Pigots 1840 - Kent

High Halden, Shadoxhurst, Woodchurch, Aldington, Bilsington, Bonnington, Ruckinge, Orlestone and Warehorne


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HIGH HALDEN is a small village and more than three miles N. E. by N. from Tenterden 18 miles S.E from Maidstone and 24 S.S.W. from  Canterbury. The Tarn and another stream courses through the parish. A stone, resembling Turkey stone, of which good hones are made, is obtained in this district, as also a superior clay for earthenware for which there are manufactories. The Church dedicated to St Mary is remarkable for its singular spire of British oak, shingled on the outside; the benefice is a rectory, in the gift of the see of Canterbury (population (see after WAREHORNE).


SHADOXHURST is nearly five miles east from High Halden and rather more than five south west from Ashford. This is a pleasant well wooded parish but with few inhabitants and the village is very inconsiderable. The church dedicated to St Peter and St Paul is extremely ancient, its interior however is neat and graced with a beautiful monument to the memory of Sir Charles Molley Bart; the living is a discharged rectory in the presentation of the Crown.


WOODCHURCH is three miles or thereabouts S.S.W. from Shadoxhurst and is an extensive parish. The church dedicated to All Saints is said to have been erected by a person of the name of Woodchurch and hence it is conjectured the name of the parish originated; it is a large structure with a tower surmounted by a spire and contains several ancient monuments; the living is a rectory in the patronage of the see of Canterbury. There is a respectable boarding and day academy in the village and a comfortable public house.


ALDINGTON village is situated between five and six miles W. by N. from Hythe. The church dedicated to Saint Martin is a very old fabric with a square tower containing a peel of six bells, the benefice is a rectory with the curacy of Smeeth annexed in the same patronage as the living of the preceding parish.


The parish of BILSINGTON adjoins that of Aldington and is situated about seven miles S.S.E. from Ashford. The Royal Military Canal runs through the parish and on its banks stands the church a small but convenient edifice, dedicated to St Peter and St Paul; the living is a perpetual curacy in the presentation of the Rider family. An annual fair is held here on the 5th July.


Adjoining Bilsington parish is that of BONNINGTON through which also passes the canal before mentioned; and the small church too (dedicated to St Rumwald), stands on its bank; the benefice is a rectory in the patronage (or was lately) of T Papillon Esquire.


The small parish of RUCKINGE is likewise intersected by the Royal Military Canal. The church dedicated to St Mary Magdalene is old and inconvenient – it stands about seven miles south from Ashford; the living is a rectory in the gift of the see of Canterbury. There is a place of worship for Wesleyan Methodists in the parish.

The parish of ORLESTONE lies east of Ruckinge and Bonnington on the road from Romney to Ashford. It contains the hamlet of HAM STREET situated about six and a half miles south from Ashford near the banks of the Royal Military Canal. The church dedicated to St Mary an old edifice of unprepossessing exterior stands about a mile from the village; the benefice is a discharged rectory, in the patronage of J Thornhill Esq.


WAREHORNE lies to the south of Orlestsone. The village  (if a few houses that stand round a green can be so called) is situated about seven miles south west from Ashford. It is a well watered parish, the rivers Medway, Rother and  Stour having their sources within its limits and the Military Canal passing through it. The church dedicated to Saint Matthew is a small stone structure; the living is a rectory, in the presentation of the Crown. Fairs are held in the parish on the 14th of May for toys on Ham Street green; and on the 2nd of October for cattle on Warehorne green.


The population of the foregoing parishes by the returns for 1831 was as follows:- High Halden 469 inhabitants; Shadoxhurst 239; Woodchurch 1187; Aldington 732; Bilsington 332; Bonnington 127; Ruckinge 379; Orlestone 539 and Warehorne 439 inhabitants. The parishes of High Halden, Shadoxhurst and Woodchurch are locally situated in the lathe of Scray; the others are in the lathe of Shepway.


POST - HIGH HALDEN and WOODCHURCH. - Letters arrive (by foot post) from and are dispatched to TENTERDEN as occasion requires; and for the other places letters are forwarded to ASHFORD by foot post.




