Pigots 1840 - Kent

Hadlow, East & West Peckham, Mereworth, Tudeley, Capel, Shipbourne & Neighbourhoods.


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Hadlow is a small and pleasant village and parish, situated on the main road from Maidstone to Tonbridge, ten miles SW from the former and 4 NE from the latter town. The parish which is intersected by the river Sheet is fertile and bears several hop plantations. The church is dedicated to St Mary; is a neat and convenient edifice of brick, stuccoed; the benefice is a vicarage in the presentation of Rev. Philip Monypenny. There are places of worship for Baptists and Wesleyan Methodists and a National School.


East Peckham is a rather extensive parish, lying to the north east of Hadlow, about three miles therefrom. The church an ancient structure, dedicated to St Michael, a few years back received an additional number of sittings, at the expense of the incorporated society; the living is a vicarage in the patronage of the Dean and chapter of Canterbury.


Adjoining to East Peckham is the parish of West Peckham. Hops and fruit are cultivated here to a considerable extent. The church which is dedicated to St Dunstan, is a building of limited dimensions, with a tower and spire; the benefice is a discharged vicarage in the presentation of the dean and chapter of Rochester. The Wesleyan Methodists have a place of worship, and there is a free school in this parish.


Mereworth parish is contiguous to that of West Peckham on the north, on the new line of road from Tonbridge to Maidstone, about seven miles from either town. The grazing land in this parish is said to feed some of the largest oxen in England. The church is handsome stone structure, with a portico of the Corinthian order; and the eastern window is of ancient stained glass; collected by John Westmoreland, who rebuilt the church; it is dedicated to St Lawrence; the living is a rectory; in the gift of Lord Le DESPENCER.


Tudeley and Capel are inconsiderable parishes, the lands of which intersect each other at different points. Tudeley church which is near three miles from Hadlow and about the like distance south west from Tonbridge, is a small modern edifice of brick, with a square tower and spire; it is dedicated to All Saints; the benefice, a vicarage, is in the same patronage as that of Mereworth. The South Eastern railway passes through the parish on its route from London to Dover. Capel church dedicated to Thomas a Becket is a small but convenient, built of stone, with a low steeple; the living is united to that of Tudeley.


Four miles south west from Hadlow is a small and very thinly inhabited parish of Shipbourne. The church, a neat and modern structure of stone, is dedicated to St Giles the Abbot of whose sanctity tradition adduces many instances; a small fair is held here on his festival; the 1st of September. The living is a donative, in the presentation of John SIMPSON Esq.


The locality and population of the foregoing parishes are as follows: they are all situated in the lathe of Aylesford. Hadlow is in the lowey of Tonbridge, and at the last census had a population of 1,853 inhabitants; East Peckham, Twyford hundred, 2018; West Peckham and Mereworth, Littlefield hundred, the former 563, the latter 782; Capel and Tudeley, Washlington hundred, the former 399, the latter 575; Shipbourne, Wrotham hundred, 470 inhabitants.


POST OFFICE – Hadlow, Samuel WATSON, postmaster – letter from London arrive every morning at half past three, and are despatched every night at half past ten. Letter arrive from Maidstone and east Kent arrive every night at half past ten and are despatched every morning at half past three.




