Pigots 1840 - Kent

Lewisham, Blackheath, Southend, Sydenham. Lee & neighbourhoods


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Lewisham is a most respectable village and parish in the hundred of Blackheath and lathe of Sutton at Hone, six miles mad a half SE from London and about one from Greenwich, situate on the river Ravensbourne; the village extending about a mile along the Tonbridge road. It is inhabited by a great number of opulent merchants and tradesmen, who have selected this pleasant and healthful neighbourhood as a place of retirement from business. The inhabitants are supplied with water from a stream rising at the upper end of the village and flowing through it. The Surrey canal passes through the village and the Ravensbourne propels the machinery of several corn mills. The Earl of Dartmouth is lord of the manor, and holds by his steward, a manorial court once a year. The county magistrates hold a weekly session here every Monday and the jurisdiction of the court of requests at Greenwich extends over this parish, the vestry here contributing twelve commissioners.  The dedicated to St Mary, was rebuilt in 1774; it is an elegant structure, with a square tower at the western end and a portico, the latter much admired for its lightness and beauty; the benefice is a vicarage in the gift of the Earl of Dartmouth and incumbency of the Hon and Rev Henry Legge. There are Episcopal chapels at Sydenham & Blackheath, within the parish and places of worship for independents, Wesleyan Methodists and Unitarians. Many seminaries of the highest character are established in Lewisham and its vicinity.  Among its charities are a grammar school, founded by the Rev Abraham COLFE (see Blackheath); almshouses endowed by the same benevolent divine; and the union workhouse. The entire parish (including a portion of Blackheath and the hamlet of Sydenham), contained a population in 1831 of 9659 inhabitants.


Contiguous to Greenwich Park, and included in the parishes of Greenwich, Lewisham and Lee in the hundred of its name an same lathe as Greenwich, is the village of Blackheath; within the last century it was what its name implies, a black heath, with scarcely any habitations; this appearance has however, for along period, been completely changed, and it now presents some splendid edifices, and innumerable elegant villas and mansions; amongst these the Paragon, a range of superb residences, stands eminently conspicuous. At South Vale are convenient and well fitted up baths. A new church, the design and execution of which reflects much credit upon the architect, Mr G Smith, has within these few years been erected in Blackheath Park by T Cater esq; there are likewise two Episcopal chapels here, and a free grammar school for thirty one boys of Lewisham and the adjoining parishes and for the sons of clergymen of the hundred of Blackheath, founded in 1652 by the Rev Abraham Colfe, with seven exhibitions of £10 each, to either of the universities; there are also a British school and other smaller schools, efficiently supported by the respectable residents of this district; and a college called Morden college, founded and endowed in 1695 by Sir John Morden Bart., an eminent Turkey merchant. Blackheath is one of the polling stations at the election of members for West Kent, Fairs for cattle are held here on the 12th May and 11th October. The population is returned with several parishes in which Blackheath is situated.


Southend and Sydenham are two genteel little villages and hamlets in the parish of Lewisham, the latter celebrated for several medicinal springs of a cathartic quality said to be similar to that of the Epsom waters. Many respectable and opulent families inhabit both villages. In each place is a chapel of ease; and on the common of Sydenham a very handsome church has recently been erected, as likewise a schoolhouse, where poor children of the neighbourhood are instructed.


About one mile from Lewisham, in the same hundred and lathe, on the Eltham road, is the parish of Lee. The church dedicated to St Margaret has several handsome monuments; the living is a vicarage, in the patronage of the crown. There are two proprietary grammar schools, highly patronised and admirably conducted; and alms houses founded and endowed by Christopher Boon in 1683, now vested in the company of merchant tailors of London. The parish of Lee has the privilege of sending one boy to the grammar school established by the Rev Mr Colfe at Blackheath. The amount of population as returned in 1831, was 1108.


POST OFFICE – Dartmouth row, Blackheath, Simon SOUTHORN, Postmaster Letters from London arrive every morning at ten and afternoon at two and five and are despatched every morning at a quarter past nine, afternoon at a quarter past four and night at eight


POST OFFICE – (Threepenny), South Vale, Blackheath, Ebenezer LARWILL, Postmaster. Letters from London arrive every morning at eight, noon at twelve, afternoon at three, evening at six and are despatched every morning at nine, afternoon at one and four and night at a quarter before eight


POST OFFICE – Lee Green, Edward Russell MOONEY, Postmaster; North Lewisham, James LINDSEY, Postmaster; and South Lewisham, Susan CORBETT, Postmistress. Letters arrive every night at nine and are despatched every morning at nine.


POST OFFICE - Southend, Ann PLEDGER, Postmistress. Letters from London arrive every afternoon (Sunday excepted), at one and evening at six and are despatched every morning at eight and evening at six.


POST OFFICE – Sydenham, John ANDREWS, Postmaster. Letters from London arrive every morning at half past ten and evening at five and are despatched every morning at nine and afternoon at four.




