Pigots 1840 - Kent



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Is a town comprising the two parishes of St Nicholas and St Paul, principally in the hundred of Blackheath and lathe of Sutton-at-Hone; St Paul’s parish extending into the hundred of Brixton, county of Surrey. It is situated four miles east of London, on the banks of the river Thames, and derives its name from Depeford Stronde, applied to a deep ford on the Ravensbourne, of which the mouth forms the estuary now called Deptford Creek. The London and Greenwich railway was opened as far as this town on the 14th December 1836. Deptford is chiefly celebrated for its docks, which are most extensive, and in time of war are thronged with numerous officers, artificers, mechanics and labourers, giving the place, in its full tide of prosperity; an appearance of great naval and commercial importance. The Royal Dock, including various buildings, occupies a space of thirty acres; here the ships of the Royal Navy were formerly built and repaired and the Royal yachts are still generally laid up here. The yard contains slips for second and third rate ships, wet docks &c. &c. It was here that Peter the Great, Czar of Russia placed himself to acquire the practical knowledge of naval architecture; the house in which he resided was pulled down nearly a century ago, and the workhouse erected on the site. The manufactures of the town are those of anchors and engines for the merchant service, extensive potteries, and chymical and zinc works; there are beside, private yards for shipbuilding, roperies &c.; and upon the Ravensbourne are flour mills. The town is within the jurisdiction of the county magistrates, who sit daily, and hold a petty session for the division weekly on Saturday; a court of requests, for the recovery of debts not exceeding forty shillings, is held in conjunction with Greenwich, twelve commissioners from each parish being appointed for that purpose.


The places of worship are two parish churches and chapels for baptists, independents, Wesleyan methodists, unitarians and society of friends. The new church of St Paul in High street is a beautiful and commodious stone edifice, with an elegant superstructure; the east window, of stained glass is very handsome; the benefice is a rectory in the incumbency of the Rev Benjamin FTINCH. On the Green stands the ancient church of St Nicholas, a plain structure; the living is a vicarage; the present incumbent is the Rev. J DRAKE and both of the benefices are in the patronage of Mrs Mary DRAKE and Mrs Ann D T DRAKE. The charities comprise two free schools, one endowed for the education of thirty boys, the other for clothing and educating fifty boys and thirty girls partly supported by endowment, and assisted by contributions; the almshouses of the Trinity House corporation, a dispensary, an apprentice fund and some minor charities. A savings bank diffuses its benefits here; and the mechanics association, situate in High Street, has been some years established. An annual fair is held on Trinity Monday and the two following days; at this time the corporation of Trinity House come here, in pursuance of the injunction of their charter, to swear in their new master for the year ensuing. By the returns for 1831, the parishes of Saint Nicholas and Saint Paul) in Kent), contained a population 19,795 residents – exclusive of 1555 inhabitants in that part of the latter parish situated in the county of Surrey


POST – Deptford, Receiving Houses at John and William WARCUP's, Broadway; at Thomas William TANNER’S, High st and at John GREENLEAF's, Grove st. Letters from London arrive every morning at seven and ten and afternoon at two and five, and are despatched every morning at half past nine, quarter past twelve noon and afternoon at four. A bag is also despatched to Shooters Hill, with letters for various parts, of Kent every evening (Sunday excepted) at six.


POST – New Cross, Receiving House at Ann HAMMOND's, Letters arrive from and are despatched to London every morning (Sunday excepted), at ten and evening at five.




AGUTTER Mrs Grace, High st

APPLETON Mr David, Brunswick pl

ASHFORD John esq, Loampit hill

BAILDON Mrs Elizabeth, Pendle place

BARLEE Charles esq, Pier

BARNARD Edwd Geo esq (MP), Deptford Green

BECK Rev Thomas, Midway place

BIGG Miss Eliz. 2 Ebenezer pl, N.Cross

BOWRING Mr Robert, 8 Union st

BUTLER Mr James, High st

CLARKE Andrew esq, Gower cottage, Lewisham road

CLEMENANT Nicholas esq, Church st

CROFTS Rev John, High st

DAVIS Mr Arthur, 16 Union st

EDMONDS Richard, Newcross

FFINCH Benj, Rectory hse, High st

GRAY Miss, Pendle pl, Newcross rd

HARDCASTLE Jos esq, Hatcham house, Newcross road

HOLCOMBE William esq, Newcross

HOPE Rev Wm Johnson, 25 Union st

HUGHES Mr William, 19 Union st

JENNER Mrs Jane, 22 Union st

JONES Rev David, 20 Union st

KEYMER Capt Christr. Loampit hill

LEFEVRE Thos esq, 9 Elizabeth terrace, Newcross

LLOYD Mr Chas. 2 Elizabeth terrace, Newcross

LUCAS Capt James, Loampit hill

MARTHAM Mr John, High st

MOLINE Miss, Lewisham road

MORGAN Mrs Elizabeth, Granby terr

PEARN Mr Robert, Granby terrace

PIERCE Miss Eliz, 3 Ebenezer place, Peckham lane, Newcross

PORTER Mr Richard, Granby terrace

PULLING Rev John, 19 Union st

ROBERTS Lieut. Jas. Woolfe (RN), High st

ROLT Mr John David, Broomfields

SIMPSON Mr Peter, Counter hill

SMITH Mr Beaumont, Counter hill

STANSFIELD Josiah esq, (magistrate), Field house, Newcross

STANTON Capt. Hy (first RTHM), Creek cottage, Deptford & Stamford hill

STAUNTON Capt. (RN), 1 Elizabeth terrace, Newcross

STRINGER Mr Thomas, 4 Ebenezer place, Peckham lane, Newcross

WARCUP Mr John, High st

WEGG Mrs, High st

WHITE Mr John, High st


ACADEMIES & SCHOOLS – not otherwise described are Day schools


Addey’s Charity School, Church st, Jas FLOWERS master; Eliz SMITH, mistress

ATKINSON Charlotte, (boarding & day), Broomfields

BANISTER Mary Ann & Sarah, (boarding), Creek rd

BARKER John Theodore, Union st

Benevolent Institution (girls), Broomfield place, Absalom DAVIES, master; Mary Ann STURDEE, mistress

Benevolent Institution, Deptford Green, Thomas GATHERCOLE, secretary; Absalom DAVIES, master