ANDREWS Miss Martha, East Peckham

BARTON Mrs, East Peckham

BATT Mr James, Mereworth

BOORMAN Thomas esq, East Peckham

BOYS Rev. Richard, Tudeley

BUTTONSHAW Charles esq, West Peckham

BUTTONSHAW Rev. Francis, West Peckham

CARNELL William esq, Hadlow

CHILDES Wm. Knox esq, Shipbourne

COOK William esq, Roydon Hall

DALISON M (DD) esq, Hampton

GEARY Lady, Shipbourne

GEARY Sir Wm. bart, West Peckham

GOLDING William esq, East Peckham

HAIG Capt. Wm, Hampton Cottage

HARRYMAN Mr William, Mereworth

HATCH Mr Isaac, East Peckham

HENHAM Mr Thos, East Peckham

HENHAM Mr Wm, East Peckham

KIBBLE Thomas esq, Hadlow

KIPPING William esq, Hadlow

LANGRIDGE Thomas esq, Mereworth

LARKING James esq, East Peckham

LUCK Mr Oliver, East Peckham

MARTIN Thomas esq, East Peckham

MARTIN Mr William, East Peckham

MAY Walter esq, Hadlow

MONCKTON Edwd. esq, East Peckham

MONYPENNY Rev. James, Hadlow

MONYPENNY Rev. Philip, Hadlow

SIMPSON John esq, Shipbourne

STAPLETON Rev, Sir Francis bart, Mereworth

STAPLETON Hon. Mrs, Mereworth

TAYLOR Mr John, Mereworth

TORRINGTON Lady, Shipbourne Lodge

TORRINGTON the Hon. Viscount, Yotes Court

VINE Mr Samuel, East Peckham

WALFORD Rev, Humphrey Thomas, West Peckham

WATSON Mr Richd K, East Peckham

WELFEAR Thomas esq, East Peckham

YATES Mrs Mary Hannah, Fair Lawn




CHEESMAN John (day), Mereworth

FARMER Richard (day), Hadlow

Free School, West Peckham, Mary UPTON, mistress

LEE John (day), Mereworth

National School, Hadlow, John ELDIN, master; Jane ELDIN, mistress

National School, East Peckham, Thomas TOWNER, master; Ann HUTSON, mistress

TRANTER William (day), Hadlow




CALLOW Geo. (& corn dealer), Hadlow

CRITTLE George, East Peckham

SANDERS George, West Peckham

TURNER John, Hadlow




COUCHMAN Thomas, Hadlow

GEERING Adam, Caple

GIBSON William , Hadlow

MERRALL Rueben, Hadlow

PEARSON Jonathan, Caple

POLLARD William, West Peckham

RHODES John, West Peckham

RHODES Thomas, Hadlow

ROSE John, West Peckham

SCOONS William, East Peckham

WARNET James, Hadlow

WOOLETT Ann, West Peckham

WOOLETT Robert, Mereworth




BURR William , East Peckham

CROXFORD William , Hadlow

CURTIS William, East Peckham

GAMMON George, Hadlow

GREENAWAY John, Hadlow

GREENAWAY Thomas, Hadlow

GROVER Samuel, Mereworth

HARDS Thomas, Mereworth

LAWRENCE William, Caple

NORTON Edward, Hadlow

PARKER William, Hadlow

POTTER George, Caple

PRALL William, Hadlow

PRITCHETT Richard, East Peckham

WOOD John, East Peckham




BARTON Mercy, Hadlow

KIPPING Thomas, East Peckham




CRUMP John, Hadlow

HARDS John Spencer, Mereworth

WELLS George, Hadlow

WHEELER Samuel, Hadlow




BALLARD James, East Peckham

FORDHAM William, East Peckham

HARRYMAN George, Mereworth

LAWRENCE Ann, Tudeley

LUCK George, Hadlow

MOYCE William , Shipbourne

PLATT James, Caple

WATSON Henry, Hadlow




BARRETT George, Shipbourne

BARTON John, Hadlow

BOWLES John, Tudeley

LEEDS John, East Peckham

LEEDS John jun. Hadlow

PALMER George, Hadlow

SKINNER William, Caple

TULLY John (& builder), Caple

VANE John, Caple




BURFOOT Thomas, Hadlow

JOHNSON John, East Peckham

SKINNER William, Caple




Kent (fire & life), Wm HARRISON, Hadlow

Phoenix, Alfred HATCH, East Peckham

Royal Exchange, Charles GOODWIN, Mereworth




BATES Sarah, East Peckham