Gloucester Her Royal Highness the Princess Sophia Matilda. Blackheath

ABSOLAM George esq, Dartmouth Row

ACKERMAN Mr Rudolph, Lee

AINSTIE Mr George, Blackheath

ALLEN Robert esq, Dartford place

ALLEN Septimus Thomas esq, Lewisham

ALLEN Thomas esq, Elliott place, Blackheath

ANDERSON Mrs Elizabeth, Blackheath hill

ANNAN Miss Mary, St German’s terrace, Blackheath

APLIN the Misses, Dartmouth terrace

ASHMEAD Mr William, Upper Park place

ASHTON Mr Thomas, Lee



BAILEY Mr Jas C, Germans Terrace, Blackheath

BARING Francis esq, Lee

BARKER Mr Robert, Germans Terrace, Blackheath

BARNETT Richard esq, Blackheath park

BARTLETT Mrs Jane, Lee

BATARD Thomas B esq, Sydenham

BATLEY Mr William, Lee

BENTLEY Mr Robert, Blackheath

BILL Mr Robert, Blackheath park

BISHOP Samuel esq, p Paragon, Blackheath

BLAKE Mr John, Elliott cottage

BOLTON John Henry esq, Lee

BOND Mr John, South row

BOWDLER Rev Thomas, Peak hill

BOWLES Mrs Jane, Blackheath

BRANDRAM Thomas esq, Lee grove

BRIDGES Mr, Rushey green

BRIDGES Mr William, Lee

BROADLEY Mrs Sophia, Upper Park road

BROMLEY Mr Richard, 8 Montpelier row, Blackheath

BROWN Col, 14 Paragon, Blackheath

BROWN Miss, Lee

BRUCE James esq, Lee

BUCK Mr, Upper Park place

BUCKINGHAM the Hon, the Countess Dowager of, Blackheath

BUNCE Mr James, Blackheath park

BUNN Mr Edward Thomas, Peak hill

BURFORD John, esq, Elliott vale, Blackheath

BURGESS John esq, Blackheath park

BURT Mr C J F, 1 St Germans terrace, Blackheath

BUTCHER Capt Samuel Jas, Rushey green

BUTLER Mr William, Hither green, Lewisham

CALDECOTT Mrs Frances, Lewisham

CALDECOTT Mr William, Lewisham

CASTENDIECK John esq, Lewisham

CHAPMAN John esq, Blackheath park

CLEILAND Major General, St Germans place, Blackheath

COCKING Rev John, Peak hill

COLLINS the Misses Julia and Ann, Blackheath

COVILLE Edward Dodd esq, Catford hill

CONSTABLE Mr Abraham, Hither green, Lewisham

COOK James esq, Blackheath park

COOPER Mr Henry, Elliott place, Blackheath

COOPER Spencer esq, Blackheath


COUSINS James esq, 8 Paragon

COVE Mrs Eliz. Grove, Blackheath

COX Thomas esq, Dartmouth row, Blackheath

CRIGHTON Mr Benjamin, Lee

CUDLIP Mrs Eliz, Brunswick place, Blackheath

CURLING Mr William, Grove, Blackheath

CUST Hon. William, Elliott’s lodge, Blackheath

DALE Miss. Lee

DARAUER Mrs Mary Ann, South row, Blackheath

DAVIS Mrs Elizabeth, Rushey green

DAWSON James, Dartford place

DE NONE Mr Alexander, Blackheath

DE ZOTE Mr Herman, 5 St Germans terrace, Blackheath

DICK Capt Thomas (RN), Dartmouth terrace


DOLLMAN Mr Edward, Southend

DRAWBRIDGE George Henry (MD), Lee

DUDEN Henry esq, Sydenham

DUMAS Colonel Peter, Bridge place, Lewisham

EAGLETON Mr Edward, 16 Montpelier row, Blackheath

EDGERTON Mr William, Southend

ELLIOTT Mr Robert, Lewisham

ENDERBY Mr Charles, Grove, Blackheath

EVE Mr Edmund Long, Lee

EWINGS Mrs, Sydenham

FADEN Mrs, Lee

FAINT Mr John, Sydenham

FAMIN Mr Peter Edward, Lee

FARQUAHAR Jas esq, Dartmouth row, Blackheath

FARRER Capt William Elijah (RN), Lee

FEAD Colonel George, Lewisham

FEARNELL Mrs Clara, Dartmouth terrace, Lewisham

FENN Rev Joseph, Blackheath park

FERGUSON Hugh esq, Sandwell place, Lewisham

FERRIER Capt (RN), Blackheath

FITCH Mr Thomas, Hither green, Lewisham

FITZGERALD esq, Rushey green

FLETCHER Mr George, Lewisham

FORBES Mrs Matilda, 3 St Germans terrace, Blackheath

FORSTER Capt Henry, Southend

FORSTER Samuel esq, Southend

FRERE Mr Jas Hatley, Lee

GOODWIN Miss Jenny, Blackheath park

GORDON Mrs Adam, Blackheath park

GORDON Michael esq, Blackheath park

GRANGER Samuel esq, Elliott place, Blackheath

GRAY John Edward esq, Elliott place, Blackheath

GREEN Mrs Ann, Montpelier row, Blackheath

GREENLAW Rev Richard B, St Germans place, Blackheath

GREIG Capt James, Lewisham hill

GRIFFITH Mr George, Lee

GUDGE Mr Jas, St Germans place, Blackheath

HADLEY Mrs Mary Ann, Lewisham

HALL Capt John (RN), Blackheath park

HALL Mrs Maria, Dartmouth terrace, Lewisham

HALLIBURTON Mrs Elizabeth, Upper Park place


HAMILTON Rev Thomas Newte, Lee

HANNAFORD Mr Thomas, Lee

HANNAH Mrs Eliz, Upper Park place

HANSMAN Baswell esq, 12 Paragon, Blackheath

HANSON Mrs Rebecca, 1 Paragon, Blackheath

HARRISON Mr William, St Germans terrace, Blackheath

HARTSHORNE John William esq, Blackheath

HAY Mr Andrew, Lee

HAYS Mr Charles William, Perry hill

HEISCH Frederick esq, Blackheath

HENRICKS Henry esq, Blackheath park

HERMITAGE Mr James, Rushey green

HEWETT Capt William (RN), Lee

HICKS Captain Raymond, Lee

HINDSLEY Mr Paul, Rushey green

HOLLIGAN Miss Rebecca, Upper Park place

HOLMES Mr George, Lee

HOLMES Mr William Henry, Lewisham

HOLMES Mrs Sarah, Lewisham bridge

HOLNESS William esq, Peak hill

HOOKEY Fras Bligh esq, Blackheath

HOPPE James esq, Elliott place, Blackheath

HOSMER Capt Henry, Lewisham

HOWELL Mr Jno, 14 Montpelier row, Blackheath

HUNT George esq, Point, Blackheath

HURST Mrs Martha, Loampit hill, Lewisham

HUTCHINSON Miss, 4 Paragon, Blackheath

HUTTON Rev Thomas Palmer, Sydenham

HYDE Capt Samuel, Lee

JACKSON George Jno esq, Blackheath park

JACKSON Jos esq, St Germans place, Blackheath

JOAD Mrs Harriet, Dartmouth row

