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Hythe & neighbourhood


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Hythe is a market town, one of the cinque ports, and a borough both corporate and parliamentary, with separate jurisdiction, locally in the parish and hundred of its name – 67 miles SE by E from London, 17 S from Canterbury, and 4 W by S from Folkestone; situated at a distance of a mile from the sea, in the midst of a valley enclosed on each side by high hills, from the summits of which, in clear weather, the coast of France is discernible. The town consists principally of one long street, running parallel with the sea, and intersected by several smaller ones. The vicinage is replete with romantic scenery, and affords numerous pleasant walks and rides; and during the bathing season it has many visiters, for whose accommodation there are several machines on the beach; three excellent inns, the “Swan”, the “White Hart” and the “Red Lion”; and a public library and reading room. The town hall. The barracks, a small but neat theatre and the borough gaol comprise the public buildings, with the exception of those for divine worship. This part of the coast is defended by a range of strong forts, and a line of Martello towers – the latter erected during the late contest with France, when this country was menaced with invasion from the opposite shore. A great facility for the conveyance of goods is afforded by the Royal Military Canal from hence to Appledore; but the commerce of Hythe is insignificant, being limited to domestic traffic; and its only manufacture is that of paper. The borough received a charter of incorporation from Queen Elizabeth, which continued in force until the Municipal Act of 1835 superseded it, and vested the government in a mayor, four aldermen, twelve councillors with the usual assistant officers, under the title of “the mayor, jurats, commonality of the town and port of Hythe, in the county of Kent.” A commission of the peace, and a court of quarter sessions, have also bee granted to the borough – the commission consisting of the mayor for the time being and four other justices; there is likewise a court of record, at which the recorder presides; and the county magistrates hold a meeting at the “Swan” inn on the third Monday in every month, for the Eltham division of which Messrs BROCKMAN & WATTS are the clerks. The borough returned two members to parliament from the 42nd of Edward III until the passing of the Reform Act in 1832, when the town of Folkestone and its parish with the adjoining parishes of Cheriton, Newington, Saltwood and West Hythe were included in the representative franchise for the return of one member; the mayor is the returning officer and the present sitting member is Lord Viscount Melgund.


The church dedicated to St Leonard is spacious and handsome structure, partly in the Norman and partly in the early English style of architecture, with a tower at the west end in the former style, and one in the centre in the latter character; the benefice is a rectory, united with the contiguous parish of Saltwood, in the presentation of the Archbishop of Canterbury; the Venerable Archdeacon CROFT is the present incumbent, and his curate is the Rev Edward BIRON.  In the crypt under the chancel is a large pile of human bones – the remains, according to the tradition of the Britons slain in battle with the Saxons, when the latter were retreating along the coast; this sanguinary conflict took place in the year 456, between Hythe and Folkestone; and the bones are supposed to have obtained their bleached whiteness from long exposure on the sea shore. The independents and Wesleyan Methodists have places of worship here. The principal charities are a national school, supported by subscription; St Bartholomew’s Hospital for five poor men and eight poor women; and St John’s Hospital, for nine indigent persons. A corn market is held at the town hall every Thursday afternoon; and a market for livestock has recently been established and is held every Monday fortnight. Fairs are holden, on the 10th July for cattle and pedlery, and on the 1st December for cattle and fat sheep. The parish of Hythe contained, by the returns for 1831, a population of 2287 inhabitants.


POST OFFICE – High Street, Charles SMITH, Postmaster. Letters from London arrive (by mail cart from Dover), every morning at eight and are despatched every evening at half past seven. Letters from Brighton, Bromley, Cranbrooke, Hastings, Lewes, Romney, Rye, Seven Oaks, Tenterden and Tonbridge Wells arrive every evening at half past seven and are despatched every morning at eight.




