Pigots 1840 - Kent

Chatham, Brompton and Gillingham  


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Chatham is a market town and parish in the north division of the lathe of Aylesford and hundred of Chatham and Gillingham and partly within the jurisdiction of the City of Rochester – 30 miles E by S from London and 8 north from Maidstone; situated along the southeast bank of the Medway, and to the east of Rochester. Until it as chosen as the seat of one of the principal naval arsenals in the kingdom, Chatham was but an inconsiderable village; and although many improvements have been effected, the town at the present day is irregularly built. Some years since a number of dwellings were destroyed by a conflagration and their site  (Hamond place), is now occupied by some elegant houses and shops. The arsenals, store houses and dock yard, which cover a space of ground exceeding three fourths of a mile in length, defended on the land side by strong fortifications, presents a scene of magnificence and national unity that strikes at once wonder and admiration into the mind of every stranger. The store houses are of great magnitude; one is two hundred and twenty yards in length – the sail loft is upwards of two hundred and ten feet long; the mast house is two hundred and forty feet in length and one hundred and twenty feet wide; and the new rope house is more than a thousand feet in length. The smiths shop, where the largest anchors are forged – the saw mills, propelled by steam power – the armoury, the ordnance wharf, &c. are all upon the most extensive and efficient scale. This stupendous establishment, though apparently so complete and perfect in all parts, is unceasingly receiving improvements. Ship building and repairing, the making of cordage and the preparation of other materials for the equipment of vessels, employ a vast number of hands when the kingdom assumes a hostile position. The barracks here are also extensive and are most eligibly situated; from the advantageous eminence on which they stand, a wide luxuriant and grateful prospect is commanded. During the formation of the extensive fortifications called “The Lines”, numerous relics of the Romans were discovered in the neighbourhood: Captain Douglas of the engineer company at that period opened no less than one hundred graves; and skeletons of both sexes where exhumed, together with ancient implements of war, beads &c. The municipal government is vested in the divisional county magistrates; and at the court leet of the lord of the manor, H SPRAT esq., a high constable, and five borseholders to assist him, are annually chosen. A court of requests is held in Rochester, to which Chatham contributes twelve commissioners. The reform bill conferred upon this town the privilege of sending one member to Parliament; The Right Hon. George Stevens BYNG is the present representative.


The places of worship are, the parish church of St Mary; a new church, erected out of the fund at the disposal of the parliamentary commissioners, completed in 1821 at an expense of nearly £15,000; and chapels for baptists, independents and Wesleyan methodists and unitarians. The living is a perpetual curacy, in the presentation of the dean and chapter of Rochester. For the instruction of boys in the classics and modern languages there is a seminary supported by subscribers, but it does not come under the denomination of a free school; and there is a school upon the national plan. At a short distance from Chatham is “Melville” or the “Marine” hospital, erected in 1827-8 at an expense of £7,000; it contains apartments for the accommodation of three hundred and forty patients, who as its name implies must be attached to the navy. In an hospital founded by Sir John HAWKINS, twelve indigent or decayed shipwrights and mariners are supplied with coals and candles and a weekly sum of money. There are two subscription libraries – one the United Service the other the Marine library. The market day is Saturday; fairs were formerly held in May and September but they have entirely fallen into disuse. In 1831 the parish of Chatham contained (exclusive of those within the jurisdiction of Rochester, in number 505), a population of 16,485 inhabitants, besides 945 convicts (at that time), on board the hulks.


Situated a little distance NE of Chatham are the two villages of Brompton and Gillingham. The first named is a hamlet in the parish of Gillingham and lies at the extremity of the parish, on the brow of a hill that overlooks the Royal dock yard at Chatham and within the fortifications called the Lines. The inhabitants of both villages are persons principally employed on the fortifications, in the dock yard and in other avocations connected with the naval service. The church at Gillingham is dedicated to St Mary Magdalene, is a spacious structure, with a chapel on each side of the chancel exhibiting architecture of the Norman style; the church contains some monuments of early date and a very capacious font of high antiquity; the benefice is a vicarage, in the patronage of the principal and fellows of Brazenose college, Oxford. There are some charitable bequests to the parish and a national school. At Brompton is a place of worship for Wesleyan methodists. The parish of Gillingham contained in 1831, 6764 inhabitants.


POST OFFICE, 313 High st, Chatham, Thomas GODDARD, Postmaster. Letters from London arrive every night at half past twelve and are despatched every morning at half past two.


POST, Brompton, Receiving House at Mary EDGE’s, High st, and Gillingham, Receiving House at Francis COUVES, baker. Letters are delivered at seven in the morning in summer and eight in winter