JOHNSON Mrs Charlotte, Lewisham

JOHNSON the Misses, Rushey green

JOHNSTON Mrs Margaret, Park place, Lee

JONES Mr Thomas, 6 St Germans terrace, Blackheath

KEMBLE Mrs Elizabeth, Sydenham

KEMP Mr James, Blackheath park

KENSINGTON Mr, Grove, Blackheath

KENSINGTON Mrs Chas, Blackheath park

KING Mr William, Blackheath park

LACKINGTON Mrs Mary, Home’s dale. Lewisham

LAMB Mrs Martha, Rushey green

LAMB Miss Mary, Blackheath

LAMBERT Mr John, Blackheath park

LANCE Mr James, Sydenham

LATHAM Mrs Mary, Dartmouth terrace, Lewisham

LAWES Mr Serjeant, 12 Montpelier row, Blackheath

LAWRENCE Joseph esq, 5 Paragon, Blackheath

LAWRENCE Mr Thomas, Lee

LAWRIE John esq, Sydenham

LAWRIE Mrs, Westwood house, Sydenham

LAWTON John esq, 2 Paragon, Blackheath

LEDGER Edward jun esq, Lewisham lane

LEDGER Miss Elizabeth, Dartmouth terrace, Lewisham

LEE Mrs Susannah, Hither green, Lewisham

LEE Mr Jas, Loampit dale, Lewisham

LEECH Miss Eliz, Dartmouth terrace, Lewisham

LEGGE Hon Lady Arthur, Elliot hill, Blackheath

LEGGE Major Arthur Jas, Blackheath

LEGGE Hon Henry, Dartmouth grove

LEGGE Hon & Rev Hy, Blackheath hill

LEWIS Charles esq, Blackheath park

LIDDELL Mrs Charlotte, Blackheath

LIMBERY Captain William (RN), Montpelier row, Blackheath

LINDSAY Captain John, Lewisham

LINGHAM Mrs Elizabeth, Lee

LLOYD Rev Thomas, Lee

LOCKE Rev George, Lee

LOWCOCK Mr Henry, Blackheath Park

LOWELL Mrs Margaret, 13 Paragon, Blackheath

LOWNDES Thomas esq, Blackheath

LUCK Edward esq, 11 Paragon, Blackheath

M’GILVERY Simon esq, Dartmouth row

MALIN Mr Paul, Sydenham

MARCH Mr William, Lee

MARSH William, esq, Blackheath park

MARDLE Mr William, Elliott cottage, Blackheath

MARSH Rev William, Mordens, College, Blackheath

MARSHALL Thomas esq, Cresswell park, Blackheath

MARTIN Mr David, Lee

MARTIN Admiral Sir George, Lee

MARTIN Mr John, Southend road

MATHEWS Miss My, Dartmouth Row, Blackheath


MAWLEY Mr Robert Richard, Blackheath

MAY Mrs John, 8 St Germans terrace, Blackheath

MAYOW Miss M W, Sydenham

MILES Lewis Charles esq, Sandwell place, Lewisham

MILES Mrs Mary, Dartmouth terrace, Lewisham

MILES the Misses, Sandwell place, Lewisham

MILLER Mrs Catherine, Grove, Blackheath

MILLER Robert esq, Blackheath park

MOORE Mrs Elizabeth, Lee

MOORE Mrs Jane, Montpelier row, Blackheath

MORGAN Rev Ewan, Lewisham

MORTIMER Mr William, Lewisham hill

MOYLE Mrs Charlotte, Blackheath

MUNN Mrs Martha, Dartmouth row, Blackheath

MUNRO Mr, Blackheath

NEWDIGATE Francis esq, Dartmouth house, Blackheath

NEWTON Mr Benjamin, Lee

NICHOLLS Mr William, Blackheath park

NIGHTINGALE Miss Rebecca, South row, Blackheath

NIX John esq, Sydenham

NORMAN Mr Robert, Blackheath park

NORTON the Misses, Lewisham

NUNN Mr Robert, Lewisham

OLIVER Mrs Grace, Rushey green

OLIVER Admiral Jno, Blackheath park

OSWALD Edward esq, Catford hill

OSWALD Thomas esq, Lewisham

OWEN Mr William Timbrell, North Park, Lewisham

PAINTER Mr Jno, 13 Montpelier row, Blackheath

PARKER Mr Jas, St Germans place, Blackheath

PARKER Mr Thomas, South row, Blackheath

PASKIN Mr Chas, Upper Park place, Blackheath

PATERSON Richard esq, Elliott place, Blackheath

PEARCE MR George, Upper Park place, Blackheath

PENCHEN Mrs Mary, Blackheath

PERKINS Charles esq, Southend

PHILLIPS Mr Joseph, Rushey green

PRAT Miss Eliza, Lewisham

PRITCHARD Mrs, Lewisham

PONTIFEX Mr William, 7 Montpelier row, Blackheath

POOLE Miss, Montpelier row, Blackheath

POSTLE Mr Robert, Grove, Blackheath

POTT MR Frederick William, Southend road

POTTICARY Rev George, Elliott place, Blackheath

PRENDERGAST Rev Jos, Lewisham hill

PRICE Mr Jno, Home’s dale, Lewisham

PRICE Ralph esq, Sydenham

PRICKETT Jno George esq, Blackheath park

PRIOR Samuel esq, South row, Blackheath

PRITCHARD Mrs Sarah, Upper Park place, Blackheath

PROSSEY Rev Samuel, Blackheath park

RANKING Henry esq, Blackheath park

RANKING John esq, Elliott vale, Blackheath

RASCH Jno Peter esq, Blackheath park

RAY William, esq, Lee

READ Mr Edward, Myrtle place, Blackheath

READ Mr George, Blackheath park

REES Captain John, Lee

REMMINGTON Samuel esq, Lee

RICHARDSON Jas M esq, Blackheath park

RICHARDSON Mrs Lawford, St Germans place, Blackheath

RICHARDSON Pelham esq., Dartmouth grove, Blackheath

RITCHIE Mrs Sarah, Blackheath road

RIVINGTON John esq, Sydenham

ROBINSON Mr Jno, St Germans place, Blackheath

ROGERS Frederick Lomas esq, Elliott place, Blackheath

ROLLESTON Mr Henry, Blackheath hill

ROLT Peter esq, Blackheath park

ROUTH William esq, Elliott Vale, Blackheath

ROWLAND Mr Alexander Rosenthal, Rushey green

SAMLER William esq, Blackheath park

SEDGWICK Mrs Jane, 6 Paragon, Blackheath

SELBY George esq, Ravensbourne park

SELBY William Coleman esq,

SHEEPSHANK Jno esq, Blackheath park

SHEPHARD Rev Jno, Dartmouth row, Blackheath

SHIPMAN Thomas esq, Ravensbourne terrace, Lewisham

SHIRREFF Dr Jas Hales (MD), Dartmouth place, Blackheath

SHUTER Thomas Allen esq, Lee

SIMMONS Lewis M esq, 10 Paragon, Blackheath

SIMONS the Misses, Lewisham

SKEGGS Mr John, Lee

SLADEN Joseph esq, Grovehouse, Lee

SMALLBONE Mrs Mary, Lewisham

SMITH Benj esq, Blackheath park

SMITH Mrs Elizabeth, Sydenham