BENTLEY Eliz, (boarding & day), Counter hill

COX Reuben Shadbolt, Bridge row

DARKIN Martha, 14 Kender st

DAVIES Absalom, Deptford Green

DEAN Ann Mary, High st

Dean Stanhope’s School, High st, Henry Thomas VENESS, master; Isabella VENESS, mistress

DENHAM Ann. Lower rd

DENHAM Nancy,  (boarding & day), Tanner’s hill

DUDLEY Sarah, Broomfield place

EDWARDS Jane, Church st

EGERTON Sarah, 14 Union st

ELDER Fanny & Catherine, King st

EPPS Miss, Broomfield place

EVANS, Martha, Broomfield place

FRANCIS Clarissa & Caroline, (boarding & day), 10 Broadway

FYFFE Jane, 8 Union st

GOLDSMITH Ann, 15 Union st

HARRISON Misses. (preparatory), 9 Union st

HAYNES Elizabeth, Church st

HUGHES Eliza Georgiana, Newcross road

Infants School, Hughes Fields,  James WILLIAMS, master; Hannah WILLIAMS, mistress

KELLEY Trevelyan, (boarding & day), 20 Union st

MERRICK Harriet, Deptford bridge

National School, Flagon Row, Morris CHERRY, master

O’BRYAN D B, Church st

PLUMMER Catherine, 6 Union st

ROBERTS Eliz. & Rebecca, High st

ROBINSON James, Broomfield place

RUSSEL James, Lower road

STAPLE Misses, (boarding & day), Lewisham road

STOOL James (& teacher of mathematics), King st, Newtown

WARREN Ann, (boarding & day), High st

WARREN Caroline, High st

Welch Charity, Broomfields, John CHURCH, master

WILLIAMS Sarah, High st

WILSON Jane, 12 Union st

WITHAM Harriet, 15 George st




ATKINS John, Church st

KEDDELL Frederick, Broomfield place

SANDOM Williams, (& vestry clerk of St Nicholas, clerk to commissioners of pavements & John ADDEY’s charity), High st

