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Bromley, Beckenham & neighbourhoods 


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Bromley is a small and compact market town and parish, in the lathe of Sutton at Hone, and with Beckenham gives its name to the hundred in which it is situated. The town lies on the high road between London and Hastings through Seven Oaks and is distant ten miles SE from the metropolis. It is a place which cannot boast of any manufacture, or particular trade; but its local business is well supported by its respectable inhabitants, and the numerous gentry who have residences in the vicinity. There are some good inns; the principal are the “White Hart”, the “Bell”, and the “Swan and Mitre”; the first named is a superior establishment. The town has recently been lighted with gas, and the inhabitants are amply supplied with water. A court of requests for the recovery of debts, is held every alternate Thursday, at the market house; and headboroughs and constables are appointed at the court leet of the lord of the manor. Bromley is one of the polling stations at the election of members for West Kent. The church is dedicated to St Peter and St Paul, is  spacious building of some antiquity, but more especially the eastern part; in it are deposited the remains of the wife of the celebrated Dr JOHNSON and also those of Dr HAWKSWORTH, author of the “Adventurer”. The living is a perpetual curacy in the patronage of the Bishop of Rochester; the present incumbent is the Rev J E NEWELL. The other places of worship are a chapel each for independents and Wesleyan methodists. Bromley college which stands at the entrance to the town from London, is a plain brick building, it was founded and endowed in 1666 by Bishop WARNER, for the widows of twenty loyal and orthodox clergyman, and a chaplain, the chaplain being appointed by Oxford Magdalen College; he bequeathed £20 to be paid annually to each widow and £50 to the chaplain; since which the funds have been considerable augmented by various donations and requests, it is now enabled to admit forty widows who receive £38 per annum each with an allowance of coals and candles. This institution must ever reflect honour upon the memory of the founder, and is rarely equalled in the comfort and respectability it imparts to the objects of its bounty. Amongst many interesting seats scattered around this neighbourhood maybe notice that of the Bishop of Rochester. The old palace upon the site of which the present building stands, was erected by Bishop Thomas Roger FORD, a man of great learning and who is recorded to have been murdered here in 1261. In the grounds belonging to it is a well, the water of which is said to possess medicinal virtues similar to those at Tonbridge Wells. The other seats of note are: “Clay Hill” the residence of James SCOTT esq; “Bickley” the seat of John WELLS esq; and “Plaistow Lodge” built by the celebrated THELLUSON, now the residence of Robert BOYD esq. The market day is Thursday; and the fairs are February 14th and August 5th for live stock. The parish contained, by the returns of 1831, 4002 inhabitants.


Beckenham is a village and a parish in the same hundred and lathe as Bromley, two miles west from that town, pleasantly situated near to the Croydon canal. The village contains some very neat dwelling houses, and in the neighbourhood are many handsome villas. In the reign of Henry VIII, Charles BRANDON, Duke of Suffolk, entertained that monarch with great pomp at the manor house here, when on his journey to visit Anne of Cleves. The church, which is dedicated to St George, is a neat structure, erected at about the beginning of the 17th century; the living is a rectory, in the patronage of John CATOR esq. The charities are an endowed school, now conducted upon the national system; three almshouses, erected in 1694 and the interest of £1100 bequeathed by Lady Exeter in 1837, to be laid out in the purchase of coals for the poor of the parish. The population of the parish, by the returns for 1831, was 1288.


POST OFFICE, Bromley, John ACTON, Postmaster. Letters from London and all parts arrive every forenoon at eleven, afternoon at three, evening at six and night at half past nine, and are despatched every morning at half past eight, afternoon at one and half past three and night at nine.


POST OFFICE, Beckenham, Robert ROGERS, Postmaster. Letters from all parts arrive (by mail cart from London) every forenoon at eleven and afternoon at five and are despatched every morning at a quarter before nine and afternoon at a quarter before four.




