Pigots 1840 - Kent

Deal & Walmer 


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Deal is a market and corporate town, sea port and parish in the lathe of St Augustine and the hundred of Bewesborough – 72 miles E by S from London, 18 SE from Canterbury and 9 from Dover. It is situated immediately opposite to that roadstead so well known to maritime and commercial men by the name of “The Downs” where as many as five hundred vessels at one time have been known to ride at anchor – and ships so circumstanced receive various supplies from the town of Deal. Its inhabitants are chiefly engaged in maritime pursuits – are particularly famous for making boats and in furnishing the most skilful pilots and intrepid boatmen that this island can produce. The boats constructed here are celebrated for the qualities of durability, fast sailing and safety; many of those for whale fishing vessels are made at this place; and some years since several were built for His Excellency Count HEIDEN and Admiral RICKORDS for the use of the Imperial Russian navy. Those sand banks know by the name of “the Goodwin Sands” which have so often proved fatal to shipping, run parallel with the shore of Deal, at about a league distant and present a terrific appearance in stormy weather, but at low water are dry; and many in the summer make excursions to them and traverse the place that has proved the wreck and destruction of many noble vessels. The town is formed principally of three streets which run parallel with the shore from north to south. At the southern extremity stands Deal castle, and at the northern Sandown castle, both majestic structures; the barracks are near the former castle. There are a custom house, a naval store house, and a naval and military hospital – the latter in the parish of Walmer. Many of the houses are irregularly built; those of modern erection, however, are more uniform, and the town has of late years received many improvements. The most prominent of these, is an elegant esplanade, in the formation of which, with the contiguous grounds, upwards of £4000 have been lately expended. The Royal Baths are also a great ornament, they are fitted up in the best taste; and possess every requisite convenience, together with a well furnished library and reading rooms; the baths are situated on the beach, adjoining the Royal Hotel, a very superior establishment; the proprietors of the latter are Messrs BLEADEN & Co of the London Tavern, Bishopsgate Street, London, whose name is a sufficient guarantee for affording accommodation to the most fastidious visiter; while the marine view enjoyed from the premises is beautiful and expansive. A company has been formed, and incorporated by Parliament, for constructing a new pier, which when completed according to the plan, will most efficiently obviate the inconvenience hitherto experienced here in landing and embarking visitants.


William III constituted Deal a free town and borough and granted it a borough corporation; and this charter was in force until the passing of the municipal act in 1835, which vested the government in a mayor, six aldermen (or jurats) and eighteen councillors, with the usual assistant officers, under the title of “the mayor”, jurats and commonalty of the town of Deal, in the county of Kent; the same act divided the borough into two wards, and conferred upon it a commission of the peace. Quarter sessions are held in the court hall for minor offences; a court of requests monthly for the recovery of debts under 40s; a court of record is entitle to be holden by the principal corporate officers, in actions of debt to the amount of £100, but no writs have been issued from the latter court for several years.


The church dedicated to St Leonard situated in upper Deal a mile from the sea, is an edifice neat and convenient; the benefice is a rectory, in the patronage of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the present incumbency of the Rev Charles LANE. In the centre of the town is a chapel of ease, a well built modern erection; and there are chapels for Baptists, independents and Wesleyan Methodists. The principal charities are included in the Royal hospitals, a house of industry, national school and Sunday schools established by the dissenting congregations. Though the country around here is rather flat, yet the views are most delightful – presenting seaward the bold and noble promontories of the North Forelands and the extensive and every varying prospect of the channel, studded as it is in general with numerous sails The market house is well suited for its intended purposes. The market days are Tuesday and Saturday; fairs are held on the 5th April and 12th October, chiefly for pleasure. The parish of Deal contained in 1831, 7281 inhabitants.


One mile south of Deal is the respectable and improving village of Walmer, in the cinque port liberty of Sandwich and the hundred of Cornilo. For some years back there has been a gradual and considerable increase of new buildings in this parish, near the sea; and from the estimation in which this part of the coast is held as a bathing situation, it is probable that it will speedily become a vicinage of fashionable resort; it is noted for the fine prospect over the Downs and the straits of Dover to the French coast. Walmer however is chiefly celebrated for its castle, an ancient fortified structure, which stands close to the sea shore and commands the views above noticed. The fortress was erected by Henry VIII and is the residence of the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports; the present warden is the Duke of Wellington. The church which has been enlarged within these few years, is dedicated to St Mary; the living is a vicarage in the presentation of the see of Canterbury. Walmer parish by the last returns contained 1779 inhabitants.


