Pigots 1840 - Kent

The Crays & Chiselhurst 


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The Crays are four neat and highly respectable villages, respectively denominated, Foots Cray, North Cray, St Pauls Cray and St Marys Cray. They are each distinct parishes, and are all locally situate in the lathe of Sutton at Hone and hundred of Ruxley; they are seated on the banks of the River Cray, amidst beautiful scenery, interspersed with numerous elegant seats, tasteful villas and splendid mansions. North Cray was the residence of the late Marquess of Londonberry and it was at his seat here that he terminated his existence. The most important, in appearance and trade, of the four villages ( though not the most populous of parishes) is Foots Cray, anciently written Fote’s Cray, from a Sir William FOTE to whom a grant of land was made by William I; it lies on the direct road from London to Maidstone, distant from the former 12 miles south east and from the latter town 23 north west- is a place of considerable thoroughfare and supports some good inns. The inhabitants of the Crays are chiefly engaged in agricultural pursuits; and in the neighbourhood are many extensive fruit gardens, from which large quantities of their produce are sent to the London markets. On the Cray stream are several paper mills, which tend materially to the advantage of the villages, and employ a number of persons of both sexes. Each of the Crays has its parish church but none of these edifices present anything to claim particular remark. Foots Cray and St Marys Cray have a dissenting chapel and a national school at each place, and at the latter are some almshouses and workhouse. The waters of a mineral spring, near Foots Cray, have been brought into notice through an analysis of their properties by Mr SMITH, surgeon. About a mile and a half beyond Foots Cray, the first hop ground in Kent, on this line of road, greets the eye of the stranger. By the returns of 1831 the population of the several parishes was – Foots Cray 308; St Marys Cray 905; North Cray 342; and St Pauls Cray 411.


Chiselhurst is a most respectable village, in the same lathe and hundred at the Crays, 10½ miles SE from London and 6 from Lewisham, situated on the road leading from Bromley to Eltham, The antiquary and historian Camden selected this place for his retirement and here he prepared the greater part of his annals of Queen Elizabeth. Camden house a very handsome seat, is now the residence of Mrs BONAR; in the park may be seen, serving as a covering to a spring that celebrated piece of ancient architecture, the “Lantern of Demosthenes” in all its proportions. Several other elegant seats are in this vicinity, including those of Frognall, Lord Viscount Sidney; and Pheasant Grove, Lord Wynford; indeed this neighbourhood may be considered as most of the genteel in the county. The places of worship in Chiselhurst are the parish church dedicated to St Nicholas, and a chapel for Wesleyan methodists; the living is a rectory, in the gift of the see of Canterbury; the Rev Francis DAWSON is the present incumbent. An annual fair is held here, on Wednesday after Whit Sunday for pleasure. The population of the parish in 1831 amounted to 1820.


POST OFFICE – Foots Cray, James COX, Postmaster. Letters from London arrive (by foot post from Bromley) every morning (Monday excepted), at eight and from Bexley at half past twelve, and are despatched to Bexley every afternoon at a quarter past three and to Bromley at half past four.


POST – St Marys Cray, Receiving House at the Black Boy. Letters from London arrive (by foot post from Bromley) every morning (Monday excepted), at

half past nine  and from Bexley every afternoon at one, and are despatched to Bromley every afternoon at a half past three and to Bexley at half past two.


POST – North Cray – this place is within the Dartford delivery, letters therefore should be addressed “North Cray, near Dartford”.


POST OFFICE – Chiselhurst, John KING, Postmaster. Letters from London arrive (by cross post from Bromley), every morning (Monday excepted), at one and night at eleven, and are despatched every afternoon at a quarter before three and night at eight.