SMITH Mr Frederick, Lee

SMITH Haskett esq, Sydenham

SMITH J L esq, Lee

SMITH Mr Jas, Blackheath park

SMITH Mr Richard, Lewisham

SMYTH Mrs, Sydenham

SNELL Capt Samuel, Blackheath

SNEYD Mrs, Dartmouth row, Blackheath

STAINTON Henry esq, Lewisham

STEELE Mr John, Lewisham

STEVENS Mr William, Perry hill

STEWART Miss Beatrice, Dartmouth terrace, Lewisham

STOKES Mrs Ann, Dartmouth terrace, Lewisham

STOKES Mr Robert, Lee

STONES Miss Sarah, Dartmouth grove, Blackheath

STOW Miss Harriet, Lewisham

STOW Mr Thomas, Lee

STRATFIELD William esq, Elliott vale, Blackheath

STRICKLAND Henry Stone esq, Grove, Blackheath

STUART Mr William George, Lee

STURICK Captain Henry (RN), Montpelier row, Blackheath

SUTHERLAND Mr Charles, Lee

TAYLOR George esq, Lee

TEAR Mr George, 7 St Germans terrace, Blackheath

TENBROEKE William, esq, Lee


THACKERAY John esq, Priory, Lewisham

THOMAS Mr James, Southend

THOMAS Lawrence esq, Lee park

THOMAS William esq, Perry hill

THORNHILL Jno esq, Blackheath park

THORPE Mr Jonathan, Elliott place, Blackheath

TILFORD Chas esq, Blackheath park

TIMPSON Rev Thomas, Hither green, Lewisham

TOMLIN Captain, Blackheath park

TOPLISS Mrs, Perry hill

TOWNSHEND Mr William, Lee

TRAIL Jas esq, Morden hill, Lewisham

TRAIN Mrs Jane, Dartmouth terrace, Lewisham

TROUNCE Capt Edward (RN), St Germans place, Blackheath

TYLER Mr Richard, Langley farm, Rushey green, Lewisham

ULLITHORNE Mr Richard, Catford hill

WAKELIN Mrs Martha, Montpelier row, Blackheath

WALKER Mrs Elizabeth, Grove, Blackheath

WALKER Mrs Sophy, 15 Montpelier row, Blackheath

WALL Mr Samuel, Lee Green

WALLACE Mrs Louisa, Sydenham

WALLEY Mr Joseph, Lewisham hill

WARNER Mrs Mary, 7 Paragon, Blackheath

WARNER Simeon esq, South row, Blackheath

WARREN Jno esq, St Germans place, Blackheath

WATERS Mr Jos Henry, South row, Blackheath

WATSON Mrs Col., Blackheath

WATSON John esq, Peak hill

WELLER Capt Chas (RN), Lewisham

WELLS Mrs Mary Keeble, Bridge place, Lewisham

WELSFORD Mrs, Sydenham

WELSH Rev Jno, Sandwell place, Lewisham

WESTMORELAND Mrs Sarah, Sydenham

WHISTLER the Misses, Lewisham hill

WHITE Mr John Meadows, Lee

WHITMARSH Herbert esq, Ravensbourne terrace, Lewisham

WHITMARSH Thomas esq, Grove cottage, Blackheath

WILDERIDGE Mrs Charlotte, 4 St Germans terrace, Blackheath

WILKINSON Edward esq, Point house, Blackheath

WILKINSON Mr Joshua Edward, Catford hill

WILLIAMS Mr James, Lee

WILLIS Henry esq, Lewisham

WILLIS Mr Joseph, St Germans place, Blackheath

WILLOUGHBY Henry esq, Dartmouth grove, Blackheath

WILSON Mr John, Montpelier row, Blackheath

WILSON Wm esq, Windmills, Blackheath

WINCKWORTH Mrs Sarah, St Germans place

WINTER Mrs Harriet, Rushey green

WOOD Mrs Ann, Lewisham

WOODMASS Mrs Ann, 9 St Germans terrace, Blackheath

WRAY Robert esq, Elliott place, Blackheath

WRIGHT William Charlton esq, Charlton cottage,

WROTTESLEY Hon John, Montpelier row, Blackheath

YEARWOOD Mrs, Elliott place, Blackheath

YEOMAN Mr John, Blackheath park

YOUNG Edward esq, Dartmouth grove, Blackheath

YOUNG Captain James, Lee

YOUNG Captain Robert, Lee


ACADEMIES & SCHOOLS – not otherwise described are Day Schools


ASHDOWN Elizabeth, Loampit hill, Lewisham

ATKINS Elizabeth, (boarding), Lee

BAKER Misses, (preparatory gents boarding), Sydenham

BIRKETT & ELMES,  (ladies boarding), Montpelier row, Blackheath

BLAKE Chas Jas, (boarding), Lewisham

BOGUN Charlotte, (boarding), Elliott place, Blackheath

BROWN Edmund, Sydenham

BROWNING Louisa, (ladies boarding), Dartmouth row, Blackheath

BULLARD Charles, Rushey green

BURN Christiana, (boarding), Lewisham hill

CHITTLEBURGH James, (boarding), Sydenham

Congregational School, (for educating the sons of ministers of independents), Lewisham – Rev Wm J HOPE & Mr George COX, masters.

COOPER & HILL, (ladies boarding), Elliott place, Blackheath

EMBERSON John Arthur, (boarding), Ravensbourne park, Lewisham

EVANS Miss Mary, (boarding), Loampit dale, Lewisham

EVANS Miss Matilda, (preparatory gents boarding), Loampit dale, Lewisham

FINCH James, (boarding), Lewisham

Free Grammar School, Lewisham – Rev Jos PRENDERGAST, master

GIRLING Harriet, (boarding), Sydenham

GREENLAW Misses, (boarding), St Germans place, Blackheath

GREENLAW Richard Bathurst, St Germans place, Blackheath

HARRIS Ebenezer, (boarding & day), South vale, Blackheath

HART Fanny, (gents preparatory boarding), Lee

HILL Harriet,  (gents preparatory boarding), Lee

HOWE Thos Heslope, (private teacher), Dartmouth terrace, Lewisham

Infants School, Lee – Martha DAVY, mistress

Infants School, Rushey green – Hannah ARGENT, mistress

Infants School, Sydenham – Sarah RARATY, mistress

JONES Martha, (preparatory gentleman’s), Blackheath park

JONES Misses, (boarding), Lee

JUNG Mrs Frederick, (boarding), Lee

KING Samuel, Rushey green

LANCE Misses, (boarding), Elm house, Lewisham

LOWTON Misses, (boarding), Tranquil place

LYONS Theresa, (preparatory gents boarding), Myrtle place, Blackheath

MARTIN Francois, (boarding), Park road, Lee

MAY Esther, (gents preparatory), Dartford place, Blackheath

MOORE Carter William, (gents boarding), Blackheath

National School, Lee (now building)

