Pigots 1840 - Kent

Gravesend with the village of Northfleet and neighbourhoods


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Gravesend is a market town and parish in the lathe of Aylesford and hundred of Toltingtrough – 22 miles E by S from London and about 33 W by N from Canterbury. Graves-ham, was its ancient designation, and it is so written in Domesday book; approved authorities, however, deduce its name from the Saxon term Gerefa or Graef – a greeve implying “the residence of a portrieve,” or limit of his jurisdiction; hence it received the appellation of Graeves-aend, in more modern days refined to the present orthography. The town is agreeably situated on an acclivity rising from the south bank of the Thames and is composed of several streets, none of which are spacious, but the entire well, paved and lighted. Within the last twelve years the town has received considerable improvements; amongst these the most important and prominent are two noble and convenient piers, names the Town pier and the Terrace Pier – erections rendered imperatively necessary from the prodigious influx of visiters, in the summer season, by steam vessels, which keep up an incessant communication between this place and the metropolis. In proportion to the increase of visiters, so have various accommodations been prepared; these are comprised in several excellent inns, numerous lodging houses in pleasant and salubrious situations, baths, assembly and reading rooms, libraries, bazaars and a theatre. The trade of the town, (exclusive of that promoted by the cause already mentioned), principally arises from the supply of the numerous ships which on their passage outward, stop here to take in stores; many smacks are employed in the cod and turbot fishery, and shrimps of superior quality are collected on the adjacent sands in great abundance; there are extensive lime and brick works, ship building yards and roperies; and the garden grounds around produce vegetables for the shipping, and considerable quantities including excellent asparagus for the London markets. The healthfully mild temperature of the situation, the beauty of the scenery on every side, the convenient distance from the metropolis and the facility of communication therewith, tend to bestow a prosperity upon Gravesend, of which other places of more imposing exterior can rarely boast. From Windmill Hill a panoramic scene of surpassing grandeur and loveliness is presented, embracing an unbroken view of the noble Thames winding and sweeping majestically between the shores of Kent and Essex, its bosom rippled and enlivened by countless steamers and other vessels; while over the country is displayed every feature necessary to constitute a rich and diversified landscape, sprinkled with villas and luxuriant woods; this eminence is one of the first attractions to the Gravesend visiter. Immediately opposite on the Essex coast, is Tilbury Fort, where a battery is planted more for show than utility. The inhabitants of Gravesend, with those of the adjoining parish of Milton, were first incorporated by charter of Queen Elizabeth; this was confirmed and extended by Charles I, but was superseded by the late one under the municipal act of 1835, which vested the government in a mayor, six aldermen (or jurats), and eighteen councillors, and styled the corporate body, “ the mayor, jurats and inhabitants of the villages and parishes of Gravesend and Milton, in the County of Kent;” The same act divided the borough into two wards and provided for it a commission of the peace. The corporation holds a court of record, for pleas of debt to any amount, every third Tuesday; and a court of requests, for the recovery of debts not exceeding £5, on the first Friday of every month. The corporation of London, as conservators of the rivers Thames and Medway, hold courts of conservancy twice a year. The towns business is transacted in the town hall, a handsome edifice in High street. Gravesend is one of the polling stations at the election of members to represent West Kent.


The church dedicated to St George, is a neat plain commodious structure, presenting a spacious nave and chancel, and furnished with a good organ; the benefice is a rectory in the archdeaconry and dioceses of Rochester, and in the patronage of the crown and the Bishop of Rochester alternately. There likewise is a chapel of ease; and the independents and Wesleyan methodists have each a place of worship. The charitable bequests for the relief of the poor are numerous; and a free grammar school founded by the corporation in 1703, and re-endowed by a Mr David VARCHELL, has at present about thirty six boys on the foundation. The market days are Wednesday and Saturday; the former is a corn market and the latter is well supplied with every article of domestic consumption. Fairs are held on  4thMay and 24th October, for horses, cloth and various other commodities. The parish of Gravesend contained in 1831, 5097 inhabitants; and the parish of Milton, in which part of the town of Gravesend is situated 4348.


