Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Ramsgate & St Lawrence - private residents - S


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Sackett Albert George 6 Montefiore Cottages  
Sackett Arthur D 44 Grove Road  
Sackett Charles William 13 Kingsley Villas St Lukes Road  
Sackett Edward S W 15 Bradley Road St Lawrence
Sackett George 16 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Sackett Gilbert 8 Salisbury Avenue  
Sackett Mrs 55 Boundary Road  
Sackett Mrs 9 Vincent Place  
Sadd Joseph William 9 Duncan Road  
Sadler Frank William 20 Marlborough Road  
Sadler Mrs E The Ferns Dane Crescent  
Saffery George 29 Denmark Road  
Saggers Miss J T 8 Dane Crescent  
Saggers Mrs Thebes High Street St Lawrence
Saggers Mrs H P Shirley Saxon Road  
Salcombe Frederick 18 Albion Place  
Salmon Charles Thomas 8 Francis Terrace Anns Road  
Salmon Frank 5 Union Street  
Salomons Rev Bernard Joshua 4 & 5 Montefiore College Hereson St Lawrence
Salt Mrs 35 Sydney Road St Lawrence
Sampson William 2 Florence Terrace Harrison Road  
Samways Mrs 142 Hereson Road  
Samways Thomas 27 St Andrews Road  
Sandeman Mrs H 2 Royal Crescent  
Sanders Frank 99 Hardres Street  
Sanders James Mill View Margate Road  
Sanders William P 40 Spencer Square West Cliff
Sanderson Mrs 7 Arklow Square  
Sanderson Mrs B 211 Hereson Road  
Sandom William 14 York Terrace West Cliff
Sandown Mrs G 70 High Street St Lawrence
Sands Alfred T 44 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Sandum John 7 Anns Road  
Sandwell Mrs 3 Hill Brow Road  
Sankey Eric C 146 Crescent Road  
Sankey Miss 57 Grange Road  
Sankey Percy E 10 Effingham Street  
Saull William Frederick 15 Cliff Street  
Saunders Alfred 31 Queen Bertha Road  
Saunders Charles 25 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Saunders Edward 4 Rodney Street  
Saunders Frank 3 Kent Terrace Central Road  
Saunders Frank 3 Ratcliffe Square  
Saunders George 22 Hill Brow Road  
Saunders George 40 Turner Street  
Saunders John 9 Portland Court  
Saunders John Walter Gardeners Cottage London Road  
Saunders Miss 4 Herbert Road  
Saunders Mrs 49 Finsbury Road  
Saunders Mrs L 1 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Saunders Sidney Kenneth 7 Erdley Square  
Saunders William 4 Queens Avenue St Lawrence
Saunders William Hy 4 Coleman Crescent  
Savage John 50 Addington Street  
Savage Mrs 6 Garfield Terrace Richmond Road  
Savage Percy G Benenden Dane Crescent  
Savel Victor Neville 3 West Cliff Mansions West Cliff
Saville Rev Frederick G (Primitive Methodist) 166 Grange Road  
Saword James Edward 16 Muir Road  
Saxby George Isaac 23 Chatham Street  
Saxby Mrs 3 Montefiore Cottages  
Saxby Thomas 228 Hereson Road  
Saxey William 90 High Street St Lawrence
Sayer Bert 56 Percy Road St Lawrence
Sayer Charles Frederick Lynmouth Northwood St Lawrence
Sayer Charles William Augustin 13 Seafield Road St Lawrence
Sayer Ernest 18 Liverpool Lawn West Cliff
Sayer Frederick 34 Dane Park Road  
Sayer Frederick Charles 18 Coleman Crescent  
Sayer Hy 10 Hardres Road  
Sayer Henry 6 Salisbury Avenue  
Sayer John Alfred 19 James Street  
Sayer John William 12 Montague Road  
Sayer Miss 5 Percy Road  
Sayer William 125 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Sayer William 1 Britannia Cottages Margate Road  
Sayer William Hilbert 3 Grosvenor Road St Lawrence
Sayer William James 1 Lime Cottages Hereson St Lawrence