National School Lewisham – Wm PERRY master; Ann MEAGRE, mistress

National School, Sydenham – Edward BATES, master; Ann BATES, mistress

NIGHTINGALE Rebecca, (boarding), South row

POTTICARY Rev George, (gents boarding), Elliott place, Blackheath

Proprietary Grammar School, Blackheath – Rev Sanderson TENNANT, head master

Proprietary Grammar School, (new), Lee Park – Rev H LEGGE, head master

QUILTY William Francis, (boarding), Lewisham

REES & WILSON, (ladies boarding), Lee

RICHARDS John, (boarding & day), Sydenham

RICHARDSON Misses, Ashburnham house, Blackheath

ROBERTS Leonard, (boarding & day), Lewisham

ROWE Sophia Louisa, (boarding), Lee

SACKETT George Samuel, (boarding), Park road, Lee

SACKETT Mary Ann & Ann, (boarding), Lee

STANES Mrs Frances, Lee

SWANN Eliza, (boarding), Blackheath park

TATLOCK Mary, (gents preparatory boarding & day), Blackheath park

THOMPSON Charlotte, (ladies boarding), Dartmouth row, Blackheath

WANOSTROHT Nicholas, (boarding), South row

WATKINS Mary, (boarding), Blackheath

YOUNG Caroline, Myrtle place, Blackheath




PARKER Thomas Watson & Sons, (& vestry clerks), Lewisham




BAGNALL Walter, Blackheath

CORBETT George, Lewisham

GILBERT George F, Blackheath

OWEN Edward & Son, Brockley

ROGERS Jacob Read, Lewisham




ARNOLD George, Sydenham

BARHAM George, Lewisham

BARKER Thomas, Cross st, Lewisham

BEARDWELL Joseph, Sydenham

BEAVIS George, Grote’s place, Blackheath

DAVIS Arthur, Bridge place, Lewisham

ION William Frederick, Sydenham

JONES John, Lewisham

KIBBLE James, Blackheath hill

KINGSFORD Jno, Loampit dale, Lewisham

LAW David, Lewisham

MOOREY Edward Russell, Lee

NICHOLS Rebecca, Lewisham

RIDDINGTON Stephen, Lewisham

SMITH Benjamin, Blackheath

SMITH William, Sydenham

VINEY Joseph, Lee

WHITE Edward, Montpelier vale, Blackheath

WHITE William, Montpelier vale, Blackheath

WHITEHALL Emma, Rushey green

WOOD James, Southend




HALLY John, South vale, Blackheath




BARNES Elizabeth, Southend

BARNES James, Blackheath

BARNES Mrs, Southend

DROVER James, Sydenham

EDNEY Thomas, Sydenham

ERREY John & Thomas, Lewisham

HANES Jos, Loampit hill, Lewisham

HOCKLEY Thomas, Rushey green

INGERSOLL Frederick Henry, (& veterinary surgeon), Lewisham

PENDRED John, Sydenham

WALTER George, Tranquil vale, Blackheath




BLACKETT Ann, (& newsvender), Lewis grove, Lewisham

BULLARD James & Reader, (& builders), Lewisham

CORBETT Susannah, (& circulating library), Lewisham

DOWNS Sarah, Lewisham

DREWETT & EARL, (fancy), Blackheath

GILBERT George, Blackheath

LARWILL Ebenezer, South vale, Blackheath

STIDOLPH Wm, (fancy), Brunswick place

WILLIAMS James, (& library), Home’s dale, Lewisham




BEAVIS Sophia, South vale, Blackheath

BELCHAM Frederick George, Lewisham

BROWN William, Lee

CHURCHER Samuel, Southend

CLEWLOW William, Sydenham

CRABB William, Lewisham

CUSACK John, Sydenham

CUTTS Chas, Camden row, Blackheath

EADES James, Lee

FROST John, Home’s dale, Lewisham

HAMS John, Lee

HARTWELL Jno, Hanover st, Lewisham

HONEY James, Lee

HOULTUM James, Lee

PALMER George, Lewisham

MARCHANT John, Sydenham

PAYNE Charles, Sydenham

PINK John jun. Lewisham

PINK Jno Chas jun, Lewisham bridge

PRICE David, Tranquil vale, Blackheath

PUGH George (ladies), Park place, Lee

RUDRAM William, Sydenham

SELLEY William, Sydenham

SKINNER Henry, Lewisham

SMITH John, Lewisham

STEPNEY Thomas, 2 Tranquil place

THOMAS Josiah, Lee

THOMLINSON William, Dartmouth hill, Blackheath

THOMPSON William, Blackheath hill

TILT John, Sydenham

WATSON Jos, South vale, Blackheath

WHIFFEN John Ives, Rushey green

WHITTLE Samuel, Montpelier vale, Blackheath

WILLIS James, Dartmouth hill, Blackheath

WYMARK Henry, Sydenham




MARSHALL William, Montpelier vale

SHELDON Richard, Lewisham

SUTER William, South vale, Blackheath




INGLE Thomas, Blackheath vale

MARSDEN & NICHOLLS, (ale & porter), Lewisham

VEREY Joseph, Sydenham

WOOFF Thomas, Loampit hill, Lewisham




FAULKNER George, Loampit hill, Lewisham

FAULKNER James & John, (tile kilns), Loampit hill, Lewisham

LEE John Edmund, (& lime burner), Loampit hill Lewisham

WHITTELL William Henry, Sydenham




BLACKSHAW James, Rushey green

GOODWIN John, Lewisham

HARVEY Jonathan, Lee

HOLLIS Thomas, Tranquil vale

JONES James, Sydenham

LIVINGSTON Daniel, Sydenham

MOORE Henry, Blackheath vale

MUCKLOW James, Lewisham

NEALE William, Tranquil vale

PIERPOINT William jun, Park place, Lee

PRICE Charles Joseph, Catford hill


RUSSELL Anthony, Blackheath

RUSSELL Joseph, 1 Tranquil vale

SIDERY William, Lee

STILL John, Lewisham


WILSON Andrew, Montpelier vale




BARFF William, Lee

BLACKSHAW James, Rushey green

CORBETT George, Lewisham

HILL William, Rushey green

HUNT Thomas, Sydenham

PENNY William Chas, Bridge place, Lewisham

PILCHER William, Lewisham

PINHEY William, Tranquil vale, Blackheath

PRICE Charles Joseph, Catford hill

RUSSELL Joseph, 1 Tranquil vale, Blackheath

