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Headcorn, Sutton Valence & Smarden


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Headcorn is a small village and decayed market town in the lathe of Aylesford and hundred of Eyhorne, situated on a branch of the river Medway, and on the road leading from Maidstone to Tenterden, nine miles SE by S from the former town. As regards trade this is a place of no consequence, nor does its neighbourhood present anything to attract observation except the South Eastern Railway, which on its route from the metropolis to Dover, passes in the immediate vicinity of the village. The church dedicated to St Paul and St Paul, is an ancient commodious edifice; the living is a discharged vicarage, in the patronage of the Archbishop of Canterbury. In the churchyard is a most extraordinary large oak, the circumference of the trunk measuring forty feet; its appearance denotes great age. A fair is held here on the 12th June. The population, in 1831 amounted to 1193, being an increase of two inhabitants in the preceding ten years. 


Sutton Valence or Town Valence is a village and parish in the same lathe and hundred as Headcorn distant about three miles and a half from that village. It consists chiefly of being one long street, the houses of which are unconnected and stand mostly upon the side of a hill. From the high grounds at the rear of the village a most extensive view is commanded over that part of the county called the Weald of Kent, extending to the range of hills that separate this county from Surrey. From the remains of its castle supposed to be of Saxon origin, which are to be seen at the east of the village, it is inferred that this place formerly was of considerable consequence. The church dedicated to St Mary; is a spacious structure, with a tower; the benefice is a vicarage, in the gift of the Dean and Chapter of Rochester. A free grammar school was founded here in 18th of Elizabeth; it is supported by means of several bequests, educates about thirty boys, and has two exhibitions to St Johns College of Cambridge. An annual fair is held here on the 1st of November for cattle. The parish by the last returns contained 1144 inhabitants.


About four miles ESE from Headcorn situated on the river Beult, in the lathe of Scray and hundred of Colehill is the village of Smarden. The houses, very few of which are of prepossessing appearance are scattered over a wide surface principally on low lands that are frequently laid under water upon the occurrence of sudden floods. The church, dedicated to St Michael, is a neat edifice with a square tower; the benefice is a rectory, in the presentation of the see of Canterbury. There are places of worship for baptists and Wesleyan methodists – to the chapel of the former a school is attached; and there is a free school founded in 1716 by Stephen DADSON, in which about fifty children are instructed. A market formerly held here has fallen into disuse, but the market house is still standing. A fair is held on the 10th October for toys and pedlery. Population of the parish in 1831, 1177.


POST OFFICE – Headcorn, Joseph WILSON, Postmaster. Letters arrive (by foot post from Maidstone), every day at twelve and are despatched every afternoon at three.


POST OFFICE – Sutton Valence, Thomas WELLS, Postmaster. Letters arrive (by foot post from Maidstone), every morning at ten, and are despatched every afternoon at four.


POST OFFICE – Smarden, Samuel LAW, Postmaster. Letters arrive (by foot post), from and are despatched to Cranbrook daily.




