Pigots 1840 - Kent

Cudham, Nockholt, Brasted, Sundridge & Ide Hill 


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Cudham is an extensive but thinly inhabited parish, nearly seven miles in length, four miles north from Westerham and seven NW from Seven Oaks, and rather more than the latter distance SE by S from Bromley. There is no high road through this parish, but coaches to and from London pass Leaves Green daily. The church dedicated to St Peter and St Paul is an old fabric of flint and brick, with a steeple rising from the centre; the living is a discharged vicarage in the presentation of the Crown. Henry III granted a weekly market to this place, but it is not known that this privilege ever proved of any advantage to the inhabitants.


Nockholt is a small village and parish two miles from Cudham, lying about a mile off the turnpike road running from Tonbridge to London. The church stands in an elevated situation; the living is a perpetual curacy in the patronage of the Rector of Orpington; there is likewise a methodist chapel in the parish. On a very high hill in this neighbourhood are some remarkably old trees, called the “Nockholt Beeches”, which serve as a landmark for some parts of the coast.


About two miles and a half from Nockholt on the road from Westerham to Seven Oaks, two miles from the former and four and a half from the latter place is the pleasantly lively village of Brasted. The church dedicated to St Martin, is a large cruciform structure of stone, standing a short distance from the village; the benefice is a vicarage, in the gift of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The parish is about seven miles in length, and one and a half in breadth. An annual fair is held here on Holy Thursday.


About a mile and a half from Brasted is the agreeable village of Sandridge also situated on the road between Westerham and Seven Oaks; it is watered by a small stream, upon which is a large mill for the manufacture of paper. Near the village is the church, a low stone edifice, with a square tower; the benefice which is a rectory is in the patronage of the see of Canterbury. At Ide Hill is a handsome stone church, of Gothic architecture, which is a chapel of ease to Sundridge but is independent thereof for the support of the minister, his stipend being derived from a fund left for the purpose by the late Doctor Beilby PORTEUS, bishop of London. There are about one hundred acres of hops planted in this parish. Sundridge confers the English title of Baron on the Duke of Argyll.


The whole of the above parishes are in the lathe of Sutton at Hone. Cudham and Nockholt are in the hundred of Ruxley; the former contained in 1831, 660 inhabitants and the latter 471. Brasted and Sundridge are in Codsheath hundred; the former contained 994 and the latter 1268 inhabitants.


POST OFFICE – Brasted, Sarah WHIFFEN, Postmistress. Letters from all parts arrive (by foot post from Seven Oaks), every morning at eight, and are despatched every evening at six.




BEST Mr T, Brasted

BLOXHAM Rev Matthew, Ide Hill

BURGESS the Misses, Brasted

BUTCHER Mr John, Nockholt

CHAPMAN Mrs Elizabeth, Nockholt

CREASEY Mr Jas. (surgeon), Brasted

DOUGLASS Mrs, Brasted

D’OYLEY Rev George, Sundridge

GIBBONS Rev John, Brasted

GRASETT William esq, Sundridge

HARMER Rev Thomas, Nockholt

HICKS Francis esq, Brasted

HOLMES Mr Robert, Brasted

LIDDARD Mr Stephen, Nockholt

MARTEN William esq, Nnockholt

MAYLIN Miss, Portslands

MAYNARD Mr William, Brasted

POLHILL George esq, Sundridge

RICHARDS Mr Edward, Nockholt

RICKETTS Admiral, Nockholt

SAIL Mr Henry, Sundridge

THALE Miss Susannah, Nockholt

WILGRESS Rev John Thomas, Sundridge

WILMOTT Charles esq, Sundridge



MARTIN William, Brasted

TURNER James (& corn dealer), Brasted




DALEY John, Brasted

REEVES William, Cudham

ROCK William, Nockholt

SMITH John, Ide Hill

TIDY Thomas, Brasted

TREMAIN Edward, Cudham

WEST Thomas & William, Brasted

WOOD George, Cudham




COLLIER Peter, Brasted

DAMPER Richard, Ide Hill

DODD John, Brasted

GRAVITT Richard, Nockholt

JARRETT George, Brasted

JARRETT John, Sundridge




INGRAHAM John William, Sundridge

KING Thomas, Cudham

MORGAN Thomas, Nockholt

WELLS John, Brasted




ELLIOTT John, Brasted

HAMMOND Thomas, Nockholt

LANGRIDGE Richard, Brasted

SHOREY Elizabeth, Sundridge




CRANE Anthony, Cudham

DUDNALL Richard, Brasted

ELLIOTT Thomas, Brasted

LONGHURST John, Sundridge

STAPLES Philip, Brasted

YOUNG David, Nockholt




FITCH Richard, Brasted

GIMSON Sarah, Nockholt

HUNT Isaac, Sundridge

LEE John, Sundridge

MARTIN James, Cudham

PEASGOOD Joseph, Cudham

ROGERS Walter, Brasted

SALES George, Leaves Green

WERRY William, Cudham

YATES Richard, Cudham




ASHBY John, Brasted

PADDY Joseph, Cudham

SMITH William, Brasted




WILMOTT Charles, Sundridge




MARTIN Edward & Robert, Brasted

MILLS John, Nockholt




JONES Moses, Brasted

PAIN David, Brasted




Arrow, John MARTIN, Nockholt

Black Bull, Henry ODELL, Brasted

Black Horse, James MARTIN, Cudham

Blacksmiths Arms, Jas. WARD, Cudham

Cock, George PARKER, Ide Hill

Crown, Philip ROCK, Nockholt

Horse Shoes, John ATTWOOD, Nockholt

Kings Arms, Mary OSMAR, Brasted

Kings Arms, Joseph PEASGOOD, Cudham

Lamb, Margaret HUBBARD, Sundridge

Stanhope’s Arms, Eliz, DAVEY, Brasted

White Hart, Thomas YEARRON, Brasted

White Horse, John SWEETSER, Sundridge




EMAN Esther, Cudham

PARRATT Thomas, Brasted

ROOTS Henry, Sundridge

SMITH John, Brasted




AKHURST Stephen, hop grower, Brasted

BOOTH Daniel, surveyor, Sundridge

DAVEY Richard, brewer, Brasted

GRAVITT John, fruit grower, Nockholt

HOLMES John, saddler, Brasted

MOORE Richard, schoolmaster, Brasted

TAYLOR Frederick, maltster, Cudham

WHIFFEN Sarah, linen maker, Brasted

WINTER Richard, market gardener, Brasted




To London, a Coach, from Sundridge every morning, (Sunday excepted), at half past seven; goes through Brasted, Westerham & Keston




To London, William HUBBLE, from Brasted every Monday & Thursday, and Thomas HOGBEN every Wednesday and Friday.



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