Pigots 1840 - Kent



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Is a market town, borough both corporate and parliamentary and the county town of Kent, with separate jurisdiction – locally in its own hundred and eastern division of the lathe of Aylesford, 35 miles SE by E from London; pleasantly and eligibly situated on a gentle declination from the north east to the river Medway. The streets are very clean, well paved and lighted with gas; and the inhabitants are abundantly supplied with excellent water. Maidstone derived its name from the river Medway which was termed by the Saxons Medwege or “middle river”; and hence this place was designated Medwegeston or Medway’s town”. Subsequent to the conquest it was written Medestane, and in the reign of Edward I, Maydenstane. It was first incorporated by Edward VI in 1549;  since that period several charters conferred on it various privileges; the last charter in force, prior to the passing of the municipal act in 1835, was granted in the 21st of George III. The new act vested the government in a mayor, six alderman and eighteen councillors, with the assistant officers, styling the corporate body, “ the mayor, jurats and commonalty of the kings town and parish of Maidstone, in the county of Kent”. The late enactment divided the borough into three wards and provided for it a commission of the peace – the six aldermen being justices. The borough sessions, for the trail of all offences not capital, are held quarterly; the assizes for the county and the quarter sessions for the western division of the county, are also held here; and a court of please sits every alternate Tuesday – the jurisdiction of which extends over the hundred. The town is watched by a police force of eighteen men, under the direction of a superintendent. The Right Hon Chas Earl of Romney is lord of the manor. The borough returns two members to Parliament; the mayor is the returning officer; and the present representatives are Benjamin D’Israeli and J Minet Fector, Esqrs. Maidstone has for many years been celebrated for the superior papers made in its neighbourhood, in which there are also manufactories for oil, coarse cloths, blankets, rope & thread; in each of these articles, as well as in timber, hops, corn, fruit, groceries and the hard species of stone (abundant in this part of the county), denominated “Kentish Rag” an extensive and very profitable trade is carried on, which is greatly facilitated by the cheap water carriage of the Medway, this river being navigable up to the town for vessels of one hundred tons burden. Two weekly newspapers are published in this town, on the mornings of Tuesday, namely the “Maidstone Gazette”, and the “Maidstone Journal”, each of which has an extensive circulation in Kent and the adjoining counties.


The parish church dedicated to All Saints, is a venerable and spacious pile; its interior which is remarkable for its neatness, is adorned by several fine monuments, and an altar piece of the “Last Supper”, painted by Mr William Jefferys, a native of Maidstone.  The church stands on the banks of the Medway, at the south western part of the town; the benefice is a rectory in the Diocess of Canterbury, but exempt from the jurisdiction of the archdeacon; it forms a portion of the revenue of the Archbishop, who appoints a perpetual curate; William Baldwin esq is the lessee of the tithes and the Rev James Reeve is the present curate. A new church or chapel of ease, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, was erected a few years since, is a conspicuous ornament, viewed from almost any part of the town; it is a plain but handsome edifice and contains seats for nearly two thousand persons. Another place under the establishment is St Peters, originally the chapel of Newark Hospital, erected in 1124 and restored in 1837, when it was considerably enlarged, and rendered competent to accommodate a congregation of six hundred. There a places of worship for Baptists, independents, Unitarians, the society of friends and primitive and Wesleyan Methodists. In the reign of Elizabeth the corporation founded the existing free grammar school; it has two scholarships at University college Oxford, each with £15 per annum and chambers; there is also a subscription academy, established in 1827 by shares, at which the various branches of useful and polite education are sedulously cultivated. There are schools on the national and Lancasterian systems, supported by donations and annual subscriptions and many other are well sustained by the charitable. At successive periods various benevolent individuals have erected almshouses here, most of which are liberally endowed; there are likewise many other institutions for mitigating the sufferings of poverty, amongst which must be enumerated the dispensary, where the indigent are supplied with medicine, medical advice and assistance gratuitously; a lying in charity; and societies for supplying the poor with food, fuel and clothing in winter – all supported by voluntary contributions.  There are a savings bank and numerous benefit societies; and a literary institution, of which the Earl of Romney is president. Within the north eastern boundary of this parish lies a portion of Pennenden Heath, from time immemorial the place chosen for holding county meetings, county elections and county courts and formerly for the execution of malefactors of Kent. At the northern extremity of the town stands the county gaol, one of the strongest and most convenient and largest prisons in Great Britain; it contains about five hundred cells and was completed about twenty years ago, at a cost of nearly two hundred thousand pounds. On Barming Heath, about two miles westward of the town, but within the parish of Maidstone, an asylum for lunatics of the county has been erected; it is a fine stone building, sufficiently capacious for the reception of one hundred and sixty eight patients, and its situation is salubrious; the expense of the erection was about £40,000. In addition to the public buildings already mentioned, there are neat barracks, used as a depot for her majesty’s four regiments cavalry serving in the East Indies – the county assembly rooms and a small theatre. The antiquities of Maidstone that still exist are – the Archbishops Palace, built about the middle of the fourteenth century as a residence for the Archbishops of Canterbury; the college founded in 1396 by Archbishop Courtenay; the hospital for pilgrims, called Newark, erected in 1244, converted as before mentioned into a church; the hall of the Corpus Christi fraternity, the present grammar school; and a part of the chancel of the old church of St Faith. The principal seats in the vicinity are, the Mote, the residence of the Earl of Romney; Vinters that of James Whatman esq; Park House, E H Lushington esq; and Tovil Place, J Hepburn esq. This neighbourhood is exceedingly rich in picturesque scenery; it is neither wildly rugged nor tamely flat, but pleasingly diversified with swell and fall, adorned with a luxuriance of fine wood and watered by the winding Medway, the Len, and many smaller streams. The soil is generally a deep loam, lying upon the ragstone and is very fertile, peculiarly adapted for the growth of hops and fruit; the air is universally considered by medical men to be eminently mild and healthful. On the second Tuesday in every month a market is held here for cattle, on every Thursday for corn and hops, on Thursdays and Saturdays for butchers meat and poultry and every day for fish and vegetable; a most commodious market place, with an appropriate building fronting to the High Street was formed and erected some few years since. Fairs are held, for horses, cattle pedlery &c. on the 13th February, 12th May, 20th June and 17th October – at the latter much business is also transacted in hops. In 1831, the borough and parish of Maidstone contained 15,387 inhabitants, the population is now (1839), estimated at 18,000 or upwards.


POST OFFICE – 8 Week street, George HULBARD, Postmaster. Letters from London, Dover, Ramsgate, Margate, Canterbury, Isle of Sheppy, Chatham and Rochester arrive (by mail cart from Rochester), every morning at four and are despatched every night at ten.  Letters from Ashford, Charing, Lenham and Harrietsham arrive (by mail cart), every evening at half past eight and are despatched every morning at a quarter before six. Letters from Tonbridge, Rye and Hastings arrive (by mail cart), every morning at five and are despatched every evening at nine. Letters from Aylesford, Malling, Staplehurst, Sutton, Yalding &c. arrive every evening at seven and are despatched every morning at six.