BAKER Mrs Elizabeth, Bromley

BILK MR Edward, Bromley

BOURDILLON Rev Thomas, Beckenham

BOWLER Mr Benjamin, Bromley common

BOYD Robt. esq, Plaistow lodge

BRANDRAM Rev. Andrew, Beckenham

BROMLEY Mr John, Bromley

CATOR John esq, Beckenham place

CRACKLOW Mr Henry, Beckenham

CRANFIELD Mr Edward, Bromley

DAVIS Mr James, Masons hill

DORRIENS the Misses, Beckenham

ELLIOTT Mrs, Plaistow green

FODEN Reynald esq, Beckenham

FORTESCUE Hon.Matthew, Beckenham

GIBSON Robt. esq, Clay hill, Beckenham

GOODHEART Emanuel esq, Beckenham

GOULD Mr James, Stoberry cottage, Bromley

HAMMACK Mr James Thomas, Bromley common

HEBBERT Mr Henry, Bromley common

HIBBERT Rev. Henry Booth, Bromley

HIGGS Capt. William Henry, Bromley common

HOAR Peter esq, Kelsey park

HODSOLL Mr William, Bromley common

JOHNSON Mr Thomas, Masons hill

LATTER Mrs Ann, Pix field

LEWIS Mrs Sarah, Bromley common

LONG Colonel Samuel, Bromley hill

MACE Mr James, Bromley common

MARSHALL Mr, Beckenham

MOYSEY Abel esq, Church house, Bromley

NEWELL Rev. James Edward, Bromley

NICHOLL Rev Thomas, Bromley

NORMAN George Ward esq, Bromley

OAKLEY Benjamin esq, Beckenham

OGLE James esq, Clay hill, Beckenham

PALMER Thomas Casey esq, Beckenham

PERKINS Algernon esq, Mill vale, Bromley

PHILIPS Benjamin esq, Bromley

PHILLIPS John esq, Beckenham

POTT Charles esq, Plaistow

POTTER William Henry esq, Bromley

PUTTELO Captain Robert, Bromley

ROBERTS Mrs, Bromley

ROCHESTER The Lord Bishop of, Bromley palace

SAMONS Mr Thomas, Bellevue

SCOTT Jas. esq, Clay hill, Beckenham

SCOTT Sir Samuel, Sundridge park

SCOTT Rev Thos, (chaplain of Bromley college), Bromley

SHEPHERD Miss F, Bromley common

STONE Mr Charles Henry, Bromley

TALMAN Mrs Mary, Beckenham

TAPE Mr James, Bromley

TAYLOR Mr Andrew, Bromley

TIMPERLEY Mrs Mary, Masons hill

TRICE Mrs Esther, Bromley common

TWEEDY Lieut Col. George, Bromley house

VINE Rev Marshall Hall, Beckenham

WALLER Thos esq, Bromley

WALLIS Mrs Matilda, Bromley common

WELLS John esq, Bickley

WELLS John jun. esq, South borough

WHARTON Mrs, Bromley common

WOODROFFE the Misses,  Beckenham

WOOLRICH Miss A, Bromley common




ARNOLD William, Beckenham

COLBOURN Sarah (boarding & day), Martins hill, Bromley

CRADEN James, (boarding & day), Mason hill

HOLMER Margaret (day), Bromley

KERR Sarah, (boarding & day), Masons hill

LAMB Mary & Sarah,  (boarding & day), Bromley

National School, Beckenham, William KNIGHT, master; Elizabeth KNIGHT, mistress.

National School, Gravel pit, Bromley, Thomas CAMPLING master; Fanny WILLIAMS mistress.

