Pigots 1840 - Kent

Dover with the villages of Charlton, Buckland, River & neighbourhoods 


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Dover, or Dovor, is one of the cinque ports, a borough corporate and parliamentary, and a market town and eminent sea port, having a separate jurisdiction, in the lathe of St Augustine, eastern division of the county; 71 miles ESE from London, and 16 SE by S from Canterbury. The derivation of its name has not been conclusively ascertained by any etymologist; by the Romans it was designated Dubris, and by the Saxons, Dofra and Dofris, which in Domesday Book are corrupted into Dovere; in all the towns records, ancient and modern. And in all proceeding in its criminal and civil courts, as well as in all deeds, it is invariably written Dovor; and it is conjectured that the latter orthography will in time supersede the present more general mode of spelling the name.  The situation of the town is extremely singular and interesting, being immediately at the foot of stupendous cliffs, with a full view of the sea, and the coast of France. The castle is venerable and admirable pile of building, situated on a lofty summit, and is the grand ornament of the place; the views from the eminence and the contiguous heights, are rich, varied and sublime. In 1216 this fortress was bravely defended against our Gallic   neighbours by Hubert de Burgh, its constable. In the castle is an extraordinary piece of brass ordnance, a present from the States of Holland, cast in Utrecht in 1544; it is twenty four feet long and is commonly called “Queens Elizabeth’s Pocket Piece;” it carries a twelve pound shot, and has some lines on it, which as translated read thus:


“O’er hill and dale I throw my ball

Breaker my name of mound and wall”


In a hyperbolical description of the powerful properties of this gun it is gravely affirmed that, if it be kept clean and loaded well, it will carry its shot to the opposite shore ! The Duke of Wellington is the present governor of the castle. This place was nearly desolated by fire shortly after the Norman conquest; and in 1295 it suffered dreadfully from the hostility of the French. That much importance was formerly attached to this town is evident from the fact of its having been walled and provided with ten gates. At the present day its chief consequence is derived from the proximity of its port to the continent; it is the station for Her Majesty’s packets to France and Ostend; and steam passage vessels are constantly engaged between this place and Calais, Boulogne, Ostend &c.  The South Eastern Railway, now actively progressing, will effect a rapid communication between the metropolis and this port. The foreign trade is not extensive, but the coasting is considerable and many vessels are employed in the fisheries. Upon the River Doure which empties itself into the harbour, are considerable corn mills, one for paper and an oil and seed mill. Within the last ten or twelve years the town has been very much improved and enlarged, by the upwards of one hundred handsome dwelling houses, chiefly fronting the sea, all of which are excellently fitted up and tastefully furnished for visiters. Its celebrity as a bathing place is annually on the increase; and it has besides become a favourite winter residence; indeed it may be considered an exception to the many sea port towns that have suffered from a termination of hostilities. The hotels and inns are numerous and their management such as to impart satisfaction and comfort to the foreigner and general stranger. On the parade are cold and warm shower baths; and the libraries and reading rooms are furnished with the best works, both ancient and modern; those conducted by Mr WARREN, Snargate Street may be resorted to with perfect confidence, as the most extensive as well as the most respectable establishments of the kind.


Dover was first incorporated by Edward I; in 1684 a new charter was granted, which continued in force, until the passing of the existing municipal act, which vested the government in a mayor, six aldermen (or jurats), and eighteen councillors, with the usual corporate officers, under the title of “ the mayor, jurats and commonality of the town and port of Dover;” the same act divided the borough into three wards and conferred upon it a commission of the peace. The general sessions and gaol delivery are held quarterly; a court of requests for the recovery of debts under 40s, the first Tuesday in every month, and debts of any amount can be sued for in the court of record of the mayor and justices, which sits every three weeks. The town returns two members to Parliament; the present representatives are Sir John Rae REID, Bart. and Edward Royd  RICE esq; the mayor is the returning officer.


There are two parish churches those of St Mary and St James, and a new church (or chapel of ease), dedicated to the Holy Trinity; the living of St Mary’s is a perpetual curacy, in the patronage of the parishioners; that of St James is a discharged rectory, in the gift of the Archbishop of Canterbury. There are chapels for general and particular baptists, the society of friends, independents, Wesleyan methodists, Unitarians and Roman Catholics. The charities of Dover are numerous, and the liberality with which they are supported is indicative of the respectable and benevolent character of the inhabitants. The public schools comprise an extensive one, upon the national plan, for boys and girls; a British school, one of industry for girls; and an infant’s school. The dispensary and lying in charity are excellent institutions; there likewise is an almshouse, under the management of the charity trustees, for distressed wives and families of soldiers and seaman; and there are eighteen tenements for decayed freeman and widows of such. The weekly markets are held on Wednesday and Saturday; and an annual fair, which occasionally continues for ten days, commences on the 23rd November. The two parishes of the town and the port of Dover contained, by the returns for 1831, 11924 inhabitants, the population has had a great increase however since that period.


Charlton, Buckland and River are villages in the neighbourhood of Dover, Charlton being contiguous to it, and River the most distant from it. The scenery around these villages is remarkable beautiful. They are parishes and have each their church. Population in 1831; Charlton 1637; Buckland 834; River 560.


POST OFFICE – 120 Snargate Street, Dover, William NORWOOD, Postmaster. Letters from London arrive every morning at five, and are despatched every night at a quarter past ten. Letters from Folkestone, Sandgate, Hythe, Romney, Rye, Hastings and Brighton and also from Walmer and Deal, arrive (by mail cart), every night at a quarter past nine and are despatched every morning at a quarter past five.


Foreign Mails – Mails to France are despatched every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning at six and every Wednesday and Saturday morning at half past eight; and arrive daily. The mail from London &c. with foreign bags arrives every Wednesday and Saturday morning at a quarter past eight. Mails to Belgium, are despatched every Wednesday and Saturday morning at half past eight; and every Tuesday and Friday morning at six; and are due every Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.


Office hours – The office opens at seven in the morning in the summer and eight in winter, and closes at nine at night; but letters are received until half past nine by paying one penny with each.