AGAR Mr Thomas, County road

ALEXANDER Mr Thomas, High st

ALLEN Charles esq, Terrace, West Borough

ALLEN Miss Charlotte, West Borough

ALLNUTT Henry esq, Ivy Mill

ARGLES Rev Jno, Archamble, Stone st

ARGLES Mrs John, King st

ARTHAWES Mr Samuel, Pennenden Heath

BABBINGTON Lieut Col, Calvary Depot

BALDERS Capt C M, Park Place

BALDWIN W esq, St Peter st

BALSTON William esq, Springfield

BARKER Miss, Church st

BARLOW Mr John, London road

BATTLEY Mr W, Marsham st

BEACON Mr George, Pleasant row

BELLINGHAM Mr James, County road

BEST The Misses, Ashford road

BISHOP Mr William, Albion place

BOSANQUET R G esq, Sandling road

BRENCHLEY Mrs, Wheeler st

BRENCHLEY Mr John, Albion place

BRIGGS Mr Edward, Albion place

BROOKE Mr William, Union st

BROTHERTON Col. William Thomas, Barracks

BROWN Miss Ashford road

BRUCE Mr, Marsham st

BURR The Misses, Albion place

BUTTON Miss, Stone st

CARTER Mrs, Wheeler st

CASTLE Capt, Holland terrace

CHAMBERLAYNE Capt Edward, Rocky hill

CHARLES Thos esq, Chillington house

CLARK Mr William, Prospect cottage

CLOUT Mrs, Marsham st

COOKE Mr, Brewer st

COOKE Mrs Dorothy, West Borough

COOKE Mrs James, Dover place

COOPER Mrs Jane, 41 Week st

COOPER Lewis esq, Bower

COOPER The Misses, 2 Bedford place

COOPER Mr Robert, West Borough

CORNFORD Mrs Eliz, Albion place

CORRALL Philip esq, College

CRANDALL Mr William, Heath road

CRISPE Mrs, King st

CROWDER Mr John, High st

CURTEIS Mr W T, Bower road

DARTNELL Mrs Elizabeth, Bower road

DAVEY Rev George, Rocky hill

DAY Mrs. Priory

DAY Miss Eliza, 1 Park place, Ashford road

DAY Thomas esq, Ashford road

DOWNER Henry esq, 9 Surrey place

DUNGE Mrs, Albion place

EAGLES Mr William, 2 Marsham place

EDMED Mr Thomas, Terrace

EDMETT Mr William, Brewer st

EDMUNDS Miss, Brewer st

ELVY Miss Susannah, 31 High st

ELY Capt, Church st

EPPS Mr, Tonbridge road

FARRANT Mr, Terrace

FINCH Misses Mary & Elizabeth, King st

FRANKLYN Mr H, Romney place

FRANKLYN Thomas esq, Stone st

GAMON Mrs, Church st

GILES Mrs Sarah, Mill st

GILL Mr James, London road

GODDEN Henry esq, Earl st

GORHAM Mr John, Earl st

GREEN Mrs, Albion place

GROSER Rev William, 4 Marsham place

GUY Mrs, St Faith st

HALL Mr J V, Heath road

HALL Mr John, Buckland

HARRIS Mrs, Church st

HARRIS Mrs Hannah, Marsham place

HARRISON Mr Joseph, Church st

HARRISON Rev Thomas (MA), Earl st

HASLEWOOD Rev Frederick Fitzherbert, Newark

HAWKINS Mr W, Upper Stone st

HAYNES Mr, Albion place

HAZELL Robert esq, Bank st

HEPBOURN James esq, Tovil place

HIGGINS Mr Charles, Rocky hill

HILLS Mr W B, Queen Anne road

HODGES Mrs, Romney place

HODGES Samuel esq, Pennenden Heath

HOLLELY Mr Benjamin, 8 Victoria place

HOLLINGWORTH Jno esq, Turkey mills

HORNE Mrs A M, King st

HOSMER The Misses, 3 Bedford place

HOUSTOUN Capt Alex, Mote road

HUGHES Mr Charles, High st

HUSSEY William esq, King st

HYDE Thomas esq, Manor house

JEFFERIS Charles esq, Bower place

JEFFERIS Lieut Charles (RN), 6 Surrey place

JEFFERYS Miss, Queen Anne road

JENKINS Miss, Brewer st

JINKINGS Rev Edmund, Week st

JOLLIFF The Misses, Week st

JONES Col, Little Buckland

KEBBLE Mr John, Week st

KIBBEL Mr John, 1 Brewer st

KNELL Mr Thomas, 19 Earl st

KNOWLES Mrs Mary, 5 Rocky Hill terrace

KNOX Capt, Rocky hill

LEADER Rev William, Knightrider st

LUSHINGTON Edm Hy esq, Park house

M’KENZIE Mrs Harriet, Tovil

M’RITCHIE Thomas esq, Bower house

MALIN Mrs Sarah, Brunswick st

MARES John esq, Lenfield

MARES The Misses, Portland place

MARSH Mrs Maria, Stone st

MASON Mr Robert, Suffolk place

MAYER Capt, Week st

MERCER John esq, Rocky hill

MIDDLETON Col Charles, Barracks

MOORE Mrs, Wheeler st

MOORE Mr William, Heath road

MORICE Major K H, High st

MORTIMER Mr John, Brewer st

MUNK Mr, Brewer st

NEWBER Mr James, Marsham st

NEWMAN Mr Denny, County road

NOCK Capt William, Rocky hill

PARKER Rev Henry Jno, Rock house

PARKS Mr Henry, Albion place

PEALE Edward esq, Knightrider st

PEALE John esq, Knightrider st

PEALE William, Knightrider st

PECKHAM Miss Sarah, Albion place

PIGRAM Mr Edward, Union st

PIKE Dean Rayner esq, Clarendon place

PINE Miss Ann, West Borough

PINE Mr John, Earl st

PINE Mr Thomas, Ashford road

PIPON Major George, 1 Rocky Hill terrace

PLANE Mrs Elizabeth, Rocky hill

PLANT Mrs, Wheeler st

POPE Mr Horatio, Fant House

POPE Rev Robert, Great Buckland

PORTER Mr Henry, Bower road

PORTER Mrs S, Rocky hill

PORTER Mr George, 2 Surrey place

POWELL Mr George, Suffolk place

PRANCE Miss Sarah, Albion place

PRENTIS The Misses, West Borough

PUDNER Mrs, Clarendon place

PYBUS James esq, Waterside

RACHELL Mrs Mary, Ashford road

RANDALL Alex esq, Ashford road

RANDALL Mrs Eliz, Clarendon place

RANGER Mrs, Union st

REEVE Rev James, King st

REW Rev Charles, Knightrider st

RIDDELL Lady Frances Buchanan, Bishops Palace

ROMNEY The Right Hon Earl, Mote

ROSSEL Rev James, Brewer st

RUSSELL Mr, Brewer st

RUSSELL Robert esq, Clarendon place

SEATH Mrs Mary, West Borough

SELBY Mrs Mary, 6 Rocky Hill terrace

SCUDAMORE Mrs Eliza, Stone house

SHEPHERD Mrs, Ashford road

SHEPHERD Mr Samuel, Wheeler st

SIMMONDS Mr Henry, Bower place

SIMS Mrs Elizabeth, Albion Place

SKEERE Mr Thomas, Queen Anne road

SMITH Thomas esq, Tovil