POST OFFICE – 59 Middle Street, Deal, John NORRIS postmaster - letters from London and all parts arrive (by branch mail from Canterbury) every morning at seven and are despatched every evening at half past six. Letters are despatched to Dover (by mail cart), every night at eight.


POST OFFICE – Walmer, John SMITH, Postmaster – Letters arrive from all parts (from Dover), every morning at seven, and are despatched every night at eight.




BACKHOUSE Rev Ralph, Walmer

BAKER Capt. John (RN), Liverpool Terrace

BAKER Rear Admiral Sir Thos, Walmer

BATT Lieut William (RN), 1 Beach Street

BAX Capt. Henry, Liverpool Terrace

BAZELY Lieut George (RN), Walmer

BEAN Capt. Isaac, Sholden

BLACKWOOD Mr Arthur, Liverpool Terrace

BOYS Mrs Ann, Walmer

BOYS Capt. Edward. Dock Yard

BOYS Mrs Elizabeth, Walmer Road

BOYS Capt, Thomas, West Street

BOYS Mrs William, Walmer Road

BRAY Miss Mary, 20 Lower Street

BRIDGES Mr John, Walmer

BROOKE Mr Henry, Walmer

BROWNE Rear Admiral P, Walmer

CANNEY Mrs Elizabeth, 124 Lower Street

CANNON Capt. Edward St Leger (RN), Middle Deal

CAVELL Mr Henry, Walmer Road

CHAMBERS The Misses, Queen Street

CHRISTIAN Richard May esq. (magistrate), Beach Street

CLARIBOLD Mrs M A R, 154 Middle Street

CLAYSON Mrs Elizabeth, 170 Beach Street

COASTE Mrs, Liverpool Terrace

COLLMAN Miss Mary, 13 Prospect Place

COOPER James esq. Upper Deal House

COX Mr Daniel, Middle Street

COX Mrs Mary, Walmer

CRICKETT Miss Sarah, 13 Lower Street

CURLING Mr Edward, Beach Street

CURLLING Mr George, 22 Prospect Row

CURLING Mrs Sarah, Walmer

CURLING Mr William, Kingsdown

CUTFIELD Mr John, Lower Street

DAVIS Rev Ebenezer, Middle Street

DAY Capt. James, Walmer Road

DILNOT The Misses, 6 Prospect Place

DIXON Lieut. Benjamin (RN), Golden Street

DOUGLAS Lieut. (RN), Upper Deal

EDWARDS Mrs Mary, Liverpool Terrace

ENGLAND Mrs Elizabeth, 7 Broad Street

FISHER Capt. Peter (RN), Liverpool Terrace

FRENCH Mrs Julia, Walmer

FRYER Major, Griffin Street

GARTRELL Rev James, 125 Lower Street

GAUNT Mr John, Walmer

GRAHAM Capt. Philip, Walmer

GREGORY Rev John, Upper Deal

GRIFFITHS Mr Thomas, 20 Prospect Place

HALL Mrs Mary, Golden Street

HAMILTON Lieut (RN), Liverpool Terrace

HANNAM Mr Charles, Upper Deal

HARDING Mrs, Liverpool Terrace

HARVEY Capt. (RN), Walmer

HARVEY Lady Eliz. Oaks, Upper Deal

HARVEY Mr Henry, Middle Deal

HARVEY Admiral Sir Thomas, Sholden

HENDERSON Capt, Jno (RN), Middle Deal

HOLLAMS Admiral Sir John, Villa , Upper Deal

HOOPER Mr George, Sholden

HULKE Mrs Ann, Lower Street

HUNT Col. J, Walmer Road

IGGULDEN Mr John, Queen Street

JOAD Mrs, Walmer

KARNEY Mrs Elizabeth, Walmer

KARNEY Gilbert esq, Walmer

KITTO Mrs Elizabeth, Upper Deal

LANE Rev. Chas, Rectory, Upper Deal

LARKIN Mr John, Walmer

LEACH Capt. John, Queen Street

LEE Lady Elizabeth, Walmer

LEITH George esq, Liverpool House

LEITH James esq, Walmer Court

LINDSEY Capt. John (RN), Upper Deal

McARTHUR Duncan esq (MD), Walmer Road

MARYBOROUGH The Rt Hon Lord, Deal Castle

MATSON Mrs Mary, Market Street

MESHAM Mrs Lucy, Liverpool Terrace

MONINS Rev. John, Ringwould

MONINS Mr Richard, Ringwould 

MOORE Mrs Jane, Walmer

MORRICE Capt F E, Walmer

MOURILYAN Mrs, Queen Street

MOURILYAN Mr Thos, 12 Prospect Place