ALLEN Mrs, 110 Snargate st

ALLEN Mr Thomas, 42 Snargate st

ANDERSON Rev Thomas, 21 Castle st

BAKER Mrs Mary, 49 York st

BALDWIN Col. John, 33 Marine parade

BAZELEY Mrs Capt. 18 St James st

BECKINGHAM Mrs, 18 Marine parade

BELL Rev John, Limekiln st

BENEZET Clode Allen esq, 22 Marine parade

BETTSWORTH Capt. Henry, Guildford lawn

BIGGS Miss, Charlton terrace

BLAKE Mrs, 34 Townwall st

BOTELER Mrs, 28 Marine parade

BOURNE Mr Richard, 40 Snargate st

BOXER Capt. Edward (RN), St James st

BOYTON Miss Elizabeth, 64 St James st

BROTHERS Mr Francis, Charlton

BRYDGES Sir John, Wootton court

CHALK Mr William Colbran, Charlton

CLARINGBOULD Mr Richard, 34 Strond st

COCKE William esq, Market place

COFFIN Admiral Francis Holmes, 7 St James st

COL Rev William Sibthorpe, 29 Marine parade

COLEMAN Jno. esq, (magistrate), Priory

COLLINS Mrs, Biggin st

COTTON Cullen esq, East Brook house, East Brook place

DELL George esq, Coldred

DERING Mrs Cholmeley, 16 Waterloo crescent

DOCKER Mr James, Charlton

EDWARDS the Misses, East Brook place

ELGAR Mr William, 88 Limekiln st

ELSTED Mrs, 13 Snargate st

ELVE Henry esq, 2 Castle terrace

EVANS Capt. Thomas, 2 Guildford lawn

EVERY John esq, Old park

EWER Miss, 25 Marine parade

EYRE Edward esq, 10 Marine parade

FECTOR Mrs, Kearsney abbey

FECTOR Mrs James Peter, St James st

FECTOR John Minet esq (MP), Kearsney abbey

FITTER Godfrey esq, 9 Marine parade

FOORD Mr George, 6 Councilhouse st

GALE Capt Alex. R, 8 Liverpool terrace

GLOVER Rev Frederick A, Charlton

GRAVENER George Wright esq, 4 Clarence lawn

GOWLLAND Capt Richard, 2 Alfred place

HAMILTON Capt. John, 7 Strond st

HAMMOND Major, 7 Clarence lawn

HAMMOND Mrs Susannah, Buckland

HARMON Mr Richard, Charlton

HARVEY Mr Charles, Buckland

HATTON Mrs, Buckland

HEARNE Mrs Dillon, 42 Marine parade

HORNE Mrs Ann, Buckland house

HUBBARD Mr Isaac, Charlton

IRWIN Mr Thomas, Charlton

ISMAY Thomas esq, 5 Guildford lawn

JACKSON Mr William, Commercial quay

JAMES John Thomas esq, 38 Marine parade

JARVIS Miss Ann, 1 Alfred place  

JARVIS George esq, Biggin st

JEKEN Mrs Esther, Hammond place

JEKEN John esq, 10 Liverpool terrace

JELL Mr Richard, 43 Snargate st

JENNINGS Mr George, Buckland

JENNINGS George Finch esq, (magistrate) East Brook cottage

JOHNSON Mrs, 4 East Brook place

JONES Mr Charles, 190 Snargate st

KNOCKER William esq, Bushey rough

LATHAM Henshaw esq, Marine parade

LATHAM Samuel M esq, Union st

LEDGER George William esq, Buckland

LILBURN Capt. 2 Laurestone place

LOUD Mr George, Buckland

LEWNDES Thomas esq, 35 Townwall st

MANTELL Lady Ann, Customhouse Quay

MARSH Mrs Elizabeth, 45 Snargate st

MARSH Mr John, 144 Snargate st

MATHER Mrs, Hammond place

MATHIAS the Misses, Prospect place

MAULE Rev John, 4 Bench st

MEDLAND Rev Thomas, 25 Castle st

MEREDITH Mrs Mary, St James st

MINET Isaac esq, Strond st

MOORE Mr Thomas, Buckland

MORRIS Rev Thomas, Duro place

MOSES the Misses, 6 Clarence place

MUDGE Capt. St James st

OAKLEY Miss, Strond st

OSBORN Rev James, Limekiln st

PAPILLON Rev, Langdon

PATTLE Mrs Susan, 3 Guildford lawn

PAYN Mrs & Miss, 1 Castle terrace

PECHÉ Rev George, 6 Eastbrook place

PEIRCE Mrs Priscilla, 16 Snargate st

PLATT Joshua esq, Charlton

PUCKLE Rev John, 32 Castle st

RAMSAY Major William, Adelaide place

REYNOLDS Major, Buckland

RICE Mrs Sarah, Liverpool terrace

ROSE Capt. Hickman, 39 Marine parade

RUSSELL Henshaw esq, 32 Marine parade

RUSSELL Mrs, 27 Castle st

RUTLEY Thomas esq, 141 Snargate st

RUTTER Edwd Sampson esq, Buckland

RUTTLEDGE Major Wm. 17 Marine parade

SAMPSON Capt. 3 Laurenstone place

SAVAGE Rev Jos Laurence, Queen Elizabeth square

SAYER Mr John, Charlton

SHEARMAN Capt. 4 Marine place

SHIPDEM John esq, Townwall st

SIBBIT Edward esq, 109 Snargate st

SKELTON Capt. Jones, 6 Clarence lawn

SMART Col. Henry, 6 Liverpool terrace

SMITH Mrs & Miss, Charlton lodge

SMITHETT Capt. Luke, 7 Strond st

SPRAKELING Mr William, Charlton

STEWARD Jas. esq, 4 East Cliff terrace

STISTED Miss Elizabeth, Charlton

STRIDE Lewis esq, Customhouse quay

STRINGER George esq, Buckland

TAPLEY Mr Jno. Taylor, 8 Marine place

THISELTON Mr Thomas, St James st

THOMPSON Edward Pett esq, Wellington place

TULK Mrs, 2 East Brook place

WALKER James esq, 3 Alfred place

WALKER Mrs Robert, St James st

WARDE Capt Fras. Laurenstone house

WATSON Henry Norris esq, Charlton

WEDGER Mr John, 16 Castle st

WINTHROP the Misses, 28 Snargate st

WITTLE Jno. esq, 31 Castle st

WODEHOUSE Miss Blanch, 26 Marine parade

WORSFOLD Mr John, 34 Biggin st

WORTHINGTON Benj. esq, 1 Marine place

WORTHINGTON Mr Thomas, Charlton


ACADEMIES & SCHOOLS – not otherwise described are Day schools


BATCHELLOR Charles, New st

British School, Finnes hill, Limekiln st, Wm. Edward FLASHMAN, master; Eliza KING, mistress

CANTY James, Chapel place

Charity School, (boys & girls), Queen st, Jos, STROUD, master; Ann HOPE, mistress

CHITTENDEN Mrs (boarding), Charlton

CORBETT Wm.  (boarding & day), Military road

CROW Henry (boarding), 1 Castle st

DARBY Eliz (preparatory), 57 Snargate st

DAVIES Sarah, Biggin st

ENSON Mary Ann, Hawkesbury st

FARMAR William, 50 York st

FRASER Emma, 48 York st

Free School, Carlton, Sarah HOUGHTON, mistress

FRIEND George, 26 Snargate st

GIBBONS Sarah, 22 Commercial quay

HARTLEY Ann, 89 Limekiln st

HITCHCOCK Ann, 44 York st

HOGBEN Mary, Strond lane

Infants School, Adrian st, Susannah BROWN, mistress

LAWRENCE Pierce, Charlton

M’DONNELL Mary, (boarding), 3 Russell st

MAXTED Mrs, (boarding), Adrian st

MORRIS Miss, (preparatory boarding), St James st

PASCALL Mr John, Limekiln st

PEMBROOKE Misses, (boarding), Limekiln st

PLATER Rev Chas, (boarding), Charlton

POST Mary Ann, Snargate st

RATCLIFF Miss Charlotte, Prospect place

REYNOLDS Elizabeth (boarding & day), 43 Townwall st

School of Industry, Durham hill, Mary Ann COLEMAN, mistress

SMALL Abraham, Buckland

STANBURY Mrs, 3 East Brook place

STEDDY Ann, 40 Strond st

STUBBLES Mary Ann, Commercial quay

TEMPLE Jas & Son, (gents boarding), St Margaret’s

THOMPSON John (writing master), Charlton

WALTER Ann (boarding), 45 Townwall st

WESTON Lambert, Dolphin lane


AGENTS – see also Fire &c. Office Agents


BIRMINGHAM John, (custom house), 14 Strond st

BUSHELL William (house), St James st

CHILDREN Richard (to alien office), 16 Strond st

FECTOR & Co. (ship agents and merchants, and agents to the Insurance Companies at Hamburgh), Strond st

HAYWARD Jno. (custom house), Strond st

HILLER Frederick John, (general), Dover

HORSNAILL William (house), 11  Snargate st

LAMB & Son (general estate), 12 Snargate st

LATHAM & Co. (to Lloyds & shipping, the Marine Insurance Company and the Underwriters of France, Liverpool and Glasgow), Union st

