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Broadstairs & St Peters


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Broadstairs (Bradstow the ancient designation) is a small sea port and hamlet in the parish of St Peter and the lathe of St Augustine, in the Isle of Thanet – 75 miles E. from London and 2 NE by E. from Ramsgate. In former times it was a place of some consequence, but subsequently declined to an inconsiderable village, until fashion still more recently reanimated it, and elevated it to the rank of a watering place amongst the many, that are much resorted to by genteel families. For the accommodation of visiters many new buildings have been erected, libraries opened, and an hotel established; the baths, likewise, are most convenient, and arranged with every requisite; those under the superintendence of Mr BARNES and Mr CRAMPTON are the principal and most highly favoured of these sanitary establishments. From several points the sea views are very fine; and for those who prefer tranquillity to the noise and excitement inseparable from more crowded places, Broadstairs possesses numerous attractions. A chapel of ease to St Peters was erected here in 1828.


St Peters is about a mile from Broadstairs and two miles from Margate. The Ranelagh Gardens, the pre-eminent magnet of resort to this village, were fitted up by Mr NEWBOLT several years since, at a very great expense; and the present proprietor, Mr HUDSON unremittingly evinces the most anxious solicitude to promote the enjoyment of visiters to this delightful scene of recreation. The gardens cover an area of about two acres and a half, interspersed with splendid marquees, and a pleasing and beautiful series of cosmoramas; as many as two thousand persons have assembled here in one day. The ordinary price of admission is one shilling, for which refreshments to that amount are supplied. The amusements commence about four o’clock, and last till dusk, during which time and excellent band for quadrilles and country dances is in attendance. In the rear of the principal garden is a bowling green, kept in the best condition. These are the healthful enjoyments that are provided at Saint Peters, Ranelagh – gratuitously, it may be considered. Public breakfasts take place twice a week during the season; and latterly the gardens have been opened and brilliantly illuminated for night galas. The church of St Peters is a fine old structure, surmounted by a tower that has long served as a well defined landmark to mariners; the benefice is a vicarage, in the gift of the Archbishop of Canterbury and present incumbency of the Rev. John HODGSON – The parish of St Peters (including the hamlet of Broadstairs) contained in 1831, 2,342 inhabitants; and the population has since that time considerable increased.




Marine Parade, Broadstairs, George Long HALE, Post Master – letters from London arrive (by way of Ramsgate) every morning at eight, and are despatched every evening at eight, Also letters arrive (by penny post) from Ramsgate and Margate three times a day.


St Peters, Susannah NEWBY, Post Mistress – letters from Ramsgate arrive every morning at half past eight and are despatched every evening at half past seven.



