Pigots 1840 - Kent

Canterbury with the villages of Sturry, Fordwich & neighbourhoods 


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Canterbury is an ancient and highly respectable city, county of itself (having separate jurisdiction), and the see of an archbishop, who is Primate of all England – locally in the lathe of St Augustine and the hundred of Bridge & Petham, in the eastern division of the county; 56 miles E by S from London; 26 SE by E from Rochester; 16 NW by W from Dover, and the like distance SW from Margate. It situation is one of the most highly favoured by nature in this county; being seated in a fertile vale; environed by gently rising hills from which descend numerous streams of excellent water; and intersected by the river Stour; which dividing and reuniting its stream, forms several islands, one of which anciently called Birmewith, part of the city is built. Canterbury (the Cantwara-byrig of the Saxons) is supposed to have been founded about nine hundred years before the birth of Christ, but the date cannot be satisfactorily particularized. It was one of the earliest Roman stations, and many relics of that nation, comprising articles of pottery, coins, tessellated pavement &c. have at various periods been discovered here. The see of this city was established by St Augustine, the first archbishop, in 599; and he was created metropolitan of all England by Pope Boniface, in 629. The monastery of St Augustine, for many centuries so generally celebrated was founded by Ethelbert, King of Kent, and dedicated to St Peter and St Paul, in 605; it was some time afterwards granted to the Benedictine monks. Subsequently it was greatly enlarged and enriched by considerable endowments; DUGDALE states that at the time of the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII, the revenue of this institution was estimated at the sum of £1413. 4s. 11¾d; this magnificent structure was afterwards demolished, with the exception of the principal entrance, which remains in a good state of preservation and is occupied as a brew house by Mr William BEER. The ancient gate of the city (which has for many years been converted into a prison) stands an admirable monument of the former grandeur of Canterbury; the greater part of the wall is likewise preserved. There are fourteen churches, all of them antique, but destitute of any other claim to description. The cathedral however is decidedly one of the most splendid specimens of ecclesiastical architecture in Great Britain; previous to the reformation it had thirty-seven altars; its middle tower is two hundred and thirty five feet high. Henry VI and the illustrious Black Prince Edward with many other personages of superior distinction are entombed within this venerable pile. Thomas-ά-Becket. The Archbishop and reputed saint was murdered in this sanctuary on 29th December 1173, and his remains were removed to his shrine in 1220. The Wesleyan methodists have a commodious and handsome chapel, and there are places of worship for presbyterians, baptist and the society of friends; the jews also have a synagogue here. The charitable institutions belonging to Canterbury are numerous. The kings school situated in the Precincts is supposed to have been founded by archbishop Theodore about 650; its history however cannot be traced authentically to a more remote period than the reign of Henry VIII, who gave it a charter and established it on its present basis, to consist of fifty scholars; the benefactions in favour of these students are considerable. There is also a blue coat school, connected with the workhouse, formerly the hospital for poor priests and others for gratuitous instruction. Another most valuable charity is the Kent and Canterbury Hospital. There are several almshouses, and various benefits arising from bequests and endowments. The first manufacture for which Canterbury was noted was that of silk, established by the Walloons in the reign of Elizabeth, who granted them the undecraft of the cathedral for that purpose; this manufacture was subsequently prosecuted to a considerable extent, but at present it posses no consequence. For some years back however this city has become celebrated for the production of a superior kind of damask table linen, an article that bids fair to rival in excellence even the ancient silk damask. This place has been long famed for its brawn, which is in high estimation all over the kingdom, but particularly so in London. The other manufacturers are those of parchment and vellum. The trade in long wool is extensive, but that in corn and hops is of paramount importance; the cultivation of the latter article for which the soil here is peculiarly favourable, employs the major part of the labouring class. There are several respectable breweries, some malting establishments and on the banks of the river are numerous mills, some of them of considerable magnitude. Frequent attempt have been made to render the Stour navigable from the sea to this city for vessels of one hundred tons, for which indeed there appears much facility, but the probable benefit does not warrant the expense of the speculation at present. The railway however from hence to Whitstable harbour (whence there is a regular water communication with the metropolis) must eventually prove of great advantage to the trade of this city and vicinity.


At the time of the conquest the government of Canterbury was vested in a prefect, appointed by the King; several succeeding monarchs bestowed upon it charters, or confirmed those of its predecessors; that by which its municipal affairs was regulated, previous to the act passed in 1835, was granted by James I. By the late enactment the corporation is composed of a mayor, six aldermen, eighteen councillors and the usual assistant officers who are styled “the mayor and commonality of the City of Canterbury” the same charter divided the city into three wards and conferred upon it a commission of the peace. The privilege of sending members to Parliament has been exercised by this city ever since the 23rd of Edward I; the sheriff is the returning officer; the present representatives are Lord A CONYNGHAM and J BRADSHAW esq. The return of members for East Kent is made in this city. Quarter sessions are held by mayor, recorder and such aldermen as have served the office of mayor, the day previous to the East Kent sessions; petty sessions the first Thursday in each month; and a court of requests, for the recovery of small debts, is held here before the commissioners every Thursday. The quarter sessions for East Kent are held at St Augustine’s; and all the city business is transacted in the guildhall, a convenient but by no means an elegant fabric, situate in High Street. There are several excellent libraries and reading rooms; a philosophical and literature institution with a comprehensive and well arranged museum; a musical society, assembly rooms and a neat theatre. Four newspapers issue from the press here weekly. Amongst the places of recreation enjoyed by the citizens that of the “Dane John-field” merits particular notice:- at the south east corner of the field, close to the city wall, is thrown up a vast artificial mount or hill, now to all appearance circular. In 1790 alderman James SIMMONDS, to whom Canterbury is indebted for many of its improvements, converted this place into a city mall; the sides of the hill were then cut into serpentine walks, so as to admit an easy ascent to its summit and were connected with a terrace formed upon the rampart within the wall, extending in length upwards of six hundred yards; additional walks were also made in the adjoining field, and a double row of limes planted on the sides of the principal walk. The public spirited conduct of this gentleman is commemorated by a pillar, erected on the summit of the mount. The views from this spot are rich, extensive and interesting. There are daily markets for provisions of all kinds; but the principal one, which is for cattle, corn, hops and seed is held on Saturday and is toll free for corn. The annual fair is numerously attended; it commences on 11th October and continues for about ten days; it is chiefly for pedlery, toys and pleasure. The City of Canterbury, including its several parishes and precincts, contained in 1831, 14463 inhabitants.


Sturry and Fordwich are two small villages and parishes contiguous to each other, both about two miles and a half from Canterbury, on the road to Ramsgate and Margate. The situation of these villages is very pleasing and the scenery by which they are encompassed of a rich and varied character, having many handsome residences scattered throughout the parishes. There are some extensive flour mills here, which constitute the principal business of the inhabitants. The two parish churches are spacious well built structures. Sturry is in the hundred of Bleangate and Fordwich in Downhamford hundred and both parishes are in the lathe of St Augustine. The population of the former amounted in 1831 to 925 persons and the latter contained 287 inhabitants.


POST OFFICE – 47 George Street, Canterbury, John CALLAWAY, Postmaster. Letters from London arrive every morning at half past three and are despatched every night at half past eleven. Letters from Deal arrive every night at nine and are despatched every morning at five. Letters from Margate and Ramsgate arrive every night at ten and are despatched every morning at four.


Foreign Post  - Letters for France and the Continent are despatched every Wednesday and Saturday morning at half past six.


Office hours – the office opens at eight in the morning and closes at nine at night.




