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Littlebourne, Beakesbourne, Bridge & Patrixbourne


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Littlebourne is a village and parish in the lathe of St Augustine and hundred of Downhamford, situate on the road from Canterbury to Deal, four miles E from the former and fourteen WNW from the latter town. A branch of the Stour runs by the village and works four corn mills. The church dedicated to St Vincent, stands at the east end of the village; it does not possess anything internally or externally to claim description; the benefice is a vicarage, in the patronage of the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury. A fair is held is held here on the 5th July. Population of the parish in 1831, 733.


Beaksbourne is a parish within the cinque port liberty of Hastings, in the hundred of Bridge and Petham and lathe of St Augustine. The church dedicated to St Peter, stands about three miles and a half ESE from Canterbury; the living is a vicarage, in the patronage of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Population 351.


The village of Bridge, in the parish so called, is in the hundred of Bridge and Petham. Lathe of St Augustine, three miles SE from Canterbury – situated on the high road to Dover and watered by the Little Stour. The church is dedicated to St Peter; the living is a perpetual curacy annexed to Patrixbourne vicarage, in the Archdeaconry and diocess of Canterbury. The parish at the last census, contained 543 inhabitants.


Situated between Bridge and Littlebourne, lies the small parish of Patrixbourne. The church dedicated to St Mary, stands about three miles southeast from Canterbury – it is a small edifice, chiefly in the Norman style of architecture; the benefice is a vicarage, with the curacy of Bridge annexed, in the presentation of E. TAYLOR Esq. A Priory of Augustine friars, was founded here in the thirteenth century, but no traces of the building are discernable. Population of the parish 280.


POST OFFICE – at the William the Fourth, Littlebourne, William WANSTALL, Postmaster. Letters from London arrive (by foot post from Canterbury), every morning at eight and are despatched every evening at eight.


POST OFFICE – Bridge, William SHERRARD, Postmaster. Letters from London arrive (by foot post from Canterbury), every morning at seven and are despatched every evening at half past six.




ANDREWS Mrs Eleanor, Bridge

BRICE Mr Richard, Bridge place

CARTER Mr George, Beaksbourne

CONYNGHAM the Marchioness of, Bifrons

DENNE Denne esq, Littlebourne

FISENDEN Peter esq, Bridge

GARDNER Robert esq, Beaksbourne

GIBBS Mr Jennings, Littlebourne

GIPPS George esq, Howletts

GIPPS Mrs Henry, Dean, Ickham

HALLET Rev Jas Hughes, Higham

HARTLEY Mrs Elizabeth, Bridge

HARTLEY Mr James, Bridge

HILTON Musgrave esq, Brambling house

JAMES Capt, Parsonage, Littlebourne

KENRICK Miss, Littlebourne

KENRICK Miss, Bourne house, Bishopsbourne

LADE Rev William, Wickham

LANSBERRY Mr John, Bridge

MULCASTER General Sir Frederick William, Bishopsbourne

SIMONS Rev Nicholas, Ickham

SWANN Captain Frederick Dashwood, Lee Priory

WOODCOCK Rev John, Vicarage




BOYACK Deborah, (boarding), Bridge

PAUL Samuel, (boarding), Bridge




FOSTER John, Littlebourne

HORTON John, Bridge

NOBLE Richard, Littlebourne

SHAXBY Charles, Bridge

THORP Edward, Littlebourne




BRIGGS William, Littlebourne

FAGG William, Bridge

PERRY Edward, Littlebourne




COX William, Littlebourne

COX William jun, Littlebourne

DYASON John, Bridge

GILLOW John, Littlebourne

HORN Jarvis, (& leather seller), Littlebourne

ROYCE James, Bridge

TRITTON William, Littlebourne

WHITE Thomas, Bridge




INGE May, (& maltster), Littlebourne

WILLIAMS William, Bridge




BEARD Samuel, Bridge

TAPPENDEN John, (& lime burner), Ickham




COLEGATE Frederick, Bridge

JARVIS & CICILY, Littlebourne

WOOD Joseph, (& setter of brewers coppers on improved principles), Littlebourne




DUTHOIT Peter, Littlebourne

HODGES Charles, Bridge

JARVIS Richard, Bridge




BELCHER John, Beaksbourne

COLEGATE Frederick, Bridge

JARVIS & CICILY, Littlebourne

LAWRENCE Giles, Littlebourne

READ Robert, Littlebourne




DAVIS Charles, Bridge

GODDEN William, Beaksbourne

HARDEMAN Samuel, (& watch maker), Bridge

HOLMAN Henry Jones, (& draper), Littlebourne

HOOKER Charles, Bridge

WILLIAMS Henry, Bridge




JOHNSON Thomas, Bridge

KINGSFORD Alfred, Littlebourne

KINGSFORD Richard, (& coal merchant), Seaton wharf




EWELL William, Littlebourne

SAYER William, Bridge

SMITH John, Littlebourne

VERRIER William (& painter), Bridge




Anchor, John WYVER, Littlebourne

Red Lion, Thomas HAWKINS, Bridge

White Horse, Richard SHERRARD, Bridge

William the Fourth, William WANSTALL, Littlebourne




HOVELL Charles, Littlebourne and at Canterbury

SICARD Amilius, Bridge




LAWRENCE Giles, Littlebourne

READ Robert, Littlebourne




COLLARD Thomas, tailor, Bridge

DILNOT John, linen manufacturer, Bridge

DYASON Mary Ann, straw hat maker, Bridge

HOLMAN Chas, registrar of births & deaths &c., and market gardener, Littlebourne

JOHNSON Thomas, bricklayer, Littlebourne

MARTIN John, saddler, Bridge

NOBLE Robert, tailor, Littlebourne

REAKES George, veterinary surgeon, Littlebourne

ROCKLIFFE Rebecca, dressmaker, Littlebourne

Union Poorhouse, Littlebourne- William FORTH, governor

WEEKES Capon, tanner & currier, Littlebourne

WOOD Misses, milliners, Littlebourne




To and from London, Canterbury, Deal & Sandwich pass through Littlebourne and Bridge daily.



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