Pigots 1840 - Kent

Loose, Barming, East & West Farleigh, Hunton, Linton, Teston, Wateringbury, Yalding & Nettlestead


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Loose is a village romantically situated between two hills, on the road between Maidstone & Cranbrooke, about two miles and a half south from the former and eleven and a half north from the latter town. A stream of water rushes through this place, and such is its fall that, in a progress of less than two miles, it propels the machinery of no fewer than twelve mills, employed in paper making, grinding corn and oil pressing. Upon an eminence on the south side of this stream stands the church, a venerable structure, dedicated to All Saints, with a square tower surmounted by a spire; the living is a perpetual curacy; in the gift of the Archbishop of Canterbury. (For population see after Nettlestead).


The village of Barming, is two miles and a half W by S from Maidstone, seated upon the river Medway, over which is a stone bridge leading to East Farleigh. The soil in this neighbourhood is peculiarly adapted to the cultivation of hops, and much fruit is annually sent to the London markets. The church, dedicated to St Margaret, has a beautiful spire; the benefice is a rectory, in the presentation of the crown.


East Farleigh and West Farleigh are villages in the parishes adjoining to each other; the former about two miles and a half SW by W from Maidstone; the latter situated on the southern bank of the Medway; the habitations composing it are prettily detached. Its small neat church is dedicated to All Saints; the living is a vicarage, I the presentation of the Dean and Chapter of Rochester – that of East Farleigh is likewise a vicarage, in the patronage of the crown.


About two miles from West Farleigh is the village of Hunton, situated on the river Beult. In the time of Henry II this place was of more importance than it is at the present day – for there was granted to it, through the medium of the then proprietor, Nicholas De Lenham, a charter for holding a weekly market and an annual fair of five days duration; both of these have for ages discontinued. The church a neat modern erection dedicated to St Mary, contains some handsome monuments to the Fane family. Beilby Porteus, successively bishop of Chester and London was rector of the parish of Hunton for twenty-two years.


About three miles from Maidstone, on the road to Cranbrooke is Linton village, in the parish of Linton and Crockhurst and near the great range of hills which bound the Weald on the north. About half a mile from the village, is the well known plain of Coxheath, on which, in time of warfare, large encampments have been formed. The church dedicated to St Nicholas, contains a few monuments of considerable antiquity, and in a good state of preservation; the living is a vicarage, in the presentation of Lord Cornwallis.


Teston is four miles W by S from Maidstone; it is a very inconsiderable village; and possesses nothing worthy of remark but its fine stone bridge over the  Medway and the seat of Lord Barham adjacent to the village. The church is a remarkable small building, is dedicated to St Peter and Saint Paul.


Adjoining Teston is the parish of Wateringbury, the village being situated about five miles W by S From Maidstone. The church a stone structure  has an appearance of great antiquity ; it is dedicated to St John the Baptist; the living is a discharged vicarage in the gift of the Dean and Chapter of Rochester. On a monument in the cemetery, to the memory of Oliver Style Bart. it is recorded in the height of an entertainment given to a party of his friends at Smyrna, every individual except himself, perished by an earthquake. The river Medway forms a part of the southern boundary of this parish, where it works some corn mills.


The village of Yalding, six miles from Maidstone, of all the places under our immediate notice, is perhaps the only one that has any pretensions to trade beyond those of a domestic and agricultural character. It is intersected by several branches of the Medway some of which are navigable by barges, by which a communication is maintained with Chatham and through it with the metropolis &c. by this medium coal and other commodities are supplied to the surrounding villages, and timber and hops in return transmitted. The church is a large old pile, is dedicated to St Peter and St Paul; the benefice is a vicarage, in the patronage of the Rev Richard Ward. In the parish are two free schools. The market once held here has not been attended for many years; but fairs for cattle and hops on Whit Monday and the 15thn October are still frequented.


On the side of the Medway opposite to that which skirts Yalding is the parish of Nettlestead; it does not present anything to attract notice except some remains of the splendid mansion of the Wentworths who were barons of Nettlestead. The parish church dedicated to St Mary, is a structure of small dimensions.