NOAKES Mrs Eliz, 10 Prospect Place

NOAKES Mr William, Upper Deal

NORMAN Rev. John, Middle Street

PATTERSON James esq, Walmer

PECK Capt. John, Walmer

PENNINGTON Rev. Montague, Middle Street

PETTMAN Mr Frederick, 191 Lower Street

RAMSEY Sir Alexander, Walmer

ROSS Mrs Fanny, Walmer Road

RUDDLE Miss, Walmer Road

SHEPHERD Mr William, Walmer Road

SICKLEMORE Mrs Ann, Beach Street

SMITH Geo. esq, Park House, Lower Street

SMITH Mrs Jane, Walmer

SOLE Mrs Sarah, 16 Broad Street

STANHOPE The Right Hon  Earl, Walmer Lodge

STANIFORTH Miss Betsy, Walmer Road

TAYLOR Mrs Thomas, Walmer

TIMS Mrs, 1 Prospect Place

TRION Lieut Henry (RN), Upper Deal

URMSTON Sir James, Walmer

VINCENT Capt. Robert John, Liverpool Terrace

VINGROVE Mr Henry E, Walmer

WATTS Capt.  John James, Middle Deal

WEBSTER Capt. Thomas, Walmer

WELLINGTON His Grace the Duke of, Walmer Castle

WEST Martin John esq, Liverpool Terrace

WHITE Mrs, Prospect Place

WHITE Thomas esq, New Street

WHITE William esq, 8 Broad Street

WILLOUGHBY Mrs, Middle Street

WILMOTT Mr George, 96 Beach Street

WINSTON Capt (RN), Liverpool Terrace

WINSTON Mrs Mary, Lower Street

YATES Mr William, Middle Deal


ACADEMIES & SCHOOLS – not otherwise  described as Day Schools


CAVELL John Dear, Walmer Road

GORBELL Frances (boarding), Queen Street

HARTLEY James, Walmer

HOBDAY Charlotte, Market Street

HUMPHRY Jane (boarding), 5 Queen Street

HUNTER Misses, Middle Street

Infants School, Chapel Lane, Sarah CRISP, mistress

KING Stephen, 11 Middle Street

LARKIN Mary, Middle Street

LASS William, Robert Street

National School, Middle Street, Robert PETLEY, master, Dorothy JONES, mistress

Nautical School, Broad Street, James PRESCOTT (RN), master

NEAME & MOURILYAN, (ladies boarding), Lower Street

REAKS Thomas, Lower Street

SANDFORD Susan, (boarding) Walmer

SOAMES Sarah, Middle Street

SPENCER Frances, Nelson Street

VINCENT John, (boarding), Clarence house, Lower Street

WELLSPRING Mary Anne, Middle Street




GRAVENOR & Son, St Georges Place

HULKE Benjamin (& town clerk), Lower Street

LEITH James, Walmer Court

MERCER John (& notary and coroner), Queen Street




CASTLE Richard, Middle Street

LANGLEY & DENNE, 166 Lower Street

SPAIN Edmund, 9 Lower Street




ANDREWS William, Walmer Road

BRADLEY Stephen, 114 Lower Street

BROOKSBY Edward Charles, 73 Beach Street

CAVELL John Brown, Queen Street

CAYLEY Thomas, Walmer Road

GOLDSACK John, Walmer

HODGES James, 46 Lower Street

HOLBROOK Edward Randall, 176 Lower Street

LASS William, 36 Beach Street

LONG Mary, 171 Beach Street

LONG Peter, Griffin Street

MARSH William Bailey, 181 Beach Street

MARTIN Obadiah, Walmer Road

MATSON Philip, Duke Street

MATSON Richard Hider, 21 Middle Street

MUMBRAY Thomas, Middle Street

MYHILL William, Water Street

NEWING William, Gravel Walk

NEWTON Arthur, 150 Lower Street

PAIN Luke, 13 Broad Street

PHILLIPS George, Walmer Road

PHILPOT William Denne, Beach Street

RAYNER Charles, 152 Lower Street

SELTH Zachariah T, 156 Middle Street

TURNER Thomas Philip, 61 Beach Street

WATERS Sarah, Walmer

WHITE Sarah, Upper Deal

WILLIAMS William, 170 Middle Street

WOODCOCK John, 161 Beach Street




HULKE, Sons & DIXON, Lower Street (draw on PRESCOTT, GROTE & Co)

