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Dartford, with the villages of Darenth, Sutton-at-Hone, Wilmington & neighbourhoods 


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Dartford is a flourishing and respectable market town and parish, in the lathe of Sutton at Hone, and the hundred of Axton, Dartford and Wilmington – 15 miles SE from the metropolis; situated on the great road from London to Canterbury, Dover and other populous towns on the coast, in a fertile valley, on a ford of the river Darent; from the latter locality its name is derived, being a contraction of Darent-ford. The most eventful historical circumstance connected with this place was the insurrection under Wat Tyler, which commenced here in 1355, in the fifth year of Richard II. Edward III founded a monastery here and endowed it with various manors and estates; at the dissolution of the religious houses its yearly revenue amounted to £380 9s 0½d; Henry VIII caused the structure to be fitted up as a residence for himself; the vestiges which have at different periods been recognized as forming part of the monastery evince that it must have been of considerable extent; the remains still preserved are composed of brick and present a large embattled gateway, with some detached portions to the south which have been converted into farm buildings. That this town is of very ancient foundation appears certain from the relics of former ages that have been discovered; not many years since, in tilling a piece of land belonging to Mr John LANDALE, a number of valuable antiquities were found at some depth below the surface. Exclusive of the animation produced by its great thoroughfare situation, Dartford possesses within itself many sources of active prosperity, in its iron foundries, chymical works, and paper and corn mills; steam engines, also are constructed, and gunpowder manufactured upon an extensive scale; besides which the seed crushing mills and mustard manufactory of Messrs SAUNDERS and HARRISON are perhaps the largest in the kingdom. By the convenience of a creek, water from the Thames is admitted, which at high tide is navigable for hoys, barges &c. thus maintaining a regular communication with the metropolis. Petty sessions for the lathe of Sutton are held here; and a court of requests, for the recovery of debts, not exceeding £5, site every third Friday.


The church dedicated to The Holy Trinity is an ancient and commodious structure, with an embattled tower, it contains many monuments of former ages – amongst the rest, one to the memory of Sir John SPIELMAN, a German, who it is said, introduced the paper manufacture into this country. The old burial ground is some distance from the church, on a hill so lofty that the level overlooks the church tower; this elevated position commands a fine view of the river Thames. A few years since, a new cemetery was consecrated in a more convenient situation. There are places of worship for independents and methodists; and the charities comprise, a free grammar school, one upon the national plan, connected with the church, and two sets of almshouses. The market day is Saturday, and an annual fair is held on the 2nd August. The parish in 1831, contained 4715 inhabitants.


Rather more than two miles southeast from Dartford in the same hundred, is the village of Darenth, situated on the river Darent, from which the parish and village obtain their name. The church is dedicated to St Margaret, is principally in the early style of English architecture and presents several defined specimens of the period of its erection, particularly the font which has attracted much attention; the living is a discharged vicarage, in the patronage of the dean and chapter of Rochester. Population of the parish in 1831, 588.


Somewhat more than a mile southwest from Darenth is the pleasant village of Sutton at Hone; this extensive parish, which gives name to a lathe, is intersected by the river Darent. The church dedicated to St John the Baptist, is a spacious edifice – its architecture in the decorated style; the benefice, a vicarage, is in the gift of the dean and chapter of Rochester. Sutton Place, an ancient brick building in this parish, formerly belonged to the Knights of St John of Jerusalem, who had a commandery here. Population 1012.


About a mile south from Dartford is the village of Wilmington, pleasantly situated near the road leading from Dartford to Seven Oaks and Tonbridge. The manor house in this village, which is remarkable for the beauty of its situation, was in the reign of Edward IV, the residence of the king making Earl of Warwick. The church dedicated to St Michael, stands on the summit of a hill, near the high road; and its well proportioned lofty spire is seen for a considerable distance round the country; the living is a vicarage, in the patronage of the dean and chapter of Rochester. The parish contained in 1831, 724 inhabitants.