ABBOTT Wm. esq, Limes, Old Dover rd

ADAMS Mrs Sarah, Church st, St Paul’s

ALBANY Hon. Mrs Frances, 6 Dane John green

AMBROOK Mr Richard, Sturry

ARCHER Capt. John, Harbledown

ATHLONE The Countess of, Harbledown

ATKINS Mrs, 5 Dane John place

AUSTIN George esq, Precincts

BAGOT the Hon and Very Rev R, Precincts

BAKER Mrs George, St Stephens

BAKER Miss Jane, St Dunstans

BAKER Mrs Mary Anne, St Peters

BALDOCK W H esq, Petham

BARLOW Sir Robert, Palace st

BARTLETT Rev. T, Kingston rectory

BARTON Miss Mary, 6 Sepulchres

BASKERVILLE Mr Wm. St Augustine’s priory

BASKERVILLE Mr Wm. M, St Augustine’s priory

BAYLEY Rev W F, Precincts

BEAKE MISS Grace, 18 St Margaret st

BEATSON Rev A, Precincts

BEESLEY Mrs, Victoria place, St Dunstans

BELL Mr John, Street end

BENNETT Mrs Thomas, Precincts

BENNETT Rev William, Precincts

BENTHAM Mrs, 4 St Georges pl

BENTHAM Capt. Jno. St Georges filds

BIRCH Mr Thomas, Old Dover rd

BOSCAWEN Rev & Hon J E, Precincts

BOURNE Mrs Hannah, Orchard st

BRAHAM Rev W C, Precincts

BRIDGES Mr E, Denton

BROWNE Rev Walter, Precincts

BRYDGES Rev A E, Denton rectory

BUCKLEY Mr George, Harbledown

BUNCE Mr John, Harbledown

BURNABY Capt E (RN), St Georges pl

BUSHELL Mr William, Bridge st

BUTCHER Mrs, Watling st

CADMAN Mrs Mary, 49 St George st

CAMPBELL Rev Collin Archibald, 18 Watling st

CARDIGAN Right Hon Earl of, Hales pl, St Peters

CATES Mr John, Westgate court

CHAFY the Misses, Water lane

CHANDLER Mr Jno. Harbledown

CHILDS Mrs Susannah, 50 St George st

CLARKE Mrs Ann, Bridge st

COCKBURN Mrs, 20 ST Georges pl

COLLARD - - esq, Renville

COMBER Mrs Mary, 3 Sepulchres

COOK Mrs Sarah, 24 St Peter st

COUCHMAN Miss Joanna, 3 Dane John place

CRESSWELL Rev Henry, Bridge st

CROFT Venerable the Archdeacon, Precincts and Saltwood

CULMER Miss Sarah, St Georges pl

CURLING Miss Grace, 2 St Georges pl

CURLING Mrs Rebecca, 35 Castle st

CUTHBERTSON Mrs Sarah, Mount pleasant

DAVIES Rev William, Wincheap st

DEJONCHERE Madame, 5 St Georges terrace

DELASAUX Mrs Elizabeth, Wincheap green

DELMAR Mrs, Hawkes lane

DELMAR William esq, Elms, Old Dover road

DERING George esq, Barham court

DORMAN Mr Thomas, Castle house

DORSETT the Misses, 6 St Georges pl

DRAYCOTT Mr George Edward, Harbledown

DUBOIN Mrs Margaret. 3 Watling st

EDEN Rev & Hon. William, Harbledown

ELSTED Mrs Mary H, 22 St Georges terrace

EVATT General, Fordwich

FAGG Sir John, Mystole

FARRIS Mr Thomas, 39 St Margaret St

FAWSSETT the Misses, St Stephens’s rd

FEA Mrs Robert, Harbledown

FENNER Mrs Elizabeth, 44 St Margaret St

FISENDEN Peter esq, Bridge

FLINT Alderman, Stour st

FLINT Mr Benjamin, 7 Watling st

FLINT Mrs Catherine, 5 Dane John pl

FLINT Mr Frederick, St Dunstans

FLINT Mrs Priscilla, Wincheap st

FLOOD Mrs Mary Anne, 21 St Georges terrace

FOORD the Misses, Westgate without

FOORD Mr Thomas, 30 St Peter st

FOULJAM Mrs Sarah, 18 St Georges terrace

FRANCIS Rev John, St Peters lane

FRANCIS Thomas esq, Ivy House

FREND Mr Richard, 52 St George st

FURLEY Mr John, 39 St George st

GARDNER Austen esq, Kingston court

GARNER Miss Harriet, St George’s flds

GILBERT Mrs Elizabeth, St Dunstans

GILES Mr John, Wincheap st

GLOVER Mr Thomas, 33 Watling St

GOULDEN Mr John, St Dunstans terrace

GRAHAM Mrs, Barham

GRAYLING Mr Thos, St Peters lane

GREAVES Mrs Martha, Precincts

GREGORY Rev. Edw. Bridge Hill house

GROVES Rev Wm, Vicarage house, Sturry

GUILDFORD Right Hon Earl, Waldershare park

HALES Mrs Felicia, Victoria place, St Dunstans

HALFORD Richard esq, Paddock

HALLETT Rev C H, Higham

HALLIDAY Mr John, 8 St Georges place

HAMILTON Rev Jas, Vicarage house, St Peters

HAMILTON Rev James, St Stephens

HARRISON Mrs, Shrubbery, Barham

HARRISON Benjn. esq, Barham court

HARRISON Rev Thomas, Barham

HARTLEY Rev John, Bridge hill

HARVEY Henry esq, Woodlands

HASKINS Rev Wm. 12 St Georges place

HEAD Miss Lydia, Harbledown

HEGERTY Count, St Peters

HILLS Mrs, Dane John place

HOPE Mrs Elizabeth, Dover st

HORNETT Mrs Eliz, St Dunstans

HOUGHAM Mrs Sarah, Barton Court

HOWLEY the Most Rev. W (DD), Archbishops palace

HUTCHINSON Rev. Henry John, 19 Palace st

HYDER William esq, Court Lees

JACOBS Capt. John Villers, Oaten hill

JAMES Major, St Dunstans terrace

JAMES Mrs Mary Sophia, 45 St Margaret st

JARMEN Mr William, Lamb lane

JOHNSON Mr John, 7 St Georges place

KEELER the Misses, 22 Watling st

KELLEY Mrs Eliz. Westgate without

KENNETT Mrs Eliz. St Margaret st

KENRICK Mrs, Bourne house

KINGSFORD Miss Priscilla, 17 St Georges terrace

KIRKBY Mr Henry H, St Georges fields

KNIGHT Edwd esq, Godmersham park

LAMBORN Mr Peter C, St Dunstans

LANCEFIELD Mr William, Orchard pl

LARA Mrs Sarah, St Dunstans

LAVENDER Mr Russell W, 1 St Margaret st

LEGRAND Mr John, 25 Watling st

LOCKWOOD Rev F V, Precincts

LORDING Mrs Cath, St Alphage lane

LOVE Mrs Susannah, 1 Dane John green

MACKISON Mrs Harriet, St Pauls

MAPLETOFT Mrs Ann, 51 George st

MAPLETON Mrs Christiana, Harbledown

MARRIOT Rev G C, Precincts

MARSH Mr Richard, St Stephens rd

MARTEN Mr John, Bridge

MARTIN Mr George, Bridge st

MASTERS Mr William, St Peter st

MAYNARD Mr Nathl. Jonas, St Peter st

MESHAM Rev A B, Wootton

METCALF Rev John, Precincts

MICILLE Rev John T, 29 Watling st

MIDDLETON Mr Henry, St Martins

MONTRESOR Lady, Denne hill

MOODY Rev Henry, Chartham

MOORE Rev George, Precincts

MOORE Rev Robert, Precincts

MOSS Mrs Elizabeth, 2 Wincheap st

MOUNT Mr George, Cattle market

MOUNT Wm esq (magistrate), High st

NEAM Mrs Sarah, St Dunstans

NEAM Mr Thomas, Old Dover road

O’BRIEN Mr Barthlmw, Harbledown

OLIVER Mrs Esther, Harbledown

ORDE Mr J, St Stephens

OXENDEN Rev Chas, Bishopsbourne

OXENDEN George esq, Broome

OXENDEN Sir Henry C, Broome park

PALMER Mrs Cath, 20 St Georges terrace

PAPILLON Thomas, Maydeacon

PARNELL Mrs Mary, 8 St George place

PARRINGTON Mr Jos Geo, St Dunstans

PEEL Rev John (AM), Precincts

PEIRCE Mrs Mary, 5 Sepulchres

PEMMELL Capt Peter, Lady Woottons green

