Pigots 1840 - Kent

Greenwich & neighbourhood


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Greenwich is a market town, parliamentary borough and parish in the lathe of Sutton at Hone, and hundred of Blackheath, about 5 miles ESE from London, delightfully situated at the base and on the western declivity of a range of hills which forms the southern boundary of the rich vale through which flows the majestic Thames. The name of this place is derived from the Saxon Greena-wic, “green creek” or bay. In 1011, during the reign of Ethelred, the Danes made an irruption into to this part of Kent, and encamped on Blackheath, where they continued for three years, plundering and desolating this and the contiguous counties; the Danish fleet; on this occasion, had its permanent station at Greenwich and to this circumstance is ascribed its first mention in history. As a Royal residence in the past ages this place is prominently recorded; Edward I had an establishment here; Henry IV dates his will in 1408, from his manor in Greenwich; Humphrey Duke of Gloucester in 1433 embattled the manor house and the enclosed park, within which he erected a tower, on the spot where the Royal Observatory now stands; Edward IV enlarged and embellished his palace here; and Henry VII resided much at Greenwich and founded a convent here. This was also the birthplace of Henry VIII, who was baptised in the parish church; and here his marriage of Katherine of Arragon, in 1510, and with Anne of Cleaves, in 1540, were celebrated with great pomp. Edward VI kept the festival of Christmas 1502-03 in this place, where he died in the month of July following. The princesses Mary and Elizabeth were born here, and the latter, when Queen, made Greenwich her favourite summer residence; and Mary the daughter of James I, was baptized here with great solemnity in 1605. The assizes for the county were held here in the fourth and fifth years of the reign of Elizabeth; and in 1577 the town sent two burgesses to parliament; this privilege however was subsequently withheld until the passing of the reform bill, when the representative distinction was restored to the town; the sitting members are Matthias Wolverly ATTWOOD and Edward George BARNARD Esqrs. The town is within the jurisdiction of the county magistrates, some of which sit in petty session every Tuesday; and a court of requests is held on the same day, for the recovery of debts under £5; the jurisdiction of the latter court extends over several parishes in the county as well as in that of Surrey.


In describing the public edifices, the Hospital, that unrivalled monument of Christian benevolence and national gratitude and munificence is pre-eminently entitled to precedence. It is a noble stone building, founded by William and Mary in 1694 – seated on the bank of the Thames on an elevated terrace about eight hundred and sixty five feet in length towards the river; it consists of four distinct structures, distinguished by the names of King Charles’s, Queen Anne’s, King William’s and Queen Mary’s; the interval between the two most northern buildings (King Charles’s and Queen Anne’s), forms the grand square, which is upwards of two hundred and seventy feet in width. In one of these piles is a chapel which for neatness, elegance and real beauty, is not surpassed by any sanctuary in the kingdom; an eminent connoisseur (the Rev James DALLAWAY) thus speaks of it: “for truly classical design in which no ornament is applied but from antique example, the chapel of Greenwich Hospital, as restored by the Athenian Stuart, has no rival in England – I had almost said in Italy.” The painted hall, governor’s hall, the several offices &c. have been similarly enlogised. From its position immediately opposite to and on the margin of the Thames, the prospect from the Hospital is one of the most delightful character, commanding the expansive course of this far famed river, with vessels in continual motion on its ample bosom, and embracing an extensive line of the coast of Essex. To do justice to the beauty of this universally celebrated institution, in a work necessarily limited as this is, would be impossible – indeed it must be seen to be properly appreciated; and as an attempt at further description would be utterly futile, we must reluctantly decline the task. To the south of the Hospital is the Naval Asylum, or school for education, maintenance and clothing of children of seamen and marines; this is an extensive and truly liberal institution and comprises every requisite office upon a scale uniformly grand – including large school rooms, refectory, dormitory, an elegant chapel, infirmary &c., encompassed by pleasant grounds, lawns and gardens. There are charities of the greatest magnitude here; but though more limited in their operation, there are others of a highly beneficial nature. The seaman’s hospital is a floating ship (formerly the Dreadnought of 98 guns), and is for sick, lame and distressed seamen of all nations, supported by voluntary subscriptions. The charitable scholastic establishments are too numerous for minute detail; they comprise blue coat, green coat and grey coat, also national and parochial schools, some of them amply endowed; they are likewise for poor persons, Queen Elizabeth’s and Norfolk colleges and many almshouses; of the latter as well as the schools, several are supported by the wealthy and benevolent trading companies of London.


The chief support of Greenwich is derived from the number of gentry, and opulent London merchants and others whom its vicinity to the capital and local attractions induce to reside here. Although dependent on no particular trade or manufacture, it possesses however some of consequence, embracing that of floor-cloth belonging to Messrs COBBETT & JEEVES; the ingenious fancy comb manufactory of Messrs LEONHARDT & Co; and tanneries, roperies, steam flour mills, chymical works &c. It receives a considerable addition to its general prosperity from the great resort of visitors, especially in the summer season, and to the Fairs at Easter and Whitsuntide. Some idea may be formed of the great influx of persons to the town, on Whit Monday 1839, when we state, (from official returns), that 75,000 persons landed at and embarked from the pier, and that 35,000 were conveyed by the railway; what number arrived by the coaches, and many other appliances, it is impossible to state accurately; but it has been estimated that Greenwich was visited by upwards of two hundred thousand during the day and night. It is stated that five thousand persons paid to see the painted hall, in the Royal Hospital, on Monday, and nearly half that number on Sunday. Having mentioned the railway, we may here further observe, that this superb “line of way”, was opened from London Bridge to Deptford on the 14th December 1836 and throughout to Greenwich, on 24th December 1838; the line is lighted with gas and its appearance from the Old Kent Road, at night is truly brilliant.


There are two churches in the town, both handsome structures; the ancient parish church is that of Saint Alphage – St Mary’s (a chapel of ease), was erected by the Parliamentary commissioners; the benefice is a vicarage, in the archdeaconry and dioceses of Rochester, and in the patronage of the crown; the present incumbent is the Rev William Alfred SOMES. The baptists, independents, Wesleyan methodists, and Roman catholics have their respective places of worship. The park, which is contiguous to the town, is a delightful spot and fully justifies the celebrity its beauties have acquired for it; at that season of the year when nature displays all her loveliness, it is resorted to by almost every class of society. The Royal Observatory stands in the park, on a lofty site; here all astronomical observations are recorded, and from this point all English geographers and navigators reckon the degrees of longitude. The view from this eminence is grand and interesting, taking in the windings of the Thames, combined with a splendid and perfect perspective of the metropolis – the whole presenting as rich a picture as can well be imagined. The present ranger of the park is the Princess Sophia Matilda of Gloucester. Wednesday and Saturday are market days. In Easter and Whitsun weeks, the fairs or revels are kept up for three days and with the attractions of the park and the season of the year, draw together as before noticed, an immense concourse of holiday folk. The parish of Greenwich (including part of Blackheath), contained by the returns in 1831, a population of 24,553 inhabitants.


POST OFFICE – 11 Nelson st, John WATTS, Postmaster. Letters from London arrive every morning at eight, noon at twelve, afternoon at half past three, and evening at a quarter past six and are despatched every morning at nine and afternoon at one and four. Letters from Dover &c. are despatched every evening (Sunday excepted), at half past six and on Sunday at half past five.