MORRIS Henry (custom house), Crosswall

ORTON Mark & Co, (house), Last lane

PAGE William Baldock (commercial, shipping & custom house ), Custom house quay

RAPLEY Edmund (to the New Margate Steam Packet Co), 2 Crosswall

ROBINSON Thos. (estate), 18 Bench st

RUTLEY Thomas Barton, (custom house, commercial & shipping ),  5 Crosswall

TERSON Thomas Achee (general), 172 & 176 Snargate st

THISELTON William (lodging house), 12 Bench st

TIFFIN Benj. (custom house), Union st

WICKES & FRIEND, (commercial), Customhouse quay




HARVEY William, 10 Market st

HIGHT Frank, St James terrace

HILLER Fredk John, (ship & house), Dover

HUNTLEY William, Biggin st


ATTORNEYS – those marked thus * are also Notaries


CHALK Stephen, Biggin st

ELWIN Charles, Castle st

* GRAVENER Geo. Wright & James Graham, 111 Snargate st

HAMILTON John, Castle st

KENNETT Matthew, (& clerk to the magistrates & vestry clerk), St James st

KINGSFORD James, 6 Castle st

KNOCKER Edward, Castle hill

LEDGER George William, (& town clerk), Buckland

* PAIN Thomas (& registrar of the Cinque Ports), 8 Strond st

* PAYN William Henry, Esplanade

* SHIPDEM & LEDGER, Townwall st

SHIPDEM John ( & registrar & agent for tonnage duties), Townwall st

THOMPSON Geo Thos, (& coroner), 1 Linekiln st

* VINCER Thomas, 23 Strond st

WATSON Robert William, 1 Chapel st




BIRCH Thomas, 32 Strond st & Buckland

BUSHELL William, St James st


HILLER Frederick John, Dover

HOWLAND John, 158 Snargate st

HUNTLEY William, Castle st

LAMB & Son, 12 Snargate st

LONGTHORNE George, Woolcomber st

RIDLEY Joseph, 126 Snargate st

ROBINSON Thomas, 18 Bench st

STOCKWELL Henry, 128 Snargate st

TERSON Thomas Achee, 172 & 176, Snargate st




ADAMS Richard, 55 Biggin st

BATCHELLER James, 193 Snargate st

BEECHAM Henry, South pier

BEECHAM John, Councilhouse st

BEECHAM William, Strond st

BEVANS George, Strond st

BICKNELL William, 89 Snargate st

BLACKLEY Henry, 16 Cannon st

BOYCE Mary, Queen’s gardens

BROMLEY Richard, Charlton

BROWNING Alfred, Councilhouse st

CORNELIUS William, 62 Snargate st

CROFTS George Thomas, 66 St James st

CURLING George Robert, Caroline st

CURLING Thomas, Buckland

DYER Frederick, 22 Trevanion st

EALDEN James, 31 Limekiln st

EDMONDS Morris, 64 Biggin st

FILMER Susannah, Blucher st

FINCH Austin, 15 Church st

FRANCIS Sarah, Mount pleasant

HOGBIN Stephen, 19 Commercial quay

HOUGHTON Edward, Market place

HOWETT Arthur, 3 Woolcomber lane

HUDSON Joshua, 42 Biggin st

HUSBAND Michael, 1 Bulwark st

IGGLESDEN Benjamin, 5 Market place

IGGLESDEN John, 35 St James st

JAMES John, Strond lane

KENNETT Richard, Priory st

MARKS William, 56 St James st

MORPHEW William, Adrian st

MUNDAY Henry, Charlton

NORMAN Robert, 14 Woolcomber st

PARKER Richard, 36 Strond st

PARKER William, Great st

PILLOW Edward, 20 Biggin st

REED Charles Johnson, Townwall st

RELFE Thomas, 3 Councilhouse st

RICHARDS Thomas, 7 Bench st

ROBINSON Thomas, Roundtower st

SPAIN John, 35 Biggin st

SPAIN John jun. 10 Russell st

TRITTON William, 94 Snargate st

WESTROPE William, 39 Snargate st

WILLIAMS Charlotte, Charlton

WOOD William, 13 Biggin st

WOODCOCK Joseph, 41 Townwall st




FECTOR John Minet & Co, Strond st, (draw on SMITH, PAYNE & SMITHS London)

LATHAM & Co, Union st, (draw on BARNETT, HOARES & Co. London)

Surrey, Kent & Sussex Bank, 17 Snargate st (draws on London & County Joint Stock Bank, London)

Savings Bank, King st, Jno BAKER




HATTON Wetherley, 65 Biggin st

SOUTHBY Richard, 44 & 45 Biggin st

SQUIER & Son, 23 Snargate st

WILLS William, Charlton




DUTTSON Ann (& douse), Parade

MARSH John, Parade




AUSTEN William, Queen st

BURKETT William, Adrian st

CASPELL William, Townwall lane

CLARK John Curtis, (& shipsmiths), Union st

EWELL John, 101 Snargate st

FISHER William, Trevanion st

GUTSOLE Charles, Strond st

HATTON Wetherley, Biggin st

JOHNSON Valentine, Chapel place

MOORE John, Mill st

RALPH Daniel (& whitesmith & bell hanger), Biggin st

ROBBINS Vincent & James, Buckland

SAUNDERS William, Worthington’s lane

WATERS Thomas (& ship & house), back of Beach st




CLARK John, Union st

NORWOOD Charles, Union st

STAVELEY Thomas, Union st




BATCHELLER William, 1 & 2 Snargate st

FOX John, 119 Snargate st

HENDREY Osborn, (& Albion circulating library), 86 Snargate st

RIGDEN Thomas, 66 Snargate st

WILLIAMS Charles, 4 Townwall st

WILLIAMS Thomas, 145 Snargate st




BATCHELLER William, (& music seller), 1 & 2 Snargate st

FOX John, (& print seller), 119 Snargate st

GARNETT John, 40 Biggin st

HENDREY Osborn, (& music seller & sub distributer of stamps), 86 Snargate st

MAY John, King st

RIGDEN Thomas, (& print seller), 66 Snargate st

SMITH Thomas, High st, Charlton

WARREN Geo. Henry Woodruff, (& music repository & billiard rooms), 11 & 12 Marine parade

