Pigots 1840 - Kent

Bexley, Bexley Heath, Blenden, East Wickham, Welling & neighbourhoods 


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Bexley is a neat village and parish in the lathe Sutton at Hone, the parish is partly in the hundred of Ruxley and extends into that of Lessness. The village is 12 miles E by S from London and 3 W from Dartford, situated in an open and healthful part of the county. CAMDEN, the celebrated antiquary and historian, was proprietor of this manor; he bequeathed it, for the endowment of a professorship in history, to the University of Oxford. The church dedicated to Saint Mary, contains some ancient and curious monuments; the living is a vicarage; the Right Hon. Nicholas VANSITTART, who on retiring from the chancellorship of the exchequer was created Baron Bexley is patron. A national school, established here in 1809, for sixty boys and the same number of girls, is supported by voluntary subscription, and an endowment of £8 per annum; there are also almshouses for twelve poor persons. Population of the parish in 1831, 3206.

About a mile from Bexley, on each side of the great road from London to Dover, lies Bexley Heath. Its situation is considered one of the most healthful as it is one of the most pleasing, in this part of the county; and a great number of good houses have been erected here within a comparatively short period. A customary market for provisions, well supplied is held on Saturday.

One mile and a half from Bexley, in that parish, is the hamlet of Blenden. Blenden Hall, the seat of O. SMITH Esq and many other tasteful residences ornament this otherwise agreeable locality.

About two miles north from Blenden is the village of East Wickham, in the lathe of Sutton at Hone and hundred of Lessness. The church is dedicated to Saint Michael is a small edifice; the living is a perpetual curacy, annexed to the vicarage Plumstead. In an endowed school, founded in 1727 by Mr William FOSTER, thirty three boys and nineteen girls are instructed. In 1831 the parish contained 399 inhabitants.

One mile from East Wickham, partly in that parish and partly in that of Bexley, is the compact little village of Welling. It presents nothing remarkable.

POST OFFICE – Bexley, Thomas KELSEY, Postmaster. Letters from London arrive every morning at eight, forenoon at half past eleven and evening at six, and are despatched every morning at half past eight and afternoon at three

POST OFFICE – Welling, Henry WAGHORN, Postmaster. Letters from London arrive every morning at eight, noon at twelve and evening at seven and are despatched every morning at half past seven and afternoon at a quarter before three.


BAILEY William esq, West lodge

BARTLETT Mr John, Bexley heath

BELL Mr, Crook log

BENSON Mr Henry, Bexley

BEXLEY The Right Hon. Lord, Bexley house

BURT Mr Thomas Stephen, Welling

CATON Captain Barclay, Bexley

CHAPMAN Mrs, Bexley

DANN the Misses, Bexley

DASHWOOD Lady Ann, Halcot

DAVIES Rev. Richard, Bexley heath

FRITH Rev. Edward, Brigen place

GILBERT Mr William, Welling

GODDARD Mrs Mary, Bexley heath

GRAHAM Mr George, Welling

GREENSILL Mr John, Bexley heath

HANSON Mrs, Brigen

HARDING Rev Thomas, Bexley

HAYNES John esq, Wickham house

HOBROOK Colonel Frederick, Bexley

HODSELL Miss, Bexley

HOWELL Mr William, Welling

GOSLING Richard esq, Bexley

JOHNSON Mrs, Danson house

JOHNSON Hugh esq, New house

JOHNSON Mr Thomas, Danson

JONES Mr Hannibal, Bexley

KIMBER Rev. Welling

LECHMERE Thomas esq. Park place

LEWIN Mr Thomas Hollies, Bexley

MALCOLM Mr John Lamb, Abbey

MILLER Rev John, Bexley

PEART Rev William, Abbey Hill

POWELL Rev Baden, East Wickham

PRINGLE Mrs, Bexley

SHACKLETON Rev John, Plumstead

SIMM John esq, Bexley

SIMMONDS Mr Richard, Upton

SMITH Oswald esq, Blenden hall

SQUARE Mr William, Welling

THOMAS Mr George, Blenden

WAIRE Mr George, Bexley Heath

WILLIAMS Mr Richard, Welling


BARTON John (boarding), Hall place

EDWARD Henry (boarding & day), Bexley heath

GILLING Sarah & Elizabeth, (boarding) Bexley heath

 National School, Bexley, Richard William PANNALL, master; Sarah HILL, mistress

National School, East Wickham, Alexander BUCHAN, master; Mary BUCHAN, mistress.