POST OFFICE – High st, Dartford, William PITTOCK, Postmaster. Letters from London arrive every night at ten, and are despatched every morning at four. Letters from Dover &c. arrive every morning at four and are despatched every night at ten. Letters from Seven Oaks, Tonbridge Wells, Hastings &c. arrive every night at eight, and are despatched every morning at half past six. Letters from Swanscomb, Greenhithe, Darenth, Farningham &c. arrive (by foot post) every evening (Monday excepted) at seven and are despatched every morning (Monday excepted), at eight




BARRELL Mr James, West hill

CANN MR George, Overy st

CHAPMAN Mr Henry, Darenth

COOKE Mr Richard, Spital st

EVANS Dr John, Sutton

EVELEIGH Rev John (AM), Darenth

FLEET Mr Charles, High st

GRANT Rev Francis Bazett, Dartford

HALL Mrs John, Spital st

HAYWARD John esq, Wilmington

HURST Charles esq, Bowman’s lodge

KEMBLE Mr Mumford, Sutton-at-Hone

LEIGH Richard esq, Darenth

MINETT Isaac, Baldwins

MUGGERIDGE Mrs Ann, Giffords

MUMFORD Mrs John, Sutton-at-Hone

MUMFORD Mrs William, Sutton place

RASHLEIGH Rev Geo, Horton Kirby

RUSSELL John esq, Wilmington

SEARS Mr John, Spital st

SEATON Robert esq, Wilmington

STEVENS Rev Henry, Wilmington

STOREY James esq, Lowfield st

TASKER Mrs Ann, Wilmington

TRINDER Mr Thomas, Horton Kirby

WALL Miss Elizabeth, Overy st




CORKFIELD Joseph, Lowfield st

Grammar School, Overy st, Thos, BARTON, master

HODDER Matilda, (boarding), Spital st

National School, Spital st, Jos. PAIN, master; Charlt. PAIN, mistress




FOOKS Thomas Broadley, (& clerk to the court of requests), Spital st

HAYWARD John, (& clerk to the magistrates), High st

RUSSELL Alfred, High st




CALLOW John (& land & estate agent), Spital st

CLARK Peter, High st

HUBBARD William (& accountant), High st

PEARCE William Lucas, Spital st

STIDOLPH Henry, High st




ANDREWS James, High st

ANDREWS James jun. Overy st

BANKS Durrant, Wilmington

BANKS Priscilla, High st

BENSON Richard, Water lane

BRISLEY Charles G, Lowfield st

CLIFFORD John, Waterside

ELCOME Richard, Lowfield st

FISHER John, Sutton

GILES Henry, Mile End

GREEN George, Spital st

HILL Thomas (& biscuit), Lowfield st

HOOK Luke, Waterside

INKPEN William, West hill

MANNERSON Thomas, Lowfield st

TAPLEY John, High st

TRITTON William, High st

TURNER George, Water lane

WEBB Thomas East hill




HAYWARD John & Co, High st (draw on the Joint Stock Bank, Princes st, London)