WILLIAMS Thomas, 145 Snargate st




ATKINS William Eleazer, 147 Snargate st

ATKINS William Thomas Clirangbould, 129 Snargate st

ATTER William, York st

BARTON Benjamin, 166 Snargate st

BARTON John, 171 Snargate st

BAXTER Andrew, Castle st

BOWLES Harry, 24 Woolcomber st

BOWLES John, 4 Cannon st

BOWLES William Johnson, 78 Snargate st

BOYCE William, 38 Biggin st

BRETT James, 163 Snargate st

BROWN George, 30 Snargate st

BUTLER Olding, King st

CALCRAFT William, Charlton

CASTLE William, Charlton

CHANDLER John, Strond lane

CLARINGBOULD Theys Boys, 35 Strond st

CLARINGBOULD William, 46 Limekiln st

COLLER Thomas, Commercial quay

CORBETT & IGGULDEN, (& patten), 19 Bench st

CORNELL John, 44 Snargate st

COULTHARD George, 6 & 7 Last lane

CRAMP William, 47 Limekiln st

CRAPNELL Samuel, Oxenden st

CROWE Jos. Leonard, 76 Snargate st

DOWLE James, Commercial quay

EDMONDS Absalom, Beach st

EDMUNDS Edmond, Butchery lane

GRAY George, 184 Snargate st

GREENLAND Jeremiah, 81 Snargate st

GREENSTREET John, 50 Snargate st

HALKE William, 2 Cannon st

HARRIS James, 4 Market lane

HART Thomas, 8 Priory st

HEWITT William, 13 St James st

HEWITT William, Dolphin lane

LEE John, Commercial quay

LUCKHURST Jno. Kent, 64 Limekiln st

MAYNE James, 19 Market place

NEALES Edmund, 43 Biggin st

NORRIS John Sinnock, 3 Hawkesbury

PAIN John, Charlton

PARTRIDGE William, 46 St James st

PASCALL Allen, 81 Biggin st

PAY Edward, Military road

PINE William, Charlton

POPE Henry, Charlton

RICHARDS Robert, 2 Worthington’s lane

ROBINS Jacob, 32 Snargate st

SMITH Daniel, 70 Snargate st

STANTON Henry, Arch Cliff lane

WARD Charles, Charlton

WHYLAND Nicholas, 7 Cannon st

WICKHAM William, Chapel lane




AMOS William Henry, Biggin st

CARFRAE James, 187 Snargate st

ISMAY Thomas, Cross wall

POOLE, RUSSELL & ALDERTON, 98 Snargate st & 1 King st

STREET Daniel, Councilhouse st

WHEELER Edmund, 3 King st




JEKEN, RUTLEY & COLEMAN, Brewhouse quay

KINGSFORD Alfred, Buckland

PAGE Geo. Sidney & Alfred, Limekiln st

POULTER James, Biggin st

WALKER James & Thomas, Dolphin lane

WALKER John Alexander & Son, Bulwark hill




BARNES Thomas Henry, Union st

BREWER Samuel, 167 Snargate st

CLARK George, 49 St James st

COLYER William, 4 Alfred place

DOWLE William, 3 Military road

DYER Richard, Charlton

GREGORY John, Townwall lane

HAYSELDEN Joseph, Charlton

JAMES Frances, 4 Mill st

LEACH George, 5 Priory place

PAIN John, 12 Bulwark place

TOTTMAN Stephen, 10 Chapel st

WALKER John, 93 Limekiln st

WALKER Joseph, Limekiln st




BANE Ann, 43 Snargate st

CORBETT & IGGULDEN, (& cork cutter), 19 Bench st

GASSON Charles, (& French basket), 118 Snargate st


BUILDERS & CARPENTERS – see also Carpenters


BUTLER John Edward, Trevanion place

CLARK Dorothy & Son, (& undertakers), Market st

COLYER Allen, Military road

FARMER Grace, 63 Biggin st

FINNIS John, New bridge

FULLER John, 6 Limekiln st

GOLDSMITH John, 148 Snargate st

HARVEY Charles, Buckland

HARVEY William, 10 Market st

HIGHT Frank, St James terrace

HILLER Frederick John, Dover

MARKS Thomas (& undertaker), 60 St James st

STIFF Joseph, Charlton

WALKER Joseph (builder), Limekiln st

WOOD Christopher, 42 Townwall st




ADAMS Edward, Great st

ADAMS George, 43 St James st

ADAMS Richard, 66 Limekiln st

APPS Samuel, Seven Star st

BACK William, 3 Bench st

BOULDING Charles, 31 Strond st

BURKETT Thomas, 11 Woolcomber st

CORBETT George, Limekiln st

DOKE Sarah (pork), Councilhouse st

DRAY David, 62 Snargate st

DRAY David, 13 Castle st

ELGAR Henry, 23 St James st

FOSTER Caroline, 49 Biggin st

GREEN George, 3 Strond st

HANDCOCK David, 36 Snargate st

NETHERSOLE William Henry, Buckland

PEPPER Henry, Charlton

PEPPER Joseph, Oxenden st

PEPPER Thomas, 1 Cross wall

PEPPER William, Buckland

POLHILL Richard, Seven Star st

POLHILL Thomas, 6 Snargate st

REEVE Daniel Sutton, 9 Bench st

SMITH William (pork), 3 Cannon st

THORPE William, 77 Snargate st

TOMLIN Charles Norman, Charlton

WEBB John, 9 Snargate st

WHELCH George, Adrian st

WILLS David, Charlton

WOOD Christopher, 56 Biggin st

WOOD Wm. (pork), 8 Commercial quay




BEER James 19 St James st

EPPS Thomas, (& fancy turner & chair and sofa maker), 6 Church place

FLASHMAN George & Co. 8 Market place & Castle st

HARRIS William, Charlton

HILLER Frederick John, (& undertaker), Dover

HORSNAILL William, 11 Snargate st

LAMB & Son (& undertakers), 12 Snargate st

MARLEN Francis, 17 St James st

MARLEN William, (and chair maker), Last lane

ORTON Mark & Co. Last lane

PENN John, 10 Biggin st

STOCKWELL Elizabeth & Son, 128 Snargate st

WILLIAMS Thomas Stephen, (& undertaker), 161 Snargate st


CARPENTERS – see also Builders & Carpenters


AYRES Jno & Parker, Worthington’s lane

BAX Robert, Queen’s gardens

BIRCH Edwd & Hy, Worthington’s lane

CLARK Thomas (& undertaker), Union st

ELLENDEN Thomas, Limekiln st

GOLDFINCH Thomas, Union st

HALL John, 60 Bulwark st

HARRISON John, Bulwark st

MUNDAY John, Charlton

NEWTON John William, Charlton

PARKER George Thomas, Church st

ROPER William, Buckland

RUSSELL William, Strond st

SAWYER Wellan, 5 Chapel st

TAMSETT John, Buckland

WALKER Edward, 7 Hawkesbury st

WILLIAMS Stephen, Middle row

WOOD John, 8 St James st




BROAD Charles, 6 Bench st

EPPS Thomas (fancy, 6 Church place

FRAZER William, Last lane

SCLATER Edward, 191 Snargate st




ANNABLE William, Biggin st

BAYLY Richard, Councilhouse st

CARRIER William, Adrian st

DANEL Louis, Councilhouse st

HUNT Henry, Buckland

MOSES Moses, 29 Strond st

NATHAN Barnard, 20   Snargate st

THISELTON William, 12 Bench st




BLACKBOURN John, 103 Snargate st

COTTERELL William, 181 Snargate st

DEAN John, King st

EASTES Thomas Henly, 10 Cannon st

FORSTER Robert, Adrian st

HAMBROOK Odden (& apothecary), 6 Strond st

HARVEY John Thomas (& tea dealer), 54 Snargate st

MARTEN Samuel Flint, 2 Market place

NEALES James Stable, (& oilman), 11 Bench st

TODMAN Robert, 42 Biggin st

TUACH Roderick, King st




HARRIS & OFFEN, Oxenden st

HILLS Edward, 2 King st & 12 Castle st

ROUSE Thomas, Limekiln st & Townwall st




BUNN Joseph, Councilhouse st

PAYN Anthony Freeman, opposite the sea

Union Coach Company, 45 Snargate st

WORTHINGTON Henry, Strond st




BARBER Henry, Round Tower lane

CASTLE Thomas, Townwall st

FREEMAN William, Seven Star st

FULLER Isaac, Strond st

GOING & DEBENHAM, Commercial quay

HARVEY Charles, Commercial quay

HAYWARD John, Strond st

KENNETT Henry, Priory st

NORRIS John, Caroline place

REYNOLDS John Briggs, back of Waterloo crescent

ROBERTSON George, Chapel lane

ROGERS Maylin, Strond lane




BEVANS George, Strond st

BICKNELL William, 89 Snargate st

CORNELIOUS William, 62 Snargate st

ELMS Stephen Read, Charlton

FELLS William, 134 Snargate st

HOUGHTON Edward, Market place

HUDSON Jesse, 15 Cannon st

HUSBAND Michael, 1 Bulwark st

MUNDAY Henry, Charlton

NORMAN Robert, 14 Woolcomber st

REED Charles Johnson, Townwall st

RICHARD Thomas, 7 Bench st

TRITTON William, 94 Snargate st

WESTROPE William, 39 Snargate st

WINTER Henry Julius, 177 Snargate st

WINTER Henry Wellard, 156 Snargate st

WOODCOOK Joseph, 41 Townwall st




FECTOR & Co, (Vice) for Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France and the Brazils, Strond st

LATHAM Henshaw for Holland and Vice for America, Russia, Prussia, Hanover, Spain, Sardinia, Sicily, Hamburgh, Bremen, Lebeck, Mecklenburgh and Rio-de-la-Plate, Union st

LATHAM S M for Belgium, Union st

MORRIS Henry, (Vice), for France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Brazils, Crosswall




