Pigots 1840 - Kent

Hawkhurst, Benenden, Newenden, Rolvenden, Sandhurst & neighbourhoods


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Hawkhurst is a neat genteel and thriving village, in the parish of its name, lathe of Scray and hundred of Barnfield (the parish extending into Henhurst hundred, County of Sussex), is situated on the main road from London to Rye, 48 miles SE of the former and 15 NNW from the latter. The village is divided into parts; in the more modern, named Highgate, are the principal shops and two chief inns; on a hill about half a mile to the south, is the other part, where stands the church. The views from either of these divisions are pleasant, the situation is healthful, and it is the residence of a number of respectable families; the parish is extensive, irrigated by several small streams, and well cultivated and wooded. The church, dedicated to St Lawrence is a neat substantial erection of some antiquity, with a low square tower, clad by time with moss; the rectorial tithes belong to Christ’s College Oxford, but the benefice is the property (if he claim it) of the oldest bachelor or the next in succession. There are several charitable institutions here; the principal is a school founded by Sir Thomas DUNK, in 1723 for the education of twenty boys (thirty is the present number); with six almshouses for three poor men and three poor women. Courts lets and baron, under the Earl of Winchelsea, who is the Lord of the Manor, are held here in May; and a small fair, for pedlery is annually holden on the 10th August. At the last census the population of the parish amounted to 2,428 persons.


Benenden is a small village, in an extensive parish of the same name (the latter nearly seven miles in length and three in breadth), in the lathe of Scray and hundred of Rolvenden, situate on the road from Cranbrook to Tenterden, four miles SE from the former and six W from the latter place. The church, an ancient fabric, is dedicated to St George. The free school here was endowed by Edmund GIBBON Esq. in 1609. Fairs are held here on a large green, on the 15th May and the 4th August for horned cattle. In 1821 this parish contained 1,721 inhabitants – at the last census (that of 1831), this number was reduced to 1,663.


Newenden, though now an inconsiderable village, formerly was a large sea port and it is said to have contained fifty two taverns. The river Rother, which divides this county from Sussex, washes a portion of the parish. The village is situated 5½ miles SSW from Tenterden and about the like distance E from Hawkhurst; it is a liberty of itself, and is still governed by a bailiff and under bailiff independent of Selbrittenden hundred, in which it is locally included. The church dedicated to St Peter, is small and inconvenient and contains nothing worthy of description. A fair is held on 1st July, chiefly for pedlery. Population 158.


The village of Rolvenden is in the parish and hundred of its name, situated between Tenterden and Newenden, three miles from either place. The village is neat, and the church, which a few years since was completely repaired and handsomely embellished is a true specimen of beautiful simplicity; it has lately been furnished with an organ, at an expense of five hundred guineas; it is crowned by a square tower, containing eight bells. There is a chapel for Wesleyan Methodists and another for unitarians. Population in 1831, 1507.


Sandhurst is a small village in an extensive parish, in the hundred of Selbrittenden, separated from the County of Sussex by the river Kennet – five miles SSW from Tenterden. The chief produce of the land here is hops. The church is dedicated to St Nicholas; it stands about half a mile from the village, it is ancient but convenient structure. There are chapels for baptists and Wesleyan methodists, and a national school. A fair is held on the 25th of May, for cattle and pedlery. The parish contained in 1831, 1307 inhabitants.


POST OFFICES - High gate, Hawkhurst, James DOUBELL, Postmaster and Sandhurst, John BARNES, Postmaster – letters from London and all parts arrive (by mail cart from Lamberhurst) every morning at four, and are despatched every night at a quarter before eleven.


POST OFFICE - Benenden, Thomas WIGHTWICK, Postmaster – letters from London arrive very morning at eight and are despatched every evening at five.


POST OFFICE – Rolvenden, William EDWARDS, Postmaster – letters from London arrive every morning at half past six and are despatched every evening at eight.