***        the letter B signifies Brompton – other streets &c. when the town is not named, are in Chatham.



BATE Mr William, Whittaker place

BEADON Capt. Valentine, Prospect row, B

BELCHIER Capt. Nathaniel (RN), Gibraltar place

BEST Col. James, Rome house

BROCK Mr Edward, 1 Gibraltar place

BRYANT Mr Wm. Ordnance terrace

BURTON Mr Edward, Milton terrace

COLES Col. Richard, 8 Gibraltar place

CROCKFORD Mr William, 15  Gibraltar place

CURTOIS Rev Rowland, Grove, Gillingham

DAVIS Mr Gideon, Hamond hill

DICKERSON Mr Saml. Hy. 4 Gibraltar place

DIXON Col. Charles, Milton terrace

DOUGLAS Capt, 7 Ordnance terrace

DUNSTABLE Mrs Elizabeth, Prospect row, B

FRICKER Mr Edward (RN), Gads hill

GARRETT Mr John, Whittaker place

GRADIDGE Mr William (RN), 21 Brougham place

HILLS Mr Walter, Milton terrace

HINDE Mrs Sarah, Ordnance house, New road

HOPKINS Mr Thomas, Camden house, Hamond hill

JAMES Capt. James, Hamond hill

JAMES Mr Oliver, 10 Gibraltar place

JARRETT Mr William Davis, Chapel lane

LADD Mr Chillman, West Prospect row, B

LARGE Mr William, 2 Regents place, New road

LEWIS Mr Peter T, New road

LEWIS Rev. William, 21 Gibraltar place

MANGER Mr George, Gibraltar place

MANNEY Mrs Mary, Prospect row, B

MARSH Mr William, High st

MARSHALL Sir John, Gillingham house, Gillingham

MEDLEY Mr Samuel, Hampton house

NASH Rev George Edwd, Rome place

NEWNHAM Mrs Mary Ellen, 4 Ordnance terrace

OILVE Mr John (RN), Duncan place

OSMER Capt. Thomas Spearing (RN), 3 Clarence place, Gillingham

PAGE Rev John (DD), Vicarage, Gillingham

PHILLIPS Mr William, 3 Regent place, New road

PRATT Mrs Sarah, Clover st

RICH Mr William, Whittaker place

RICKMAN Miss Anne, Cherrytree hall, New road

SEATON Mrs Sarah, Whittaker place

SERJEANTSON Major, Wood st, B

SEWARD Major Thomas, Whittaker place

SHIRLEY Mr Richard, 3 Gibraltar place

SIMPSON Lieutenant Col Richard, 2 Ordnance terrace

SKINNER Mrs Rosanna, 5 Ordnance terrace

SMITH Mrs Mary Davis, 10 Ordnance terrace

STRONGHILL Mrs Wm. 8 Ordnance terrace

THOMPSON Rev. Patk. 16 Gibraltar place

TRITTON Mr, 6 Gibraltar place

VARRALL Mrs Elizabeth, 1 Watts place, High st

WALKER Miss Mary, 9 Gibraltar place

WEBB Capt. Robert, Rome place

WICKHAM Mr Edward, High st

WICKHAM Mr Humphrey, High st

WOLRIGE Capt Ambrose, 11 Gibraltar place

WOOD Mr George 9 Ordnance terrace

WYATT Mr James, New road


ACADEMIES & SCHOOLS – not otherwise described are Day Schools


ANDERSON Anne, Coleman st

BAGSHAW William Cheshire, Manor st, B

BAKER Thomas (boarding), 7 Gibraltar place

BONNIWELL Honoria & Eliza, Manor st, B

BURR Rachael & Mary Ann, (boarding), 14 Gibraltar place

CULLUNDS Eliza, 6 Brougham place, New road

CHAPMAN Henry, Whittaker place

COOPER John, Brook

DUNK Mary Anne, Best st

ELLIOTT Eliz,  (boarding), Wood st, B

ELLIOTT William, Clover st

FOSTER Peter John, Gillingham

HART William, Layfield, Gillingham

Infants School, Brook, Rebecca MASKELL, mistress

JOHNS John Christopher, Best st

MARTIN Henry, Wood st, B

MORRIS Caroline & Anne, Rome lane

MOSS Mary, Gillingham

MURRAY Anne, High st

National School, Gillingham, Philpott CASTLE, master, Martha CASTLE, mistress

National School, New road, Jas. MARTIN, master; Eliz ELVEY, mistress

PARFITT Mary Ann, 32 High st, B

PEPLOE William, Middle st, B

PIKE Anne, Best st

PURCELL Elizabeth, Brook

PURCELL George William, Brook

ROGERS Amelia, Manor st, B

SAXTON John, Military road

SIMPSON Thomas, New road

SMITH Jane, Clover st

THORNTON Amelia, Chapel lane

TRICK Sarah Cory, Manor st, B

TYSHURST Winefred, Brook

WHIBLEY Mary, Ordnance place

WHITEHEAD William, Hamond hill

WILKINS Anne, Victoria st, B

WOOLLETT Isaac, Manor st


AGENTS – see also Fire &c. Office Agents


BURRILL James (for the Maidstone Gazette), 300 High st

CHAMBERS Richard Alexndr, (news), 2 High st

ETHERINGTON Ambrose (for the Maidstone Journal), 326 High st

KILVINTON Pearson (general commission), 45 High st

SOLOMON Samuel Lewis,  (navy), 89 High st




GROVER James, 295 High st

ISAACS Isaac, 14 Hamond place

PRING & COMPTON, 308 High st




ACWORTH George, 30 High st

CROW Miles, Garden st, B

HILLS Walter, (and secretary to the Medway Steam Co), New road

JEFFREYS William, High st

PEARCE James, High st

STEPHENS John & Matthew Spay, 19 Gibraltar place




BURR Robert, 5 Hamond place

NELSON Edward, Westcourt st, B

SKINNER John, 278 High st

WOOD Thomas W, 306 High st




ADSLEY William James, Cross st

AUSTEN James, Cage lane

BAKER Charles, 264 High st

BEALE James, 21 Military road

BEAR Henry, Middle st, B

BEAR William, Middle st, B

BENNETT John, 279 High st

BOND Benjamin jun. 96 High st

CARTER John, Green st

CHARLTON Ellis, Prospect row

CHURCH Elliott, Brook

COUVES Francis, Gillingham

CROSS Joseph, Coleman st

DADSWELL Geo. 4 Brougham place, New road

DONMALL George, High st, B

DUNFORD John, 338 High st

DUNN James 63 High st

FORMAN Jesse, Globe lane

FOSTER Cephas, 114 High st

GAMON George jun. 34 Brougham place

GREENSTED Thomas, Cannon st

GRIGG Thomas, 199 High st

HILLS William, (& biscuit), High st

HODGES Thomas, Ordnance place

HUGGINS John, Westcourt st, B

KEDDELL Robert, 38 High st

KETTLE Thomas, John st

KETTLE William, Fort Pitt st

MAY Simple, 253 High st

MERYETT Edward, High st, B

MOODY Charles Henry, 227 High st

MORSON George, New road

MOSS Geo, Butcher, 19 High st, B

MUNN Samuel, Wood st, B

MURTON Mary, Rome place

OGBOURN James, Richard st

PANTON Stanley, Bryant st

SAUNDERS James, Middle st, B

SAXTON William, 25 High st, B

SEARS Robert, 247 High st

SEARS William, 4 High st, B

TAYLOR George, Gillingham

TERRY John, 174 High st

THOMPSON John, 8 Military road

TONKIN George Samuel, 148 High st

WEBB Joseph, Brook

WELLER William, 3 Wellington place, High st

WHITE James, 286 High st

WHITMORE William, Gillingham

WORLEY Jas. Alexander, 226 High st




JEFFREYS & HILLS, High st (draw on MASTERMAN & Co. London)