DRAYSON Zaphnathpaaneah, Biggin st

HIGGENS George, Biggin st

STEDDY Peter, 40 Strond st


CORN DEALERS & FACTORS – those marked thus * are Factors


BEECHAM Jno, Councilhouse st

COULTHRUP Thos (& mealman), Market place

* DAVIDSON John, Market st

 GRANT Elizabeth, Queen st

* HUNTLEY Thomas, Biggin st

* IGGULDEN Joseph, Princes st

JEFFREY Henry, Great st

* KINGSLAND James, 82 Biggin st

LOUD Thomas, Market st

PILLOW Edward, 20 Biggin st

SNELLING Joseph, Biggin st





MILLS George, 7 Biggin st




RIDLEY Joseph, 126 Snargate st

ROSS Wm. (& engraver), 11 Cannon st

SMITH George, Church st




CRAWCORN Henry Jno, 20 Oxenden st

HARRIS Joseph, 38 Snargate st




BEASBAY Henry, 14 Cannon st

HARDING Richard, Butchery lane




FORDHAM Elias Pynn, 16 Snargate st

WRIGHT John, 7 Clarence place




Atlas, James PEAKE, Gas Works

British, Jas. Stable NEALES, 11 Bench st; Wm. BUSHELL, St James st

Clerical, Medical & General (life), John BAKER, King st

County, Ths. Henley EASTES, Cannon st

Eagle, Alex. Osborn HENDREY, 86 Snargate st

Economic, Wm. COTTERELL, 181 High st

Globe, H REEVE, Oxenden st

Guardian, Jas. WORSFOLD, 20 Castle st

Independent West Middlesex, Thos. Achee TERSON, 172 & 176 Snargate st

Kent, James BRETT, King st

Licensed Victuallers, Jno. HOWLAND, 158 Snargate st

Norwich Union, Odden HAMBROOK, 6 Strond st; John MUMMERY, Strond st

Phoenix, Theys Boys CLARINGBOULD, 35 Strond st; Thos, ROBINSON, 18 Bench st; Wm BUSHELL, St James st

Royal Exchange, Henry HART, 5 Waterloo crescent

Sun (fire & life), Henry NORRIS, Crosswall

Union, Robt. Wm. WATSON, Chapel st

Yorkshire, John MILLS, Charlton




BOURNE John, 170 Snargate st

BROWN William Collins, Strond st

CULMER George, 173 Snargate st

GARNHAM Baptist, 91 Snargate st

INGRAM William, 8 Snargate st

MUMFORD Benjamin, Fish market

SPICE Thomas, 40 Townwall st

STYLES William, Strond st




BARMAN Mary, 80 Snargate st

BARWICK Ann, 189 Snargate st

BOURNE John, 170 Snargate st

DANEL Louis, Councilhouse st

DOWLE Edward, Last lane

FIDGE Felix, 79 Snargate st

GALLANT Giles, 82 Snargate st

HOGBIN Elizabeth, 123 Snargate st

MAZE Dorothy & Mary Ann (British & Foreign), 18 Bench st

MEAD Charles Brown, 30 Strond st

MILLER Phoebe, 42 Seven star st

NATHAN Barnard, 20 Snargate st

OSBORN Ann, 17 Strond st

PHILLIS Thomas, 17 Woolcomber st

SMITH Seth, 41½ Townwall st

SPRATT Charles, 178 Snargate st




COWTAN Wm. Hollands, Market place

PENN John, 11 Biggin st

ROBINSON Edward, 64 Snargate st

ROUSE Thomas, Limekiln st

SOUTHBY Richard, 45 Biggin st

STOCKWELL Eliz. & Son, 128 Snargate st

LONG Thomas jun. Strond st




HARRIS Ann, 1 Townwall st




MANNERING George & Son, 20 High st, Charlton




ALDER Thomas, 5 Market lane

ARNOLD Elizabeth, Union st

BARTON & Son, 6 Biggin st

BAYLY Richard, Councilhouse st

BINFIELD William, Fivefoot lane

BLACKMAN John & Co, (tea dealers), 61 Snargate st

BRETT James, King st

BROOKER Joshua, Military road

BUSS James, Great st

CARPENTER William, Charlton

CLINTON William, Charlton

CLOUT James, Oxenden st

COOK William, 131 Snargate st

DAVIS John, 51 Biggin st

EDMONDS Morris, 64 Biggin st

ELWIN John, 36 St James st

FINCH Mary, Seven Star st

FRANCIS Sarah, Mount Pleasant

FRANCIS William, Oxenden st

GATES Wilson, 1 Trevanion st

GOLDSACK John, Trevanion st

GREEN Joshua, Market place

HOWLAND John, 158 Snargate st

HUNT Henry, Buckland

INKPEN John Moon, 91 Limekiln st

JAMES John, Strond lane

JOHNSON John, Great st

KNOWLES David, 4 Bulwark st

LAKER Benjamin, 9 Clarence place

MANNERING John, Market place

MATHEWS Elizabeth & William Thomas, 47 Biggin st

MILES John, Weigh bridge

MORRIS Henry jun. 18 Strond st

OLDS William, Buckland

OLIFENT James, 32 Strond st

PAGE Robert, 5 Bench st

PENN Thomas, Charlton

REYNOLDS John, Crosswall

RICKARD William, 25 Limekiln st

ROBBINS Richard, Charlton

SAUNDERS John George, 4 Market place

SIMS John, 168 Snargate st

SMALL Abraham, Buckland

STERIKER Ann Pepper, Oxenden st

STEVENS Charles, 2 York st

STOKES Mary, 11 St James st

STONE John, Charlton

THISELTON William, 12 Bench st

TOLPUTT James, Market st

USBORNE John Raddish, Market lane

WILLIAMS David William, Market st

WOOD Thomas, 1 Strond st




BAKER Emblen, Market place

BATES Jno (& perfumer), 18 Snargate st

CAVELL Thomas Hatton, 154 Snargate st

COX George, Customhouse Quay

ERITH John, 39 Townwall st

GARNETT John, 40 Biggin st

HART William, 73 Biggin st

LANE Elias, 38 Strond st

LANE John, Great st

MORRIS Thos. Ruffin, (& perfumer), Last lane

PANTENEY James, Mill st

ROWLEY William, 22 Commercial quay

WILKINS George, 95 Snargate st




JENNINGS William, King st

MAGNUS Samuel, 76 Snargate st

NAZER Daniel & Son, 151 Snargate st

SMITH William, 183 Snargate st




Albion, Jno. BROADBRIDGE, 3 Hawkesbury st

City of Antwerp, (commercial & posting), __ HUNTLEY, 1 Market place

Dover Castle, Thomas DIVERS, Quay

Kings Head Hotel, Ann & Joseph PODEVIN, Clarence place, South pier

London Hotel, Joseph BUNN, Quay

Packet Boat, Joseph HOAD, Strond st

Paris & British Hotel, (commercial & posting), Wm. PRENTICE, Snargate st

Royal Oak, (& commercial), William MOWL, Cannon st

Shakespeare Hotel, Josiah HOLLYER, Bench st

Ship Inn & Family Hotel, Benj. & Henry WORTHINGTON, Strond st & Customhouse quay

Union Hotel, John USMAN, Snargate st & Union st

Victoria & Gun Hotel, George HIPGRAVE, opposite the sea, Strond st and Customhouse quay