BUCKLAND Edward, Lowfield st

BUCKLAND William, Wilmington

BUCKLAND William jun. Lowfield

CANN John, Bullhouse lane

CLARKE John, Wilmington

LAMB William, Sutton

PEARCE William, Spital st

WATSON Edward, Sutton-at-Hone

WRIGHT Thomas, Church hill




DOWNTON Arthur, (& printer), Lowfield st

DUNKIN & Son, High st & 10 New Road, Gravesend

HUBBARD William, High st




DUNKIN & Son, (& printers), High st & 10 New Road, Gravesend

HUBBARD William, High st

WARCUP Samuel, (& music seller), High st




ANDERSON John, Spital st

BATT Richard, Lowfield st

BEAN William, High st

BELL James & William, (& leather sellers), Hithe st

BUSSEY Joseph, Lowfield st

CLEMENTS William, Waterside

COLDWELL Amos, Sutton-at-Hone

DURRANT John, High st

FORRESTER William, High st

FURR Thomas, High st

HODGES George & Son, High st

HODSON Thomas, Lowfield st

JAGGS Thomas, Spital st

LINTON Henry, Overy st

MASSINGHAM John, Spital st

SKELT William, Water lane

VINER William, Sutton-at-Hone

WELLS John, Horton Kirby




CHANDLER William, High st

EVITT George, Spital st

HANDS William, Lowfield st

INKPEN Charles, Marl place

WEEKES John, High st


BREWERS – see also Maltsters


FLEET Chas Hussy & William, Lowfield st

MISKIN Jas. Black, Waterside Brewery

PITTOCK William, Crown brewery, High st

TASKER John & William, Lowfield st




BILLS George, Sutton

BOLT George, West hill

MARTIN Jane, High st

PACKMAN George, Sutton

PHILCOX William, (& brick agent), Philcox wharf

SHARP James, corner of High st and Water lane

SHARPE John, High st




CALLOW John  (& surveyor), Spital st

HOW Henry, Sutton-at-Hone

SHARP James, corner of High st and Water lane




BARTON John, Lowfields st

BUTCHER Abraham, Dartford Bridge

CLIFFORD John, Waterside

CROSBY John, Spital st

KEMP Robert, High st

KEMP Thomas, Spital st

LEACH Thomas (pork), Lowfield st

MEDHURST Charles, High st

MEDHURST Friend James, Sutton

WALLIS Thomas, Water lane

WEST Thomas, High st




ACTON William, Sutton-at-Hone

BOOKER Francis, Lowfield st

CALLOW John, Spital st

GUMBRELL James, Wilmington

HOW Henry, Sutton-at-Hone

KNOWLER John, Spital st

SEAGER James, Darenth

SHARP James, corner of High st and Water lane




EDWARDS George, Spital st

HAMMOND & GURNELL (& oilmen), High st




HODSOLL Thomas, High st

STAPLES William, High st





HUGGARD Charles, Overy st

POTTER Rowley Edward, High st




BARTON Caroline, Lowfield st

INGLEW Silvester, Lowfield st

PAGE John, Water lane

SIBLEY Thomas, Lowfield st




HAMMOND Simmons (& lime burner), Dartford

PHILCOX William (coke), Philcox Wharf




ASHDOWN Giles, Church hill

KILLICK George, High st




LOWETH Charlotte, High st

PHILCOX William (merchant), Philcox Wharf

WILDING John (& seedsman), Spital st




HALL John & Edward, (& millwrights), Waterside; office, 23 Lombard st, London & 9 Rue d’Enghien, Paris




Kent, John FINCH, Dartford hill

Norwich Union, Richard CLARKE, Spital st

Phoenix, John LANDALE, Spital st

Royal Exchange, Rokeby Robinson HARDS, Dartford Bridge

Sun, Simmons HAMMOND, High st




LYDALL James, Lowfield st

SIDNEY Luther, High st

SLADE George, High st




LYDALL James, Lowfield st

MALCOM William, High st




FOOT John, High st

TOLHURST Sarah, Lowfield st


GROCERS, TEA DEALERS & CHEESEMONGERS – see also Shopkeepers &c. and also Tea Dealers


ATTWOOD William & Thomas, Sutton-at-Hone

BICKNELL Mark, Horton Kirby

BUNKER Richard, High st

DOVE William, High st

ELWIN Thomas (& tallow chandler), Spital st

HAMMOND George, High st

HERITAGE John, Dartford Bridge

LANGLAND Nathan, High st

TAYLOR & Son, High st

WILSON James (& tea dealer), Lowfield st




PIGON & WILKS, Dartford Mills and at 34 Throgmorton st, London




EVEREST John, Spital st

FARELL John, High st

JUDGE Thomas, High st



KERR Thomas, Waterloo House, High st

PELTON Richard, High st

WHITTAKER George (& clothier), High st


INNS – posting


Bell, Letitia WOOD, High st

Black Boy and commercial Inn, Richard NORWOOD, High st

Bull and George, Charles MESSENGER, High st

Bull and Royal Victoria Hotel, (and Posting Master to Her Majesty). Rowley Edward POTTER, High st




HALL John & Edward, (& steam engine manufacturers & millwrights), Waterside; office, 23 Lombard st, London & 9 Rue d’Enghien, Paris