Savings Bank, Middle Street, Robert PETLEY, actuary




Royal Adelaide, Beach Street

Walmer Baths, on the beach, Edward SHARP, proprietor




BAX William, Middle Street

BRETT Thomas, Upper Deal

EASTMAN John, 184 Lowe Street

FOLWELL Joseph, Lower Street

HICKS William, Middle Street

MARSH Simon, West Street

MOULTON William, Lower Street

SMITH William (whitesmith), Middle Street

THOMPSON Samuel, Union Row

WOODCOCK John, 1 Queen Street

WOODCOCK Richard, Walmer




BAYLEY Thomas, Dolphin Street

BRISTOW William, North End

BROWN Stephen, Coppen Street

HAYWARD Thomas, Prospect House



BOOKSELLERS & STATIONRS – marked thus *are also letter press printers


BAKER Elizabeth Weekes, Beach Street

* BAKER William, 12 Lower Street

* DEVESON John, 182 Lower Street

* HAYWARD Thomas, 23 Lower Street




BRISTOW George, 82 Middle Street

BROTHERS John, 162 Middle Street

CHAPMAM Stephen, Walmer

COLLARD Adam, 149 Beach Street

CORNWELL James, 92 Beach Street

CORNWELL Vincent. 174 High Street

DENNE George, 4 Queen Street

DOUGLAS Daniel, 7 Cottage Row

EKINS John, Gravel Walk

FAGG Stephen, 7 South Street

HAMMOND Richard, 41 Middle Street

HARRIS Richard, 17 Broad Street

JOYNER Michael, Walmer

LONG George, 15 Lower Street

MARDIN John, Beach Street

MARLOW Richard, 162 Beach Street

MARSH John, Lower Street

MINTER John, 143 Lower Street

MUMMERY Thomas, Middle Street

RAMELL Ingram, Beach Street

REDMAN Mark, 167 Lower Street

REYNOLDS John, 136 Beach Street

SIMMONDS John, 77 Beach Street

SOLLY William S B, 106 Beach Street

STOKES William, Walmer Road

WESTON Edward, Walmer Road




CHRISTIAN Benjamin Fisher, (& stamp distributer), 34 Beach Street

EASTES Benjamin, Walmer Road

EASTES Benjamin jun. King Street

HOWARD William Lott, 180 Lower Street

MOURILYAN Thos. Longley, 11 Broad Street

SELTH George T, Water Street

WOODCOCK Richard, Walmer




HIGHT Thomas, Beach Street 

IGGULDEN Edward, Lower Street

THOMPSON Edmund, Walmer




BUSHELL John, Walmer

BUSHELL William, Walmer

DENNE William, Walmer

EASTES Silvester, Walmer Road

EASTES Thomas & Benjamin, Lower Street

HOOKHAM William, Walmer Road

MUNDAY George, Queen Street

MUNDAY William, Lower Street

TURMAIN John, Walmer Road

WILDS Edward, St Georges Place




ADAMS Richard Thomas, 123 Beach Street

BROWN Isaac G, Middle Street

DIXON Joseph, Customhouse Lane

ELVERY William, 140 Beach Street

FRIEND Richard (pork), Middle Street

HAYWARD Henry Edward, 4 Broad Street

HINDS William, Walmer Road

HOBBS William, 30 Beach Street

HOILE John, 119 Lower Street

LADD William, 132 Beach Street

PARKER David, 43 Lower Street

PARKER Thomas, 185 Lower Street

RAYNER Charles (pork), Lower Street