WEST John, High st




ARMITAGE William George, 14 Broadway

BALDERY John, High st

BOWMAN George (appraiser & house & estate agent), High st

KNOTT Thomas Baker, High st

MANN Jacob Hannaford, Broomfield place

PHILPOTT Jacob Kennett, Old King st

PYRKE Martin, Deptford bridge

TOWNSEND John, High st

WALTERS John, Flagon row




ARCHER James, Old King st

ATTWOOD Richard, Broomfields

AYLESBURY James, 9 Grove lane

BARTON John Richard, King st

BEACON George, Deptford Green

BELL James, Church st

BELL William, High st

BRETT Thomas, Stowage

BROWN Mary, Broadway

BURGESS William, Newcross

CAMPBELL John, Church st

COWTHARD Charles, High st

COWTHARD George, Deptford Green

COX Henry, Broadway

CRACKNELL Simeon, Broadway

DEAN Joseph, Grove st

DOBBIN Rebecca, Church st

DOLLING William, Peckham place

DUFFIELD James, High st

ELLIOTT Edwin, 12 Broadway

FEASTHERSTONE Richard Danl, High st

FORT Thomas, Lower road

GOSSAGE John Richard, King st, Newtown

GREEN Samuel (muffin), Flagon row

HATFULL George, Newcross road

JEFFERYS John, New King st

JESSOP Charles, High st

KINGSFORD Thomas, 19 George st

KINGSFORD Thomas & Charles, Deptford bakery, Mill lane

KISBEE Elizabeth, Newcross

LAWSON Andrew, Effingham place

LIDDIARD Joseph, Broomfields

LINES Samuel, 14 Friendly st

LYNNELL Edward, 21 Flagon row

MAKINS Joseph, 116 New st

MORISON James, High st

MOTHERSOLE George, New King st

SNOW Joseph, High st

TATMAN Matthew, Church st

THORNTON Thomas, Church st

TILL William, Old King st

TOWNSEND Elizabeth, Lower road

TOWNSEND George Gabriel, Lower road

TURNBULL Robert, Church st

VARNEY Samuel, Evelyn place, Grove lane

WATTS Philip, 40 Grove lane

WHITE Elisha, 2 Flagon row

WHITE Richard, Church st

WILLSON William, New row




PACKER Stephen, Newcross road

VARNEY James, High st

YOUENS John, Newcross




BARNETT Geo. Fredk, Butcher row

WILLIAMS William Joseph, Creek row




BROWN Agnes, High st

CLEMMISON Charlotte, Clarence row

CRANE George, 56 Flagon row

DILLEY & STAFFORD, Newcross road




BOORNE William, 16 Broadway

BROWN Agnes, High st

BUTLER Samuel, High st

CLEMMISON Charlotte, Clarence row

CURLING Eliz, (& library), High st

DAVIES Mary Ann, Broomfields

DILLEY & STAFFORD, Newcross road

HAYNES Andrew, Church st

PHILLIMORE Phineas, Broomfield place

PORRITT Isaac, High st

SCOTT William, 5 Gibraltar place

WARCUP Jno & Wm, 3 & 4 Broadway




ABBETT James, Lower road

ALLEN John, New King st

AMERY John, New King st

AMERY Thomas, Church st

AMERY Thomas jun, Church st

BECK Alfred, New King st

BELLAMY William, Lower road

BOBIN George John, 6 New st

BORROW John, Effingham place

BOWSTEAD William, 40 New st

COOK John, High st

COOK William, 4 Clarence place

COX Thomas, 27 Grove lane

DAVIES James, 17 New st

DUMBLETON William, Lower road

GIBSON William, Old King st

GROVER William, Garden row

GURNEY John Edward, New King st

HAREDEN James, Old King st

HARMAN George, High st

HILL Comfort, Flagon row

HOLMES Charles, Newcross

KERSEY Robert, High st

KERSEY Robert, 11 Broadway

KILLICK Richard, Broadway

LAUGHTON Andrew, 27 Flagon row

LEWIS Edward, 4 Gibraltar place

MASTERS Geo, Augustus, Broomfields

MAYBANK James Henry, Church st

MITCHELL John, Stowage

MITCHELL William George, Old King st

OLIVER James, Deptford bridge

PAIN James, Newcross rd

PAVEY James, High st

PENNY Benjamin, High st

PULLING John, 3 Victualling office row

PURVIS Thomas, High st

RAIMAN Thomas, High st

REED Charles, Garden row

REED James, Deptford bridge

REEVES William, 3 Grove lane

REYNOLDS George, Charles st

ROFF John, Bridge row

SANDFORD Isaac, 1 Flagon row

SHORTER William, New King st

SKELTON John, Flagon row

SLOMAN William Flagon row

SMITH John, 41 Flagon row

SMITH William, Old King st

STEELE Hugh, Old King st

STREET George, Broomfield place

STUCKEY George, King st, Newtown

TAYLOR Robert Jones, Church st

TWYMAN William, Church st

WARD John, Tanners hill

WARD William, Grove st

WILDER William, Newcross

WOOD Joseph, Broomfield place

WOODS Richard, Garden row

WOOLVERTON George, High st




GORDONS & Co, Deptford Green

HUGHESDON William, Butcher row

STEVENS & Son (gas fitters), New King st




BAGSHAW Isaac Smith, Broadway

BAYLEY Edward, Broadway

CONNOR James, New King st

GRAY William, High st

RUSSELL William, Grove st

WILTON William Burt, High st




LAMBERT Edward, Broadway

MUSSETT Robert, Creek road

NASH Thomas, Grove lane




FFINCH Matthew, Counter hill

PARRY Isaac, Copperas lane




HALL Frederick, George st

HUBBLE Benjamin, Garden row

KNOTT William, Creek road

MITCHELL John, New King st

MOORE Robert James, Grove lane

PARFREY William, 32 Grove lane

PEARCE Thomas, 34 New st

SAY Ralph Colson, Newcross

SMITH James jun, King st, Newtown

TAYLOR Joseph, High st

WADE Robert, Broomfield place




GAWDERY John (painting brush), Brompton place

STEVENS James (& mop), High st




ANDREWS Edward, New King st

BANKS Frederick, George st

BARTON William, Broadway

BASS Henry, High st

BEALE George, New King st

BERNARD John (pork), 4 Flagon row

CORNISH Hannah, High st

COVELL William, Broadway

DRUCE William, 3 Flagon row

EVEREST Edward, Newcross road

FAUCHON Robert James, High st

FLOYD Elizabeth, Church st

FOSTER William, Church st

GLOCK John Philip (pork), Church st

GURNEY George, New King st

HOWS Edmund (pork), Broadway

HUGHES David, High st

JEEVES Thomas, High st

JEEVES William, Broadway

JULL Peter, Grove st

LAKE Ann, Lower road

PADMORE John (pork), Lower road

PARKS Edward, New King st

PEMBROKE William, High st

PEPPERCORN George, Broadway

PETERS John, Broadway

ROW George, Peckham lane

SELMES Jeremiah, Old King st

SMITH Benjamin, Newcross

TAYLOR Frederick, Lower road

TILBY James, 9 New King st

UNDERWOOD William, Grove lane

WARD William, Broomfield place

WATSON George, High st

WATSON William, 16 Flagon row

WELLBELOVED William, High st

WICKEN Edward, Church st

WILLSON Thomas, Broomfields

WOOLFE Wallace (pork), Broadway

WORTH William, Flagon row




BONE Barnabas, High st

LANGDALE John, Tanners hill

OLYETT Robert, Deptford Green

WALTERS John, Flagon row


CARPENTERS & BUILDERS – those marked thus * are also Undertakers – see also Undertakers


