Pigots 1840 - Kent

Lamberhurst, Brenchley, Matfield, Goudhurst, Horsemonden and neighbourhoods


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Lamberhurst is a village and parish, the latter partly in the hundred of Brenchley and Horsemonden, and extending into the rape of Pevensey, in Sussex; the village is 38 miles SE from London and 15 SW by S from Maidstone – situated on the road from the metropolis to Hastings, also on that formed some years since to Tonbridge Wells; some little advantage has accrued to this place from the opening of the latter thoroughfare, but it still remains of trifling importance as a seat of trade – although it formerly was in possession of a considerable share of business, and was noted for its iron smelting furnaces; it was here that the massive iron balustrades surrounding St Pauls Cathedral were cast. The church dedicated to St Mary, is an ancient edifice, situated on the Kentish side of the village; the living is a vicarage, in the gift of the dean and chapter of Rochester. Population in 1831, 1,521.


Brenchley is a village and parish in the lathe of Aylesford, and with Horsemonden gives its name to the hundred in which it is located; the village situated about four miles north from Lamberhurst, is a place of consequence, only in an agricultural point of view. The parish is extensive, and contains, besides its own village, the hamlet of Matfield, about a mile and a half distant, where there is a chapel for dissenters. The church, dedicated to All Saints, is a fine old structure of stone, with a lofty square tower; the benefice is a vicarage, in the presentation of the COURTHOPE family. The parish contained, in 1831, 2602 inhabitants.


Goudhurst is a village in the lathe of Scray (the parish being partly in the hundred of Cranbrooke and partly in that of Morden), four miles NE from Lamberhurst; situate on the side of a hill, probably the highest in the county. The church, dedicated to St Mary, is a spacious handsome edifice, and contains a few interesting sepulchural memorials; it stands at the most elevated part of the village, and from its tower is commanded perhaps the most extensive prospect in Kent – no fewer than fifty seven churches, it is said can be counted from this elevation; the living is a vicarage, in the patronage of the dean and chapter of Rochester. There is a place of worship for Wesleyan methodists; likewise a school, originally founded by means of bequests made by John HORSEMONDEN and Thomas BATHURST, now conducted upon the national plan. Goudhurst once possessed a considerable clothing trade, and was a market town, the former has long since gone to decay, and the latter discontinued; still however it is a respectable village, composed of many well built houses. Cattle fairs are held on the 26th August and 5th November. The population of the parish, in 1831, was 2758.


About a mile and a quarter north west from Goudhurst is Horsemonden village and parish, bounded on the east by the river Tair. The church, dedicated to St Margaret stands at the extremity of the parish; the living is a rectory, is in the alternate presentation of three different families. A fair for cattle and toys is held on the 26th July. Population of parish in 1831, 1197.


POST OFFICE – Lamberhurst, Thomas ROBERTS, Postmaster. Letters arrive from London arrive every morning at two, and are despatched every night at twelve. Letters for Hastings are despatched every morning at two. Letters from Rye, Tenterden &c. arrive every night at twelve and are despatched every morning at three.


POST – Brenchley, Goudhurst and Horsemonden – letters from London &c. arrive (by foot post from Lamberhurst) every morning at seven, and are despatched every evening at seven.    




BERESFORD Hon. Viscount, Goudhurst

BROWNLESS Anthony esq, Goudhurst

BUXTON Henry esq, Brenchley

FRISBY James esq, Taywell

GLADWISH Rev. Thomas, Matfield green

HARRISON Rev. William, Bagshaw, Goudhurst

HAWKINS Rev. Henry, Lamberhurst

HODGSHINS Mr John, Horsemonden

LEMMON Rev R O, Brenchley

MARCHANT Mr Thomas, Brenchley

MARRIOTT Rev William Smith, Horsemonden

MILLER Mr Giles, Goudhurst

MORELAND Mrs, Horsemonden

MORELAND William Alexander esq, Horsemonden

OLLIVER Mrs Elizabeth, Goudhurst

POPE Mrs Ann, Goudhurst

ROYD John esq, Branfold

SPRINGETT Richard esq, Goudhurst

TWORT Mr Richd, Tyler, Horsemonden




BIRT Charlotte (day), Brenchley

CRAMP John (gentlemans boarding), Lamberhurst 

DIAMOND Thomas, (day), Brenchley

National School, Goudhurst, William STEVENS, master; Harriet STEVENS, mistress.

