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Is a market town in the parish and hundred of its name, and in the lower division of the lathe of Scray; 48 miles SE from London, 30 SW from Canterbury, 14 S from Maidstone, 8 W by N from Tenterden, and 38 NE from Brighton, 22 N from Hastings and 18 NNW from Rye in Sussex. This neatly built town, the general form of which is angular, is situated upon a brook called the Crane (from which its name is derived), and in a fertile part of the Weald. It was among the few towns in this county that manufactured woollen clothes in the reign of Edward III; this branch is now nearly extinct in this quarter – nor, with the exception of some hop bagging and linen cloth, is there any other manufacture at present in existence here. Cranbrooke is one of the polling stations at the election of representatives for West Kent.


The places of worship are, the parish church, a district church in the hamlet of Milkhouse Street and chapels fro Baptists, Presbyterians, Wesleyan Methodists and Unitarians. The church dedicated to St Dunstan, is situated near the centre of the town, and is one of the richest specimens of the later style of English architecture in the country; the benefice is a vicarage in the presentation of the Archbishop of Canterbury; the Rev James BOYS is the present incumbent. The living of the district church is in the patronage of the trustees and incumbency of Rev Thomas KING. The charities are principally those for educational purposes namely a free grammar school, founded and endowed in 1574 by Samuel LYNCH Esq., the governors of which were incorporated by Queen Elizabeth; a school for writing founded in 1573 by a Mr Alexander DENCE; and one upon a national system, supported by subscription. The neighbourhood of Cranbrooke is embellished by a number of very handsome residences, and there are a few seats and villas in situations of remarkable beauty and surrounded by most beautiful rural scenery. Several mineral springs, possessing it is asserted, properties similar to those of Tonbridge Wells, rise in this vicinity. The celebrated William HUNTINGDON was a native of this parish; he was of high Calvinistic principles and raised himself by his zeal and talents from humble obscurity to be the founder of a sect called “HUNTINGTONIANS” who erected for him Providence chapel in Grays Inn Road, London; he died on 1st July 1813 aged sixty nine. Markets for livestock, hops and corn are held every alternate Wednesday; and fairs for cattle and pedlery on the 30th May and 29th September. The parish of Cranbrooke, at the census of 1831, contained 3844 inhabitants.


POST OFFICE - High st, Robert PETHURST, Postmaster. Letters from London arrive (by foot post from Hawkhurst), every morning at half past six and are despatched every evening. Letters from Maidstone arrive (by mail cart), every morning at eight and are despatched every evening at six.




ASTLEY Sir Edward bart. Camden hill

AUSTEN Mrs Thomas, Cranbrooke

BOYS Rev James, Vicarage

BRADSHAW Rev Thomas, High st

BUSS Miss Sarah, High st

CLEAVER Mrs Caroline, Swift house

COUCHMAN Mr William, Stone st

DAVIES Rev Daniel Wm. (MA), Row

DE ESPAIN, Swift house

DURRANT Rev William, High st

GILBERT Mr William, High st

HAGUE John esq, Cranbrooke

HERITAGE Capt. William (RN), Cranbrooke

INGRAM Mr George, Bakers Cross

JENNINGS Mrs Elizabeth, High st

JOBSON Mr John (MD), High st

JOHNSON Mrs Anne, Cranbrooke

KING Hon. Capt. Jas. Wm. (RN), Angley

KING Rev Thomas, Waterloo place

MACBEAN Miss Elizabeth, High st

NAIRNE Mrs Philadelphia, Milkhouse-street

ROBERTS Thomas esq, Glassenbury

TOMKIN Mrs Caroline, High st

WATTS Thomas Charles esq, High st


WILMSHURST Mr John jun, Row




ANDREWS Alfred Harbroe (day), Stone st

FRANCIS Jno & Son, (brdg & day), High st

Free Grammar School, Row – Rev Daniel William DAVIS, master

Free School, Church yard – Mark SMITH, master

National School, Church yard – John JONES, master; Elizabeth JONES, mistress

READER Eliza, (boarding & day), Stone st

STABLE Jane (ladies boarding), Willsley house




HAGUE William, High st

WILLIS Charles jun. (& coroner, vestry clerk, clerk to the magistrates, to the commissioners of taxes and to the deputy lieutenants, commissioner of bankrupts, and for taking acknowledgements of deeds by married women), Stone st