SEDGWICK Ann & Mary (boarding) Bexley

STONE Aderezer (boarding), Hall place

TUCKER Stephen (boarding), Welling


DANN Thomas, Bexley

MONEYMENT Matthew, Bexley heath

STRONG Thomas Charles, Welling

WRATHALL James, (& accountant), Bexley heath


COOKE William, Bexley heath

FRANKLIN James, Bexley heath

KING Henry, Bexley

KYERDAY Henry, Bexley

MILLBOURNE Benjamin, Bexley heath

REEVES John, East Wickham

SLATER William, Bexley heath

STONE George, Bexley

THEOBALD Thomas, Bexley heath

VINER Mary, Bexley heath

WAGHORN Thomas, Welling

WARD Thomas, Bexley

WILSON James, Bexley heath

WOOLRIDGE William, Bexley heath

WYATT John, Bexley heath


BRIGGS Thomas, Bexley heath

COUSINS John, Welling

COUSINS Thomas, Blenden

COUSINS William, Welling

MORGAN James, Bexley

SEWELL William (& cow leech), Bexley

SHARP William, Bexley heath

STONE William, Bexley

WATTS John, Blenden

WEST John, Bexley heath

WOOLLAMS Thomas, Bexley heath


BENNINGTON John, Welling

BERRY Philip, Blenden

COWTHED William, East Wickham

EVEREST John, Bexley

FRANCIS Joseph, Bexley heath

KEMP Samuel, Baxley

LENNINGTON John, East Wickham

MORTON Thomas, Bexley

RUSSELL George, Bexley heath

SAWYER William, Bexley heath

STREETLEY George, Bexley

TABER Samuel, Bexley heath

WESTON Thomas, Bexley heath

WOOLLAMS William, Welling


HAMMOND John, Bexley

RAWLINS George, Bexley heath


HEWITT Amos, Bexley heath

LUCAS George, Bexley

MARTIN John, Bexley

MILLBOURNE Charles, Bexley heath


BENNETT Edward, Bexley heath

CROCKFORD Charles, Bexley

PEARMAN Michael, Bexley heath

ROWLSTON William, Bexley heath

SHEARLEY Thomas, Bexley

SMITH Robert, Welling


MONEYMENT Matthew &(paper hanger), Bexley heath

CARPENTERS – marked thus * are also undertakers

* APPLEBY Charles, Bexley heath

* DANN Thomas (& builder), Bexley

* MONEYMENT Matthew, Bexley heath

NORRIS Edward, Blenden

PAYN Richard Thomas, Bexley

REEVES George, Welling

RELPH William, Bexley heath

SLADE William, Bexley heath

* STONE Thomas (& builder), Welling

* STRONG Thomas Charles, Welling

WICKS James, Bexley heath


SEWELL Charles, Bexley heath

UNSTEAD William, Bexley


COUSINS Elizabeth, Welling

KENNETT Maria, Bexley heath

KING Caroline, Bexley heath


SLADE Mary, Bexley heath

WILDING Caroline M, Bexley heath

WILLIAMS Mary, Bexley heath


County, Henry WAGHORN, Welling

Kent, Robert MABEY, Bexley heath; George REEVES, Welling

Licensed Victuallers General (fire & life), Frederick TIPTAFT, Bexley heath

Phoenix, James WRATHALL, Bexley heath

Royal Exchange, Edward James FRICKER, Bexley


BALDWIN Charles, Bexley heath

GINNO Thomas, Bexley heath

ROBERTS George, Bexley heath

THACKER William, Bexley heath

GROCERS & TEA DEALERS – marked thus * are also drapers (see also Shopkeepers &c.)