ALEXANDER Joshua D esq. Stonehouse

BLACKBURN Mrs Henry, St Peters

BLACKBURN Mr Thos. Joss, St Peters

BLACKBURN Mr William, St Peters

BROWN Miss, Ogle House

BURTON Sir Richard, St Peters

CHRISTOPHERS Mr Thomas, Maynard House, Broadstairs

CLARKE Colonel M C, Sowel Street

COTTON Captain Charles, Kingsgate

CRAMP Rev John, Bromstone

CRAMP Rev Thomas, St Peters

CROFTS Robt. esq  Dumpton

FISHER Mr Jas, Elmwood Cottage, St Peters

FLETCHER Edw esq Pierremont House

GOOCH Mrs Sarah, Fort House

GOODBOURN Mrs Mary, 2 Albion Street

GREEN Rev Edward, Broadstairs

GREY Mrs Sarah, St Peters

HANNON Geo esq. Bromstone House

HENNIKER Capt, Chandos Place

HODGSON Rev George, St Peters

HODGSON Rev Jno. Vicarage, St Peters

HOUGHAM Mrs, Albion Place

ISACKE Captain Robert, North Foreland Lodge

KELLEY Mrs Elizabeth, Serene Place

MONTEFIORE Sir Moses, East Cliff Lodge

NEWBOLD Mr Charles, St Peters

NEWTON Captain Isaac, St Peters

NUCKELL Mrs Anne, 2 Nuckells Place

PHILPOT John esq Broadstairs

PRICKETT Mr Robert, Upton Cottage

READ William esq. Thanet Lodge

REDMAN George C esq, Clarenbole House, St Peters

TAYLOR John esq, Mazanett

TOMLIN Robert S esq, Dane Court, St Peters

TRECOTHICK Jas esq Chandos Place

WARD Mr William St Peters

WHITE Mr Isaac St Peters



CANNEY Anne (boarding) Serene Place

MARSH Susannah, Sion Row

National School, Broadstairs – J SCHARTAN, master

PAUL John, Dumpton



BARNES David, Albion Street

COLLARD Richard, York Place



BARNES David, Albion Street

COLLARD Richard, York Place

HALE George Long, Marine Parade



ANSELL Wm. (& pastry cook) Harbor Street#

BOX James, St Peters

GORE Thomas, High Street

HOBBS Thomas, St Peters

HURST Joseph Parker, St Peters

MAY Thos (& confectioner), High Street

PEAKE William Jones (& pastry cook), 1 Albion Street

WALL Thomas, St Peters



BARNES David (warm shower and vapour), on the Terrace

CRAMPTON John, Albion Street



BARNES David, Albion Street

HALE George Long, Marine Parade



BUSBRIDGE Isaac, St Peters

CHRISTOPHERS Thomas, High Street

COCK Robert, York Street

DAY Samuel, Charlotte Street

JACOBS Peter, Charlotte Street

MOATT William, Albion Street

MOCKETT Robert Squire, Harbour Street

PAY James, St Peters

TAPSELL John, York Place

WEBB John, St Peters

YOUNG Thomas, Albion Street



DAWSON Robert, Hope brewery

PAYTON William, Nuckells Place



ALLEN Geo (& builder), Broadstairs

HOPE Thomas, Broadstairs

NEWBY Henry, 18 Albion Street

RAINE James, St Peters



BAYLY William, St Peters

BROWN Frederick, Albion Street

HILLS Joseph, St Peters

READ Stephen, High Street

SUTTON John, Harbour Street



BLACKBURN Thomas, Wellington Place

BROWN John, Broadstairs

DAWSON Robert S (and builder) York Place

FAGG Edward, Broadstairs

HOBBS Henry Austin (& wheelwright), St Peters

HURST Robert, St Peters

NEWBY Mrs, St Peters



COCK Robert, Broadstairs

HALE George Long, Marine Parade

PAYTON William, Broadstairs

SOLLY Sarah, Pier Yard



Kent, Charles BIRCH, Albion Street

Norwich Union, John PHILPOT, Prospect Place

Sun, David BARNES, Albion Street



DEWDNEY Thomas, 4 Albion Street

SMITH Henry, York Street

SMITH William, Albion Street



ADAMS Robert, High Street

BIRCH Chas (& ironmonger) Albion Street

BIRCH Jas (& china, glass & earthenware dealer), 41 Albion Street

BUSBRIDGE Thomas, St Peters

COLLIN John, High Street

HUGHES Richard, St Peters



CANTWELL Edward, Charlotte Street

PANKHURST William, Albion Street



Albion Hotel, Jas BALLARD, Albion Street

Red Lion, George HUDSON, ST Peters

Rose (commercial), Benjamin STOCK, Albion Street



BARNES David (and assembly rooms), Albion Street and Marine Parade

HALE George Long (& assembly and billiard rooms), Marine Parade



CHRISTOPHERS Susannah, 2 Albion Street

COVELL Robert, High Street

HILLIER Robert, Albion Street

ROGERS Rebecca, St Peters



HOUGHAM Thomas, Europe Place

PAYTON William, Albion Street



FIELD Edward, High Street

HODGMAN Thomas, St Peters Road



CRAMPTON John, Albion Street

HILLER John, High Street

MUSSARED Thomas, St Peters



CULVER Henry, York Place

HEWITT John, St Peters

JOHNSON Thos, Albion Street & St Peters



LAYNG Edw. Victoria Place, Albion Street

POTTER Samuel, High Street

WALTER Odiarne C, Albion Street



BALE Edward, Charlotte Street

HILLIER Robert, Albion Street

LORD James, St Peters

NEWBY Henry, St Peters

TWYMAN Thomas, High Street


British Tar, Valentine WEST, Albion Street

Crown, Thomas MARTIN, High Street

Crown & Thistle, James HAMLET, St Peters

Dolphin, Jesse ROOD, Albion Street

Lord Nelson, John HILLER, Crow Hill

Neptune Hall, Wm. BURGESS, Harbour Street

Tartar Frigate, Thos, PENFOLD, near the pier

Wheat Sheaf, Charles SILK, St Peters

White Swan, George SMITH, St Peters



SMITH William, 3 Albion Street

STANDVEN Thomas, St Peters



DARBY John, fly owner, High Street

EDGER Melinda, boarding house, Chandos Place

FOX George, fishmonger, High Street

HALE George Long, wine and spirit merchant, Marine Parade

HAMBROOK Odden, chymist and druggist, Albion Street

HILLS William, carrier, Sion Row

JARMAN James, shipwright, Broadstairs

PATSELL Thos. fishmonger, on the Terrace

RANDALL Henry, poulterer, Albion Street

Ranelagh Gardens, Saint Peters – George HUDSON, proprietor

READER John, carrier, High Street

STEVENSON Henry, brazier, Harbour Street

WALES Lewis, poulterer, York Place

WAREHAM Mary Elizabeth, straw hat maker, High Street

WOOD James, harbour master, Broadstairs



To Margate, a coach from the Albion Hotel, every morning at eight and afternoon at two, during summer; and a Van from the Dolphin, every forenoon at eleven.

To Ramsgate & Sandwich, a Van, every afternoon at four.



To Margate John READER, from High Street, daily.

To Ramsgate, William HILLS, from High Street daily.



To London, Steam Packets, daily – David BARNES, agent.



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