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Malling, Town, East Malling,  Ditton & neighbourhoods


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Town Malling or West Malling is a small market town in Larkfield hundred and lathe of Aylesford, 29 miles SE by E from London and six WNW from Maidstone. It is a neat clean little place, situated in the midst of lovely scenery and surrounded by delightful walks; and the salubrity of this district is not excelled in any part of the county. There was formerly a nunnery here, which with the greater portion of the town was destroyed, but through the aid of persons of eminent piety, the nunnery was soon after re established; it was founded in the year 1090 by Gundulph, bishop of Rochester; from the fragments of the edifice that still remains standing, it appears to have been one of great antique beauty. The hop planter and factors around this neighbourhood meet in Town Malling at the August fair, agreeably to long established custom, with the view to ascertaining the probable production of the hop harvest; they wager on the amount of duty that they anticipate by which they calculate the price likely to be the standard.  Thomas Augustus DOUCE Esq., Lord of the Manor, holds a court leet and baron annually; and the magistrates for the division of Upper Aylesford holds a petty session here on the first Monday in every month. The church dedicated to St Mary, is a handsome structure, with a fine old tower of Norman architecture at the western end; the living is a vicarage, in the patronage of John WELLS esq. The market, (but little frequented), is held on Saturday; and three annual fairs for cattle are held on the 1st August, 2nd October and 17th November. West Malling parish contained, by the last returns, 1369 inhabitants.


Adjoining West Malling is the somewhat extensive parish of East Malling; the village has an inviting and agreeable aspect, and is situate nearly five miles from Maidstone, to the south of the road leading to that town. The manufacture of paper is the only trade carried on here besides the usual local dealings. The church which is a rather handsome building, is dedicated to St James; the benefice is a vicarage, in the presentation of Sir James Twisden Bart. Almshouses for five poor widows of this parish, have recently been established by Rev S F Godmond; and a charity school has been founded by the Rev Edward Holmes. In 1831 the population of the parish amounted to 1543 residents.


The small parish of Ditton adjoins East Malling, and is in the same lathe & hundred. The village which is about 3½ miles WNW from Maidstone, contains a small church, dedicated to St Peter; the living is a rectory, in the patronage of the noble family of Aylesford. Population of the parish in 1831, 218.


POST OFFICE – Town Malling , Receiving House at the Swan Inn. Letters from all parts arrive (from Maidstone), every morning at eight, and are despatched every afternoon  at five. East Malling, letters arrive from and are despatched to Larkfield at the same hours.