* ASHFORD John, High st

* BARKER Thomas, High st

* BEARD jno (& also house agent), Church st

* BEZZELL Richard, High st

DOWNARD William, Charles st

GARRETT Samuel, Garden row

* HALL Thomas, Newcross

HUDSON Thomas, Francis st

IVORY William, Broomfields, Newtown

* KNOTT Thomas Baker, High st

LESTER Thomas, High st

* NEWHAM Thomas, New King st

NEWNUM John, 28 Flagon row

* PARKER Samuel, Tanners hill

STREET William Henry, Church st

WEST George, Broomfield place




EMMETT Robert, Garden Row

STURDEE Wm Hy, Broomfield place

WICKSTEED Edward, Nelson st




ADAMS John, 22 Flagon row

CRAVEN John & Co, Church st

DUVAL Benjamin, Broadway

EDWARDS George, Kender st

EDWARDS George, Lower road

EDWARDS William, New King st

EUSTACE George, Church st

FAITH Henry, Broadway

HOARE Joseph, Deptford bridge

HOLMES Samuel, Lower road

HUGHES Richard & Son, (wholesale & retail), High st

MEAD William, 27 Hughes Fields

MEDWIN George, High st

NELSON John, 4 New King st

PEARCE Frederick, High st

PEART George & Son, 17 Broadway

PEPPERCORN Joseph, 9 & 10 Broadway

SLOUS Joseph Gideon, Newcross

TROWELL Francis (& egg merchant), Newcross road

WADE George, High st

WOLEDGE Henry jun, Lower road




ALDRIDGE Charles Miller, (& cupper & dentist), corner of High st, Broadway

ATKINS Francis Thomas, High st

ELKINGTON Jacob, 21 Broadway

KEECH James, New King st

TANNER William, 57 Flagon row

WARREN George Walton, Broomfield place




HEYNE Charles, Creek st

HILLS Frank Clark, Creek st

PARKER William & Samuel Brewster, (& colours), Copperas lane

TORR Richard, (animal charcoal), Trumley lane

WILKINSON & JULLIAN, Phoenix Wharf, Church st




COURTHOPE Alfred, Broomfields

KEMMIS Thomas, Broomfield place

LUCAS Jeremiah, Broomfields

MATSON John, King st, Newtown

WELLBELOVED William, High st


COAL & POTATO DEALERS – see also Coal Merchants


BAKER Edward, Deptford bridge

GRIMWOOD Charles, New King st

HURRELL Henry, High st

MOORE William, Church st

PEEL Joseph, High st

REED John, Back Dowling st

SMITH Gilbert, Church st


COAL MERCHANTS & DEALERS – see also preceding list


BARBER John Silbourn, Butcher row

COOK William, New King st

GATHERCOLE Thomas & Son, Lower Water gate

GOLDIE Andrew, 9 Union st

JORDAN Frances, Grove st

KNOTT Thomas Baker, (& wharfinger), Kent Wharf, Creek

MASON William, Slaughterhouse lane

MUSSETT Robert & Jas, Old King st

PAINE Daniel, High st

RITCHIE Sarah & Son, Church st

SHONE George, Broadway

SMITH James Thomas & William Henry, Slaughterhouse lane

WALKER Thomas, Stowage

WELLS Hesketh Davis & Sons, Canal Wharf

WHIFFIN William, Newcross road




PARKER William & Samuel Brewster, Copperas lane




ANCLIFF John, Deptford bridge

BASS Henry, High st

COOMBS Eliza. New King st

DULSON Harriet, High st

EATON James, Dock st

HYDE Abraham, Church st

MERRY Henry, High st

WILLIAMSON George, High st




BELL William, High st

ELLIOTT Edwin, 12 Broadway

HATFULL George, Newcross road

HIBBIRD John, Broomfield place

SANDWELL James, High st




BROWN Samuel, (& ladder maker), Newcross

LAMBERT Vincent, 2 Grove place

RICHARDSON Alexander, High st

STICKLAND James, Tanners hill




BOWDITCH Thomas, High st

BREARLEY John, Bloomfields

CRACKNELL Simeon, Church st

GOODMAN Thomas, Old King st

HANCOCK William, High st

HUMPHREY Alfred, Flagon row

ROOTS Thomas, Flagon Row

SHONE George (& Factor), Broadway

TATMAN Matthew, Church st

WESTRUN Frederick Eldred (& factor), Lower Watergate

WILLSON William, New row




BOVINGTON John, Francis st

BURFORD William, Peckham lane

EMMETT Elizabeth, High st

JONES Elizabeth, Lower road

MARCHANT C, Tanners hill

MOODY Richard, Broomfield place

MOORE John, New King st

SHEPPARD Samuel, Mill lane

STEVENS Richard, Church st




BRAIN Richard, High st

CROSSLEY Henry, Church st

GURNEY John Edward, New King st




NOBLE James, Broadway

SCULLY Edward Thomas, Newcross road




BUNNETT & CORPE (& patentees of steam engines and revolving iron shutters), Newcross road and at 26 Lombard st, London

GORDONS & Co, Deptford Green

MACKNEY Daniel, Nelson st

MORRIS William Richard, Thames st




Atlas, George BOWMAN, High st

Guardian, Robert B MARTIN, High st

Hand in Hand, Frederick WILKINSON, High st

Hope (life), Samuel VARNEY, Evelyn place

Kent, Thomas Baker KNOTT, High st

Licensed Victuallers, Thomas GETHERCOLE, Deptford bridge

Mutual, Elisha SMITH, High st

Norwich Union, Danl. PAINE, high st

Phoenix, John TOWNSEND, High st

Royal Exchange, James PAINE, 48 Grove lane





CORNISH Charles, Newcross road

GREENER Robert William, New King st

HAMILTON John Loader, 2 Flagon row

HARPER James, Lower road

M’DONNELL Terry, Lower road




ADDISON Nathaniel, High st

BRANSTON William, Church st

BROOKS William, Church st

BURGESS Ann, Newcross

CORNISH Elizabeth, High st

CORNISH Joseph, Deptford bridge

CUNNINGHAM Joseph, New King st

DUTTON Edward, Church st

HALFHIDE John, Lower road

HOVEY Frederick William, Grove st

LOCK John Osborne, Newcross road

MASLIN John, Broadway

MOORE John, New King st

PEEL Joseph, High st

TOWN Robert, Flagon row

TURNER James, Church st

TYRE James, Flagon row

WILSON Charles, Church st




BALDERY John, High st

BENNETT William (& bedstead maker), High st

FLOWERS William, Broomfield place

HILL Thomas, Broomfield place

IVORY William, Broomfields

JOHNSON William, 5 Clarence place

KNIGHT Alexander, Broomfields

LESTER Jane, Broomfields

PAVEY James, Clarence place

POWELL George, Church st

SCRUTTON John, 2 & 4 Old King st

WILCOX Thomas, Clarence place




ADDISON Nathaniel, High st

DICK Alexander, Grove lane

GREGORY Simeon, Common lane

JACKSON Joseph, Lower road

JONES Elizabeth, Lower road

MASON George, Lower road

SHARP Susan (medicinal), Lower road

TURTLE John, Common lane

WICKENS Thomas, George st




BACON James, Newcross

BAYLEY Ann & Son, Broadway

BURNBY Joseph, High st

LANGLEY Charlotte, New King st

ROBERTS John, High st

SMITHSON Charles, New row

TRUSOLER Sarah, Flagon row


GROCERS & TEA DEALERS – see also Shopkeepers &c.


