Pigots 1840 - Kent

Down, Keston, Hayes & West Wickham 


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Down is a neat little village, in a pleasant situation, two miles from Farnborough and six SSE from Bromley. The church is a low stone edifice, underwent a thorough repair in 1825, when it was ornamented three fine stained glass windows; the benefice is a perpetual curacy, in the peculiar jurisdiction of the see of Canterbury. There is a chapel for baptists and near the church a national school. The parish generally is well cultivated and the face of the country rich and cheerful. A fair is held here on Whit Monday.


Two miles south west from Down is the straggling village of Keston. At Holwood, in this parish are the traces of some entrenchments supposes to have been formed by the Romans on their first invasion; and near these traces two stone coffins have been found, and various implements of war, at different periods. Holwood Hill was the residence of the late Right Hon. William PITT; the mansion occupies an eminence commanding a beautiful prospect of the surrounding country. In the parish is a very fine tepid spring, called Ravensborne, of superior tonic qualities, and deemed exceedingly beneficial to the debilitated constitution. The church is a very small fabric, built principally of flint; the benefice is a discharged rectory in the exempt deanery of Shoreham, and in the presentation of the Archbishop of Canterbury.


About two miles south from Keston is the small village of Hayes. The church dedicated to St Mary, stands on the verge of Hayes common, abutting on the commons of Keston and Bromley; in it are preserved the banners borne at the public funeral of the great Earl of Chatham, who has a seat here, contiguous to the church, called Hayes Place, in which his son William was born. A small fair is held here on Whit Tuesday.


Two miles south west from Hayes is the neat village of West Wickham, agreeably situated close to the borders of Surrey, between four and five miles from Croydon. The church dedicated to St John the Baptist, is a small venerable edifice, standing towards the centre of the village; the windows of the chancel are beautifully enriched with stained glass; the benefice is a rectory, in the gift of the Dowager Lady FARNABY, who likewise possesses the manor. A chapel for Wesleyan methodists and a national school are in this parish. West Wickham formerly had a market, which has long been discontinued; an annual fair for cattle, however still is attended on Easter Monday.


The above parishes are all locally situated in the lathe of Sutton-at-Hone and the hundred of Ruxley; and the population of each, at the census of 1831, was as follows: Down parish 421; Keston 391; Hayes 504; and West Wickham 614 inhabitants.


POST - Down. Letters arrive from and are despatched to Farnborough daily.




ANDERSON John, esq, West Wickham

ANGUS Mrs Dorothy, Hayes

CHAPMAN Mrs Sarah, Hayes

CHURCHER Mr Charles, Blackness

COCKELL Edgar, surgeon, Down

COURTENEY Hon. & Rev. Henry, Down

CRITTALL Mr Richard, West Wickham

DAVIS Jno Wilson esq, West Wickham

DRUMMOND Rev Jas. Down House

DUTHEE James esq, Down

EATON Mrs Susan, Down

ELLIOTT Richard esq, Down

ESDAILE Joseph esq, High Elms

FARNABY Rev Sir Chas.West Wickham

FINLEY Mr Alexander, Hayes

GIBBS Lady, Hayes

GILDART Rev Fredk. West Wickham

HALL Miss, Keston

HORTON Mr, West Wickham

HOWELL John esq, West Wickham


HUSSEY Rev Thomas John, Hayes

JACKSON Major, West Wickham

KIRKPATRICK Rev James, Keston

LITTLE Mr William, West Wickham

MARGETSON Mrs Elizabeth, Hayes

MARTIN Rev Joseph, Hayes

MASTERMAN Mrs Richenda, Keston

MORICE John esq, West Wickham

MORLAND Lady Caroline, Hayes

MOYSEY Miss Charlotte, Hayes

MOYSEY Frederick esq, Hayes

PHILLIPS William esq, Down

PLUMMER Mr George, Keston

PRICE Edward esq, Down

SHOVE Mr John, Down

SMITH Mrs Henry, Keston

SMITH Mr John, Keston

SMITH Mr William, Keston

TOLMARSH Lionel esq, Keston

TOONE Mrs Colonel, Keston lodge

TRAIL Miss W B, Keston

TWERT Mr Thomas, Hayes

WARD John esq, Holwood

WARD Samuel esq, Hayes




CHAPMAN Becket (day), Hayes

CHAPMAN Henry (day), Keston

Infants School, Down, Sarah LASLETT, mistress

National School, Down, John BROOM, master

National School, Hayes, John MILLARD, master

National School, North End, William PHILPS, master

National School, West Wickham, William TAPSELL, master; Rebecca JONES, mistress




COOTES Thomas, West Wickham

KNIGHT Solomon, West Wickham

OSBORN Henry, Down




BILES Jasper, West Wickham

LANGRIDGE Joseph, Hayes

TOWN Sarah, Down

VICKERS Christopher, Down

WOOD George, Keston




BUDGEN John, West Wickham

COOPER John, West Wickham

HOLMES Humphrey, West Wickham

HUNT George, Hayes

KADWELL John, Keston

OSBORN Charles, Down

PARKER Jesse, Down

SMITH Henry, Down

WINTER James, West Wickham




BUTCHER George, Hayes

LASLETT Isaac, Down

WHILMSHURST William, West Wickham




HAYNES William, Keston

LINTON Thomas, West Wickham

OSBORN Walker, Down

OSBORNE James, Hayes




ALEXANDER John, West Wickham

COLE William, Keston

DENNIS Ignatius, Keston

HATFIELD Gabriel, Hayes

HILLS Thomas, Keston

SALES Timothy, Down

SMITH Thomas, Hayes

SWEETING Thomas, West Wickham




EATON Thomas, West Wickham

WALTER John, West Wickham




BARGRAVE Maria, West Wickham

BOWYER William, Keston

BURGESS Richard, Keston

DUCK George (& cooper), Down

GREGORY Samuel, Keston

HASLETT Thomas, Keston

JARVIS Edward, Hayes

KILLICK Henry, Keston


LYONS Elizabeth, Hayes

SALES Timothy, Down

STAPLE Thomas, Hayes

TAPSELL William, West Wickham

TAYLOR George, West Wickham




Crown, Thomas EATON, Keston

Fox, James SPICER, Keston

George, George DUCK, Down

George, Richard VIDLER, Hayes

Pig & Whistle, Richard BURGESS, West Wickham

Queens Head, Timothy SALES, Down

Red Cross, Thos, EMINTON, Keston

Swan, Richard CRITTALL, West Wickham









ELLIS John, Keston

WILMOTT George, Keston




CARTER James, Down

OVERY George, West Wickham

REYNOLDS, William Keston




GREEN David, Keston

GREEN James, Keston

HARDING Charles, Down

STAPLE Thomas, Hayes




MERCHANT James, Down

NEWMAN Thomas, West Wickham

PURDAY William, Keston




ELLIOTT LANSDOWN & Co, flour dealers, West Wickham

LEWIS Elizabeth, dressmaker, Down

SALES William, furniture broker, Down

TILDEN Timothy, brewer, Hayes




To London, a Coach (from Sundridge), calls at the Red Cross, Keston every morning (Sunday excepted), at nine, goes through Hayes and Bromley.


To Sundridge, a coach (from London), calls at the Red Cross, Keston every evening at six, goes through Westerham and Brasted.





To London, George SNOW, from Down, James RUSSELL, from Keston and Robert HARMAN, from West Wickham every morning.



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