SOUTHON Mr David, Heath road

SPRINGETT Mr John, Clarendon place

SPURRELL Mr, Bank st

STEVENS Mrs, Rocky hill

STEVENS Rev William, Bower house

STONE Mrs, Rocky hill

STONE Mrs Catherine, Albion place

STONEY Mrs, Portland place

SUTTON Misses Mary & Eliz, West Borough

SWEETLOVE Thomas esq, Mote road

TANNER Mr Edward, Stone st

TAYLOR Mr J, Brewer st

TAYLOR James esq, Pennenden Heath

THOMAS The Misses, Stone st

TILLING Mrs, Union st

TISSEN Mrs, Pennenden Heath

VALENTINE Mrs, High st

WALKER Mr Frederick, Willington st

WALKER Miss, Palace

WARDE John esq, West Borough

WARWICK Mrs Harriet, 40 High st

WATERMAN Mr J M, West Borough

WHATMAN James esq, Vinters

WHITE Mrs Mary, Dover place

WILSON Mr John, Mount Arrarat

WINCH Mr Richard, Romney place

WINTER Rev John, Heath road

WORTHINGTON Edward esq, Tovil

WRIGHT Mr W L, Union st


ACADEMIES & SCHOOLS – not otherwise described are Day Schools


BARNETT Sophia, Mill st

BLACKLOCK Anna, Brewer st

Blue Coat School (boys), High st, Gregory PAGE, master

Blue Coat School (girls), Pudding lane, Susan DENNE, mistress

Booths Charity, Brewer st, Edward GANDY, master; Ann DAVIS, mistress

BOOTH Judith, (boarding & day), County place

British School (boys), Wheeler st, Josiah WOODCOCK, master

British School (girls), St Faiths green, Ann WICKINGS, mistress

BROCKHARDT Christian, (boarding & day), King st

BURGESS Mrs, Wheeler st

BURR Mary Ann, 1 Marsham place

CARNFORD Ann, Knightrider st

COOKE Misses, Rocky hill

FILDER Misses, (preparatory), Romney place

Free School, Tovil, Mrs HODSON, mistress

GANDY Richard, Brewer st

Grammar School, Earl st, Rev Thomas HARRISON (MA), master

HALL Louisa, Knightrider st

JONES Sarah Eliza, Sandling road

LEADER Ann, Union st

LINTOTT Edward Stonham, Stone st

MARTIN E & E, (boarding & day), Brewer st

MOORE Mrs, (preparatory), Wheeler st

National School, Mill st, John GREENLEAF, master; Susannah MARTIN, mistress

PAGE Eleanor, 4 Stone st

PAGE Gregory, High st

PINE Mrs & Miss, (preparatory), Earl st

Proprietary School, Church st, Thomas Shelton GREEN, master

RIDEOUT Mary & Charlotte, (boarding & day), Albion place

RIGDEN Mary, (boarding), Rock Hill house

SANDERS Mrs, St Faith st

STEVENS Rev William, (boarding & day), Bower house

STREATFIELD William, Whitehall place

SWINNOCK Robert, Week st

TILDEN Misses, (preparatory), Romney place

VARTY Robinson, (boarding & day), 45 Stone st

WILLIAMS George, (boarding & day), Week st




BYROM John, 6 Church st

CULLUM John, Mote road


AGENTS – see also Fire &c. Office Agents


CUTBUSH Richard James, (for Robins patent filterers), 27 Week st

FULLJAMES Robert, (for Betts patent brandy), 92 High st

LAKER Thomas, (house), Union st

PIKE William, (estate), Romney place

SMITH Henry, (house), Stone st

SMYTHE William, (to Truman, Hanbury & Co. brewers), West Borough

SUMMERFIELD Jas, (estate), Week st

TOOTELL Joseph, (house & estate), Middle row




AYERST Francis, Mill st

CASE John, (& clerk to the magistrates), High st

CHELL Foster Edward, Week st

DALLY Frank Fether, 38 High st

DAMPREY Stephen Chas, Heath road

HART Richard, 17 King st

HOAR & BEALE, King st

HUSSEY William & Peter, King st

JAMES William, Stone st

JEFFREY George, Romney place

KING Knowles, Mill st

LAMPREY Stephen Charles, Boxley road

MONCKTON John, (& town clerk), High st

MORGAN Charles, 21 Earl st

SCUDAMORE Charles, Stone st

SMYTHE Clement Taylor, (& clerk of the peace), Brewer st

STEPHENS John Cribb, 30 Week st

SWEETLOVE David Tanner, Mill st

TOPPING Charles, Albion place

WALKER Henry Pinkney, 43 Week st

WILDES Henry Atkinson, St Faith st




DAY & STRANGER, 23 High st

EDMETT Thomas, High st

KIPPING Henry, 70 King st

MORRIS Samuel & Henry, 110 Week st

NYE George, 19 & 21½ Gabriel’s hill

PIKE William, Romney place

PILBROW James, Stone st

SALMON William, Week st

SMITH Henry, Stone st

TOOTELL Joseph, Middle row

YOUNG Henry, Week st




ABNETT Thomas, 10 County road

ASHBY John, Woollett st

ASHDOWN Joseph, 18 Wheeler st

BARR Robert, Stone st

BRENCHLEY Stephen, Week st

BRISTOL William, Stone st

BROWN George James, 6 Stone st

BROWN Joseph, Week st

CHARLTON Charles, 51 High st

COOKE Thomas, Havock lane

COOPER William, 23 Stone st

HAFFENDEN Thomas, 25 Week st

HAYNES Edward, 4 King st

HENTY Priscilla, Havock lane

HEWLETT Ebenezer, 18 Hasler st

HICKMOTT William, 41 King st

HILLS Robert, 118 Stone st

HODGES George, Stone st

HOLLOWAY John, Parliament st

HOLLOWAY Thomas, Tovil

HUGHES John, (gingerbread), Pudding lane

KNOTT Michael, Week st

LOGAN William, 36 High st

MEAD Henry, 60 King st

MILLINGCHAMP William, Ordnance row

OLIVER Thomas Overy, 7 Earl st

PAGE Edward, Union st

PARKS Thomas, King st

PATTERSON Elizabeth, George st

RICE Thomas, 27 Union st

ROBINSON George, 25 George st

ROBINSON Samuel & Hannah, 12 King st

RUSE Eliza, 17 Gabriel’s hill

RUSSELL Alexander, Tovil

RUSSELL Barnabas, Wheeler st

SMALLMAN Francis, Hasler st

STURGIS John, 6 Surrey place

TUSON Henry, 65 Week st

WILLSON George, St Faith st

WILLSON John, Brunswick st

WRIGHT William, Bank st




CORRALL & MERCER, Bank st, (draw on Masterman & Co, London)

Surrey, Kent & Sussex Bank, 26 Week st, (draws on London Establishment, 71 Lombard st) Thomas CUTBILL, manager