CHAMBERLAYNE Rev. F. Woodchurch

HOOKER Rev. William, High Halden

JINKINGS Mr. John Abraham,Woodchurch

MORRIS Rev. John, Warehorne

NARES Rev. Edward, Warehorne

ROLFE Rev. Charles, Ham Street

SCHREIBER John, Esq. Woodchurch

SMEETH Mr. William, Woodchurch

SMITH Rev. Ambrose, Ruckinge

STODDARD Rev. Charles, Shadoxhurst




JENNINGS James (day), High Halden

SMEETH William (boarding and day), Woodchurch




BARLING James, Ham Street

WILLIAMS Wm. and Thos. AIdington




BROOKES Wm. Ruckinge& Bilsington

BROOMHAM Thomas, Woodchurch

POWELL John, High Halden

SEELLY William, Aldington

STREETER John, Warehorne and Ham Street




BARMAN John, Ruckinge

BETTS John, Warehorne

IFIELD John, Ham Street

MARTIN Samuel, Bilsington

PEARCE James, Woodchurch

POPE Joseph, Ham Street

STAOKES Stephen Aldington

TYLER Samuel, High Halden




GOLDUP John Edward, Aldington

WINDER Thomas, High Halden




BRISSENDEN James, High Halden

LORDEN George, Ham Street

LORDEN James, Ham Street

MANNERING Thomas, Woodchurch




BUTLER Richard, Ham Street

GATES James, High Halden

MILTON James, High Halden

OTTAWAY Charles,, Woodchurch




BATES William, Bilsington

BETTS Richard, Woodchurch

BOURN James  Woodchurch

PARSONS Benjamin, Warehorne

PEARSON George, Woodchurch

PEARSON John, High Halden

THURSTUN William, Ham Street

WILSON William, AIdington

WOODLAND Henry, Ruckinge




FARRENCE John, High Halden

MORRIS James, High Halden




BRIGHT John, Woodchurch

EDWARDS George, Warehorne

FAGG John, Warehorne

FUGGLE Richard, Woodchurch

GATES James, High Halden

GEER  Richard, Bonnington

HUGHES Samuel, Woodchurch

KILLICK Elizabeth, Ham Street

PHILPOT and DRURY, Aldington

ROFE John, High Halden

RUSSELL Joseph, High Halden

SCOTT Robert (& draper), Aldington

THURSTUN John, Ham Street

WANSTALL James, Ruckinge




Blue Anchor, William CHITTENDEN, Ruckinge

Bonny Cravat, Gabriel LAW, Woodchurch

Chequers, John Day, High Halden

Dukes Head, Robt. FAGG, Ham Street

Kings Head, Robt. NASH, Shadoxhurst

Royal Oak, Mary HUCKSTEP, Bonnington

Walnut Tree, Jno. FIRMAN, Aldington

White Horse, Jno DRURY, Bilsington

Woolpack, Michael FAGG, Warehorne




BARLING James, Warehorne

PARTON John, Woodchurch

READER Richard, High Halden

RUSSELL John, Ruckinge

WILLIAMS Wm. and Thos. Aldington




GILBERT John, Ham Street

WANSTELL Thomas, Woodchurch




JINKINGS Jno.Abraham,Woodchurch

PODMORE Chas. Henry, Woodchurch




COPPENGER ,Thomas, Woodchurch

GODDEN Henry, Ruckinge





COBB William, Woodchurch

EVENDEN Willam, High Halden

HEATHFIELD Thomas, Woodchurch

MILLS Samuel, Aldington

STREETER John, Warehorne and Ham Street




DAVIS Jas.corn & flour dealer,Woodchurch

MANNERING Dav plumber & c Woodchurch

MANNERING Geo. hairdresser, Woodchurch




To ASHFORD, a Van, from the Duke’s Head lnn, Ham Street, every morning (Sun excepted) at ten -  also a Van (from Hastings) calls at the Chequers, High Halden every day at twelve


To HASTINGS, a Van (from Ashford) calls at the Chequers, High Halden, ever afternoon at half-past three.


To LYDD a Van from the Dukes Head Inn Ham Street every afternoon at 4.




To ASHFORD, William BARMAN, from Woodchurch, every Tues.Thurs.& Sat.


TO RYE, John HUGHES from Woodchurch every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.


To TENTERDEN, John HUGHES, from Woodchurch, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.




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