AINGER Rev Thomas, Vanbrugh fields

ALEXANDER Mr John, 8 Queen Elizabeth’s row

ALLEN the Misses, Queen Elizabeth’s row

ALLT Mr Thomas, Hyde vale

ANDERSON Mrs Christiana, 2 Circus

ANGERSTEIN John esq, Woodlands

ATCHISON Mr John, Blackheath hill

AUSTEN Mrs, Queen Elizabeth’s row

BACKHOUSE Mrs, Croom's hill

BARRETT Mr George, 19 Circus

BARTLETT Capt William, 4 Vansittart terrace

BARTON Mrs Harriet, Croom’s hill

BATE Mr Edward, Croom’s hill

BATTEN Mr John G, Bexley place

BAYLIS Mr James, 6 Valentine terrace

BELL Mrs, Maize hill

BENGELLY Capt Henry (RN), 9 Valentine terrace

BICKNELL Mrs Ann, 9 Circus

BICKNELL Hy H esq, Vanbrugh fields

BILLINGHURST Capt William (RN), 18 Circus

BILLOP Mrs Mary, 8 Bath place

BIRCHMORE Mrs George, 2 Bath place

BLACK Capt William, Maize hill

BOSHER Miss Cath, Greenwich road

BOWERS Lieut (RN), South st

BOWLER Mr William, Hyde Vale

BRADLEY Mrs Mary, 4 Thornton row

BRAIDLEY Mr John, Royal hill

BRITTON Mrs Fanny, Croom’s hill

BROCKLEBANK Mr Lemuel, 3 Circus

BROCKLEBANK Thomas esq, Westcombe park

BROWN Mr George, Croom’s hill

BUFFAR Miss Charlotte, Maize hill

BURGISS Mr Thomas Charles, South st

BURNEY Rev Chas (DD), Croom’s hill

BYRNE Mrs Sarah, Croom’s hill

CALDECOTT Mr John, 9 Union place

CAMBELL Mrs, 10 Union row

CAMBELL Mr Thomas, 5 Circus

CARR James, esq, Greenwich road

CARTTAR Mr John, King st

CLARK Mrs Elizabeth, 5 Coldbath row

COCK Mrs Ann, South st

COLEGATE Mrs H, Morden st

COLLINS Edward esq, Maize hill

COLVILLE Mrs Susannah, Luton place

COTSWORTH Miss, Royal hill

COXHEAD the Misses, 24 Blissett st

CRABB Mr, 15 Union place

CRANSTON Capt (RN), Greenwich road

CRANSTON Mr Geo, Greenwich road

CURLEWIS Mr, South st

CURTEIS William esq, May’s buildings

DEAN Mr John M, Park terrace

DIASSANTOS C esq, Croom’s hill

DICEY Miss Elizabeth, 16 Circus

DICK Capt. Thomas (RN), King st

DODD Thomas esq, Vanbrugh fields

DUNCAN Mrs Mary, 6 Park terrace

EALES Mrs Mary, South st

EDGAR Mrs Ann Maria, Royal hill

ELDERTON Mrs Mary, South st

ENDERBY Mrs Chas, Croom’s hill

EXTRAM Mr Lawrence, 4 Circus

FALKNER Mrs Alexandrina, Conduit vale

FERNE Mrs Jane, 3 Valentine terrace

FISHER Mr William, Thames st

FLEMING Archibald esq, Lowerpoint house

FOGGO Mrs Jane, Croom’s hill

FORBES Mrs Mary, 15 Circus

FORMAN Col Edwd Wm, Croom's hill

FOX Mr William, 4 Valentine terrace

FRANCIS Henry esq, Maize hill

FRANKLIN Col James, Conduit vale

FRANKS Mr James, Greenwich road

GALE Mrs Philadelphia, 6 bath place

GALLOWAY Capt Alex (RN), Coldbath row

GAMBLE Thomas esq, Croom’s hill

GLENNE Jno David esq, Vanbrugh fields

GOODWIN Mrs Jane, Croom’s hill

GOULD Mrs Phoebe, 14 Union place

GREVILLE Mrs Eliz, 16 Valentine terrace

GRIMALDI Stacy esq, Maize hill

HALL Mr James, South st

HALL Mr Jno Moira, 1 Valentine terrace

HAMER Mr Henry, Egerton road

HAMMOND Fraser esq, Caroline house, Blackheath hill

HARGREAVES Joshua esq, Blue stile

HARRISON Mr John, Croom’s hill

HARWOOD Charles esq, Park row

HAWTHORN Rev Sampson, Park place

HILLS Mr William Vanbrugh fields

HIRD Mrs William, Park row

HOLDING Mr Thomas, South st

HOLLIER Richard esq, Maize place

HOPE Mr Robert, Woolwich road

HORNBLOW Mr William, 3 Vansittart terrace

HUMPHREYS Mrs Mary, 7 Park terrace

ISAACS Mrs Margaret, Croom’s hill

KAY Mr Jas, Hope place, Greenwich road

KAY Mr John, Hyde vale

KEMP Mrs Mary, Croom’s hill

KENNING Mrs, Croom’s hill

KERSHAW Thomas esq, 19 Valentine terrace

KIDDELL John esq, 3 Coldbath row

KIDDELL Miss Lucy, Egerton road

KINGSFORD Mr George, London st

LANCEY Mrs Thomas, London st

LANGFORD Mr Edwd Wm, 2 Union pl

LANGHARD Mrs Ann, 13 Union place

LATHAM Charles esq, Trafalgar road

LESTER Mr Charles, Croom’s hill

LLOYD Mr George, Queen Elizabeth’s row

LOCK Mr Frederick, Croom’s hill

LUNTLEY Mr Phillip James, Greenwich rd

M’CLEOD Mrs Caroline, Conduit vale

MAGGS George esq, Hyde vale

MAIN Rev Robert, 4 Park terrace

MARSHALL Capt. Wm, (RN), 20 Circus

MARTIN Mr John, South st

MASON Mrs Mary, Croom’s hill

MASTERS Rev Jno. Smalman, Greenwich road

MATHEW Mr Henry, Vansittart place

MAULE Miss Ann, Royal hill

MAY Mrs, 4 Coldbath row

MERITON Mrs, King st

MILLINGTON Crowley esq, Crowley house

MORGAN Mr John, 5 Bath place

MORGAN Mrs Sophia, 12 Circus

MORGAN Mr William, 1 Circus

MOSES Mrs Mary, 6 Thornton row

MOTTLEY Anthony esq, South st

MUCKLE Mrs Sophia, 7 Thornton row

NIXON Capt. Christopher (RN), 6 Egerton road

NORTHHOUSE Mr William S, King st

OGILVIE Mr Patrick, Maize hill

OLIVER George esq, Blackheath hill

OSBORN Mrs, Greenwich road

PALMER Mrs Esther, Maize hill

PATRICK Mr Miles, Greenwich road

PEARCE Mr Francis, 11 Union place

PEARSON Charles esq, Maize hill

PERKINS Mr George, Croom’s hill

PILLING Mr William, Conduit vale

PIPER Mr William, 7 Vansittart terrace

POPPLEWELL Captain Matthew James (RN), Croom’s hill

PURVISS Mrs Sarah, Royal hill

RAINBACH Mr Abraham, 8 Park terrace

RANDELL George esq, Croom’s hill

RAYLEY Mr John, 7 Circus

REEVE Mrs Sarah, Trafalgar road

RENSHAW Mr John, 2 Park terrace

RICHARDSON Mr William, 1 Vansittart terrace

RITHERDEN Mr Samuel, Circus

ROBINSON Mrs Capt, Greenwich road

ROBINSON Mrs Hannah Maria, Greenwich road

RUST Mr Thomas, 11 Circus

RUTLEY Mr Jno Lewis, Coldbath row

SANDERS Mrs Rosetta, Croom’s hill

SANDYS Capt. Thomas, 1 Croom’s hill

SANDYS Mr William, 2 Valentine terrace

SAVAGE Mrs, 4 Union place

SCOTT Mrs Sophia, Royal hill

SEATON Mrs Eliz, Greenwich road

SEXTON Mr Thomas, Wood wharf

SHAW Mr William, London st

SHEA Capt Charles, Royal hill

SHIPMAN Mrs Eliz, Coldbath row

SIMMONDS Mr Edward Parr, Queen Elizabeth row

SKAY Mr John, Hyde vale

SKETCHLEY Rev Alex, Egerton road

SMITH Mr Charles, Croom’s hill

SMITH Mr David, Blue stile

SMITH Mrs, Bath place

SMITH Mrs George, Bexley place

SMITH Capt Matthw (RN), Croom’s hill

SMITH Mr Walter G, London st

SMITH Mr William, Greenwich road

SMITHERS Rev William, Park place

SOMES Rev William Alfred, Vicarage house, Church st

SPROWL Mr, 5 Union place

STOW Mr Charles, 22 Circus

STOW Mr John, Croom’s hill

SUGHRUE Capt Jas (RN), 1 Park place

TALMAGE Mr William, 10 Circus

TAYLOR Admiral John, Park place

TETLOW Mrs Betty, 1 Bath place

THOMPSON Capt Thomas, 21 Circus

THOMPSON Thos esq, Vanbrugh house

THOMPSON Mr William, Maize hill

THOREAU Mr Philip, 15 Valentine terrace

TINGCOMBE Mr John, Hyde vale

TYLER Miss Sophia, Royal hill

URDIS Mrs, Croom’s hill

VAUGHAN Mrs Eliz, 2 Vansittart terrace

VAUGHAN Mrs Sarah Ann, 16 Union place

VEIL Miss, Royal hill

VESIE Mrs Eliz, Queen Elizabeth’s row

WAKE Mrs Sarah Mary, Croom’s hill

WALKER Mrs Rancelot, Bexley place

WALKER Miss Sarah, Hyde vale

WARREN Mrs, London st

WATSON Mrs Mary, London st

WEDD Mr George, Maize hill

WEGG Mr Henry, South st

WELLS Mr John D, 13 Circus

WICKENDEN Capt William, 7 Valentine terrace

WILKINSON Edward esq, Pointhouse

WILKINSON the Misses, Blackheath hill

WILKINSON Mrs Susannah Matilda, Russell’s cottage, Blackheath hill

WOLASTON the Misses, Croom’s hill

WOLASTON Mr Richard, 7 Queen Elizabeth’s row

WOOD Miss Emily, Croom’s hill

YATES Mrs Ann, 1 Prospect place

YOUNG Adam esq, Maize hill

YOUNG Mrs Sarah, South st


ACADEMIES & SCHOOLS – not otherwise described are Day Schools


ALEXANDER Fanny, London st

BARKER William, Norfolk place

BASSETT Harriet, Blue stile

BELLMORE Mary Ann, 10 Coldbath row

Blue Coat School (girls), Royal hill, Elizabeth MEDHURST, mistress

Boreman's Seaman’s Charity School, Church fields, William Henry CHAPMAN, master; Isabella CHAPMAN, mistress

British & Foreign Charity School (girls), Blackheath hill, Miss WATKINS, mistress