Savings Bank, Town Hall, Stephen L HAZEL, secretary




CLARKE William, 13 Earl st

DELO George, 72 Bank st

HASTIE George, Bones alley

HOAR John, Union st

MORRIS Samuel, Stone st

SMITH James, 6 Wheeler st

STUBBERFIELD John, 7 Gabriel’s hill


BLACKSMITHS – marked thus * are also Farriers – see also Smiths & Bellhangers


BIRCHALL George, Stone st

BRISLEE George, Knightrider st

BUCKLAND Friend William, Pudding lane

BUSHNELL Joseph, Week st

CAULFIELD William, Hasler st

CLIFFORD Robert, Union st

* DADD Elizabeth, Sandling

* ELLIOTT James, Rose Yard

ELSFORD Robert, Union st

GROOMBRIDGE William, Marsham st

HOLLOWAY Richard, Tovil

HOMER Charles, Week st

LOMAS William, Stone st

MURRELL Joseph, Mote road

* PEARSON Jonathan & Henry, West Borough & Tovil

SHRUBSOLE George, Stone st

* SLAUGHTER William, Havock lane




ALLMAN John, Waterside

BROWN James, 34 Earl st

BROWN Joseph, Market st




BEDWELL William, under the cliff

CLEGG Wm & Jos, under the cliff

PYBUS Thos, (& barge), Waterside




BROWN Joseph, 87 Week st

HALL John Vine & Son, Bank st

LINDRIDGE George, Week st

OSTLER Charles, 13 Union st

OTTAWAY Henry, High st

PRICE Thomas, 49 King st

SMITH John, 10 Week st


BOOKSELLERS & STATIONRS – see also Stationers


AUSTEN Ambrose, (& music seller), 5 Week st

BROWN Cornelius, (second hand), Middle row

BROWN Joseph, 87 Week st

HALL John Vine & Son, (& sub distributer of stamps), Bank st

LINDRIDGE George, (& news agent), 67 Week st

LURCOCK John, (& library, toy dealer and news agent), 15 King st

SMITH John, (& reading rooms, library and stamp distributer), 10 Week st

TATE James, 7 High st

WICKHAM Phoebe, 102 Week st




ACRES Thomas, 84 Week st

ARNETT John Henry, Mill st

BAKER William, Tovil

BEECHING Richard, Union st

BEECHING William, Tovil

BENNETT John, Tovil road

BENTLIF & Son, (wholesale), 89 High st

BISHOP Godfrey, 6 Parliament st

BREWER Jonah, 63 King st

BROWNE John, Mill st

BYRAM John, Camden st

CARR Charles, 3 Market buildings

CARTER William, St Faith st

CROWHURST William, Brunswick st

CRUNDWELL Charles, Brunswick st

DAVIS William, Romney place

DAWSON John, 6 Market buildings

DOLPHIN Daniel, Week st

DORAN Edward, 66 Week st

GODDARD John, Pudding lane

GRIFFITHS Henry, Stone st

HARRIS Robert, Rose Yard

HAWTHORN Adam Duncan, 71 Bank st

JAMES Thomas, Stone st

JARRETT James, Week st

KETTLE Nathaniel, 28 King st

LARKING John, 2 Week st

LOMAS John, 6 Week st

LONG Liberty, Stone st

MARSH John, 6 Middle row

MASTERS Charles, 101 Week st

MERCER Robert, Pleasant row

MOODIE Douglas, (ladies), 93 Week st

MORRIS Charles, 5 Union st

NEEDHAM George, 5 Gabriel’s hill

NICKELS Joseph, Week st

OTTAWAY Robert, Wheeler st

PARIS Thomas, 16 Stone st

PARSONS Joseph, West Borough

PEARSON Charles, 5 York place

PITTFIELD Hatton, Union st

POUND Thomas, Pudding lane

RANDALL Jane, 16 Gabriel’s hill

RANSLEY James, 5 Earl st

RELF Joseph, St Faith st

ROBINSON James, 90 Week st

RUCK James, 9 King st

SHEEN Thomas, 24 Gabriel’s hill

SHORTTER William, 6 Camden st

SKINNER Ezekiel, 4 Market buildings

SMITH Henry, 50 Week st

STAMFORD Henry, 41 High st

STONESTREET William, Pudding lane

TYLER John, 11 Wheeler st

WARGER John, 20 Stone st




INKPEN George, Fair meadow

PIPER Henry, Havock lane

PRENTIS George, Waterside

WALLIS John, Market st




BALLARD John, 80 Week st

BEAUMONT Charlotte, 80 Bank st

BRABANT Charles, Pudding lane

DANN George, 34 High st


KENNARD Elizabeth, bank st

MORRIS John, Stone st

WATTS John, Water lane




BALDWIN & GODDEN, West Borough


BURGESS George, Week st

FISH William, Earl st

HEATHORN John, Earl st

MASON Edward, Waterside




ALLEN Thomas William, North County road

HARRISON James, Wheeler st

PYBUS Thomas, Waterside

RUCK Benjamin, North County road

TASSELL Thomas, North County road




BOW William & Edward, 58 Week st

BROOKE William, King st

BURCH John, 40 Stone st

GOODWIN Samuel, 6 Church st

HADLER Robert & Lewis, Tovil

HARRISON James, Camden st

HOLLOWAY William, Union place

LAKER John, Wheeler st




BAKER Charles, 76 Bank st

BURCH James, 71 Bank st

KNIGHT John & Charles, 25 Gabriel’s hill

STUBBERFIELD John, 7 Gabriel’s hill

WALTER William, Stone st




ALLEN Thomas William, Westborough

BARNETT John, Knightrider st

BOW William & Edward, 58 Week st

CLEVER William Orchard st

COBB William, 44 King st

COLEGATE Richard, Week st

COLLINS Mary, Stone st

EVERNDEN Thomas, 1 Union st

GOODWIN Samuel, 6 Church st

HARRISON James, Camden st

HOLLOWAY William, 4 Brewer st

LAKER John, Brewer st

PIPER & HARDEN, 12 County road

POOLLY Joseph, West Borough

RUCK Benjamin, 45 Week st

SHREEVES William, Wheeler st

TASSELL Thomas, West Borough




BANKS Hercules, (pork), 105 Week st

BARNETT Joseph, West Borough

BETTS Thomas, 88 Week st

BONNY George, 59 King st

BONNY James, 44 Week st

CHITTENDEN Eleanor, 46 Stone st

CRISPE William, 82 High st

DEAR William, 91 Week st

DOE John, 35 High st

DOE John jun, Brewer st

DOWN John, Stone st

DURRANT Woodgate, 12 Week st

ELVY Thomas, (pork), 7 King st

EVENDEN Charles, 41 Stone st

GODFREY James, Ashford road

HADLOW William, Union st

HALL John, Middle row

HARRIS Joseph, King st

IGGULDEN Stephen, Stone st

JARRETT John, Middle row

JOHNSON Thomas, 38 Gabriel’s hill

KENNETT George, 19 King st

KNOTT Stephen, (pork), Market st

MAIDMAN Robert, King st

MASTERS William, 120 Stone st

OLIVER Edward, 17 High st

OLIVER Elizab, & Rebecca, 97 Week st

OLIVER George, Bank st

OLIVER George, 15 Earl st

OLIVER James Edward, 76 Week st

PARSONS Thomas, West Borough

PATTENDEN George, 6 Week st

PATTENDEN Robert, 21 Stone st

PATTENDEN William, Union st

RAYFIELD James, Tovil

SIMMONDS Stephen, 110 Stone st

STANLEY Samuel, 64 Week st

STONHAM Samuel, 22 Earl st

USMAR William, 1 Union st

WAKEFIELD George, 95 Stone st

WRIGHT Charles, (pork), 99 Week st




BOX James, 17 Union st

COUCHMAN Richard, 23 Gabriel’s hill

DAY & STANGER, 23 High st

EDMETT Thomas, Middle row

MARTIN John, (& picture frame maker), 4 Church st

MORRIS Samuel, 110 Week st

NYE George, 19 & 21½ Gabriel’s hill

OLIVER Walter, 88 Week st

PILBROW James, Stone st

SAWER Jos, (& paper hanger), 4 County place

WILLSON George, Water lane

YOUNG Henry, Union st




BARNETT John, Knightrider st

BUTTON William, 9 Earl st

CHITTENDEN John, 39 Stone st

EVERNDEN Thomas, 1 Union st

FOWLE John, St Faith st 

HYDE John, Water lane

JARRETT Edward, Union st

LAKER John, Brewer st

MILLEN George, Carey st

NASH & Son, St Faiths Green

PIPER & HARDEN, 12 County road

POOLLY Joseph, West Borough

SANCTO Johnson, Water Lane

SANCTO William, Barham row

SEAGER Richard, Market st

SHELLY Robert, Wheeler st

SHREEVES William, Wheeler st

WAKEFIELD Lewis, Knightrider st

WICKINGS James, Fair Meadow

WOOD John, Union st




GEGAN James, Bank st

PEXTON Alfred, 37 King st




CARTNEY William, 19 Union st

HARRIS Robert, 14 King st

HOLMES Richard, 24 High st

HYDE Thomas, 4 High st

RANDALL William, 3 Week st

ROOMS Richard, King st

STILES William, 51 Stone st

TRIMMER William Willis, 32 Gabriel’s hill




ALLEN William, 50 Week st

ATTWOOD Alfred, 40 Gabriel’s hill

BUCHANAN Friend William, (& medicated baths), Week st

FRENCH Edward, Stone st

KNOWLES Henry, 6 High st


MILLS Edmund, 32 Week st

PRANCE James Connell, 81 High st

SMITH George, 27 Gabriel’s hill

STONE Alfred, 39 High st

WIMBLE Edward, 17 Week st




BANE John, Stone st

BRENCHLEY Stephen, Stone st

BREWER Jonah, King st

DAY Charles, 43 High st

EDMETT & Son, 3 High st

HESTER John, 2 Stone st

KING Stephen, Stone st

PESKETT Philip, King st

READER John, 4 Earl st

RUCK Joshua, 36 Gabriel’s hill

SANDERS Sarah, 42 High st

WOODHURST Rebecca, Pudding lane

WOODWARD Thomas, 26 Gabriel’s hill




BURCH Philadelphia, Middle row

GOODWIN James, High st

SPENCER Abraham, (Mitre Hotel), High st

STANGER John, Rose yard

WICKS Thomas, 11 Earl st




BARNETT William, Havock lane

BLUET Stephen, Fair meadow

HOADLY Alexander, Week st

MERRALL John, Stone st

SPONG William B, Middle row

WATTELL John Boorman, 30 King st


COAL DEALERS – see also Coal Merchants


BROCK Thomas William, Stone st

BURGESS George, Week st

DAY & Son, Carey st

DICKSON George, Stone st

FANCHON James, Stone st

GOODCHILD Robert, Whyatt st

HILLS William, Fair Meadow

HOW Charles, Earl st

KNELL Robert, Heath road

LITTLE John, Wheeler st

LONG Edward, 1 Union st

MAIN John, Heath road

NASH Edward, St Faiths Green

REYNOLDS William, Brewer st

RIX Henry, 5 Wheeler st

SMITH John, 64 King st

VINTER John, Parliament st

WEBB Charles, Union st

WEEKES William, Stone st

YOUNG William Christopher, St Faith st


COAL MERCHANTS – see also preceding list.