Scales Edward 6 Bloomsbury Road  
Scamp George Charles 24 Bloomsbury Road  
Scamp Miss 2 Coburg Cottages  
Scarman Charles Thomas 2 Whitehall Cottages Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Scarman Charles W 38 Albert Street West Cliff
Schlamp Mrs M E 9 Hardres Road  
Schofield James Alfred 58 Dane Park Road  
Schofield Miss Doris 58 Dane Park Road  
Schoneman Conrad James 25 Vale Square  
Schooling Mrs F L 5 Chapel Place  
Scoates Francis 33 St Georges Road  
Scoates Henry 13 St Georges Road  
Scoates Mrs Camden House Camden Square  
Scoates William 18 Dane Park Road  
Scoffham John 73 Coleman Crescent  
Scollick Joseph 121 Margate Road  
Scott George Loxley Dane Crescent  
Scott George 1 Wheatley Road St Lawrence
Scott Henry 20 Picton Road  
Scott James 38 St Andrews Road  
Scott John William 116 Hereson Road  
Scott Mrs 8 West Cliff Road  
Scott Thomas 93 Grange Road  
Scott Thomas 67 South Eastern Road  
Scott Thomas William 10 Dane Road  
Scott-Martin Harold 4 Oakwood Villas West Dumpton Broadstairs
Seaden Leonard Walter 31 Avenue Road East Cliff
Seagars Charles 19 Sussex Street  
Seal William 10 Francis Terrace Anns Road  
Searles George 25 South Eastern Road  
Seary Amos 13 Coleman Crescent  
Seaward Edwin 25 Bellevue Cottages  
Sedden James T 38 Hertford Street West Cliff
Segal Mrs 5 (flat 2) Nelson Crescent West Cliff
Self Edwin John Samuel 77 Cecilia Road  
Selley Charles Hy 81 Hardres Street  
Sells Charles 28 Lorina Road St Lawrence
Senier Mrs 29 Penshurst Road  
Senior Mrs Harold 5 Brockenhurst Road East Cliff
Seruya Rev Solomon 10 Montefiore College Hereson  
Setterfield Arthur A 51 St Lukes Avenue  
Setterfield Arthur Albert 53 Queen Street  
Setterfield Edward 2 Montefiore Cottages  
Setterfield Edward John 13 Trinity Place  
Setterfield Edward S 2 Eagle Yard  
Setterfield Ernest 7 Bloomsbury Road  
Setterfield Frank Gilbert 34 Montague Road  
Setterfield George Walter 1 Dane Court Villas Percy Road  
Setterfield Harry 9 Boundary Road  
Setterfield Henry 15 Artillery Road  
Setterfield James 45 Alexandra Road  
Setterfield Miss 117 Hereson Road  
Setterfield Mrs 5 Buckstone Road Northwood
Setterfield Mrs 2 Mays Villas Mays Road  
Setterfield Mrs 6 Queens Avenue St Lawrence
Setterfield Mrs 11 Townley Street  
Setterfield Mrs A 19 Hardres Road  
Setterfield Robert 30 Finsbury Road  
Setterfield Walter Thomas 24 Sussex Street  
Setterfield William 7 Finsbury Road  
Setterfield William sen 15 Finsbury Road  
Setterfield William Edward Windy Ridge Princes Avenue St Lawrence
Seward Frank George 92 Southwood Road  
Sewell Mrs 82 Crescent Road  
Seymour Cecil 82 Winstanley Crescent  
Shakeshaft Harold Denton 36 Cecilia Road  
Shandal Mrs Mill House Hereson St Lawrence
Shannon James 47 Bloomsbury Road  
Sharman Mrs 73 Edith Road  
Sharman Walter  Gordon 152 High Street Ramsgate
Sharp Edgar 78 Crescent Road  
Sharp Frederick 3 Chandos Terrace Boundary Road  
Sharp Miss 54 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Sharp Miss 6 Trinity Place  
Sharp Mrs 7 St Davids Road  
Sharp Mrs 67 Woodford Avenue  
Sharp William 15 Cottage Road  
Sharp William 65 Edith Road  
Sharp William 3 St Davids Road  
Sharpe Capt Eber Jachin 11 Arklow Square  
Sharpe James 117A South Eastern Road  
Sharpe Peter 5 Mill Cottages  
Sharpe Sara C 16 Nelson Crescent West Cliff
Sharratt Mrs A Wayside Margate Road  
Sharrock M 8 Hollicondane Road  