The village and parish of Northfleet are in the same lathe and hundred as Gravesend, the village situate about two miles from that town. It has long been noted for its extensive chalk and lime works, which occupy all the space between the northern extremity of the village and the river Thames. In this place there is large ship building yard and near it is a spacious dock, excavated in the solid chalk. Zoological and botanical gardens, on an extensive scale have lately been opened here. The church dedicated to St Botolph is an ancient pile and one of the largest in the diocess; the living is a peculiar of the see of Canterbury. Fairs are held here on the Tuesday in Easter and Whitsun weeks, chiefly for pleasure. Population of the parish of Northfleet at the last census 2124.


POST OFFICE – New road, Gravesend, Charles Solomon COUVES, Postmaster. Letters from London arrive every night at eleven, and are despatched every morning at half past three. Letters from Dover and the south arrive every morning at half past three, and are despatched every night at eleven. The office opens at eight in the morning and closes at ten at night.




ALLEN John esq, Hazel

AMICI Frederick George esq, castle terrace, Northfleet

BAKER John Rose esq,

BROWN William esq, Chalk

COCKERILL William Jas esq, Cumberland terrace

COLYER William esq, Southfleet

COOPER Mrs Harriet, Forster place

DALES Lieut-Col Samuel, Milton place

DARNLEY the Right Hon. Earl of, Cobham hall

DAVIS Edward esq, Darnley terrace

DAWES Frederick William esq, Northfleet

DENNETT Jeremiah esq, Cumberland terrace

EDMEADS Capt William, Nursted

FAULKNER Mrs, Forster place

GELDART John esq, Weston place

GLADDISH William esq, Cliff cottage

GODFREY Miss Ann Mary, 2 Tabor place, Northfleet

GORDON Mrs Sarah, Ivy cottage, New road

HARMAN Thos esq, Wombwell hall

HEATH Hy esq, Orme house, Northfleet

HEWITT Mrs Sarah, Northfleet

HIGGINS Mrs Mary, Northfleet

HINDLE Rev Joseph, Cumberland terrace

HORLOCK Miss Mary Anne, Northfleet

HUTCHISON Mrs Major, Castle terrace, Northfleet

JOHNSON Mrs Mary, Clarence place

JOINE Rev John, Frinsbury

JONES Daniel Hugh esq, Wrotham road

KEATS Rev Richard, Vicarage house, Northfleet

LEE Joseph esq, St Cloud’s cottage

LENNY Rev Christopher, Milton

LEVELL Lieut Thomas (RN), Hutchinson place   

MARINER William esq, Mariners cottage

OTTEY Rev G F, Southfleet

PITTMAN Thomas esq, Pittman terrace

POYNDER Thomas esq, Northfleet

RASHLEIGH Rev Peter, Southfleet

ROBERTS William esq, Green cottage, Northfleet

ROPER David esq, Denton court

ROPER Rev J R, Denton court

ROSHER Jeremiah esq, Crete hall

RUSSELL John esq, Swanscombe

SMITH William Masters esq, Camer

SNOWDON Mr Robert, Manor cottage, Northfleet

STEVENSON William esq, Thong

STOKES Rev John, Cobham

SUTTON Rev Samuel, Manor house, Northfleet

TAYLOR Thomas esq, Granby place

TILDEN Thomas esq, Ifield court

TIPPETTS Rev John, Princess st

WALKER James, esq, Milton place

WEST Jonathan esq, Alfred place

WYATT Walter Henry esq, Wyattville, Northfleet


ACADEMIES & SCHOOLS – not otherwise described are Day Schools.