Savings Bank, 4 Wellington place, High st, George SKINNER, secretary




SUMMERS Thomas, High st

WILSTEAD Jno. (& rope dealer), 4 High st




HINES Robert, 168 High st

PACKER William Edward, Clover st




ALLEN Edward, Day’s Alley, High st

CHAMBERS John, Luton

DISCOM James, High st

MILTON Joseph, Gillingham

OLIFF Peter, Wood st, B

PARKER David , Brook

POLLARD William, Chapel lane

READ John, Waterloo place

SAYWELL William, Gillingham

WHITEFIELD Catherine, 235 High st




BARTON Wm Montague, 27 High st

BECK Robert, 40 High st

BURRILL James, (and library and reading rooms), 300 High st

CHAMBERS Richard Alexander, 2 High st

EDGE Mary, 20 High st, B

ETHERINGTON Ambrose, 326 High st

ISAACS Isaac, 14 Hamond place

ISAACS Samuel, 79 High st

GODDARD Charles, 313 High st

MORIARTY Owen (catholic), Manor st, B

PORTER John, 127 High st

REYNOLDS George, 5 Military road

REYNOLDS Robert (& printer), 117 High st

STOCKBRIDGE William, 8 Hamond place

TRACY Albemarle, (& stamp distributer), High st, B




BAIRD Charles, 4 Watts place, High st

BAKER Samuel, 144 High st

BATH Frances, Chatham hill

BUCHANAN Geo. Adolphus, 142 High st

CADDY William, 271 High st

CHARRISON Thomas, 172 High st

COLE Richard (warehouse), 6 & 7 Military road

CONDY George, Pleasant row

CONNOR Thos. Westcourt st, B

COOK Thomas, Fort Pitt st

COUCHMAN William, 248 High st

COULTRUP John, Richard st

DADD Isaac, (warehouse), 9 Hamond place

DIXON Henry, Middle st, B

FISH Robert, 106 High st

FOSTER John, High st, B

GARRETT Jas, Westcourt st, B

GILBERT William, 75 High st

GLOVER John, Coleman st

GODDEN William, Gillingham

GOODIN William, 301 High st

GROVER Jas. (warehouse), 295 High st

HANNAFORD Charles, Brook

HEARD David, Globe lane

HOLDING William, 35 High st, B

HOOK Jeremiah, High st

HOWES Barnabas, High st

KING William, 37 High st

LEE Richard, Ordnance place

LESSEY Noah, Ordnance place

LEWIS John, Layfield, Gillingham

LEWIS Thomas, High st

MASTER John, Middle st, B

OAKESHOTT Reuben & Son, 84 High st

PENFOLD William, 255 High st

PENNY John, Wood st, B

PENNY William, Fair row

PETT John, Gillingham

PHILLPOT George, 254 High st

REEVES James, Brook

SHAW George, Westcourt st, B

STANLEY Samuel, Coleman st

STORER William, 292 High st

STYLES John, Holborn lane

TAYLOR John, Gillingham

TERRY Edward, 33 High st

TUCKER Henry, Manor st, B

TWYMAN Joseph William, Best st

VIRGO William, Chatham hill

WALKER John, High st, B

WHITEMAN Joseph, High st

WILLCOCK John, Luton

WOOD Martha, 17 High st, B




BROWN William, Brook

DAVIS Edwd, 311 High st

HALL Wm. & Jno. (& coppersmiths), 58 High st

SHREWSBURY Richard H, 282 High st

WELLS John, Middle st, B




BEST James, High st

GODFREY William, High st

HULKES Jas, (executors of), High st

LANE William, High st

LOCK John & Michael, High st

MILLEN William, High st

PARRY George Wyatt, Cannon st

POPE George, Gillingham





CHARLTON Charles, Westcourt st, B

DUNSTALL Samuel, Road st

EVERIST Thomas, Brook

HESTER John, Wood st, B

JARVIS Henry, Brook

LANGLEY William, Richard st

SMITH Thomas, Chatham hill




ASHENDEN William & Son, High st

BEVERIDGE Thomas, Union st

WELLS Thomas, High st




BASSETT George, 348 High st

BAYLEY John, 12 High st, B

BONNICK Joseph, Gillingham

BRISTER Summers, 10 Military road

CATT Jesse, Wood st, B

CATT John Pearce, 145 High st

DALLINGER James, 192 High st

ELTHAM William Carter, Brook

ELVY Thomas Henry, King st

FINNES Wm. Exmouth terrace, Gillingham

GATES Christopher, New road

GIBBS Edwin, 102 High st

GREENFIELD Joseph, 165 High st

GURR Mary & Son, 153 High st

GURR William, High st

HARRISON Thomas, Best st

HURRELL John, High st, B

MADDOCKS John, Gillingham

MANTELL James, 33 Brougham place

MILLS John, High st

MOULTON Ebenezer (pork), 275 High st

MUNN William, 249 High st

PEARCE James, John st

PEIRCE Lydia, Gillingham

PYE Thomas, Middle st, B

RICHARDSON Charles, Coleman st

RIDER James, John st

ROOTS George, 309 High st

SAYWELL William, Gads hill, Gillingham

SHINDLER John, High st, B

STONE Thomas, High st

STURLA George, 118 High st

STURLA James, 138 High st

TONKIN Geo. Saml (pork), 148 High st

WJTEHEAD Harold, John st

WILLIAMS Charles, Westcourt st, B

WILLOWS John, 32 High st

WRAY William, 196 High st




ARLIDGE Abraham, 22 High st, B

BALCOMB James, Gillingham

BURR Robert, 5 Hamond place