SUTTON John, Griffin Street

TERRY William R, 127 Lower Street

TIPPER John, 1 Beach Street

TIPPER William, 206 Lower Street

WEST John, Walmer

WOODRUFF Wm. Knight, 190 Lower Street




CASTLE Richard, Middle Street

DENNE Ambrose, King Street

LANGLEY & DENNE, 166 Lower Street

SPAIN Edmund, 9 Lower Street

SUGDEN George, 14 Lower Street




ANSELL James, Upper Deal

BAKER Thomas, Alfred Square

BRISTOW William (& block & pump maker), Alfred Square

COLEGATE Joseph, 3 Broad Street

DUNN George Hulse, Middle Street

DUNN Thomas, 35 Middle Street

EASTES Benjamin, Walmer Road

EASTES John, 47 Lower Street

FINCH Henry, Walmer

GIBBONS Richard, Middle Street

HAINES William, Lower Street

HAYWARD William, Water Street

HOLTUM John, Walmer

MUNDAY William R, 4 Lower Street

WISE James, 2 Middle Street

WOODRUFF William, Walmer




HAYWARD Edward, late Bank, Queen Street

LUDFORD George, Robert Street

STUBBERFIELD Thomas, Middle Street

SUTTON Thomas, 141 & 142 Lower Street




CARTER George R, 175 Lower Street

ELVERY Henry James, Walmer Road

GOOD Thomas, 196 Lower Street

MANSELL James, 59 Beach Street

MUMMERY John Rigden (& dentist & distiller of lavender water to the Queen by special warrant), 19 Lower Street

WEST Thomas Frederick, 158 Lower Street




FREEMAN & BARTON, 37 Lower Street

HILLS Edward, Lower Street & at Dover




BEAL Brockman, Queen Street

POCKETT & BATES, Middle Street; office, 124 Beach Street

VAUGHAN Thomazen, Middle Street




HAMMOND George, Beach Street

RALPH Harrison, 163 Lower Street

REYNOLDS Henry, 117 Beach Street

WOOD Philpot, Beach Street




FOLWELL Valentine, 203 Lower Street

HOLBROOK Edw Randall, 176 Lower Street

NEWTON Arthur, 150 Lower Street

PHILPOT William Denne, 128 Beach Street




GOODWIN, CURLING, HODGES & Co – for Hamburgh, Hanover & Netherlands, Portugal & Russia, Beach Street

IGGULDEN Edward, for the United States of America, Bremen, France, Denmark, Sweden & C., Lower Street




CLEMENTS Charles, 5 Queen Street

TAVENOR Betty, Lower Street




HODGES James, 46 Lower Street

RALPH Harrison, 163 Lower Street

WAKEHAM John, Lower Street




Atlas, William WHITE, Broad Street

British, Benjamin HULKE, Lower Street

County, Hy REYNOLDS, 26 Nelson Street

Crown, Hy Reynolds, 26 Nelson Street

Globe, Joseph Daniel BROWNING, 5 Lower Street

Kent, Benjamin Fisher CHRISTIAN, 34 Beach Street

Norwich Union, Harrison RAPLH, Lower Street

Phoenix, Edmund BROWN, Lower Street

Royal Exchange Geo HAMMOND, Beach Street

Sun, Thomas CAVELL, 1 Middle Street




CASTLE Richard, Middle Street

DUNN George H, Middle Street

DUNN Thomas, Middle Street

SUGDEN George, Lower Street


GROCERS & TEA DEALERS – see also shopkeepers & c.


