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Is a market town and sea port, and a member of the cinque ports of Dover, in the parish and hundred of its own name and Lathe of Shepway – 71 miles ESE from London, 16 S from Canterbury and 7 SW from Dover; situated in the eastern part of the county, on the shore of the English Channel, opposite to Boulogne, and in a hollow between two cliffs rising precipitously to an elevation of ninety feet above the level of the sea. The line of the South Eastern railway, on its route from London to Dover, will traverse the under cliff, close to the town. The houses are irregularly built and chiefly stand on the ascent of the western cliff; the streets are narrow and but indifferently paved and lighted; but the environs possess many attractions and the high grounds command an extensive prospect of the coast of France. The water is limpid, the shore level, and the air bracing and salubrious; these advantages have rendered it the resort of numerous visiters in the bathing season. As yet there is a lack of lodging houses, as compared with the demand, but great facility is afforded for the erection of new ones. A large extent of land, most eligible situate, has been laid out by the Earl of Radnor for building purposes; and there are few places, it is presumed that would better repay a well directed building speculation. A pier of singular and uncouth appearance protects the port; it is formed of masses of unwrought uncemented stone which seem to have been dropped one upon the other without any regard to regularity of arrangement; but surveys have lately been made and reported upon by order of government and it is probable that ere long some permanent improvements will be made upon the pier and in the harbour. The majority of the inhabitants are occupied in the fishery; considerable quantities of mackerel, cod &c. are in their respective seasons conveyed from hence to the metropolitan markets. Folkestone was made a cinque port member before the reign of Henry; Henry III incorporated the inhabitants and under that chapter it was governed until the act of 1835 vested the municipal power in the hands of a mayor, four aldermen and twelve councillors, under the title of “the mayor, jurats and commonalty of the town of Folkestone”. A separate court of sessions is held here for the borough; there is also a separate commission of the peace, by virtue of which the justices sit in petty session once a fortnight; the corporation have power to hold a court of record of pleas to any amount; and a court of requests for the recovery of debts under 40s is held monthly. A new and spacious guildhall has been erected within these few years, and the market house has been rebuilt. There is a common gaol and house of correction, of which the Earl of Radnor is hereditary keeper, appointing a deputy.


The church dedicated to St Mary and St Eanswith, stands on the summit of the western cliff; it is a venerable pile, of cruciform structure, with a tower in the centre, which is a conspicuous landmark for mariners passing along this part of the coast; in the south aisle is a curious altar tomb, with figures of two armed knights; the living is a perpetual curacy in the gift of the see of Canterbury. There are places of worship for baptists, independents and Wesleyan methodists and the society of friends; a free school founded and endowed for twenty poor children, and another conducted upon the British system. There are sundry charities arising from the gifts of different individuals, which are under the superintendence partly of the town council and others, and partly of the trustees for charities. The markets are held on Wednesday and Saturday, and the fairs on the 20th June and the Thursday in Easter week. In 1831 Folkestone town and parish contained 4296 inhabitants being a decrease of 245 since the returns of 1821; it is confidently stated, however, that since the last census was taken the population of the town has considerably increased.


POST OFFCE  - Rendezvous street, John BOXER, Postmaster. Letters from London arrive (by mail cart from Dover), every morning at seven, and are despatched every evening at half past eight. Letters from Brighton, Bromley, Cranbrooke, Hastings, Hythe, Lamberhurst, Lewes, Romney, Rye, Seven Oaks, Tenterden and Tonbridge Wells arrive every evening at eight and are despatched every morning at seven.