CHANDLER William, High st

PEARCE William Lucas, High st

WEEKES John, High st




ATWOOD William & Thomas, (& silk mercers), Sutton-at-Hone

BRAUND George, High st

JARDINE Joseph, High st

KERR Thomas, (& silk mercer, hatter & hosier), Waterloo House, High st

QUAIT Amelia, High st

SANDER Philip, High st

WILSON James, Lowfield st




CRIPPS William, Grinstead green

FLEET Chas. Hussey & William, Lowfield st

MISKIN Jas Black, Waterside brewery

MUGGERIDGE John, Horton Kirby

TASKER John & William, Lowfield st




DOCKERY Thomas Thornton, Lowfield st

HALL John, Waterside

LANDALE John, Wets hill

PANKHURST William, Brent

PAYNE George, West hill

STOREY Charles, Lowfield st




CANNON Stephen, South Darenth

COLYER Hy, Dartford mills

HARDS Rokeby Robinson, Dartford Bridge

WILLDING George, Phoenix mills




GREEN Ann, Spital st

HARMAN Maria, High st

KNOWLER Sarah, Spital st

MITCHELL Ann & Matilda, Lowfield st

SQUIRE Susan, Sutton




SAUNDERS & HARRISON, Phoenix Mills, and 10 Maidstone Wharf, Queenhithe, London




BARHAM James, Sutton-at-Hone

CAVELL George Frederick, Lowfield st

CAVELL Thomas Devereux, High st

GANSDEN Thomas Spencer, Lowfield st

GILDER Thomas, Lowfield st

GILDER William, High st




HALL Henry, Horton Kirby Paper Mills, Horton Kirby

MORBEY & SAUNDERS, Darenth mills

WIGGINS Wm. Hawley mills, Hawley




SAUNDERS & HARRISON, Phoenix Mills, and 10 Maidstone Wharf, Queenhithe, London




BALLARD Ann, West hill

BALLARD Joseph, Overy st

BROWN James, Spital st

CANN Sarah, Lowfield st

COCKUP John, Lowfield st

DIXON William, Orange place

FISHER John, Sutton

HACKNEY Mary, White hill

HARDING Frances, Wilmington

HILL Mary, Mile End terrace

HOOD William, Wilmington

HUGHES Sarah, Lowfield st

KETTLE John, Water lane

M’KEE David, Overy st

MARTIN John, Lowfield st

MARTIN Richard, Water lane

PACKMAN George, Sutton

PARKER John, Wilmington

SEAGER James, Darenth

SHARPE John jun. High st

SHEAVES John, Water lane

WEBB John, High st




MARSHALL Ann, Spital st

WATSON Richard, Spital st




AMOS Mary, Lowfield st

HOPKINS Elizabeth, Lowfield st

KNOWLER Sarah, Spital st

TURNER Sarah, Lowfield st




FISHER William, Lowfield st

HURST Charles James, High st

KINGSTON Daniel, Spital st

TIPPETT Richard, Spital st




CALLOW John, Spital st

HUBBARD William, High st




ALLCHIN Thomas, High st

FOOT John, High st

HODSON John William, Lowfield st

HOPKINS George, Lowfield st

LEARY David, Waterside

MACKNEY George Knight, Darenth

MITCHELL John (& glover), High st

PECKETT Thomas, High st

PELTON Richard (& draper), High st

QUILTER James, Lowfield st

WHITTAKER George, High st




ELWIN Thomas, Spital st




Bull, Robert WATERS, Hawley

Bulls Head, George WHALLER, High st

Chequers, Geo Knight MACKNEY, Darenth

Coach & Horses, Ann CROSBY, Spital st

Cock, John MANN, Wilmington

Crown, John WILLINGALE, High st

Crown & Anchor, Richard STILE, High st

Eight Bells, Hy COLYER, High st

Eleven Cricketers, Edw WINTER, Church hill

Jolly Miller, Wm. SELMAN, Horton Kirby

Kings Head, Samuel ELLIOTT, High st

Old Granby, George BENNETT, High st

Plough, George STEEL, Wilmington

Post Boy, Thomas BUCKLAND, High st

Rising Sun, John BECKLEY, Dartmouth rd

Royal Oak, Thos, Sweeting DAY, Spital st

Ship, William BULL, Sutton-at-Hone

Smiths Arms, Nathan WHITLEY, Waterside

Two Brewers, Wm ALLCHIN, Lowfield st

Waterman’s Arms, Wm BAXTER, Waterside

Windmill, William ROWE, Lowfield st




WILSON James, Lowfield st

WILSON Robert, Spital st




BAXTER William, Waterside

CALLOW John, Spital st

HALL Thomas, Lowfield st

PHILCOX William (and brick), Philcox Wharf




PASCALL Thomas, Overy st




BECKWITH William, Waterside

BRAUND William, High st

PAGE James, Spital st




BAXTER Wm. (& hoy man), Waterside

HAMMOND Simmons, Hammonds Wharf

PHILCOX Wm. (& hoy man), Philcox Wharf

WILLDING George, Willdings Wharf




BUCKLAND James, Lowfield st

HOW Henry, Sutton-at-Hone




POTTER Rowley Edward, High st; vaults Spital st




Society for the Manufacture of Zinc, Dartford Zinc works and at 12 Rue Richer, Paris – Monsieur De STAINS, actuary