ALLCHIN Miss Susan, East Malling

ANDREWS Mr Thomas, East Malling

BAKER Mr Richard, Town Malling

BATES Rev George Fearne, Town Malling

BOWDLER Rev George, Addington

DELLIFIELD George esq,  Labourne grange

GODMOND Rev Isaac Singleton, East Malling

GODMOND Rev Sml Fras, East Malling

GOLDING John esq. Ditton

GRAHAM Mr James, New Barn

KEBBLE George esq, Town Malling

LOSACK Richard esq, Town Malling

LUCAS Mr Robert, Town Malling

LUCK Mr Edward, Town Malling

LUCK Mr Thomas Edward, Town Malling

OWEN Rev O, Town Malling

SCUDAMORE Mrs, Town Malling

SHEPPARD Rev George, East Malling

SMITH Charles esq, East Malling

SMITH Miss Elizabeth, East Malling

STACEY Edwin, Town Malling

STRATFORD Hon John W, Addington

STYLE Mrs, Addington

SUTON Mr Peter, Town Malling

SYMS Mrs Colonel, Town Malling

TWISDEN Sir John, Bradbourne

WIGAN Jno Alfred esq, East Malling

WIMBLE Mr John, East Malling




BOX Charles, (day), Town Malling

Free School, Town Malling, William READ, master

HUBBLE George, (day), East Malling

MARDEN Sarah, (boarding & day), Town Malling

PICKETT Mary, (boarding & day), Town Malling




DUDLOW John & John NOBLE, Town Malling




AKEHURST John, East Malling

BISHOP William, Town Malling

GREEN John, Larkfield

HILLS William, Town Malling

MARTIN William, Town Malling

STILES William, East Malling




DEAN Thomas, Larkfield

LETCHFORD Hy & Geo, East Malling

LONGHURST Thomas, Town Malling

LUXFORD William, Town Malling

WOOLLETT Thomas, Town Malling




COGGER John, Town Malling

HAWKINS George, (& binder), Town Malling




ALLCHIN Richard, Town Malling

ANDREWS Richard, Town Malling

BRAMLEY John, Town Malling

COURTS Richard, East Malling

JONES Douglas, East Malling

LOVELAND William, Larkfield

MAY George, Town Malling

MITCHELL John, Town Malling

PALMER Edward, Town Malling





LANES Thomas, East Malling

PANKHURST John, East Malling

SKINNER Richard, Town Malling

SKINNER Robert, Town Malling




GODFREY Thomas, East Malling

JUPP John, Town Malling

KETTLE Charlotte, Town Malling

PEMBLE Isaac, East Malling

PLEDGE Henry, Town Malling




BAKER Thomas, Town Malling

LARKIN John (& builder), East Malling

PEARCH James, (& builder and undertaker), Town Malling

WICKHAM William, Town Malling

YEOMAN James, East Malling




BISHOP William Town Malling

WHITBY John, Town Malling




British, Thomas COLLINGS & Sons, Town Malling

Kent, John VINER, Town Malling

Phoenix, Thomas GROVER, Town Malling




DUTT Henry, (& auctioneer), Town Malling

HUMPHREYS William, Town Malling




ALLCHIN Richard, Town Malling

CARR William (& hatter), Town Malling

EAST John, New Hythe

EDMETT George & Sarah, East Malling

ENGLISH John, Town Malling

FAIRCLOTH George, Town Malling

GAMMON Thomas, Town Malling

GROVER Thomas, Town Malling

HALL William, East Malling

HOPPE Joseph, Larkfield

RICHARDSON George, East Malling

ROBINSON George Thomas, Town Malling

WICKING James, Town Malling

WILLIAMS John, Town Malling




ASSISTER Staines Fisher, Town Malling

CARR William, Town Malling




Bear, Harriet CAPON, Town Malling

Bull, George JESSOP, New Hythe

Bull, James PARSONS, Larkfield

Bull, John SKINNER, Town Malling

George, George HIGGINS, Town Malling

King & Queen, Thomas COVENY, East Malling

Kings Arms, John SEAGAR, Town Malling

Ship, Susan JESSOP, East Malling

Swan, (posting & excise office), Sprigg HOMEWOOD, Town Malling

Wheat Sheaf, Edward JUPP, Town Malling




COLLINGS & Sons, Town Malling

HOPPE Joseph, Larkfield

VINER John, (& stamp distributer), Town Malling




ALLCHIN Thomas, Ditton

PHILLIPS James, Ryash

WHITLY John, Town Malling




BROWNING Ann, Town Malling

MAIR Elizabeth, Town Malling

MAY Elizabeth, Town Malling

SKINNER Mary Ann & Caroline, Town Malling

TERRY Mary, Town Malling

USMAR Mary, Town Malling




BLUNDEN George, East Malling

TASSELL & SMITH, East Malling




COMPORT George, Town Malling

MAIR James, Town Malling

THORNHILL James, East Malling




BLACKFORD Ths Ingram, Town Malling

GOUGE George, Town Malling

WAGON John, East Malling




KENNARD Dr. Richard, Town Malling

PERFECT George, Town Malling

TRESTED George Henry, East Malling

VAILE & TURLEY, Town Malling

WIMBLE Frederick, East Malling




DORRINGTON Thomas, Town Malling

EAGLETON Benjamin, Town Malling

KNIGHT Thomas, Town Malling

LANDERS Thomas, Town Malling

ONGLEY Nicholas, East Malling

PLUM John (& draper), Town Malling

SMALLWOOD Thomas, Town Malling




GODDEN Henry, Town Malling

USMAR Oliver, Town Malling




HARRYMAN David, Town Malling

HITCH John, (& coach maker), Town Malling

RAYFIELD Charles, Larkfield


MISCELLANEOUS – the names without address are in Town Malling


BALDOCK Edward, coal dealer, New Hythe

BOOKHAM John, wine merchant

CHALKLIN John, tanner &c.

DICKESON Henry, brewer

DICKESON Joseph Holman, supervisor of excise

EVANS Charles, parish clerk

HIGGINS George, cooper

HIGGINS George, brick maker, East Malling

Lunatic Asylum, St Leonard st, Mary RIX, keeper

ROGERS Reuben, cooper

Savings Bank, John VINER, secretary

SHIRLEY George, brazier

SIMMONS Richard, clothes dealer

STEDMAN William, chymists

WILLIAMS Henry, hop planter and tallow chandler




To and from London, Maidstone and Ashford pass through Town Malling several times a day and a Van (from Maidstone), every Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning at half past eight.


VANS – for passengers and goods


To Maidstone, a Van (from Westerham), every Monday, Wednesday & Friday afternoon at two.


To Westerham, a Van (from Maidstone), every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday afternoon at one.




To London, Edward BROWNING and James SIMMONDS from Town Malling, every Monday & Thursday.


To Maidstone, William, BILLINGHURST, from Town Malling every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.


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