PHILPOTT Mrs Martha, St Dunstans

PILBROW Mr Edwd, St Dunstans terrace

PILLOW Mrs Mary Ann, 24 St Georges terrace

PLASKET Sir R, Iledon

PLUMMER Mr George, Bridge st

PLUMMER Mr Wm. Lady Woottons green

PLUMPTRE Rev Hny, St Stephens rd

PLUMPTRE J P esq (MP), Fredville

POLHILL Mrs Hannah, 2 Sepulchres

POUT Mr Charles, 23 High st

RANMELL Mr Thomas, Sturry

READER Mr Jas Reed, 29 St Peters st

RENICK Mrs Elizabeth, Orchard st

RICHMOND Rev H S, Denton

RIGG Mr Saml, St Dunstans terrace

ROBERTS Miss Rebecca, Oaten hill

ROBINSON Capt Geo M (RN), 6 Sepulchres

ROOKE Mr John, Wincheap st

ROUCH Rev Frederick, Precincts

RUSHBROOKE Mrs Mary, 54 St George st

RUSSELL Rev W (DD), Precincts

SANDEN Mrs, Harbledown

SANKEY Mr John Collard, Wincheap st

SANKEY Mrs Sarah, St Georges pl

SCOTT Mrs, St Dunstans

SHARPE Mr William, Longport

SIMMONDS Mr William, 21 Stour st

SLATER Mrs, Bridge st

SMITH Rev Charles, St Peters lane

SMITH Mr John, Orchard st

SNOULTON Mr Osborne, 10 St Georges place

SPRAKLING Mr Robt Jno. 45 St Peter st

SPREY Rev J H (DD), Precincts

STAINES Mrs Eliz. 25 St Peter st

STEWARD Mr Wm. St Stephens road

STOCK Mr William, 32 Watling st

STONE Mr Thomas, Castle st

STRATTEN Rev Joshua, Precincts

TASWELL Mr George Morris, 1 Burgate st

THOMPSON Miss, Kenfield

TIDDEMAN Mrs Catherine, Church st, St Pauls

TIDDEMAN Mr Henry, 1 St Georges place

TONG Mr William, 15 St Georges place

TRITTON Mrs, 4 Dane John place

TUCKER Mrs Sarah, Westgate without

TYLDEN Rev Osborne, Chilham

TYFE Mr James, 10 St Margaret st

VIDGER Mr James, 22 Stour st

WAILEY Mrs, 2 Dane John green

WALLACE Rev George, Precincts

WARNER Rev Lee, Dane John place

WATERS Richard esq, Harbledown

WEARE Mr, Dane John green

WEBB Colonel, Harbledown

WEBB Rev Samuel, St Peter st

WEBSTER Mrs Mary, 4 Sepulchres

WESTWOOD Mr Joseph, Military road

WHITE Mr James, 40 St George st

WHITE Rev John, St Georges fields

WHITE Mr Thomas, 11 St Georges place

WHITE Mr William, Chantry lane

WILDMAN J B esq, Chilham castle

WRAIKE Mrs Mary, 2 Dane John place


ACADEMIES & SCHOOLS – not otherwise described as day schools


CLARKE Mary (preparatory), Westgate without

COLE William, Burgate lane

DEWHURST Joseph, Military road

FOORD John, Broad st

FOWLER Elizabeth, Wincheap st

DIX Frances & Helen, (preparatory), Hawkes lane

HALSEY Mary, Orange st

HORNES George, St Dunstans

KENNETT Eliz (boarding), 8 St Margaret st

KING James, 11 King st

Kings School, Precincts; Rev George WALLACE (AM) headmaster; Rev A BEATSON, second master

LYNAN John, 1 Palace st

MARLEN Henry (boarding), Dane John

MASON Martha, 44 St Peter st

MILLER Isabella, 3 Palace st

MORRIS Mary, (preparatory), 36 Castle st

National School, St Dunstans; John ABRAHAMS, master

PHILPOTT John Russell, 5 St Peter st

RUSSELL Sarah, Dover st

SERJEANT Elizabeth (boarding), St Georges field

SHARP Frances Church, St Pauls

STEAD Elizabeth (boarding & day), Sturry

STEAD Stephen, Sturry

THOMAS William, 43 Union st

TOWNSHEND Charlotte, 14 Hawkes la

WARMAN William, St Peter st

WATSON Jane, (boarding), Precincts

WHITWORTH Elizabeth, 11 Burgate st

WINCH Richard, 17 Watling st

WOODWARD Ann, 25 Castle st

WOODWARD Rebecca, Bridge st




GREAVES Samuel, 25 St Margaret st

PARRINGTON Joseph, St Dunstans




DENT Henry, Precincts

HURST George, Longport




BUCKTON John, Church st, St Pauls


DE LASAUX, Thomas Thorpe, (& coroner), 39 Castle st

MOUNT Richard Minter, 12 St Margaret st

NUTT John, (& town clerk, clerk to the guardians of the poor and superintendent registrar), 24 Castle st

PLUMMER Stephen, Bridge st

PLUMMER Stephen, 14 Burgate st

SANDYS Charles, Bridge st

SANKEY Robert, 27 Castle st

SLADDEN, Dilnot & William, Burgate st

SMITH William, 23 Watling st

STARR Thomas, 9 Burgate st

TYSON George, Bridge st

WALKER Robert, 31 St George st

WHITE Jas, Bridge st & at Sandwich

WILKINSON Thos, 23 St Georges terr




ARNOLD William, Northgate st

BIRD Henry, 56 Burgate st

FRIEND Thomas, Northgate st

GRIST George, 46 St Peter st

HEARNDEN William, 46 Palace st

JACOBS Jacob, Northgate st

POUT John, 6 High st

SHARP William, 29 Burgate st

WESTFIELD Hills Samuel, 16 St Georges terr

WHITES & GOULDEN, St Georges and Sun st

WILD Richard, Bridge st




ADMANS Daniel James, 9 Palace st

ASHBEE Charles, Westgate without

BAKER William, 62 Northgate st

BANKS Robert Young, 54 Palace st

BATEMAN Sarah, Military road

BEARD John, 15 Northgate st 

BIRCH Thomas, St Dunstans

BLACKMAN James, Orchard st

CARTER Stephen, 70 Burgate st

CAYLEY Edward, 57 Castle st

CHAPMAN John, Sun st

COOPER James, Ivy Lane

CREED Charles, Blackfriars

DRIVER George, Butchery lane

FAGG James, Union st

FORTUNE George, Watling st

GILLMAN Henry, Bridge st

HARRIS John, Stour st

HARVEY John, 59 Burgate st

HAZELL Joseph, 32 King st

HOLDSTOCK Edward, St Dunstans

HOMEWOOD Thos. 17 St Margaret st

HYNIERS Thomas, Old Ruttingden Lane

INGE Edwin, Canterbury lane

JOHNSON Thomas, Longport

MARSH Charlotte, Orange st

MARSHALL Chas, Church st, St Pauls

MIETTE Samuel T B, 75 Broad st

NORTON George, Ruttingden Lane

PENFOLD William, Military road

PENN George, Butter market

PRETT William, Bridge st

SABINE Alfred, North lane

SABINE Alfred jun. 36 High st

SAYER William, Radigan lane

SMITH William, 4 St Margaret st

SOUTHEE James, Wincheap st

SOUTHEE John, Ivy lane

STOCKBRIDGE Joseph, Sturry

STOCKBRIDGE Samuel, Fordwich

SWAIN Edward, Butchery lane

SWAIN James, St Dunstans

TAYLER Thomas, Wincheap st

THORNTON William S, Stour st

TRICKER James, 43 St Peter st

VINEN Thomas, St Peters place

WALKER George, Artillery st

WALTAR John, Sturry

WATKINS John, Stour st

WELBY William, Northgate st

WELBY William, St Peters st

WEST Henry, King st

WHITE Thomas, Military road

WHITTED George, Orchard st

WILSON John, Broad st

WOOD Thomas, Broad st

WRAIGHT Henry, St Pauls




HALFORD, BALDOCK & SNOULTON, 11 Parade – (draw on PRESCOTT, GROTE & Co. London)


Savings Bank, High st, Samuel GREAVES, secretary.