NICHOLL Rev. Thos. (boarding), Bromley

RAWES William Thompson, (boarding), Bromley




LATTER Robert Booth, (& clerk to the magistrates), Bromley

TUCKER John, Bromley




BAXTER & Son, (& house & estate agents), Bromley

NETTLEFOLD Abraham, Bromley




BATTY John, Plaistow

BEEZLEY Benjamin, Bromley

COCKS George, Bromley

JENKINS Thomas, Bromley common

JOYCE John, Bromley

LEVENS William, Beckenham

LOVEJOY Josiah, Beckenham

PARKER Samuel, Farwig place

WHITE James, Bromley




BECKLEY William, (& sub distributer of stamps & toy dealer), Bromley

MILLER Joseph, Bromley




AYLING Thomas, Bromley

BUDGEN Richard, Beckenham

BURGESS William, Bromley

CHURCHER John, Bromley

CHURCHER Sarah, Bromley

CHURCHER William, Bromley

CREASY Benjamin, Beckenham

HAMMOND James, Bromley

HARLER Thomas, Bromley

MULLETT Francis, Bromley

PARROTT George, Bromley

ROWE William, Bromley

SPOONER William, Bromley

WHITINGTON Thomas, Beckenham

WICKENDEN John, Beckenham




DAVIS William & Thomas, Bromley

TURNER James, Elms end




GREENAWAY Thomas, Bromley

HARRIS & Son, Beckenham

PEARCE John, Beckenham

RAWLINGSON William, Bromley

SHARP William, (& plasterer & slater), Bromley




BARRETT Richard, Bromley

CHARMAN William, Bromley

CHURCH Ebenezer, Beckenham

GIBBONS William, Beckenham


SHARP William, Bromley




ALEXANDER William, Bromley

BROWN Catherine, Beckenham

BROWNING Charles, Bromley

EATON Christopher, Bromley

ISARD Henry, Bromley

OVENDEN William, Beckenham

POLE William, Farwig place

SUTTON Robert (pork), Bromley

WEAVER Richard, Bromley




CARPENTER Jabez, Bromley

DUNN Sarah, Bromley

NETTLEFOLD John, Bromley




BARRETT Richard, Bromley

CHARMAN William, Bromley

CHURCH Ebenezer, Beckenham

FULLER William, Beckenham

GIBBONS William, Beckenham





DURLING Phoebe, Bromley

MILSTEAD Mary Ann, Bromley

WELLS Thomas, Bromley




BAXTER William, (&oil & Italian warehouse & sub distributer of stamps), Bromley

SHILLCOCK Joseph Bradley, Bromley




CLEMENTS Elizabeth, Bromley

HOOKER Elizabeth, Beckenham

HOPPERTON James, Bromley

JENKINS Thomas, Bromley common

PEARCE John, Beckenham




GEARING James, Masons hill

PAWLEY William, Bromley




COLE Thomas, Bromley

HOLLIDAY Richard, Bromley

HUMPHREY John, Bromley




LATTER Charles, Bromley

STORER George, Bromley




GANDER Thomas, Plaistow

HOLDEN Thomas, Bromley common

HUMPHREY John, Bromley

RAY William Robert, Bromley




British, BAXTER & son, Bromley

Guardian, Geo. Overy, Beckenham

Kent, George ALLEN, Bromley

Norwich Union, Jno. ACTON, Bromley

Phoenix, Jabez CARPENTER, Bromley

Royal Exchange, Jas HOW, Bromley

Sun, Robert Booth LATTER, Bromley




BURTENSHAW John, Beckenham

COOK James, Bromley

MAYNARD James, Bromley




CROWHURST Ann, Bromley

FREEMAN David, Bromley

HARMAN Elizabeth, Bromley

JORDAN Peter, Bromley


GROCERS & CHEESEMONGERS – see also Shopkeepers &c.