BYFIELD Thomas, New King st

BYFIELD William, Old King st

CRAVEN John & Co. Church st

DAVIS Jno Wilson & Son (wholesale), Broadway & Deptford bridge

DENHAM James, 24 Flagon row

EDWARDS George, Kender st

EDWARDS William, New King st

ELSDEN John, New row

GARDINER Samuel, (wholesale), Broadway

GIBBARD John, Church st

HART George, High st

HOLMES Samuel, Lower road

JONES George, Church st

MACHIN Thomas, High st

MEAD William, 27 Hughes Fields

PAWLEY John, Church st

PEPPERCORN Joseph, 9 & 10 Broadway

SANDERS Harriet, New King st

SLOUS Joseph Gideon, Newcross

SLOUS Thomas David, Lower road

SMITH Elisha, High st

WADE George, High st

WOLEDGE Henry jun. Lower road

YOUNG Francis, 5 Broadway




BARKER Nathan, Church st

CONNOR Joseph, Grove lane

DENMUTH Frederick, Newcross

FINCH Thomas Byron, Church st

KING Richard, Newcross road

MORGAN George, Broomfields

ONSLOW William, Old King st

PLUCKROSE Rebecca, Broadway

RENNEY Mary Ann, Broadway

SMITH William, 50 Flagon row

THOMPSON John, Church st

WITHECOMB Edwin, High st




BOTTEN John, French Fields

HYMAN William, Old King st

SMITH John, Deptford bridge

STRUTT James, Broomfield place

STRUTT William, Grove st

TANNER Thomas William, High st

WICHE Robert, Broomfield place



Dover Castle, Robert Buchannan MARTIN, Broadway

Red Lion, Samuel EDWARDS, Old King st

Swan, Frederick CRAWLEY, High st




GORDONS & Co, Deptford Green




PENN John & Co. Deptford




BARWICK William, Lower road

BECK Thomas, New King st

BLAND Wombell, Church st

HAYCRAFT Thomas, Broadway

WALKDEN Thomas (& hardware), Flagon row

WARCUP John & Wm. 3 & 4 Broadway




HUSSEY Ishmael, Newcross

PALMER William, Kender st




BARBER John Sibourn, Butcher row

BARNARD Richard, Creek road

BEAR Jonathan, Thames st

FYFFE James, 13 Union st

RIDDALL William, Old King st




BARBER George, High st

CURRIE James Charters, High st

FINCH Eliz (& haberdasher), High st

FLEAY John Goss, 19 & 20 Broadway

GILL Ann (& haberdasher), Broomfields

GOLDFINCH John & Son, High st

HENWOOD Sarah, Newcross

HOWES Samuel, 2 New King st

KENNARD John Orrick, 15 Broadway

LAINSON John & Henry, High st

RULE George, High st

SHEWELL Joseph, High st

TAYLOR George, High st

TENNANT William, High st

TURNBULL Thomas, High st

WADE John & Charles, High st

WATTS William, High st




CRAWLEY Frederick, White Swan, High st

JENKINS Michael Robert, Newcross Inn, Newcross

MARTIN Robert Buchannan, Dover Castle, Broadway

THOMAS Thomas, Marquess of Granby, Newcross




BLAND Wombell, Church st

COOPER William, Broadway

HARDY John, Hughes Fields

HATFULL William, High st

HAYCRAFT Thomas, Broadway

MASON John, 3 Mason st

TAYLOR William, High st




ALLEN George, High st

APPLEBY James Samuel, Dowling st

BARKWITH James, Lower road

BOOKER Henry, New st

CHAPMAN Elizabeth, Old King st

DUTTON Edward, Church st

GATHERCOLE Thomas & Son, Deptford bridge and Lower Watergate

GODWIN John, Old King st

GRAY William, High st

HAYNES Benjamin, Church st

HEDGE Henry, High st

JACKMAN Elizabeth, New st

JOHNSON John, Deptford Green

LISTER Jane, Broomfields

MARTIN William, Old King st

MASON William, Mill lane

MASON William, Slaughterhouse lane

MAXWELL Thomas, Mill lane

PHILLIMORE Phineas, Broomfield place

RAINSBURY Samuel, Old King st

REEVES Frederick, Church st

TEBBUT Thomas, Lower road

TOWNSEND Clara, Butcher row

WALKDEN Thomas, Flagon row

WHIFFEN George, Tanners Hill

WHITTINGHAM Philip, Grove st




EMMETT Elizabeth, High st

GALE John, Broomfields

HAWKE Edward, Lewisham road

JONES Elizabeth, Lower road

MASON Robert, Grove st

MOORE George, Common lane

MYATT Joseph & Son, Lewisham road

SHEPPARD Samuel, Mill lane




KINGSFORD Thomas & Charles, (& corn factors), Church st

SEWELL John, Blackhorse Fields

TAYLOR Richard, Mill lane & Tanners hill

WESTRUP Frederick Eldred, Lower Watergate




ANDREWS Sarah Elizabeth, High st

BIRCHAM Amelia, New King st

BLAKELEY Elizabeth, 4 George st

BONE Sarah, High st

CHALLIS Rachael, High st

CLARK Mary, High st

DEAN Ann Mary, High st

LUCAS Sarah & Elizabeth, Broomfields

MATTHEWS Eliza, Deptford bridge

OFFORD Frances, High st

PASCOE Jane, High st

POOLE Ann, High st

STIMSON Susan & Rebecca, Francis st, Newtown

TAYLOR Harriet, King st, Newtown

TIBBS Elizabeth, High st

WELL Jane, High st

WOOD Mary, High st




MACKNEY Daniel, Nelson st

MARTIN Thomas, Bethel place




MASTERS Geo. Augustus, Broomfields

PORRITT Isaac, High st




CORMACK Son & Oliver, Newcross




BLAKE William, High st

BYFIELD Thomas, New King st

BYFIELD William, Old King st

COCKLE James, High st

CURTIS Frederick, Grove lane & Lower road

DAVIS Ephraim, Broomfield place

HILLS John, High st

HOPKINS Richard & soapmaker), 22 Broadway

PAINE Benjamin, Church st

STAPLE & SOLOMON, 13 Broadway




ALLT Thomas & Co, (& seed crushers), Slaughterhouse lane




DURHAM George William Knight, New King st

GREENLEY Francis Lamburn, Broomfield place

PARRY & BARNES, 20 Flagon row

SHARP Joseph, Broadway

TIGHE John, Broadway




REES David, Newcross

SHIRREFF James Hales, High st




BAYLEY Ann & Son, Broadway

BERRY Arthur, Old King st

DANIEL George Thomas, 55 Flagon row

FORD Charles, 3 Union st

FRANKS Peter, High st

PHILLIPS Thomas, Newcross

ROGERS John, Church st

SANDERS William, Butcher row

SLATER Robert, High st

SMITH Charles, Newcross & Old Kent road

TANNER Nathaniel, Hughes Fields

THOMPSON Jarvis, High st

VAUGHAN Susan & Son, Church st

WARRINGTON George, 14 Flagon row

WARRINGTON William, Upper road & Deptford Green

WICKSTEED Edward, Nelson st

WILTON Harry Joseph, Broomfields

WILTON James, Grove st

WILTON William Burt, High st




HOPKINS & NORTHEN, (brown stone), Copperas lane

KEELING Thomas Callaway, (red ware and sugar mould), Tanners hill

MARSHALL George (red ware), Tanners hill

PARRY Isaac (sugar mould), Copperas lane

WAYLETT Samuel, Church st




HOWS Edmund, Broadway

WARD William, Broomfield place




BOORNE William, 16 Broadway

BROWN Agnes, High st

CLEMMISON Charlotte, Clarence row

CRANE George, 56 Flagon row

DANDRIDGE Arthur (& copper plate), 3 Union st

DILLEY & STAFFORD, Newcross road

PORRITT Isaac, High st

PYRKE Martin, (& printers appraiser), Deptford bridge




BLACKSHAW Henry (of music and organist), Creek road

GWATKIN William, (dancing), 17 Union st

KEMP Geo. Hy. (pianoforte),  Broomfield st

MACKIE Wm. Bain, (portraits &c.), High st

RICHARDSON George (music), Broomfield place

STOOL James (mathematics), King st, Newtown

WEBB James (drawing), 15 Union st




GATHERCOLE Thos. & Son (merchants), Lower Water Gate

JOHNSON James, Hughes Fields

NEWMAN Josiah (& line & twine), Deptford Rope Ground, Creek road

WHIFFEN George, Tanners hill




BROWNING William, Broomfield place

HADDEN Thomas, Newcross


WHIFFEN John, Broadway




BARNARD Fras. & Son, Deptford Green

General Steam Navigation Company’s Wharf & Building Yard, Deptford Creek, Joseph BEARDMORE, engineer