ASH Benjamin, (& whiting manufacturer), 4 Burgate st

CHAPMAN John, 12 Burgate st

CHRISTEN Charles, (& brush, rope & mat maker), 1 High st

PACKER John, St Dunstans

PARNUM Thomas & John, St Peter st

QUESTED Valentine, 3 St George st




DEAN Thomas, 23 St Margaret st

HAYWARD Charles, Burgate lane

HUNT James, 8 Burgate st

MASON Thomas (& news vender), 54 Broad st

ROULFE William Taylor, 77 Northgate st

WARD Henry, 8 Mercery lane


BOOKSELLERS & STATIONRS – see also stationers


BARNES George, 26 St Margaret st

BARWOOD Ingram H, North lane

COLEGATE Robt. (& library), 6 Parade

PRENTICE Samuel, 1 & 22 Guildhall st

SOUTHEE Edward, 28 St Margaret st

WARD Henry, 8 Mercery lane

WELLARD Richard, (& Berlin wool), 43 & 44 Burgate st




ALCHIN Henry, 26 Burgate st

ARMAN William, St Dunstans

AUSTIN Edward, 8 Castle st

BARTON George, North lane

BATES John, Ivy Lane

BELSEY Samuel, Oaten hill

BLACKLEY James, 3 Sun st

BOORMAN George, 22 Burgate st

BRICE John, Jury lane

BRIDGWATER John, 57 Palace st

BROWNE James, 2 Palace st

CARPENTER Abraham, Ruttingden lane

CLARK Thomas, 35 St George st

COOTER John, Stour st

CRIPPEN William, 1 Palace st

CROW George, 35 Palace st

DAVEY George, 4 Mercery lane

DAWSON Thomas, 10 St George st

DEAN Thomas, St Peter st

DELO John, 9 Guildhall st

DENNE John, Dover st

DUNN James, 19 St George st

ENGEHAM William, 1 St George’s terr

ELLAN George, 30 Castle st

EVANS William, 11 St Peter st

EWELL Edward, St Dunstans

FEDARB John, 13 St Peter st

FEDARB Thomas, 22 Castle st

FIELD Henry, 16 Sun st

FOORD Richard, 52 Burgate st

FORDRED Thomas, 57 St Peter st

FOX Matthew, Lady Woottons green

FREND William, Radigan lane

FRIOR George, Fordwich

FULLAGAR James, 59 Palace st

GILES George, 22 Sun st

GODDEN William, 45 Watling st

HAWKINS John, St Alphage lane

JEFFREY Paul, North lane

LADD Geo William, 22 St Peters st

MARTIN George, Lamb lane

MUMMERY William, 16 St Peter st

MUTTON William, 70 Northgate st

OAKENFULL Chas, Westgate without

OAKENFULL William, Orange st

PALMER William, St Alphage lane

PARSONS William, Bridge st

PENTON George, 46 St Margaret st

POND Joseph, St Alphage lane

POOL William, 49 High st

RATCLIFF Edward, North lane

RATCLIFF Richard, St Dunstans

ROOKE William, Northgate st

ROYCE Henry, Northgate st

RUDMAN Abraham, St Dunstans

SALE John, Church st, Borough

SMITH George, Military road

SMITH Valentine A, 56 Palace st

STEEL Geo Edward, Church st, Borough

TAYLOR Thomas, Sun st

TOVEY James (list), 86 Northgate st

WALKINGTON Chas Smith, 7 High st

WEBB Samuel, 38 Palace st

WILLEY John, Military road

WILLIAMSON John, 76 Northgate st

WOOD George, King st

WOOD Thomas, 68 Burgate st

WOOD Thomas H, 19 St Margaret st

WOOD William, Sturry




GUTSOLE William, 57 St George st

POND Henry, 54 St Peter st




AVERY John, Guildhall st

FISHER John, Parade

GEERING John, Church st, Borough

HAYWARD Joseph, St Pauls

LEE William, 85 Northgate st

PEIRCE William Walter, Broad st

WOOD Stephen, 10 Guildhall st




ASH George, Watling st

BEER Wm, St Augustine’s brewery

BENHAM Charles, St Georges place

BENNETT John Saunders, Longport


FLINT Thomas & Priscilla, Stour st

FORTUNE George, Watling st

INGE May, Littlebourne

RIGDEN & DELMAR, Beercart lane

SAUNDERS Francis, North lane

WALL William & George, Duck lane




LANCEFIELD & Son, Bridge st

WELCH John, Old Dover road




ADMANS John, St Peters friars

AINO John, St Peter st

BLIGH Edward, Beercart lane

BLIGH James, King st

COPPIN James, Union st

CROTHALL George, Castle st

CROUCH William, Duck lane

HADLEY Henry, Broad st

KNOWLER William, North lane

KNOWLER William jun. Bridge st

LAMING Henry, Ivy lane

MINTER James, Broad st

MOORE Richard, Blackfriars

WRAKE Michael, King st

WRAKE Michael, jun, 30 Watling st


BUILDERS & CARPENTERS  - see also carpenters


BUNCE James, Castle st

CASTLE James, Oaten hill

COZENS Thomas, St Pauls

GAMBIER George, Orange st

HACKER Ash, Watling st

HOMERSHAM Edwd, 2 Hawkes lane

JENNINGS John, Castle st

KELSON William Golightly, Palace st

LANCEFIELD & Son, Bridge st

LANCEFIELD James, Broad st




APPS John, Northgate st

ASHBEE George, Butchery lane

AUSTEN Thomas, 20 St Margaret st

BRYSON John, 97 Northgate st

BURGESS William, Northgate st

CHITTENDEN Benjamin Martin, St Dunstans

CLOWSEY Clement, 60 Palace st

DENNE Thomas, Butchery lane

DEVERSON Henry, St Dunstans

DODD James, 45 Burgate st

DUTHOIT James, 37 St Margaret st

FIELD John, Northgate st

FLETCHER Edmund, 54 Burgate st

FLETCHER William H, 46 Burgate st

FORREST John, 58 Castle st

GINDER William, 10 Palace st

GOODWIN James, North lane

GOTTS Philip, 25 Palace st

GRIGG William, Church st, Borough

GUTSON William, 55 Palace st

HORSLEY William, 32 High st

JENNINGS Henry, Northgate st

JENNINGS Henry, Butchery lane

JENNINGS Henry jun. 47 St Peter st

JENNINGS William, Broad st

LAMING Edward, 7 St Peter st

LUNNISS Joseph, 17 King st

MINTER John, Butchery lane

MOORE Ann, 14 Mercery lane

MOYS Stephen, Sturry

PAINE Ann Catherine, 45 High st

PAMPLETT John, 71 Burgate st

RAZELL Richard (pork), 18 Burgate st

RIDDLE William, Westgate without

SAUNDERS Thomas, Bridge st

SIMMONDS Edward, Butchery lane

SQUIRE Thomas, Butchery lane

STEER William, Northgate st

STONE James, 10 Castle st