York Hotel, Anthony F PAYN, opposite the sea




CARLRAE James, (& smith & bellhanger), 187 Snargate st

FARMER Grace, 63 Biggin st

HORSNAILL William, 11 Snargate st

ISMAY Thomas, Crosswall

POOLE, RUSSELL & ALDERTON, (& iron founders), 98 Snargate st & 1 King st

WHEELER Edmund, (& gas fitter), 3 King st




BLACKLEY William, 24 Biggin st

CLARINGBOULD Theys Boys, (& leather seller), 35 Strond st

COULTHARD George, 6 & 7 Last lane

MAYNE James, 19 Market place

NORRIS John Sinnock, 3 Hawkesbury st




BATCHELLER William, (& assembly rooms), 1 & 2 Snargate st

HENDREY Osborn, Albion circulating library, 86 Snargate st

WARREN Geo. Hy. Woodruff, (& billiard rooms), 11 & 12 Marine parade

WILLIAMS Thomas, 145 Snargate st




BLACKBURN E & Co, Market place

BRUSHETT George, 21½ Snargate st

HUGHES Henry, 5 & 6 Bench st

KILLICK & SHAW, (& child bed linen), 7 & 8 Market place

LAMB & son, 12 Snargate st

LEIGH & Co (& silk mercers), 155 Snargate st

LONG Joseph (& woollen), 6 Walton’s lane

MERCER James, 152 Snargate st

METCALF William, 15 Bench st

MILLER Edward Telling, 168 Snargate st

MUDDLE James (& silk mercer), 14 Snargate st

PALFREY Daniel, King st

PHILPOTT Edward, 17 Cannon st

RICHARDS William, Last lane

ROBBINS Richard, Charlton

ROGERS Lawrence, 59 Snargate st

SELL Edward, (& hosier & glover), 13 & 14 Bench st

SEWARD Edward, (& silk mercer), Brunswick house, Bench st

STANDEN William, 22 Cannon st

STERIKER Ann Pepper, Oxenden st




AVARD William, 14 Woolcomber st

ELLDEN William, King st

GATES Wilson, 11 Trevanion st

PIERSON Elizabeth, 30 Townwall st

PODEVIN Joseph, Clarence place, South pier

WORTHINGTON Benj. & Henry, Strond st




HUNTLY Thomas, Biggin st

JEKEN, RUTLEY & COLEMAN, Brewhouse quay

RUTLEY Edward jun. Limekiln st




HANSON James, Oxenden st

NORWOOD John, Strond st

ROGERS Maylin, Strond lane

SMITH Thomas,  (& rag merchant), Charlton




KINGSFORD William, (& seed crusher), Charlton

MANNERING Wiltshire, Stembrook

PILCHER John & Edward, Crabble mill

PILCHER Joseph Webb, Mill st & Crabble




ALLDRIDGE Harriet, Charlton

BAILEY Mary Ann, 37 St James st

BATES Mrs, 18 Snargate st

BROWN Ann Frances, 30 Snargate st

BROWNING Maria, Dolphin lane

CLIFT Esther, Queen st

CRUMP Sophia, 44 Townwall st

DANE Eliza, 8 Hawkesbury st

DYASON Catherine, 72 Snargate st

FRIEND Elizabeth, 26 Snargate st

GRIGGS Mary, 33 Limekiln st

HEARS Ann & Co, 37½ Snargate st

JUDGE Mary Ann, 20 Church st

KING Stephanie, 143 Snargate st

LEIGH & Co, (& silk mercers), 155 Snargate st

MASCARD & JOHNS, 65 Snargate st

MOAT Hannah, Biggin st

PEPPER Elizabeth, 12 Townwall st

READER Elizabeth, York st

SOUTHBY Mary Ann, Biggin st

SPICE Alice, 115 Snargate st

STIFF Mary & Sarah, 130 Snargate st

TOMLIN Sarah Curling, 68 Snargate st

WATERS Mary, 116 Snargate st




Dover Chronicle, (Saturday), William FENTON, Last lane

Dover Telegraph, (Saturday), G B BATCHELLER, 1 & 2 Snargate st




BAILEY Jno. (fancy painter), Biggin st

BEECHAM John, 54 Snargate st

DEVONSHIRE Abraham, 43 Bulwark st

EASTES Benj. Finnis hill, Limekiln st

FRAZER William, (painter), Last lane

FULLER Robert Cross, Strond st

GARDNER William, 37 Snargate st

HOLMES Burvill, 55 St James st

IGGULDEN John, Great st

IGGULDEN Thomas, Beach st

MANNERING George & Son, (& window glass cutters), Market place & 20 High st, Charlton

MIDDLETON Thomas, (executors of), Butchery lane

MORGAN John, 121 Snargate st

OFFEN Edward, 23 Oxenden st

RUFFIN Mary, 28 Strond st

SNELLER John, 2 Chapel st

VENNER Barton, Buckland

WIGMORE John, 40 York st




LONG Joseph, 6 Walton’s lane

LONG Thomas, Limekiln st

SMITHETT Thomas, 12 Dolphin lane




ANDREWS __, 3 Liverpool terrace

ASTLEY Edward, 7 Liverpool terrace

STOLTERFOTH Sigismund, 40 Marine parade


PILOTS – those marked thus * are Wardens


Charles GAVENER, master; Jas. WOOD, clerk




AUSTIN Trevanin


BAYLY Edward

BLOWN Thomas

BOWLES Anthony


BOWLES Edward jun.

* BOWLES James

BRETT William

CLARK Werter



FOX Michael




GRIGGS William


* HAMMOND Robert

HILL Andrew

HOBDAY Stephen

JELL Henry


KEYS Richard







MARSH William

MOON Richard

MOON Robert

MOWLL Richard

MOWLL William

* NORWOOD Samuel



PEAKE Daniel

PEAKE Robert



POST John Benj.