ATKIN Mr Thomas, Hawkhurst

AYERST Mr Francis, Hawkhurst

BOYS Rev. Daniel, Benenden

CLEVELAND Mrs, Benenden

COBB John esq, Hawkhurst

COLLINGWOOD Mrs Sarah, Hawkhurst

COLLINS Newman Ward esq, Sandhurst

COOMBE Rev John R, Rolvenden

CRAYTON Mrs, Hawkhurst

CREIGHTON Mrs Emeline, Hawkhurst

DURRANT Mr Jno Mercer, Hawkhurst

FAIRBANK Mr William, Crithole, Benenden

FRENCH George esq, Risden, Hawkhurst

GREGSON the Misses, Hawkhurst

HARRISON Mr John, Hawkhurst

HODGES Thomas Law esq, Benenden

HOOD Mrs Ann, Hawkhurst

HOOPER Rev John, Rolvenden

HUTCHINSON Rev Cyril, Hawkhurst

LAMBERT James esq, Hawkhurst

LAWRENCE Rev Alfred, Sandhurst

MONYPENNY Rev Philip, Rolvenden

MONYPENNY Robert Joseph esq, Rolvenden

MONYPENNY Thomas Gibbon esq, Rolvenden

NEVE Mr Thos. Benenden

OYLER Geo. esq, Kent ditch, Hawkhurst

RICHARDSON Mrs, Rolvenden

ROLFE Jno esq, Hensill, Hawkhurst

SPRINGETT  Mr John, Lodge Farm, Hawkhurst

SPRINGETT Mr Thos, Brook, Hawkhurst

SWEET Rev William, Down gate, Sandhurst

TWEDIE Capt.  Michael, Rolvenden

VIGNOLES John esq, Field green, Sandhurst

WELLER Robert esq, Rolvenden

WILSON Francis esq, Hawkhurst

WINCHESTER Mrs Eliz, Hawkhurst

WISLER Mrs Eleanor, Hawkhurst

WYNCH Mrs Sophia, Elford house, Hawkhurst




EDMONDS Eleanor (boarding and day), Hawkhurst

Free School, Benenden, William LANDSELL, master

Free School, Hawkhurst, William SMITH, master

HOPKINS George (boarding), Hawkhurst

National School, Hawkhurst, John SEDGWICK, master; Ann PORT Mistress

National School, Rolvenden, James OXLEY, master; Sarah COVENEY, mistress.

PARNELL Miss (boarding), Rolvenden

WHITWELL Mr & Mrs (boarding & day), Hawkhurst

WILLARD Mary, (boarding & day), Hawkhurst

WILSON John, (boarding & day), Tudor Hall, Hawkhurst





SPRINGETT Thos. Brook, Hawkhurst




CHAPMAN George, Hawkhurst

COUCHMAN Samuel, Hawkhurst

DURRANT Edward, Rolvenden

REEVES George, Sandhurst

WENMAN John, Benenden  




SMITH, HILDER & Co. Hawkhurst & at Hastings (draw on MASTERMAN, PETERS & Co, London)

Savings Bank, Hawkhurst, (open on Monday 12 till 1), George HOPKINS, actuary.