BRAND William, corn inspector and parish clerk, East hill

Court of Requests, Town Hall, Thomas B FOOKS, clerk

DORMAN Joseph, cow keeper, Spital st

Gas Works, Waterside, William GREEN, clerk & superintendent

HOOK Wm. whiting manufacturer, Waterside

HOY John, horse dealer, Spital st

INGLEW Silvester, clothes dealer, Lowfield st

JAMES John Wheeler, currier, Spital st

KITHER John, gunsmith &c, High st

MARSHALL John, wire weaver and paper mould maker, Waterside

MARTIN William, basket maker, High st

MAY Isaac, carman, Spital st

PARKS John D, nursery and seedsman, Dartford nursery

PELTON Richard, undertaker, High st

PITTOCK William, stamp distributer and newspaper office, High st

QUAIT Amelia, pawnbroker, High st

SNOWDEN Jas. saddler & rope maker, High st

STIDOLPH Henry, cabinet maker. High st

Union Workhouse, Spital St, Nicholas PALMER, governor

WARCUP Samuel, professor of music, High st

WILKS Henry, travelling tea dealer, Spital st

WILSON John, supervisor, Lowfield st




Call at CHAPMANs & EDWARDs office, opposite the Bull and Victoria Hotel, High st - To London, the Royal Mail, every morning at four – a Coach every morning at three, nine and half past eleven, and afternoon at a quarter before two, three and half past four.


Call at the Bull & George Inn - To London, the Paris Mail every Tuesday and Saturday and a Coach, every morning at three and nine and afternoon at four and half past five.


Call at the Black Boy, High st – To London, a Coach, every morning at four and afternoon at two, quarter before four, four and five.


To London, Charles HUGGETTS coach, the Dart from the Eight Bells, High st, every morning at twenty minutes before eight, and another Coach, afternoon at four.


To Canterbury, the Defiance, from the Bull and Victoria Hotel, every morning at a quarter before nine, and every night at half past nine and the Tally Ho every afternoon at a quarter before five; go through Gravesend, Rochester, Chatham and Faversham.


To Chatham, an Omnibus, from CHAPLIN & Co’s office, every forenoon at half past eleven – the Commodore, every afternoon at a quarter past four – the Nelson every evening at seven and an Omnibus from the Black Boys every afternoon at one.


To Deal, passengers are forwarded from CLEMENT & BOULTON’s coach office Canterbury every evening at half past five.


To Dover, the Royal Mail, (from London), calls at CHAPMANs & EDWARDs office, every night at ten – the Eagle, every forenoon at a quarter past eleven – another Eagle, every night at ten – and the Defiance, at nine in the morning and half past nine at night – and the Union, from the Bull & George, every forenoon at half past eleven.


To Faversham, a Coach calls at CHAPMANs & EDWARDs office every afternoon at two.


To Gravesend, by the Canterbury, Chatham and Dover coaches.


To Margate and Ramsgate, the Express, from the Bull and Victoria Hotel, every forenoon at a quarter past eleven.


To Paris and the Continent, the Royal Mail (from London), calls at CHAPMANs & EDWARDs office, every Tuesday and Friday at night at eleven.




For passengers – To and from London and Chatham, a Van calls at the Black Boy, every afternoon (Sunday excepted), at one


For goods  - To London, Stanbury & Co (from Dover), call at the Black Boy, every morning (Sunday excepted), at five. To Dover, Stanbury & Co (from London), call at the Black Boy, every evening (Sunday excepted), at seven.




To London, Wrake & Co & Stanbury & Co calls at the Bulls Head, and William CLARKE from his house, Spital st, daily, and Jane COWELL, from Waterside, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


To Canterbury and Dover, Wrake & Co & Stanbury & Co Waggons from the Bulls Head, daily.


To Seven Oaks, BOWKES from the Eight Bells and __ SILLMAN from the Royal Oak, every Wednesday and Saturday.


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