STREDWICK James, 7 George st

THARP Edward, Sturry

WILKINSON George, Butchery lane

WILKINSON Geo Tho, Wincheap st

WOOD John, St Margaret st

YOUNG Robert, Butchery lane


CABINET MAKERS – marked thus * are also uphotsterers


BACK Stephen, Westgate without

FRIEND Thomas, 75 Northgate

GILHAM Frederick Austen, 9 Beercart lane

* GOULDEN William, 4 St Peter st

* LEGGE Samuel, St Pauls

PENN John, Iron Bar lane

PENN William, 50 Palace st

* POUT John, 6 High st

* SHARP William, 29 Burgate st

* WHITE Samuel, 8 St George st

* WHITES & GOULDEN, St George st and Sun st




BAKER William, 9 Palace st

BATEMAN George, Broad st

CROFTS Richard, Wincheap st

HOLTTUM Daniel & Son, Sturry

JEZARD David, Sturry

LAMING William, 106 Northgate st

MARSHALL Joseph, Westgate without

MOYS James, Sturry

OVENDEN Henry, St Dunstans

PHILPOTT John, Military rd

STEDDY James, 67 Castle st

WHITE Daniel. 11 Palace st

WILSON John, St Georges place

WILSON John, Dover st




LADSON Joseph, Guildhall st

RUSSELL Robert, Cathedral yard

SOLLY William R, 2 Burgate st




BLACKBURN John, 11 Mercery lane

CHRISTIAN Henry, 8 High st

COOPER William James, 38 High st

COTTRELL & PAINE, 29 St Margaret st

HOLTTUM Edward, 1 Parade

MATTHEWS David (& dentist), Sun st

MOSES James Norris, 40 High st

PILCHER Daniel, Broad st

PITT Charles jun, 58 Palace st

REEVE William, St Peter st

SHARP William, 41 St George st

SPENCER Luke, Church st, Borough

WEEKS & LINFORD, 47 Burgate st




HAYWARD Henry, White Horse lane

HAYWARD James S, Orange st

SMITH Henry & George, St George street & Rose lane

STEDDY James, Castle st




CLEMENTS Wm. Rose office, Parade

DAVIES George, 48 St Peter st




WILMHURST William, Ivy lane




LEFEVRE Edward, Wincheap

MARTIN John, Riding gate

PEARSE George, Ivy lane

TERRY John, 16 King st

WHITE Francis, Blackfriars




ABBOTT Jno. (& hop factor), 40 Palace st

DOMBRAIN Wm,  37 St Margaret st

ELWIN Wm. Broad st & St Dunstans

FAIRBRASS Thomas (& timber & ship owner), North lane

HOBDAY Thomas, 8 St Georges terrace

JENNINGS John, Castle st

MINTER Edward, Rose lane




ADAMS Sarah, 24 St George st

BIRD William, 4 Parade

CHIPPERFIELD Robert Geo, 5 High st

HAGELL Ann, 23 Burgate st

HOLLOWAY Samuel, 22 Palace st

WILLE Charles Frederick, 26 Palace st




CHAPMAN John, 12 Burgate st

HORN Henry, 27 Burgate st

PHILPOTT James, 4 St Peters friars

PHILPOTT Stephen, 82 Northgate st

QUESTED Valentine, St George st




ABBOTT Chas John, St Stephens rd

BUSHELL Daniel, Bridge st

CASTLEDEN Geo. & Jno. Richd, St Dunstans

COLLARD Wm, Old Castle, Castle st

GOODWIN Charles, Castle st

KEMP John Lowther, (& seed), 2 Best lane

PHILPOTT William, 38 Castle st

TERRY Daniel, 18 Castle st




COURT Jno. Wilshaw, Westgate without

DEAN Ann, Bridge st

DENGATE Louisa Helen, St Dunstans

DREWETT William, 9 St George st

HUDSON Charles (& seedsmen), 27 St George st

HUDSON Zachariah, 5 Sun st

JUBB Henry, St Dunstans

LEPINE William, Northgate st

MINTER Edward, Rose lane

NASH Richard, Radigan lane

SIDDERS John, 7 Guildhall st

WHITE David, Blackfriars




ADDIS Edmund, 4 Best lane

BAKER & BROWN, 40 High st

MILES Thomas, St Dunstans

WEEKES & Son, St Alphage lane

WILLIAMS John, 4 Sun st




COLLINS Robert, 51 St Peter st

HOMER James, Northgate st

PARKER James, 7 Castle st

TEMPEST Thomas Joseph, 37 Burgate st




JONES William Joseph, High st

MATTHEWS David, Sun st




BEASLEY Henry, Stour st

BRETT James, 19 Best lane

MARTIN Charles, 1 St Peter st

WHITEHEAD William, Northgate st




BLACKMAN Henry, St Peter st

BRETT James John, 4 St George st

CLEMENTS John, 82 Palace st

DODD Ann, Butchery lane

MILLER Amos, 20 Palace st

REYNOLDS John, Orange st

SHEPPARD Mary, 33 Burgate st

WEST Henry, 19 St Peter st

WEST Thomas, 13 Mercery lane




BEAUGRAND Bartholomew, 22 High st

DELAHAY Thomas, 33 Palace st




AVANN Robert, North lane

ROBERTS James, 16 Best lane




Atlas, William BASKERVILLE, 14 St George st

Clerical & Medical, Samuel GREAVES, 25 St Margaret st

County, Richard SANKEY, 9 Parade

Eagle, Joseph JACKSON, St Dunstans terrace

Globe, Edward TURMAINE, Burgate st

Guardian, George BARNES, 45 St George st

Independent West Middlesex, Thomas C KNELL, St George st

Kent, Capon WEEKES, ST Alphage lane; and James JENKINS, Parade

Norwich Union, William MOUNT, High st

Pelican, Richard M MOUNT, St Margaret st

Phoenix, John WILLIAMSON, Sun st; and Jonathan BUNDOCK, Palace st

Royal Exchange, Thomas DAVEY, 12 High st

Sun, Edward HOLTTUM, 1 Parade

Universal, R H TRIMNELL, Parade




AYERST Mary, Butchery lane

GILES Thomas, Church st, Borough




BEAUGRAND Bartholomew, (French), 22 High st  

BIRD William, 4 Parade

CHIIPERFIELD Robert George, 5 High st

GORELY Sarah, St George st

HUDSON Chas (foreign), 27 St George St




BUNDOCK Jonathan, 29 Palace st

KENNETT Thomas, 31 Palace st

SHARP William, 29 Burgate st

WHITES & GOULDEN, St George st and Sun st




ABRAHAMS Joel, St Peter st

BUCK James, North lane

KEELER Edward, Guildhall st

PILCHER Thomas, St Dunstans

TUCKER John, 41 Burgate st




CROWHURST George, Westgate without

ROSE Charles, Westgate without

SOUTHEE Edward Jennings & Henry, St Peter st

THOMAS John Norris, 25 Burgate st


GROCERS, TEA DEALERS & CHEESEMONGERS – see also shopkeepers &c.