GORDON Brothers & Co, Grove st

IVE William, Deptford Green

PENN Jno. & Co. (iron ships), Deptford




GATHERCOLE Thos. & Son, 10 Deptford bridge & Lower Water Gate

GODWIN John, Old King st

TOWNSEND Clara, Butcher row




ARTER Omer, Church st

BEIDERBECK Betsy, Old King st

BENSTEAD John, King st, Newtown

BLACKSHAW Ann, Stowage

BOOKER Henry, 96 New st

BROOKMAN Stephen, Broomfields

BROSNAHAN Peter, New row

BROWN Elizabeth, Mason st

COOK William, New King st

CULBERT Margaret, Grove lane

DEBNEY Elizabeth, Church st

DESBOROUGH James, Francis st

DURTNALL Henry, Grove st

DYBALL John, New row

ELLIS Francis, 5 Flagon row

FOWLES John, Butcher row

GARRETT Samuel, Garden row

GARRETT Thomas, Friendly st

GODDARD Joseph, 67 Hughes Fields

GOUGH Jane, 14 Grove lane

GREENLEAF John, Grove st

HALL Frederick, George st

HAMMOND Ann, Newcross

HAYNES Benjamin, Church st

HILL Godfrey, Church st

HOLYOAK Richard, Grove st

HOVEY John, Grove st

HUGHESDON James, New row

HYDE Sarah, Church st

JACKMAN Elizabeth, 83 New st

JEFFERY Mary Ann, Church st

JOHNSON William, Lower road

JONES Henry, Broomfield place

LAMACRAFT John, Stowage

LEIGH Eliza, High st

MAYBEE Henry, Elliott’s Square

PIDDELL Susannah, New King st

POOL Evan, Stowage

PORTER Ann, Church st

PRATT John, Giffin st

PRESTON George, Charles st

REEVES Thomas, Church st

RIDDALL William, Old King st

RING James, New King st

ROBSON Josias, Grove st

SMITH Ellis, Old King st

SMITH James, Church st

SMITH William, Newcross

SMITH William, Tanners hill

SPILLANE Mary Ann, Friendly st

STONEHAM Elizabeth, Church st

TREAYS Andrew. 3 Flagon row

TWORT Ann, Newcross road

VERDIER John Francis, Newcross

WESSELL Eliz. 12 Victualling Office row

WHITE Thomas, 6 Flagon row

WHITE Thomas, Grove lane

WILLIAMS Lucy, Garden row

WILLIAMS Lydia, Copperas lane

WILLIAMS William, Tanners hill

WILSON James, New row

WOLLEDGE Charles, Old King st




M’CLELLAN Samuel, 6 Broadway

SHOLE Simeon, Church st

SULLIVAN Richard, Deptford bridge




ANDREWS Mary, Flagon row

CLOTHIER William, Flagon row

DOYLE Thomas, Church st

HITCHCOCK Samuel, Broadway

HOUGHTON William, High st

HYMAN William, Old King st

LAY William Fish, Broadway

MATHEWS James, High st

PAVITT Josiah, Church st

PEARCE Edward Hooper, High st

PRICE Joseph, Newcross road

WEBB Robert, 43 Flagon row

WISE Charles, Broadway




ALLEN George, Church st

BUZZACOTT Alex. Broomfield place

DUNN Daniel, Stowage

HATFULL William, High st

HAWKES Mary, Hughes Fields

HAWKES William, Broomfield place

HOWE James, Tanners hill

HUGHESDON William, Butcher row

JACKSON James, Back Dowling st

JUD Philip, Effingham place

KILLICK George & Edmund, Newcross

WHIFFIN Henry, High st




BELOE Arthur & Co. High st & Cateaton st, London

DENNY William (& French corset), 8 Broadway & Broomfield place

HICKEY Mary, High st

MORGAN Susannah, High st

PLUMPTON Susannah, High st




COX Reuben & Co, Church st

HARRIS George, Garden row

MARSHALL George, Newcross road




BEARD Charlotte Laura, Flagon row

BLEWETT Edw. (& bleacher), Church st

CHALLIS Rachael, High st

DURETT Elizabeth, Broomfield place

HANKS Thos. Evelyn place, Grove lane

KNOWLDEN Ann, High st

LUCAS Sarah & Elizabeth, Broomfields

MATTHEWS William, Deptford bridge

MINGAY Elizabeth, Broomfields

POOLE Ann, High st

WILSON Elizabeth, High st




ATKINS John, 11 Union st

DOWNING Edward, 3 Edwards lane

DRURY Michael, High st

HATFULL Robert, 23 Union st

LEIGH William, High st

MITCHELL Robert, Newcross road

PRICE Allen Foord, Lower road

SHIRREFF James Hales jun, High st

TERRY John, Newcross road


TAILORS – those marked thus * are also Drapers


ALFORD William, Deptford bridge

BELL John, High st

* BURRIDGE George, High st  

CHEESMAN John, Flagon row

COMPORT Samuel, Church st

COWELL Charles, Church st

COWELL James, Flagon row

DRUITT William, Creek road

GOLDFINCH John & Son, High st

HATFIELD William, Newcross road

JONES John, Flagon row

JONES Robert, Newcross

KING William Henry, Broomfields

LINES James, 41 High st

LITTLEFIELD George, Lower road

LOCK Alfred, Broomfield place

MATHEWS James, High st

MATTHEWS Jonathan, Old King st

MIHILL William, Newcross

MORGANS Morgan, Church st

MORGANS Stephen, Church st

ORIEL Edward, High st

* PORTER John, High st

PORTER Richard E, Evelyn place, Grove lane

REEVE Samuel, High st

RIDGLEY John, 3 Nelson st

* ROSE Thomas Gutheridge, High st

SEAL Thomas, Kender st

THOMAS David, Old King st

TOOKEY Joseph, Creek road

TURNER James, Old King st

TURNESS Edward, 15 New King st

WILLSON John, High st




CURTIS Frederick, Grove lane

HILLS John, High st

HOPKINS Richard, 22 Broadway

SHARP Henry, High st

WILLIAMS Henry, High st




Admiral Rodney, Richard BARLOW, New King st

Anchor & Crown, Samuel BURROWS, New st

Bee Hive, Eliza Ann PTITCHARD, Flagon row

Black Horse, James BETTS, Lower road

Blue Bell, Christopher William COLLIER, Butcher row

