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Faversham with the villages of Preston, Oare, Boughton, Ospringe & neighbourhoods 


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Faversham is a market town, seaport and parish, having separate jurisdiction, in the lathe of Scray and hundred to which it gives its name – 47 miles east from London and nine west from Canterbury; eligibly situated on the main road between these two cities, and on a branch of the river Swale. It consists principally of four good streets, containing many handsome houses, a convenient well built town hall and some excellent inns; among the latter may be particularised the “Dolphin” and the “Sun” houses high in the estimation of commercial travellers. Within the last twenty years the town has received material improvement, and in a particular quarter of it, “the Brents” an accession of numerous dwellings forming quite a little town, chiefly inhabited by oyster dredgers; the lighting of the streets with gas has been in operation a considerable time. Faversham has long been celebrated for its manufacture of gunpowder, which is carried on to an amazing extent; and the present proprietors, who lately purchased the entire of the government works, are continually adding to their already extensive premises. A dreadful explosion took place in 1781, by the ignition of 7000 pounds weight of powder, when the corning mill and the dusting house of the then royal works were blown to atoms, and a number of workmen lost their lives; the report was heard at a distance of twenty miles and the town and adjacent villages suffered severely by the shock, having the roofs of the houses wholly or in part destroyed, with all the glass and much furniture; the government munificently for the families of the sufferers by this calamitous occurrence. Roman cement is the only other manufacture of any consequence; but the exports and imports of the place are of some importance; the former consist of corn, hops, fruit, wool and other produce, conveyed by water to the metropolis; the latter of timber, iron, coals, tar &c. The oyster fishery is of material benefit to the inhabitants and many hands are employed in shipbuilding. This town has been, from an early period, a member of the harbour of Dover as one of the cinque ports, and consequently is possessed of many valuable privileges. It obtained its first charter from Henry III, in which its freeman are styled “barons”; but the one under which its municipal affairs were conducted prior to 1835, was granted by Henry VIII. By the act passed in the year just mentioned the corporation was formed of a mayor, four aldermen (or jurats), and twelve councillors, with the usual assistant officers, and was styled “ the mayor, jurats and commonality of the town of Faversham”. Sessions are held quarterly; there are likewise a court of requests for the recovery of debts under 40s. and manorial courts under the jurisdiction of Lord Sondes. The church dedicated to St Mary, is a venerable pile, perfectly neat and commodious, with a light and very elegant spire, erected in 1755, when part of the church was rebuilt; the foundation of the hallowed structure is of remote date – certainly previous to the Norman invasion, for it was first annexed by the first William to the abbey of St Augustine in Canterbury. The benefice is a discharged vicarage, in the patronage of the dean and chapter of Canterbury, and present incumbency of the Rev John BIRT (DD). Baptists, independents and Wesleyan methodists have their respective places pf worships. The charities comprise a free grammar school, founded by Dr COLE in the 18th year of Henry VIII; a national school and several sets of well supported almshouses. Faversham confers the title baron on the family of DUNCOMBE. Wednesday and Saturday are market days, when there is an abundant supply of all kinds of provisions and other marketable commodities; a charter exists for holding fairs on the 25th of February and 12th of August, but of late years they have been unattended. The town, liberties, and parish collectively contained in 1831, 4429 inhabitants.


A short distance to the south of Faversham is the parish of Preston. The interior of the church here well merits a visit from the stranger arriving at Faversham, as containing a sumptuous altar tomb, of black and white marble, to the memory of Roger BOYLE Esq., and Joan his wife, ancestors of the Earls of Cork; there are also some monumental brasses of the fifteenth century. The church dedicated to St Catherine, is chiefly in the early English style of architecture, with a tower and spire; the benefice is a discharged vicarage, in the presentation of the see of Canterbury. In 1831 the population of the parish amounted to 673 persons.


One mile and a half north from Faversham is the small village of Oare; the parish bearing the same name, is bounded on the north east by the Swale, over which there is a ferry to Harty Island. The church is dedicated to St Peter; the living is a perpetual curacy, in the same patronage as that of Preston. Population 176.