ANDREWS Mr Edward, Chapel st

BELL Rev James, Hillside st

BIRON Rev Edwin, High st

BROCKMAN Edward Drake esq., Paddock Dock, Hythe

BROCKMAN Rev William, Beachborough

COLEMAN Edward esq., Old Paul’s

CROFT Venerable Archdeacon, Saltwood

DEEDES William esq, Sandling

DOUGLAS Alexander esq, High st

DOUGLAS Lady Rachel, High st

FINNIS Mrs Elizabeth, Prospect place

FINNIS George esq, High st

HAMMON Inghram esq, Bartholomew lane

HARDCASTLE the Misses, Portland place

HART Capt Richard, Elm cottage, Hythe

HARVEY Mrs Anne, Bridge place

INNES Mrs Mary, Market st

JOHNSTON Capt George, Marine villa

KING Major William, Market st

MACKESON Capt Thomas (RN), Church st

MITCHELL Miss Susannah, East st

MONYPENNY Mrs Catherine, Church st

MONYPENNY Phillips esq, High st

PRICE Rev Ralph, Lyminge

PUCKLE Mrs Sarah, High st

QUYHAMTON Mrs Anne, Market st

RAYNER Mrs Mary, High st

SHIPDEM George esq, Theatre st

SWAN Alexander esq, Ivy Hill

THOMSON Major Francis Ringler, Hythe

THORNTON Mrs Catherine, Victoria cottage, Hythe

TILBE Henry esq, Church st

TOURNAY Thomas esq, Brockhill

TURNER Mrs Martha, Church st

WATTS Jas esq, Marrowbone hall, Hythe

WHITE Major Edward Philip, Hillside house, Hythe




Free School, Saltwood, Elizabeth GODDARD, mistress

HARLEY Henry, (day), Kings Head lane

M’LEAN Eliz, (boarding), High st

National School, High st, William, VILE, master; Eliz VILE, mistress

National School, Newington, Edward DALE, master

PAWLEY Jane, (boarding & day), High st

WATSON Alex, (boarding & day), Military road




BROCKMAN & WATTS, (& clerks to the magistrates, and to the commissioners of pavement and taxes), Great Conduit st

SEDGWICK Edward, (& clerk of the peace, and town clerk), High st




COCKS & HORNE, High st

FINNIS & RONALDS, (& estate), High st


BAKERS – marked thus * are also Confectioners


BREET John, Stade st

* BRITTENDEN James, High st

BRUNGER William, High st

ELVEY Norris, High st

GARRETT Thomas, High st

HORTON Joseph, High st

* KEELER Richard, High st

* LADE Nathaniel, High st

* PANKHURST James, High st

REYNOLDS William, High st




ASHDOWN William Chapel st

EAST Richard, East st

ELGAR Thomas, Chapel st

EVENDEN William, Stade st

HOILE Joseph, Theatre st

PAYN James, Saltwood

WATCHES Leonard, Chapel st




TIFFEN William, (& printer & music seller & library), High st




ASHDOWN Rebecca, High st

BASSETT William, (& leather seller), High st

BEGENT James, High st

DAVIS John, High st

DRISCALL James, High st

DURDEN William, High st

FRIEND John, High st

GILBERT William, High st

HARRIS Thomas, (& currier), High st

HILKE George, Chapel st

KETTLE John, Marine Walk st

TURNER Mark, Market st

UDEN Thomas, High st




BAILEY Robert, High st

EASTES Silvester, High st




CASTLE Thomas, Chapel st

CHAMBERLAIN Richard, High st

HADDEN William, (& stone mason), Market st

HORTON John, Chapel st




DANE Daniel. High st

MARSHALL Thomas, High st

MARSHALL Thomas jun, High st

SMITH John, High st

STOAKES Thomas, (pork butcher & poulterer), Market st





HORNE James, High st

PILCHER Thomas, High st




BARBER John, High st

DOWN Robert, High st

GIBBONS Stephen, High st

MAYCOCK Charles, Newington

PAGE James, High st

WOOD Thomas, High st




ALLEN Elizabeth, High st

CLARKE John, High st

FISHER Thomas, High st

FRYER John Rogers, High st

HYDER Thomas, High st

LOVE John, High st




MARSH William, High st

THOMAS James, High st




GARRETT Thomas, High st

HORTON Joseph, High st

MARSHALL William, High st

SHIPDEM George, Theatre st

WATTS James, Stade st




GARRETT Thomas, High st

HORTON Joseph, High st

HUDSON Henry, High st

MARSHALL William, (& ale & porter merchant), High st

WATTS James, (& general merchant), Stade st




PEEL Robert, (& glover), High st

RAYNER William, High st




Guardian, John LEEDS, High st

Kent, FINNIS & RONALDS; and Charles SMITH, High st

Norwich Union, THORPE & LAWRENCE, High st

Phoenix, George JENKINS, High st

Protestant and Dissenters, William MARSH, High st

Sun, COCKS & HORNE, High st

West of England, William TIFFEN, High st




CONLEY William, High st

HEWETT George, High st

MYERS John, High st




CONLEY William, High st

HEWETT George, High st

LAWRENCE Job, High st


GROCERS & TEA DEALERS – see also Shopkeepers &c.


