Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936



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Thanet School of Arts  and Crafts - Cecil Street & Hawley Square. An efficient school of art, with drawing, design, modelling, architecture, building construction, printing, typography, commercial art & various crafts; the school is managed by the Kent Education Committee, through a District Committee, of which Alderman C C C Kenrick esq. (MA., JP.) is chairman; W P Alexander (PhD., Ed.B.) district sec; A Moody (ARCA) principal, Telephone Margate 1033.

Central School for Girls - Lausanne House, Addington Street; Miss F D Beresford (BA) mistress.

Council School - College Road, Salmestone; John Cork, head master; Miss Brook, girls' mistress; Mrs Ougham, infants' mistress.

Council School - New Cross Street; Robert H Coe, head master; Miss A Montgomery, girls mistress; Mrs Saunders, acting infants' mistress.

Garlinge Council School - Westfield Road, Westonville; H Risdale, head master

Drapers Mills Council School - St Peters Footpath; J J Jones head master.

St Austin's Roman Catholic Schools (mixed) - Victoria Road; Miss H Harnett, head mistress.

Holy Trinity (C. of E) School - Trinity Square; Fred W Shaw, master; Miss Wakefield, girls' mistress; Miss Hampton, infants' mistress.

Margate Boys Central School - College Road; S W Paul, headmaster.

St Johns (C. of E.) School - Victoria Road; C W Troke (BSc) head master; Miss B O Brown, girls' mistress; Miss MA Jutson, infants' mistress.

Evening Continuation School -  Central School for Girls,  Lausanne House, Addington Street; head teacher, W H Graham.

Handicraft & Gardening Centre - College Road; P Weymouth, head teacher

Domestic Subjects & Housewifery Centre - St Johns Road; Miss O Erwin, head teacher.


Archbishop Tait's School - Lanthorne Road, St Peters; Miss A F Michael, lady supt.

Broadstairs Council Schools - St Mildred's Avenue; Miss M Wiles, head mistress.

Broadstairs Elementary Schools - Church Road (boys); Thomas O Studd, head master

Infant School - Reading Street, St Peters; Miss Green, mistress.

Lovejoy School - High Street, St Peters; James E Bird, head master.

St Peter's Girls School - Ranelagh Grove, St Peter's; Miss D E Van de Berg, head mistress.

St Peters Infant School - Ranelagh Grove, St Peters; Miss Billinghurst, head mistress.


Chatham House County School for Boys (Kent Education Committee) - Chatham Street; Hulbert Charles Norman (BA. Oxon) head master; P Dowling, district sec.

Christ Church Schools - Royal Road; Reginald W Lang (MRST., FBAPT.) master; Miss Edith M Ralph, mistress; Miss M Simpson, infants' mistress.


Dame Janet Council Schools - Newington Road, Northwood: Frederick Brook, head master; Miss A Ouzman, infants' mistress.

Ellington School (senior boys & girls & infants) - Ellington Place, St Lawrence; William David Jones, head master; Miss Dexter. head mistress; Miss Clements, infants' mistress; handicraft centre, L C Holmes, handicraft instructor.

Hereson (Council) Schools - Lillian Road; W A Davies (ACP.,MIH) head master; Miss McCraig, head mistress; Miss A E Nightingale, infants' mistress; domestic subjects centre, Miss A D Chapman.

Manston or St Lawrence Extra (mixed) - Herman Pinder, master; Miss Brice, mistress.

Ramsgate School of Art (Kent Education Committee) - Clarendon Gardens,; Albert Moody, principal; P Dowling, district sec.

Ramsgate Technical Institute - Chatham Street; E Guy (MSc., FCS.) principal; P Dowling, district sec.

St Augustine's Abbey School - Grange Road; Rev David Parry (MA) head master; Rev L C Smith, bursar.

St Georges Selective Central School (boys & girls) - Church Road; Ernest Frederick Gascoyne Chapman (ACP) head master; Miss F M Armstrong, head mistress

St Lawrence College - Hollicondane Road; Rev Basil V F Brackenbury (MA) head master; Maj. L T Hamblen, bursar; W G Bradshaw (MA., CBE.),  hon. sec

St Lawrence College Junior School - Hollicondane Road; Rev Basil V F Brackenbury (MA) principal; Maj. L T Hamblen, house master.

St Lawrence Boys School - Newington Road; Gerald Watson, head master.

St Lawrence Girls School - Newington Road, Miss O Huggard, mistress

St Lawrence Infants' School - Newington Road; Miss E England, mistress

St Luke's Schools (girls & infants) - St Luke's Avenue; Miss L Round (MA) girls mistress; Mrs Daisy V L Cameron, infants' mistress.

Thornton Road School (junior mixed & infants) - Central Road; Miss M L Webb, head mistress

Trinity Schools - Hereson Road (junior mixed & infants); Miss Alicia P Filmer, mistress (mixed).