Three miles SE by E from Faversham, in the parish and hundred of Boughton-under-Blean and lathe of Scray, is the village of Boughton. Its church dedicated to St Peter and St Paul, contains some curious monuments amongst which one of brass merits particular notice; the village possesses little else worthy of mention. Boughton Hill, not quite a mile from the village commands one of the most extensive prospects in the kingdom. A pleasure fair is held on the fist Monday after St Peters day. The parish contained at the last census a population of 1300 residents.


Situated on the main road from London to Canterbury one mile west from Faversham and in the same hundred is Ospringe liberty and parish, possessed of independent franchise and governed by its own constable. The “Lion” hotel in this village is a first rate posting and commercial house. The church dedicated to St Peter and St Paul, is in the early English style of architecture; the benefice is a vicarage in the gift of the master and fellows of St Johns College, Cambridge. A fair is held on the 25th May, chiefly for pleasure. Population of the liberty and parish in 1831, 1087


POST OFFICE, Market Parade, Faversham. John Bunyer SHARP, Postmaster, Letters from London arrive (by Dover mail), every morning at two, and are despatched every night at half past twelve. The box closes at nine at night, but letters are received until ten upon payment of twopence with each.




ADLEY Mr John, Abbey st

AMHURST Mrs Mary, Oare

BIRT Rev John (DD), Church lane

BRIDGES Capt. Sheldwich

BROADBRIDGE Mrs Eliz. Standard rd

BROADBRIDGE Mr George, Standard rd

BROCK Mr Charles, Tanner st

CHAMBERS Mrs Mary, Preston st

COLEMAN Mr William, Abbey st

COURT Mrs Elizabeth, Preston st

CROW Mr John, Tanner st

CROW Mr Lewis, Preston

FAIRBRASS Mr Isaac, Abbey st

FOORD Mrs __, Whitehill

GIBBS Mrs __, Preston st

GIRAUD Mrs Mary, Court st

GOSSELIN Gerald esq, Preston house

GOSSELIN Lieut General, Ospringe

GRANT The Misses, Preston st

GROVES Percy esq, Boughton

HALL William esq, Tanner st

HANDLEY Rev C R, Herne Hill

HARRIS Gen. Lord, Belmont, Throwley

HILLS Mrs Mary, Abbey st

HILTON Giles esq, Preston house

HILTON Mr Giles, Lords Selling

HOCKLESS Mr Thomas, Court st

HORNE Mr Chas. Belvidere cottage

HORTON Mr John, Abbey st

HYDE John esq, Syndale, Ospringe

IRONS Captain John, Boughton

JACOB Edward esq, Preston st

JACOB Miss __, Preston st