BROAD Jane, 14 Union st

BROWNING Louisa, Dartmouth row

CARPENTER the Misses (infants), Coldbath row

COLGATE Mary, Park st

COLGATE Mr & Miss, Park st

COLLINGWOOD Lee, Laurel place, South st

COOK James, Royal hill

COUSINS Mary Ann (boarding), Maize hill

DAFFORNE & STONE, (ladies boarding), Croom’s hill

DAY Anne, (boarding & day), South st

DAY Anne, (boarding), Darlington place

DAT Mary Ann, Conduit vale

DELVIGNE Harriet, Park st

DOBSON Phoebe, 13 Royal hill

FARLEY James, Trafalgar road

FARRELL Isabella, Woolwich road

FRANCIS the Misses, 5 Circus st

GOODALES Mary, Royal hill

GOODALL Charles, (boarding & day), Church fields

GOULDING William, Church fields

GREGORY Harriet Eliza, May’s buildings

Grey Coat School (boys), Roan st, Bernard WRIGHT, master

HADOW Misses, South st

HALL Emily Ann, Park row

HALLAS John, Lewisham lane

HARRIS Mary Ann, Royal hall

HARRIS Richard, Clark’s buildings

HARTNOLL Mrs John, Maize hill

HAYLOCK Ann (infants), Blackheath hill

HERVEY Misses, (boarding), Croom’s hill house

HEWSON Misses (boarding), East house

HUNDY Thomas, 16 Royal hill

INWOOD Miss (preparatory), Greenwich market

JOHNSON Sophia, Dartmouth row

KELLOCK Catherine (boarding), King st

KEMP Mrs George H, (ladies boarding), Royal hill

KNIGHTLEY & Son, Blue stile

KNOX John, (boarding), South st

LE CREN Mrs & Miss, (preparatory), Greenwich road

LOW Sarah (boarding), Maitland house

MELLOR Richard William, Blackheath hill

MOORE Charles William, the Grove

MUNYARD Mrs & Miss, (ladies boarding), Royal hill

National School, Church passage, Eliza PAGE, mistress

NUGENT Emily (ladies boarding), Park row

Orphan Girls Free School, Coldbath row, Elizabeth ENDERBY, governess

PALIN & SHARPE, (ladies boarding), Park place

POTTS & REYNOLDS (boarding), 9 London st

PURGLES William, 3 Royal hill

REXFORD Jane, (boarding), Thornton House, Thornton row

RUGGLES William, 3 Royal hill

RUSSELL Misses, Trafalgar road

SHEPHERD Rev John (boarding), Dartmouth row

SLARK James, Marlborough st

SMITHERS Rev William, Park place

STONE Miss, Perceval house, Dartmouth row

THOMPSON George, George st

THOMPSON Misses, George st

WALKER & Son, (preparatory), Park row

WEIR Sarah Elizabeth, Royal hill

WIGGINS John, (boarding), Maize hill

WILSHERE Edward, Montpelier house, Blackheath hill

WILSON Elizabeth, Circus st


AGENTS – see also Fire &c. Office Agents


BADGER Charles Robert, (house & estate), Coldbath row

BASSETT Charles (estate), Blue stile

COLLINGWOOD Samuel, (house), London st

DORRINGTON William, (porter & ale), 6 Royal hill

DUNFORD Henry (house), Church st

RAINE William (house), Greenwich road

ROSE John B, (house), 8 Valentine terrace

SANDERSON William E (to the Blackheath ladies benevolent society & to the fishermen’s provident annuity society), 1 Greenwich market