The foregoing villages although inconsiderable in point of trade, are of consequence as having in their neighbourhoods seats and mansions beautifully situated and in a district where the hop plantations are numerous and furnish employment to number of the inhabitants. The several parishes are locally situate in the lathe of Aylesford; and their respective population by the last census, (that of 1831), was as follows: - Loose, 1061; Barming, 565; East Farleigh, 1461; West Farleigh, 892; Hunton, 765; Linton, 723; Teston, 255; Wateringbury, 1109; Yalding, 2460 and Nettlestead 344 inhabitants.


POST OFFICES – Loose, William WELLS, Postmaster; Linton, John CORKE, Postmaster; and Yalding, Richard BAKER, Postmaster. Letters from all parts arrive (by way of Maidstone), every morning and are despatched every afternoon. East & West Farleigh, Hunton and Nettlestead – Letters arrive and are despatched to Maidstone daily.


POST OFFICE  - Wateringbury, Robert JUDE, Postmaster. Letters from London arrive, (by mail cart from Tonbridge), every morning at half past four and are despatched every night at nine. Letters from Maidstone arrive every night at ten and are despatched every morning at four.




ADAMS Mr Richard, Nettlestead

ALCHIN Mr Charles, Linton

ALCHIN Mr William, Linton

ALLSOPP John esq, Linton

ASH Mr William Windham, Loose

ASHBURNER Rev John, Linton

BARHAM Right Hon Lord, Teston

BARHAM Rev Charles H, Barming

BARKER Mrs Anne, Loose

BRIDGELAND Mr Thomas, Barming

BUSBY Mr James, Loose

CHARLTON Mrs Mary, West Farleigh

CHEESEMAN Mr James, Hunton

COBB Rev William Francis, Nettlestead

COPPIN Mr John, Linton

CORNWALLIS Right Hon Earl, Linton place 

DAY Mr Francis, Barming

DAY Mr John, Hunton

DAY Mr Richard, Clock house, Hunton

DUDDY Mr George, Hunton

DUDDY Mr Joseph, Hunton

EARLE Rev Thomas, Wateringbury

ELKIN Thomas Turner esq, Hunton

ELLIS Mr James, Barming

ELVEY Mr Francis, Hunton

FITZHERBERT Sir Hy Bart. West Farleigh

GIBBONS Mr Ambrose, Linton

GILBERT Mr William, Hunton

GODMAN Rev, Linton

GOLDING James esq, Barming

GOLDING Mr Robert, Hunton

GREGORY Rev Francis Thomas, Loose

HARTRIDGE Mr Francis, West Farleigh

JACKSON Joseph esq, West Farleigh

JEDD Rev John, Loose

JEFFERY Mr James, Yalding

JONES Lieutenant Colonel Walter, Hayle place, Loose

LANGRIDGE George esq, Wateringbury

LEWIS Israel esq, West Farleigh

LUCAS Alderman Mathias Prime, Wateringbury place

MARSHAM Capt, Loose

MARSHAM Rev Jacob (DD), Wateringbury

MARTIN Mr John, Hunton

MATTHEWS Mr Thomas, Barming

MERCER Mr Richard, West Farleigh

MERCER Mr Samuel, East Farleigh

MILLER John esq, Bow hill, Yalding

MILLER Mr John, Hunton

MILLER Mr Richard, Linton

MILLS Thomas esq, Burston house, Hunton

MOORE Rev Robert, Hunton

NAISH Mr William, Loose

NOEL Hon & Rev Francis, Teston

PEENE The Misses, Loose