COSIER & SEAGER, 85 High st

CROCKFORD Jonan, 12 Hamond place

DRAYCON Robert, Globe lane

SEATON Joseph, New road


CARPENTERS – marked thus * are also Undertakers


BULEY John, Exmouth terrace, Gillingham

CATT Wm. L, Wood st, B

COLEGATE Thomas Richard, Globe lane

ELLIS George, Wood st

ELMORE Elizabeth, Brook st

FOWELL Thomas, 243 High st

MANNERING William Wildash, New road

* PASCALL William, Clover st

* PEMBLE George, Meeting lane

TURNER Wm. (& turner), Manor st, B

WEST George, Gillingham

* WILKINS James, High st

* WILLIS William, High st

WOOLEY Thomas, Rome lane

YEWELL William, Church lane




DADD Isaac, 9 Hamond place

ROBERTS John, 9 Military road




FOSTER Jesse Clark, 137 High st

GIFFORD George, Gads hill, Gillingham

MARKS John, High st

PENNY William, 14 Military road

RANDALL John, Brook

WOODS James, High st, B




ATTWOOD George, High st, B

BANES Frederick, 27 High st, B

FRENCH Gabriel, 293 High st

HOGG John Thomas, 241 High st

HOLLICK Thomas, 14 Hamond place

JEFFREYS George, 17 High st

KIRTON Joseph Bishop, 11 High st, B

MANSELL Samuel, 52 High st

PECK William (& dentist), 123 High st

TRIBE John, 137 High st




FLYMM John, Brook

HARRIS Barnet, High st

HERBERT John, 187 High st

LEVY Noah, 184 High st

WELLER James, 155 High st




BURCH James, Meeting lane

BURCH Philda, Meeting lane

EDWARDS James, Eagle Coach office, High st & High st Rochester

PEALL William, High st




BIGGS Charles, Gillingham

BRADDY Richard, Chatham

CHAPMAND Richard, High st, B

CROCKFORD John, High st

FISHER John, High st

FRENCH John & Son, Holborn Wharf

GODFREY William, High st

HAYLER & GOVER, 59 High st

HIGGINS William, High st

HOLMES William, 230 High st

JEFFREYS George, 17 High st

JOSLIN John, High st

KILVINTON Pearson, 45 High st

MOODY Edward, Whittaker st

NOAKES Henry, Cook’s wharf, High st


WILLIAMSON William, High st




ANDREWS William, 108 High st

ASHDOWN George, 64 High st

DUNN James, 63 High st




BASS Abel, 12 Military road

FOREMAN George, High st

FRENCH John & Son, Holborn wharf

RAYMES Robert, 252 High st




BENNETT Henry, 225 High st

BENNETT John, 279 High st

CHAPMAN Richard, High st, B

FOSTER Cephas, 114 High st

HENLEY Mary Ann, 170 High st

HOLLIDAY Ann, 151 High st

HOLMES William, 230 High st

KILLICK Richard, 269 High st

SAUNDERS Edward, Brook

WELLER Wm. 3 Wellington place, High st

WELLS William, High st, B




PEARCE John, Rome lane

MULLINGER George, 281 High st

WITHECOMB Charles, Fair row




COLTHERUP Henry, 3 Hamond place

FERGUSSON John, Best st

TAYLOR William, 4 Military road




BINES Sarah, 121 High st

COLE Samuel, Military road

PARFITT Mary Ann, 32 High st, B

STONE Richard, 44 High st

TISDELL Samuel, 198 High st




Alliance, George REYNOLDS, 5 Military road

Eagle, William HOLMES, 230 High st

General Annuity Endowment, Albemarle TRACY, 3 High st, B

Kent, Thomas WELLS, High st

Norwich Union, Ambrose ETHERINGTON, 326 High st

Phoenix, Gabriel FRENCH, 293 High st; John OSBORN, 24 High st; Albemarle TRACY, 3 High st, B

Protestant Dissenters, William HIGGINS, High st

Royal Exchange, James BURRILL, 300 High st

West Middlesex, John Michael STROWSE, High st, B

West of England, Thos. W WOOD, 306 High st




MILLS Joseph, High st

OXLEY Jos. Hit- or-Miss yard, High st




AMOS William, 178 High st

ASHDOWN George, 64 High st

CANN John, Waterloo place

CARDWELL Stephen Simpson, 23 High st

CLARK George, 167 High st

CULVER James, 353 High st

CUMMINS Elizabeth, 105 High st

DEXTER Martha, High st

EDMEADES William, 352 High st

FRESHNER William, 169 High st

GILES Nathaniel, 113 High st

KETTLE George, 31 High st, B

PAGE Nathaniel, 159 High st

RICHARDSON Margaret, Gillingham

ROBERTS William, 124 High st

SLEGG Nancy, High st, B

WELLER William, 3 Wellington place, High st

WILLIS Henry, 119 High st

WILLSON George, 42 High st




BROOKS John, Wood st, B

FONE John, 164 High st

FOREMAN Jas. 188 High st & Brook

GASKIN Thomas, 147 High st

HARRISON John, 241 High st

ISAACS Henry, 11 Military road  

ISAACS Lewis, Garden st, B

LEVY J & J, 351 High st

MILES James, 29 High st, B

PHILLIPS Hugh, Military road

SHRUBSOLE William, 276 High st

SOLOMON John, Military road

STAPLES Thomas, 147 High st

WILLIAM Lewis, Fair row


GROCERS, TEA DEALERS & CHEESEMONGERS – see also Shopkeepers &c. and also Tea Dealers.