WILSON John Elliott, (and clerk to the board of guardians and superintendent registrar), High st




DOBELL Samuel, (and land and estate agent, inspector of weights and measures and commissioner for taking special bail), High st

FOORD William, Stone st

WINCH Wm. (& land & estate agent), High st




BOORMAN George, High st

BURT Mary, High st

DADSON George, Stone st

DUNGEY Jas. (& confectioner), Stone st

JUDGE John, High st




WILMSHURST, HAGUE & Co, High st (draw on London & Westminster Bank)




BARHAM James, Milkhouse-Street

DRAWBRIDGE John, Glassenbury

ELLIOTT James, Willsley green

ELLIOTT John, High st

MARSHALL Charles, High st

POTTER William, Stone st

ROFE John, Stone st




DENNETT John Thomas, (& stamp distributer), High st

DOBELL Samuel, High st

WATERS George, Stone st




BIRCH John, Row

BRIDGLAND Thomas, High st

BURCH Walter, High st

BUTLER Thomas, High st

COLEY William, Milkhouse-Street

HAWKINS Henry, High st

HUDSON William, Stone st

LUFF Thomas, High st

MOORE James, Milkhouse-Street

PARKES Samuel, Stone st

PEEL David, Stone st

PILE George Turl, Row

POPE William, Willsley green

SIGGS Frederick, High st

STONEHOUSE George, Stone st

WATERS John, Stone st

WILLIAMS Samuel, High st




DITCH Thomas, (& wine & spirit merchant), High st

TOOTH Robt. (& hop merchant), Bakers cross




BURT Charles, High st

FUGGLE Robert, High st

OYLER Thomas, High st

PARKS Thomas, Stone st

WELLER Alexander, Row




DOBELL Johnson, Milkhouse-Street

IGGULDEN John, High st

IGGULDEN William, Stone st

KNOWLDEN James, Stone st

SMITH Joseph, High st

WIMSHURST James, Stone st




FOORD William, Stone st

REEVES William Alexander, High st




BOORMAN Samuel, Row

DITCH Thomas, High st

JENNER Thomas, Stone st

KENNARD Thomas, Court stile

MORRIS William, Stone st

OYLER Thomas, High st




EAILDING James, Stone st

MILLER Henry, High st

MUDDLE Samuel, High st

OWLETT Thomas May, Stone st




HASELAR & Son (& tea dealers), Stone st

RANGER Charles, Stone st




BOORMAN Elizabeth, Row

DOBELL Samuel, High st




BISHOP & FIELD (& coal), High st

HARMAN Henry, Stone st

PIPER William, Stone st

RUSSELL Jno & Geo (& millers), High st

WILMSHURST John & Son, (& hop factors & seed merchants), Stone st




GEER James, High st

WILLSHER Robert, High st




PIPER William, Stone st

SMITH John, High st




British (fire) & Westminster (life), John WATERS, Stone st

Commercial (life), Wm. FOORD, Stone st

Guardian, William WINCH, High st

Kent, John Thos, DENNETT, High st

Norwich Union, Samuel DOBELL, High st

Protector, High st




IGGULDEN Thomas, High st

REEVES William Alexander, High st




BUSBRIDGE William, Milkhouse-Street

HAWKINS James, Bowling green

SUTTON Thomas, Milkhouse-Street




BLACKMAN Henry, Stone st

BLACKMAN Iden, Willsley green

BLACKMAN Thomas, Stone st

BURT Sarah, High st

DUNGEY Thomas, Stone st

FOREMAN William, Milkhouse-Street

GREEN Lewis, High st

MILLER Henry, High st

MUDDLE Samuel, High st

OWLETT Thomas May, Stone st




BENTLETT James, Stone st

BOOTH James, High st

MANSFIELD John, High st




DADSON Stephen, High st

TOOTH Wm (& furrier), Stone st




Bull, Susannah DANN, Milkhouse-Street

Bull (commercial, family & posting), Barnabas TAYLOR, Stone st

Crown Humphy. WIGHTWICK, High st

George (family, commercial & posting and excise office), Wm. Barling SHARPE, Stone st