WOOD James




DANEL Louis, Councilhouse st

ELGAR John, 169 Snargate st

GASSON Charles, 118 Snargate st

MASSON Lewis, Councilhouse st

RAY Michael, 122 Snargate st

ROSE John, 135 Snargate st

SMITH Joseph, 23½ Snargate st




BATCHELLER Wm, 1 & 2 Snargate st

CLEVELAND James, Last lane & 9 Market st

HENDREY Osborn, (& copperplate), 86 Snargate st

MATE Hannah, (& stationer), Market place

MAY John, King st

RIGDEN Thomas, 66 Snargate st

WARREN George Henry Woodruff, 11 & 12 Marine parade




BINFIELD George, (music), Elamb Hayes

ROSNEY Jean Leon, (of French & drawing), 15 Snargate st

SCLATER Edward, (drawing), 191 Snargate st

SUTTON William Walter, (of music & music seller), 15 Snargate st

SYMONDS Miss, (portrait painter & teacher of drawing), 18 Snargate st

WATERS William Richard, (drawing & painting), 116 Snargate st




JONES John, 2 Beach st

PITTOCK John, Hawkesbury st




CARR John Collier, 12 Market place

FULLER Benjamin, Buckland

HALE Thomas, St James st

LESTER George, 13 Cannon st

LESTER George jun. 1 Bench st

STRONG Richard Morris, 19 Strond st




GOING & Co, Commercial quay

JOHNSON John, Councilhouse st

MACKIE Samuel, Union st, over the Sluice

SPICE Thomas, 115 Snargate st

TOLDRIDGE James, Customhouse Quay




BROMLEY Richard, Arch Cliff square

CLARK Jno. Charlton

CULLIN Richard Johnson, back of Waterloo crescent

DUKE James, South Pier

ELVIN John, South pier

GILBEE John, 9 Union st

HUBBARD & CLARK, Arch Cliff lane

STAVELEY Thomas, Union st, over the Sluice

WORRINGHAM Wm. Henry, Union st




MAGNUS Samuel, 76 Snargate st

MOSES Moses, 29 Strond st

REUBEN Jacob (& fancy bazaar), 5 Snargate st




REEVE Stephen, 3 Chapel st

WICKS Ann, 34 St James st




BUSHELL Richard, 26 Strond st

BUSHELL Samuel, 4 Strond st




HALL Henry, Church place & Union st

JARVEST James, Townwall st

WALKER Thomas (& Roman cement & plaster manufacturer), Limekiln st

YOUDEN John East, 26 St James st




BRETT Ann, 2 St James lane

BROWNING Elizabeth, 11 Russell st

BUSH Ann, 5 Councilhouse st

CRAMP Sarah, Chapel lane

HILLER Sarah, Queen st

HILLER Sarah Isabella, (& haberdasher), 25 Councilhouse st

KILLICK & SHAW, 7 & 8 Market place

PANTENEY Ann, Mill st

RAPLEY Ruth, 2 Crosswall

TAYLOR Maria, Charlton




BEAL Richard, Hawkesbury st

CHALK Stephen, 4 Liverpool terrace

CLARKE William, Buckland

COCKE William, King st

COLEMAN Thomas, 27 Strond st

HUNT R T, Castle st

JONES Edward, 4 Castle st

KERSTEMAN Charles, Charlton

PODEVIN Charles William Alexander Parker, 142 Snargate st

RUTLEY George Edward, 41 Biggin st

SANKEY & THOMPSON, 180 Snargate st

SIBBIT Edward, 109 Snargate st

WALTER John, 7 Snargate st

WILLCOCK Richard Stephen, Charlton


SURVEYORS – see Architects & Surveyors


TAILORS – marked thus * are also Drapers


AMOS Richard, 4 Priory st

* BARKWILL Benjamin, 21 Snargate st

BROWNING William Walter, 11 Russell st

* BURKETT Joseph, 6 Snargate st

CHESTER Charles, Buckland

COOK James Wood, 3 Market place

DANE Thomas, 8 Hawkesbury st

DUNLOP James, 18 Castle st

FRASER Robert, 10 Dolphin lane

GRANT William Cannon, 5 Priory st

HALE Henry, 22 Commercial quay

* HARRISON John & Son, Customhouse quay

HEARN David, 100 Snargate st

* HIDER George C, 2 Strond st

* HOLTER William, 3 Market lane

HOOK George, 188 Snargate st

HOOK John, Arch Cliff lane

HUMPHREYS William, 3 Townwall st

* JUDGE Bennett, 20 Cannon st

* LUCAS Hy. (& outfitter), 182 Snargate st

MAGNUS Samuel, 76 Snargate st

* MARTIN John, 31 Snargate st

MAYNE Frederick, 69 Snargate st

MOWLL Reynolds, 76 Snargate st

MOWLL William Tunbridge, Russell st

* MUMMERY John, 15 Strond st

* PASCALL William, 27 Snargate st

* POUND George Culmer, 133 Snargate st

REEVE George, Adrian st

* SMART James Benjamin, 3 Adrian st

TAYLOR John Ellis, Charlton

TUCKER John Marsh, 42 Biggin st

* WATTS Andrew, 162 Snargate st

* WELLARD John, 33 Snargate st

WORRINGHAM Wm. Hy. Councilhouse st

* WRIGHTSON William, 2 Townwall st




BRETT James, King st

GREEN Joshua, Market place

MANNERING John, Market place

PAGE Robert, 5 Bench st

REYNOLDS John, Crosswall

USBORNE John Raddish, Last lane

WOOD Thomas, 1 Strond st




Barley Mow, William HARBERT, Strond st

Bee Hive, Samuel BREWER, 167 Snargate st

Bell, Charles PARKES, St James st

Black Horse, David CURLING, Charlton

Bowling Green, Nathaniel BEACHING, Military road

Bull, John NEWING, Buckland

Canteen, James WILKINS, Castle

Chance, Robert SPICE, Adrian st

Cherry Tree, Thomas TAYLOR, Buckland

Cinque Port Arms, Jacob ROBINSON, Clarence place

Crispin, Abel MOON, Adrian st

Cross Keys, John BLUNDEN, Customhouse quay

Crown, Edward PAY, Military road

Crown & Anchor, James SYMONS, Round Tower st

Dolphin, Thomas AUSTEN, Dolphin lane

Donegal, William WATT, Limekiln st

Druids Head, Jno. WILLIAMS, Townwall st

Endeavour, John PAIN, 12 Bulwark st

Evening Star, Edward CHADWICK, 50 Biggin st

Fleece, William LAKE, 55 Snargate st

Fleur de Lis, Thomas HOLMES, Councilhouse st

Flying Horse, William ELLDEN, King st

Folkestone Cutter, William GRAVENER, Great st

Fountain, John COULTHARD, King st

Four Porters, Wm. BURGESS, Liverpool terrace

Fox, Jane Ellen MARSH, St James st

Fresh Endeavour, Jesse AUSTEN, Councilhouse st

George, John Houlton CULMER, 89 Snargate st

Good Intent, William HART, Queen st

Green Dragon, Henry HOGBIN, Strond st

Grove, Robert WOOD, Laurestone place

Guildhall, George FOORD, 2 Bench st

Half Moon, John REYNOLDS, Blucher row

Hope, George DOUSE, Great st

Hoveling Boat, John HARVEY, Great st

Jolly Sailor, William PALMER, Brakenbury, South pier

King William, Edward HART, Biggin st

Kings Arms, Isaac HOUGHTON, Union st

Lion, William BROCKMAN, Queen Elizabeth st

London Packet, Wm WORRELL, Strond st

Lord Nelson, Timothy WOOD, Butchery lane

Marine Arms, Thomas JOHNSON, Woolcombers lane

Marlboro’ Head, Jane BOWLES, South pier

Masons Arms, Thomas AUSTEN, Charlton

Newcastle Arms, Chs. WARWICK, Limekiln st

North Pole, John PERRY, 8 Oxenden st

Old Fountain, Richard REYNOLDS, Caroline place

Plume of Feathers, Thomas BROCKMAN, Limekiln st

Prince of Orange, John HATTON, New St

Prince Regent, John BROCKMAN, Market place

Providence, Henry PAY, Councilhouse st

Queen Victoria, Wm. PATTISON, Union st

Queens Head, Eliz. BISHOP, Biggin st

Red Cow, John HILL, Folkestone rd

Red Lion, Thomas JENKINS, Carlton

Red Lion, Mary Whiting, St James st

Roebuck, John TOTTLE, Strond lane

Rose, Richard WRATTEN, 1 Cannon st

Royal Exchange, Richard BETTS, Charlton

Royal Mail, Thomas OYLER, Strond st

Royal Standard, Edmd. LEAVER, Charlton

Royal William, Wm. WILLETT, Bulwark hill

Salutation, John PHILLIPS, Biggin st

Saracens Head, Richard PREBBLE, Biggin st

Sceptre, James ROBINSON, Beach st

Seven Stars, Jas. FOREMAN, Seven Star st

Shipwrights Arms, John COLLINS, Seven Star st

Silver Lion, Daniel LUMBARD, Middle row

Star, Edward FRY, Church st

Steam Boat, Stephen PHILPOTT, 5 Bulwark st

Swan, Richard BROMLEY, Strond st

The Cause is Altered, John BOURN, Queen st

Three Kings, Leonard EPPS, Union st

Three Mackerels, Henry Perry WEBB, Trevanion st

True Briton, Henry HAYDAY, Commercial quay

Two Brewers, James CULLIN, Limekiln st

Victoria, William BOYCE, Castle st

Walmer Castle, Joseph Robert WILLIAMS, Market place

Wellington, Alexander BROWN, 10 Snargate st

White Horse, James HORN, St James st




BLACKMAN John & Co, 61 Snargate st

HARVEY John Thomas, 64 Snargate st

NEWBY Elizabeth, Dolphin lane

REYNOLDS Samuel, 175 Snargate st




FINNIS John (& slate), New Bridge

REYNOLDS John Briggs, back of Waterloo crescent




ARNOLD William, Postoffice lane

HAMBROOK James, Limekiln st




BEAN Leonard, 35 Snargate st

HEARN David, 100 Snargate st




LANCEFIELD Thomas, (& paper hanger), 8 Bench st

SQUIER & Son, (grand bazaar), 22 Snargate st




GOULDEN Elizabeth, 61 Biggin st

KINGSFORD Edmund, 3 Biggin st




FISHER William, Trevanion st

HUKE William, Castle st

MARSH Stephen, Princes st




CAVE Richard, Market lane & 62 Biggin st