JONES Rev Morgan, Ospringe

LADE John esq, Boughton

LUSHINGTON William esq, Norton

MARSH Rev George, Boughton

MONTRESON Lieut-Gen Sir Thomas, Ospringe

MORGAN Mrs, Preston st

MORGAN Mr Giles, Macknade

MORTIMER Rev Edward, Preston st

MURTON the Misses, Preston st

NEAM John esq, Selling

NEAM Mrs Ann, Homestall

OLDMAN Mrs Anne, Preston st

PEARCE Mr William H, Abbey st

PERKINS Mrs, Preston st

PERKINS John esq, Abbey st

PHILPOT Mr William, Preston st

PHIPPS Captain William, Abbey st

PLOMMER Mr Thomas, Court st

PORTER Mrs, West st

PRATT Mrs Anne, Court st

READ Miss, South lane

RICH Jones esq, Chapel house, Ospringe

SHEPHERD Mrs Francis, Preston st

SHEPHERD Henry esq, Court st

SHEPHERD Mr Henry, Preston st

SHEPHERD James esq, West st

SHEPHERD Capt. Jno  (RN), Preston

SHEPHERD Mr Julius G, West st

SHEPHERD Samuel esq, Court st

SONDES the Hon. Lord, Sheldwich

STROUTS Mr Thomas, West st

TOKER Edward esq, Oaks, Ospringe

WALLER Mrs Grace, Alfred house, Preston

WILKS Mr Frederick, Preston

WOODHOUSE Rev Thomas, Norton

WREIGHT Henry esq, Preston st

WREIGHT Mrs, Preston st

WRIGHT Rev Thomas, Boughton




DANE Sarah, West st

DEAN John, Court st

EVANS Esther, Abbey st

Grammar School, Church st, Rev John BIRT (DD), master

GREENSTREET Agnes, Grove, Preston

HILLS Anne, West st

Infants School, West st, Jane PHILLIPS, mistress

JEFFERY Jane, West st

KINGSFORD Rev Sampson, Preston st

MILLNE Joseph, Partridge lane & Grove house, Preston

National School, Abbey st, Warren GREAVES, master; Mary BETSWORTH, mistress

STEVENS & RAINES, Preston st




JEFFERYS William, (& town clerk), East st

MORGAN William, Preston st

SHEPHERD Julius Gaborian, West st




MINTER Thomas, West st

SHRUBSOLE Samuel, Mark, West st




AMOS John (& flour dealer), West st

BANKES William, Middle row

BARROW Anne, Water lane

BRANFORD John, West st

BRIDAL James, Abbey st

BRYANT John, West st

COLEGATE George, Preston st

DIPROSE Robert, Mall place

DIPROSE William, Victoria st

ELLIOTT Henry, Ospringe

EVANS William, Abbey st

FROST Edward, West st

FULLER Thomas, Tanner st

HOGBEN Stephen, Abbey st

HOUGHTON George, Ospringe

KNELL Thomas (gingerbread), Oare

PETTIT Henry, Boughton

SMITH William, Boughton

TAYLOR Thomas, Court st

THURSTON Thomas, Preston st

WACHER William, West st

WATSON Edwin, West st

WILDISH William, Market st




WREIGHT & HILTON, Court st (draw on PRESCOTT, GROTE & Co London)