BARLOW John, Brompton road

BLYTHE George, 238 High st

BRIGGS Benjamin, 138 High st

BROWN John (Canteen), Upr. Barracks

BUCKLEY Benj.2 High st, B

CLIFT Thomas, Gibraltar place

CLIFT Thomas, 163 High st

COOMBER Nathl. Richd. 6 High st, B

DAVISON John Thomas, 133 High st

DUNGEY John, High st, B

FREW Andrew Archibald, 97 High st

GALER David, 154 High st

GAMON William, 161 High st

GIFFORD Geo, Gads hill, Gillingham

GREEN James, 150 High st

GURNSEY Richard, Bryant st

HODGES Robert, Ordnance place

HUGHES Stephen, 157 High st

HUGHES William, 265 High st

JARRETT William, Westcourt st, B

JORDAN Robert, 140 High st

MORGAN William, Road st

NICHOLS George Bartrup, 136 High st

PARTON Henry, 291 High st

SELLES William, Ordnance place

SUTTON James Benjamin, High st, B

TAYLOR Richard, 66 High st

TAYLOR William, 193 High st

THOMAS Daniel, 1 Hamond place

THOMPSON John, 49 High st

THOMPSON William, 294 High st

YOUNG Joseph, 272 High st




ASDOWN James, Fullerlove alley

HENIKER Edward, 347 High st

STROUSE John Michael, Brompton




BENNETT William, 152 High st

BRISTER John, 349 High st

BURREN William, 34 High st

CROFT Thomas, Globe lane

CROWDER Edwin, 65 High st

GREENSTED Benjamin, High st

HARROD James, John st

MILLER Leonard, High st

MILLS Anne, 340 High st

MORGAN Robert, Gillingham

MORGAN William, 4 Holborn lane

PEARCE Stephen, High st, B

RACE John, Brook

RUCK John Henry, 183 High st

TEDMEN John, Middle st, B

TROTT John, 277 High st

WARD Charles, Brook

WHEELER William, 173 High st




COUCHMAN David, 122 High st

HINES Robert. 168 High st

MOVERLEY William, High st, B

ROBB David, 153 High st




BANES Henry, 13 High st, B

HALL Jacob, Globe lane

HOGG Edward & Co, 104 High st

REINE Edward, 250 High st

RIGBY James, 15 Watts pl, High st

ROOFE Edward. 131 High st

WALLIS John, 298 High st

WEEDEN William, 99 High st

WILSON Mary, 93 High st




CROCKFORD & SMITH, Holborn wharf

CROCKFORD John, High st

GOSLIN John, High st




Army & Navy Hotel, Joseph WHITE, Brompton road

Chest Arms, Benjamin CHAMPION, High st

Globe, Philip JENNER, (commercial & coach office), 100 High st

Mitre and Clarence Hotel (& posting house), John & Joseph Seaton TRIBE, High st

Sun Tavern & York Hotel, (& posting house), Edward WINCH, High st




ASHDOWN William, 307 High st

DAVIS Edward, 311 High st

GIFFORD Geo, Gads hill, Gillingham

HALL William & John, 58 High st

HARNDEN John, Westcourt st, B

MOORE Stephen, 336 High st

PHILPOTT John, 342 High st

PULLINGER Thomas, 40 High st, B

SHREWSBURY Richard H, 282 High st




DEATH John, 5 High st, B

KEEN Andrew, Rome place

RANDALL John, Brook

TAYLOR William, 191 High st

WITHECOMB Charles, Fair row




ANDREWS James, (& silk mercer), 328 High st

BROCK William, 130 High st

DEATH John, 24 High st, B

HICKSON Samuel, 162 High st

JACK William James, High st, B

LIMBERT Wm. (&woollen), 288 High st

MILES Thomas, 18 High st, B

OSBORN John, 24 High st

RAILTON John, 343 High st

SIMMONDS Thomas Traiton, 87 High st

STIGANT Edward, 158 High st

VENNELL Jessie, 103 High st

WEST Daniel, 329 High st

WHITEHEAD Lewis, 139 High st

WHITTHORN John, 94 High st

WOOD Martha & Harriet, High st




ANDERSON Joseph, Gillingham

CHAMBERS Nathaniel, Clover st

MOODY Edward, Whittaker st

STUNT John, Gillingham




HENLEY Mary Ann, 170 High st

NORRIS Charles, 171 High st

WOOLF Samuel, 211 High st




FIELD John, Chalkpit hill

FRIDAY Isaac, Grange, nr Gillingham

GATES Samuel, New road

GILBERT John, Chatham hill

GILBERT William, Star mill, Chatham hill

HUGGINS Henry, Chatham

SIMMONS Thomas, Ordnance place

STEDMAN James, Gillingham

STODDARD George, Ordnance place




BARTLETTS Sarah & Mary, Union st

BUTLER Mary, Brook

DAVIES Rebecca, Best st

ELLIS Anne, James st

KIDBY Mary, 3 Richard st

MORTON Mary, Bryant st

RELF Jane, Victoria st, B

REYNOLDS Susannah, 186 High st

SMITH Mary, Globe lane

STUBBS Mary, Waterloo place

TERRY Esther, 33 High st

WELLSTEED Mary, Westcourt st, B

WHIFFIN Eliza, 10 Whittaker place




TROUP James, Brompton House, Wood st, Brompton; 165 High st, Rochester and at Mr Smiths library Maidstone