BROWN R P, Royal palace

COLLINGWOOD Samuel, London st

MARTYR Richard S, George st

MILLER Frederick R, Blisset st




BALDWIN Richard, South st

BOGG John, Luton place

CARTTAR Chas Jos (& coroner), Blue stile

CATTARNS & FRY, London st

FOGGO Francis Alexander, Bexley Place, London st

HODSON John, Croom’s hill

JAMES Edward Woolford, Croom’s hill

JONES William, Greenwich road

PARKER Charles Rowland & Robert Christopher, 1 & 2 Thornton row

SADGROVE Harry William, Vansittart place

SMITH & FFINCH, (& clerks to the magistrates), George st

SUTER Robert, London st




BASSETT Charles, Blue stile

DUNFORD Henry, Church st

HOOKER John, 2 Coldbath row

MOZE James, Park wall

PATERSON John, Church st

RAINE William, Greenwich road

RUEGG Henry, Coldbath row

SLY Bannister, 42 London st

STICKLEY John, Lewisham lane

STOW William, London st

TEULON Samuel, London st

TRANTER Thomas, Creed lane




ANDREWS Benjamin, 21 Park row

BATES Thomas, Coldbath row

BATES William, Greenwich row

BELL Robert, Garden stairs, Church st

BLACKNELL Edward, South st

BLACKNELL Edward, Brand st

BLAKE Thomas, Lewisham lane

BLOW Harriet, Trafalgar road

BROWN Charles, Hog lane

CRAWFORD Matthew, 1 Nelson st

DALGETY John, Church fields

DAVIS Thomas, Blackheath hill

ENGLISH Isaac, Blisset st

FLOYD William, Greenwich road

FOUNTAIN Elizabeth, Church st

FRANCIS Edmund, Blackheath hill

FULLER James, Bear lane

FUNNELL Leggett, Trafalgar road

GIMBER Abigail, Bridge st

HARDING Ann, Church st

HARDING Henry, London st

HURST Isaac, Royal hill

HUTCHINSON Robert, Trafalgar road

JEANS Thomas, Brewhouse lane

KIBBLE James, Blackheath hill

KINGSFORD Charles, 5 Nelson st

LAW & ROUSE, East st

LAWRENCE Timothy, 11 Greenwich market

MARCHANT William, Marlborough st

MELHUISH William, Blackheath hill

MILN Alexander, Thames st

MORLEY Frederick, George st

MOSS Joseph, Trafalgar road

NICHOLLS Nathaniel, Trafalgar road

PALMER John William, Straits mouth

PRICE William, Blisset st

SMITH Thomas, Stockwell st

SPOONER John, Trafalgar road

STANFORD Robert, Church st

THORNTON Henry, 5 Nelson st

URRY John Robert, Blackheath hill

WRIGHT George, Trafalgar road

WRIGHT John, East st




BOWLES Henry, 9 Greenwich market

GILES Thomas, 21 South st

JACOB John, Deptford bridge

MOODY Thomas, Blackheath row

OLLEY John William, Deptford bridge

YOUENS William, Trafalgar road




CLINKER John, Blackheath hill

DENNIS John M, Bennett st

DIBBLE George, Spread Eagle yard, Silver st

GREEN Thomas, Skelton lane

HARRIS Thomas, Royal hill

HUMPHREYS Thomas, Billingsgate st

LINGFIELD Robert, Blackheath hill

MARCHANT Benjamin, Lewisham lane

MARSHALL William, Billingsgate st

MARSHALL William, Trafalgar road

PHILPOTT William, Church st

SPENCER Jas, Coldbath row

VICKERS Christopher & Son, Deptford bridge

WALTER Edward, Union st




HARDING Richard, Thames st

HOSKINS George, Crowley’s wharf

HUNTER John Thomas, Wood wharf, Greenwich

SEXTON Thomas, Wood wharf

THOMAS Edmund, Horse ferry




CROSS James, South st

JEFFERY William, Blue stile

RICHARDSON Henry Samuel, Stockwell st

WRIGHT Joseph, Croom's hill




ALLEN Charlotte & Co, Stockwell st

BARNES Thomas, Trafalgar road

BEAVER John William, 15 Nelson st

BRISTOW Amelia, 3 Bath place

BURBRIDGE Sarah, Blackheath hill

COLE Joseph (& stamp distributer), London st

GURNER Matthew, Blackheath hill

HELYER William Henry, London st

HILL George, Greenwich market

JARMAN John Boyd, 8 Nelson st

JEFFERY William, Blue stile

MANNERS Charlotte, Silver st

MORLEY Ann Maria, Upper George st

NOTLEY John jun, Blackheath hill

RICHARDSON Henry Samuel, Stockwell st

WALLER Arthur, Norfolk place

WALTON John Chas, Deptford bridge

WRIGHT Joseph, Croom's hill




ALMOND Nichls. Kingston, Church row

BAGGETT James, Blackheath hill

BALDY Reuben, George st

BATCHELOR Richard, 2 Bear lane

BAXTER Richard, 4 Bridge st

BEAVER George, Church st

BEAVER Robert, Trafalgar road

BOWEN Thomas, Union st

BRABY Thomas, Royal hill

BUTTLE Jessy, Church st

CARPENTER & Sons, London st

CAWLEY John & Son, Deptford bridge

CHURCH John, Turnpin lane

COLTMAN Robert Jackson, King st

COULTS William, Royal hill

COULTWOOD William, Church row

CROSS John, London st

CUMMINGS Henry, East st

DEER John R, 3 Nelson st

ELLIOTT Charles, 6 Coldbath row

ESTERFORD John, South st

GILLHAM James, 10 Nelson st

HILLMAN William, Greenwich market

HILLMAN William, Union st

HUBBARD James, Church st

JARRATT Thomas William, Church row

JAY Samuel, Trafalgar road

JEFFERIES Samuel, Marlborough st

JELL & Son, East st

JOHNSON James, Park place

MALMSBURY William, Church st

MATTHEWS Thomas, East st

NEWSOM William, 12 Royal hill

PASH Daniel, Blackheath hill

PILE Thomas, Thames st

PRICE Septimus, New buildings, Conduit vale

PUGH George, 1½ Nelson st

REEVES Robert, Lewisham lane

ROBERTS Henry, Greenwich road

ROBINSON George, Morden place

SKINNER Robert, Blisset st

SMALLWOOD Thomas, George st

SMITH James, George st

SMITH John, Upper George st

SMITH Stephen R, Royal hill

STANYON William, Lewisham lane

STOKES Charles, Stockwell st

STORER William, Church st

TAYLOR George, Garden stairs

TERRELL Crispin, Blackheath hill

TOWERS James, London st

TURNER David, 19 Royal hill

WEBB William, Trafalgar road

WILSON William, Blisset st




BANKS Francis William, Blackheath hill

BOWMAN William, East st

HALLSTEAD William, Roan st

HATLEY James, 6 Royal hill

KITE James, Greenwich market

MARSHALL William, London st

MORLEY James, Church st

PHILPOTT William, 12 Church st

SUTER William jun, 13 Nelson st

WALTER Henry, Blackheath hill




DORRINGTON William, 6 Royal hill

GREEN John, 1 Union st

LATHAM Charles, Bennett st

PAGE Henry, Church st

TAYLOR John D & Co, Billingsgate st; brewery, Lime house




ADAMS Richard, George st

BASING William, Royal hill row

BELL John, Church row

BROAD William, Greenwich road

CHITTENDEN Stephen, 5 Roan st

COOKE William Dees, Church row

CROFT Edward, Conduit vale

CROFT James, Upper George st

DEAN James, Skelton lane

HART James, 6 Royal Circus st

HAYWARD William, Woolwich road

HERVEY William, East st

HISCOCK John, Circus st

MANCHESTER Stephen, Orchard st

MILLER Edward, Circus st

MILLER William, 11 Royal hill

MOORE Henry, Clark’s buildings

NEALE William, South st

PATTISON John, Coldbath row

SKINNER James, Greenwich road

SKINNER William Henry, 1 Brand st

SUTER Chas William, Old Woolwich road

TRANTER Thomas, Trafalgar road

WHITEWOOD Thomas, South st

WYBOURN John, Trafalgar road




FURLONG Thomas B, London st

JACOB John, Deptford bridge

OLLEY John William, Deptford bridge




ADAMS Richard, George st

COLLINGWOOD John, London st

COOK Joseph, Circus st

ELY John, London st

HART James, 6 Royal Circus st

MARTYR Thomas & George, Thames st

PENNY William C, Bridge place, Lewisham road

POTTS Henry jun, Valentine terrace

SUTER William, Norfolk place

WHEELER & Son, Trafalgar road




ALLEN William, Creek Bridge wharf

COCKLE Benjamin, Bridge st

HERVEY William, East st

STROUD John, Foot of Coldbath lane




CLARK Leah, Blackheath hill

CLARK William, Trafalgar road

COULDERY Edward, Trafalgar road

COULDERY Edward G, Creed place

COULDERY James, Church st

COULDERY William, Church st

DUNSCOMBE Samuel, Blackheath hill

EVEREST Sarah & Son, Blackheath hill

FLOYD Henry T G, London st

FULCHER Thomas Jas, Blackheath hill

GATTEY William, Lewisham lane

GLOCK John Jacob, Church st

HURRY Edward, 22 Royal hill

MAY John, 4 Royal hill

MEMBREY John, Royal hill

MOORE John, 20 Nelson st

MUNYARD Alfred Henry, Church st

NEWMAN James, Stockwell st

NEWMAN Richard, Strait’s mouth

PERKINS Francis, Church st

PERKINS William, Church st

PRICE William, Greenwich market

SAMUELL Christopher, Dartmouth hill

SMITH William, Greenwich road

WATERHOUSE Joseph, Trafalgar road

WIBBERLEY George, Deptford bridge

WOOD Robert, 1 Stockwell st

WORTH Robert, East st


CABINET MAKERS – marked thus * are also Upholsterers


* BONE Samuel, 8 Royal hill

* BROOKS George, Blackheath hill

COMPTON Robert, Greenwich road

CROSTY James, Blackheath road

* HARRIS William, South st

* HOOKER John, Coldbath row

MAJOR John Taylor, Church st

MARKEY John, Blackheath road

* PEPPER Joseph, 5 Royal hill

* PETTET Geo Edwd, Lewisham road

* SLY Bannister, London st

STICKLEY John, Lewisham lane

* STOW William, London st

* TEULON Samuel, 11 London st

THOMAS William, Church fields

* WHEELER James, Bridge st

* WILSON George, South st




DAVIS John, Park st

FIELD John, Billingsgate st

FLOYD Farmer & John, George st

HILL Henry, Lewisham lane

WATERHOUSE William, Circus st


CARPENTERS - marked thus * are also Undertakers (see also Undertakers)


ALLFORD John, Royal hill

ALLWORTH John, Royal hill

BILLINGTON John William, Blue stile

CARTER John & Son, Trafalgar road

CLARKSON Jos, Blisset st & 1 Prior st

COLES John, Blisset st

* COOK Joseph, 2 Circus st

COPPARD William, Circus st

DEIGHTON William, Blackheath road

ELDRIDGE John, 1 Grove place

* ELY John, London st

FITCH Robert, Blackheath hill

* GARLICK Thomas, Circus st

* GIRLING John, South st

HOLDING William, 21 Thames st

INNOTT William, Old Woolwich road

JARMAN Thomas, 9 Bridge st

MILLER Thomas, Blisset st

* PECK Charles, Blackheath hill

POTTER Richard, Trafalgar road

POTTON Cornelius, Bridge st

* POTTS Henry, Valentine terrace

SIMMONS Edward, Norfolk place

SLADE Isaac, 7 Brand st

STICKLEY Thomas, 5 Coldbath row

WELLS Thomas, Church row

WHEELER & Son, Trafalgar road

* WHITTENBURY Jas, Blackheath hill

WHITTENBURY James Capon, Blackheath hill

WOODWARD Charles, Blackheath hill




COBBETT & JEEVES, Deptford bridge




COTMAN Robert S, Blackheath hill

DOLMAN George, London st

METZNER W M jun, Stockwell st

NELSON Henry, South st

POILE Samuel, Upper George st




ARMSTRONG & WALTON, (dealers), Phoenix wharf

FRANCIS Chas & Sons, Creek bridge

WHITE Jno B & Son, Deptford bridge




ALLCOCK William, Blackheath hill

BEAVER Richard, 4 Royal hill

BRUSTER Robert, Church st

CLAUSE John, Stockwell st

HIGGS John, 4 Nelson st

HOWLEY William, Greenwich market

HUGHES Joseph, 6 Church st

MITCHELL Thomas, 1 Bennett st

RICHARDS Thomas, East st

VERNEZ George, Stockwell st

WARD & GARLICK, Church st

WILD Richard M, Turnpin lane




BAKER Edward Henry, 77 Church st

CLARK Thomas B, 6 Blackheath hill

COOPER George, Church st

HORE Richard Coller, Blackheath hill

MOUNCY Thomas R, 21 Nelson st

PURVIS Prior, Royal hill

RICHES Thomas, London st

SMITH John, Deptford bridge

STURTON William, Park row

WATTS John, 11 Nelson st

WILBRAHAM Henry, Trafalgar road




BRYAN, HOWDEN & Co, East Greenwich




DONOVAN Joseph, Coldbath row

HEWITT Mary, Greenwich market

JENNINGS Edwd, 30 Greenwich market

MARSON Thomas, Church st

WILES Thomas, Church st

WOLFE Elias, 1 Garden stairs




CONOLLY William, Upper George st

JAMES Matthew, Blackheath hill

MUNYARD Jno, (vans), Spring gardens

PERREN Abraham, Blackheath hill

PERSHOUSE William, Trafalgar road

SIMMONS Henry, Greenwich road & Blackheath

WHEATLEY John & Thomas, London st

WOOD James, King st




GOWAR & Son, Blackheath hill

ROOK John, Blackheath hill

SIMMONS Henry, Greenwich road

WHEATLEY John & Thomas, London st


COAL & POTATO DEALERS – see also Coal Merchants


BAILEY James, Lewisham lane

BARNES Samuel, 6 Thames st

BATCHELOR James, 3 Trafalgar road

BATCHELOR Richard, East st

BROWN William, Old Woolwich road

CARMAN Thomas, Lewisham lane

ELLISON Charles, Blackheath hill

FOX John, 22 Blackheath hill

GARRETT William, Church st

HEWITT John, Church passage

LAYLAND James, Garden row

MILLS John, Blisset st

ROBERTS Richard, Blackheath hill

WATERHOUSE William, Circus st


COAL MERCHANTS – see also preceding list


ALLEN William, Creek bridge wharf

ARMSTRONG & WALTON, Phoenix wharf & at Tranquil place, Blackheath

BURGESS James, Royal hill

CROWLEY, MILLINGTON & Co, Crowley’s wharf

DEAL Joseph, Greenwich road

DERBYSHIRE George, Ravensbourne wharf, Greenwich road

EVERETT William, (& coke), Billingsgate dock wharf

FEARNLEY Jas, Hope wharf, Greenwich road

PETERS John, Wood wharf

POPE, BROTHERS & Co, Kent wharf, Greenwich road

SEXTON Thomas jun, Wood wharf

SMITH Benjamin, Deptford bridge

WILSHERE Edward, Deptford bridge








ALLEN Thomas F, London st

ANDREWS Benjamin, Park row

BATES William, Greenwich row

CARPENTER Ebenezer, London st

COYFE Thomas, Deptford bridge

CRAWFORD Matthew, 1 Nelson st

ELDERIDGE Charles, King st

HONE Robert, London st

HURST Isaac, Dartmouth row

PALFREY Jane, 1 Royal hill

SMITH Thomas, Stockwell st

TILLMAN Ann, Blackheath hill

WEST John, Stockwell st




BROWN William, (wine), Park st

DORRINGTON John, (wine), Gale’s row

FIELD John, Union place

FRAZIER & RAINE, Marlborough st

PENFOLD Edward, Queen’s place, Blackheath hill

ROAKES William, 1 Royal hill row, & 2 Skelton lane

SMART William, Bridge st

STRICKLAND James, Coldbath lane




COULTASS William, Greenwich road

DYBALL James, 3 Skelton lane




BURGESS James, Royal hill

CORDER Robert, Deptford bridge

DICKS Timothy, Church st

ELLIS Thomas, Trafalgar road

ELLISON Charles, 1 Blackheath hill

FEARNLEY James, Hope wharf, Greenwich road

FOX John, Blackheath hill

PARKER Jas, Queen’s place, Blackheath hill

SHOVE & Son, (& seedsmen), London st

SPOONER James, Trafalgar road




FLOYD Farmer & John, George st

GLOVER George, Little George st

MARNHAM Benjamin, Blisset st

MEAGER John, South st

PERSHOUSE William, Trafalgar road

ROBERTS John William, 3 Brand st

SAMUELL Christopher, Dartmouth hill

SEARS James, London st

SPELLAR Edward, Blackheath road

SPENCER James, Coldbath

SPENCER John, 1 Coldbath row

STILES Thomas, Blisset st

WALLINGTON John, Upper George st

WYATT Robert, Plumbridge st

WYBOURN John, Trafalgar road




BETHWIN Henry, Stockwell st

MUNYARD George, London st

WATKINS Frederick, Deptford bridge

WOOD Thomas, Bridge st




JARVIS George, London st

PERRY Henry, 2 Greenwich road

WELLS James, 10 Hyde place




BRIGGS Samuel, 22 Park row

BRIGGS William, 1 Upper George st

DAGGETT Edward, Greenwich road

GIBBINS William Preston, Deptford bridge

LANCE Richard, Silver st

PLUMMER John, Royal hill




CHARBOTT Mary C, King st

CLARK William, Silver st

COOPER James, Silver st

COOPER William, Blackheath hill

LARKAN Elizabeth, (& chop), Silver st

MEWES Jno Martin, Greenwich market

ORCHARD Nicholas, 1 & 2 London st

OWDEN Richard, Trafalgar road

PETTET William, Church st

POPE Henry John, Croom's hill

WARD James, Bridge st




BEALE Joshua Taylor, East Greenwich

GREGORY George, (to the Phoenix Gas Works), Thames st

HALE William, Horseferry road

MARTYR Thomas, (civil), George st

PENN John & Son,  (& steam manufacturers, machinists & millwrights), Coldbath lane

