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Crayford, Erith & neighbourhood


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Crayford is a village and parish in the lathe of Sutton at Hone and hundred of Lessness – 13 miles E by S from London and 2 W from Dartford; situated on the Cray, from which it received its name. Upon this river are some considerable silk and calico printing establishments and several saw mills of a most costly and ingenious construction – the latter were employed in cutting timber for the flooring of Buckingham Palace; these works are now however used for grinding corn. The church dedicated to St Panlinus stands on an eminence at the upper end of the village; it is a spacious modern structure adorned with an elegant altar piece; the benefice is a rectory, in the patronage of Thomas AUSTEN esq. and incumbency of Rev Arthur ONSLOW. At this place in the year 457, Hengist obtained a decisive victory over the Britons under Vortimer. In the parish are many ancient caves some of which are from ten to twenty fathoms deep, widening in circumference; there is a tradition that they were formed by the Saxons, as places of security for their wives and children during the wars with the Britons; many, however, consider it more probable that they were merely excavations for procuring chalk for agricultural and other useful purposes. May Place here was formerly the residence of Sir Cloudesley SHOVEL; it is now the property of Mrs Ann BARNE and let to J F BURNETT Esq. An Archbishop of Canterbury who possessed Crayford procured a weekly market for it, to be holden on Tuesday and a fair on our Lady nativity; the market has been long abandoned, but a fair of little or no importance is annually held on the 24th August. Population of the parish in 1831, 2,022.


Two miles north from Crayford in the same lathe and hundred is Erith village and parish situated on the banks of the Thames; it lies open to the upper part of the Long Reach, where the East Indiamen in proceeding up the river, discharge part of their cargo and also receive ballast in going out – a circumstance of material advantage to the place. It is composed chiefly of two streets, one leading down to the water side, the other branching off to the left towards the church – this edifice dedicated to St John the Baptist is very ancient and almost overgrown with ivy; it consists of a nave, chancel, a south chapel and a south isle with a low tower and spire at the west end. There are several ancient monuments in this church. Erith was some ages since incorporated and possessed the privilege of holding fairs and markets, but this right has not been acted upon in the memory of the present inhabitants. The parish contained in 1831, 1533 inhabitants.


POST - Crayford, Receiving House at Sarah BUCKs. Letters from London arrive every morning at eight, afternoon at half past twelve and evening at seven, and are despatched every morning at a quarter before eight and afternoon at a quarter before three.


POST – Erith, Receiving House at Charles BECKLEYs. Letters arrive every afternoon at two, and are despatched at the same time.




BARNE Mrs Sarah, Manor house

BURNETT John Fassett esq, May Place, Crayford

BUTLER Mr Edmund, Beaton well, Erith

CARTER Mr Thomas, Erith

COLYER Mr John, Crayford

CREICHTON Rev William, Crayford

FLETCHER Mr Edward, Abbey, Erith

GRANTHAM Mr John (surgeon), Crayford

ONSLOW Rev Arthur, Erith

PAGE Mr James, Erith

PAGE Mr James, jun, Erith

SAY & SELE the Hon. Lord, Belvedere, Erith

TALETON Rev John, Chesfield




BARTON John, Hall place, Crayford

COOPER James, Erith

National School, Crayford, Augustus FARRIER, master; Eleanor FARRIER, mistress




BROADBRIDGE Thomas, Crayford

KNAPP Henry, Erith

ROBINSON James Fennell, Crayford

THOMPSON John, Crayford

THORNTON John, Crayford

WOODHAM John, Erith




BEADLE Mrs Henry, Erith

CHITTERDEN Thomas, Erith

MANN John, Erith




COOK Robert, Erith

DWELLEY George, Crayford

FRANCIS John, Crayford

WEST John, Crayford & at Bexley Heath




HARVEY William, Erith

HINES John, Crayford

JAYE James, Erith

REDSELL John, Crayford




WHITE J B & Son, Erith

WILSON Philip, Crayford




BEALE George (& corn dealer), Crayford

BUCK Thomas, Crayford


SANDY John (pork), Crayford

SAUNDERS Daniel, Erith

SMITH Anthony, Erith

SMITH Elizabeth, Erith




APPLEGARTH Augustus, (& silk and woollen), Crayford

SWAISLAND Charles, Crayford




HUMPHREY James (& builder & undertaker), Crayford

PAYNE John L, Erith

WHIFFEN William, Crayford




DAVIDS Henry Charles, Saw mills; house, Bexley lane

HUGHES Robert, Erith




BROAD Thomas, Erith

BROWN Susannah, Erith

WARNER Robert, Erith




BAYLEY Joseph, Erith

BUCK Sarah, Crayford

BUCK Thomas, Crayford

HARMAN John George, Erith

HEATH George, Erith

JESSOP James, Crayford

MONK Jonathan, Erith

MONK Robert, Crayford

RICHARDS Lucy, Crayford

SMITH Anthony, Crayford




Bear, James SAXTON, Crayford

Bell, Charles BECKLEY, Erith

Bell, James HUMPHREY, Crayford

Black Bull, John NASH, Crayford

Bulls Head, Samuel DIXON, Crayford

Cross Keys, John STONE, Erith

Crown, Elizabeth MILTON, Erith

Dukes Head, George TANNER, Crayford

Plough Thomas Barthlmw JAMES, Crayford

Roebuck, John BURTON, Crayford

Running Horses, Ths. NEWMAN, Erith

Swan, Jane GREGORY, Crayford

White Hart, John WYATT, Erith




AUDSLEY George, Crayford

BAYLEY Mary, Erith

DAVIES Henry, Crayford

FLETCHER John, Erith

STONEHAM Edward, Crayford

WEATHERHOG Robert, Crayford




ASHBY John, Erith

COOPER John, saw mills & at West Ham Essex.





KEMP Joseph, Crayford




SAXTON James, Crayford




Ballast Office, Erith, James BEALE, ballast master

BROOKE Benjamin, corn merchant, Erith

CURTIS John, bleach works, Barns Cray

JARVIS John, appraiser, Erith

NORMAN Luke, brazier, Crayford

SEDGWICK William, druggist, Crayford

SEVENOAKES William, painter, plumber & glazier, Crayford

SEWELL Joseph, cooper, Crayford

STARLING William, hairdresser, Crayford

STRICKETT Mark, saddler, Crayford

TAYLOR John Hy, pattern designer, Barns Cray

TIPTON Sarah, dressmaker, Crayford




To and from London, Rochester, Canterbury, Dover and other towns on the coast pass through Crayford daily.


To London, William BALDWIN, from Crayford, every Wednesday and Friday.



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