BAILEY William, Northgate st

BARBER Edward, Northgate st

BEER James, 29 St George st

BEST William, St Georges place

BILBE John, 16 Guildhall st

BULLINGER William, Westgate without

CLADISH Stephen, Mercery lane

COBB Frederick, Butter market

ELGAR James & John, 46 High st

GILLMAN James, Dover st

HAMMOND Wm, Westgate without

HOBDAY Henry James, 37 St George st

HOMERSHAM James, St Peter St

HOWARD James, Bridge st

KINGSFORD George, 32 Castle st

LAWRENCE John, 61 Northgate st

LAWRENCE William, 3 St Margaret st

LEA Charles & Co, 13 Parade

NEAME, GREEN & NEAME, St Margaret st

OVENDEN William, 56 Northgate st

RIDOUT James, 12 Palace st

ROOKE Charles, St Georges Place

SMITH Walter (& dealer in British wines), 32 Burgate st

SOUTHEE Samuel, 36 Burgate st

TILBE Mary, Westgate without

TREVOR Charles, (& dealer in British wines), 21 High st

WEEKS & LINFORD, (& oilmen), 47 Burgate st

WIMBLE James, Northgate st




ALLEY George, 54 St George st

GREEN William Bridge st


HAIR DRESSERS – marked thus * are also perfumers


BOWN Stephen, Westgate without

BROWN George, 9 Castle st

COVERLID John, 19 High st

CROW James, 24 Palace st

* DUNN Herbert, 3 High st

GILHAM Stephen, 9 Sun st

* HOMERSHAM Mary, 12 Mercery lane

* JOHNSON Charles, 51 Burgate st

PAVIS John, 19 Castle st

SILK George, Northgate st

* SMITH George, 11 George st

* TADHUNTER William, 27 St Margaret st

* USHER John, 30 St Margaret st




GREEN Elizabeth, 34 Burgate st

HEARNDEN Sophia, Church st, Borough

JACOBS Nathaniel, 23 Sun st  

MISKIN Henry, Westgate without

PRENTICE Zachariah, Burgate st




AUSTEN William, 42 Burgate st

JENKINS Sarah, 21 St Margaret st

SANKEY Richard, 9 Parade

TRIPP Mary, 22 St George st

WILTSHIRE William, 48 High st

WOOLLRIGHT & PARSONS, 34,36 and 37 St George st




GODSMARK Hy, Church st, St Paul’s

HUTCHINSON William, Bridge st

PELLETT Thomas, Cattle market



POWELL Samuel, 38 Burgate st

WOOLLRIGHT & PARSONS, 34,36 and 37 St George st




COCK, GREAVES & Co, 25 St Margaret st

HEADDY John, George st

HOPE Henry Augustus, Beercart lane




Fleur de Lis, Toke James SIMMONDS, High st

Fountain (& posting house), Samuel WRIGHT, St Margaret st

Guildhall, Henry JONES, High st

Kings Head, John JENNINGS, High st

Lion Hotel, (& posting house), J N WEEKS, High st

Rose Inn, Elizabeth CLEMENTS, Parade

Star, Benj RICHARDSON, St Georges place




DRURY & Co, 15 Parade

SAXBY Edmund & Son, High st




BUNDOCK Jonathan, 29 Palace st

DRURY & Co, 15 Parade

FISHER John, 10 Parade

HURT & BROOKE, 2 Mercery lane

MISKIN Henry, Westgate without

PILBROW John, 55 Burgate st

SAXBY Edmund & Son, High st

TYSON Joseph Taylor, 50 High st

WELLBY James, 10 Sun st




COLLARD Thomas White, 1 Bridge st

MOUNT William, High st

PARTRIDGE John, 18 & 19 St Georges place




ADDIS Edmund, 4 Best lane

BAKER & BROWN, 42 High st

BILLITER Henry, 21 Palace st

MUTTON & GRACE, 46 St George st

MUTTON Benjamin, Palace st

PARRY William G, 78 Northgate st

WEEKES & Son, St Alphage lane

WILLIAMS John, 41 Sun st



LANCEFIELD & Son, Bridge st

WELCH John, Old Dover road




BEIOLEY Richard F, 15 St Margaret st

BUDDEN John, 2 High st

CARTER John, 18 St George st

CLARIS Richard, 1 Mercery lane

COLLINS Harman, 31 Burgate st

DUNKIN & WATSON, 35 Burgate st

HALL James, 2 Sun st

HARMAN John, 1 Sun lane

HUNTER David, 41 Palace st

KENNEDY Ann, 15 Mercery lane

KNELL Thos. Corke, 20 St George st

MARTIN Matthew, 5 & 6 Mercery lane

PAYN George, 33 High st

POPE Thomas T, 10 Mercery lane

WEIR James, 2 Bridge st

WEST Henry, 8 Parade

WOOLLRIGHT & PARSONS, 34,36 and 37 St George st




BAX Richard, St Georges place

HALTON John, Rose lane




ASH George, Watling st

BEER William, St Augustine’s Brewery


FLINT Thomas & Priscilla, Stour st

INGE May, (& brewer & miller), Littlebourne

RUGLYS William, Wincheap st

THARP James, Sturry




BEARD Samuel, St Martins

BRENT John, Barton old mill

CANNON & WOODHAMS, Abbotts mill

GOBELL John, St Thomas’s Hill

KINGSFORD Thomas & Samuel, Barton new mill

MARSH Thomas, St Martins

PARKER Dane John, Dane mill

PHILPOTT Stephen & Son, Sturry mills

RUTTER John Snoulten, Chartham

SOMERFORD Henry, Old Dover road

THORNTON Henry George, St Stephens road, and at Ramsgate




ALLEN Mary, Northgate

BAKER Margaret, Burgate lane

BEST Ann J, Northgate st

BEST Isabella, Broad st

CHEESMAN Misses, St Peters friars

COLLARD Jane & Charlotte, 3 St Georges place

COOPER Mary, 11 St Georges terrace

CRIPPIN Mary, Anne & Sarah, St Dunstans

ELMES Susannah, St Paul’s

GARDNER & GILBERT, 48 Palace st

GOULDEN Elizabeth, 8 Best lane

GROOMBRIDGE Ann, 21 St George st

HOBDAY Frances, 47 Watling st

HOLLANDS Harriet, 67 Burgate st

LADSON Alice, Guildhall st

LEAKE Mary, Northgate st

MARSHALL Mary, 3 Best lane

PEARSE Sophia, 4 Bridge st

SMALL Sarah, 39 Palace st

SOUTHEE Mary,  (& toy dealer), 11 Sun st

TEVELIN & WYBROW, 6 St Georges terrace

WILSON Sophia, Dover st

WRIGHT Elizabeth, Longport 




BARNES George, 26 St Margaret st

WELLARD Richard, 43 & 44 Burgate st




Canterbury Journal (Saturday), Wm MUDFORD, 45 St George st

Kent Herald (Thursday), George Friend WOOD, 9 High st

Kentish Gazette (Tuesday), Robert SMITHSON, 10 St George st

Kentish Observer, (Thursday), Wm MUDFORD, 45 St George st




MASTERS John, Oaten hill

MASTERS William, 26 St Peters st




SOUTHEE Edward Jennings & Henry, St Peters st




BROOKS Jacob, Butter market

CRIPPEN John, Wincheap st

DITTON Richard, Union st

QUESTED Valentine, 3 St George st

TURMAINE George (& brush), 25 St Margaret st




BEAUVAIS Charles, 23 St Peter st

EASTES George, Church st, Borough

HART Mordecai, 56 St Peter st

PIGGOTT Thomas, 99 Northgate st




CHISHOLM Robert, 34 St Margaret st

CRANE F C, Precincts, Cathedral yd

EDWARDS James, Stour st

LOCHEE Alfred, 43 St Margaret st

SCUDAMORE Edward, 16 St Georges place

SCUDAMORE Edward, St Peter st




BRANFORD John, Church st, St Paul’s

CLOKE Jno. Spenser, 14 St Margaret st

COTTRELL George, 50 Burgate st

CROUCH Thomas, Longport

FRANCIS George, 6 Palace st

GRIFFEY William, Palace st

HACKER & WILTSHIER, 34 Watling st

HOBDAY John, 13 St George st

HOMERSHAM George, 39 High st


LEE Charles, Church st, St Paul’s

LUCAS James, Sturry

MEARS & GREENSTREET, 17 St Georges place

MEARS William, Oaten hill

OGDEN George, Orange st

PAGE Isaac, Wincheap st

PIPER John, Military road

POOL Isabella, High st

POTTER Samuel, 88 Northgate st

SMALL John, Westgate without

STREET William, 41 Castle st




BENNETT Edward & John Frederick, 49 Burgate st

KEMP John Lowther, 2 Best lane

TURMAINE Edward (& cider), 30 Burgate st




HAMMOND Edward, Parade

RAZELL Richard, 18 Burgate st

WATERS Edward, 9 Mercery lane

WOOD John, 22 Margaret st




COLEGATE Robert, Parade

INNES William, 1 Palace st

MATHEWS Thomas, 36 St Margaret st

PRENTICE Samuel, 3 & 22 Guildhall st

WARD Henry, 8 Mercery lane




GOODBAN Thos (music), Bridge st

HITCHCOCK Hy (drawing), North lane

HOWIS Lydia,  (dancing), 12 St Georges terrace

PALMER Henry, (music), 48 St George st

PALMER S L & F, (music & dancing), 8 St Georges green

WELLARD Richard, (music), 43 Burgate st




 FRIER John, 9 Grove lane

GAMMAN Thomas, 29 Castle st

JACOBS James, Burgate st

PRENTICE Zachariah, 16 Burgate st

TWYMAN George, Harbledown




BALDOCK Mary, St Dunstans

BATES George, 15 Palace st

BOURNE William, Sturry

FOREMAN William, 16 St George st

GIBBS Stephen, 36 Palace st

HILLS Francis, 26 St George st

ROALFE Benjamin, St Georges place

SOLLY Stephen, Westgate without

TRICKER James, 42 St Peter st




ADDIS Edward, 58 St Peter st

AUSTEN Jane, St Peters place

AYERST Edward, Military road

BANGHAM William, St Stephen st

BARKER Robert, St Stephen st

BEECHAM John W, Longport

CALDWELL Samuel, Northgate st

CLEMENTS William, Orchard st

COBB Frederick Freeman, Sturry

COLLARD Samuel, St Peters lane

COOPER James, Ivy lane

DAVIS George, Wincheap st

DEAN Sarah, Dover st

FULLWORTH Robert, Sturry

GANN George, 59 Castle st

GOLDSMITH George P, Watling st

GREENSTREET Daniel, 42 Castle st

HALKE John, Broad st

HALLIWELL Elizabeth, St Peters st

HARRISON Geo Fredk, 44 St George st

HAWKINS Thomas, Stour st

HOMERSHAM Rebecca, 8 King st