MORRIS William Richard, (to the Kent Water Works), Greenwich road




MARSHALL Charles, Deptford bridge

RUSSELL Simeon, Upper George st

SIMMONS John, Park row

SIMMONS John, Upper George st




PHIPPS Wm & Son, Greenwich road

STRAW Peter, 4 Coldbath row




Alliance, Richard HARRIS, Clark’s buildings

Atlas, Henry S RICHARDSON, Stockwell st

British, Samuel COLLINGWOOD, London st & 429 Strand

County, Richard ADAMS, George st

General Benefaction, John J LANGLEY, Croom’s hill

Globe, William STOW, London st; Henry POTTS jun, Valentine terrace; Thos C RICHARDS, Trafalgar road

Guardian, Arthur WALLER, Norfolk place

Imperial, WHEELER & Son, Trafalgar road

Independent West Middlesex, William TOPLEY, Trafalgar road

Kent, James THOMAS, Blue stile

London Corporation, Charles BASSETT, Blue stile

Norwich Union, Blacknell CARTER, Trafalgar road

Phoenix, Joseph RICHARDSON, London st; John NOTLEY, Blackheath hill

Phoenix (fire) & Pelican (life), Joseph RICHARDSON, London st

Provident (life), Richard ADAMS, George st

Royal Exchange, Joseph COOKE, South st

Sun, Joseph COLE, London st




BOSWELL James, Trafalgar road

BRACEGIRDLE William, (wholesale), Crowley’s wharf

COLEGATE John, (wholesale), Horseferry road

COLES Charles F, Blackheath hill

COLLING Thomas, 7 Greenwich market

COULSON Stephen, Deptford bridge

FORGE Charles, Stockwell st

GODLEY Thomas, 6 Greenwich market

HOY William Thomas, Trafalgar road

NIVEN John, Blackheath hill

SYKES Henry, 1 Church passage

TAYLOR John, Deptford bridge

WEBB William, Bridge st

WRIGHT George, 80 Stockwell st




HODSON Benjamin, Blackheath hill

HODSON William Greenwich road




BASING William, 26 Royal hill

BATCHELOR James, Trafalgar road

BLACKNELL Sarah, 4 Silver st

BLANE Robert, 24 Greenwich market

BOWLES Henry, 10 Greenwich market

BURKETT John, Woolwich road

CHANCE Peter, Greenwich road

COLES George, Trafalgar road

DALTON Rebecca, Blackheath road

DITTON John, Norfolk place

DOUGLAS John, Trafalgar road

ELLIS James, 57 Blisset st

FREEMAN William, Bridge st

GOLDSMITH George, Church st

GRIMWOOD Mary, Deptford bridge

HANSON Edward, Croom’s hill

LARKING Thomas, George st

LEIGH William, Lewisham lane

LETTON Richard, London st

MILLS John, Bridge st

MOSS William, 12 Claremont place

PAINTER William, 17 Royal hill

PALLANT Benjamin, King st

POMEROY Henry, Blackheath hill

RICHARDSON Joseph, London st

SPELLAR Edward, Blackheath road

TILBY John, 1 Bridge st

TURNER Jesse, 23 Greenwich market

WATKINSON Richard, Trafalgar road

WINCH James, Blackheath hill




BELL James, 4 Esther place

CLARK Robert, 7 Esther place

DUNFORD Henry, Church st

FARMER John, Church row

FRANKEL Jacob, Church row

GREENE William Trafalgar road

HOLDEN David, Union st

JEANS William D, Church st

NORRIS Ann, Church st

PATERSON John, Church st

RAINE William, Greenwich road

ROGERS John, Blackheath hill

RUEGG Henry, Coldbath row

SLY Bannister, 42 London st

THOMAS William, 5 Church st

WYBOURN William F, Trafalgar road




METZNER Wm Lloyd, Stockwell st

WHITCOMBE William, Greenwich road




BOWER Joseph, 7 South st

FALCONER John, Blackheath hill

LEE John, South st

OWEN Thomas, Royal hill

PURRELL John, Trafalgar road

TAYLOR William, George st

WILLIAMS William, Trafalgar road

YORK Lewis, 2 Royal place




BASING William, 26 Royal hill

BROWN James, 5 Greenwich market

FENTON John, Union st

GILBERT James, Heather green

HOLLOWAY John Bursey, Trafalgar road

PETTAFOR Thomas, Lewisham lane

RICHARDS John James, East st

STRANG Daniel, London st

WEBB Thomas James, Church st

WINN Anna, Blisset st


GROCERS & TEA DEALERS – see also Shopkeepers, &c.


ALLCOCK William, Blackheath hill

ALLWORTH John, Royal hill

BAKER William, 1 Skelton lane

BATES William, London st

BLOMELEY John, Deptford bridge

BROOK Thomas, Blackheath hill

CAPE William, Church st

CARPENTER Andrew, London st

CLOTHIER Thomas, Greenwich road

DURRANT Francis, Trafalgar road

EVANS William (& dealer in British Wines), Church st

GLOVER Edward, London st

GRAY James, Blackheath hill

GRIFFITHS Elizabeth, Union st

HEMSLEY Charles, Blackheath hill

HONE Robert, 2 Royal hill

HUGHES Louisa, Church st

INWOOD William, Greenwich market

LANCE Benjamin, Church st

MITCHELL Thomas, (& dealer in British wines), 1 Bennett st

MORLEY William, 1 Circus st

ORR Betsey, Croom’s hill

PALMER William Terry, Church st

PARR Henry, East st

PEAT Thomas, Blackheath hill

RICHARDS Thomas Clive, Trafalgar road

SOUTHORN Simon, Dartmouth row

TALMAGE Charles Mayow, High st

THICK Charles, Blackheath hill

THOMPSON William, Stockwell st

TODD Griffith, (& dealer in British wines), Church st

TOPLEY James, Trafalgar road

TOPLEY William, Trafalgar road

UDELL Thomas, Royal hill




BALDREY Robert, London st

COOPER William, (& draper & importer of Irish linens), opposite the church, Church st

HAMLET William, 16 Nelson st

HARDMAN William, Blisset st

SMITH Henry, 6 Stockwell st

WEST William, 2 Deptford bridge




BAKER William, East st

BALL Mary, Blackheath hill

CURTIS Thomas, Stockwell st

EMERTON Elizabeth, 11 Skelton lane

EVISON Rachael, Stockwell st

GAZLEY Henry, Lewisham lane

GEORGE Thomas, London st

HAMPSHIRE Richard, Greenwich road

HOYTON Henry, Greenwich market

HUBY Charles, Greenwich road

NORRIE Stephen, Church st

ROGERS James, Blackheath hill

SEMPLE Michael, Greenwich market

SULMAN William, (perfumer), 3 Stockwell st

WILLIAMS James, Church st




BAXTER Richard G, London st

GILLHAM Charles, 24 Nelson st

LYON Moses, Greenwich road

METZNER William L, Stockwell st

SMITH David, Upper George st

STRUTT Charles William, Church st

TANNER Thomas William, 7 Nelson st

WILD David, Lewisham lane




WATTS John, Plumbridge st

WINTERS Edward, Blackheath hill




Crown & Sceptre, LOVEGROVE and QUARTERMAINE, High bridge

Greyhound, Thomas GARDINER, Stockwell st

Mitre, Richard ETTY, Church st

Red Lion, Nathaniel WEGG, East st

Ship, Ralph DARBYSHIRE, Ship dock

Trafalgar, Charles HART, Park row

White Hart, Thomas FRENCH, Stockwell st (as printed in Directory)

White Hart, Thomas TRENCH, Stockwell st (as advised by gt/gt grandson Ray Trench.