BLUNT Sarah, 16 King st

CHAMPION Elizabeth, Milton

CHAPMAN Jno. (boarding), 79 New road

CROSTHWAITE William, Princess st

HARRIS William, 14 Parrock st

HENDERSON John, Swan Yard

National School, King st

NEWMAN Mary, 126 Parrock st

PAIN John, Market Alley

SMITH Jane (boarding), 75 New road

SWINNEY Henry (boarding), Queen st

SWINNEY Mary Anne, Queen st

WILSON Susannah (boarding), Edward place


AGENTS – see also Fire &c. Office Agents


EVERSFIELD William,  (estate & house), New road

HEATH John, (to the Thames and Medway canal), Milton place

WALTON William (to Lloyds), Milton




BECKET John, Terrace

CLARIDGE William, Milton

EDMED James, 124 Parrock st

MATTHEWS John, New road





EVERSFIELD William, New road

JOHNSON Chas Edwd, 57 High st

MATTHEWS Henry, 82 New road




ASHBY William, 108 Parrock st

BURLS William, Manor place

BUTCHER Thomas Benj. 15 High st

CARTER John, Duke of York place

CHAPMAN Forrest, Queen st

CHIPPERFIELD Edward, Star st

CHRISFIELD Henry, Star st

CLARK James, Pipe st

DEAKIN Alexander, Northfleet

EDMEADS James, Union st

FLETCHER George, 112 Windmill st

GUNN William, 34 West st

HARMAN William, 41 High st

HOOKER John, Northfleet

HOPPER William, Lower terrace

JOHNSON George, Horn yard

LANE William, 47 New road

RACKSTRAW Benj. Geo. 10 West st

RICHARDSON George Charles, 13 West st

SANDS Thomas, 10 King st

TAYLOR John, Church st

TAYLOR Richard, 2 West st

WOOD Maria, Northfleet




HARWARD, HILLS, MCRAE & Co, West st (draw on SPOONER, ATTWOODS  & Co, London)

London & County Joint Stock Bank (branch), George st (draws on the parent establishment, London), Mr LENHAM, manager.

