Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936

Thanet & District Area (No. 10) Guardians Committee 1935-36


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The Guardians Committee meet at the Board Rooms at Minster and Herne alternately on the first Monday in each month at 11 a.m.


Members nominated by Borough or District Councils:

Margate Borough Council.

Abbott George A - 98 Westbrook Avenue, Margate

Fright Walter - 11 High Street, Garlinge, Margate

Graves John P - 10 Tivoli Park Avenue, Margate

Jones Frank - 12 St Mildred's Road, Margate

Ramsgate Borough Council:

Love Wilfred G - 57 Addington Street,

Mallam Robert J - 18 Crescent Road,

Wilson Miss M A - Bramley , Gilbert Road,

Broadstairs & St Peters Urban District Council:

Holden Walter V - 23 West Cliff Road, Broadstairs

Piper W F - 53 Lindenthorpe Road, Broadstairs

Herne Bay Urban District Council:

Chayne E - Woodmans Hut, Bournemouth Drive, Herne Bay 

Rowden N - Sainfoin, Pier Avenue, Herne Bay (Vice Chairman)

Whitstable Urban District Council:

Edkins C - Crossways, Canterbury Road, Whitstable

Trimble Miss E J - Oakfields, Kingsdown Road, Whitstable

Members appointed by the Kent County Council as representing County Electoral Divisions

Iggulden A G (J.P.) - Seaholme, Beltinge Road, Herne Bay

Olby J - 27 King Street, Ramsgate

Pettman Frederick L (J.P.) - Morningside, Old Green Road, Margate

Prestedge Thomas H - 63 South Eastern Road, Ramsgate

Watts Capt. F J - Jhelum, Herne Bay Road, Whitstable

(one vacancy)

Members appointed by the Kent County Council not being elected Members of the Council

Butcher Herbert - Brent, Church Street Road, Tankerton, Whitstable

Church Miss J - 36 Oxford Street,

Cobb Miss E M F (J.P.) - The Bank House, Margate

Drew W G - 15 Brunswick Square, Herne Bay

Haslett Edward - 83 Gladstone Road, Broadstairs

Pallin Sydney David (M.B.E.) - Highbury, Warre Avenue, Ramsgate

Waterhouse Rev. Francis A - The Presbytery, Victoria Road, Margate

Willett Henry T - Monkton Parsonage, Monkton Minster, Ramsgate ( Chairman)

Wilson A B - The Two Brewers, Canterbury Road, Whitstable


Assistant Public Assistance Officer : P.W.Gaskin - Area Offices, 83b Canterbury Road, Margate

District Medical Officers & Public Vaccinators: 

Margate - Walter Groome (M.B.E., M.B., C.M.) 8 Eaton Road; 

Ramsgate - William Bird Loveless (M.C., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.) Somborne, Lyndhurst Road, Ramsgate; 

St Peters: Ewen Arthur E Palmer (M.B., B.Ch.,M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.) Wilverley, St Peters Road, Broadstairs; 

Birchington: John Bertrand Hayes (M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.) The Sycamores, Margate Road Birchington

Herne: Langworthy Laurie (M.D., ch.B) Broadway House, The Broadway, Herne Bay

Whitstable: Alan Barker (M.B., Enderley, Manor Road, Tankerton (public vaccinator only) & T Glynn (M.B.,ch.B., B.A.O.) 38 Oxford Street, Whitstable

Vaccination Officers:

Margate: J R Taylor - 5 Connaught Road

West Ramsgate: Harry C Machin - 6 Broad Street

East Ramsgate: J W Woods - 6 Broad Street & 6 Sion Hill

Broadstairs: J R Taylor - 5  Connaught Road, Margate

Blean: G Linkstead - 2 Charlotte Court,

Relieving Officers: 

Margate No. 40 District:

J R Taylor - 5 Connaught Road

Assistant - H T Suckling  - 5 Connaught Road

East Ramsgate No. 41 District:

J W Woods - 6 Broad Street & 6 Sion Hill

Assistant - G T Blundy

West Ramsgate No. 42 District

Harry C Machin - 6 Broad Street

Assistant - J S Peckall

Blean No. 45 District

A J Tremain - 15 Westcliff, Whitstable

Thanet Institution Minster near Ramsgate -Robert J Harris (M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.) medical officer; G V Foxell, master; Mrs K Foxell, matron

Blean Institution, Herne Common near Herne Bay - Langworthy Laurie (M.D., ch.B.) medical officer; A Holliday, master; Mrs S M Holliday, matron

Manston Children's Homes, Manston near Ramsgate - William J Dunlop (F.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.) medical officer; J E W Billings, superintendent; Mrs M W Billings, matron

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