ADAMS John, Lower Street

ANSELL John, Walmer

AUSTEN Edward, Walmer Road

AUSTEN Edward jun. 133 Beach Street

BAYLY John (and tallow chandler), 183 Lower Street

BISH Henry, Alfred Square

BROWN William, Duke Street

BROWNING Jos Daniel, 5 Lower Street

CASTLE John Matthew, 16 Lower Street

CROSOER William, 138 Beach Street

FITCH James, 94 Beach Street

GOYMER Richard S W, 8 Lower Street

HAYWARD George, Water Street

HAYWARD Thomas, 37 Middle Street

HAYWARD William, Alfred Square

MOCKETT John, 168 Beach Street

SMITH Edward, Walmer

STUBBERFIELD Thomas (& earthenware dealer), 155 Middle Street

WOODRUFF William, 164 Lower Street




CRANBROOK James, 171 Lower Street

FRANKLIN Wm. Henry, 173 Lower Street

GRUNDY John E (& hosier), 9 Broad Street

SUTTON Thomas, 141 & 142 Lower Street

WOODCOCK William, Lower Street




BATTERLEY George, Walmer Road

DUNN Richard, 123 Lower Street

DUNN Thomas, 6 Broad Street

FOSTER Stephen, 189 Lower Street

GARDNER William, Lower Street

KENNETT John, 60 Beach Street

WATSON James, 126 Beach Street

WELLARD William, 110 Beach Street




Black Horse, Wm BAX, 192 Lower Street

India Arms, Robert NEAL, Beach Street

New Inn, David SPICE, Lower Street

Royal Hotel, BLEADEN & Co, Beach Street

Royal Oak, Henry Holt LOWIN, Middle Street

Walmer Castle, Elizabeth TYMPSON, Lower Street




COLEMAN Christopher, 115 Beach Street

CRANBROOK James, 171 Lower Street

GRUNDY John E (& silk mercer), 9 Broad Street

HOLBROOK Susannah, 165 Lower Street

HUTCHINSON & Son, 187 Lower Street

PALFREY William, 182 High Street

SUTTON Thomas, 141 & 142 Lower Street

WOODCOCK William (& mercer), 17 Lower Street




BUSHELL Thomas, Alfred Square

CHITTY Richard, Middle Deal

GARDNER James, Sandown Mill

LAWRENCE John, Walmer Road

MATSON George, Upper Deal




ALLEN Helen, 122 Beach Street

CLEMENTS Mary Ann, 119 Beach Street

COLLARD Betsy, 149 Beach Street

HALL Charlotte, 205 Middle Street

HOBDAY Eliza, Lower Street

HUTCHINS Sarah, Beach Street

MARTIN Mary, Middle Street

OSBORN Mary, King Street

PAIN Sarah, 157 Beach Street

PARKER Mary Ann, 2 Queen Street

WOODCOCK Anne, 17 Lower Street




CLEMENTS Thomas, 119 Beach Street

HARRISON John, 187 Lower Street




Pilot Office – 102 Beach Street, Thomas BAYLEY, actuary


ATKINS Robert, 18 Union Row

BARBER James, 8 Duke Street

BAYLEY Thomas, 102 Beach Street

BELL John, 206 Lower Street

BIRCH Thomas, 48 Lower Street

BROWN Henry, 5 South Street

CLENDON George, 10 Golden Street

COLEARD Stephen, 3 Griffin Street

DEAN Daniel, 26 Duke Street

FINNIS John, 4 Dolphin Street

FRIEND Stephen, 34 Duke Street

GAFFORD William, 2 Duke Street

GARDNER Thomas, 5 Princes Street

GIBBS John, 149 Lower Street

GILLMAN James, 5 Duke Street

GOSLEY William, 33 Duke Street

GRAVENOR John, 13 Waltar Street

GRAVENOR Thomas, 12 Water Street

HADLOW William, 9 Princes Street

HILL Andrew, 27 Nelson Street

HOLBROOK William, 30 Duke Street

HOLTON Mark, 41 Lower Street

JOHNSON Joshua, 35 Duke Street

JONES William, 6 Nelson Street

LARKIN William, 3 Nelson Street

MACKIE James, 32 Duke Street

MACKIE William, 2 Waltar Street

MARKS John, Queen Street

MILLEN Charles, 169 Middle Street

MOLLARD Charles, 113 Lower Street

MOWLE Richard, 14 Union Row

MOWLE Thomas, 9 Water Street

NEAME Stephen, 16 Griffin Street

NORRIS Stephen, 13 Golden Street

NORRIS Thomas, 70 Middle Street

NORWOOD Charles, 16 Dolphin Street

OBREE Thomas, 6 Alfred Square

PAIN John, 36 Duke Street

PAIN William, 3 Water Street

PASCOTT James, 8 Princes Street

PAUL Bennet, 14 Alfred Square

PORDIDGE Robert, 6 Duke Street

POTT William, 85 Middle Street

POTTS John, 52 Lower Street

RALPH James, 2 North Street

ROGERS Richard, 4 Folly

RUSSELL John, 27 Duke Street

RUSSELL Richard, 10 Duke Street

RUSSELL Robert, 40 Lower Street

STANTON William, 8 Water Street

THOMPSON Thomas, 5 Brook Street

THORNTON John, 4 Duke Street

UNDERWOOD John, 202 Middle Street

WATSON John, 6 Princes Street

WEST Henry, 9 Duke Street

WILKINSON George, 47 Lower Street




BAKER John, King Street

CAVELL Stephen B A, 199 Lower Street

CLAYSON Mark, 9 Broad Street

FRIEND Thomas, 46 Beach Street & Walmer

GOLDFINCH Charles, 198 Middle Street

MARSH Henry, 14 Broad Street

RAMELL Nathaniel, 45 Lower Street

SANDCRAFT George, Walmer

SIMMONS John, Walmer Road

SOLLY Henry Charles, 2 South Street

STAG Henry S, Walmer Road

THOMPSON Thomas, Middle Street

WEST Henry, 164 Beach Street




BAYLEY Thomas, Cannon Street

ELGAR John, North End

GRIFFIN William, Sandy Lane




BUSHELL Valentine, 11 Lower Street

CARR John C, Walmer

CURLING John, 169 Lower Street




FINNIS Philip, Farrier Street

MARLOW Thomas, Beach Street




GOODWIN, CURLING, HODGES & Co. (and agents to Lloyds), Beach Street

HAMMOND George (& agent for the Scarboro’, Sunderland and other insurance associations), Beach Street and at Ramsgate