Savings Bank, Court hall, William RIGDEN, treasurer




PACKER Edward, Court st

WATERS Thomas, Preston st




BURTON John, Oare

CAMPBELL Septimus, Boughton

COUCHMAN Daniel, Standard rd

DODD James, Preston st

FRIEND John, Preston st

GRIGGS Stephen, Conduit row

HOGBEN Thomas, Selling

HOWLAND John, South lane

MINTER Henry, Boughton

PAGE Richard, West st

TRANSOM Daniel, Ospringe

TRANSOM Eleanor, Ospringe

WATERS George, Boughton hill




DELO Joshua, Market st

RATCLIFFE William (& binder, printer & library and reading rooms), Court st

THISELTON John, Market parade




BARROW Edward, West st

BONNY Thomas, Boughton

BOYS Horatio, West st

BURCH James, Court st

BUSHER Joseph, Market st

BYRNE John, Abbey st

COMFORT Robert, Boughton

EASON James, Oare

EBBS George, Ospringe

GILHAM Thomas, Abbey st

HOWARD Thomas, Preston st

LAD Richard, West st

MARDEN John, Brents town

NUTTING William, Boughton

PARKER William, West st

SAXBY William, West st

SHRUBSOLE Louisa, West st

SHRUBSOLE William Hoare, East st

SPICER William, West st

SWINYARD William Henry, Preston st

TIDDEMAN Robert, Church st

TIDDEMAN Thomas, Preston st

TONG John, Ospringe

WILDISH James, Preston st




CRIPPEN John, Market st

ELVY Thomas, West st

FOOTE Richard, Market st

SHARP John Bunyer, Market parade




FROST Thomas, Tanner st

RIGDEN William, Court st

SHEPHERD Henry, Court st




BARNES Thomas & Sons, East st and brick makers, Preston

BUVENDEN William, Preston st

HAISMER Thomas, Ospringe road

JUDGES William, Eastling

SCOONES George (& whiting manufacturer), Tanner st


WHITING William, Ospringe




AMOS Richard, Abbey st

ASHBEE John, Market st

BOORMAN Thomas, Boughton

COLE William, Boughton

CRISFIELD George, Conduit row

DENNETT Thomas, West st

FILMER Edward, Preston st

FILMER Edward, West st

HILLS Richard, Ospringe

HUGHES Thomas, Boughton

MURTON Henry, Market place

SWOFFER Richard, Court st

WATSON William, Court st

WELLARD William, Boughton




FROST Thomas, Tanner st

MARLEN Francis, West st

MINTER Thomas, West st

ROGERS Richard, Preston st

WHITE Robert, Market place




BARNES Thomas & Sons, East st & Preston

DAY John, White hill

JUDGES Wm. Boughton

REDMAN Mark (& shipbuilder), Standard quay

SHRUBSOLE Samuel Mark, West st





BROWN Redman, Court st

HARRIS Henry, East st




CLAUSE Thomas, Market parade

HOLMES John, Market place





DRAYSON Charles, West st

HILLS Vincent (& barge owner), North lane yard; house, Court st

HOLMES John, Standard quay

HORNE Charles, Coal exchange quay

PAYN John, Kings Head quay

PERKINS John, Court st

SIBON George, Court st




DAWSON John, Market parade

SWING William, East st

WACHER William, West st




BOURN John, Preston st

COOMBER Robert, Preston st




BRANFORD John, West st

EVANS Wm. Coal Exchange wharf




BARNES Henry, Abbey st

JONES Brooke, Court st & Standard quay

KEMP Henry, Kemps wharf, Standard quay




Kent, DAN & STONE, Court st; George MURTON, Market place; John ADLEY, Abbey st

Phoenix, John BATE, Preston st

Sun, John Bunyer SHARP, Market place




CLARK Daniel, Preston st

FOWLER Thomas, West st

LARAMAN William, Abbey st

TREGUNDO Elizabeth, Preston st


GROCERS & TEA DEALERS – marked thus * are also Tallow Chandlers – see also Shopkeepers &c.


BLACKLEY Joseph, Boughton

BROABRIDGE Henry, Market st

BROWN Redman, Court st

* COBB Edward, Court st

DELO Isaac, West st

ELLIOTT Henry, Ospringe

FIELDING Augustine, Abbey st

* GIBBS William, Market place

HARRIS Henry, West st

* NORWOOD Thomas, Preston st

PAY John, Abbey st

PELL James, Boughton

SIBON Thomas, West st

SIBON Thomas (& basket maker), Abbey st

* SMITH Charles, Market place

SMITH John, Preston st

SMITH Thomas, Boughton

WYLES Richard, Court st




HALL John & Son, (present proprietors, WM & Peter BRAMESTALL), Faversham & at Davington