National School, Lamberhurst, Samuel BEASLEY, master; Ann BEASLEY, mistress.

THORP Thomas (day), Lamberhurst




BARTON William, Lamberhurst

JOY Edward, Brenchley

OSBORNE Charles, Lamberhurst

OSBORNE William, Goudhurst




CHERON David, Horsemonden

CROUCH John, Horsemonden

HENHAM Robert, Brenchley

MELSTED William, Lamberhurst

MOORE George, Brenchley

NOAKES Edward, Lamberhurst

PENFOLD Richard, Goudhurst

TOWNER John, Brenchley

WAGHORN William, Lamberhurst




ALLARD James, Horsemonden

AVARD William, Brenchley

BEECHER Edward, Matfield green

BEST John, Matfield green

BONNICK John, Goudhurst

BURR Robert, Brenchley

HOBBS Smith, Goudhurst

LARKING Samuel, Goudhurst

LOWE John, Lamberhurst

MASTERS Stephen, Brenchley

MAYNARD John, Horsemonden

NASH James, Lamberhurst

REEVE William Brenchley

SMITH James, Lamberhurst

TAYLOR Jesse, Horsemonden




APPS John, Goudhurst

AUSTEN Edward, Goudhurst

COLLENS William, Brenchley

JOY Alexander, Brenchley

JOY Thomas, Brenchley

JOY William, Brenchley

MACKLOW Thomas, Horsemonden

STYLES John, Horsemonden

WHITLEY George, Horsemonden




DANN William, Brenchley

DURRANT James, Lamberhurst

HAZELDEN Jane, Goudhurst

LARKIN William, Horsemonden

LAWRENCE John, Brenchley

NOAKES John, Lamberhurst

WHITEMAN Henry, Matfield green




AUSTEN Samuel, Brenchley

COLVILL William, Goudhurst

FISHENDEN Jeremiah, Horsemonden

FISHENDEN Thomas, Horsemonden

HODGES William, Matfield green

KEMP Charles, Goudhurst

MORRIS John, Goudhurst

OSBORNE & SMITH, Lamberhurst

RUMMENS Thomas, Lamberhurst

SNASHALL Alexander, Brenchley

STANBRIDGE Jas, Kildown, Goudhurst

TUPPER William, Lamberhurst




ALLWORK John, Goudhurst

TAYLER John, Lamberhurst




BEECHING Samuel, Goudhurst

DITTON Thomas, Brenchley

LASHMER John, Lamberhurst




County (fire), Wm STEVENS, Goudhurst

Globe (fire & life), Wm BOORMAN




APPS William, Goudhurst

BAKER James, Goudhurst

BOAKES Thomas, Lamberhurst

BURGESS William, Goudhurst

DIVES John, Lamberhurst

FEAVER William, Brenchley

HANBURY Benjamin, Matfield green

HANBURY Thomas, Matfield green

HARRIS Geo Tomsett, Lamberhurst

HENHAM Iden, Matfield green

LARKIN Samuel, Goudhurst

LATTER David, Lamberhurst

MITCHELL William, Brenchley

NYE John, Goudhurst

PIERSON George, Brenchley

PIERSON James, Lamberhurst

SALES Charles, Lamberhurst

VINER James, Matfield green

WAGHORN John, Horsemonden

WALLACE James, Goudhurst

WIMSHURST Adam, Brenchley

WOOLVEN Charles, Goudhurst




DANGATE Thomas, Lamberhurst

PAINE John, Goudhurst




ALLEN Henry, Goudhurst

BARTON Thomas, Lamberhurst

CLEMETTSON James, Brenchley

DITTON Thomas, Brenchley

MANWARING Thomas, Brenchley

PARTON William, Horsemonden

PRICKETT John, Lamberhurst

SLAUGHTER John, Goudhurst




BASSETT Ann, Lamberhurst

DRIVER Ann & Jane, Lamberhurst

HARRIS Elizabeth, Lamberhurst

SANDERS Sarah Ann, Lamberhurst





DAY Thomas, Brenchley

HARMER Jeffrey & Sons, Matfield green

HOOKER Stephen, Brenchley

POWELL James, Goudhurst




KEMP Henry, Goudhurst

LAMBERT John, Brenchley

RUMMENS Thomas, Lamberhurst




DICKENSON Stephen, Lamberhurst

HODGES William, Brenchley

WENHAM Thomas, Goudhurst

WINDER John, Lamberhurst