BEALE Joshua, East Greenwich

CROWLEY, MILLINGTON & Co, (& merchants), Crowley’s wharf and at 151 Upper Thames st, London

PENN John & Co, Coldbath lane




HATLEY James, 6 Royal hill

KITE James, Greenwich market

MARSHALL William, London st

MORLEY James, Church st

PHILPOT William, 12 Church st

SUTER William jun, (general & furnishing), 13 Nelson st

THAME Eliz, 23 Nelson st & King st

WALTER Henry, Blackheath hill




BENNETT Elizabeth, (& silversmith), Stockwell st & Brunswick place, Lee

BOYCE Thomas, Blackheath hill

FIELDING George, 6 Nelson st

FRANKEL Jacob, Church st

MARSHALL Charles, Deptford bridge

NASH Edward, 11 London st

SULMAN William, 3 Stockwell st




HAMLET William, 16 Nelson st

HARDMAN William, 5 Blisset st

SIMONS Peter Travis, 2 London st

SMITH John, Stockwell st




BANYARD Lydia Ann, Greenwich road

BEAVER John William, 15 Nelson st

BLUNDELL William, Royal hill

HILL George, Greenwich market

JARMAN John Boyd, 8 Nelson st

MARTIN Sophia, 24 Royal hill

MORLEY Ann Maria, Upper George st

Subscription Library, Stockwell st, (open from ten till ten), W L METZNER, proprietor




BREAKSPEAR John, London st

COOPER William, (& haberdasher & importer of Irish linens), opposite the church, Church st

CRAMP William, Trafalgar road

FISHER Thomas Bunney, 76 Church st

GREENFIELD John, Blackheath hill

HAMLET William, 16 Nelson st

KADWELL Charles, Stockwell st

KEELL Henry, (& woollen), Stockwell st

KERSHAW Thomas W & Co, London st

LEAN Charles, London st

MERRETT William Francis, London st

RUFFELL Samuel, Stockwell st

SHILLINGFORD Richard, Church st

SMITH John, Stockwell st

STOKLE John, Upper George st

TRILL Stephen & Thomas, 19 Nelson st

WEAVER & Co, Stockwell st




ABRAMS James, Park st

ABRAMS James jun, Conduit vale

CONNALLY William, Upper George st

GARDINER Thomas, Stockwell st

GUNN William, Blackheath hill

PERREN Abraham, Blackheath hill

PERSHOUSE William, Trafalgar road

WHEATLEY John & Thomas, London st

WINTER Edward, Blackheath hill




CORDER Robert, Deptford bridge

PAGE Henry, Church st




LOFT Nicholas, Deptford bridge

MILES William, Woolwich road

SPOONER Thomas, Woolwich road

TYLER Edward, South st

TYLER William, Woolwich road

WATKINS John, Coldbath

WICKENS Emanuel, Woolwich road




HUNTLEY William, Brewhouse lane

TRACEY John, Crowley’s wharf




CARPENTER William, Greenwich road

CORDER Robert, Deptford bridge

PATTRICK Thomas, Tide Mill, East Greenwich




BALLENGER Deliverance, Morden place

BONE Catherine, 8 Royal hill

BROCK M A & S, George st

BURSILL Celia, Greenwich road#

CHAPMAN Ann, Turnpin lane

CHISWELL Ann, 7 Royal hill

COWLING Frances, Upper George st

DELEGAL Maria, Royal Hill road


DERRY Sarah, Stockwell st

DETTMAR Mary, Trafalgar road

DOWNING Mary, South st

FANCHON Mary, London st

GODREY Frances, 6 Brand st

HAMLET William, 16 Nelson st

HEWITT Isabella, Blackheath hill

HOLMAN Sophia, 5 Royal hill

HOUNSON Elizabeth, South st

HUNT Sarah, 2 Prior st

HUTCHINSON Elizabeth, Trafalgar road

KADWELL Charles, Stockwell st

KEMP Mary, Croom’s hill

KING Sarah, Greenwich road

LATHWELL Mary Anne, Straits’ mouth

LEAR Charles, London st

LOCK Elizabeth, Blisset st

MARNER Elizabeth, 3 Greenwich road

MARSHALL Ann, King st

MEEKING Jane C, 1 Greenwich road

MINTON Isabella, 3 Royal hill

NIMMO & GIRLING, Royal place

OSBORN Misses, Blackheath hill

PEARCE Ann, Trafalgar road

SAUNDERS Eliza, Park st

SIMONS Peter Travis, 2 London st

SLOMAN William Henry, 8 Nelson st

SPOONER Mary, Woolwich road

SPOONER & SMITH, Marlborough st

STOKLE Hannah, George st

STOW Mary Ann, Royal place

STRANGE Elizabeth Bailey, (& child bed linen warehouse), 22 Nelson st

SUMMERSETT Mary, Lewisham lane

THOMAS Margaret, Blackheath hill

WALLINGTON Emma, Upper George st

WILKES Mary, 5 Thornton row




ALLEN Charlotte & Co, Stockwell st

BEAVER John William, 15 Nelson st

COLE Joseph, London st

HILLS George, Greenwich market

MARTIN Eliza, South st

SMITH Stephen, Blackheath hill




Greenwich, Woolwich & Deptford Patriot, (Saturday), William Henry HELYER, printer & publisher, London st

Greenwich, Woolwich, Deptford & West Kent Gazette, (Saturday), John Hooper HARTNOLL, proprietor and publisher, Maize hill

West Kent Guardian, (Saturday), Agnes BROWN, printer & publisher, High st, Deptford




BAKER Richard, Stockwell st

CHALLIS William & Edward, Church st

COXHEAD Edward, Blackheath hill

EVANS William, Church st

FRY William, Church st

GILES John Richard, 79 Stockwell st

HART William, (& tea), 5 Stockwell st

LEACH Henry, Church st

MORLEY William, 1 Circus st

RICHARDS Thomas Clive, Trafalgar road

TODD Griffiths, Church st


PAINTERS – HOUSE, SIGN, &c – see also Plumbers, Painters, &c.


ANDERSON Jno, (& glazier), Blue stile

BAKER James, George st

CARPENTER James, London st

COLLENS Robert, Green lane

EDWARDS John, Royal hill

KIPPS John, 2 Prior st

METZNER William M jun, Stockwell st

PENNIALL John, Prior st




ANDERSON John, Blue stile

BONE Samuel, 8 Royal hill

CHEESEMAN William Henry, 22 Greenwich market

FOUNTAIN John R, London st

KIPPS John, Prior st

METZNER William M jun, Stockwell st

MORLEY John, 25 London st

OAKLEY John, Greenwich road

PENNIALL John, Prior st

SMITH George B, Greenwich road

STICKLEY John, Lewisham lane

WINN Stephen, Coldbath row

WOODWARD Charles, Blackheath hill




KIPPS & WALKER, 19 South st




BEAVER George, Church st

GILES Thomas, South st

RICHARDS William, Blisset st

SCOTT William, Trafalgar road




ABETHELL Jno & Jos, Blackheath hill

CARTER Edward, Bear lane

HARKER Charles, Church st

NASH Edward Charles C, London st

WILLIAMS Charles, Trafalgar road




HAYCRAFT William Tutin, 6 Circus

KENNING Samuel, 9 Park terrace

LEESON Henry, Greenwich road

LOTT Lawrence H, Vanbrugh castle




CREBER Richard, Coldbath row

MORLEY Henry, (& music seller), 15 Royal hill

RUDDOCK John Benjamin, South st

WARREN John, Garden row


PLUMBERS, PAINTERS & GLAZIERS – see also Painters – House, &c.


ANDERSON John, Blue stile

BAKER James, Hyde Vale

BETTLES John, Trafalgar road

BROWN Robert, Blackheath hill

BUTLER Thomas, Church row

CARPENTER James, London st

COLLINS Robert, 12 Blisset st

CROSS John, (& window glass cutter), Blackheath hill

EDWARDS Henry, 23 Thames st

HUBBLE John, Blackheath hill

HUDSON Geo Sherwood, 6 London st

JARRATT John, near Roan st

KENCH Joseph, 4 Royal place

LEACH Henry, Church st

MORLEY John, London st

SABINE William, Greenwich road & 3 South st

SKINNER Thomas, Blue stile

STARKEY Robert, Blisset st

WILCOCKS Edward H, Upper George st

WINN Stephen, Coldbath row




BASS David, Blackheath hill

BEAVER Richard, 4 Royal hill

GLOCK Jacob, Trafalgar road

HIGGS John, 4 Nelson st

ROUCH Charles H, Deptford bridge

VENN John, East st


WILD Richard Michael, Turnpin lane

WILSON William, Church st




HOWLEY William, Greenwich market

OWEN Ann, Stockwell st

ROUCH Charles H, Deptford bridge

RUSSELL Samuel, Stockwell st




ALLEN Charlotte & Co, Stockwell st

HARTNOLL John Hooper, Croom’s hill

HELYER William, London st

NOTLEY John jun, Blackheath hill

RICHARDSON Henry S, Stockwell st

SIMMONS John, Park row

WALTON John Chas, Deptford bridge

WRIGHT Joseph, Croom’s hill




COLLINGWOOD William, (drawing), London st

COOK Mr & Mrs James, (singing), 2 Hyde Vale

CREASY John Dell, (drawing), St Mary’s place

DAFFORNE James, (drawing), Croom’s hill

DAVIS Thomas, (drawing), 15 Nelson st

DAYCOCK Elizabeth Mary, (music), 8 Crowley’s wharf

DE LOLME Monsieur JL, (languages), Russell’s cottage, Blackheath hill

FEUILLADE J, (music), Bridge st

GARDNER Charles, (music), Blackheath hill

HOLLAND James, (painting), 3 Union place

KEMP Geo Henry, (music), Royal hill

LE GALLIOS Monsieur, (languages), 2 Park terrace

LUCAS Ralph Willet (drawing), Royal hill

MARTIN Chas, (music), Greenwich road

MARTIN Francis, (French), King st

MAY Edward, (music), Bexley place

PATTERSON Andrew, (dancing), 18 Valentine terrace

VASSE Louis, (languages), 3 Prior st




ANDERSON Alex, Old Woolwich road

BRACEGIRDLE William, Bennett st & Crowley’s wharf

COOK Mark, (rope), Church st

FENTON John, Union st

KAY William, Crane st

MATTISON George, Union st

MYERS Mark, Thames st

TOPP William, Lewisham lane




ENDERBY Chas Henry & George, (& canvass manufacturers), East Greenwich & Great St, Helens, London