Savings Bank, Parrock place, Richard TADMAN, secretary




DAVIES Thomas, 78 New road

CROWHURST Robert, 9 High st

SEARLE Nicholas, Queen st




Clifton Baths, (hot, cold, shower, vapour and swimming), on the shore




BEST Geo. Edw. & Wm., Northfleet

COOK John, Bull yard

CRISPS Edward, Princess st

GOULD Richard, Stone st

HADLER Thomas, Pipe st

HENDEN John, West st

RHODES James (farrier), Queen st

RUSSELL Robert, Northfleet




CADDEL Thomas, 1 King st

DARWIN Elizabeth, 27 New road

GARDNER Matthew, 100 Parrock st

PENNY William, Milton place

RICHARDSON Caroline, 10 Parrock st




COLDWELL Caleb, 109 Windmill st

HIGHMAN Henry, Princess st

HOBART Henry, Eden place

JOHNSON Nathaniel, Church st

KEMBALL George, 13 King st

LOFT Luke, Stone st

MAY John, 78 High st

MOORE Robert, 45 New road

MUNNS William, 11 High st

NETTLEINGHAM John, 35 West st

NOAKES John, Northfleet

POVEY Richard, Northfleet

ROSE William, Princess st

SIMMONS John, West st

SMITH George, 27 High st

STANLEY William, Northfleet

WOOD Edward, 16 High st

YORK John, 5 New road




DUNCAN Francis Alex, Princess st

THORP William, 14 King st

MARTIN William, 19 New road

TROUGHTON Charles, High st

TROUGHTON Medhurst, High st




BECKET Charles, East st

PITTOCK William, Queen st

PLANE William Squire,  (& maltster), West st




WHITEHEAD William, Lawn house, Northfleet and 27 St Mary at hill, London




BRETT William, Parrock place


KIBBLE James, Bath st

MIDDLETON William, 94 Windmill st

SMITH Robert, Church st

STEDMAN John, Northfleet




PEEK William, New road

PINK William, Northfleet

WOOD William, Windmill st




BEARD George, 6 West st

BENNETT William, 18 High st

BETTS George, 26 West st

BROWN George, 30 High st

CLARRICOAT John, 3 High st

COLLINS James Walter, 14 New road

DEANE James, Northfleet

DEANE Thomas, 28 High st

DEANE William, 40 High st

DEANE William, 106 Windmill st

ENFIELD Jonathan, 14 West st

KIDNER John, 90 Parrock st

LANE David (pork), 4 New road

MUNYARD Mary, 77½ High st

RUDMAN Thomas, 33 High st

SANFORD Henry, 31 West st

TAYLOR James, 6 King st

TOLHURST Hugh, 53 High st

TOLHURST John, 17 West st

TURNER William, 32 New road

TURNIDGE Robert, Star st

WARE Charles, Northfleet




DIX William, 34 New road

JOHNSON Chas Edwd, 57 High st




BUTLER James, Manor place

EVES Richard, Swan yard

GRUNDY John, Parrock place

HIGGINS John, Northfleet

JONES John, Church st

LUKES Joseph, Queen st

MARTIN Robert, Union st

PECK William, New road

PINK Thomas & William, Northfleet

WOOD William, Windmill st

WOODHEAD Edward, Queen st




GRITTEN Charlotte, 99 Parrock st

HALL William, 50 High st

LANGTON Hannah, 44 Scar st




BEAUMONT William H, 22 New road

ELWIN William Jekin, 39 High st

FELLGATE Edward, 15 New road

MORGAN William, 83 High st

OWEN William Henry, 14 King st

PRALL Henry, 73 High st

SMITH Thomas, 94 Parrock st

SPENCER Charles, 20 High st




CLEMITSON Edward, 127 Parrock st

WOODGATES, OAKES & Co, Canal basin




CARTER John, Duke of York place

CHIPPERFIELD William, New road

COLES William, 70 High st

FISHER Henry, 12 King st

MARSHALL Joseph, 81 High st

SMITH Thomas, Observatory, Windmill hill




FELLGATE David, West st

WILSON John, East st




BEARD William, 2 New road

COVE Henry (executors of the late), 22 High st




BARBER Sarah, 67 High st

PAINE William, 31 High st




BENNETT Sarah, 49 High st

FATHARLY Norman, 63 West st

LOVELL John, 5 West st

MASON John, 42 High st

PETTIT Sarah, West st




Alliance, William PENNY, Milton place

Atlas, William EVERSFIELD, New road

British, Charles Edward JOHNSON, 57 High st

British Commercial (life), Chas Solomon COUVES, New road

County, John SADDINGTON, 22 West st

Imperial, William CROSSTHWAITE, Princess st

Kent, Richard SADMAN, Parrock place

Phoenix, Thomas CADDEL, King st

Protector, Chas Solomon COUVES, New road