IGGULDEN Edward (& agent for the East India Company), Lower Street

WOOD Philpot (& agent to Lloyds), Beach Street and Whitstable




AXON Sarah, Walmer Street

BRISTOW Henry, Walmer Road

BROWN William, Duke Street

BUSHELL Jane, 28 Middle Street

CHAPLIN Charles, Upper Deal

CLARK Mary, King Street

COLEMAM Israel, Walmer

DEAN Edward, 5 Broad Street

EWELL Thomas, Middle Street

FAGG Stephen, 7 South Street

FRANCIS Jacob, Walmer Road

HAYMAN Elizabeth, Middle Street

HOPSON Robert, 153 Beach Street

NEWING William, Gravel Walk

POOLE Susannah, 107 Beach Street

POWELL James Hall, Upper Deal

PRITCHARD Simon, 90 Beach Street

REDMAN Robert, 60 Middle Street

RIGGLESFORD Francis, Queen Street

RISIEN Samuel, Water Street

STEED Thomas, 114 Beach Street

TUCKER William, Peter Street

VERSTAG Peter, North End, Middle Street

WAKEHAM John, 132 Lower Street

WILKINS Henry, 83 Beach Street

WISE John, Walmer Road

WOODRUFF William, Walmer




BAX John (& statuary), Queen Street

SAMSON William, Lower Street




BAYLEY Mary Anne, Griffin Street

SOLLY John, 188 Lower Street

WOODCOCK William, 17 Lower Street




CARTER George R, 175 Lower Street

DAVEY Richard, Walmer

DIXON John East, 19 Broad Street

HOUGHAM Josias, 153 Middle Street

HULKE William, 155 Lower Street

WATT William, 6 Lower Street


TAILORS - marked thus * are also Drapers


ANSELL John, Walmer

BROWNING Samuel, Brewer Street

* CORNWELL Peter, 157 Lower Street

DUNN John, Walmer

EKINS George, 137 Beach Street

HUTCHINS Charles, 29 Beach Street

HUTCHINS James, 86 Beach Street

* JOAD James, 168 Lower Street

* KENNARD Neam B, 177 Lower Street

LARKINS Wm Thomas, 47 Beach Street

LOWNDS John, 198 Lower Street

* NOAKES Fredk George, 111 Beach Street

PAIN Thomas, 158 Beach Street

PARKER John W, 2 Queen Street

* PITTOCK George, 10 Lower Street

READ Jeremiah, 122 Beach Street

REDSALL John, Coppen Street

WEST Henry G, Lower Street




Admiral Keppel, Jas SUTTON, Upper Deal

Anchor, Simon MARSH, West Street

Antwerp Inn, John JARMAN, Beach Street

Black Bull, Thos. LEACH, Lower Street

Cinque Port Arms, Thos. PEARCE, Walmer

Crown, William SINGER, Beach Street

Deal Castle, Stephen WATTS, Prospect Place

Deal Cutter, Mary FINNIS, Beach Street

Drum, John RAYNER, Walmer

Exchange, Daniel CORK, Beach Street

Five Bells, Mary SPINNER, Middle Deal

Fleur de Lis, Joseph WHITTALL, Union Row

Fountain, Henry NORTH, Beach Street

George & Dragon, Sarah WATSON, Walmer

Good Intent, Charles GARDNER, Sandown

Hope, John SMITH, Middle Street

Horse & Farrier, John MARDIN, Farrier Street

Jolly Sailors, Matthew BROWN, West Street

Kings Arms, John PETTY, Beach Street

Kings Head, Ann Mary DAWES, Walmer

Kings Head, William RALPH, Beach Street

Liverpool Arms, Wm. HOOKHAM, Upper Deal

Lord Nelson, Sarah HELLEN, Walmer Road

Lord Nelson, John HOLNESS, Short Street

Noahs Ark, Bethel WILSON, Peter Street

Pelican, Thomas HIGGINS, Beach Street

Port Arms, Ann FITZGERALD, on the beach

Queens Arms, Robt. Ths. MARTIN, Lower Street

Queens Head, Richd DITTON, Bridge Row