PENFOLD Mr Edward, Loose

RANGER Mr John, Hunton

RILEY Mr Richard, Loose

ROCHESTER The Very Rev. The Dean of, West Farleigh

RUSSELL MR Edward, Linton

SCOONS Mr Henry, Barming

SCOONS Mr Richard, Hunton

SHAW Mrs Capt, Linton

SHEDWICH Mr Thomas, Clock house, Linton

SHEPHARD Mr Henry, Nettlestead

SPRINGETT Charles esq, Linton

SPRINGETT Mr John, Linton

SPRINGETT Mr John, East Farleigh

STACEY Mr Courtney, Loose

STARNES Mr Lawrence C, Yalding

STARNES Mr Richard, Yalding

STONE Mr Benjamin, Nettlestead

TAPSFIELD Mr Thomas, East Farleigh

TURNER Richard esq, East Farleigh

TURNER Thomas esq, East Farleigh

WARD Rev Richard, Yalding

WARD Rev Richard jun, Yalding

WARD Mr William, Yalding

WHITEHEAD Richard esq, West Farleigh

WLBERFORCE Rev Robert Isaac, Barming

WOOD Mr William, Loose

WOODBRIDGE Jas esq, Wateringbury




EARLE Rev Thomas, (boarding), Wateringbury

ENGLISH Mary, (day), Yalding

Free School, Loose, John SMITH, master; Charlotte SMITH, mistress

Free School, Yalding, William WILLIAMS, master

KING Misses, (boarding & day), Wateringbury

MAY Wigram, (day), Loose

National School for East & West Farleigh, William POPE, master

WILLIAMS William, (boarding & day), Yalding




FREMLIN Jonathan Jos, Wateringbury

FREMLIN Joseph, Wateringbury

FRENCH John, Yalding

MOORE John, Loose




BEADLE John, Wateringbury

BEECHER Richard, Yalding

BRISCOE Benjamin, Barming


CHIITENDEN William, Yalding

CRISP John, Loose

FRY William, Yalding

GASKIN John, Barming

GROOMBRIDGE Richard, East Farleigh

GROOMBRIDGE Thomas, West Farleigh

SHEPHARD John, Wateringbury

TAPSFIELD Joseph, Barming



TURNER George, East Farleigh




CRIPPS George, Wateringbury

CRUMP William, Yalding

ELGAR James, Loose

FEATHERSTONE William, Wateringbury

FOSTER John, East Farleigh

GILES George, Yalding

KENNARD John, Yalding

LAMBERT John, Yalding

LARKIN John, Loose

LURCOCK William, Barming

LURCOCK William, West Farleigh

MAJOR John, Loose

MORECRAFT Thomas, Linton

PARKER William, Hunton

RICHARDSON Henry, Wateringbury


WATERS Henry, Hunton

WELLER Henry, Wateringbury

WOLLARD George, Linton





JUDE John Beal, Wateringbury

KEMP Thomas, Loose

LENEY Charles, Wateringbury

PIERSON William, Loose




BAKER Robert, Yalding

BALDWIN William, Wateringbury

COLEBROOK William, Loose

DANN George, Linton

DUDDY Thomas, Hunton

HARRIS Richard, Wateringbury

MEAD William, Loose

PHILPOT Thomas, Wrest Farleigh

SKINNER Edward, Loose

WEDD George, Yalding




DANN Daniel, Hunton

FLEET William, West Farleigh

GAMMON William, Linton

GIBBON John, Wateringbury

HODGE & WEBB, Yalding

HODGE John, Wateringbury

MILLER John, East Farleigh

PERRIN Charles, Wateringbury

RANGER James, Yalding

SHEDGETT William, Loose

THOMPSON Thomas, Loose

WOOD James, Loose


GROCERS & DRAPERS – see also Shopkeepers &c.