SEAGER William, Tranquil place, Blackheath

TUCKWELL William, (& timber merchant), Sydenham




BEADLE John, Sydenham

BURGE William, Lee


COULDERY Robert, Loampit dale, Lewisham

COULDERY Robert jun, Lewisham

COVELL Thomas, Sydenham

DALE William, South vale, Blackheath

GATTEY William, Lewisham lane

KIDMAN William, Rushey green

LAMB Thomas, Lewisham

LOVELAND John, (pork), Sydenham

MORRISS Samuel, Lewisham

OWEN Abraham, Lewisham

PRICE Chas (pork), Lewisham bridge

REYNOLDS John, Southend

RUSH Charles, Sydenham

SAMUEL Christopher, Dartmouth hill, Lewisham

SPRUNT James, Blackheath

TURNER Thomas, Lewisham

WATSON James, Montpelier vale

WHITE Thomas, Sydenham

WILLIAMS John Willett, Blackheath




BAGNALL Walter, South vale, Blackheath

COUCHMAN Henry, Montpelier vale

STICKLEY Thomas, Bridge place, Lewisham

WOODWARD William, Blackheath hill


CARPENTERS – marked thus * are also undertakers


* ATKINS Charles, Rushey green

* BANKS William, Lewisham

* BARFF William, Lee

BARNETT Josiah, Sydenham

BEADLE Thomas, Sydenham

BIGGS James, Lewisham

BLOW Joseph, Blackheath vale

CORBETT George, Lewisham

* COUCHMAN Henry, Montpelier vale

COUCHMAN Thomas, Lee

CRIDDLE James, Montpelier vale, Blackheath

FOWLE George, Lee

FOWLE John, Lewis grove, Lewisham

FOWLE Thomas, Lee

GARDNER William Thomas, Blackheath hill

HOCKLEY John, Southend

* HOLLAND Jas, Loampit hill, Lewisham

* HUNT Thomas, Sydenham

LEITCH William, Lee

LINCOLN Walter, Sydenham

MILES Thomas, Lee

* PILCHER Thomas, Lewisham

PINHEY William, Tranquil vale, Blackheath

ROCK George, Sydenham

* RUSSELL Joseph, 1 Tranquil vale, Blackheath

SEAGER William, Tranquil vale, Blackheath

STEPHENSON Charles, Sydenham

* TUCKWELL William, Sydenham

WILLIAMS Jas, Home’s dale, Lewisham

WRIGHT William, Blackheath vale


CHEESEMONGER – see also Grocers &c.


ROUCH Edmund, Blackheath




FLIGHT William Henry, Sydenham

LAVERS Thomas Howard, near the church, Lewisham

ROE William Charles, Tranquil vale, Blackheath

RUSSELL Henry, Blackheath

WYBORN Thomas, (dispensing), Lewisham




BRYANT Thomas, Lewisham

COLLINS Charles jun, Montpelier vale

LEECH William, Myrtle place, Blackheath

PLUMMER William, Blackheath

SCUDD William, Blackheath park




BARKER William, Lee green

DOO Henry, Sydenham

FEARNLEY James, Lewisham

GILL Thomas, Lee

HAIMES Ann, Blackheath

PALMER John, Cross st, Lewisham

SHOVE John, Lewisham

SMITH William, Blackheath vale

WHIFFEN Mary Ann, Rushey green

WOOLLARD Jno, Lewis grove, Lewisham




BARHAM George, Lewisham

BERRY Arthur, South vale, Blackheath

JONES John, Lewisham

LARWILL Ebenezer, South vale, Blackheath

MORRISON James, Dartmouth row

PEEL Ann, Blackheath




BROWN Richard, Sydenham

CHAPMAN William James, (& turner), Tranquil place

PENFOLD Edward, Lewisham

TURPIN Joseph, Lewisham




ANGAS Dorothy, Lewisham bridge

BARKER William Lee green

COLLINS Charles jun, Montpelier vale

FEARNLEY James, Lewisham

HAYDON Thomas, Sydenham

ION William Frederick, Sydenham

LAW David, Lewisham

SHOVE John, Lewisham

SMITH William, Blackheath vale




COLGATE George, Brockley

GOMER William, Montpelier vale, Blackheath

GRANT Arthur Wigton, Lewisham

HALL Daniel, Sydenham

KILLICK Thomas, Lee

LEECH William, Myrtle place, Blackheath

PENTON Charles, Rushey green

SAMUELL Isaac, Blackheath hill

SEAL John, Lee

SEAMARK Thomas, Tranquil vale

SHEARMAN Charles, Lewisham

SKEETS Luke, Sydenham

TICK James, Blackheath vale

TREHEARN John, Sydenham

WENHAM William, Lee grove




BROWN Edmund (house), Sydenham

GILBERT George, Montpelier row

STIDOLPH William, Brunswick place, Blackheath




Imperial, Charles BEAN, Lewisham

Kent, William TUCKWELL, Sydenham

Norwich Union, William STIDOLPH, Brunswick place, Blackheath

Phoenix, Edmund BROWN, Sydenham

Royal Exchange, Thomas HUNT, Sydenham

Scottish Union, John SHOVE, Lewisham




COLE Charles, Blackheath hill

JONES William & Phillip, South vale, Blackheath




ABRAM Hannah, Blackheath

AYRES William, Lee

COLES Charles, Blackheath hill

COLLINS Richard, Montpelier vale, Blackheath

DESFORGES Sarah, Blackheath

GRUBB Henry, Lewisham

GRUBB Henry jun, Lewisham

JARRETT Edmund, South vale, Blackheath

LAMBERT William Ewen, Lewisham

MOORE William, Montpelier vale

PIGGOTT Henry, South vale, Blackheath

POLLARD Robert, Blackheath

WRIGHT Jas, Home’s dale, Lewisham




BAGNALL Walter, South vale, Blackheath

WHOMES Robert, Home’s dale, Lewisham


GARDENERS – see also Nursery & Seedsmen


BIGGS Richard, Lewisham

CONNOCHIE Gabriel, Sydenham

JONES Benjamin, Tranquil vale, Blackheath

KING William, Sydenham

LOCK Richard, Lee

MUSGROVE George S, Lewisham

STEWARD John, Sydenham

THOMPSON Edward, Lee

WENHAM William, Lee grove

VIVASH Thomas, Tranquil vale

WOOD Cornelius, Sydenham




ARMSTRONG John F, Tranquil vale, Blackheath

GATES George, Lee

GOODMAN William, Lewisham

LAWRENCE George, Sydenham


GROCERS & CHEESEMONGERS – see also Shopkeepers &c.