BARNARD Geo William esq, Chiselhurst

BERENS Harry esq, Place Green House, Sidcup

BERENS Joseph esq, Kevington hall, St Marys Cray

BERENS Richard esq, Place Green House, Sidcup

BERTRAND Mr Alexander, Chiselhurst

BEXLEY the Hon. Lord, Foots Cray pl

BOURN Rev Robt. Burr, St Pauls Cray

BROWN Capt. George, Sidcup

CATOR Capt. Bertle Cornelius (RN), Mount mascall, North Cray

CHAPMAN Jas. esq, St Pauls Cray hill

CHAPMAN Miss, St Pauls Cray cottage

DAWSON Rev Francis, Chiselhurst

DE VITRE esq, Homewood lodge

DICKENSON Mr John, St Pauls Cray

EDGELL Rev Edgell Wyatt, North Cray

GLANVILL Mrs, North Cray

HORROCKS Mrs Jane, Sidcup

JEFFCOTT Mr Daniel, Scadbury Park

JENNER Sir Herbert bart, Chiselhurst

JEREMY Henry esq, Chiselhurst

JONES the Misses, Foots Cray

LAWSON esq, Mascall

LEWIS Mrs, Chiselhurst

LOWE Mr Jas (attorney), North Cray

MADOX James Fuller esq, Foots Cray

MARTIN John esq, Chiselhurst

NASSEY esq, Chiselhurst

NETTLESHIP Samuel esq, North Cray place

NORMAN Hon. Henry, Chiselhurst

NURSEY Mr John, Chiselhurst

OLLIFF Mr James, Chiselhurst

PELASKE esq, Sidcup

PLASKETT Henry esq, Sidcup

RICE William esq, Kemnall place, Chiselhurst

SCHACKLETON Mrs, Chiselhurst

SIDNEY Lord Viscount, Frognall, Chiselhurst

STAINES Mrs Hannah, Foots Cray

STAIR Mrs, Honeyden, North Cray

STEPHENS esq, Chiselhurst

STONE George esq, Coopers lodge, Chiselhurst

TAGGART Mrs, Chiselhurst

TOWNSEND the Hon Misses, Chiselhurst

TWYSDEN Mrs, Foots Cray

WALTON Col. William, St Mary Cray

WARING Dr Richard, Marlins, St Pauls Cray

WARRINER Rev Enoch, Foots Cray

WINDER William esq, Foots Cray

WYNFORD the Right Hon Lord, Pheasant Grove, St Pauls Cray




COX James (day), Foots Cray

Free School, St Pauls Cray, Ann SHELDING, mistress

JOHNSON George (boarding), North Cray

National School, Chiselhurst, James WHOMES, master; Lucy DUNMALL, mistress

National School, Foots Cray, James BURNHAM, master; Elizabeth BURNHAM, mistress

National School, St Marys Cray, WHOMES, master

PARSONS Julia, (boarding & day), Chiselhurst

WESTBROOK Elizabeth, (boarding & day), Foots Cray

WYBURN & BATTERSBEE (gentlemen’s boarding), Chiselhurst




BROOMFIELD Charles, St Marys Cray

GIMSON Mary, Chiselhurst

JAMES Richard, St Marys Cray

ROBERTSON John, Foots Cray

WEBB William Reynolds, St Marys Cray

WENBORN Henry, Chiselhurst

WOOD James, Foots Cray

YATES William, Foots Cray




BARNES William, Perry st

BLACKNEY Thomas, Chiselhurst

STILES Matthias, St Marys Cray

STONE Henry (& ironmonger), Foots Cray

STONE Thomas, Foots Cray

WELCH George, Sidcup




AYLUD Henry, St Marys Cray

BANKS William, Chiselhurst

BURTON William (& leather seller), St Marys Cray

CLARK William, North Cray

EVE Samuel, Foots Cray

IVES James, Foots Cray

JAMES George, Chiselhurst

JAMES Henry, Chiselhurst

MANDY James, Foots Cray

MANDY William, Foots Cray

POOLE John, Foots Cray

QUINT John, Chiselhurst

SPOONER Thomas, St Mary Cray

TEASDALE James, Chiselhurst

WAILE Richard, Chiselhurst

WAIN Richard, Chiselhurst

WALLS William, Chiselhurst




DAWSON Edmund (& lime burner), Chiselhurst

PASCALL Thomas, Red Hill




DUKE Rosa, St Marys Cray

FRANCIS Britain, Foots Cray




CROST Thomas, St Marys Cray

FRENCH Charles, Chiselhurst

FULCHER William George, St Marys Cray

ISARD Henry, Chiselhurst

MILLS William, Foots Cray

TAYLOR John, Foots Cray




DONMALL Mary, Chiselhurst

MANDY Hannah, Foots Cray

TIBBS Peter, ST Marys Cray

TOWNSEND Charles, St Marys Cray

WHIGHT Edward & Son, Chiselhurst




BATH John (& market gardener), Birchwood

KILLICK William, Birchwood

PETTY William, St Marys Cray

SIMS Robert, Foots Cray

SUTHERLAND James, Birchwood


GROCERS & DEALES IN SUNDRIES – those marked thus * are also Drapers


BRIGHT William, Chiselhurst

BURTON John, St Mary Cray

* CLARK Thomas, St Mary Cray

CRIPPS Charles, St Pauls Cray

CRIPPS William (& druggists), St Marys Cray

* HORSLEY Henry, Chiselhurst

HUMPHREY James, Chiselhurst

JAMES Richard, St Pauls Cray

* LESTER William Elliott, Foots Cray

MAY Philip, North Cray

NEAL Sarah, Foots Cray

PANNETT Allen, Chiselhurst

* ROGERS John, Foots Cray

SILVESTER John, Perry st

SMITH William, Foots Cray

WEBB William Reynolds, St Pauls Cray