BANKS John, esq Broadmead

BENNETT Mr Thomas, Brook cottage

BOND John James esq, Church st

BROCKMAN Edward Drake esq, (recorder), Sandgate

BROCKMAN Ralph Thomas esq, Church st

CLARKE Rev John, Grove house, Dover road

COLLINS William Knight esq, Prospect house 

FAOLEY Mrs Ann, Parade

HART Mrs E, Sandgate road

HART John esq, Dover st

HOBDAY Richard esq, Sandgate road

HOLMAN John esq, Dover st

HOLMAN Joseph esq, Dover st

HOLMAM Thomas esq, Sandgate road

JEFFERYS Mrs Ann, Canterbury road

MAJOR Mr John, Mill bay

MARSH Mrs, Cliff cottage

MINTER John esq, Sandgate road

MORRIS Arthur esq, Shellon's lane

PAPILLON Thomas esq, Acrise place

PEARCE Rev Thomas, Priory

PETMAN Robert esq, Broadmead

STACE William esq, Dover st

WHITE John esq, Ivy cottage


ACADEMIES & SCHOOLS – not otherwise described are Day schools


British School (boys), Radnor st, Henry FLAHERTY, master

British School (girls), Kings Bridge st, Mary GRAYLAND, mistress

CLARK Ann (preparatory), Grove house, Dover road

CLARK Rev John (gentlemen’s boarding), Grove house, Dover road

CULLEN Eliz. (boarding & day), Parade house

DAVIES Thomas, Prospect row

EATON Mary, North st

Harvey’s Charity School, Rendezvous st, Hy BUTCHER,  master

MACE Elizabeth, Radnor st




BOND John James, (& coroner & clerk to the magistrates), Church st

BROOKMAN & WATTS, Church st and at Hythe

SILVESTER John, Dover st




BOXER John, Rendezvous st

GODDEN Dav. (& house agent), Church st

MAJOR David, Beach st


BAKERS – marked thus * are also Confectioners


ANDREWS Abraham, Radnor st

ASHTELL John, Beach st

* BACK William, Dover st

DALE Edward, Radnor st

* DRAY William, Dover st

* HILLS William, Rendezvous St

* HODGES Thomas, Dover st

KING Charles, High st

* PEARSON Matthew, High st

* POPE Ebenezer, Dover st

ROSE James, Bail st

SMITH John Hart, South st

* TRITTON Henry, High st

WILLES Edward, High st

* WILLES Richard, Broad st




GOLLIVER Isaac, (& fancy repository), Beach st

MARSH Stephen, North st




BUTCHER John, South st

OVENDEN Anthony, Rendezvous st

PLEDGE John, Grace hill

PLEDGE William, Rendezvous st

TUCKER John, Mill lane




MARSH Thomas Farley, Lower Sandgate road

PAIN Harvey, North st




ELDRIDGE John, Beach st

HART Henry, South st

JENKINS John, Rendezvous st

MAJOR Henry, High st

MILLER John, High st

MORFORD James, Bail st

MUMMERY Robert, Radnor st

NASH John, Dover st

OTTAWAY Robert, Seagate st

ROGERS Richard, Dover st

STEVENSON Thomas, High st

UPTON Philip, Dover st




MINTER John, Kings Bridge st

TITE Ham, (& maltsters), Broad st




POPE James, Fancy st

TITE & JEFFREY, (& tile), Cheriton Kilns




CULLEN Richard, Bail steps

POPE James, Fancy st

WEEKES Thomas, Bail st




CASTLE Henry, Dover st

FOORD Thomas, Broad st

HALKE John, Radnor st

JEFFERY David, South st

MAJOR John Griling, High st

MORFORD William, Beach st

MORFORD William, George lane

SQUIRE Jacob, Dover st

TAPLEY Mark S, Radnor st




GODDEN David, Church st

JONES William, High st

MOATE William, Mill lane




BAKER Thomas, High st

HART John, Dover st

MERCER John, Rendezvous st

PAGE John, Church st

POPE James, Fancy st

SPAIN William, Rendezvous st




BAYLY Samuel, High st

BINFIELD James, Rendezvous st

CAISTER & Sons, Radnor st

PLEDGE William, Rendezvous st




BOORN John (& tea and tobacco dealer), Dover st

CASTLE Thomas (druggist), High st

DAVIS John Oliver, High st




GODDEN David, Church st

GOLDER Charles (& lime burner), Lower Sandgate Road

HODGES Thomas, Dover st

KING Charles, High st

MINTER John, Kings Bridge st

PLEDGE William, Rendezvous st

ROSE James, Bail st

TOLPUTT James, Dover st

WILLIS Edwin, Beach st




KENNETT John, Bail st

MARSH Stephen, North st




CROUCH Thomas (dealer), High st

MAJOR David, Beach st

ROSE James, Bail st

STACE William Harvey, Mill bay




County (fire) & Provident (life), Thomas GOLDER, High st

Kent (fire & life), David MAJOR, Beach st

Norwich Union, John BOXER, Rendezvous st




BOXER Ann, Dover st

CLOUT William, High st

CRESSEY Susannah, High st

JENKINS James, High st

PILCHER George, Fancy st


GROCERS & TEA DEALERS – see also Shopkeepers &c.