ARCHER George, Waterside


BUNYAR John, Stone st

BURGESS George, Week st

CHAPLIN Sarah, Pudding lane

FANCHON James, Stone st

FISH William, Earl st

HOPKINS Henry, Waterside

HUNT Anthony & Sons, Canal wharf

MASON Edward, Waterside

MASTERS William, Albion wharf

POOLLY Edwin, Market st

POOLLY George, Town wharf

PYBUS Thomas, Waterside

SIMMONDS & Son, Bridge wharf

WIMBLE Edward, 17 Week st & Waterside

WRIGHT George, Fair Meadow

WRIGHT Henry, Town wharf




BRISENDEN John, 98 Week st

COLE Ann, 42 Gabriel’s hill

COOKE Thomas, Havock lane

DAWSON William, 100 Week st

GANDY William, 3 Week st

HAYNES Edward, 4 King st

HUGHES William, Pudding lane

ROBINSON Samuel & Hannah, 12 King st




BAKER Charles, 78 Bank st

CROKER Edward, 35 Week st

MARCHANT James, Water lane

MARTIN Thomas, Stone st

MERCER John, Pudding lane

MOSELEY & DUNMILL, 20 Gabriel’s hill

PAINE John, 105 Stone st

PELL Thomas, Stone st

SMITH John, Week st

STEVENS William, 8 King st




DUNMILL Richard, Gabriel’s hill

PELL George, 22 Stone st

WALTER William, 7 Stone st




BAKER Charles, Bank st

TINDELL Henry, 3 Church st




ARCHER George, Bank st & Earl st

BLINKHORN Robert, 24 King st

BROCK Thomas William, Stone st

BUNYAR John, Stone st

BURGESS George, Week st

CHARLTON Charles, 51 High st

DAY William, 49 High st

FANCHON James, Stone st

GILBERT John, Week st

GOWER William, High st


HILLS Robert, 118 Stone st

HUNT Anthony & Sons, (merchants), Canal wharf

JACOBS Jacob, 9 Week st

KNOTT Michael Wood, Week st

MASTERS William, Albion wharf


PLIMPTON Samuel, High st

SIMMONDS & Son, (merchants), Bridge wharf

VINTER John, Parliament st

WATERS Jonathan, Union st

WICKS Thomas, 11 Earl st




BUNYARD Thomas, 38 Camden st

CORK Richard, Church st

DEAR James, Week st

JENKINS Henry, 7 Wheeler st

KENT John, Union st

WATERS Jonathan, Union st

WESTOVER Jonathan, 29 Wheeler st

WORLEY George, Havock lane




ACRES George, 84 Week st

BENTLIFF John, 79 Bank st

OLIVER Edward & Son, 17 High st

OLIVER William, 6 Week st

SHEEN Thomas, 28 Gabriel’s hill

TOLHURST William, Hy, 34 Gabriel’s hill

WHELAN William, 94 Week st




BROWN John, 19 Week st

DIPROSE William, Busbys Yard, High st

LAWRENCE David William, Gabriel’s hill

SELLERS James, Woollett st




HOPKINS Thomas, High st

ROSE William, High st

TUCKER William, County road

WOOLLEY Philip Samuel, 10 Pudding lane




BIRCHALL Charles, 26 High st

CHAMPION Eliz, 13 Gabriel’s hill

GORHAM William, Middle row

WESTBROOK Thomas, 50 High st

WILDISH William, 9 Market buildings




BARTLETT Samuel, 109 Week st

GARDNER Henry, Union st

HALL John Vine & Son, Bank st




COOPER Thomas, Gabriel’s hill & at Stroud

TANNER Benjamin  & Edward, Bank st




Argus, Henry DRURY, West Borough

Atlas, George NYE, Gabriel’s hill

Clerical & Medical (life), William PIKE, Romney place

County (fire), James STANGER, 91 High st

Guardian, T P CHAPLIN, Middle row

Kent United (fire & life), High st, Charles HUGHES, secretary

National Loan Fund (life), F F DALLY, High st

Norwich Union, John Vine HALL & Son, Bank st

Phoenix, George JURY, Gabriel’s hill

Protection, Jas PILBROW, Stone st

Provident (life), James STANGER, 91 High st

Royal Exchange, George PHILPOT, Stone st

Sun, R R & G SPENCER, Week st




CHEESEMAN William, Knightrider st

COLLIER William, New Market

FRANCIS William, Week st

HILLS George, New Market

PIETY James, New Market

PIETY Richard, New Market




BAKER William, 36 Week st

BOCKHAM John, Week st

BRAND John, 2 High st

BUTLER Thomas, 3 York place

COOK Thomas, 20 King st

COOPER Thomas, Pudding lane

DANN Luke, Week st

HAFFENDEN John, 19 Stone st

LAMPARD Stephen, 83 Week st

MARSHALL Mary, 5 Stone st

NAYLOR William, Stone st

NEALE Thomas, Ordnance row

PANKHURST Ann, Stone st

SHORT James, 3 Earl st

SINDEN Edward, Week st

SMITH Thomas, King st

STEER James, 14 High st

TERRY Henry, Union st

WEST William, 51 King st

WHITE James, 38 Week st




BOX James, 17 Union st

COUCHMAN Richard, 23 Gabriel’s hill

DAY & STANGER, 23 High st

KIPPING Henry, 70 King st

PALMER Philadelphia, 61 King st

PILBROW James, Stone st

SMITH John, 64 King st

YOUNG Frederick William, Union st




BRENCHLEY Stephen, 3 Stone st

BROCK Jonathan, 15 Gabriel’s hill

COLLINS James, Week st

GUTHRIE Catherine, Union st

HOLLOWAY Jarratt, Stone st


GROCERS & TEA DEALERS - see also Shopkeepers and also Tea Dealers


Marked thus * are also Cheesemongers


* ANNISON Richard Williams, Stone st

ARKCOLL John, 121 Stone st

* BALLARD Henry, 82 Week st

BALLARD Phoebe & Son, 17 Stone st

BETTS James, 77 Week st

BIRCH Samuel, 36 King st

* CHAPLIN Robert, 19 & 20, High st

CROUCH John, 5 Week st

DICKESON John, 41 Gabriel’s hill

EDMETT Charles, Week st

ENGLAND William, 2 Week st

* FOREMAN George, 42 Stone st

* FULLJAMES Robert, 92 High st

HAFFENDEN William, John, 25 Week st

HARRIS John Polhill, Havock lane

* HODGSKIN John K & George S, West Borough

HOLLOWAY William Bassett, Week st

* LAURENCE Thomas, (& importer of Irish provisions), 28 High st

* MAJOR Michael Minter, Bank st

MORTON John Henry, 49 Week st

* MUNK Edward, 11 Stone st & 5 Market buildings

* SETTLE William, Brewer st

STANDEN Thomas, Union st

THOMSON Robert, Tovil

WARD Richard, 7 Week st

* WHEELER Benjamin, 108 Week st

WILLCOCKS Thomas, 48 High st




LAWRENCE David, (& cutler), 37 Stone st

SHARP Joseph, King st

SWINFEN John, 5 Week st




BARTON James, Bank st

BROTHERS Caroline, 4 Week st

HARRIS Sarah, 90 High st

HOADLY Mary, 92 Week st

SMALLMAN Robert, 13 High st




BAKER Edward, 7 Union st

DRIVER John, 104 Week st

JOHNSON Benjamin, Bank st

JORDAN Robert Collins, 39 Week st

MARSHALL Henry, Stone st

MASON Caleb, 63 King st

MERCER William, Middle row

PAINE Joseph, 103 Week st

PANKHURST James, Parliament st

PHILPOT George, 27 Stone st

RICHARDSON George, Stone st

SWINNOCK Joseph, Week st

WAKEFORD George, 21 Gabriel’s hill


HATTERS – marked thus * are also manufactures


* BRIGGS Edward, King st

* COLE James, Pudding lane

CORKE Henry, (silk), 74 Bank st

EDMETT & Son, 3 High st

HARRIS Walter, 25 High st

HESTER John, 2 Stone st

HULBARD George, 8 Week st

* RAILTON Thomas Robert, Bank st

REED John, Stone st

SHORT George, Bank st

WOODHURST Rebecca, Pudding lane




BARLOW, GILL & WHITE, 2 Market buildings

COLLENS Robert jun, St Faith st

DODSON James, Bank st

MASTERS William, Albion wharf, West Borough and Calvert’s buildings, Borough, London

MYNN William, Market buildings

PLIMPTON Samuel, High st

RUSSELL Edward, Market buildings

SIMMONDS & Son, Bridge wharf & 239 High st, Borough, London

WEDD William, Waterside




COOE Joseph, Mill st

HUGHES Robert, St Faith st




Bell, (posting), Valentine WILDISH, 14 Week st

Bull, (commercial), Henry JURY, Gabriel’s hill

Castle, Joseph NORBURN, 4 Week st

Haunch of Venison, Samuel BRYANS, High st

Mitre, (family & commercial), Abraham SPENCER, High st

Queens Head, (& excise office), William, SIMMONS, High st

Star, John SCOONS, High st

Swan, Bishop KENNETT (commercial & coach office), High st




BROWN Robert & Co. (& engineers), Waterside

WALLIS John, Market st




BALLARD John, 80 Week st

ELLIS Charles & Co, 10 Gabriel’s hill

FARRANT & SPEARING, (furnishing & stone grate manufacturers), High st

GURNEY & HAYES, 1 Week st

HEARNDEN John Hogben, 37 Week st

JESSELL Michael Aaron, Middle row

PEARSON Jonathan & Henry, West Borough

PILBROW James, Stone st

STANGER James, (& cutler), 91 High st

WILLIAMS Richard, Stone st


JEWELLERS – marked thus * are working


* BARTLETT Samuel, (& optician), 109 Week st

* BURCH William, Bank st

JACKSON William Richard, Radley, Gabriel’s hill

* MANWARING Richard, 38 Earl st

MARTIN John, Middle row

TATE Jas, (& silversmith), 7 High st

* TWITCHELL George, 57 King st




ALLEN Thomas William, North County road

HEATHORN Charles, (& cement manufacturer), County road

PYBUS Thomas, Waterside

RUCK Benjamin, North County road

TASSELL Thomas, North County road


LINEN DRAPERS – marked thus * are also Woollen Drapers & Silk Mercers


* BENTLIFF Henry & Co, 23 Week st

* CLAYTON & BIRCH, King st

* CRANDALL William, 106 Week st

* EDMETT & Son, 3 High st

KEMP & ELPHEE, 107 Week st

LASHMAR Matthew, Bank st

* MARCHANT Joseph, Gabriel’s hill

MOODIE Douglas, 93 Week st

MYERS Daniel, 21 & 22 High st

* PESKETT Philip, 1 King st

POOLE Jas, (& undertaker), 111 Week st

ROBERTS Thomas, 3 Gabriel’s hill

SILVERLOCK Edward, 10 High st

* WARWICK Isaac, 87 High st

* WATTS James Edward & John, High st


LIVERY STABLE KEEPERS - & owners of horses for hire


CLINTON John, Week st

COOPER James, Rose yard

DELL Thomas, Stone st

GILBERT John, Week st

LOCKHURST John, Queen Anne road

PIKE Edward Henry, Earl st

PRICE Thomas, King st

WICKS Thomas, 11 Earl st




BALDWIN & GODDEN, Waterside & West Borough


BURGESS George, Week st

CHARLTON Charles, 51 High st

COLLENS Robert jun, St Faith st

CUTBUSH Mary & George, 44 King st

FISH William, Earl st

HEATHORN John, Earl st


SIMMONDS & Son, West Borough




BUCKLAND Friend William, Middle row

BUSBY James, Waterside

DAY & STANGER, Pudding lane

PILBROW James, Stone st

ROSE Caroline, Week st

SMITH Thomas, 70 King st

SPRINGATE Richard, Week st

TRENDELL William, Water lane




BAKER William, Park house cottage

FROUD William, Wheeler st

HACETT Francis, Heath road




BLINKHORN Robert, 24 King st

BUNYAR John, Tovil


WILSON Robert, Tovil




BONNER Sarah, 54 King st

BOTTLE Elizabeth, 10 Union st

BROCK Jemima, 17 Earl st

CREED Maria, 41 Earl st

FANCETT Elizabeth, Hasler st

GIBBON Sarah, 1 Albion place

HOBSON Ann Sophia, Middle row

JENNINGS Ann, 12 Church st

LAPLAIN Harriet, Havock lane

LEECH Charlotte, Brewer st

MARSHALL Sarah, 103 Week st

MUNN Sarah, 14 Marsham place

OLIVER Sarah, 4 Earl st

PARKER Maria & Ann, 12 Marsham place

PEARSON Ann, Ordnance place

POOL Sarah, 65 King st

SANCTO Elizabeth, Knightrider st

SMALLMAN Eliza, 13 High st

TASSELL Mary Ann, 65 Bank st

WILLIAMS Jane, Brewer st

WILLSON Jane, Brewer st

YOUNG Martha, 85 Week st




PIPER Henry, Havock lane

PIPER Thomas, 2 Brewer st

SWEETLOVE Thomas, Mote road

WEEKS William, Stone st




Maidstone Gazette & Kentish Courier, (Tuesday), Richard James CUTBUSH, publisher, 27 Week st

Maidstone Journal, (Tuesday), John Vine HALL & Son, publishers, 83 Bank st




BUNYARD James & Son, (& florists), West Borough

DAWES Josiah Wise, Albion place

FROUD William, Wheeler st

HAFFENDEN William, Knightrider st

JESSUP John, Heath road

KENT John, Union st

NICCOLLES George, Middle row

SHORT William, Market buildings

WALLACE John, 14 Gabriel’s hill





SERGEANT Richard, (& Italian warehouse), 78 Week st

STANGER James, 91 High st

TASSELL Thomas, Bank st


PAINTERS – House, sign, &c. – see also Plumbers, Painters &c.