KENNEDY Andrew, Union st

LOACHY Benjamin, Broad st

LUCKHURST John, Harbledown

LUMSDEN Abraham, Northgate st

LYON Sarah, 15 Burgate st

MARSH Susannah, 102 Northgate st

MARSHALL Joseph, Westgate without

MONTI Joseph, Northgate st

MOUNT Robert, Ruttingden lane

ORTON William, North lane

PALMER Margaret, St Dunstans

PETTS Thomas, St Dunstans

ROLFE Ann, Northgate st

SHAXBY James, Harbledown

SLADDEN Elizabeth, 15 St Peter st

UNDERDOWN Richard, St Paul’s

WALTAR John, Sturry

WALTAR Sarah, Fordwich

WELBY Charles, 20 St Peter st

WIGZELL George, Wincheap st

WILLYAMS William, Harbledown




HOMERSHAM John, 5 Parade

MASON Charles, 28 St George st

TRIMNELL William H, 7 Parade

WARREN & Son, St Georges place




BEAN William, St Paul’s

BUTLER George, Beercart lane

COWELL Silas, Iron Bar lane

FLINT Thomas, Broad st

HANCOCK Thomas (coach), Lamb lane

HOLTTUM Ann, Sturry

MANN Sarah, St Dunstans

MORRIS Thomas, Wincheap st

MOUNT John, Orchard place

SIMS James, St Dunstans

SMITH Edward, North lane

SMITH Thomas, Old Dover Road

SMITHSON Henry, Dover st

THARP John, Sturry

WILMHURST William (coach), Ivy lane




BEER William and Son, St Augustine’s brewery

BENNETT Edward & John Frederick, 49 Burgate st


DELMAR James, St Margaret st

DOMBRAIN William, 37 St Margaret st


FLINT Thomas (rectifier), Stour st

FRIEND Ann, 25 St George st

JONES Henry, Guildhall st

ROYLE Joseph, 20 High st


STATIONERS – see also Booksellers & Stationers


ASHDOWN Charles, 57 Burgate st

DEAN Thomas, 23 St Margaret st




BUNDOCK Jonathan, 12 Sun st

DAVIES Mary, 48 St Peter st

GROOMBRIDGE Anne, 21 St George st

WEBSTER Elizabeth, 18 Palace st

WILLIAMS Ann, 13 Burgate st




COOPER George, St Peter st

HACKER John, Dover st

HACKER John, 56 St George st

HOULDEN James, 1 Castle place

JONES Henry, 5 Best lane

LONGLEY Thomas jun. 8 Watling st

LONGLEY Thomas White, 25 Saint Georges place




CRIPPIN Mary Anne & Sarah, St Dunstans

DIXON Anne M, Northgate st

GROOMBRIDGE Ann, 21 St George st

LEMAN Isaiah, 5 Burgate st

MARSH Frances, Bridge st

MARTIN Mary, 6 Guildhall st

MATHEWS Sophia, 26 St Margaret st

SHRUBSOLE Elizabeth, 21 Burgate st

SMALL Sarah, 39 Palace st

TATE Jane, Wincheap st

WEBSTER Elizabeth, 18 Palace st




ANDREWS Thomas, St Alphage lane

COOPER William James, 38 High st

DENNE Henry, 35 St Margaret st

DENNE Henry & William, the Friars

FITCH William, St Peters friars

FORD Robert, 5 St George st

HALLOWES Price Blackwood, 21 Watling st

HOVELL Charles, 64 Burgate st, and at Littlebourne

HUNT Richard, St Alphage lane

LOVELESS William, Hawkes lane

MACKESON Henry S, 1 St George st

MAJOR David Browning, 26 Watling st

REED Alfred, Longport

RENWICK William H, 29 Burgate st

RIGDEN George, Watling st

SCUDAMORE John Thomas, 26 Castle st

THORNTON John, St Alphage lane

WOOLLETT David, Sturry




BOORMAN Thomas (of taxes), Wincheap house

COLLARD Thomas White, 1 Bridge st

COLLIS William (of roads), Sturry

GRIST George, St Peter st

HURST George, Longport

MARSHALL Hezekiah, 21 Castle st

PARTRIDGE John, 18 St Georges place




ALLEN Austen, Orchard place

ALLEN William, Northgate st

AMOS Lancel, St Dunstans

AUSTEN Wm. (& clothier), 42 Burgate st

BALDWIN Matthew, St Georges lane

BALLS Robert, Castle st

BAYNES William, 23 Palace st

BELLINGHAM Frederick, 17 St George st

BOWMAN William, 45 High st

COLE George, Church st, St Paul’s

CULLEN John, Military road

DAVEY Thomas, 12 High st

DAVEY Thomas jun. Westgate without

DAVEY William, Westgate without

DAVIS Robert, 17 Sun st

DAVISON William, 9 Best lane

DULY Philip William, 17 Best lane

GIBBONS John, 6 Bridge st

GILLMAN Isaac, Dover st

HANSKORN John, 72 Northgate st

HOLLAND James, 30 Palace st

HUBBARD Alfred, St Peters place

KNELL Thomas Corke, 20 St George st

MARSH Alexander, Bridge st

NASH James, 13 Castle st

NOBLE William, St Margaret st

OLIVER Thomas, St Georges place

PARRETT Charles Henry, 13 High st

SMALL George, 10 St George st

STICKALS Jane, 17 St Peter st

TAPPENDEN Daniel, 55 St Peter St

THOMPSON Thomas, St Peters Friars

TOLDRIDGE Edward, 45 Union st

WATSON James, Lamb lane

WELLS Thomas, 17 Palace st

WILLIS Charles, 41 St Peter st

WOOTTON Edward, 40 Burgate st

WRAITH John, 30 St George st




BEER James, 29 St George st

BILBE John, 16 Guildhall st

NEAME Geo (& soap boiler), Lamb lane

ROOKE Charles, St Georges place




COOPER John & Henry, 23 Stour st

WEEKES & Son, St Alphage lane




Albion, Henry BOXALL, Palace st

Angelo Castle, Stephen MARRELL, Butchery lane

Bee Hive, Benjamin ARGAR, Dover st

Beverley Arms, Edw. AUSTEN, St Stephens

Black Boy, Thomas HARRIS, Butter market

Black Dog, William STREET, 40 Castle st

Blue Anchor, Geo. CORELY, St Stephens st

Blue Anchor, James MORGAN, Dover st

Bricklayers Arms, William COLLARD, Best lane

Builders Arms, Edward CHITTENDEN, Orchard place

Butchers Arms, Thomas PARNELL, Butchery lane

Cardinals Cap, Thomas GILBY, Rosemary lane

Carpenters Arms, Chs WILLIS, St Peters pl

Castle, Charles SHARP, Castle st

Catherine Wheel, John SNELLING, St Dunstans

Citizen of the World, John LAMING, Artillery st

City Arms, William MARSH, Northgate st

City of Canterbury, John Martin, St Thomas’s hill

City of London, Gibbon LADD, Stour st

Coach & Horses Ths. PILCHER, Harbledown

Cock, William SMALL, Cock lane

Cross Keys, John SMITHSON, Old Dover road

Crown, William NEWPORT, High st

Crown, Stephen WATTS, Burgate st

Crown & Anchor, Jos.ADMANS, King st

Crown & Sceptre, Jno. AIANO, St Peter st

Dolphin, George WALL, Radigan lane

Dover Castle, Sarah DOBBS, Old Dover road

Duke of Wellington, William, CHAPPERDEN, Broad st

Duke of York, Richard HOWARD, Riding gate

Dukes Head, Richard CLARKE, Wincheap st

Dukes Head, Mary WHITE, St Paul’s

Eight Bells, James EDMED, St Dunstans

Eight Bells, Michael ELLEN, King st

Falstaff, John DOUGHTY, Westgate without

Fleece, George TAYLOR, 14 Parade

Flying Horse, Ruth CRUX, Cattle market

Fordwich Arms, Dnl. WOODRUFF, Fordwich

George & Dragon, Silas BODKIN, Westgate without

George & Dragon, Thomas BROWNE, Fordwich

George & Dragon, John MENDEY, High st

George & Hoy, Henry BAKER, Beercart lane

Golden Lion, Edward BIGG, St Peter st

Griffin, Henry CUTLER, St Peter st

GUN, George WHITING, Westgate without

Hop Poles, James HODGES, Wincheap st

Jolly Sailors, Esther MOTTERSHEAD, Northgate st

Kentish Cricketers, Charles ALLEN, St Peter st

King William IV, David PILCHER, Union st

Kings Arms, Mary Ann GORELY, St Peter st

Kings Head, John GILES, Wincheap st

Kings Head, Dav.WHINCUP, Northgate st

Leopards Head, Fras. Anne STOKELY, Sturry

Little Rose, James BLISSETT, Staplegate

Maidens Head, John FINCH, Wincheap st

Malt Shovel, William C IRONS, Broad st

Mermaid, George Benjamin FOREMAN, St Margaret st

Monument, Edward PETTS, St Dunstans

Odd Fellows Arms, George GOODBANDS, St Peters place

Old Palace, Wm BEER, jun. Lady Woottons green

Orange Tree, George BOYLE, Jury lane

Plough, William DUNKIN, Harbledown

Prince of Orange, Chas. RABBETH, Orange st

Prince of Wales, Adnet MORLEY, King st

Princess Charlotte, John BALDOCK, St Martins

Queens Head, Robt. DUNCAN, St Margaret st

Red Lion, Ambrose CULLEN, Sturry

Red Lion, Francis WOOLLER, Love lane

Royal Exchange, James HILTON, Stour st

Royal Oak, John OTTAWAY, Longport

Saracens Head, Henry EPPS, Burgate st

Seven Stars, Charles SHRUBSOLE, Orange st

Shakspeare, Edw. Chs. RAYNER, Butchery lane

Ship, John EALSE, ST Martins

Spread Eagle, Eliz, BANISTER, Northgate st

Steam Packet, George KILNER, North lane

Sun, Robert FILL, Sun st

SWAN, William BOWLES, Sturry

Three Compasses, Thomas BACK, St Peter st

Three Stags, Jas. John BRETT, Monastery st

Toby Fillpot, Richard RANDALL, Watling st

Two Bells, Thomas MILLER, Military road

Two Brewers, Thomas MUNS, Stour st

Two Sawyers, Thomas PENSON, Ivy Lane

Unicorn, Richard TURNER, St Dunstans

Union Castle, Charles AUSTEN, Union st

Weavers Arms, Edwd. WILCOCKS, Broad st

Wheat Sheaf, Henry CHIVERS, Wincheap st

White Horse, Thomas BLAKE, High st

White Lion, Thomas TAYLOR, St George st

White Swan, Jemima WELBY, Northgate st




PARKER Jesse (& potter), Northgate st

PARKER John, 82 Northgate st