Rising Sun, William ROGERS, George Street

Rose, Henry WHITE, Lower Street

Royal George, Isabel NOAKES, Lower Street

Royal Standard, Thos. NASH, Walmer Road

Scarboro’ Cat, William POWELL, Beach Street

Ship & Castle, Zachariah SELTH, Lower Street

Sir Sidney Smith, Ralph PITTOCK, Beach Street

Star, Ann KENNETT, Brewer Street

Swan, Brockman BEAL, Queen Street

True Briton, William WELLARD, Walmer Road

Yarmouth Packt. Ambrose CULLEN, Beach Street




FOSTER Stephen, 189 Lower Street

HAYWARD Edward (and fancy bazaar), 7 Lower Street

KENNETT John, 60 Beach Street

SUTTON Thomas, 141 & 142 Lower Street




DAY John, St Georges Place

HUMPHREY William, Queen Street

LEPINE Charles, 12 Broad Street

VENNALL Thomas, 197 Lower Street

VILE Jacob, Beach Street




ANSELL James, Upper Deal

CHIDWICK William, Walmer Road

FOLWELL Joseph, Lower Street




HILLS Charles Thomas, Lower Street; house, 1 Oak Street

THOMPSON Edmund, Walmer




BAKER Jas. Tobacco pipe maker, Middle Street

BOWLES Thomas, hat maker, Nelson Street

BROWN Edmd, leather seller, 181 Lower Street

CAVELL Charles, poulterer, 1 Lower Street

CAVELL Thomas, collector of rates, Middle Street

CAVELL Thomas Vincent, registrar of births deaths and marriages, 17 Griffin Street

EDMAN John, turner, Middle Street

Excise Office, Royal Oak, Middle Street, Mr BROTHERS collector; John BALLARD supervisor.

Gas Works, Cannon Street, Saml. CHRISTIAN, manager

GIBBS William, farrier, Upper Deal

HALFORD & VOSS, lacemen & hosiery manufacturers, Lower Street

HAYWARD William T, dyer, 42 Lower Street

MARSH Jno. dealer in marine stores,  Beach Street

PRITCHARD Stephen, maltster, West Street

RAMELL Ingram, pattern maker, 122 Lower Street

RICKARD John, cutler, Queen Street

Royal Dock Yard, Deal – Capt. Edward BOYS, superintendent

THOMPSON Richd, leather seller, Beach Street

WELLDEN John, pawnbroker, Middle Street

WOODRUFF John, hatter, Lower Street


CUSTOM HOUSE – 191 Lower Street


Collector, Frederick PETTMAN

Collectors Clerk, William DEAR

Comptroller, Michael TYRALL




To London, the Royal Mail, every evening at half past six.


To Canterbury, The Defiance from POCKETT & BATES office and the Black Horse, every morning at half past eight.


To Dover, Post Coaches, (from Margate & Ramsgate), call at the Black Horse and Royal Oak, every morning at half past ten and evening at six.


To Herne Bay, a Coach, from the Black Horse every morning at seven.


To Margate and Ramsgate, Post Coaches (from Dover), call at the Black Horse and Royal Oak every forenoon at eleven and afternoon at five – and POCKETT & BATES Coaches, every morning at half past eight, afternoon at four, and even. at six all go thro’ Sandwich.




To Canterbury, a van from the Black Horse, every afternoon at half past four, and every Tuesday and Friday forenoon at eleven.


To Dover, a van from the Black Horse every morning at nine and evening at six, and one from the Bull, every evening at six.




To London, DREW, WATTS & co. and RAPLH & BUSHELL every Friday.



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