FEHRENBACH Emilian (German clock importer), 2 Strond st

HALL Kennett (& jeweller & silversmiths), 77 Snargate st

HOPLEY William, (& jeweller & silversmiths), 102 Snargate st

LE’PLASTRIER Robert, 164 Snargate st

LEVEY Emanuel, (& jeweller), 24 Strond st

LUCKHURST William, 127 Snargate st

MARSH John, 14½ Cannon st

MASKENS Henry, 12 Hawkesbury st, two doors from the Albion Hotel

MUMMERY Thomas, (& silversmiths & optician), 4 King st & 5 Strond st

ROBBINS Thomas, Buckland

ROWLAND Theophilus, 84 Biggin st




BARRON Stephen, Worthington lane

FARMER Grace, 63 Biggin st

GOLDFINCH Thomas, Union st




BAKER John, parish clerk of St Mary’s, King st

BARNARD David, hardwareman, 153 Snargate st

BOURNER William, registrar of births & deaths, 32 Biggin st

COOPER John, eating house, Market place

CURLING Thomas, registrar of births & deaths, Buckland

DODD John, brickmaker, Buckland

DYASON Tassell, working goldsmith, 4 Walton’s lane

FINNIS Thomas, brickmaker, New bridge

HILLER Frederick John, accountant, Queen st

HILLS William Clarke, registrar of births & deaths &c, Charlton

HOULT John, shopkeeper, 105 Snargate st

HUMPHREYS Humphrey, tanner & fellmonger, Sternbrook

JENNINGS George Finch, woolstapler, East Brook cottage

JOHNSON Stephen, nursery & seedsman, Castle st

JUDGE Joseph, billiard rooms, Castle st

KING Thomas, deputy registrar of births & deaths, 5 Chapel st

LEIGH Stephen, breeches maker and glover, 12 Cannon st

MILLEN Robert, millwright, Buckland

MOSES Moses, curiosity dealer, 24 Strond st

NASH Charles, boarding house, East Cliff

PHIPPS Christopher, paper manufacturer, Buckland & River mills

RIGGS Charles, shopkeeper, 40 Limekiln st

RONALDS William, gunsmith, Last lane

RUTLEY Thomas & Richard, van proprietors, 141 Snargate st

SALMON Lydia, hoy proprietor, 88 Snargate st

WATERS Thomas, inspector of weights & measures, back of Beach st

WATTS Esther, meal dealer, Princes st

WEST Wm. eating house, 124 Snargate st

WRIGHT William, road surveyor, Charlton

WRIGHTSON John, ship chandler, Union st






Commissioners - His Grace the Duke of Wellington, R H JENKINSON esq, (the Mayor of Dover), W O HAMMOND esq, Sir Edward KNATCHBULL Bart MP, Sir J W H BRYDGES, Knight, the Earl of Guildford, J P PLUMTRE esq MP, Sir Brook William BRIDGES Bart, Frederick Edward MORRICE esq,  & ___ DEEDS esq.

Treasurer – H LATHAM esq

Auditor & Registrar – G W LEDGER esq

Agent for Managing the Tonnage Duties – John SHIPDEM esq

Collector of Tonnage and Harbour Droits – J S KELSEY esq

Collector of Rents – Philip HARDWICK esq

Engineer – (vacant)

Consulting Engineer – James WALKER Esq

Assistant – John COOPER

Harbour Master – John IRON

Clerk – W C BRAY




Warden Admiral & Governor of Dover Castle - His Grace the Duke of Wellington

Lieut. Governor - R H JENKINSON esq,

Deputy – Colonel Henry SMART

Judge of the Admiralty – DR Jos PHILLIMORE

Surrogate – John SHIPDEM esq

Registrar and Clerk of Dover Castle – Thomas PAIN esq

Secretary to the Lord Warden & Sergeant to the Eastern Division of the Admiralty – A GREVILLE esq

Sergeant to the Western Division – Edward CHATTERTON esq

Proctor for the Lord Warden – Matthew KENNETT esq

Proctor for Claimants – Edward KNOCKER esq

Bodar Sergeant at Arms and Marshall - William SELL

Chaplain – Rev W S COLE




Commanding Royal Engineer – Lieut Colonel THOMSON

Lieutenant – Captain WILLIAM

Clerk of Works – Mr REES

Overseers – Mr KNIGHT & Mr COLDCHIN


ORDNANCE – over the Sluice


Storekeeper – John GANGE esq

Clerks – Richard FOREMAN & William KING

Surgeon – Mr MORGAN




Collector – Michael Cullen COTTON esq

Comptroller – James Sumner KELSEY esq

Landing Surveyor – John MOON

Searchers and Landing Waiters – John BROWN, William Piper TOMLINS and Polling SMITHETT

Tide Surveyors – George HAMMOND and Henry PEAKE




Alien Office, 16 Strond st, Richard CHILDREN esq, agent

Archcliff Fort, William KNOCKER esq, captain; John SHIPDEM. Lieutenant.

Barracks, Heights, Henry PETTMAN, barrack master

Court of Requests, Market place, John SHIPDEM, clerk

Dispensary, 153 Snargate st, Edward ELWIN, secretary

Dover Loan Fund Society, King st, John BAKER, secretary

Excise Office, 150 Snargate st, Francis BROTHERS, collector; William BAYFORD, supervisor

Gas Works, Liverpool Terrace, James PEAKE, superintendent

Harbour Masters Office, Councilhouse st, John IRON esq, Harbour Master

Moats Bulwark, George STRINGER esq, captain; John JEKIN esq, Lieutenant

Museum, Market place

New Margate Steam Packet Company, Crosswall, Edmund RAPLEY, agent

Police Station, Queen st

Registrar of Births & Deaths for St Mary’s District, William Clark HILLS, Charlton; Thomas KING, deputy, 5 Chapel st; and William BOURNER, 32 Biggin st – for Hougham District, Thomas CURLING, Buckland

South Eastern Railway Office, 7 Clarence place, John WRIGHT esq, resident engineer

Stamp Office, 86 Snargate st, Osborn HENDREY, sub distributer

Town Gaol & Sessions House, Biggin st




To London, the Royal Mail, from the Ship Hotel, every night at a quarter before ten.


To London, the Telegraph & Eagle, every morning at a quarter before eight, the Express & Eagle, every morning at ten, the Tally Ho every afternoon at one, and the Defiance & Eagle every evening at six, calling at Shakespeare, Paris, Albion, George and Dover Castle Hotels.


To London, the Phoenix, from the Victoria and Gun Hotel, every morning at nine, and the Union, every evening at six, calling at the Union and York hotels, and the Packet Boat the Wellington and Antwerp inns.


To Brighton, Margate and Ramsgate, coaches from the principal inns daily in the summer


To Deal, Margate, Ramsgate & Sandwich, the Phoenix, from the Victoria and Gun Hotel, every morning at nine, and afternoon at four.


To Folkestone, Sandgate & Hythe, ASHTELL’s coach, from the Victoria and Gun Hotel, every afternoon at four


To Hastings, the Union, every morning (Sunday excepted), at half past ten, during the summer months, from the Victoria and Gun Hotel, goes through Sandgate, Hythe, Romney & Rye.




To Ashford, a Van from the Flying Horse, King st, every morning (Sunday excepted), at nine and John KENNETT every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at the same hour.


To Canterbury, a superior Omnibus, from the Victoria and Gun Hotel, every afternoon at four and Mary Ann GRANT’S Van from Bench st, every morning, (Sunday excepted), at nine.


To Deal, an Omnibus, from the Victoria and Gun Hotel, every morning, at nine.


To Deal, Margate, Ramsgate & Sandwich, Mary HOOK, from the Packet Boat, every afternoon at half past four.


To Folkestone – see coaches


To Gravesend, an Omnibus, from the Victoria and Gun Hotel, every morning, at nine, goes through, Canterbury, Chatham & Rochester.


To Hastings, an Omnibus, from the Victoria and Gun Hotel, every morning, at nine, goes through, Sandgate, Ashford, Tenterden, Rye & Winchelsea.


To Maidstone, an Omnibus, from the Victoria and Gun Hotel, every morning, at nine, goes through, Folkestone, Ashford, Charing, Hythe, Sandgate, Tonbridge Wells and BENTON & Co from the Flying Horse, King st, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at half past nine.




To London, RUTLEY & STANBURY’s  Fly Van, from their office, 141 Snargate st, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday


To Dymchurch, Folkestone, Hythe, Lydd, Romney & Sandgate, Thomas HEDGCOCK’s, Daniel CUTT’s and Thomas WOOD’s Carts from the Packet Boat Inn every alternate day




Her Majesty’s Mail Packets, on the  Dover Station – To Calais daily (Monday excepted), and to Ostend every Tuesday, Wednesday,  Friday and Saturday, Commander BOTELER, agent.


Steam Packets – Office for private packets on the Quay.

To Boulogne  & Calais, the Alert, Britannia, Duke of Wellington, Lord Folkestone, Rachael, Royal George, Speculation and the Water Witch, daily, J HEYWARD jun. agent.


* time of sailing, about three hours before high water



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