William, gunsmith, Biddenden

SMITH James, glover, Biddenden

SNASHALL William, watchmaker, Marden

THORPE James, corn dealer, Frittenden

TOLHURST Robert, cooper, Biddenden

WALTERS Nathaniel, registrar of births & deaths, Marden

WATSON Frederick, hairdresser, Staplehurst




To London, a Coach, (from Tenterden), passes through Biddenden every morning (Sunday excepted), at half past seven.


To Tenterden, a Coach, (from London), passes through Biddenden every evening (Sunday excepted), at nine.


VANS – for passengers and goods


To London, a Van, (from Hastings), passes through Staplehurst every Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning at eight.


To Cranbrooke, a Van, (from Maidstone), passes through Staplehurst every evening at eight.


To Hastings, a Van, (from London), passes through Staplehurst every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday afternoon.


To Maidstone, a Van, (from Cranbrooke), passes through Staplehurst every morning at eight.




To London, James HOLLAND, from Biddenden, every Monday, Wednesday & Friday and Henry BROADLEY from Staplehurst every Tuesday.


To Maidstone, James BARTON & Ann LEAVITT from Biddenden & James PAINE & Thomas USBORNE from Marden every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. David SOUTHON from Frittenden and Robert BARLING from Staplehurst, every Monday & Thursday.


To Tenterden, James HOLLAND, from Biddenden every Saturday.


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