BURR Henry, High st

COPLESTON Thomas, 7 Hasler st

COURT Thomas, Union st

GEGAN James, Bank st

PEXTON Alfred, 37 King st

TASSELL Thomas, Bank st

WILLS William, 24 Stone st


PAPER MANUFACTURERS – marked thus * are manufacturers of white paper, thus § brown, and thus + coloured and fancy.


* BALSTON & Co, Springfield mills

* BARNARD James, Eyeborn mill, Hollingbourne

§ BLUNDEN George, East Malling

* FOWLE George, Eylesford

*+ GREEN Samuel, Hayle mills

* HOLLINGWORTH John Thomas & John, Turkey mills

* MORETON Joseph, Pratling st

SHAW Edmund, Pad’s hole mill

*+ SMITH & ALLNUTT, Lower Tovil & Ivy Mills

*§ TASSELL Robert, East Malling

* TURNER Richard, Tovil mill




AMIES Joseph, Chancery lane

DAY Samuel, (frame), Stone st

GREEN John, Mill st




DITCH George, Earl st

DUNMILL Richard, 25 Gabriel’s hill

HYDE Thomas, 5 High st

KING John, Church st

MOSELEY & DUNMILL, 20 Gabriel’s hill

REYNOLDS William, Brewer st

STEVENS William, 8 King st




EDMETT & Son, 3 High st

HOLDEN Eli, St Faith st

MYERS Daniel, 21 & 22 High st




PEENE William G, Clarendon place]

SIBBALD James, 20 Week st

SMITH Robert, King st

WELCH John George, Stone st


PLUMBERS, PAINTERS & GLAZIERS – see also Painters – house &c.


ASHDOWN Levi, Stone st

BURR Frederick, 132 Stone st

BURR Henry, High st

CHALONER John, County road

COURT Thomas, Union st

CRUNDWELL James, Stone st

CRUTTENDEN John, 22 Week st

CUTBUSH Robert, 66 King st

CUTBUSH Thomas, 19 High st

EASTHAM Ann, 75 Week st

GANDY George, 94 Week st

JURY William, 26 Stone st

MILLER John, 51 Week st

MUNN John, 94 Stone st

OLIVER William, 7 Earl st

OVERY William, Earl st

RUSSELL George, Union st

VALENTINE William John, High st

WALTER William, Stone st




DAMPIER George, Hill’s wharf, Waterside

SWINFER Spencer Bow, Week st




FEARN John, Marsham st

GOODWIN William, Middle row

RUSSELL Sarah, 42 Week st


PRINTERS – LETTER PRESS – marked thus * are also copperplate printers


AUSTIN Ambrose, 5 Week st

* BROWN Joseph, 87 Week st

* CUTBUSH & Son, 27 Week st

HALL John Vine & Son, Bank st

OTTAWAY Henry, High st

* SMITH John, 10 Week st


PROFESSORS & TEACHERS – marked thus * are teachers of music


* FOWLER Richard, (& musical instrument seller), 22 Gabriel’s hill

* GARSIDE James, Orchard st

* HOADLY John Charles, 92 Week st

* LINDRIDGE George, 10 Bower place

MERRITT Thomas Light,  (drawing), 14 Church st

* MORFITT William, 11 Church st

PHILPOT William, (drawing), 5 Surrey place

* SANDERS Edward, St Faith st

TOLMER Alexr. (French), 48 King st




BREWER Henry, Union st

CLIFFORD James, (& Kentish matting, hop bagging and horse hair manufacturer), 78 Bank st