* CLARK William, Bexley heath

FLOWER Hardy (& druggists), Welling

* MONK Jonathan, Bexley heath

RAMBLE George, Bexley heath

* SAXELBY John & Ann, Bexley

* WAGHORN Henry, Welling

* WEBB William Reynold, (& corn dealer), Bexley


BRIAN William, Bexley heath

COLOGNE Joseph, Bexley


HIGGS Thomas, Bexley heath

JACKSON Ann, Bexley

VINER Charles, Bexley heath


WARE Charles, Bexley heath

WEST John, Bexley heath


BRATTON John, Danson

BUTTON William, Bexley

DIXON Robert, East Wickham

MONK John, East Wickham

REVES George, Welling

SMITH William, Welling

TOWNLEY William, Bexley heath

TOWNLEY Wm Thomas, Bexley heath

WILLIAMS Richard, Welling


CANNON William, Bexley

DANN John, Bexley heath

TRITTON Richard (& corn dealer) Bexley heath

WILSON Robert, Bexley


DEAN George, Bexley

PAINE James, Bexley heath

VENNER Richard, Bexley heath


STEEL John, Welling

STORER John, Bexley


BOWYER John, Bexley heath

CARTER Mary, Bexley heath

HAZEL William, Bexley heath

HUTCHINSON William, Bexley

JACKSON Ann, Bexley

MILLS Stephen, Bexley heath

PARKS George, Bexley

REEVES John, Blenden

REEVES John jun. Welling

SMITH Mary, Welling

START Thomas, Bexley

THEOBALD Thomas, Bexley heath

TILDEN Charlotte, Welling

WILCOCK William, Bexley heath


DAVID Pierre Paschal (& engraver), Bexley heath

WILDING Charles William, Bexley heath


CARTER Cornelius, Bexley heath

COTTINGHAM Edwin, Bexley

RYE William Robins, Bexley heath

SMITH G A, Bexley heath


FRICKER Esther (& draper), Bexley

HORN James, Welling

MABEY Robert, Bexley heath


Blue Anchor, Mary GRADWICK, Bridgen

Coaches & Horses, Thomas GRIMMER, Bexley

Fox & Hounds, John TURNER, Crook log

George, John MISKIN, Bexley

Golden Lion, George WATTS, Bexley heath

Guy Earl of Warwick, Duncan SINCLAIR, Welling

Kings Head, Joseph SMITH, Bexley

Lord Bexleys Arms, George ASHDOWN, Bexley heath

Lord Hill, William BENSON, Bexley heath

Nags Head, Samuel PACKWOOD, Welling

Rose & Crown, William CRAFTER, Welling

Three Blackbirds, James ROGERS, Blenden

Tower, Thomas CLOUT, Bexley


BROMLEY William, Bexley heath

WEST Richard, Bexley heath


ASHDOWN Henry, Welling

NORRIS Edward, Blenden

RELPH William, Bexley heath

STONE William, Bexley

VINER Charles, Bexley heath


DANN Henry, timber merchant, Bexley

GINGER William, fishmonger, Bexley heath

KELSEY Thomas, tallow chandler, Bexley

MONTAGUE Robert, fishmonger, Welling

PEARMAN James, pattern designer, Bexley

PEARMAN James jun. pattern designer, Bexley heath

PETTIT William, tanner & fellmonger, Bexley

RAPLEY George, linen draper, Bexley

ROUSE Benjamin, furniture broker, Bexley heath

ROY William, druggist, Bexley heath

SANDERS Shearley, maltster, Bexley

SLATER George, dyer, Welling

STONE James, corn chandler, Welling

TENNENT John, landscape painter, Bexley heath

TOPPING Frederick, zinc refiner, Bexley

WESTBROOK Thomas, charcoal burner, Bexley heath

WILLIAMSON George, parish clerk, Bexley


To and from London & Dover, and Dartford, Rochester, Chatham &c. pass through Bexley daily.


To London, Thomas PARKER and Wm. SCEVITY, from Bexley daily; and other carriers to and from London and the coast are through continually.

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