SAVEL Richard, 22 Sun st

TASSELL William, 12 Parade




BUNCE Saml. Thos. 7 St Margaret st

FOREMAN Wm. Lady Woottons green

GOULDEN William (& chair maker), Church st, Borough

LINTON Thomas, Military road

OAKENFULL Stephen, Guildhall st




CHRISTIAN Henry, 9 St Georges terrace

PLOMLEY Thomas, Northgate st




GREENWOOD John, 39 High st

HARDEMAN Edwin Saml, 2 St George st

HEIZMAN Charles, Church st, Borough

HEIZMAN M G & B, Westgate without

HOMERSHAM John, 5 Parade

JEFFERY James, 3 Parade

KENDALL Richard, 55 St Peter st

MASON Charles, 28 St George st

MERRITT William (& clock), 48 Watling st

POLLARD Samuel, 19 Burgate st

PRATT Thomas, 12 Best lane

TRIMNELL William H, 7 Parade

WARREN & Son, St Georges place

WELLBY John, 53 Palace st




BLIGH William, Duck lane

BOURN Edward, Monastery st

COZENS Thomas Finch, St Paul’s

GILLHAM George, St Stephens road

HOLMAN John (& millwright), Dover st

NIXSON Christopher, Wincheap st

PILCHER Thomas jun. St Dunstans

STEDDY James, Castle st




BENNETT Edward & John Frederick, 49 Burgate st

DELMAR James, St Margaret st

DUCKWORTH Jno. Bridge st, & at Hythe

MOUNT William (& hop), High st

ROYLE Joseph, 20 High st




HOLLAND James, 30 Palace st

KEEN Anne, 28 Palace st

KNELL Thos. Corke, 20 St George st

SMALL George, 10 St George st




AVAN Robert, North lane

FEA Charles, 1 Best lane

HOMERSHAM James & Son, 12 St Peter st

MIETTE MATTHEW & Co, River place, Westgate

ROBERTS James, 16 Best lane




ARIS John, registrar of births and deaths, & clerk to the magistrates, 3 Bridge st

BAYNES Francis, truss maker, Monastery st

BEARD Richard, dealer in marine stores, Military road

BLIGH Geo, parish clerk, St Mary’s Northgate

BROOKS Jacob, cork cutter, Butter market

BULLARD William, agent to Stanbury & Co, 41 High st

CROW William, plane & tool maker, 14 St George st

EPPS Thomas, lath render, St Dunstans

FARLEY Thomas, scale maker, Northgate st

GARDNER & Co, engravers, 48 & 49 Palace st

GRIFFEY William, herald painter, 46 Palace st

HERBERT Arthur T, soda water manufacturer, 1 North lane

HOPKINS Mary, register office for servants, St Peters friars 

LONGHURST James, organ builder, Broad st

PHILLIPS Robert, machine maker and wire drawer, King st

PITT Charles, conveyancer, 7 Palace st

POTTER Ann, baths, 60 Burgate st

SHARP George, sheriff’s officer, 66 Castle st

SMITH Wm. law stationer, St George’s lane

STUBBERFIELD & Son, sample drawers & hop strainers, Wincheap st

WOOD Stephen, billiard rooms, 36 High st




Assembly & Reading Rooms, 26 St Margaret st, George BARNES, proprietor

Barracks, Ramsgate road, Brian HODGSON, barrack master

Baths, 60 Burgate st, Ann POTTER, keeper

City Gaol, St Augustine’s, Joseph BONE, governor; Rev John METCALF, chaplain; Wm. H RENWICK, surgeon

Court of Requests, Guildhall (open on Thursday), Charles PITT, clerk

Dispensary, Watling st, George RIGDEN, secretary and surgeon

Ecclesiastical Court Office, Cathedral yard, William ABBOTT and William H CULLEN, deputy registrars

Excise Office, Queens Head, St Margaret st, Francis BROTHERS esq, collector; John WHITE, supervisor

Gas Works, Castle st, James Sladden BROWNE, secretary and manager

Guildhall, High st

Kent & Canterbury Hospital, St Augustine’s, Thomas SOUTHBEE, secretary; Alfred REED, surgeon; the Rev Joshua STRATTON, chaplain

Philosophical and Literary Institution and Museum, Guildhall st, Mr Thomas WILKINSON, secretary; Mr William MASTERS, curator

Post Office, 47 St George st

Railway Office, St Stephens road, NICHOLSON & BAYLIS, lessees

Stamp Office, Cathedral yard, (open from ten to five), Mr H COLLARD, distributer

Theatre, Orange st

Workhouse, Stour st, John PRINGUER, master



All call at or go from the Rose Coach Office, unless otherwise expressed


To London, the Royal Mail (from Dover), every night at half past eleven; the Union from the Guildhall Tavern & the Eagle, from the Rose every morning at ten; the Defiance every forenoon at eleven; the Express every day at twelve; the Tally Ho every afternoon at three; and the Eagle every night at nine – the Phoenix (from Dover), calls at the Guildhall Tavern every forenoon at eleven and the Union every night at nine


To Deal, the Royal Mail every morning at five and the POCKETT & BATES coach from all the principal inns, every evening at half past five.


To Dover, the Royal Mail (from London), calls at the Rose and Lion Inns, every morning at a quarter past three; the Paris and Dover Mail every Wednesday and Saturday morning at half past six; the Eagle every morning at half past four; the Express every afternoon at half past four; the Eagle every afternoon at half past five; the Phoenix from the Guildhall Tavern every afternoon at three; and the Union every morning at ten


To Maidstone, BRIDGES Coaches, from the Fleur de Lis, and the George and Dragon, every forenoon at a quarter before eleven.


To Margate and Ramsgate, a Coach from the Rose and principal inns, every morning and afternoon at five and during the summer Coaches and Vans from the principal inns, almost hourly through the day


To Sandwich and Deal, the Royal Mail every morning at five, and the POCKETT & BATES coach from all the principal inns, every evening at half past five.




To Ashford - RANDALL from the Fleece and – HOPE every morning (Sunday excepted), at ten


To Barham – PIERCE from the Crown, Burgate every Monday, Wed. & Sat.


To Challock & Chilham, John ROGERS from the Mermaid, St Margarets every Saturday afternoon.


To Charing, George DOWN from the Mermaid every Tues and Sat afternoon


To Chislet – JOHNSON from the Sun, Sun st every Wednesday and Saturday


To Deal, POCKETT & BATES every morning at nine


To Dover, J ATTWOOD from the Fleece every morning at nine and  - GRANT, from the George and Dragon every afternoon at four


To Faversham, James OGBEN, from the George and Dragon every afternoon (Sundays excepted) at four


To Goodnestone - MOUNT from the Sun every Wednesday and from the Saracens Head every Saturday


To Herne and Herne Bay - ELSE from the Fleece & - HOPE & - OAKENFULL from the Guildhall Tap, every morning at nine.


To Hoath – HANCOCK from the Sun every Saturday


To Hythe, William ASHTELL from the Guildhall Tap every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at three


To Maidstone – BRIDGES from the George and the Fleur de Lis every morn.


To Margate, John LOW, from the Fleece, every morning at nine & George ARNETT from the Guildhall Tap every afternoon (Sunday excepted) at three.


To Nonnington – WOOD from the Rose Tap, Parade every Saturday afternoon


To Petham – EPPS from the White Lion every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday


To Ramsgate - FOWLER & BRIDGE every morning at nine from the Fleece, Parade and the George & Dragon, High st


To Reculver – WEST from the Sun, Sun st, every Wednesday and Saturday


To Rochester & Chatham, John PETTIT from the Fleece, Parade every morning at nine and - EDWARDS every morning at nine and afternoon at five


To Sandwich – POCKETT from the Fleece every morning at nine.


To Sittingbourne, Thomas ASHTELL, from the Guildhall Tap every afternoon (Sunday excepted) at three


To Stouting, John COVENEY, from the Blue Anchor, Dover lane every Saturday afternoon


To Whitstable, Robert WHORLOW from the Fleur de Lis Tap daily


To Wingham – POCKETT from the Fleece every morning at nine


CONVEYANCE BY RAILWAY – for passengers and goods


To Whitstable, Trains every morning at ten, noon at twelve, & afternoon at two, four & six. NICHOLSON & BAYLISS carriers office, St Stephens road




To London, RUTLEY & STANBURYS Van, from their office, 41 High st, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon and WRAKE & Cos Waggon from the White Lion, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning


To Dover, RUTLEY & STANBURYS Van, from their office, 41 High st, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning and WRAKE & Cos Waggon from the White Lion, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.




To London, H A HOPEs vessel, the Two Sisters to Kents Wharf, Southwark; & COCK & GREAVES & Cos & John HEADDEYs Hoys all Wednesday and Saturday.



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