Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936

Postal Information


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Post, M.O., T & T. E. D. Office - Cecil Square - R PALMER, head postmaster. This office is open for ordinary business from 8 am to 8 pm and telegraph business up to 9 pm.

Cliftonville Branch Post, M.O. & T. Office, Northdown Road. This office is open for

Town sub-offices, which are also money order offices

Approach Road, Dane Road (Upper) (not money order office)

Garlinge (Marine Terrace)(not money order)

High Street

# Northdown Parade

# The Parade

# Paragon

Ramsgate Road  (not money order office)

# Tivoli

# Victoria Road

# Westbrook


Post, M.O., & Telephone Call Office - E T FASHAM, sub postmaster. Letters through Margate. Westgate is the nearest telegraph office, half mile distant.


Post, M.O., T & T. E. D. Office St Mildreds Road (letters should have Kent added) - (vacant) Postmaster. Office open for telegraph business 8 am to 7.30 pm (Sundays 9 to 10.30 am)

Belmont Road Town Sub-Office - Arthur DENNETT, sub-postamaster

Lymington Road Town Sub-Office - Leonard Arthur HYAMS, sub postmaster

St Benets Road (Minster Road) Town Sub-Office - Dennis Robert BULL, sub postmaster.


Post, M.O., T & T. E. D. Office, The Square, Birchington, Kent: Leonard SPRATT, postmaster

Minnis Road Town Sub-Office - Henry Charles JOHNSON, sub postmaster.

Canterbury Road Town Sub-Office - George LODER, sub postamster


Post, M.O., & T. Office - Mrs P K REED, sub postmistress. Letters through Margate, Kent.


Post Office - Albert E SHEAFF, sub postmaster. Letters through Margate, Kent. The nearest money order & telegraph office is at St Nicholas at Wade about 1 mile distant.


Post & Telephone Call Office - Frederick MARRINER, sub postmaster. The nearest money order & telegraph office is at Birchington about 1 mile distant.


General Post Office at which business of all kinds is transacted, 42 to 48 High Street - W EDDIS, head postmaster

The office is open daily for ordinary business from 8 am to 8 pm.

Telegrams 8 am till 9 pm on week days; on Sundays from 9 to 10.30 am . Telephone day & night. At the sub offices, Addington Street, Bellevue Road, Grange Road & * Harbour Parade from 9 am to 7 pm every day (Sundays & Thursdays excepted); 9 am to 1pm Thursdays only.

Town Sub Post & M.O. Offices

# Addington Street - H G MANSER, sub postmaster

# Bellevue Road - Henry Arthur HAMMOND, sub postmaster

Chilton - WAlter Charles TOMPKINS, sub postmaster

Cliffs End - Miss LIllian May CLARKE, sub postmistress

# Grange Road - Mrs C ROBERTS, sub postmistress

*# Harbour Parade - Mrs

Hereson Road - Cyril Albert SHAXTED, sub postmaster

King Street - Benjamin Robert COLGATE, sub postmaster

Margate Road - C G R MARSH, sub postmaster

Queen Street - John W BURCHNALL, sub postmaster

St Lawrence, High Street - Arthur M TERRELL, sub postmaster

Southwood Road (King-Harman Terrace) Post Office - Harry Lightfoot HOLLANDS, sub postmaster

Newington (Newington Road) Post Office - A JEZARD, sub postmaster

Northwood, Newington Road - William Leslie PRICE, sub postmaster

Whitehall, Margate Road - Miss E E PHILPOT, sub postmistress

There is also a telegraph office at the Town railway station, with delivery on station premises only.


Broadstairs Branch Post

Town Sub-Post,

 Post, M.O., T & T. E. D. Office, 14 Percy Avenue, Kingsgate - George Bensley DREW, sub postmaster. Letters from Broadstairs.

Nelson Place

Northdown Hill Sub-Post Office, 1 Whitfield Avenue - J H COOLEY, sub postmaster

Dumpton Post Office, 136 Ramsgate Road - Mrs L HARMAN, sub postmistress

St Peters

Reading Street Post Office, 1 & 2 Lawrence Terrace


Town Sub-Post & M.O. Office, 39 & 41 High Street, St Peters - Ernest Alfred FARTHING, sub postmaster.

Town Sub-Post & M.O. Office, 1 & 2 Lawrence Terrace


Post, M.O., T & T. E. D. Office, 1 Parade, High  Street - William Henry CHEESMAN, sub postmaster. Letters through Ramsgate.

Monkton Post Office - Percy George JARVIS, sub postmaster.


Post, M.O. & S.B., Manston - Mrs M SMITH, sub postmistress. Letters through Ramsgate.

M.O. & S.B., Manston Camp RAF - H W SMITH, sub postmaster.


At office marked thus # telegrams can be  handed in only and telegraph money orders are issued but not paid.

Marked thus * post office open during season only.

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