ALLINGHAM Richard, Wateringbury

ASHBY John, Linton

GREEN Thomas, East Farleigh

HYDE Robert, Loose

JUDE Robert, Wateringbury

LUCK Henry, Teston

LUCK Thomas, (& tallow chandler), Yalding

RANDALL John, (& fruiterer), Loose

SCOONS Richard, Hunton

SPRINGETT Cornelius, Linton

TOMKIN William, Yalding

WELLS William, Loose




CHARLTON Thomas Parfect, Loose

KEMP Thomas, Loose

LENEY Charles, Wateringbury




CHARLTON Thomas Parfect, Loose

FREMLIN James, Wateringbury

MERCER William, Hunton

MILLS William, Loose

WILSON John & William, Loose




HUBBLE Robert, Yalding

WALTER & Son, Wateringbury

WELLS Thomas, Linton




GREEN Samuel, Hayle mill, Loose

HOLLINGWORTH John Thomas & John, Loose

SMITH & ALLNUTT, Lower Tovil & Ivy Mills




FREEMAN James, Wateringbury

RANDALL Thomas, Yalding








ALCHIN Henry, Coxheath

BEECHER Robert, Yalding

FARMER Thomas, Coxheath

GASCOIN Elizabeth, Loose

JOY John, Loose

LATTER Thomas, Yalding

LURCOCK William, Barming

MARSHALL Henry, Barming

WOOD James, Loose




AYERST John, Loose

GOULD Henry Merton, Wateringbury

POUT Henry, Yalding




BEECHER Robert, Yalding

COOK Thomas, Wateringbury

CORKE John, Linton

FRENCH Richard, Loose

HUMPHREYS William, Wateringbury

JUPP Thomas, Loose

MILLER Henry, Yalding

ONGLEY Charles, Wateringbury

WARRINGTON William, Yalding

WATERS James, Loose




Anchor, John BALDWIN, Yalding

Bird in Hand, George SANDS, Coxheath

Bull, George CRITTENDEN, East Farleigh

Bull, Elizabeth FOSTER, Linton

Bull, James HARDS, Barming

Bull, George POPE, Hunton

Bull, William WARRINGTON, Yalding

Chequers, Susannah PAIN, Loose

Chequers, John PHILPOT, West Farleigh

Chequers, Richard SHOEBRIDGE, Yalding

Dukes Head, Dav, BOWMAN, Wateringbury

Fountain, Henry THOMAS, Barming

George, George MEERS, Yalding

Horse Shoe, Samuel SPRINGETT, Coxheath

Kentish Hoy, David WRAIGHT, Nettlestead

Kings Arms, John BANK, Loose

Kings Head, Edward FREEMAN, Wateringbury

North Pole, William, HUGGETT, Wateringbury

Star, William TANCETT, Coxheath

Swan, Joseph GREEN, Loose

Two Brewers, Joseph SAMWAY, Yalding




COPPING John, East Farleigh

EVE Thomas, Loose

HARRISON William, Barming

HYDE William, Loose

PEARSON & GOODWIN, Wateringbury

POPE George, Hunton

SKINNER Robert, East Farleigh

THOMPSON Thomas, Linton

WHITE Samuel, Yalding




BAKER Richard, hairdresser, Yalding

BEADLE William, currier &c, Yalding

CHARLTON William, wharfinger to the Medway Navigation Co. Yalding

FRENCH John, ironmonger and watch maker, Yalding

GREEN Joseph, coal & corn dealer, Loose

KING John, Fire Office Agent, Wateringbury

ROGERS Reuben, cooper, Yalding

SKINNER William, fruiterer, Loose

STONE Isaac, bricklayer, East Farleigh


COACHES – calling at the Kings Head, Wateringbury


To London, the Reliance, (from Maidstone), every morning at a quarter before nine, and the Tally Ho at half past nine.


To Brighton & Tonbridge, the Royal Blue, (from Rochester), every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday morning at eleven.


To Maidstone, the Reliance, (from London), every afternoon at half past five and the Tally Ho at half past six.


To Rochester, the Royal Blue, (from Brighton), every Monday, Wednesday & Friday afternoon at four.


VANS – for passengers and goods


To Maidstone, a Van, from the Bull, Yalding every Thursday morning and Vans to and from Maidstone and Tonbridge pass through Wateringbury daily.




To London, George BAKER, from Wateringbury – George LARKIN from Teston and Thomas ROOF from Yalding every Monday and Thursday.


To Maidstone, William ASHDOWN & John KING, from Yalding every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.



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