Kings Head, James PRICE, Milkhouse-Street

White Horse, Mary BISHOPP, High st

White Lion (and posting), John MILES, High st

Windmill, Eliza. WIMSETT, Cranbrooke




BOOY Richard, (& brazier), Stone st

KEEFF Stephen, (executors of), Stone st

REEVES William Alexander, High st




BEEMAN Mary, Stone st

CARR Jno. (& hatter & clothier), High st

GREEN Lewis, (& clothier), High st

KENNARD Thomas, Stone st

READER William, High st




OYLER George, Godard’s green




JENNER Samuel, Camden hill

RUSSELL John & George, Stone st




CARLY Elizabeth, Stone st

DOBELL Susan, Stone st

DUNGEY Sarah, Stone st

FUGGLE Elizabeth, Stone st

HARMAN Carey, High st

IGGULDEN Jane, Stone st

PEEL Esther, High st




FRENCH Richard, High st

SEYMOUR Mary, Stone st




DENNETT John Thomas, High st

SEYMOUR Mary, Stone st

WATERS George, Stone st




COLLINS John, Stone st

EVENDEN Samuel, Stone st




BURGIS John, High st




CORKE Jonathan, High st

HASELAR Charles, Stone st

RANGER William, High st




BURNHAM William, (& draper), High st

DOBELL Alfred, (& draper), High st

DUNK James, Stone st

HINKLEY John, Stone st

PERRY William, High st

PETHURST Jeremiah, High st




JENNER Thomas, Stone st




BALLARD William, (& silversmith), Stone st

READER Thomas Oliver, Stone st




FOORD George, Milkhouse-Street

HAYWARD George, Willsley green

PIPER Thomas, High st




CHAPMAN William, engraver & gunsmith, Stone st

County of Kent General Registry Office, High st, William Alexander REEVES, agent

DAVIS James, rope maker, High st

DEARN Thomas Downes, architect, High st

DUNGEY Sarah, fruiterer, High st

Excise Office, George Inn, James LEWIS, officer

GURR Joseph, lath render, Milkhouse-Street

HOLLAND Joseph, tinman, Stone st

OWLETT & Co, patten makers, Stone st

RELFF Samuel, millwright, Stone st

SAYER James, dyer, High st

TARBUT George, basket man, Stone st

WATERS Thomas, carver & gilder, Stone st

WATSON William, woolstapler, High st

WIGHTWICK Humphrey, veterinary surgeon, High st




To London, the Flower of Kent, (from Tenterden), calls at the George every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at a quarter before seven; goes thro’ Goudhurst, Horsemonden, Brenchley, Pembury, Tonbridge and Seven Oaks.


To Tenterden, the Flower of Kent, (from London), calls at the George every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening at half past seven


VANS – for passengers and goods


To London, Barnabas TAYLOR, from the Bull Inn every morning (Sunday excepted), at half past seven; goes thro’ Staplehurst, Maidstone, Mereworth, Farningham, Foots Cray &c.


To Maidstone, William FUNNELL (from Maidstone), calls at the White Lion every Wednesday and Saturday.




To London, John HODGE, from his house, the Row, every Monday


To Ewhurst, RICHARDSON from the White Lion, every Saturday


To Hastings, Henry STICKLES from the Bull every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.


To Lewes, William MAINWARING, from the White Lion every Wednesday


To Maidstone, Henry STICKLES from the Bull, and Joseph HINCKLEY from his house every Monday, Wednesday and Friday – Geo WILLIAMS from his house every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Wm MAINWARING from the White Lion every Monday – PIPER from the White Horse every Monday and Thursday & RICHARDSON every Thursday.


To Northiam, Mary PIPER from the White Horse every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


To Rolvenden, John HODGE, from his house, the Row, every Saturday.


To Rye, William BARNS, from the Bull every Monday, Wednesday and Friday


To Tenterden, HESELDEN from the Bull every Monday and Thursday and from the White Horse every Saturday.


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