BEAUFOY Mrs Mary, Sutton Valence

BOUCHER Mr Charles, Bass lane

BOUCHER Mr Thomas, East Sutton

BOUCHER Mr William, East Sutton

BRIDGE Mr Edwin, Sutton Valence

BUSS Samuel, Chart Sutton

COULTER Daniel, Chart Sutton

CRISPE Mrs Elizabeth, Sutton Valence

FIELDING Rev Charles, Headcorn

FILMER Sir Edmund bart, East Sutton

GOODCHILD Rev, Sutton Valence

HAMER Rev James, Sutton Valence

HARMAN Mr Samuel, Sutton Valence

HINDS Mr William, Smarden

HOEW Mr George, Chart Sutton

ISMAY Mrs Elizabeth, Sutton Valence

LONG Mr William, East Sutton

LUCKHURST Mr John, Sutton Valence

MANSELL Mrs, Chart Sutton

MORRISSON Sir Alexander, knight, Sutton Valence

MOSSOP Rev Isaac, Smarden

OSBORNE Mr Stephen, Sutton Valence

PAINE Mr John, East Sutton

PORTER Miss Maria, Sutton Valence

READER Mr Samuel Godden (attorney), Sutton Valence

SAINT Rev Christian, Headcorn

SHIRLEY Mrs Mary, Sutton Valence

SHIRLEY Mr William, Sutton Valence

STEVENSON Miss, Sutton Valence

VAUGHAN Rev Walter, Chart Sutton

WILCOCK Rev William, West Sutton

WILKINS Mrs Sophia, Sutton Valence

WILLES Mr John, Sutton Valence




Free Grammar, Sutton Valence, Rev GOODCHILD, master

Free School, Smarden, Thomas WORSFOLD, master

GIBBONS Marianne, (ladies boarding), Sutton Valence

KOFE Thomas, (day), Headcorn

SYCKELMOOR William, (day), Smarden




HOLLANDS George, Sutton Valence

HOLLANDS James, Headcorn

MAYTUM Charles, Sutton Valence

OSMAR William, Headcorn

SMITH James, Sutton Valence

SUDBURY Thomas, Sutton Valence




AUSTIN James, Chart Sutton

BURDEN William, Sutton Valence

CHEESMAN George, Smarden

FRY William, Smarden

MARTIN George, Sutton Valence

MILNER Dive (& farrier), Headcorn

PHILPOTT William, Headcorn

SEDGWICK Mary, Chart Sutton

THORNDICRAFT Richard, Sutton Valence

TOWN Robert, Sutton Valence

TURK Jeremiah, Smarden

WENHAM William, Sutton Valence




ACRES George, Smarden

COPPING John, Smarden

CORKE Mark, Headcorn

HOOKER John, Sutton Valence

HUGHES John, Chart Sutton

JARRETT William, Sutton Valence

MARTIN John, Sutton Valence

NICHOLS James, Smarden

OTTAWAY Thomas, Headcorn

WAGHORN Charles, Headcorn

WELLS Thomas, Sutton Valence

WHITE James, Headcorn




BRIDGE Jos (& stone mason), Smarden

TESTER William, Sutton Valence




BIGG George, Sutton Valence

BIGG Thomas, Sutton Valence

BOORMAN Alfred, Headcorn

EVENDEN Joseph, Smarden

GOODWIN Charles, Sutton Valence

WAGHORN John, Headcorn

WILMOTT William, Smarden




BROOKS Edward, Chart Sutton

FULLAGAR Kelsham, Headcorn

GURR William, Smarden

HART Thomas, Headcorn

HIGGENS George, Sutton Valence

NORRIS Peter, Headcorn

PEARSON John, Smarden

PEARSON Thomas, Smarden

SMITH John, Sutton Valence

TOWN Thomas, Sutton Valence




CRISPE Henry, Sutton Valence

MARTIN Frederick, Sutton Valence




RIDOUT George, Sutton Valence

SOUTHON Stephen, Headcorn




BIRCH Catherine, Smarden

HODGE William, Headcorn


GROCERS & TEA DEALERS – see also Shopkeepers – marked thus * are also Linen Drapers


CHAPMAN James, Sutton Valence

CHURCHILL Robert, Sutton Valence

* DEYKIN Lewis &William, Sutton Valence

* FARMER John, Sutton Valence

* HAYES John, Sutton Valence

LARGE Mary, Smarden

* MANNERING Robert Willsher, (& tallow chandler and agent to the Kent fire office), Headcorn

SANDERS Job, Smarden

* SWADLING Frances, Smarden

* WYARD Joseph, Headcorn




ROUSE John, Sutton Valence

WATSON Frederick, Sutton Valence




BOORMAN John, Chart Sutton

BOORMAN William, Headcorn

HOMEWOOD James, Smarden

MERCER George, Headcorn

SAUDERS Job, Smarden




HIGGENS Margaret, Sutton Valence

SUDBURY Ann, Sutton Valence

WELLS Elizabeth, Sutton Valence




ANDERSON Thomas, Smarden

DAY William, Headcorn

TYLER Samuel, Sutton Valence




CHEESMAN John, Smarden

EVENDEN Jno (& ironmonger), Headcorn

SIMMONS William, Sutton Valence




CORNES William, Smarden

DAVIS Thomas, Sutton Valence

FEATHERSTONE George, Smarden

FLEET Richard, Smarden

GILES William, East Sutton

PHILPOTT Daniel, Headcorn

SAUNDERS Job, Smarden

WITHERDEN William, Headcorn




CHAPMAN William Smarden

GRIFFITHS Jas, Headcorn & Smarden

SKINNER David, Headcorn

VINALL Charles, Sutton Valence




DOBELL Joseph, Headcorn

HYLAND James, Headcorn

LAW William, Smarden

MOFFATT James, Sutton Valence

TORSELL George, Sutton Valence

WELLS Alfred, Smarden




Chequers, Samuel LAW, Smarden

George & Dragon, John DAY, Headcorn

Kings Arms, Lewis BARHAM, Headcorn

Kings Head, William  MOFFAT, Sutton Valence

Plough, John Beaumont ROUSE, Sutton Valence

Queens Head, Thomas WOOLLET, Sutton Valence

Swan, William MASCALL, Sutton Valence

White Horse, Robert TURK, Smarden




BOORMAN Robert, Sutton Valence

COBB William, Sutton Valence

EVENDEN Charles, Smarden

NORRIS Witcombe, Headcorn

PARK Stephen, Headcorn




CHANDLER William, tin plate worker, Sutton Valence

CRISPE George (executors of), brewers, Sutton Valence

CROUCH James, corn dealer, Headcorn

FARRANCE Jno, basket maker, Sutton Valence

FLEET Richard, turner & chair maker, Smarden

HUNT Charles, watchmaker, Headcorn

REEDMAN William, excise officer, Sutton Valence

ROUSE John Beaumont, auctioneer, Sutton Valence




To London, a Coach, (from Tenterden), calls at the George Inn, Headcorn every morning (Sunday excepted), at a quarter past eight, and at the Kings Head Inn, Sutton Valence at a quarter before nine.


To Tenterden, a Coach, (from London), calls at the Kings Head Inn, Sutton Valence, every evening (Sunday excepted), at a quarter before eight, and at the George Inn, Headcorn at a quarter past eight.




To Ashford, William SEELEY, from Smarden every Tuesday and Saturday.


To Maidstone, William COLLINS, from Sutton Valence every morning; John CHAINEY from Headcorn and Benjamin WESTOVER from Smarden every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday and William SEELEY, from Smarden every Thursday.



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