BAYLY Samuel, High st

BINFIELD James, Rendezvous st

CAISTER & Sons, (& tallow chandlers), Radnor st & at Hythe

JONES Pilcher, High st

KEMP John, Beach st

MAJOR David (& cheesemonger and tallow chandler), Beach st

MARSH Richard, Beach st

PLEDGE William, Rendezvous st

TUCKER John, Dover st




CASTLE Thomas (& newsvender), High st

COOK Thomas, Queens place

WILLIAMS Thomas, High st




CLOUT William, High st

FRANKS John, Radnor st

GOLDER William, Lower Sandgate road

POPE Ebenezer, Dover st

RICHARDSON Thomas, Queens place

WILLES Richard, Broad st




Folkestone Arms, Ann BROWN, Bail st

Kings Arms, George John DUNK, Sandgate road

Rose, (commercial & posting), John COULTER, Rendezvous st




BAKER Thomas, High st

HALL John, High st

PUTTEE George, Radnor st




COLLIER Richard, Dover st

LEFEVER Benjamin, High st

PUNNETT John, Beach st

REYNOLDS James, High st

SPEARPOUNT Thomas, Broad st




GARDNER James, Shellon’s lane

STACE William Harvey, Bradstone Mill, Mill bay




FINN Bennett, High st

MICKLE Amelia, Rendezvous st




BAKER Daniel, Seagate st

TOLPUTT James, Dover st




GOLDER Charles (& harbour master), Lower Sandgate road




BARTLETT Susannah, High st

COBB Robert, Beach st

COBB Thomas, South st

FOX Mary, Radnor st

HILL Gilbee, Rendezvous st

JOHNSON Alice, High st

KINGSFORD Elizabeth, Bail st

MARSH Edward, Kings Bridge st

RAYNOR Edward, Radnor st

SANDERS Henry, Radnor st

SANITCLEAR Jesse, Radnor st

SPAIN John, Rendezvous st

UPTON Philip, Dover st




BATEMAN John, Rendezvous st

GEORGE Edward, Rendezvous st and at Sandgate

KNIGHT William, Bevan, Dover st

MAJOR James, Radnor st




GOLDER Thomas (& hatter), High st

ROLFE & Son, (& clothiers), Dover st

TURNER Stephen, High st




Black Bull, William, HARRISSON, Foord

Blue Anchor, Thomas RICHARDSON, Beach st

Bricklayers Arms, John POPE, Fancy st

British Lion, John CROWTHER, Bail st

Chequers, Sarah PAY, Seagate st

Earl Grey, Richard MAJOR, High st

Fishing Boat, Richard BOORN, Radnor st

Fleur de Lis, Edward CHITTENDEN, Dover st

Folkestone Cutter, Wm. COURT, Dover st

Folkestone Lugger, Jos. EARL, Sandgate road

George, James KIMBER, George lane

Hope, Mary SMITH, Fancy st

Lord Nelson, Christian TAYLOR, Radnor st

Marquess Granby, Wm. HARRISON, High st

Red Cow, Richard GOODBURN, Foord

Royal Oak, Henry MARSH, North st

Ship, John PHILPOTT, Radnor st

Star, Elizabeth STEVENSON, Radnor st

Swan, John FRANKS, Radnor st

True Briton, Jno. ANDREWS, Kings Bridge st

Victoria, George HOGBEN, Kings Bridge st




COURT James, Mill lane

SWABEY Jesse, Mill lane




BOXER John (& stamp distributer), Rendezvous st

MUMMERY Charles, Rendezvous st




MAJOR Richard (& coach maker), Bail st

MERCER John, Rendezvous st




ANDREWS Henry, Kings Bridge st

MACE James, Seagate st




ASHTELL Henry, coach & van proprietor, Beach st

BAKER John, block maker, Back st

BENNETT William, sail & rope maker, Back st

BOXER Ann, confectioner, Dover st

BRICE John, pump maker, Rendezvous st

BROCKMAN Ralph Thomas, town clerk, clerk of the peace and solicitor to the trustees of the charities, Church st

Court of Requests, Guildhall, Ralph Thomas BROCKMAN, clerk, Church st

ELGER Richard, ship chandler, Beach st

Excise Office, Folkestone Arms, William LAW, officer, Dover st

FINCH Mary, saddler, Rendezvous st

Guildhall, Market place, Samuel FARLEY, jailer and water bailiff

MAY Robert, fishmonger, North st

PAIN Henry, parish clerk, Church st

PILCHER George, gardener, Fancy st

ROLFE & Son, pawnbrokers, Dover st

SWABEY Edward, working jeweller and clothier, High st

VINEY & Co, tanners, Grace Valley

WILLIS Edwin, bath proprietor and shell dealer, Beach st




To London, the Times, from the Rose Inn every morning (Sunday excepted), at half past eight; goes through Hythe, Ashford, Lenham, Maidstone &c.


To Brighton & Hastings, a Post Coach, from Dover, calls at  the Rose Inn, every day,  (Sunday  excepted), at twelve during the summer months.


To Dover, a Coach, (from Brighton), calls at the Rose every day, (Sunday excepted), at two


VANS – for passengers and goods


To Canterbury, ASHTELL, from the Rose Inn and Folkestone Arms every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning at nine.


To Dover, ASHTELL, from the Rose Inn and Folkestone Arms every morning, (Sunday excepted), at nine and a Van (from Maidstone) calls at the Rose every afternoon at half past four.


To Maidstone, a Van (from Dover), calls at the Rose Inn, every morning at ten; goes through Hythe, Ashford &c.




To London, Ashford, Charing, Hythe, Maidstone &c. Charles BENTON every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning.


To Dover, Thomas WOOD, from the Rose Inn and Thomas HEDGECOCK from the George and Fleur de Lis, every Monday and Thursday afternoon and Daniel CATT from the Rose, every Tuesday and Friday afternoon.


To Romney & Lydd, Thomas WOOD, from the Rose Inn and Thomas HEDGECOCK from the George and Fleur de Lis, every Tuesday and Friday and Daniel CATT from the Rose, every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon.




To London, Richard and Jacob SPICER’S Hoys, every Thursday.


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