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Lenham, Charing & neighbourhoods


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Lenham is a village and parish in the hundred of Eyhorne. The village which is nine miles E by S from Maidstone, is laid out with a considerable degree of uniformity; it consists of two principal streets that cross each other, and at their intersection is a square with a row of trees. The church dedicated to St Mary stands at the south end of the village; it is a large handsome structure, containing at the west end of the chancel, sixteen stalls, supposed to have been placed for the accommodation of the monks of St Augustine when they visited an estate possessed by them in this parish; the benefice is a vicarage, in the patronage of James Stoddart DOUGLAS Esq. the lord of the manor. A place of worship for independents, an almshouse for six widows, with a house for the governor, and a national school are in the parish. In former times a market was held here, but it has been many years discontinued; and although its revival was subsequently attempted by the lord of the manor and the most liberal inducements held out to effect the object, yet every endeavour failed to attract attendance. Fairs are held on the 6th June and 23rd October for cattle. The parish contained in 1831, 2197 inhabitants.


Four miles SSE from Lenham, in the hundred of Colehill and lathe of Aylesford, is the village of Charing, situated on the high road between Maidstone and Ashford. It is a place of very little trade and destitute of manufactures. The Archbishop of Canterbury formerly had a palace here, and portions of its ruins have survived the havoc of the centuries; the ancient gate entrance and much of the sides of the court within it, are still standing; at the east end of the latter there seems to have been the dining room, the walls of which remain – this apartment has been converted into a barn, whilst other detached parts are occupies as a farm house, stables &c. The church dedicated to St Peter and St Paul, is a handsome edifice, consisting of an aisle, a transept, a high chancel and a small one; at the western end is the tower, with a small beacon turret at one corner; the pews are of oak, and profusely ornamented. The church was completed in 1545 and in 1590 was nearly consumed by fire. Whereby the windows and memorials were defaced. The benefice is a vicarage, in the gift of the dean and chapter of St Paul’s; the Rev F. B. TATE is the present incumbent. There is an endowed free school, with two exhibitions at Oriel College, Oxford, founded in 1761 by Mrs Elizabeth LUDWELL.  Two annual fairs are held here – one on the 29th April, the other on 29th October, principally for cattle and horses. Population of the parish 1237.


POST OFFICE – Lenham, Edward BROWN, Postmaster. Letters from London arrive (by mail cart from Maidstone), every morning at seven and are despatched every evening at half past six.


POST OFFICE – Charing, John HUMPHREY, Postmaster. Letters from London arrive (by mail cart from Maidstone), every morning at eight and are despatched every evening at six.