DELO Joshua (warehouse), Market st

PAINE Joseph, Preston st

SWOFFER Edward, Court st




COULTER James, West st

PHIPPS William, Abbey st




CHAMBERS James, Abbey st

EVANS & Co, Abbey st

FAIRBRASS Thomas, Abbey st

JONES Brooke, Standard quay

KEMP Henry, Kemps wharf, Standard quay




Dolphin, John HODGES, Preston st

Lion (& posting house), Henry HOOK, Ospringe

Ship, Mary HADLOW, Market place

Sun, Thomas SHARP, West st




ELLEN James, Preston st

FOOTE Richard, Market st

MARSHALL Jas. (& gunsmith), Market st

SHARP John Bunyer, Market parade

SHEPHERD Henry jun. (wholesale),  Conduit row




BATE John, Preston st

CORKE Cornelius, Market parade

LAKER Mary, Preston st

MURTON George, Market place

RYE Charlotte, Ospringe

SHARPE Richard, Market st

WICKINS Edward, West st




HOGBEN Sophia, West st

MARSH Bromley, Standard road

SHEPHERD Henry, Court st



AMOS Thomas, Ospringe

BEULL William, Boughton

CARR Thomas, Faversham & Water mill, Ospringe

ELLIOTT William, Ospringe

RICKWOOD John, Preston

SHRUBSOLE Robert, Luddenham

WELDISH William, Market st




COZENS Elizabeth, West st

GORDELIER Eleanor, West st

MARTIN Anne, West st

SAUNDERS Jane, West st




KNOWLER James, Faversham

LOTT John, White hill




ATTAWAY John, East st

BOORMAN William, Ospringe

FENN John & Son, Court st

GILLMAN George, Sheldwich

KNOWLES Thomas, East st

PERKINS Francis, West st

WHITE George, Boughton




SHRUBSOLE William Hoare, East st

THURSTON Thomas, Preston st




BARNES Henry, Abbey st

KEMP Henry, Court st




PHIPPS William (cement & stone merchant and ship owner), Abbey st

SHEPHERD Samuel (manufacturer), Court st




COURT Valentine (& sacking), Preston st

MAIDMENT George, Ospringe




BARNES Thomas, Boughton

BEALL George Wilson, (& currier), West st

DANE Chas. Francis, Market parade

KEMP Isaac, Preston st

MAIDMENT George, Ospringe




CROCKER George, Standard quay




ARNOLD Frederick, Oare

BACK George, Oare

BUVENDEN William, Preston st

DANE William, Court st

DEAN Richard, Partridge lane

HILLS Francis, Ospringe

KIRBY George, West st

KESSON John, West st

MARTEN Richard, Partridge lane

MAYTON James, West st

PACKER James, Ospringe

SENIOR James, Boughton

SPENDIFF George, Ospringe

TURLEY Robert, Ospringe




DRAYSON Charles, West st

LONGLEY George (& slate merchant), Mall place




BATE John, Preston st

COZENS Elizabeth, West st

DERVALL Sarah, Market place

GORDELIER Eleanor, West st

MIDDLETON Catherine Swing, West st

SMITH John, Preston st




CHITTENDEN John Franks, West st

GIRAUD Frederick Francis, Court st

HOARE William P, Preston st

LASLETT Richard, Faversham

LUKYN Robert, Court st

OGILVIE John, Boughton




BARKER Edward, Boughton

BASEDEN William Griggs, Ospringe

DAN Isaac (& draper), Court st

HAMMOND George, Wets st

HAMMOND George jun. West st

MURTON George, Market place

OTTAWAY Austin, Ospringe

OTTAWAY John, West st

PEARSON George, Preston st

READY Joseph, Abbey st

ROGERS Elizabeth, Market st

SMITH Richard William, Boughton




BROCK Charles, Tanner st




Anchor, Jesse BUESDEN, Standard road

Anchor, Nicholas PHILPOTT, Ospringe

Bear, William STRAND, Market parade

Brent’s Tavern, Jno MARDEN, Brent’s town

Bull, Daniel NORHAM, Tanner st

Castle, William FIELDING, West st

Coal Exchange, Ths. FINN, Standard Quay

Crown, George HOUGHTON, Ospringe

Dolphin, Richard MARSH, Boughton

Faversham Arms, Stephen WARD, Ospringe road

Fleur de Lis, Edward USHER, Preston st

Gate, Mary WILDISH, Boughton hill

George, Sarah ATHERDEN, Preston st

George, Henry BAKER, Boughton

Lion, John HILDER, Boughton

Lion, Richard MARSH, Conduit row

Queens Head, George CLARK, West st

Queens Head, Mary STEVENS, Boughton

Ship, William JONES, Ospringe

Ship, Isaac JUDGE, Boughton