GILBERT George & Jos. Thos, 31 Gabriel’s hill

SLOMAN Samuel, Knightrider st




CLIFFORD James, 78 Bank st

GILBERT George & Jos. Thos, 31 Gabriel’s hill

HYDE Thomas, 4 High st




CURTIS Henry, King st

DUNMILL William Barrow, 6 Gabriel’s hill

ELLIS Charles & Co, (harness), 10 & 11 Gabriel’s hill

ISAAC John Shelton, 88 High st

MORGAN Joseph, High st

READER Walter, 25 Stone st

SAIT John, St Faiths Green

SMITH Lewis Henry, 4 Gabriel’s hill

TERRY George, 106 Stone st




BARNES Mark, Waterside

CARMAN Robert, St Faith st




STARTUP & PHILPOT, West Farleigh

STEINMETZ William Thomas, Tovil




BATCHELOR Susan, 29 Stone st

BOWINS Robert, Stone st

BRENCHLEY Thomas, Stone st

BROAD Mary, Union st

BROWN Elizabeth, Union st

BRUSTER William, 3 Military row

BUNYARD Thomas, 38 Camden st

BURTON Thomas, New st

CARTY William, 8 Union st

CHAMBERS Thomas, Stone st

CHARLTON Elizabeth, Mill st

CLOAKE John, Rocky hill

COLE John, Fair Meadow

CORNWELL Thomas, Union st

CROWTHER Richard, Wheeler st

DAVIS Bartholomew, 14 Camden st

DEALL Edward, Wheeler st

DEAN George, King st

DICKSON George, Stone st

DITCH George, Earl st

DUNGATE Harriet, Gabriel’s hill

EDGLEY Crispianus, 23 Camden st

EVENDEN Ann, 9 Union st

FARRANT Richard, Stone st

FLETCHER William, 41 Stone st

GODING John, 25 Union st

GOODCHILD Robert, Whyatt st

GOODWIN John, Albion place

HADLER Lewis, Tovil

HILLS Francis, Mote road

HILLS Richard, Pudding lane

HODGES Sarah, Jeffery st

HOLLAWAY William, New st

HUNT Edward, 47 Week st

HYLAND John, 52 King st

JURY Harriet, St Faith st

KNOWLES William, King st

MORFIELD William, Wheeler st

MUNN Hester, Tovil

OTTAWAY Robert, Brewer st

PELLING Ann, Waterside

PIPER Charles, Havock lane

ROBINSON George, 25 Wheeler st

RUSSELL Thomas, 7 Parliament st

RUTTER William, 9 Marsham place

SANDERS John, Wheeler st

SAVAGE Richard, West Borough

SELLEN Joseph, 128 Stone st

SHEPPARD Sarah, Union st

STACEY John, Union st

SUTTON Edward, West Borough

SWINNOCK Daniel, Week st

TORSELL Charles, County road

WATERS Sarah, West Borough


SMITHS & BELLHANGERS – see also Blacksmiths


BUCKLAND Friend William, Pudding lane

COGGER William, 8 Gabriel’s hill

CRIMPSON Edward, St Faiths Court

DANN William, 114 Week st


HOMER Charles, Week st

INKPEN George, Fair Meadow

MOORE John, Market st

MOORE Richard, Tovil

PEARSON Jonathan & Henry, West Borough

PIPER Charles, (& spring maker), Parliament st

STANGER James, 91 High st

TURNER Edward, Stone st




AUSTIN Ambrose, 5 Week st

BUSBY James, Waterside

HALL John Vine & Son, Bank st

JOSLEN Jonathan, 5½ Market buildings

SMITH John, 10 Week st




KNELL Ann, 23 King st

ORFORD Nanny, 16 High st

TUSLER John, (& ladies shoe warehouse), 32 High st


STONE & MARBLE MASONS & STATUARIES – see also builders


AVERY Margaret Elizabeth & Mary Ann, Heath road

BOW William, & Edward, (& Roman stone manufacturers), County place

RAWLISON Thos & Jno. Knightrider st

RUCK Charles, Thornhill

SUTTON John, West Borough

YATES William, (& Slate merchant), Week st




ASSITER David George, Week st


HARRISON James, Wheeler st

POOLLY John, Town wharf

SILLS John, York place




ATHAWES Ann, Brunswick st

BAILY Harriet Louisa, 1 Gabriel’s hill

BONNER & USMAR, 1 George st

BRICHER Phoebe, 130 Stone st

CHAMBERS Mary, Wheeler st

CLEAVER Letitia, 85 Week st

GOODWIN Sarah, 32 High st

HALL Elizabeth, 113 Week st

HAMMOND William, 113 Week st

HILLS Ann West Borough

MARSHALL Sarah & Ann, 103 Week st

PAYNE Elizabeth, 29 Week st

ROWE Mrs, Mill st

SHORT Jane, Week st

TASSELL Mary Ann, 65 Bank st

WOOD Sarah, 3 Wood’s buildings




COLEMAN & FRY, 126 Stone st

DAY & WHATMAN, 33 Gabriel’s hill

DAY Thomas, King st

FRENCH Edward, Stone st

FRY Frederick, Stone st

JENKINS Fossey, 5 Brewer st

LENEY George, 8 Mill st

LOWRY James, 40 Earl st

OTLEY John, Stone st

PLANE John, Mill st

PRANCE James Connell, 81 High st

ROBINSON John, 45 King st

SANDERS & POWER, 27 High st

SANDERS Edward, Stone st

SEDGWICK William, Stone st

SEXTY Richard, Mill st

WEDD Richard, Stone st

WHATMAN James, 3 Rocky hill terrace

WILLIAMS James, 41 Brewer st




BRYAN John, (to the Gas Light Company), West Borough

BULMER Martin, 47 Week st

COLLIS Henry, 117 Stone st

MARCHANT John, Huntsman cottage

NICHOLSON John, (of taxes), 53 King st

SUMMERFIELD James, Week st

TOOTELL Joseph, Middle row

WALKER John, (& architect), King st

WICHCORD John, (county surveyor and architect), Week st


TAILORS – marked thus are also Drapers


ALEXANDER Andrew, 5 County place

BARTON William, Union place

BEER James, 29 King st

BINSKIN Henry, Brunswick st

BIRCH Thomas, Mote road

BRATTLE Brazier, Stone st

BRATTLE Thomas, 27 Gabriel’s hill

BRATTLE William, 27 Gabriel’s hill

BREMONT William, Pudding lane

CANTAN Thomas, Stone st

CHESTER Robert, County road

CHIITENDEN Friend Edward, 18 Stone st

CHIITENDEN George, Pudding lane

* CLEAVER John, 85 Week st

CORKE Henry, 74 Bank st

CORNELL George, 16 Gabriel’s hill

* DURRANT John, High st

GRIFFIN Michael, St Faith st

* HESTER John, 2 Stone st

HILLS Walter, 16 Week st

HUNT Edward, 47 Week st

JAMESON John, Chillington place

JEWELL John, 7 Victoria place

JURY George, 9 Gabriel’s hill

* JURY Walter, Mill st

KIRK Robert, Stone st

LESTER Thomas, 26 Union st

MARTIN Joseph, High st

MASON Thomas, Union st

* MILLER William, (& undertaker), Havock lane

POWELL James, Camden st

PRINCE William, Bones Alley

READER John, 4 Earl st

ROWLES Thomas, Tovil

* SIMMONDS Charles, 16 King st

* SMITH John, Mill st

SPRAGGS Alfred, Queen Anne road

TANNER George, 23 Earl st

TERRILL Collin, 52 Week st

THOMAS Thomas, 5 King st

* WEEKES William, 96 Week st

* WENHAM William, 129 Stone st

WILLSON John, 22 King st

* WRIGHT John, 14 King st 




BALLARD Phoebe & Son, 17 Stone st

STEER James, 14 High st

WILLCOCKS Thomas, 48 High st




Ancient Druid, Edward DEALL, Wheeler st

Artichoke, Michael FIELD, Ashford road

Blacksmiths Arms, Timothy SMITH, West Borough

Bricklayers Arms, George WATERS, Wheeler st

Britannia, Friend WICKHAM, George st

Canteen, John SWINFEN, Barrack road

Coal Barge, John FURMINGER, 14 Earl st

County Arms, William FINN, Woollett st

Dog & Bear, Catherine KENNETT, King st

Duke of Marlborough, Thomas MORETON, Union st

Fortune of War, John POTTER, Stone st

Fountain, Sophia SEAMER, Week st

General Kingley, Samuel SHARP, Week st

George, William HAYWOOD, 37 Gabriel’s hill

Gibraltar, Francis PEARCE, Gibraltar

Globe, William VIGOR, Knightrider st

Golden Lion, Kennett HOGBEN, Mill st

Grasshopper, Edward LANE, Week st

Jolly Waterman, Charles BARNETT, Earl st

Kings Arms, William YATES, Earl st

Kings Head, John MITEHELL, West Borough

Lamb, Thomas TAYLOR, Fair Meadow

Lord Nelson, Edward JURY, St Faith st

Marquess of Granby, Thomas Pepperell CHAPLIN, Middle Row

Monks Head, Thomas DELL, Mote road

Mother Red Cap, James SUTTON, West Borough

Nags Head, Ann HILLS, Week st

New Inn, William RANDALL, Week st

Plough, William GOOD, Stone st

Prince of Wales, Elizabeth POOLLY, West Borough

Queen Anne, John KIRKBY, Queen Anne road

Red Lion, Elizabeth MITCHELL, 1 High st

Red Lion, Thomas ONGLEY, Sandling

Rodney’s Head, Samuel SANDERS, High st

Roebuck, William RAWLINGS, Week st

Rose, Richard HARDS, Tovil

Rose & Crown, Jarvis PAYNE, High st

Royal Oak, Thomas SIMMONS, King st

Royal Paper Mill, Arthur Robert COLLINS, Tovil

Running Horse, William GROVER, Sandling

Ship, Henry HILLS, Gabriel hill

Sun, Stephen STONHAM, Middle row

Three Compasses, Robert PATTENDEN, Week st

Three Tuns, James POUND, 6 King st

Town Arms, John NEWMAN, 123 Stone st

Turks Head, Henry OLIVER, Rose yard

Two Brewers, Robert DUNK, Week st

Unicorn, William MISSON, Earl st

Union Flag, Russel USMAR, Union st

Wheat Sheaf, Richard MILLS, Loose road

White Hart, John BARNETT, West Borough

White Lion, Walter Hills READER, 111 Stone st

Windsor Castle, William FEATHERSTONE, Week st


TEA DEALERS – see also Grocers and Tea Dealers


BETTS James, 105 Week st

DIXON & Co, 25 High st

GRIFFITH Thomas, 29 Week st

HOADLY Mary, 92 Week st

MARTIN James, Middle row

MILLER James, 5 Church st

PETERS George, 8 Stone st

ROBINSON Isaac, 15 High st




COLLENS George, Market st

HOPKINS Henry, Waterside

KNELL Robert, Heath road

POOLLY Edwin, North County Road

PYBUS Thomas, (British & Foreign), Waterside

SMYTHE William, (& slate), West Borough




BIRCHALL Charles, Earl st

SHAW Thomas, Rose yard

STAPLES Jane, 31 Week st




ASSITER David George, 36 Week st

BETTS James, 105 Week st

BROCK Jonathan, 15 Gabriel’s hill

JOHNSON William, Ordnance row




BROWN John, 18 Week st

JORDAN Robert Collins, 39 Week st

PHILPOT George, 27 Stone st

WAGHORNE James, 2 Gabriel’s hill




HOBBS William, (& chest & music case maker), 12 Earl st




BURCH James, Bank st

MORRIS John, Careys court, High st

PARKS Thomas, 2 High st

STUBBERFIELD John, 7 Gabriel’s hill




DIPROSE William, Busby’s yard, High st

MACKELLOW John, 56 King st

MARTIN John, High st

TATE James, 7 High st




BARLING Joseph, 90 High st

BARTLETT Samuel, 109 Week st

BROWN Thomas, St Faith St

BURCH William, Bank st

CURRIE Archibald John, 96 Week st

DANN William, 114 Week st

FAIRY James, 44 Earl st

FRENCH Susannah & William APPS, King st

GILES Nicholas, 125 Stone st

HEIZMAN George, (German) Week st

HODGES John & Son, Union st

JACKSON William Richard Radley, 39 Gabriel’s hill

MACKELLOW John, 56 King st

MANWARING Richard, 38 Earl st

MARTIN John, Middle row

PATRICK John, Pudding lane

SUTTON John Windram, 15 Union st

TATE James, 7 High st




BARLOW, GILL & HILLS, Hills wharf


DRURY Henry, West Borough

MASON Edward, Waterside

MASTERS William, Albion wharf

POOLLY George, Town wharf

POOLLY Stephen, West Borough

SIMMONDS & Son, Bridge wharf & Kent Wharf, Montague close, Borough, London

WIMBLE Edward, Waterside

WRIGHT Henry, Town wharf




BOORMAN John, Week st

BOVIS Thomas, West Borough

JURY Robert, Queen Anne road

KING William, Thorn hill

KNELL Robert, Heath road