COCKS George, Bromley

GOULD John, Bromley

HOOK James, Bromley

HOOKER Eliz. Beckenham

ISARD Richard, Bromley

JENKINS Thomas, Bromley common

KNOWLES James, Bromley

LEACH Thomas, Beckenham

OFFEN George, Beckenham

PEARCE John, Beckenham

ROGERS Robert, Beckenham

SHEPPARD Francis, Bromley

SMITH Leonard, Bromley

WELLS Thomas, Bromley

WREN Edward, Bromley




DALE James, Bromley

JAMES John, Bromley

TYE Anthony, Bromley




Bell, (family hotel & posting house), James Panter DAVIS, Bromley

Swan & Mitre (commercial), Wm. MATHEWS, Bromley

White Hart, (family hotel & posting house), Wm. PAWLEY, Bromley




BATTERSBEE George, Bromley

FULLER William, Beckenham

GREEN Mary Ann, Bromley

LUCK William, Beckenham

WALTER John, (& smith & bell hanger, brazier & tin plate worker), Bromley




BLAKE Barnabas, Bromley

FENN Sarah, Bromley

NASH Benjamin, Bromley

SKINNER William, Bromley

STEDMAN William, Beckenham




DAVIS William & Thomas, (& dealers in malt & hops), Bromley

OVERTON Henry, Lower Elms end

TURNER James, Elms end




BROAD Ann, Bromley

CLAYTON Harriet, Bromley

GREEN Mary Ann, Bromley

HEMSLEY Fanny, Bromley

SAUNDERS Sarah, Farwig place




STIDOLPH George, Bromley

STIDOLPH William, Bromley




BATEMAN Mary, Bromley

BATEMAN William, Bromley

DAVIS Samuel, Bromley

HALL John, Bromley

LEVENS Samuel, Beckenham

MILLER Joseph, Bromley

OVERY Benjamin, Beckenham

SMITH & Son, Bromley

SWEETING George, Bromley




BECKLEY William, Bromley

MILLS John, Bromley




COLINET Joseph, (French), Bromley

SMITH Joseph Staples, (drawing), Mill vale, Bromley




DAVIS James, Bromley

JACKSON Michael, Bromley

LASCOE John & Thomas, Bromley

STEDMAN William, Beckenham




ADDIS Richard, Plaistow

AUSTIN John, Beckenham

CHURCHER James, Bromley

COSTIN John, Masons Hill

GOLDS Richard, Bromley common

GREEN Thomas, Bromley

HART Sarah, Farwig place

LATHAM James, Beckenham

LEACH Thomas, Beckenham

MORGAN George, Plaistow

MUFFETT Benjamin, Farwig place

WALTER William, Bromley




BATH Mary & Son, Bromley

LUCK William, Beckenham

SANGER William, Bromley

SKINNER William, (& veterinary surgeon0, Masons hill

WARD William, Beckenham

WEST Richard, Farwig place




CULLEN William, Bromley

EWINS Louisa, Bromley




ILOTT Thomas, Bromley

RAY Thomas, Bromley

WILLIAMS Edwd. Augustus, Bromley




ALLEN George, Bromley

BATH William, Beckenham

COOPER John (& draper), Bromley

CUMBERLAND William, Beckenham

HOW Paul, Bromley

INNOUS John (& draper), Bromley

NADAULD Peter, Bromley




HALL John, Bromley

ISARD Richard, (& melter), Bromley




Crown, George MORGAN, Plaistow

Dukes Head, Sarah CORDERY, Bromley

George, William COLECUTT, Beckenham

Greyhound, William TODD, Bromley

Prince Frederick, Richard ADDIS, Plaistow

Rising Sun, George PORTER, Bromley

Rose & Crown, Richard GABBITAS, Bromley

Star & Garter, Hannah OSMAR, Bromley

Three Compasses, Wm POWELL, Bromley

Three Tuns, William EPPS, Beckenham

Tiger, John LAMBERT, Masons hill




HOW James, Bromley

SHEARER Jas, (& jeweller), Bromley




DRAPER William, Masons hill

HANCOCK William, Beckenham




ACTON John, wine merchant, Bromley

BARBER Geo. hat manufacturer, Bromley

BECKLEY William, parish clerk, Bromley

BOURNE Charles, registrar of births and deaths, Bromley

BROWN Joseph, cooper, Bromley

COGGERIEF John Peter, furrier and cap maker, Bromley

Excise Office, Bell Hotel, John PULFREE, officer

FREEMAN Charles, registrar of marriages, Bromley

Gas Works, Farwig, Bromley, Stephen HUTCHISON, superintendent

LEPARD William, turner, Bromley

OSBORN & Son, coach builders, Bromley

PARRY John, stone mason, Bromley

PASCALL Jos, brick maker, Bromley common

Workhouse, Bromley, John HIGHAM, governor; Elizabeth HIGHAM, matron




To London, the Royal Mail (from Hastings), calls at the White Hart every morning at half past four and PAWLEYs coaches from the same place, every morning (Sunday excepted), at eight, nine and a quarter past nine; after two and five on Sunday morning at seven, eight and nine and evening at six and eight – GEARINGs coaches, from his office, Masons hill calling at the Rising Sun and the Swan & Mitre, Bromley, every morning (Sunday excepted), at eight and nine and ten minutes past nine; on Sunday morn. at seven, eight and nine and evening at seven and eight and the Accommodation (from Beckenham), every morning at half past eight. *** besides the above, coaches to and from London, Hastings, Rye, Seven Oaks, Tonbridge Wells &c. pass through Bromley every hour in the day.


To Cranbrook, the Flower of Kent, calls at the White Hart, every afternoon  at three.


To Hastings, the Royal Mail, every night, at a quarter past nine, and other coaches, four times a day; all go through Seven Oaks and Tonbridge.


To Penshurst, a coach calls at the White Hart, every afternoon at three.


To Rye, a coach every day (Sunday excepted) at half past twelve.


To Seven Oaks, the United Friends, every afternoon, (Sunday excepted) at 5.

To Tonbridge Wells, five coaches every day, (Sunday excepted)


To Westerham, Brasted and Sundridge, the Times, (from London), calls at the Bell Hotel, every afternoon,  (Sunday excepted) at five.




To London, William GRIGG and William HOW, from their houses daily,  (Sunday excepted), and DIGGENs and ROOTs vans from the Swan & Mitre, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday


To Tonbridge & Tonbridge Wells, DIGGENs and ROOTs vans every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday from the Swan & Mitre.



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