Sun, Robert CROWHURST, 9 High st

West of England, William PARSONS, High st




BASS Douglas, 61 High st

CHOET Ambrose, West st

CLARK James, East st

CUTLER William, 33 West st

DIXON John, West st

HORTON William, 12 West st

LOFT Mary, 4 West st

LOFT Thomas, 76 High st

MONK John, 14 West st

POLDON Mary, East st

SMITH Alexander, 25 New road

TURRELL William, New road

WRIGHT Mary, East st




CLARKE Charles, 110 Windmill st

DALAHAYE Nicholas Narcisse, 97 Parrock st

KEMBALL William, 19 King st

MIDDLETON Richard, 29 West st

MUNNS Thomas, 15 West st

ROUSE Sarah, 24 New road

SKILLEN William, West st

YOUNGS Elizabeth, 18? West st




BARNASCHINA Anthony (& feather bed manufacturer), New road

JOHNSON Charles Edward, 57 High st

EVERSFIELD William, New road

HURST James, 111 Parrock st




ADLINGTON Jonathan, 6 New road

COOPER Charles, Milton causeway

CROSS Robert, 28 West st

DENNIS Thomas, 101 Parrock st

DIGANCE William H, 72 High st

EDWARDS George, 9 West st

EMERY John, 95 Parrock st

GARDNER James, East terrace

GARRETT James, West st

HODGES William, Duke of York place

HOLTON Edward, 23 New road

INGLETON Henry S, 102 Windmill st

LAMBURN William, 2 Town pier

LORD Joseph, Queen st

OXLEY Josiah, 66 High st

PAINE John, 20 West st

PINK George, Northfleet

PITTMAN & Co, 68 High st

RANDALL John, Northfleet

RICHARDSON John, 36 High st

ROCH Jonathan, Bath st

SADDINGTON John, West st

SMITH Mary, 54 High st

SOTHERS Thos. (executors of the late), 60 High st

SPAIN George, 2 King st

STARBUCK Eliz & Jno Jas, 12 High st

TOPLEY William Robinson, Northfleet

WALLIS Edmund, Northfleet

WARE Robert, Northfleet

WEBB John, Windmill st

WISEMAN Charles Pierce, Northfleet




DAY Christopher, Gravesend

GASEHAM Robert Amey, 77 High st

GOODSALL Robert, 30 West st

MILES Richard, 7 King st

PARSONS William, 25 High st

SIMMONS Hannah, 16 West st

SIMMONS Peter, 19 High st

WARD C H , Star st




CARLIN William, 68 West st

KNOWLER George, 80 New road

FARMER James, 29 High st




Clifton Hotel, Thomas PALLISTER, On the Shore

Clarence Hotel, George GARDNER, Windmill st

Falcon Hotel, Thomas PALLISTER, East st

Lord Nelson Inn, Robert BIRCH, New road

Mitre Hotel, (posting house), Charles GOODALE, 19 King st

New Inn, John HEARD, King st

Pier Hotel, J COLNETT, High st

Prince of Orange Hotel, (& posting house), Jno DOUGHTON, New road

P?ncheon Hotel, James John CURTIS, West st

Tivoli Hotel, James EDMEDE, Windmill st

Wates’ Hotel, James WATES, near the Garrison

White Hart, William COLLEY, 75 High st




EDWARDS George, 9 West st

EVERSFIELD William, New Road

MARTIN William, 19 New road

SYMONDS John, 103 Parrock st

THORP William, 14 King st

TROUGHTON Charles, 84 High st

TROUGHTON Medhurst, 5 High st




CADDEL Thomas, 1 King st

DARWIN Elizabeth, 27 New road

GARDNER Matthew, 100 Parrock st

PENNY William, Milton place

RICHARDSON Caroline, 10 Parrock st




GLADDISH William & Thomas NUNN, Shore

POYNDER & HOBSON, Northfleet

ROSHER Jeremiah, Northfleet




ARNOLD Edward R(?), 45 (?) High st

GANE John, 82 High st

GREGORY Edward & M, 69 High st

HATTEN Joseph Heath, 65 High st

HOLLINGDALE Jeffery T, 51 High st

LASHMAR Charlotte, 38 High st

LITTLEWOOD John, 58 High st

RICHMOND James, 105 Windmill st

WESTBROOK Charles & Co, 23 High st



KEDDELL  John, Milton

WOOLLETT Michael Slaughter, Windmill hill




BROWN Julia, 11 Windmill st

HARRIS Harriet, 17 King st

HARRIS Susannah, New road

LESLIE Ellen, 8 High st

NEALE Mary, Windmill st

PRICE Peter, 115 Parrock st

REDSALL Jane, New road

WARD C & J , Parrock st




CLARKE Charles & England, Windmill st & 11 New road




ESSEX & SELMES, 104 Windmill st


WORSLEY Henry, 48 High st




BRIGHTWELL Richard, West st

BULEY Joseph, 114 Parrock st

GREEN Richard, 83 New road

JEWISS John, Northfleet

MUNNS James, 4 High st

MUNNS John, 7 High st