MERRALL John, Stone st

NASH & Son, St Faiths green

ONGLEY Thomas, Sandling

POOLLY Edwin, North County road




BISHOP William, (spirit), 57 King st

FRANKLYN Thomas, Stone st

HALL John Vine & Son, Bank st

KENTISH William, 4 Brewer st

POTTS & FRANKLYN, 1 Market buildings

POTTS Thomas, Wheeler st

PRENTIS George, Earl st

SHARP Sarah & Richard William, 39 Earl st

SPENCER Richard Read & George, 26 Week st




DICKESON John, 41 Gabriel’s hill

SERGEANT Richard, 78 Week st

TRIMMER William Willis, 32 Gabriel’s hill




BRIGGS Edward & Edward, 2 King st

HUNT Anthony & Sons, Canal wharf

TANNER Benjamin & Edward, Bank st




AUSTEN Ambrose, musical instrument maker, 5 Week st

BARNARD Mary, tripe dresser, Bank st

BOLTON John, Damask manufacturer, County road

BROWN Joseph, pump & engine maker, Market st

CHAMPION Elizabeth, ham dealer, 13 Gabriel’s hill

CHARLES William, paper felting manufacturer, St Faith st

CLEMSON Richard, sheep gate maker, 25 King st

FITZGERALD John, provision merchant, 41 High st

GARRETT Balls, agricultural machine maker, Earl st

JONES Henry, surgeon dentist, 109 Week st

LARKING Charles, oyster rooms, Rose yard

LINDRIDGE George, paper hanger, 67 Week st

MEADS Samuel, wire worker, Union st

MUNCK Edward, salt merchant, Earl st

PACKHAM John, truss maker, 10 King st

PEARCE William, egg merchant, Wheeler st

PIPER Hy, press screw maker, Havock lane

PRENTIS George, cement manufacturer, Waterside

SIMMONDS Thomas, gun flint maker and fossilist, Week st

SKINNER Ezekiel, clerk of the market, 4 Market buildings

SLAUGHTER & PLAMLEY, veterinary surgeons, Market st

SMITH James, foot truss & mat maker, Wheeler st

SWEETLOVE James, tax collector, King st




Assembly Rooms, near the Barracks

Barracks (Cavalry), top of Week st – Lieut Col Jno. BABINGTON, barrack master

Billiard Rooms, Mitre Hotel, High st

County of Kent General Registry Central Office, 27 & 28 Stone st, George PHILPOT, secretary

Excise Office, Queens Head, High st, Edward LONGHURST, supervisor

Fire Engine House, High st

Gaol (County), County Place, Thomas AGAR, governor

Gas, Light and Coke Company, West Borough, John BRYAN, engineer

Hawkers Licence Office, Week st, John SMITH, distributer

Kent Lunatic Asylum, Barming Heath, George POYNDER, medical superintendent

Literary Institution, 10 Week st, John TULLOCK, secretary

Market House & New Market, 9 High st

Mechanics Institute, Wheeler st, Josiah WOODCOCK, secretary

Police Office, bottom of High st, Thomas FANCETT, superintendent

Post Office, 8 Week st

Stamp Office, 10 Week st, John SMITH, distributer

Theatre, 29 High st

Town Hall, High st, John MONCKTON, town clerk

Watch House, bottom of High st, Thomas FANCETT, superintendent

West Kent Infirmary, Marsham st, George BRUCE, house surgeon & secretary

Workhouse, Coxheath, Thomas MARTIN, governor; Mrs MARTIN, matron




To London, the British Queen, from the Swan Inn, every morning, (Sunday excepted), at six – the Reliance at eight – the Tally Ho at ten and the Favourite, every afternoon at half past three.


To London, the Balloon, from the Queens Head, every morning at nine – the Times, (from Folkestone) calls at the same Inn every day (Sunday excepted), at half past twelve – and Martins Omnibus from the Eagle office, High st, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at a quarter before eight.


To Brighton, the Royal Blue, (from Rochester), calls at the Haunch of Venison every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at ten.


To Canterbury, Brydges’ Coach from the Castle Inn every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at half past ten – and an Omnibus from the Three Tuns every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at same hour.


To Chatham & Rochester, a Coach from the Haunch of Venison every morning at a quarter before ten and evening at five.


To Folkestone, the Times, (from London), calls at the Coach office, High st every day (Sunday excepted), at half past twelve; goes through Lenham, Ashford, Hythe &c.


To Tenterden, a Coach from the Swan every evening (Sunday excepted), at half past six.


VANS - for passengers & goods


To London, from the Haunch of Venison every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at half past seven.


To Ashford, Charing & Lenham from the Swan, every morning, (Sunday excepted), at half past nine and evening at seven.


To Benenden, Cranbrook, Rolvenden & Staplehurst from the Swan every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon at three.


To Canterbury, Boughton, Faversham & Sittingbourne, from the Three Tuns, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at nine.


To Chatham & Rochester, from the Haunch of Venison every day at twelve and afternoon at three and from the Sun every evening at six.


To Cranbrooke, from the Haunch of Venison every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon at two and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening at seven.


To Dover, Folkestone & Hythe, from the Swan, every morning, (Sunday excepted) at ten.


To Hastings from the Sun every morning, (Sunday excepted) at eleven.


To Tonbridge & Tonbridge Wells, from the Swan, every morning, (Sunday excepted), at half past nine and afternoon at five.


To Yalding, from the Queens Head every Tuesday afternoon at half past five and Thursday afternoon at half past six.




To London, Charles BENTON from 72 Bank st, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening and John LARKING from the Sun every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon.


To Ashford, Charing, Harrietsham and Lenham, LUSHINGTON from the Queens Head every Monday & Friday.


To Ashford, Charing, Hythe & Folkestone, Charles BENTON from 72 Bank st, every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday morning.


To Benenden, GODFREY from Warner’s office every Tuesday.


To Biddenden, CATHFORD from the Town Arms every Monday; HOLLAND from the Rose & Crown every Tuesday & Friday; AUSTEN from the Ship every Saturday.


To Bredgar, SAGE & SIMMONDS from the Castle every Thursday & Saturday.


To Brenchley, HANBUEY from the Rose & Crown, every Tuesday & Friday


To Brighton, COXHEAD from the Queens Head every Thursday.


To Burwash & Lewes, William MANWARING, from the Castle every Tuesday.


To Charing, CROUCHER & CACKETT from the George and Haunch of Venison every Tuesday & Saturday.


To Cranbrooke, ROFE from Warner’s office, every Monday & Friday; WILLIAMS from the Monks Head, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.


To Debtling, Edward KNIGHT from the Bell, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.


To Egerton, James COPPINGS from the Castle every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.


To Ewhurst, John RICHARDSON, from the Castle every Friday


To Frittenden, Samuel SOUTHON, from the Town Arms every Monday & Thursday and BARTON from the Ship every Thursday.


To Goudhurst, WAGHORN, from the Haunch of Venison every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.


To Groombridge, CORK from the Rose & Crown, every Monday


To Headcorn, John CHENEY, from the Castle every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.


To Hollingbourne, William BUTCHER, from Warner’s office, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.


To Horsemonden, John HUNTLEY & Richard ALLEN, from the Ship every Tuesday &Thursday.


To Lenham, John WILSON, from the Rose & Crown, every Thursday; HUGHES from Warner’s office, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.


To Lenham & Livington Street, Edward WILSON from the Haunch of Venison every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.


To Malling (East), Henry ALLCHIN, , from Warner’s office, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.


To Malling (West), William BILLINGHURST, from the Castle, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.


To Marden, OSBORNE, from the Ship & PAINE & SHARP from the Ship every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.


To Mereworth, John  EDMETT, from the Rose & Crown, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.


To Milton, HODGES, from the  Haunch of Venison every Tuesday & Friday.


To Northiam, PIPER & GLADWIN, from the Castle, every Tuesday & Friday.


To Peckham (East & West), MILLS from the Rose & Crown, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.


To Pluckley, Joseph ELSE, from the Royal Oak, occasionally.


To Robertsbridge, Robert FUNNELL, from the Queens Head every Friday.


To Rochester, Stephen FRITH, from Jeffery st every night.


To Rolvenden, John SHOREBRIDGE, from the Rose & Crown, every Tuesday & Saturday and WAITE from the Castle every Thursday.


To Smarden, CORNES from the Haunch of Venison every Monday & Thursday and WESTOVER from the Castle every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.


To Staplehurst, CRADDOCK, from the Sun every Monday, Thursday & Saturday.

To Sutton Valence, George COLLINS, from the Sun, every day (Sunday excepted).


To Tenterden, Biddenden and Headcorn, William ROBERTS from the Rodney’s Head, every Tuesday & Saturday and William BENNETT from the Castle every Thursday.


To Tonbridge, John WINCHESTER from Warner’s office, every Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday and William OWEN from the same office every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.


To Tonbridge Wells, SAXBY from the Haunch of Venison every Monday & Thursday and COXHEAD from the Queens Head, every Thursday.


To Wadhurst, Lamberhurst & Wateringbury, Thomas BALDWIN from the Rose & Crown, every Friday.


To Yalding, John SLEAM, from the Rose & Crown every Monday, Thursday & Saturday.




To London, BARLOW, GILL & HILL’S Hoys from Hills wharf, Edward MASON from Waterside, Henry SIMMONDS & Sons from Bridge wharf and Henry DRURY from Drury's wharf every Wednesday & Saturday and Edward WIMBLE’S from Waterside every Friday


* during the hopping season, there are Hoys to London daily.


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