BARTLETT John, 2 Wellington place, High st

STAPLE Joseph, 94 High st




GROVER James, 295 High st

ISAACS Samuel, 79 High st

LUCAS Samuel, 309 High st

NEWCOMB Frederick & Henry, (& hosiers), 101 High st




DAVIS Martha and DAVID Lazarus, 68 High st

FRIAR Stephen William, Fair row

GOODHAND Thomas, 10 Brook

KENNARD William, 126 High st

MAGNUS Simon, 302 High st

OLIFF John, High st

PAYNE William, 29 High st

SAUNDERS William jun. 12 Watts place, High st  

SLOMAN Joseph & Charles, 46 High st

STIGANT Thomas, 23 High st, B

SYMS William, King st

WALKER Elizabeth, 1 High st, B




COSTER John, 139 High st

FOORD J & R, 287 High st

FURMINGER William, 6 High st

OLIFF James, High st

ORREN John, Holborn lane, and 28 High st, Brompton

PALMER William, 81 High st

ROWLEY James, Manor st, B

STEDMAN Thomas, Rome place

TREGUNDO Thomas, Gillingham

WEEKES Rebecca, 13 Hamond place

WYATT William, 175 High st




GEORGE Robert, High st

GEORGE Robert jun, High st

JEFFREYS George, High st

LOCK Robert & Michael, High st

MANSELL Samuel, (& ale), 1 Hamond hill

SMITH Nicholas & William, (& ale), High st




BURRELL James, 300 High st

ETHERINGTON Ambrose, 326 High st




ANDERSON Stephen, 194 High st

ANSELL William, Rome place

BIGGS Charles, Gillingham

DUNN George, Whittaker place

PENCOCK Thomas, Gillingham

TILLMAN John, King st

WILLAMOTT Joseph, Waterloo place




GILBERT John, 242 High st

HILL John, High st, B

THOMAS Edward, Holborn lane

WHITEHEAD Walter, 325 High st




BAKER John, High st

BULLARD John, Foundry wharf, High st

FREWER William, Holborn wharf

WATSON Edmund Geere, High st




CROCKFORD John, High st

JOSLIN John, High st




ALLEN John, 204 High st

ASHDOWN William, Brook

BAKER George, Best st

BENHAM Thomas, John st

BLACKMAN Sarah, Gillingham

BRADY Daniel, Manor st, B

BRUNT Caroline, Wood st, B

CHURCH Elliott, Brook

CLINCH Joseph, Brook

COOPER Samuel, Gillingham

DARLING Mark, Exmouth terrace, Gillingham

DEACON Thomas, High st, B

DUTTON Thomas, 251 High st

DUTTON William James, New road

EIRTH John, High st

FROST William, King st

GIBBS William, Church lane

GREEN William, Gillingham

GREENSTED Thomas, Hardstone

HALL William Henry, Chatham hill

HART John, Ordnance place

JACKSON James, Skykates hill

KETTLE William, Fort Pitt St

MERRALL Augustus, Middle st, B

NICHOLSON William, Chatham hill

PALMER Thomas, Gillingham

PHILLIPS John, Brook

PROUT Thomas, Gillingham

QUINCE Anne, Brook

ROCKLIFFE Edward, Brook

THOMPSON Sarah Elizabeth, 209 High st

WALKER William, John st

WEBB Robert, Gillingham

WEST Joseph, Westcourt st, B

WENMAN Peter, Best st




ABRAHAMS Abraham, 112 High st

ABRAHAMS Coleman, Globe lane

DUNK Samuel, 4 Hamond place

HARRIS Solomon, 337 High st

ISAACS Isaac, 11 Hamond place

LUCAS Samuel, 309 High st

SIMONS Levy, 128 High st

SIMONS Samuel, 47 High st

SOLOMON Samuel & Lewis, 89 High st

WEEDEN William, 99 High st




BULLINARIA Thomas, High st

SMITH Edward, 82 High st




BRISLEY William, High st, St Margaret’s Bank and Rochester Bridge

JARVIS William, Brook




BARNABY Mary F, Ordnance place

COLE Richard, (warehouse), 6 Military road

DYNE Mary, 2 Garden st, B

HIVES & Co. 310 High st

JOHNSON Isabella, 2 Military road

THOMAS Ann, 3 Watts place, High st




BRYANT Harriet, Garden st, B

CADD Layton, 22 High st

CHESHIRE Elizabeth, Clover st

CURETON Dinah, Rome place

DRICHER Mary, 256 High st

GREAVES Mary, John st

HENTY Mary, 83 High st

HEWITT Ann, Garden st, B

HEWITT Sophia, Wood st, B

HOWARD Eliza, 7 Union st

MACOM Maria, 19 Military road

STATON Sarah, Rome lane

WILKINS Mary, 141 High st

WILLMOTT Mary Ann, Brook




BRYANT Jacob George, Parsonage house, High st

ELY George, 284 High st

FOGO Thomas, 13 Gibraltar place

GILBERT James, 5 Garden st, B

MARTIN Richard, High st

OSBORN James, 17 Gibraltar place

ROBERTSON Archibald, 1 Hamond place

STANBRIDGE William (RN), 3 Ordnance terrace

TRIBE Benjamin, 135 High st

WEEKES Henry, Wood st, B




DOULL Alexander, New road


TAILORS – those marked thus * are also Drapers


* ACKHURST James, Waterloo place

ALEXANDER Joshua, Road st

ALLISON Alexander, 21 High st, B

* ASHENDEN Richard, 78 High st

COLLINGS Thomas, 176 High st

COOPER Samuel, Gillingham

CORNELL James, Richard st

* DUNK Samuel, 4 Hamond place

EVANS John, Brook

GOLDSMITH Robert, 250 High st

* GRAY George, 98 High st

HENTY Charles (& breeches maker), 93 High st

* HOPKINS Joseph, 7 Hamond place

* ISAACS Samuel, 79 High st

OSBORN John, 24 High st

PENNEY Joseph, 160 High st

RANDALL John jun. Brook st

* ROOFE Edward, 131 High st

* SMITH John, 14 Watts place, High st

* THORNTON John, 3 Military road

TONKIN Jas. Jonathan, 7 Whittaker place

* WALLIS John, 298 High st

WEEDEN William, 99 High st




CROWHURST Jesse, 39 High st, B

FREELAND George, 16 High st, B




Bell, Richard STEPHENS, Brook

Black Boy, Thomas GILL, 120 High st

Black Lion, Wm. PACKHAM, Gillingham

Blue Anchor, William, MANLOVE, High st

Brewers Arms, Ths. Jas. WOODGATE, High st

Bricklayers Arms, Geo LYON, High st, B

Britannia, James MOORE, High st

Cannon, Anne WITHY, Cannon lane

Canteens, John BROWN, North & South Upper Barracks

Coach & Horses, John BENSTER, 132 High st

Compasses, William George WARD, High st

Cross Keys, George LUCAS, High st

Crown & Thistle, Richard GOLD, High st

Dark Sun, Henry JARRETT, Chatham hill

Dartmouth Arms, John SANCTO, High st

Dock Yard, John KING, Middle st, B