Smack, William HILLS, Abbey st

Star, Tucker USHER, Middle row

Swan, William, KENNETT, Market st

Three Mariners, James RAY, Oare

Three Squirrels, Hartwell WEST, Boughton

Three Tuns, Edward AUSTEN, Tanner st

Two Brewers, William PUNYER, Quay lane

White Horse, John Baker HOGBEN, West st

White Horse, William SMITH, Boughton




HORNE Charles, Coal Exchange Quay

PAYN John jun. (& ship owner), Kings Head Quay

PERKINS John, Court st




BAKER Henry, Boughton

CROW Edwd. (& silversmith), Market place

FOOTE Richd. (& silversmith), Market st




FIGG Richard, Ospringe

MINTER Henry, Boughton

ROGERS Thomas, Preston st

SHRUBSOLE Samuel Mark, West st

STROUD Henry, Oare




DAN & STONE, Court st

SHARP Thomas, West st




HIGGINS John, West st

MEAD Thomas, Standard quay

WATSON Edwin (& corn factor), West st




ALFREY Thomas, assessor of taxes, Preston st

ATTAWAY George, seedsman, Court st

BAILEY Jane, eating house, West st

BILLS William, carrier, Middle row

BONNER Charles, corn chandler, Court st

BOULDING Mark, breeches maker & glover, Preston st

CHAMBERS Bartlett Allen, furniture broker, West st

CHAMBERS William, mast, block and pump maker, Town wharf

CLAY Charles, hat manufacturer, Preston st

COULTER John, surveyor of taxes, Court st

County of Kent Friendly Society, John ADLEY, agent, Abbey st

DIX Wm. professor of music, Preston st

Excise Office, Ship Inn, John W WHITE, supervisor

FIELDING Augustine, clothes dealer, Court st

Gas Works, John SHARPE, principal actuary, Market place

GORDELIER John Francis, currier, East st

HILLS Elizabeth, stay maker, West st

Library & Reading Rooms, Court st, William RATCLIFFE, librarian

London & Thames Assurance Association, Abbey st, John ADLEY, agent

PATCHING William, fellmonger, Ospringe

REDMAN Mark, shipbuilder, Standard quay

ROBERTS Thomas, dealer in marine stores, Conduit row

ROGERS John, relieving officer, Ospringe

SHEEPWASH John, tobacco pipe maker, Preston st

SHERWOOD Abraham, farrier, Faversham

SMITH John, registrar of births & deaths, Preston st

SMITH John, parish clerk, Church lane

Stamp Office. Market place, Jno Bunyer SHARP, sub distributer

Union Poorhouse, Faversham, John PRINGUER, governor




Collector – John ADLEY

Comptroller – Thomas JULL

Landing Waiter & Collectors Clerk – Richard KEYS

Boatmen & Tide Waiters – Edward HILLS & William LIGHTFOOT

Inspecting Commander of the Coast Guard – Captain W W P JOHNSON (RN)

Principal Coast Officers – at Whitstable, Edward HUNT; at Milton, Henry SEA; at Herne Bay, Thos. BUSBRIDGE.




To London, the Royal Mail (from Dover), calls at the Post Office every night at half past twelve, and the Tantivity starts from the Ship, every morning (Sunday excepted), at a quarter to ten.


To Canterbury and Dover, the Royal Mail, (from London), calls at the Post Office, every morning at two.


To Maidstone, a Van (from Canterbury), calls at the Dolphin and Swan, every day at half past twelve.


VANS – for passengers and goods


To Ashford, Wm. BILL from his house, Middle row, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at ten.


To Canterbury, George HOGBEN, every morning (Sunday excepted), at nine.


To Gravesend, Vans, from the Dolphin and White Horse, every morning at a quarter past ten, and afternoon at a quarter past two; goes through Sittingbourne, Rochester, Chatham.


To Whitstable, Robert ROGERS, from his house, Partridge lane, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at ten




To Lenham, John WILSON’s, Waggon, from the Coal Exchange every Tuesday and Saturday.


To Wye, ___ AUSTIN, from the Two Brewers, daily.




To London, Henry BARNES, Henry KEMP, Brooke JONES, Thomas FAIRBRASS and EVANS & Co, daily.



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