ALLEN Elizabeth, High st

CAISTER Thomas & Sons, High st, and at Folkestone

CLARKE John, High st

EVENDEN William, Stade st

FISHER Thomas, High st

FRYER John Rogers, High st

HYDER Thomas, High st

LEEDS John (& tallow chandler), High st

LOVE John, High st

MARSH Sophia, Newington

PAGE Jno, (& tallow chandler), High st

PLEDGE William & John, High st

STOAKES Ann, Stade st




ELGAR Henry, (& town crier), High st

PAINE Mary, (& toy dealer), High st

POPE James, High st


HORSE & GIG OWNERS – for hire


NELSON James, Chapel st

WEBB Mary, Chapel st




Kings Head, Henry STOKES, High st

Red Lion, Thomas, KING, Market st

Royal Oak, William KNOTT, Newington Green

Swan, (commercial & posting, and excise office), George PILCHER, High st

White Hart, (commercial & posting and hip and shower baths), John HILLS, High st




DOWN Robert, High st

FINNIS & RONALDS, (& bell hangers), High st

GIBBONS Stephen, (& proprietor of bathing machines), High st

PAGE James, High st




ROBERTSON James, High st

SKILLMAN Edward, High st

TRITTON & Son, High st




MACKESON Henry & William, (& brewers), Malthouse hill

RIGDEN Thomas, Newington




HORTON Joseph, Stade

MARSHALL William, High st

PAY William, Hythe mill




BACK Eliza, High st

CHAMBERLAIN Mary Ann, Church hill

COOK & REELY, High st

DURDEN Mary Ann, High st

HORE Christiana, (& stay maker), Military road

JOLLIFF Elizabeth, High st

SKILLMAN Edward, High st

TAYLOR Charlotte, Marine Walk lane

TRITTON & Son, High st




BAILEY Robert, High st

EASTES Silvester, High st

LORDEN William C, Market st




BOORN Thomas, High st

HUSSEY Edward, High st




CLARK Martha, (& stationer), High st

CLOAKE Thomas, Market st

DAY William, Stade st

GARDENER William, High st

OLDFIELD William, Saltwood

PAYN James, Saltwood

PRICE Mary, High st

RAVELL John, High st

SAMPSON George, Stade st




DUCKWORTH Jno, (& wine), Dentals st

JENKINS George, (& hatter), High st




BOURN Jane, Ivy hill

HORE Christiana, Military road

THORPE Ann, High st




FAGG Chas & Chas jun. High st

HUTCHINSON Scrope, High st

LE GROS James, High st


TAILORS – marked thus * are also Drapers


ASHDOWN Edward, High st

* HODGSON John, High st

* HOLMES Henry, High st

KENNETT James, High st

* MARTIN George, High st

* SHIPWASH William, High st

THORPE William, High st

* TRITTON & Son, High st




Bell, Thomas HOWLAND, East st

Dukes Head, William CLARKE, Market st

Hope, Henry STOKES, Stade st

Rose & Crown, John TUCKER, High st




GILBERT Thomas, (& silversmith), High st

SHERWOOD John, (& silversmith), High st




BARBER John, High st

EAST Richard, & coach maker), East st

EVENDEN William, Stade st

HARRIS William, Saltwood

SHERWOOD Francis, Chapel st




BACK William, clothes dealer, Mount st

BAKER Richard, basket maker, Dentals st

CHAMBERLAIN Richard, parish clerk, Church hill

COCKS John, clerk of the market, High st

EVENDEN William, lime burner, Military ground

Excise Office, Swan Inn, High st, James HILLS, officer

Gaol, Stade st, Thomas HYAM, keeper

KELLY Richard Seymour, barrack master, Military road

KING Robert William, bookbinder, High st

Savings Bank, High st, William, TIFFEN, clerk

SCOTT Stephen, cooper & dealer in toys & sub distributer of stamps, High st

SHREWSBURY Thomas, letter press printer, High st

SMITH Charles, newsvender & undertaker), High st

WILSON Joseph, woolstapler, Dentals st




To London, the Times, (from Folkestone), calls at the White Hart and Swann Inns every morning at nine; goes through Ashford, Charing, Lenham, Maidstone &c. and the Red Rover from the Swan every morning at half past five; goes through Dover and Canterbury to Herne Bay, thence by steam to London.


To Dover and Hastings, the Union, from the Swan and White Hart Inns, every day at one, during summer.


To Folkestone, the Times, (from London), calls at the White Hart and Swan Inns every afternoon at five.


To Herne Bay, see London, the Red Rover.


VANS – for passengers & goods


To Ashford, a Van (from Dover), calls at the Swan and White Hart Inns, every morning, (Sunday excepted), at half past ten.


To Canterbury, ASHTELL’s Van, from his house every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday morning at eight.


To Dover, a Van (from Ashford), calls at the Swan and White Hart Inns, every afternoon, (Sunday excepted), at four and ASHTELL’s Van, from his house every morning at eight.




To London, Charles BENTON’s Van, from the Swan and White Hart Inns, every Monday, Wednesday & Friday afternoon at two; goes through Ashford, Charing and Maidstone.


To Dover, Thomas HEDGCOCK and Thomas WOOD every Monday & Thursday and Daniel CATT (from Romney), every Tuesday & Friday.


To Romney & Lydd, Thomas HEDGCOCK and Thomas WOOD, every Tuesday & Friday, and Daniel CATT every Wednesday & Saturday.




To London, Richard & Jacob SPICER’s Hoy, once a week.


To Appledore, a Passage Boat, upon the Royal Military Canal, every morning (Sunday excepted), at half past ten, forwarding passengers, &c. (by Van), to Rye & Hastings and a Coach leaves Dover every morning (Sunday excepted), calling at the Swan Inn in time to forward passengers &c. by the above boat.


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