ANDREWS George, Blackheath hill

BEER Joseph, Trafalgar road

BOTTLE Henry, Monsieur

KRECKELER Sarah, London st

TAIT Robert (army & hunting), Skelton lane

VALENTINE David, Deptford bridge

WHEATLEY John & Thomas, London st

WHIFFEN John, Blackheath hill




BISHOP James & Son, Thames st

HAWKES Richard, Marlborough st

HUNTLEY Robert, Brewhouse lane

KAY William, Crane st

REYNOLDS Henry & Son, Thames st




ADAMS Lydia, Upper George st

ADAMS William, Straights’ mouth

BANKS Nicholls, Lewisham road

BARNES Samuel, Thames st

BONCE Mary, Roan st

BOSWILL Catherine, Woolwich road

BOWERMAN Edward, Bennett st

BRUSTER Robert, Church st

BURTON John, Bridge st

COBB Edward, Solam place, East Greenwich

COLLINS John, Lewisham road

COOKE George Alexander, Bridge st

COOPER Abraham, Garden row

COPPIN Ann, Morden place

DALE John, Plumbridge st

DEAL Edward, Deptford bridge

DICKS Elizabeth, Church st

DOUGLAS John, Plumbridge st

EVERDEN John, Coldbath row

FLEMING John, Lewisham lane

GRAY Thomas, Trafalgar road

HARRIS Ann, East st

HAYWARD William, Woolwich road

HOARE Harriett, Trafalgar road

HUBBLE William, Grove place

HURLE Sarah, George st

HUTSON Thomas, Circus st

HYDE Hannah, King st, Lewisham lane

LAYLAND James, Garden row

LONSDALE Mary, Blisset st

MILES Joseph, Royal hill row

OAKLEY John, Orchard st

PAYNE Caroline, Crane st

PITMAN Matthew, Trafalgar road

REYNOLDS Joseph, Union st

SHALLESS William, East st

SHOWELL William, Horseferry road

SMITH Jacob, Woolwich road

TAPLIN Henry, Bridge st

TOVEY James, 10 Royal hill

VAINES James, East st

WALKER John, South st

WALTER Edward, Union st

WINCH James, Plumbridge st

WOOD Thomas, Coldbath lane

WOODFORD Thomas, Lewisham lane




NEALE William, South st

RIX William S, Morden lane, Coldbath

SMITH Benjamin, Deptford bridge




GATFIELD Charles, 10 Royal hill

KENT Louisa, Market passage

MORRIS Elizabeth, Blackheath hill

WALLIS Henry, Roan st

WHIFFEN Amelia, London st

WITHERSBY Jonathan, Royal hill




ABRAMS Mary, Park st

MOOR Emma, Greenwich road

MOOR Thomas, 74 Church st

MOORE Elizabeth, Blisset st

REEVE Rachael, Nelson st

WELSH Mary Ann, 22 Nelson st

WEST____, Stockwell st

WILLINGTON Emma, 20 George st




BEALE Joshua Taylor, East Greenwich

PENN John & Son, (& machinists & millwrights), Coldbath lane




COOKE Joseph, South st

GLEAVES John, Creek bridge wharf, and at Church hill, Woolwich

LOFT George, Greenwich road

SMITH Benjamin, Deptford bridge

STEAD Henry, Lewisham lane




BALDREY Robert, London st

BEAUMONT Sarah, South st

BURBRIDGE Sarah, 2 Blackheath hill

CHAPMAN Ann, Turnpin lane

DENNIS Sarah, 8 Stockwell st

DERRY Sarah, Stockwell st

DOWELL Charles, 18 Nelson st

EASTER Mary, Trafalgar road

EMERY Elizabeth, Greenwich road

GRAY Susannah, Church st

HOW Sarah, Lewisham lane

JARMAN Elizabeth, 18 South st

KING Sarah, Greenwich road

KIPPS Catherine, Royal hill

LACY Sarah, 2 Nelson st

MARNER Elizabeth, Greenwich road

MARSHALL Ann, Nelson st

METZNER William Lloyd, (& straw manufacturer), Stockwell st

MOOR Elizabeth, 74 Church st

PENN Jane, Blackheath road

REID Mary Ann, Church st

SHERSBY Susannah, Church st

SLOMAN William Henry, 8 Nelson st

SMITH Ann Catherine, Royal hill




BENWELL Henry, Bexley place

COOPER George, Church st

FINCH & Sons, Croom’s hill

HARRISON John, Croom’s hill

HORE Richard Coller, Blackheath hill

KEEBLE Henry, Church st

MITCHELL Oak, London st

OAK Thomas, 8 Circus

PURVIS Prior, Royal st

RICHES Thomas, London st

SHERWIN James, London st

SMITH John, Deptford bridge

STRATFORD William Henry, Norfolk place

STURTON William, Park row

SUGGATE Henry Ezra, Coldbath row

SUTTON & SAMS, Croom’s hill

SUTTON John, Royal hill

WATTSFORD William, Croom’s hill




BADGER Chas Robert, Coldbath row

BROWNE Robert Palmer, Royal place

COLLINGWOOD Samuel, (to the British Fire Office, London st and 429 Strand)