BARWICK Mrs, Charing

CLAYTON Rev S, Boughton Malherbe

CROFT Faithful esq, Charing

DARRELL Edward esq, Cale hill

DERING Rev Chomley Edwd, Pluckley

DERING Sir Edward bart. Surrenden

DOUGLAS James Stoddart esq, Chilston park

HARRISON George esq, Lenham

HAWKES the Misses, Charing

HONEYWOOD Edward esq, Charing

MUNN Miss, Charing

NORWOOD Mr Weller (attorney), Charing

PARKIN Rev Chas, Vicarage, Lenham

PARRETT Rev William, Lenham

POWELL Mr George, Lenham

POWELL Mr James, Lenham

POWELL Mr William, Lenham

SAYER Geo Edward esq, Pett house

STROUTS Mr Edward (Yonsea), Hothfield

TATE Rev Francis Blackburne, Vicarage, Charing

WHELER Mrs, Otterden


ACADEMIES & SCHOOLS – not otherwise described are Day Schools


BOTTLE Mrs, Lenham

BROWN Wm, Lenham

COUCHMAN Kate (boarding & day), Charing

DOWNES Harriet, Charing

FINCH Mrs Elizabeth, Lenham

HATTON Edward, Charing

MERCY Mary Sophia & Maria Sarah (boarding), Lenham

National School, Charing, Celia MILLEN, mistress

National School, Lenham, Thos. Newport BROWN, master




BIGG John, Lenham

BROADBRIDGE John (& confectioner), Charing

CRUTTENDEN Thomas, Lenham

DUTNALL William, Lenham

PIPER James, Charing




BOORMAN Thomas, Charing

BURBRIDGE Isaac, Lenham

HUNT Philip, Lenham

SMITH John, Charing

STANFORD James, Charing




BOORMAN George, Charing

DUNGATE Henry, Charing

GOODING John (& leather seller), Lenham

HUGHES William, Lenham

PAYNE John, Lenham

POTTER John, Lenham

ROSE Samuel, Charing

SWAFFER Edward, Charing




CHAPMAN Henry, Charing

CLARK William, Lenham

JUDGES William, Charing

PARKS John, Lenham




DENNETT John Henry, Lenham

FULLAGAR John, Lenham

HARRISON Charles, Lenham

JENNINGS John, Charing

LOVE Edward, Charing

WESTOVER Thomas, Lenham




FILMER John, Lenham


HYDER Thomas, Charing

KNOWLES John, Charing

SEDGWICK Charles, Lenham




CLARK John, Lenham

DAY Edward Munk, Lenham

HOLDSTOCK James, Charing

KIDDER John, Charing

KINGSNORTH William, Charing

STREETER George, Charing




DAVIS William, Lenham

RIGDEN John, Lenham




Kent (fire & life), Edward Munk DAY, Lenham

Kent & Norwich, Thomas RACHELL, Charing

Norwich Union (fire & life), Edward BROWN, Lenham




BROWN Thomas, Lenham

LURCOCK William, Lenham

MILLGATE Jethro, Charing




BROWN Edward (& tallow chandler), Lenham

CLARK John, Lenham


DAY Edwd MUNK (& brewer), Lenham

HOLDSTOCK James, Charing

KIDDER John, Charing

KINGSNORTH William, Charing

LURCOCK William, Lenham

RUSSELL John (& druggists), Lenham

STREETER George (& tallow chandler), Charing




GOODING Sampson, Lenham

HUMPHREY Jno (& toy dealer), Charing




Chequers, Mary HUGHES, Lenham

Dog and Bear (commercial & posting), John SAYER, Lenham

Kings Head (& posting), Thomas WILTSHIRE, Charing

Red Lion, John Henry DENNETT, Lenham

Red Lion, John JENNINGS, Charing

Swan Inn (commercial & posting), John MYERS, Charing




AKHURST John, Charing

PEARSON Charles, Charing

RUSSELL John, Lenham

SKILLMAN William (& hatter & clothier), Charing

SOUTHGATE Robert, Lenham




AKHURST John, Charing

CHAPMAN William, Lenham

HARRISON Edmund, Lenham




JENNINGS Richard Chapman, Charing

KELSEY & FOORD (seed), East Lenham

SPICER Job, Lenham

TANTON Edward, Lenham

TAPPENDEN Henry, Potters Corner Mill, Ashford

WHITE Daniel, Lenham




NORRINGTON Jesse, Lenham

PAYNE Samuel, Charing




BOTTLE William (& rope maker), Lenham

CHEESMAN John (& rope maker), Charing

RIGDEN John, Lenham





MUNDAY George, Charing

WILKS Charles, Charing

WILKS Thomas Prescott, Charing




BURGOYNE Thomas, Charing

CHEESMAN & HARRIS (& sub distributer of stamps), Charing

GOODING John, Lenham

NORRIS William, Lenham




ELLIOTT Edward, Lenham

ROBERTS Alexander, Charing

TIPPING James, Lenham




ALEXANDER William C, Lenham

COPPINS Alfred, Lenham

HORTON John, Charing

RACHELL Elizabeth, Charing




BAILEY Geo, registrar of births & deaths, Lenham

CHEESMAN John, dealer in British wines, Charing

CHEESMAN William, registrar of births & deaths, Charing

COPPINS Arthur, parish clerk, Lenham

Excise Office, Charing, Wm. Thomas BAYLEY, officer

Excise Office, Dog and Bear, Lenham, John MARRAGE, officer

GOODING George, auctioneer, appraiser and furniture broker, Lenham

HARRISON George, cattle dealer, Lenham

HUMPHREY John, patten maker, Charing

LURCOCK Lucy, dressmaker, Lenham

MILLEN Stephen, parish clerk, Charing

Usmar DRAPER, brazier & tinman, Lenham




To London, the Times (from Folkestone) calls at the Swan, Charing, every forenoon at eleven and at the Dog & Bear, Lenham at half past eleven.


To Ashford, Folkestone & Hythe the Times (from London) calls at the Dog & Bear, Lenham every afternoon at two, and at the Swan, Charing at three – the Accommodation Van (from Maidstone), calls at the Dog & Bear, Lenham every forenoon at (Sunday excepted) at eleven and night at nine, and at the Swan, Charing, at twelve at noon and ten at night.


To Maidstone, the Accommodation Van (from Ashford) calls at the Swan, Charing, every morning (Sunday excepted) at half past six and afternoon at three, and at the Dog & Bear, Lenham at seven in the morning and four in the afternoon.




To London, William SCOTT every Monday and Friday


To Ashford, Charles BENTON, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.


To Canterbury, George DOWN from Charing, every Tuesday and Saturday


To Faversham, John WILSON from Lenham every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday


To Maidstone, Thomas HUGHES from Lenham, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday


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