Bricklayers Arms, Richard HOULTUM, Lewisham road

Britannia, Elizabeth HAYDON, Grove st

Brown Bear, Henry KNOCK, High st

Bull & Butcher, William WILLIAMS, Old King st

Dog & Bell, Elizabeth RUNHAM, Dock st

Dover Diligence, Jas. BENTLEY, Newcross

Druids Head, Robert STEWARD, Church st

Duke of Sussex, William John MUGGERIDGE, New st

Duke of York, Henry ETHERINGTON, Grove lane

Dutchess of Brunswick, Jas. WENT, Say’s Court

Earl of Chatham, Jesse HILL, Hughes fields

Earl of Romney, John DICKENSON, Deptford Green

Evelyn Arms, Sarah COLLINS, Grove st

Fishing Smack, Chas. DICKINSON, Stowage

Fishing Smack, Tim RIORDAN. Old King st

Five Bells, John ADAMS, New Cross road

Fox, Thos. Jos. HUNT, King st, Newtown

Freemasons Arms, Wm. BATCH, Old King st

Garrick’s Head, Jos. JOSEPHSON, Lower road

George, Mary Ann COMPTON, Grove st

George & Dragon, Geo. SERJEANT, Newcross

Gibraltar, Charles WEGG, Lower road

Globe, Mary SPEERING, Broomfield place

Golden Fleece, George IRELAND, Mill lane

Hoy Inn, William Jos. RICHARDS, Creek road

King of Prussia, Robert SKUDDER, Union st

Kings Arms, Chs. Jacob DURHAM, Church st

Kings Arms, WOODCOCK & GARDNER, New King st

Kings Head, George Taylor WATTS, Grove st

Kings Head, John TREGGUNNO, Church st

Lads of the Village, Christopher SEABROOK, New King st

Lion & Lamb, Wm. NEWNHAM, Deptford Green

Little Crown, Probert MINTON, New st

Lord Duncan, John WARE, Broadway

Lord Nelson, Thos. WILKINSON, Dock st

Mansion House, John AVANN, Lower st

Marquess of Granby, Jon. REAR, Thames st

Marquess of Granby, Thomas THOMAS, Newcross

Mitre, Emanuel PASSMORE, Deptford bridge

Montague Arms, Thomas WATKINSON, Peckham lane

Navy Arms, Benjamin HUBBLE, New King st

Neptune, John HESTER, Copperas lane

Newcross House, Geo. BENWELL, Newcross

Newcross Inn, Michael Robert JENKINS, Newcross

Noah’s Ark, Edward Richard BARLOW, High st

Old Centurion, William COOK, Broadway

Old Fountain, Evan WACKRILL, Broadway

Old George, Richard BYTHAM, Stowage

Oxford Arms, William Thomas SMITH, Church st

Plough, Mary HARRIS, Plough bridge

Plume of Feathers, Charles AISTHROP, Deptford bridge

Plume of Feathers, Jo. Topliffe KINNIPPLE, Deptford Green

Prince Regent, Hill DODDS, High st

Princess of Wales, John Webb BURKE, Grove lane

Queen Charlotte, Sarah HILL, Church st

Red Cow, Jac. Kennett PHILPOTT, Old King st

Red Cow, Joseph STRATTON, High st

Red Lion & Wheat Sheaf, Matthew GOODSON, High st

Robin Hood & Little John, Mary LEIGH, Church st

Ropemakers Arms, Hy MAYBEE, New st

Rose, William SEABROOK, Newcross

Royal Charlotte, Cath. MALIN, Downing st

Royal George, Samuel BARTON, Tanners hill

Royal Oak, John COOPER, High st

Royal Standard, Jas. HOWE, Tanners hill

Sheer Hulk, John WHITE, New King st

Ship & Sailor, William GARRETT, Effingham place

Ship Defiance, John POWVEY, Grove st

Shipwrights Arms, John DODD, Friendly st

Star & Garter, Wm. FRANCIS, Thames st

Telegraph, Henry Richard BARLOW, Broomfield place

Three Compasses, Joseph SMITH, Church st

Three Tuns, Eliz. SHIRLEY, Butcher row

Tiger Cat, William MILLS, New row

Trinity Arms, James TOWERS, Church st

Walter Arms, James WHEATER, Flood st

White Hart, Wm Jas GREENLEAF, Grove st

White Hart, John HAWKINS, Deptford Green

William IV, William SPEECHLY, Flagon row

Windmill, George MASON, Lower road




ANDREWS Joseph, 6 Nelson st

GOSLING William, Old King st




BROOKMAN John, New King st

DAVIES Mary Ann, Broomfields

HANSFORD Benedicta, High st

HENNIN John, 2 Broadway

HILL Thomas, Broomfield place

READ Isabella, Newcross road

SPILLING Joseph, 25 Flagon row

WATSON Ann Eliza, Church st




JEFFRIES William, Church st

WHEELER Mary, 3 New King st




HARDING William, Deptford bridge

HOLDERNESS Robert, Church st


UNDERTAKERS – see also Carpenters & Builders


ANDERSON William, Lower road

BALDERY John, High st

BARBER George, High st

BONE Barnabas, High st

COX Reuben & Co. Church st

DEWING John, New row

ELLIS William (furnishing), Lower road

LESTER Joseph, High st

SMITH John, Lower road

TAYLOR John, Church st

TOWNSEND John, High st




M’CLELLAND Samuel, 6 Broadway

MAY Robert, 10 Union st

SHOLE Simeon, Church st

SULLIVAN Richard, Deptford bridge




BUTLER James, Deptford bridge

COLE Jesse, Newcross road

LASH Thomas, Tanners hill

SHONE Jonathan, Turnpike hill

SKUDDER George, Broomfields

SKUDDER Henry, Broomfields

WALKER James, Edwards’s lane

WHIFFIN Henry (& government contractor), High st




AISTHROP Charles, Deptford bridge

COOK William, Broadway

CRAWLEY Frederick, Swan, High st

EDWARDS Samuel, Old King st

FFINCH Matthew, New King st

MARTIN Robert Buchannan, Dover Castle, Broadway




AISTHROP Charles, Deptford bridge

COOK William, Broadway

MARTIN Robert Buchannan, Dover Castle, Broadway

PASSMORE Emanuel, Deptford bridge

WARE John, Broadway




ALLWRIGHT Edward, Newcross road

BATCH C & J, Broomfields

BROOKS Richard, Broomfields