MARTYR Richard Smirke, George st

MARTYR Thomas & George, (buildings), Thames st

MILLER Frederick R, 1 Blisset st

MORRIS William, Greenwich road

PEACOCK William, (highways), Royal hill

SMITH William, Royal hill

WHEELER & Son, (houses), Trafalgar road


TAILORS – marked thus * are also Drapers


* BENHAM Mark Benjamin, (army & navy tailor), 54 Trafalgar road

BOND Abraham, Church st

BOND & Son, Blackheath hill

BOND Charles, Tranquil vale

BOND John, Lower Church st

BRISTOW Isaac, Blackheath hill

BURTT Francis William, Royal hill

CHITTY William, Trafalgar road

* DENNANT David, 79 Church st

DONOVAN Joseph, Coldbath row

FIELD George, Marlborough st

GILES David, Upper George st

* GILLSON Joseph, 25 Nelson st

GRIFFITHS Henry G, 8 Union place

HALL Charles James, George st

HALLAM Charles, Skelton lane

HARSTON James, London st

HARVEY Daniel S, 14 Nelson st

* HEWITT Daniel, London st

* HEWITT George, South st

HOLDING Henry, London st

HOWCROFT Thomas, Church st

HURLEY George, East st

JONES John, Trafalgar road

KENT Joseph A, Trafalgar road

LANDEN Thomas, George st

MARCHANT Charles, Church fields

PEMBROKE James, Deptford bridge

REEVE James, London st

* RHODES Joseph & Richard, Maize hill

STONEHAM Mark Philip, Trafalgar road

SURTH William, Lewisham lane

WHISTLER William, 9 Nelson st

WILD David, Lewisham lane

WRIGHT John, Blisset st




EVANS William, Church st

FRY William, Church st

HARDING Charles, London st

LANCE Benjamin, Church st




Admiral Harvey, MITCHELL & Son, Clarence st

Antigallican, John BOYD, Woolwich road

Barley Mow, Henry HERRICK, Royal hill

Bee Hive, Elizabeth GRIFFITHS, Bridge st

Black Boy, Ellen COOKE, Church st

Buffalo Head, William HOWE, Church st

Chest, Hannah AVEY, Ship Dock

Coach & Horses, William BROWN, Blackheath hill

Coach & Horses, Charles William SPRUNT, Greenwich market

Cricketers, Mark GULLINGHAM, King st

Crown & Anchor, John SMITH, Ship Dock

Dover Castle, James, PRESTON, Church st

Duke of Kent, Elizabeth Sarah SAUNDERS, Royal hill

Duke of Wellington, Jane WOOLLAMS, Woolwich Old road

Duke of York, John BATCH, Lewisham lane

Dukes Head, Charles Whitworth STEWARD, Dartmouth road

Eight Bells, William BROWN, Church st

Fisherman’s Arms, Jno BEAVAN, Morden st

Fubb’s yacht, Joseph COLE, Brewhouse lane

George, William WATSON, Maize hill

George & Dragon, Abigail COOPER, Conduit vale

George & Dragon, John Edward JOHNSON, Blackheath hill

Globe, Elizabeth MOORE, Royal hill

Golden Anchor, William JAMES, Crane st

Grey Coat Boy, Benjamin ELSON, Roan st

Horse & Groom, William PLUMMER, Blackheath hill

King William the Fourth, Charles WARNER, London st

Kings Arms, William HOLMES, King st

Kings Head, Thomas ROBERTSON, Bear lane

Little Crown, George HOCKLEY, East st

Lord Hood’s Arms, Isaac STACEY, Bridge st

Lord Ligonier’s Head, William EDWARDS, Fisher lane

Lord Nelson, Philip LANGFORD, Trafalgar road

Man in the Moon, William STEWARD, East st

North Pole, William GOSLING, Greenwich road

Ordnance Arms, Henry PURKISS, Lewisham lane

Pilot, Elizabeth TURNER, Solam place, East Greenwich

Plume of Feathers, Matthew HAWKES, Park place

Prince of Orange, William ROBINSON, Blue stile

Red Lion, Jesse BUTTLE, Ship Dock

Red Lion, John JUTSUM, Greenwich road

Red Lion, Nathaniel WEGG, East st

Rose & Crown, John CHESTER, Croom’s hill

Rose & Crown, George Edward UNDY, Blackheath hill

Royal George, James SHURVIN, Blisset st

Royal Hospital, Joseph HONE, Queen st

Royal Magazine, Vincent BROWN, East st

Salutatian, Richard LEFTON, Church st

Ship & Billet, Jno TURNER, Woolwich road

Ship & Last, William WELLS, Straits’ mouth

Ship & Sailor, John NORRIS, Church st

Spanish Galleon, John LAKE, Church st

Spread Eagle, James WHITE, Stockwell st

Star & Garter, Ann BURRUP, Woolwich road

Sugar Loaf, Catherine Jane STOCKWELL, Lower Church st

Sun, William KNOCK, Blackheath hill

Sun John RUSSELL, Wood wharf

Three Crowns, Charles KEMSHEAD, High bridge

Three Tuns, Mary TAYLOR, London st

Two Brewers, John FRY, Church st

Unicorn, Friend FANCHON, Horseferry road

Union, William HUNTER, Union wharf

Wheatsheaf, Daniel HUMPHREYS, Church st

White Horse, Ebenezer TAYLOR, Fisher lane

White Swan, George CARTER, Greenwich road

White Swan, James FIGG, Blackheath road

Woodman, Robert HALL, Upper George st

Yacht Tavern, Theodore PAGE, Crane st

Yorkshire Grey, William GUNN, Blackheath hill




HART William, 5 Stockwell st

THOMPSON Samuel, Greenwich road




ALLWRIGHT Edward, Lewisham lane

CARTER & Son, Trafalgar road

COCKLE Benjamin, Bridge st

MARTYR Thomas & George, Thames st

RITCHIE & HAYCROFT, Greenwich road




BENN Ann, Crane lane

BURSTOW James, Lewisham lane

HIGGS Henry, Lewisham lane




BEDWELL Henry A, Deptford bridge

EMERY Elizabeth, Greenwich road

HEAD William, London st

HORSLEY Hannah, Greenwich market

LACY Robert, 2 Nelson st

MANN Thomas, Park row

MANNERS Charlotte, Silver st

MOORE Ann, Church st

MOORE Phoebe, Blackheath hill

MOORE Thomas, Bear lane

MORRIS Sarah, Bear lane

PENCOCK George, Trafalgar road

SURREY James, East st

TOVEY James, Royal hill

WINKWORTH William, Church st




GATFIELD Charles, Royal hill

GREENAWAY Charles, South st

KENT Louisa, Market passage

KRECKELER Philip, London st

LARWILL Hannah, Park row

MOORE Elizabeth, Blackheath hill

SULMAN William, 3 Stockwell st




FURLONG Thomas, London st

SPRULES Robert, 2 Royal hill


UNDERTAKERS – see also Carpenters


BEST & Son, Stockwell st

BONE Samuel, 8 Royal hill

ELY John, London st

MARKEY John, 9 Coldbath row

RICHARDSON Joseph, London st

SHEPHERD John Anthony, London st

STOW William, London st

WITHERSBY Jonathan, Royal hill

WOODWARD Charles, Blackheath hill




BENNETT Elizabeth, Stockwell st & 4 Brunswick place, Lee

BOYCE Thomas, Blackheath hill

COPSEY Samuel (clock), Trafalgar road

FIELDING George, 6 Nelson st

FRANKEL Jacob, Church st

ILLMAN Charles, Park row

LEOFFLER Peter, (clock), Blackheath road

MARSHALL Charles, Deptford bridge

PATRICK William, South st

REID Alexander, Church st




BOOKHAM Theophilus, Trafalgar road

FENTON John, Union st, Old Woolwich road

FROST Joseph, Thames st

GRIFFITHS Elizabeth, Coldbath

MACK Thomas & David, (& agricultural instrument makers), Blackheath hill

ROOK John, Lewisham lane & Blackheath hill

SWEETLOVE Edward, Trafalgar place

WARREN Thomas, Royal Hill row




FENTON John, Union st, Old Woolwich road

GREEN Thomas, Skelton lane

LINGFIELD Robert, Blackheath hill

MARSHALL William, Trafalgar road

SUTER William jun, 13 Nelson st




CHIPPERFIELD John, 5  Blackheath hill

HARRIS Jabez, 20 South st

STICKLEY Thomas, 5 Coldbath

WHEELER James, 29 Bridge st




BEST & Son, Stockwell st

DARE William, (British), 12 Nelson st

GARDINER Thomas, Stockwell st

GRIFFITH Nancy, 8 Union place

SMITH & BOYD, Park row

WEGG Nathaniel, East st




HODSON William, 11 Greenwich road

MORIARTY Cornelius, 1 Upper East st




BAGSHAW Henry, gun barrel maker, Lewisham lane

BANKS Francis, zinc worker, 5 Coldbath row

DOUGHTY William, umbrella maker, Roan st

EAGLESTONE, park keeper, Greenwich park

GILLETT Edward, keeper of the horse ferry, Horseferry wharf

HARMAN Ann, tripe dresser, Greenwich market

HARRIS Richard, tripe dresser, Lewisham lane

HATCH Thomas, secretary to the United Services Club, St James, Blackheath hill

HUDSON Frederick, spectacle manufacturer, Greenwich road

HUGHES Henry, billiard room keeper, London st

HUNTLEY William, salt merchant, Brewhouse lane

JEE Thomas Pottle, potter, Blackheath hill

JONES William, sedan chairman, Upper George st

MALLALIEU Francis M, superintendent of police; station, Blackheath hill

MISKIN William S, piano forte tuner, South st

MORLEY Henry, music seller & piano forte tuner, 15 Royal hill

MUSGROVE John, French polisher, George st

PURT George, soda water manufacturer, Royal hill

RAINE William, officer of her Majesty’s palace & marshalsea court for the adjoining counties, Greenwich road

REYNOLDS Henry, ship chandler, 1 Thames st

WILLIAMS John & Samuel, tanners, Greenwich road







Naval Department


Governor – Rear Admiral Sir Thomas M HARDY, Bart, GCB

Lieut Governor - Rear Admiral Sir Jahleel BRENTON, Bart, KCB

Captains – William EDGE; Robert LARKAN; Thomas HUSKISSON & Daniel WOODRIFF, CB.

Lieutenants – Frederick BEDFORD; William RENWICK; William RIVERS; Nicholas TUCKER; William VOSPER; Michael FITTON; Edward de MONTMORENCY & John Wood ROUSE.


Civil Department


Commissioners – Right Hon Sir Henry PARNELL Bart; Right Hon Viscount DUNCANNON; Edward Hawke LOCKER esq. FRS; George TIERNEY esq. & Hon William COWPER MP.

Secretary – John A LETHBRIDGE esq.

Chief Clerk – J L LAY esq.

Second Clerk – T B SLOW

Cashier – William PAINE esq.

First Clerk – W H KNOWLDEN esq.

Steward – Thomas F JESSEP esq.

First Clerk – Bolton CORNEY esq.

Clerk of Check – P Carteret Le GEYT esq.

First Clerk – J J LANGBY esq.

Architect – Joseph KAY esq.

Clerk of the Works – Mr C LEE

Chaplains – Rev Samuel COKE D.D. & Rev David LLOYD

Physicians – Sir W Beattie KNIGHT, (FRS, FLS)

Assistant – William GLADSTONE, MD

Surgeon – Sir Richard DOBSON, Knt, MD

First Assistant – James DOLVILLE, MD

Dispenser – Timothy DRAYTON

Assistant Surgeons – Mr BAKER; Mr MANSELL & Mr HAIGH

Matrons – Fanny FIGG; Elizabeth Ann ROBERTS & Mary TETLEY

Mates of Victualling – W BOULTON & James BROMLEY

Brewer – T C MORTON

Organist – Mr Edward C MAY

Solicitor – J BICKNELL esq.


*** 2710 pensioners – 105 nurses (Widows of seamen)





Superintending Captain – Thomas HUSKISSON (RN)

Lieutenant – William VOSPER

Chaplain & Headmaster – Rev George FISHER

Mathematical Teacher – Edward RIDDLE (RN)

First Assistant – John B HARTNOLL

Matron – Mrs Mary HOOPER



Master – Rev S E GALLON

Assistant – W J PASSINGHAM

School Mistress - Mrs Ann NORTHCOTE

Work Mistress – Elizabeth RAY

Messenger – Mr Francis SADGROVE


*** in both schools 800 boys & 200 girls






Patroness – Her Majesty the Queen

Vice Patron – His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex

President – Viscount MELVILLE

Chairman - Capt. William BOWLES (RN)

Treasurer – John LABOUCHERE esq.

Secretary & Collector – Mr Richard HARLEY, 33 Upper Stamford st, London

Chaplain – Rev David JONES (MD)

Purser – Mr COOPER

Surgeon – Mr George BUSK






Astronomer Royal – Professor AIRY

First Assistant – Rev Robert MAIN





REGISTRARS – of births, marriages & deaths


Edward Woolford JAMES Esq., Superintendent for the Greenwich Union, Croom’s hill

Christopher GEMSA, (Lee District), Blackheath hill

Thomas JARMAN, (West Greenwich District), South st

M P STONEHAM, (East Greenwich District), 49 Trafalgar road

Robert SUTER, (West Greenwich District), London st

Arthur WALLER, (East Greenwich District), 6 Norfolk place




Court house & court of requests, Silver st, Charles ROWLAND & Robert Christopher PARKER, clerks

Excise Office at the Greyhound, Stockwell st

Gas Works, Thames st, George GREGORY, engineer

Harbour Masters Office, High bridge place, Capt Charles ROWLAND

Magistrates Office, SMITH & FFINCH, George st

Metzner’s Library & News Room, Stockwell st

New Greenwich Market. William E SANDERSON, clerk

Police Station, Blackheath hill, Francis M MALLALIEU, superintendent

Savings Bank, Croom’s hill, John B LANGBY, secretary

Workhouse, near Blisset st





To London, every quarter of an hour through the day from the corner of London st and all the principal inns.


To Lewisham, Blackheath, Woolwich &c. from the Railway station upon arrival of each train, which is every twenty minutes through the day, and from the principal inns every quarter of an hour.




Station, Blue Stile, Thomas MILLER, Superintendent 


To London, Trains, every twenty minutes, from eight in the morning until ten at night


CARRIERS – all daily, Sunday excepted


To London, Thomas LAWRENCE & George William JACKSON from Park st. Thomas AMBROSE from Morden place. Henry AMBROSE from Trafalgar road. REEVE & PRICE & Thomas Francis WILL BE from Royal hill & Sarah BLACKNELL from Silver st.


To Woolwich, Blackheath, Lewisham &c. & Sarah BLACKNELL from Silver st & REEVE & PRICE, from Royal hill




To London, The Old & New Greenwich Steam Packet Company’s Vessels from the New Pier foot of King street and Steamers from Fishers lane Pier, to London Bridge and Dyers Hall wharf, every half hour during the day and Boats, to Hungerford wharf every hour in summer and twice a day in winter.


To Gravesend & Sheerness, Steamers call at the New Pier morning and evening.


To Woolwich, Steamers, every forenoon at a quarter before twelve and afternoon at half past four and from the New Pier and Fishers lane every half hour.



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