TUNSTALL Richard, 106 Parrock st




HOPPER Thomas, 26 New road

SMITH George, 11 King st




BARNES William, 4 West st

CADDEL Thomas, 1 King st

WINDSO(R)? George, (& copper plate), New road




COX William , East st

SIMMONS George, East st




DITCHBURN William, (& deputy vice admiral for Kent), 5 Clifton terrace




AMHERST Charles, 12 New road

E(?)AST John, Northfleet

WOO(D)?, William, 26 High st




EVERSFIELD Henry, West st

EVERSFIELD Henry, 77 High st

STARBUCK Richard, West st

TYLER Richard, Milton




SADDINGTON John, West st





HENDEN John, West st




BAUCKHAM George & Co, West st

PITCHER William Northfleet

STARBUCK Robert, West st

WRIGHT Joshua, Northfleet




CARLIN William, 68 West st

FENWICK Thomas James, 71 High st

LAMBURN William, 2 Town Pier

LORD Benjamin, Terrace

LORD Joseph, Terrace

MARSHALL William, Crooked lane

MATTHEWS George Fuller, 21 New road

RASPISON Loft, Terrace

SADDINGTON John, 22 West st

STARBUCK Sarah, 57 West st




PRIESTLY John, North place

STEEL Charles, New road




BURFIELD Robert, 7 West st

LASHMAR Charlotte, 38 High st

PEARCE Mary Ann, 110 Parrock st

WILLOUGHBY Edwin, 20 New road




GOULD Samuel, Oldbury House, Northfleet

GREATREX Charles Butler, Queen st

HEATHER Henry, Windmill st

PARKER Adam, Terrace

RUSSELL George Ireland, 62 High st

SANDERS William, 74 High st

THORBURN James, 30 Alfred place

WARREN & JONES, 80 High st




BEDFORD Francis, Darnley terrace

PECK William, New road

WOOD William, Windmill st




BASS Douglas, High st

BLAKE James William, 28 New road

BUCKLAND Thomas, Northfleet

DEAKIN Thomas, Northfleet

EDWARDS Henry, East terrace

ESSEX William (& outfitter), 37 High st

HOOKER Thomas, Star st


MARTIN Edward, Bentley st

MUNNS Edward Murrell, 31 Parrock st

NORTH William, 16 New road

PARSLOW & Co, New road

PEARCE Thomas, 32 High st

POOL William N, 113 Parrock st

WILSON William, King st




CROWHURST Robert, 9 High st

TROUGHTON Thomas, 64 High st




Admiral Duncan, David FELLGATE, Bath st

Albion, Richard LIGHTFOOT, 59 High st

Amsterdam, George MARTEN, East st

Anchor & Crown, Sarah COLLINS, 34 High st

Beehive, Elizabeth AUSTIN, West st

Belle Vue, William PITTOCK, Windmill hill

Black Horse, Thomas KING, 52 High st

Britannia, John BRADDY, Bath st

British Tar, Samuel NEWSOM, Milton Causeway

Bull, William SHARP, 6 High st

Canal Tavern, Benjamin GARDNER, Canal Basin

Castle, Richard JERRY, 2 High st

Catherine Wheel, Abraham FLINT, High st

Dove, John SWAISLAND, Northfleet

Duke of York, John GLEID, King st

Eagle, Thomas WARD, New road

Fisherman’s Arms, James COLLINS, West st

Fishing Smack, Wm MACDONALD, West st

Five Bells, George CAIN, Queen st

Fountain, Thomas HODGSKIN, Terrace

George, Henry STEVENSON, Queen st

Globe, Matthew LOTT, Milton place

Half Moon, Richard POVEY, Northfleet

Hit (or)? Miss, Jonathan BARGROVE, Shore

Hole in the Wall, John MARTEN, High st

India Arms, George MISSING, West st

India Arms, George STEWART, Northfleet

Kent Tavern, Richard JERRY jun, 20 High st

King of Prussia, Charles CRUMP, East st

Kings Head, George BOWEN, Northfleet

Kings Head, Peter Jas CROSBY, 9 King st

Leather Bottle, Morris CHERRY, Northfleet

Mariners Compass, Wm FRIDAY, Pipe st

Marquess of Granby, Jno GLEID, Northfleet

Old Prince of Orange, Wm KING, bottom of Windmill hill

Ordnance Arms, Thos BENNETT, Queen st

Parr’s Head, James MUNN, 63 High st

Plough, Pinson Wilmott FOWNES, Stonebridge

Popes Head, Oswald Overton WIDDRINGTON, West st

Prince of Wales, William STRUTT, Milton

Privateer, William TISDET(T)?, 64 West st

Queens Head, Elijah HARVEY, Northfleet

Red Lion, Jonathan ROSLIN, Northfleet

Roebuck, Joseph BUSBY, Queen st

Rose, Thomas John REEVE, 24 High st

Rose & Crown, Eliz KING, Windmill st

Royal Charlotte, Hugh SPRING, Northfleet

Ship, William Thomas BROWN, Northfleet

