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Herne Bay and Herne Street


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Herne Bay is a hamlet in the parish of Herne, hundred of St Augustine and lathe of Scray, between six and seven miles north of Canterbury – situated on the most delightful part of the Kentish coast and endowed with superior local advantages for the establishment of a town and watering place; it occupies a gentle elevation, commanding in front an open unrestricted view of the ocean and inland a picturesque country, intersected with well wooded walks and rides. This place has for a considerable time been rising in public estimation as a select sea retreat; but the want of a landing place prevented its attaining greater celebrity; until the Incorporated Herne Bay Pier Company obviated the inconvenience by the erection of a handsome pier; this has been so judiciously constructed as to afford a delightful promenade, extending three quarters of a mile over the sands and sea; and steam packets and other vessels can now embark and land passengers and goods at all times of the tide. In addition to this accommodation, the same spirited company have laid out an esplanade which extends a full mile along the front of the town, next the sea. In October 1837, was completed, at an expense of upwards of £4000, solely defrayed by Mrs Ann THWAITES, a handsome clock tower; it is seventy five feet in height and stands conspicuously fronting the ocean. Since the formation of the company before referred to, many important improvements have been made to the town, including the erection of several tasteful residences and lodging houses; there are also two or three superior hotels, and warm, cold and shower baths, libraries & c. Sir Henry OXENDEN, a few years since munificently gave a piece of ground for the site of a new church, which is now rapidly progressing towards completion.


Two miles from the bay, inland, is the village of Herne, or as it is generally called Herne Street; it gives its name to the parish, but is of far less consequence than the hamlet of Herne Bay. The church dedicated to St Martin, is chiefly in the early English style of architecture; with a tower; the living is a vicarage in the gift of the Archbishop of Canterbury.  There are places of worship in the parish for independents and Wesleyan methodists; and at Herne Street a pleasure fair is held on Easter Monday. The parish  (including Herne Bay) contained in 1831, 1876 inhabitants – which number has greatly increased since that period.


POST OFFICE – Herne Bay, Maria BANKS, postmistress. Letters from Canterbury and all parts, arrive every morning at eight and are despatched every evening at eight.




ASHBEE Mr William, Sea Street, Herne Bay

BROUGH John esq, St Georges Terrace, Herne Bay

BURGE George esq, Herne Bay

CHARLES Mr Edward, Beltinge

COLLARD Edwd esq, Eddington House

COLLARD Mr Robert, Reculvers

DENNE Mr George, Beltinge

EVANS Rev. George, Marine Terrace, Herne Bay

JONES James Law esq, St Georges Terrace, Herne Bay

LOUD Henry esq, Sea Street, Herne Bay

LOVELESS Rev. William, Herne Bay

MAY George esq, Strode House, Herne Street

MAY Rev. James, Herne Street

PALMER John, esq, Herne Common, Herne Bay

SAXBY Edmund esq, 6 Telford Terrace, Herne Street

SLADDEN Mr George, Eddington

SLADDEN Mr Isaac, Broomfield

SPAIN John esq, Eddington




BASKERVILLE Jane (boarding), Haddington

BATES Mary Ann (boarding & day), Oxenden House, Herne Bay

British School, William Street, Herne Bay, Alfred TROW, master; Charlotte TROW, mistress

GLENNIE Jane & Georgina (day), Prospect Place, Herne Bay

WILSON Sarah (day), Herne Street




DANGERFIELD Edwin James, 5 Telford Terrace, Herne Bay

HACKER Samuel (& estate agent), King Street, Herne Bay




BROWN Samuel, King Street, Herne Bay

LELLYONT George, 4 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay

SWAIN Gayler, Charles Street, Herne Bay

TAPSCOTT Henry, 3 High Street, Herne Bay

THORP Edward, Herne Street

THORP Henry, Parade, Herne Bay

THORP John (& corn dealer), 10 East Street, Herne Bay

WATKINS Mary, Herne Street




BEAN William, Eddington

DRAY Norris, High Street, Herne Bay

REDMAN Michael, High Street, Herne Bay

WOOD William, Herne Street




FOORD Silas, Mortimer Street, Herne Bay

SALTER John, North Street, Herne Bay

SAUNDERS John, Herne Street

TYLOR Susannah, Mortimer Street, Herne Bay

WILSON Thomas, Herne Street

WYLES Robert, 3 William Street, Herne Bay




FLY John, Little Charles Street, Herne Bay

HUKINS Ambrose, St Augustine’s Cottage, Herne Bay

LINDRIDGE Thomas, Herne Street




HACKER Samuel, King Street, Herne Bay

HUKINS Ambrose, St Augustine’s Cottage, Herne Bay

SELMES Thomas, William Street, Herne Bay




HOLMES Thomas (pork), Mortimer Street, Herne Bay

IGGULDEN John, 9 East Street, Herne Bay

LONGBOTHAM William, Underdwn Street, Herne Bay

PETTMAN Henry, High Street, Herne Bay

PETTMAN William, Herne Street

WHIDDETT Stephen, Herne Street




BIRD Samuel, Herne Common

CUNDY John, East Cliff, Herne Bay

DOWNS George, Herne Street

FLY William (& fire office agent), Mortimer Street, Herne Bay

FRYER William, Mortimer Street, Herne Bay

HARNETT William, Herne Street

SELMES Thomas, William Street, Herne Bay

WANSTALL William, (and wheelwright & turner), Eddington

WEBB John, Charles Street, Herne Bay




COLLARD JOHN, Prospect House, Herne Bay

EDGCOMBE Thomas,  (& corn), Mortimer Street, Herne Bay

TASSELL William (& hoy man), St Augustine’s Terrace, Herne Bay and at Jacks Coffee House, Corn Exchange, London