Public Elementary Schools - Park Lane, Birchington; (boys) A T Walker, head master; (girls) Miss M Randall, head mistress; (infants) Mrs Ollis, mistress

St Saviour's - Elm Grove, Westgate; Stanley Charles Willis, master.


Elementary Schools (infants) - Church Street; Miss Ellen Madge, mistress

Public Elementary Schools (mixed) - St Mildred's Road

St Nicholas at Wade & Sarre (Church of England) School - St Nicholas.



Appointed 9th November 1935; the term of office expires 9th November 1936.

Members: The Mayor; Alderman Kenrick, Pettman & Redman; Councillor Bacon, Cornford, Dixon, Doughty, Graves, Hiscock, Jones, Pearce & Perkins; Miss Gray J.P, Miss Maltby, J Arnold, S W Paul, H G Pedder, Rev E A Cook M.A., Rev C F Tyrrell M.A. & Rev F A Waterhouse

General Purposes & Finance Sub Committee - the whole committee.

School Attendance Sub Committee - Councillors Bacon, Graves, Hiscock, Jones & Perkins, J Arnold, Miss Gray J.P., S W Paul & H G Pedder.

Children's Care Sub Committee - Councillors Bacon, Graves, Hiscock, Jones & Perkins, Miss Gray J.P., J Arnold,  S W Paul & H G Pedder.

Swimming & Sports Sub Committee - Alderman Pettman & Redman; Councillors Cornford, Hiscock, Jones, Perkins & Pearce, J Arnold, S W Paul, H G Pedder & Rev E A Cook M.A.; Teachers representatives, Miss E Morris, J C Cork, W H Graham, R Coe, F W Shaw, H Booker, A T Walker & S C Willis.

Savings Bank Committee - Alderman Pettman; Councillors Bacon, Cornford, Hiscock & Jones, Rev E A Cook M.A., Rev C F Tyrrell M.A., & R Sainsbury; Teachers representatives, Miss Brook, Miss Cullen, Miss Wakefield & R H Coe.

Joint Sub Committee of Representatives of Education Committee & Managers of Non-Provided Schools for Purposes of Reorganisation: Representatives of Education Committee, Alderman Pettman & Redman, Councillors Bacon, Hiscock & Perkins & Miss Gray; Representatives of Non-Provided Schools, Rev F A Waterhouse (St Austin's Roman Catholic), Rev C F Tyrrell M.A. (St Johns Church of England), Rev E A Cook M.A. (Holy Trinity Church of England), Rev W Upson (St Mildred's Roman Catholic), Rev N L Lycett (St Saviours Church of England) & Rev N M Granville Sharp M.A. (Birchington Church of England)

Representatives Managers of Non-Provided Schools - St Austin's, Councillors Dixon & Perkins; St Johns, Councillors Graves & Jones; Holy Trinity, Councillor Bacon & H G Pedder; St Mildred's Roman Catholic, Westgate on Sea, Councillors Dixon & Perkins; St Saviours Westgate on Sea, Alderman Kenrick & Councillor Bacon; Birchington, Alderman Redman, Councillors Bacon, Cornford & Perkins.

Director  of Education - W Alexander Ph.D., M.A., B.Sc., Ed.B. - 11 Cecil Square.


The Mayor (chairman); Alderman W T Smith (vice chairman); Alderman Mrs Dunn J.P. & E. E. Dye J.P.; Councillors R G Lovatt, R J Mallam, W T Peters, W F Saull, P Solly & Miss M A Wilson, Mrs Evans, Rev D A J Cardozo B.A., Rev A E Gould B.D., B.A., Rev. Norbert Lapworth & E F G Chapman.

Clerk - H G Curtis - Albion House

Assistant Clerk - Stanley V West - Albion House

Treasurer - H Oliver Jones A.C.I.S., A.I.M.T.A. - Albion House

Attendance Officer - Walter Hiram Baker - Albion House

School Medical Officer - W J Bannister M.D., B.Ch., B.A.O., D.P.H Lond - Health Offices,26 Albion Place 

School Architect - E Barber L.R.I.B.A - 51 South Eastern Road


Members: Hugh M Raven (MRCS, LRCP - 30 Albion Street; A J Holt - 41 Albion Street; H Bing - 17 Granville Road; Mrs Watts - 82 Pierremont Avenue & S Nash - 10 Luton Avenue

Chairman & Correspondent to Committee - Rev Charles Henry Bailey (MC, MA) - The Rectory, Nelson Place


Office, 9 Chatham Street,

Ramsgate District Education Committee

H T Watts J.P. (chairman); Aldermen Mrs Dunn J.P., L F Davey, W T Smith, W C Redman; Councillors F Foster, P J Mallam, T W Mockridge, P Solly & J J White; Miss A E Chaplin, H Bing, Rev W A R Ball, Rev D A J Cardozo B.A., Rt Rev T E Abbot Egan O.S.B. & G A Taylor.


District Secretary & Juvenile Welfare Officer, Kent Education Committee - P Dowling, 9 Chatham Street, Ramsgate.

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