Ship & Lobster, Wm BROWN, nr Denton Mill

Shipwrights Arms, Thos OWEN, Northfleet

Star, T C BAKER, 32 Parrock st

Sun, James FILCHER, Northfleet

Sun, Mary UPTON, 46 New road

Three Crowns, Sarah SNOSWELL, 62 West st

Three Daws, Martha RIBBENS, High st

Three Tuns, Thomas INSTONE, 44 High st

Victory, William PHILLIPS, Star st

Waterman’s Arms, John JONES, Church st

Windmill, Thomas BUSBY, Windmill hill




BRIGHTMAN John, Stone st

MARCHANT George, West st

SOLOMON & Co, Canal basin

STEEL James, Foster place




CROWHURST Robert, 9 High st

FARMER James, 29 High st

FIEGEHEN Isabella Sarah, 10 High st

QUILTER Thomas George, 107 Windmill st

STANFORD Mary Ann, 8 New road

WRIGHT Ann, East st




MAAS Aylee, 109 Parrock st

STARIDGE Ann, High st




ANDERSON Frederick, 56 High st

ANDERSON Hugh, 8 King st

BOORMAN, John Luke, 13 New road

EVELEIGH James, 8 High st

FITCH George, 29 New road




BEST Geo Edwd & Wm, Northfleet

PIPLER John, Princes st

WALFORD Thomas, Princes st




BRENCHLEY John (& rectifier), High st

HAITE Thomas Mears, Terrace

WOODFORD William Edward, Granby place, Northfleet




ARCHER & TAVERNER, paper stainers, 98 Parrock st

BREWERTON Samuel, machine maker, Northfleet

CHAMPION James Henry, ham dealer, 35 High st

Diamond Steam Packet Co Office, High st, Francis SOUTHGATE, secretary

DIXON Samuel, ruler of the river pilots, near the Garrison.

DIXON Thomas Carpenter, oilman and ship chandler, 79 High st

FITCH Thomas, fancy repository, 24 High st

FRAZER George, lath render, Canal basin

Gas Works, Bath st, Charles SPENCER, manager

HORLOCK Thomas, clerk to POYNDER & HOBSON, Northfleet

LAMBURN William, dealer in foreign birds and shells, 3 West st

LANGTON David, dairyman, 78 High st

MESSER John, optician and mathematical instrument maker, 25 West st

NEWMAN William, postmaster and livery stable keeper, 14 High st

NETTLEINGHAM Jno, parish clerk, 35 West st

PATEMAN William Slater Dixon, publisher, New road 

RUDDOCK Joseph, laceman, Windmill st

Star Steam Packet Company’s Office, High st, George PREBBELL, secretary

STEEL Chas, statuary and mason, New road

Thames & Medway Canal Office, Milton place, John HEATH, agent

WOODGATE William, portrait painter, 35 Parrock st




To and from London, Dover, Chatham, &c. Coaches pass through Gravesend almost every hour throughout the day, most of them calling at the Prince of Orange and Lord Nelson Inns.


To London, the Chatham and Brompton Coaches from each of the piers on the arrival of the steam packets.


To Canterbury, by the Dover coaches.


To Dover, by the coaches passing through to London


To Deal, Margate, Ramsgate and Sandwich, the Telegraph (from London) every morning, at half past ten; also by the Dover coaches.


To Dover, the Royal Mail, (from London) every night at eleven; goes through Chatham, Sittingbourne, Faversham & Canterbury; the Eagle every forenoon at eleven; the Union every day at twelve and afternoon at two; the Express at one; the Phoenix at half past one; and the Defiance every night at nine – all call at the Prince of Orange and Lord Nelson Inns.


To Sittingbourne, by the Dover coaches




To London, the Hope (from Chatham), passes through Gravesend every forenoon at eleven.


To Chatham & Rochester, the Hope (from London), passes through Gravesend every afternoon.




To and from London, Dover, Canterbury, Chatham and other places between the coast and London, pass through Gravesend daily, most of whom call at the Prince of Orange and Lord Nelson Inns.




To London, the Diamond Company’s Steam Boats from the Town Pier and the Star Company’s Steam Boats from the Terrace Pier, every hour during the season; the Eagle Company’s Boats at uncertain periods.


To Margate, Ramsgate and the French ports, Steam Packets pass by daily and take in passengers.



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