Dolphin, Jas SUMMERS, High st, B

Dover Castle, Francis Daniel GUY, Globe lane

Duke of York, Jas. WILKIN, Westcourt st, B

Dukes Head, Wm Geo. LETLEY, Grange

East India Arms, Henry BEAR, Wood st, B

Five Bells, Thomas MARTIN, Gillingham

Fountain, Samuel ADAMS, High st

Gibraltar, Anthony Philip DIVE, New road

Golden Lion, James BUTCHER, Brook

Golden Lion, William Gilbert KENNETT, High st, B

Granby Head, Susannah BROOKER, High st

Green Dragon, Jas. BALCOMB, Gillingham

Green Man, Hannah FOX, 107 High st

Harrow, Eliza GREEN, Manor st, B

Hen & Chickens, John CHAMBERS, Luton

Horn, Samuel John RIMINGTON, High st

King of Prussia, Robt. SOWTER, Prospect row

Kings Arms, Benj, BRADDY, Holborn wharf

Kings Arms, Edward NELSON, River row, B

Kings Head, Benjamin CLARKE, Middle st, B

Kings Head, Amelia EDGE, Brook

Kings Head, Frances PHILLIPS, King st

Little Crown, William ELLINGTON, Chatham hill

Little George, Thomas RAINER, High st

Lord Duncan, Peter HOBBS, New road

Lord Exmouth, Hy. THOMPSON, Gillingham

Lord Nelson, George DRURY, Wood st, B

Malt Shovel, John KENNETT, High st

Medway. Henry BENNETT, High st

Navy Arms, Charles JACKSON, High st 

New Inn, William SUMMERFIELD, John st

North Foreland, Edwd PACKHAM, High st

Old Barn, George PAYNE, 189 High st

Old George, Richard WRAITH, Globe lane

Old Kings Head, Nicholas & William SMITH, 82 High st

Old White Hart, John CHAMBERS, Brook

Plough & Chequers, Jno. PEIRCE, Gillingham

Queens Head, Nathl BEST, Brompton Road

Queens Head, John HODSKIN, High st, B

Red Lion, James BUDDEN, 110 High st

Red Lion, Bernard MADDEN, Church lane

Red Lion, Robert TASSELL, 200 High st

Rose, James CHIDLEY, 88 High st

Rose & Crown, Thos. BLUNDELL, River row, B

Rose & Crown, George LUNN, Gillingham

Royal Oak, William DUCKETT, High st

Shepherd & Shepherdess, John BROWN, Wood st, B

Ship, Mary LYNCH, Gillingham

Ship, Thomas MARTIN, High st

Ship, Sarah SEARS, 114 High st

Shipwrights Arms, William FRANCIS, Westcourt st, B

Sun in the Wood, Chas, William PALMER, High st, B

Swan with Two Necks, John ING, Brook

Three Cups, Charles PENNY, Brook

Trumpet, John GODSIFF, High st

Two Sawyers, John BAIRD, High st, B

Union Flag, Edward VINCER, High st

Wellington Arms, Wm. TOONER, New road

White Hart, James LEADBETTER, High st

White Horse, Thomas KILLICK, Chatham hill

White Lion, Charles WILLIAMS, 195 High st

White Swan, George ELGAR, High st

White Swan, Thomas RAMAGE, Wood st, B




ARLIDGE Frances, 14 High st, B

CRANDELL William, 13 Watts Place, High st

DAVIES Mary Anne, Richard st

EVERIST & Co, 270 High st

GODFREY Julia, Richard st

HARRISON Jabez, Clover st

HOGG Thomas, John st

PALMER Mary, Middle st, B

VEAL & Co, Westcourt st, B




ASHENDEN William & Son, High st

DUNK Henry, Pleasant row, B

WELLS Thomas, High st




BIRCHALL Charles, Richard st

FRENCH George, Chatham hill

FRENCH Samuel, Whitehorse hill, Gillingham




ARMSTRONG John, Military road

ISAACS Samuel, 79 High st

MARTIN George, Wood st, B

REYNOLDS Robert, 117 High st




CHAMBERS John, 15 Military road

FRID Elizabeth, Emporium, 1 Wellington place, High st

MOVERLEY William, High st, B




AARON Ann, Clover st

MUTTERER George, Military road




ANSELL Henry, Globe lane

CASPER Lewis, 2 Watts place, High st

CHAPMAN Daniel, 134 High st

CRITTENDEN George, 179 High st

CRITTENDEN John, High st

DE LA COUR George, 327 High st

HAYLER William, 59 High st

ISAACS John, 92 High st




CATT Richard, Rome lane

COOK William, Luton

HOLLOWAY John, Middle st, B

HUNNISETT Henry, Luton

MUNGHEAM Henry, High st

WALL Nathaniel, Union st

YEWELL William, Church lane




ASHLEY & TOWNSON (& brandy), High st

GEORGE Robert jun. High place

GOVER Thomas, Hamond place

JEFFREYS George, 17 High st

SMITH Nicholas & William, 82 High st

TRIBE John & Joseph Seaton, High st



BLACKORDER Jas. brick maker, Gillingham

BULLBROOK Thomas William, registrar of births & deaths, 12 Brougham place

CHARD William, book binder, Westcourt st, B

COOPER George, working cutler, 75 High st

DENNETT Charles, tripe dealer, Days alley, High st

Depository of the Christian Knowledge Society, 75 High st

ELMORE Thomas, licensed to let horses for hire, Brook

FOWLE John, gardener, Gadds hill, Gillingham

GREEN William, blacking maker, Wood st, B

GRIST John, coach office, 350 High st

HARVEY Richard, lath render, 4 Globe lane

HEWITT Jos. Coach proprietor, Garden st, B

HONEY Henry, brick maker, Waterloo place

IRWIN Richard, mast & block maker, High st

JACKSON & RYOTT, engineers & proprietor of saw mills, Foundry wharf, High st

JACKSON William, haberdasher, 181 High st

LANGLEY John, brush maker, 45 High st

LOVELL Isaac, whiting manufacturer, Brook st

Medway Union Workhouse, High st, Francis HUNT, governor

MORGAN Stephen & Edward, oil mills, Gillingham

PATTISON Charles, chandler, inspector of weights and measures & sheriffs officer, 36 High st

REYNOLDS Ann, rug and carpet warehouse, 117 High st

RICKON Jno. iron & brass founder, Rome lane

ROBERTS William, shipsmith, High st

ROWLAND Edwd, egg dealer, Nicholson yard

TAYLOR Wm, last & patten maker, 31 High st

WILLIAMS George, slater, Foundry wharf, High st

WILLSON George, poulterer, 42 High st

WINTER James, chest & trunk maker, 10 Watts place, High st

WRAKE Stephen, carrier, High st



Naval & Military Establishments




Captain Superintendent – Captain John CLEVELL (R.N.)

Master Attendant – William PURDO Esq.