BLACKSHAW James, Rushey Green

CARPENTER Elizabeth, Sydenham

CAVE William, Lee

CLARK John, Sydenham

DALTON John, Phoenix place, Blackheath

DEATH John Richard, South vale, Blackheath

DEATH Robert, Blackheath

FAIRBROTHER William, Lewisham

GATES George, Lee

GEARING James Morriss, Lewisham

GOODMAN William, Lewisham

LINDSEY James, (& tallow chandler), Lewisham

MARTIN Reuben, Sydenham

MILLINGTON Joseph, South vale, Blackheath

MITCHELL Jane, Lewisham

MUNRO James, Sydenham

PRICE Charles, Lewisham bridge

SOUTHORN Simon, Dartmouth row, Blackheath

THOMPSON John, Grote’s place, Blackheath

TUCK Barber, Phoenix place, Blackheath

WILLOUGHBY William, Sydenham

WOOD James, Southend

WRENN William, Sydenham




ASKER John, Tranquil vale

BALL Edward, Lewisham

CLEMENT William John, Lewisham

MARSH Richard, Lee

SPAWFORTH Robert, Blackheath vale

SWEETING William, Sydenham




Green Man Hotel, Thomas Henry WHITMARSH (& posting master to Her Majesty), Blackheath




BEADLE Thomas, Sydenham

INGERSOLL Frederick Henry, (& locksmith &c.), Lewisham

MARSHALL William, Montpelier vale

SUTER William, South vale, Blackheath & corner of Nelson st, Greenwich

TUCKWELL William, Sydenham




BELCHAM James, Lewisham

ELMER William, Sydenham

LARWILL Ebenezer, South vale, Blackheath

MILLER Elizabeth, Lewisham

MUNRO William, Blackheath

REDMAN Richard, Lewisham

SALE William, Sydenham

SMITH Benjamin, (& haberdasher), Lee

TRILL Stephen & Thomas, South vale, Blackheath




ABRAM James, Blackheath

CHALK Thomas, White Hart stables, Lewisham

SCUDD William, Blackheath park

THOMAS Richard, Sydenham

TUFFING Isaac, Blackheath

VICE Robert, South vale, Blackheath

WHEELER Thomas, Lewisham

WRIGHT Thomas, Blackheath vale




AGNAS Dorothy, Lewisham bridge

BURTON Richard, Sydenham

GIBBONS William Henry, Southend

KEMP Edward, Southend

MUMFORD Samuel & Peter, Catford mill




ALLEN Phoebe, Lee


CRIDDLE Elizabeth, Montpelier vale

DENNEN Jane, Montpelier vale

FRASER Sarah, Montpelier vale, Blackheath

MILLER Elizabeth, Lewisham

MOOR Emma, (& stay maker), Blackheath

MORGAN & JEWELL, Brunswick place

SYKES Miss, Lee green

WELLS Emma, Lewisham

WHITTAMORE Sarah, Rushey green




DREWETT & EARL, Blackheath

STIDOLPH William, Brunswick place, Blackheath




DUGGAN Jane, Sydenham

HALLY John, South vale, Blackheath

MOOR Thomas, Sydenham





DALTON John, Phoenix place, Blackheath

SOUTHORN Simon, Dartmouth row, Blackheath

TUCK Barber, Tranquil vale, Blackheath




BEAN Charles & Sons, (& paper hangers), Lewisham

BERRY Arthur, South vale, Blackheath

CALDMAN George, Sydenham

CHURCH William, Montpelier vale

DALE Joseph, Sydenham

HOLMES George, Lewisham

HUDSON George F, Tranquil vale, Blackheath

LEVENS John, Sydenham

MILLER George (& paper hanger), Lewisham

NATT James, Rushey green

PAGE Richard, Lee

PARSEY Benjamin, Lee

SOAN George, Home’s dale, Lewisham

WELLS Thomas, Lee

WOODGATE William, Tranquil vale, Blackheath

WOODGATE William, Lee




JONES William & Philip, South vale, Blackheath

NEWLYN Richard, Montpelier vale, Blackheath

ROUCH Edmund, South vale, Blackheath

WINTERBURN Thomas, Lewisham




BOARDMAN John George, (music), Loampit dale

DAVIS Henry, (drawing), Peake hill, Sydenham

LAWRIE & Co, (music & singing), Blackheath hill

LEVETT Francis, (writing & mathematics), Bridge place, Lewisham

MARTIN Francois, (French), Park road, Lee

RUGGLES William Henry, (animal painting), Ivy place, Lewisham

STIDOLPH William, (writing), Brunswick place




BAMPTON Charles, Lewisham

INSTONE Henry, Sydenham

LUCK Edward, Lewisham

LYON John West, Sydenham

MOUNT Robert, South vale, Blackheath

WHIFFEN Mary Ann, Rushey green




ANDERTON Peter, Brockley

ANDREWS William, Sydenham

BARROW Thomas, Lee

BATH William, Sydenham

BOWRING Martha, Lee

CHECKLEY Edward, Rushey green

DAVIES David, Loampit hill, Lewisham

DOWDING William, Hanover st, Lewisham

GRIFFITHS Benjamin, Lewisham

HART Henry, Lee

HEATH Sarah, Loampit hill, Lewisham

HEWITT Thomas, Lee

JONCEY Alfred, Sydenham

JUPP Thomas, Home’s dale, Lewisham

PERRIN William Bradd, Sydenham

PLEDGER Ann, Southend

SALE William, Sydenham

SEARL Joseph, Southend

SIMONS Simon, Sydenham

SMITH John, Lee

STEWARD John, Sydenham

WARE James, Loampit dale, Lewisham

WATSON Jas, Loampit dale, Lewisham

WHIFFEN Mary Ann, Rushey green

WHITING Charles, Lewisham

WILLOUGHBY William, Sydenham

WILTON John, Loampit dale, Lewisham

WRIGHT James, Lewisham




MITCHELL Jane, Lewisham

STEVENS Elizabeth, Lee Green




NEWMAN Aquilla, Lee & Blackheath

TRANTER William, Rushey green




DENNEN Jane, Montpelier vale,

HOW Susannah, Lewisham

LAMBLE Sarah Ann, Loampit dale, Lewisham

MOOR Emma, Blackheath

QUIDDINGTON Harriet, Sydenham

STILL Mary, Lewisham




BARNETT & CARR, South vale, Blackheath

BROWN Samuel William, Lewisham

COLLICOTT Frederick, Montpelier row

FLIGHT William Henry, Sydenham

GEMSA Christopher, Blackheath hill

HOLLIS William Mellett, Lewisham

KIRKUP Alfred, 2 St Germans terrace

ROBERTS William, Sydenham