CULLEN William, 15 East Street, Herne Bay

DENCH Edward, High Street, Herne Bay

LELLYONT George, 4 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay

PRASLEY William, Mortimer Street, Herne Bay




ASHBEE Sarah, 2 East Street, Herne Bay

BELSEY Mary, Herne Street

GREENSTEAD Sarah, Herne Street

JEFFERY Eliz & Son, Underdown Street, Herne Bay

LIMEBURNER Charles, Herne Street

MAN Edward, Herne Street

MATTHEWS Henry (& British wine dealer), 5 William Street, Herne Bay

SAYER William, Beltinge

TAYLOR Thomas, 13 East Street, Herne Bay




BANKS John, Mortimer Street, Herne Bay

COVERLID Henry, Mortimer Street, Herne Bay




Collard Arms, William FLY, Mortimer Street, Herne Bay

Dolphin (hotel & commercial inn & wine & c. merchant), Jonathan ACRES, Telford Terrace, Herne Bay

Hoy and Anchor, William GURNEY, Reculvers

Huntsman and Horn, Geo. HOLMAN, Broomfield

Kings Head, Samuel HACKER, King Street, Herne Bay

New Dolphin, Ann WHITE, William Street, Herne Bay

Red Lion, John BROWN, Herne Street

Rodney Head, Edward AKHURS, North Street, Herne Bay

Royal Pier Hotel (& posting house), Joseph HEMSLEY, Herne Bay

Ship, William TAYLOR, Herne Bay

Upper Red Lion, James HARNETT, Herne Street




BARNES Alfred (& Saddler), Herne Street

TAYLOR William (smith & bellhanger), Underdown Street, Herne Bay




BANKS Maria (& perfumer), Marine Terrace, Herne Bay

LEE Oliver, Telford Terrace, Herne Bay




BELSEY Mary, Herne Street

DUNKIN & WATSON, Mortimer Street, Herne Bay

LIMEBURNER Charles, Herne Street

TAYLOR John, (& silk mercer), Mortimer Street, Herne Bay




BANKS Maria, Marine Terrace, Herne Bay

CUNDY John, East Cliff, Herne Bay

FOSS John (& bathing machines), Marine Terrace, Herne Bay

HOMERSHAM John, (& bathing machines), East Cliff, Herne Bay

TAYLOR Thomas, East Street, Herne Bay

THORP John, East Street, Herne Bay




LAWRENCE John, Herne Street Mill

THORP Henry, Parade, Herne Bay




HARNDON Alfred & Jas, 5 East Street, Herne Bay

JACKSON John (& paper hanger), William Street, Herne Bay

MORGAN Peter (& watch maker), Charles Street, Herne Bay

WARDEN John, Eddington




HOLMES Thomas, Mortimer Street, Herne Bay

STOKES Norris, Parade, Herne Bay




BANKS John, Mortimer Street, Herne Bay

BANKS Maria (& bookseller), Marine Terrace, Herne Bay

LEE Oliver, Telford Terrace, Herne Bay

WEBB Jno (& hatter), Charles Street, Herne Bay




BROWN Jos. Telford Cottage, Herne Bay

WHITE George, Zachariah & Percival, PEARCE, Underdown Street, Herne Bay




HUNT Thomas, 11 Marine Terrace, Herne Bay

PEMBERTON George Edward, Oxenden Street, Herne Bay

RIDEOUT Thomas (& chymist), 4 William Street, Herne Bay




CHRISTMAS Edmund, 7 Charles Street, Herne Bay

OLDREIVE William, 2 William Street, Herne Bay




BANKS John, Mortimer Street, Herne Bay

BETTSWORTH George (& haberdasher), Mortimer Street, Herne Bay




BANKS Thomas, plasterer, St Augustine’s Terrace, Herne Bay

BIRD Sarah, milliner & dressmaker, Mortimer Street, Herne Bay

Blean Union Poorhouse, Herne Common, John BAILEY, master; Eleanor BAILEY, mistress

CHRISTY Edward, billiard rooms, auctioneer & tobacconists, Parade, Herne Bay

COLLARD John jun. hoyman & corn factor, 14 East Street, Herne Bay

Custom House, Herne Bay, Thomas BUSBRIDGE, coast officer, Marine Terrace, Herne Bay

ELSTOB Thomas, brickmaker, High Street, Herne Bay

Gas Works, King Street, Herne Bay, Horatio CARTER, secretary

HOBSON Jesse, ale & porter merchant, Charles Street, Herne Bay

SCRIVEN Sarah, straw hat maker, Mortimer Street, Herne Bay

SPRY George John, coach and chaise proprietor, Little Charles Street, Herne Bay

WELLARD Henry, glass and china dealer, 1 Chapel Street, Herne Bay

WHITE Stephen, fishmonger, 8 Charles Street, Herne Bay

WOOD James Reed, chymists and druggists, William Street, Herne Bay




To Canterbury, the Red Rover, from the Dolphin Hotel, every morning at nine, and a Van during the winter months at the same hour – also coaches and omnibuses daily, on arrival of the steam packets.


To Deal, a Coach, from Herne Bay daily on the arrival of the steam packets.


To Dover, Sandgate and Hythe, two coaches from Herne Bay on arrival, of the steam packets.




To London, the Good Intent, John COLLARD jun owner and the Canton, William TASSELL owner, alternately on Saturday.


To and from London, Margate and Ramsgate several Steam Vessels call off Herne Bay, daily.



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