CAMBELL Noneus, Benenden

EDWARDS Thomas, Rolvenden

JEWHURST Edmund, Rolvenden

MUNN George, Benenden

PADGHAM Thomas, Sandhurst

REED Joseph, Hawkhurst

REED Samuel, Hawkhurst

ROOTS William, Benenden

SANDS Richard, Hawkhurst

SNISHER James, Hawkhurst




BANISTER Thomas, Hawkhurst

CORKE Henry, Benenden

GILLHAM John, Sandhurst

HINKLEY Stephen, Benenden

HUTCHISON William, Rolvenden

HYLAND Young, Rolvenden

MUNN Jarvis, Benenden

NASH Thomas, Sandhurst

PAYNE Thomas, Rolvenden

REEVES John, Hawkhurst

ROBERTS James, Hawkhurst

VOUSLEY Richard, Rolvenden

WINDER Richard, Rolvenden




PIPER Richd (& mason), Hawkhurst


SHOOBRIDGE James & Jos. Benenden

THATCHER Samuel, Sandhurst




ALLEN Thomas, Sandhurst

CRISFORD John, Hawkhurst

HAMMOND Henry, Hawkhurst

KINGMAN Thomas, Benenden

OXLEY David, Rolvenden

PADGHAM Thomas, Hawkhurst

PAINE Mary, Newenden

SOUTHON Thomas, Benenden

WATTMAN William, Benenden

WICKEN William, Hawkhurst

WINSER Edward, Hawkhurst




BUTTON William, Rolvenden

COOPER Thomas (& lathe render), Sandhurst

DAVIS David, Hawkhurst

HARDEN Thomas, Rolvenden

HARVEY Richard (& furniture broker), Hawkhurst

HICKS William, Hawkhurst


REED James, Hawkhurst

REEVES William, Sandhurst

VIGOR William, Sandhurst

WENMAN John, Benenden

WEST James, Benenden




ADAMS George, Hawkhurst

HARMER William , Hawkhurst




GREEN James, Hawkhurst




MOORE John, Sandhurst

WICKEN James, Hawkhurst




AYERST Thomas, Newenden

BRYANT John (& hop factor), Hawkhurst

HARDEN William George, Rolvenden




Kent, George HOPKINS, Hawkhurst

Norwich Union, John BRYANT, Hawkhurst

Phoenix (fire) & Protector (life), James DOUBELL, Hawkhurst




MILTON Samuel, Sandhurst

NASH Thomas, Sandhurst

TAPLIN George, Hawkhurst

WATSON Robert, Rolvenden


GROCERS & DEALERS IN SUNDRIES – marked thus * are also linen drapers


* ADAMS George, Hawkhurst

* AVARD John, Hawkhurst

* BARNES John, Sandhurst

* BARNES William, Newenden

* BEACH Ann, Sandhurst

* BRYANT John(& appraiser), Hawkhurst

BUSBRIDGE Mrs Joseph, Benenden

CHEESMAN Thomas, Hawkhurst

* CORKE Benjamin, Rolvenden

DURRANT Lettice, Hawkhurst

* EDWARDS William (& fire office agent), Rolvenden

* KEATING James, Four Throws, Hawkhurst 

MORRIS Elizabeth, Rolvenden

PIPER William, Hawkhurst

REEVES George, Sandhurst

* RUSSELL George, Benenden

STEDMAN John, Rolvenden

VIGOR William, Sandhurst

WENMAM John, Benenden

WICKEN James, Hawkhurst

* WIGHTWICK Thomas, Benenden

* WOOLVEN John, (& undertaker), Hawkhurst




COPPINGER Charles, Hawkhurst

WELLS John, Rolvenden




Queens Head, (commercial & posting and family), Thomas GODFREY, Hawkhurst

Royal Oak, Edward BAKER, Hawkhurst




AYERST Thomas, Slip Mill, Hawkhurst

COLLINS James, Sandhurst

REEVES Richard, Benenden

TOBIT Edmund, Hawkhurst




CAMPANY Harriet, Hawkhurst

HUNT Catherine, Rolvenden




BEALE Alfred, Hawkhurst

COMFORT & Son, Sandhurst

SHOOBRIDGE John, Benenden

STEDMAN Stephen Moor, Hawkhurst

TUER Charles, Rolvenden




CHEESMAN Jesse, Hawkhurst

COLLINS Jno., Benenden & Cranbrook

JACKSON John, Rolvenden

MUNN Ann, Hawkhurst

OTTAWAY Mary, Hawkhurst




AYERST Thomas, Rolvenden

BLATHWAYT William, Hawkhurst

WELLS Robert, Benenden

YOUNG Edward, Hawkhurst


TAILORS – marked thus * are also Drapers


BARNS Thomas, Sandhurst

BURGIS Cornelius, Sandhurst

CHAPMAN Joseph, Hawkhurst

* COLLIER William, Hawkhurst

COPPINGER Henry, Hawkhurst

* MORRIS Richard, Rolvenden

NASH John, Benenden

POILE John, Benenden

TAPPLY Thomas, Rolvenden

* WIGHTWICK Thomas, Benenden




EDWARDS William, Rolvenden

WINSER Edward, Rolvenden




Bull, William MASTERS, Rolvenden

Bull, Mary SANTER, Benenden

George & Dragon, Alfred CROFT, Hawkhurst

Six Bells, Robert CRISFORD, Hawkhurst

Swan, Charles THWAITES,  Sandhurst

White Hart, William HANSON, Newenden




BANISTER Gideon, Benenden

LEANEY William, Hawkhurst




BARDEN Edward, Benenden

CHEESMAN Richd & Wm, Hawkhurst

COMFORT Ebenezer, Hawkhurst

DAWSON John, Rolvenden

HODGES Peter, Rolvenden

HUGGINS Peter, (& painter), Hawkhurst





ADAMS John Elysium, surveyor & estate agent, Hawkhurst

Assembly rooms, Queens Head Inn, Hawkhurst

COCKERHILL Thomas, basket maker, Sandhurst

COOPER Edward, fishmonger, Hawkhurst

DOUBELL James, bookseller, stationr, chymists & sub distributer of stamps, Hawkhurst

GODFREY George, wine & coal merchant, Hawkhurst

HARDEN George William, ironmonger, Rolvenden

HASTMAN George, brazier and tinman, Hawkhurst

HAYWARD John, agricultural implement maker, Rolvenden

HUGGETT John, watch maker and toy dealer, Hawkhurst

JENNER Jas. professor of music, Rolvenden

KINGSNORTH William, linen weaver and hop bag maker, Rolvenden

MUNN Thomas, brickmaker, Benenden

PIPER William, statuary & mason, Hawkhurst

SARGANT Thomas, maltster, Hawkhurst

WALKER John, horse dealer, Hawkhurst

WINSER John, registrar of births and deaths, Rolvenden




To London, a Post Coach (from Rye) calls at the Queens Head & Royal Oak, Hawkhurst, every morning at ten and the Flower of Kent (from Tenterden) calls at the Bull Inn, Rolvenden, every Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning at half past six.


To Rye, a Post Coach (from London) calls at the Royal Oak & the Queens Head, Hawkhurst every evening at six.


To Tenterden, the Flower of Kent (from London) calls at the Bull Inn , Rolvenden every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night at half past eight.


VANS – for passengers and goods


To Hastings a Van (from Maidstone) passes through Hawkhurst every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon at 2.


To Maidstone, a Van (from Hastings) passes through Hawkhurst, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at twelve.


CARRIERS – passing through Hawkhurst and Sandhurst   


To London, Ransom & Wright every Monday


To Cranbrooke and Maidstone, Mary PIPER & William BARNES, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; MANWARING & RICHARDSON every Monday; W. FUNNELL every Monday and Thursday;  and HODGES from Rolvenden every Saturday.


To Hastings & Staplehurst, RICHARDSON every Wednesday.


To Lewes, MANWARING every Wednesday.


To Robertsbridge, W FUNNELL, every Wednesday and Saturday.


TO Rye, H. RANSOM every Friday; Mary PIPER and William BARNES, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and WRIGHT every Tuesday & Friday.



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