BEECHER Richard, Hadlow

BENTLETT John, East Peckham


COLLIS Margaret, Hadlow

FARRANT John, Mereworth

FORDHAM Richard, East Peckham

GOODWIN Charles, Mereworth

HARLING Francis, West Peckham

HARRISON William, Hadlow

HATCH Alfred, East Peckham

JEFFERY William, Shipbourne

LEEDS John, Hadlow

MANSELL John, Caple

MARTIN James, Shipbourne

MERCER Edward, Caple

NEWMAN Silas, Caple

PACK James, Tudeley

RIXTON Thomas, Hadlow

SANDERS George , West Peckham

SETFORD James, Hadlow

STANFORD Martha, Mereworth

VANE John, Caple





MERRALL Rueben, Hadlow

VANE John, Caple

WELL George, Hadlow




KIPPING Thomas, Hadlow

SIMMONS Henry, Hadlow




BATES Henry, Hadlow

EDMEADS Thomas, Mereworth

PORTER Richard, Hadlow

WHEELER John, Tudeley




HILLS Walter. Caple

SMITHERS Thomas, Hadlow

WAGHORNE Thomas, Hadlow

WALTER Catherine, East Peckham




BARTON George, Hadlow

CHILDREN John, Hadlow




BIGGENDEN William, East Peckham

STARLING Robert, Hadlow




BURFOOT Richard, Hadlow

TAYLOR William, Mereworth

TOWNER John Charles, East Peckham

WATSON Samuel, Hadlow

WELLS George, East Peckham




Artichoke, William GOODSIR, West Peckham

Bell, Robert ELLIS, East Peckham

Buffalos Head, Timothy DURRELL, Mereworth

Bull, William BLATCHER, Shipbourne

Bush, James WELLS, East Peckham

Chequers, Ann LAWRENCE, Tudeley

George & Dragon, Robert LAWRENCE, Tudeley

Greyhound, John PALMER, Hadlow

Kings Head. James COUCHMAN, Hadlow

Kings Head, Adam GEERING, Caple

Red Lion, James FOWLER, Shipbourne

Rose and Crown, William MADDOCKS, East Peckham

Three Merry Boys, Jesse KINGSBURY, East Peckham

Torrington Arms, John Spencer HARDS, Mereworth

White Swan, William TEBEY, West Peckham

Yeoman, William HOLDER, Shipbourne




COUCHMAN Thomas, Hadlow

HARRYMAN Thomas, Mereworth

MERCER Lawrence, Tudeley

ROLFE William, East Peckham

TAYLOR Henry, Hadlow

TEBEY William, Hadlow




ALLEN & TOMSETT, auctioneers, &c. East Peckham

BARTON George, parish clerk, Hadlow

BOORMAN & Co, seed crushers and oil mill, East Peckham

BROTHERWOOD Isaac, glass dealer, Hadlow

GREEN George How, paper maker, West Peckham

MARTIN Henry, hair dresser and toy dealer, Hadlow

MARTIN Isaac, veterinary surgeon, Hadlow

SIMMONS Thomas, tanner, East Peckham

SMITH John, registrar of births and deaths, Hadlow

TRANTER William, tin plate worker, Hadlow

WHITEING Joseph, leather seller, Hadlow




To London, a coach (from Maidstone) calls at the Torrington Arms Inn Mereworth, every morning (Sunday excepted) at nine.


To Brighton, The Royal Blue (from Maidstone) calls at the Greyhound Inn, Hadlow, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon at three.


To Maidstone, a coach (from London) calls at the Torrington Arms Inn Mereworth every afternoon (Sunday excepted) at five; and the Royal Blue from Brighton calls at the Greyhound Hadlow, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday forenoon at eleven.


VANS – for goods and passengers


To and from Maidstone and Tonbridge Wells several vans pass through Hadlow and Mereworth daily.




To London, William MONKELOW, from Hadlow, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


To Maidstone, William BEAL, from Hadlow every Tuesday and Friday.



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