WILLIAMS Ann, Chiselhurst

WYATT Joseph, Chiselhurst




OOST William, Chiselhurst

TYRRELL John, St Marys Cray




Anchor, Amy PENNINGTON, St Pauls Cray

Black Boy, James HILLIER, St Marys Cray

Black Horse, JOHNSON, Sidcup

Bull, Charles JEWELL, Birchwood

Bull, James MORGAN, St Pauls Cray

Bulls Head, John DURLING, Chiselhurst

Crown, Silas NEWMAN, Chiselhurst

Five Bells, William SPARKS, St Marys Cray

Queens Head, Richard GODSEL, Chiselhurst

Red Cross, William FARMER, North Cray

Red Lion, Frederick WALKER, Foots Cray

Seven Stars (& posting house), Thos.EDMONDS, Foots Cray

Tigers Head, Jos. CHANDLER, Chiselhurst

Tigers Head (& posting), Samuel MARTIN, Foots Cray

White Horse, CHESHYRE, Red Hill

White Swan, Matthw. TESTER, Perry st




SNELLING Joseph & Rowland, Chiselhurst




MOCKETT William Baker, Foots Cray

NICKOLS John, Chiselhurst

SMITH Benjamin, St Marys Cray




JOYNSON William, St Marys Cray

NASH Thomas, St Pauls Cray

WOODFULL Henry, Foots Cray




DAWSON William, Foots Cray

LAURENCE George, St Marys Cray




CALLAWAY, Chiselhurst

JOHNSTONE Colin, Chiselhurst

PRITCHER Thomas, Sidcup

SMITH Thomas Hextall, St Marys Cray




CLARK Robert, Foots Cray

CLARK Thomas, Foots Cray

GREENSLADE Thomas, St Marys Cray

WHOMES James, Chiselhurst

WILLIS Henry, Chiselhurst




BLACKNEY Thomas, Chiselhurst

HARDIGE William (& coach builder), Foots Cray

HARDSTONE William, St Marys Cray

RINGER Henry, Chiselhurst




ALLEN Robert, farmer, Redhill

CBAMBERLAIN (as printed!!)Richard, cooper & maltster, Chiselhurst

COX Jas, bookseller & toy dealer, Foots Cray

COX Jas jun. teacher of music, Foots Cray

DONMALL Henry, farmer, St Marys Cray

EDMONDS Ths. Tallow chandler, Foots Cray

EVEREST Edward, farmer, St Pauls Cray

GODSELL Richard, brewer, Chiselhurst

MAY Richard, framer, Foots Cray

NIGHTINGALE Samuel, farmer, Perry st

PACKMAN Jas, cow keeper,  St Marys Cray

PARKER Thos. basket maker, Foots Cray

REEVES Geo. furniture brkr, St Marys Cray

TESTER Matthew, fishmonger, Perry st

WHOMES James, parish clerk, Chiselhurst

WOOD James, farmer, Perry st

Workhouse, Chiselhurst, Thos, CHURCHER, governor; Eliz CHURCHER, matron




To London, a Coach (from Orpington), passes thro’ Chiselhurst and St Marys Cray, every morning (Sunday excepted), at 8. The following coaches from Maidstone, call at the Tigers Head, Foots Cray, every day (Sunday excepted), viz. – the British Queen, morning at half past eight – the Reliance, forenoon at eleven – the Balloon every day at twelve – the Tally Ho afternoon at one and the Favourite evening at six.


To London, the Age (from Farningham), every morning at nine – the Times (from Folkestone), every afternoon at four and an Omnibus (from Maidstone) calls at the Seven Stars, Foots Cray every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 11.


To Farningham, the Age (from London), calls at the Tigers Head, Foots Cray every evening at half past five.


To Folkestone, the Times (from London), calls at the Tigers Head, Foots Cray every morning (Sunday excepted), at a quarter before ten; goes through Maidstone, Charing, Ashford, Hythe and Sandgate.


To Maidstone, calling at the Tigers Head, Foots Cray, every day, (Sunday excepted), the Favourite, forenoon at a quarter before eleven – the Reliance every afternoon at three – the Tally Ho at half past three – the Balloon at half past four - & the British Queen at a quarter past five – an Omnibus (from London), calls at the Seven Stars, Foots Cray, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon at three and the Reliance every Sunday afternoon at a quarter past four.


To Orpington, a Coach, (from London), passes thro’ St Marys Cray and Chiselhurst every afternoon (Sunday excepted).




To London, Ann WILLIAMS from the Bulls Head, Chiselhurst & William YATES and George KING from their houses every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning – John SPEARING, from his house, St Marys Cray, every Monday & Thursday – James MONK from the same place every Monday & Friday and James MORGAN passes through North Cray every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.



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