SCOTT Alexander, Sydenham

SHOEBRIDGE William Frederick, Lee

STEEL Charles Wilson, Lewisham





BULLARD Charles, Rushey green

HOLMES William, Lewisham

WEST Richard, Brockley lane




BARHAM Chas, Loampit dale, Lewisham

BARRETT Isaac, Lewisham

BATH William, Sydenham


BOND Charles, Tranquil vale, Blackheath

CHECKLEY Edward, Rushey green

COLLINS Jonathan, South vale, Blackheath

DOVE Joseph, Lewisham

FLETCHER Henry, Tranquil vale, Blackheath

HUGGETT Jas, Home’s dale, Lewisham

HUNT Henry, Sydenham

ISLES James, Hanover st, Lewisham

LEE George, Blackheath

LEE William, Lee

MASCOE John, Blackheath

MIHILL Henry, Sydenham

MITCHELL Benjamin, Lewisham

MOSCOE John, Blackheath

NORRIS William, Lewisham hill

OUZMAN James, Lee

OUZMAN Joseph, Sydenham

PERRIN William Bradd, Sydenham

REDACLEAVE James, Lewisham

RUMENS George, Lewisham

SMITH James, South vale, Blackheath

TOMLINSON James, Dartmouth hill, Lewisham

VOLLER William, Brunswick place, Blackheath




Angel, James DEACON, Loampit hill

Black Bull, Thomas WHEELER, Lewisham

Black Horse, John DUNCAN, Rushey green

Castle, Robert CHALLIS, Brockley

Castle, Jacob DURHAM, Lewisham

Crown, John COOPER, Blackheath

Dartmouth Arms, William HALL, Sydenham

Dolphin, William WILSON, Sydenham

Dukes Head, Charles Whitworth STEWARD, Dartmouth row

Fox & Hounds, William SMITH, Sydenham

George, James CANFOR, Lewisham

Golden Lion, Sarah ROSS, Sydenham

Green Man, Shadrach FROST, Southend

Greyhound, William RIDGWAY, Sydenham

Hare & Billet, Charles William STANTON, Blackheath

Hope, Benjamin HORTON, Loampit hill, Lewisham

Kings Arms, James HOCKLEY, Southend

Lion & Lamb, John MEADE, Lewisham

Plough, William GRIGG, Lewisham

Princess of Wales, Sarah STAMBURY, Blackheath

Rising Sun, Josiah ANDREWS, Rushey green

Roebuck, William MILLER, Lewisham

Swan, Thomas COUCHMAN, Lee

Three Tuns, Thomas POUND, Tranquil vale

Tigers Head, James HEWITT, Southend

Tigers Head, Thomas SEARS, Lee

Two Brewers, William, AMER, Perry Hill

White Hart, John ABBOTT, Lewisham

Woodman, Alexander DURHAM, Lee




ALLWRIGHT Edward, Lewisham lane

CORBETT George, (merchant), Lewisham

HORTON Benjamin, (wood broker), Loampit hill, Lewisham

JANES Daniel, (wood broker), Loampit hill, Lewisham

SAUNDERS Frederick John, (wood broker & birch broom maker), Home’s dale, Lewisham

TUCKWELL William, (timber merchant), Sydenham




BENNETT Elizabeth, Brunswick place

BROCK John, (chronometer), Lewisham




AMER William, Perry hill

DOUST Thomas, Lewisham

HOCKLEY Thomas, Rushey green

HUDSON John, Sydenham

HUTSON John, Sydenhan

MEWETT Thomas, Sydenham

POCOCK George, Lee

SHEARING William, Lee





WHITMARSH Thomas Henry, Blackheath




ARNOLD Robert, silk throwster. Armory Mills, Lewisham

BLAKE John, appraiser, Lewisham

BRADIBB Samuel, marine store dealer, Loampit dale, Lewisham

CLEMENT William John, tobacconist, Lewisham

DODGE Joseph, fishing tackle maker, Rushey green

GEMSA Christopher, registrar of births & deaths, Blackheath hill

HEARNDEN John, parish clerk, Lee

HUDSON James John, hatter & hosier, Brunswick place

JONES John, parish clerk, Lewisham

Lunatic Asylum, Lewisham, James COLE, proprietor

Merchant Tailors Almshouses, Lee

OEN Edward, farmer, Brockley

PERREN James, brush maker, Lewisham

Police Horse Station, Lee & Rushey green, James BESWICK, Inspector

Registrars for Births, Deaths &c. – for Lee District, Christopher GEMSA, Blackheath hill; for Lewisham District, Robert NUNN (& of marriages), Lewisham; for Lewisham Union, Thomas PARKER jun, (& for marriages), Union House, Lewisham; for Sydenham, District, Alexander SCOTT, Sydenham.

St Georges Southwark Infants Poorhouse, Lewisham, Eliz O’BRIEN, matron

Savings Bank, Lewisham, Richard KEBBLE, clerk

SCUDDER Thomas, rustic chair maker, Sydenham

Union Poorhouse, Lewisham, John Thomas BURROUGHS, master; Jane BURROUGHS, mistress

WELLS Joseph, coachbuilder, Lee

WEST James, wood turner, Lewisham




To London, Coaches, Omnibuses and Nelson Carriages from the different Inns and Offices, at all hours, from nine in the morning until evening, & Henry SIMMON’s coaches from the Hare and Billet, Blackheath at eight, ten and eleven in the morning, two and three in the afternoon and six and seven in the evening and on Sunday at seven, eight and nine in the evening.


In consequence of the railway from London, the time of the Coaches,  &c. starting will be subject to alteration.


To and from London, Maidstone, Seven Oaks, Tonbridge & Tonbridge Wells, Coaches call at Lewisham; the Green Man, Blackheath; & Horse & Groom, Blackheath hill, continually during the day – and Charles COLLINS from his office. Montpelier vale, every morning at nine, afternoon at half past one and evening at six.




To London, Thomas LAWRENCE, from Blackheath & Lee, (passing through Lewisham), James JONES & William RIDGWAY, from Sydenham – Henry WILSON & William LANE from Lewisham, and ___ REVELS and ____ PRICE, from the Dukes Head, Blackheath, daily.



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