Master Shipwright – William STONE Esq.

Store Keeper – William SMITH Esq.

Store Receiver – Thomas BALDOCK Esq.

Chaplain – Rev Robert WHITEHEAD

Surgeon – Mr George JOHNSTON

Assistant Surgeon – Mr Alexander RUSSELL

Chief Pay Department – William Thomas HARDY Esq.

Assistants to Master Shipwright – John MOORE & Francis LAIRE

Timber Converter – John ORTON

First Clerk to the Commissioners – Thomas Sutton VINALL

Master of the Saw Mills – M. BACON

Master Blacksmith – Richard STONEHOUSE

Sail Maker – William COVIL

Rigger – Michael AUSTIN

Rope Maker – J. BURTON

Boatswain – W. WILLMOTT

Director of Police – Lieutenant W HUBBARD

Trinity House Pilot – William BARDOE




Commandant – Elias LAWRENCE (C.B.)

Second Commandant – Colonel William CONNOLLY

Lieutenant Colonels – Nathaniel Hamilton ENGLISH & Richard BUNCE

Pay Master – Captain George HOOKEY

Adjutants – George ELLIOTT and Thomas HURDLE




Colonel Commandant – Colonel William WARRE

Lieutenant Colonel  - Thomas WEARE




Lieutenant Colonel  - Edward HAY


Captain Paymaster – William ELSEY

Surgeon – Mr Robert ELLIOTT

Adjutant – Captain Henry BROWN




Colonel Commanding Royal Engineer – H W VAVASOUR

Lieutenant – Leicester Viney SMITH

Clerks of the Works – William BROCK and John MURRAY

Clerks to the Department – Thos. M. BENSTED & John DUFFCATER

Foreman to the Works – John BYHAM, Richard LEPPES and John TYSON




For the Institution of the Corps of Royal Sappers and Miners in Military Field Works &c.


Director – Colonel Charles W. PASLEY, Royal Engineer, C. BFE &c.

Adjutant – Captain Henry SANDHAM, Royal Engineer

Superintendent of Surveying & Astronomy – Lieutenant Edward FROME, Royal Engineer

Clerk of Works and Teacher of Practical Architecture – Robert HOWE






Surgeon – Mr William RAE

Assistant Surgeon and Dispenser – Mr Alexander BLYTH

Assistant Surgeon – Arthur KIFT

Purveyor – Captain George HOOKEY

Chaplain – Rev. William LEWIS

Hospital Clerk – Robert DRAKE

Warden – Thomas OFLER





Commandant for Hospitals - Lieutenant Colonel C.C.DIXON

Principal Medical Officer – Dr. DAVY

Paymaster – C. GRIMES Esq.


Staff Captain – Captain ANDERSON

Apothecary – Mr STARKET

Deputy Purveyor – G. PRATT





To London, the Royal Mail (from Dover), calls at EDWARD’s office, High st, every morning at half past two – the Nelson from the Globe and EDWARD’s office, every Monday morning at half past five and every other morning (Sunday excepted), at a quarter past seven – the Commodore from the same offices, every morning at half past nine – and Tantivy (from Faversham), calls at the same offices, and also the Sun every day at a quarter before twelve.


To London, the Eagle (from Canterbury) calls at the Globe and Edward’s office, every day at a quarter before one – the Express (from Canterbury and Dover), every afternoon at a quarter before three – and the Tally Ho (from Canterbury), every evening at a quarter before six – and the Defiance (from Canterbury and Dover), calls at the Chest Arms every night at twelve.


To Ashford, a Coach from Edwards office, every morning at a quarter past eight.


To Canterbury, the Royal Mail calls at the Post Office and Globe Inn every night at twelve – and the Tally Ho calls at Edwards Office and the Globe every evening (Sunday excepted ), at half past six, and on Sunday at half past twelve noon.


To Dover and Deal, the Eagle (from London), calls at Edwards Office and the Globe every afternoon (Sunday excepted ), at a quarter past two.


To Dover, Deal, Ramsgate and Margate, the Express (from London) calls at Edwards Office and the Globe Inn every afternoon at a quarter past one – and the Defiance calls at the Chest Arms and Edwards Office every night at a quarter before twelve – and the Eagle calls at Edwards Office and the Globe every night at twelve; all go through Sittingbourne and Canterbury.


To Faversham, the Tantivy (from London), calls at Edwards Office and the Globe every afternoon at a quarter past four; goes though Sittingbourne, Green Street and Aspringe.


To Gravesend, Edwards Omnibuses are continually running between Chatham and Gravesend to meet the Steam Packets plying between Gravesend and London. See also Vans.


To Maidstone, Coaches and Omnibuses, from the Globe and Edwards offices, calling at the Sun, the Ship and the Chest Arms every morning at a quartet past eight and a quarter past nine, afternoon at one, half past one, and a quarter before five and evening at half past six and half past seven.




To London, the Hope from the Green Man, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at nine and from the Golden Lion, Brompton every morning at half past eight.


To Brighton and Hasting, a Van from Edwards office every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at eight.


To Canterbury, the Industry calls at the Globe and Edwards office every morning (Sunday excepted), at half past nine, and the Surprise from the same office every afternoon, (Sunday excepted), at a quarter past two.


To Gravesend, Vans from the principal Inns and Taverns almost hourly through the day.


To Sittingbourne, a Van from the Globe and Edwards office, every afternoon (Sunday excepted), at half past three.




To London, Stephen WRAKE’s Waggons from the Crown and Thistle, Chatham every afternoon at four and STANBURY’s Vans and Waggons from their office, Rome lane, every night.


To Canterbury, Dover, Deal, Ramsgate and Margate, Stephen WRAKE’s Waggons from the Crown and Thistle, Chatham every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and STANBURY’s from their office, Rome lane, every night.




To London, CROCKFORD and SMITH’s Hoys from Holborn lane (to COTTON’s wharf, Tooley st), and John JOSLIN’s Hoys (to CHAMBERLAIN’s wharf, Tooley st) every Wednesday.


To Sheerness, a Steam Packet from the Sun, Ship and the Chest Arms Inns, every morning at eight and afternoon at three.



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