BROWN George, Broomfield place

COCKLE John (& lath render), Church st

DANCE William, Turnbull lane

DYBALL John, New row

EVANS William, New row

FLETCHER George, New row

GATHERCOLE James, Flagon row

GRIFFITHS John, New King st

HUGHESDON Andrew, New row

HUSSEY Ishmael, Newcross

IVE William jun, Deptford Green

KNOTT Thomas Baker, Kent Wharf Creek

LAWRENCE John, Lower road

MOYCE John, King st, Newtown

NEWNHAM William, Hughes fields

ODY Thomas, Brookfields

ODY Timothy, New row

PALMER William, Kennedy st

SEARLE Jas. Wm. Broomfield place

STEWARD Samuel Custins, Church st

TEBBUTT Thomas, Lower road, Wharf st

WELLS Hesketh Davis & Sons, Canal Wharf

WHIFFIN William, Stowage

WOOLVERTON William, Broomfields




BAYLEY Edmund, Clarence place

BAYSHAW Isaac Smith, Broadway

GRAY William, High st

RUSSELL William, Grove st




ADDIS Jos. carvers’ tool maker, Church st

AGUTTER Thomas, fellmonger, Mill lane

ALWYN William, blacking manufacturer, New King st

BACON John, horse dealer, Newcross road

BENNETT Wm. bedstead maker, Church st

BIRKBECK Sara N, furrier, Garden row

CLOTHIER John, rule maker, High st

COLE Jesse, coach broker, Newcross road

DANDRIDGE Arthur, engraver, Union st

DEAN Chas, coach builder, Deptford bridge

ELING Wm. shell and curiosity dealer, High st

FERGUSON Robert & Sons, block makers, Grove st

HARRAWAY John, glover and breeches maker, Newcross

HARRIS Bartholomew, grease melter, Copperas lane

HATFULL William, ship postman, Thames st

IVE William, jun. shipwright, Deptford Green

JUD Philip, spring maker, Effingham place

LAMBERT Edward, maltster, Broadway

MARCHANT Thomas, conveyancer and secretary to the Savings Bank, 40 High st

MAY William, horse dealer, Tanners hill

MUSGROVE jno. French polisher, Edwards’s lane

PASHLEY Edward, pilot, 4 Elizabeth terrace, Newcross

PINGRAM John, sand dealer, Tanners hill

REYNOLDS James, wire worker, Newcross

ROWSWELL Augustus, umbrella maker, Flagon Row

SMITH Wm, ship owner, slaughterhouse lane

SYMS John, parish clerk, Deptford Green

THORN Benjamin, sail maker, Pleasant row

WESTON Jas. patten & clog maker, Bridge row

WHEELHOUSE Geo. distiller, Deptford bridge





Resident Agent, Lieut W F WENTWORTH

Director, Joseph SHAW esq.

Store Keeper, Thomas IRVING

Store Receiver, William PEMBROKE

Secretary to Captain Superintendent, Thomas BINSTED

Stevedor, John JEFFERYS

Clerks, William BOWLEY & W R WILCOX

Inspector of Tanks, James BROWN



Captain Superintendent, William Henry SHIRREFF

Master Attendant of Victualling and Harbour Master, George Francis MORRIS

Store Keeper, Robert LIGHTFOOT

Store Receiver, Charles D HOLWORTHY

Surgeon, John BROWN

Miller, Henry EMERY

Baker, William MORLEY

Director of Police, Samuel HINTON

Inspector of Works, John RIVERS


Deptford Pier and Improvement Commissioners’ New Pier – Charles BARLEE, secretary

Excise office, Dover Castle, Broadway, Samuel SLIGH, supervisor

Gas, Light & Coke Company, Creek st, H C KEMPSON, secretary

General Steam Navigation Company, Stowage, John BEARDMORE, engineer

Kent Water Works, Mille lane, William Richard MORRIS, superintendent

Mechanics Institution, High st

Registrars of Births & Deaths, Thomas MARCHANT, 40 High st; George R SCUDDAMORE, King st, Newtown

Royal Kent Dispensary, Broadway, Charles Joseph CARTTER, secretary

Royal Marine Barracks, Dock Yard

Savings Bank, High st, Thomas MARCHANT, secretary

Trinity Almshouses, Church st, Jacob BRAGILE, governor

Workhouse, Church st, William SUTTON, master; Sophia STELLING, mistress


COACHES – calling or passing through Deptford


To London, the Royal Mail (from Dover), every morning at five, and the Accommodation Coaches, from the Dover Castle, every quarter of an hour, by the Upper, and from the Swan, by the Lower road every hour.


To Canterbury, the Tally Ho every afternoon at a quarter before four.


To Chatham, the Commodore, every afternoon at a quarter before three and the Nelson every evening at a quarter before six.


To Dover, the Royal Mail (from London), every night (Sunday excepted), at a quarter before nine and Coaches pass through every morning at half past eight, forenoon at a quarter before eleven and evening at a quarter before seven, eight and a quarter part eight.


To Faversham, a Coach, every afternoon at a quarter past one.


To Gravesend, the Sons of Commerce, every afternoon at a half past five.




To London & Greenwich, Trains every twenty minutes, from eight in the morning until nine at night.




To London, from the Dover Castle, and Old Centurion, Broadway every quarter of an hour on the Upper and from the Swan, High st, every hour through the day, on the Lower road – Booking offices, 2 Broadway and the Swan, High st




To London, Elizabeth MORGAN, from Church st, Elizabeth MOYER from Broomfield place, Elias CARLEY, from Waterloo place, and John CHERRILL, from High st daily.



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