IRVIN William, Lamberhurst

MONCKTON Jonathan (& registrar of births & deaths), Brenchley

NEWINGTON Samuel, Goudhurst

OUTTERIDGE John, Matfield green

WHITTLE Edward John, Lamberhurst




AYLWARD John, Lamberhurst

BAKER William, Goudhurst

HANBURY Thomas, Matfield green

HICKMOTT William, Matfield green

HOBBS Thomas, Goudhurst

LAMBERT Thomas, Horsemonden

MESSENGER George, Goudhurst

MILSTED John, Lamberhurst

SANDHURST Henry, Lamberhurst

SMITH George, Brenchley





Bell, Thomas ROOTS, Brenchley

Chequers (& posting house), Mary EASTLAND, Lamberhurst

Chequers, William FUGGLE, Goudhurst

Elephants Head, Jno STEVENS, Lamberhurst

George & Dragon, Thos. WATKINS, Lamberhurst

Gun, Thos. BOWLES, Horsemonden

Horse & Groom, Adam GLAZIER, Lamberhurst

Kings Arms, Joseph CANFIELD, Horsemonden

Post Boy, Charles PRICKETT, Goudhurst

Rose & Crown, Henry AUSTEN, Brenchley

Star, Henry WHITEMAN, Matfield green

Swan, James BARROW, Lamberhurst

Woolpack, George CHANTLER, Goudhurst




TICKNER Thomas, Goudhurst

TOLHURST Charles, Lamberhurst

WAGHORNE Samuel, Brenchley




ALLEN Henry, Horsemonden

ASHDOWN William, Brenchley

LATTER Thomas, Brenchley

PLAYFOOT John, Lamberhurst

USHERWOOD Stephen, Horsemonden

WHERWOOD Stephen, Horsemonden 




BALLARD Joseph, watchmaker and ironmonger, Lamberhurst

DIAMOND Ambrose, land surveyor, Brenchley

FISHER Edward, brick maker, Lamberhurst

JOY John, auctioneer &c. Brenchley

MICKLEFIELD John, registrar of births and deaths, Lamberhurst

SMITH Frederick and Thomas, brewers, Lamberhurst

STEVENS William, bookseller, Goudhurst

STYLES Robert, stonemason, Horsemonden

WALKER William, horse dealer, Lamberhurst

WEST Daniel, timber merchant, Goudhurst

WHEELER Mary Ann, stationer, Lamberhurst

WHITE & MILLER, attorneys, Goudhurst

WHITEMAN Nicholas, fellmonger & glover, Lamberhurst

Workhouse, Goudhurst, Nicholas ROLFE




To London, the Express and the Regulator (from Hastings), call at the Chequers Inn, Lamberhurst every forenoon at a quarter before twelve; and the Dispatch (from St Leonard’s) every afternoon at one – the Flower of Kent  (from Tenterden) passes through Goudhurst, Horsemonden and Brenchley every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning from eight to nine.


To Hastings, the Express and the Regulator (from London), call at the Chequers Inn, Lamberhurst every afternoon at half past two.


To St Leonard’s, the Dispatch (from London), calls at the Chequers Inn, Lamberhurst every afternoon at five. 


To Tenterden, the Flower of Kent (from London), passes through Brenchley, Horsemonden and Goudhurst every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening from six to seven.




To London, Thomas MERCER, from Brenchley, and Thomas WAGHORN, from Goudhurst, every Tuesday & Wednesday – and Thos. CHAMBERS & Peter PATTEN from Lamberhurst every Tuesday & Thursday.


To Maidstone, Thomas MERCER, from Horsemonden every Thursday & Saturday and John WALKER from Brenchley every Tuesday and Saturday.


To Tonbridge Wells, John FULLER from Lamberhurst every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.



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