Shaw George Edward 64 Dane Park Road St Lawrence
Shaw Mrs 80 Southwood Road  
Shaw Mrs Robert 89 Crescent Road  
Shaw Samuel 20 Alfred Cottages  
Shaw William 4 Broad Street  
Shaw William 45 Ellington Road  
Shaxted Cyril 217 Hereson Road  
Shaxted Frank Henry 41 Boundary Road  
Shaxted Miss 20 Hereson Road  
Shaxted Mrs E E 58 Hollicondane Road  
Shaxted Stephen 45 Boundary Road  
Shenton William 58 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Shephard Robert 46 Church Road  
Shephard Robert William Nelson Lodge Newington Road St Lawrence
Shepherd John 3 Ellington  
Shepherd Joseph William 12 Southwood Road  
Shepherd William Hy 54 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Sheppard Alfred Wallace 14 Church Hill  
Sheppard Edward 116 Southwood Road  
Sheppard Ernest 63 Cecilia Road  
Sheppard James 6 Denmark Road  
Sheppard James Henry 1 Pegwell Avenue  
Sheppard John Daniel 9 Paradise  
Sheppard Mrs 1 Churchill Cottages Union Street  
Sheppard William Albert Bockingfold Margate Road  
Sheppard William Alfred 62 Coleman Crescent  
Sheppard William Frank 6 St Georges Road  
Sheridan Thomas 3 Cecilia Road  
Sherman Fred 41 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Shermer Mrs Ivy Cottage Princes Road  
Sherred Robert 3 Thatch Cottages Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Sherrington Wallace 87 Cecilia Road  
Shersby Arthur 1 Grosvenor Road St Lawrence
Shersby Walter 31 Townley Street  
Shersby William Pleasant View Pegwell Road  
Sherwood William Hope Hazeldene Manston Road St Lawrence
Shiers Walter 3 Harwood Villas Margate Road  
Shingles Frederick 1 Richmond Road  
Shinn Alfred Northwood Saxon Road  
Shippam George 13 Priory Road West Cliff
Shonk William W 6 Dumpton Park Drive  
Shoosmith Frederick W 2 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Shurety George 33 Fairlight Avenue St Lawrence
Shurvill Charles William 12 Muir Road  
Sibson Charles Croydon 64 South Eastern Road  
Siburn Miss 13 Warten Road  
Side Charles John 81 West Cliff Road  
Silman Elias   Victoria Parade East Cliff
Silverberg Lewis 12 & 13 Wellington Crescent East Cliff
Silverthorn Samuel 15 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Silverthorne John Rosedale Chilton Lane  
Siminson Martin 1 (flat 1) Sion Hill  
Siminson Mrs 10 North Avenue  
Simmers George William (BA Lond) 68 Ellington Road  
Simmers Leslie Hasell 52 Grange Road  
Simmonds A Frederick Elmfield, 1 North Avenue  
Simmons Arthur Neville 9 St Lukes Road  
Simmons Charles William John 180 Grange Road  
Simmons Frederick 8 Hibernia Street  
Simmons George William 70 Alexandra Road  
Simmons Joseph Charles 6 Hardres Road  
Simmons Mrs A 6 Havens of Rest Thanet Road  
Simmons William Hy 47 St Georges Road  
Simms Walter 1 Irchester Street East Cliff
Simons Leslie 4 Field Terrace Chilton Lane  
Simons Mrs 75 Grange Road  
Simpkins Mrs A M 13 South Eastern Road  
Simpson Albert 49 St Patricks Road  
Simpson Charles William Covecot Packers Lane  
Simpson Frederick William 32 Boundary Road  
Simpson George 11 Alma Road  
Simpson George 17 Margate Road  
Simpson Harvey 21 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road  
Simpson James Moses 24 Denmark Road  
Simpson Mrs 57 South Eastern Road  
Simpson Mrs A 67 Ellington Road  
Simpson Mrs Jane 66 Alexandra Road  
Simpson Walter 22 Ayton Road  
Sims Frank 29 Cavendish Street  
Sims William 59 Boundary Road  
Simson Miss 4 Lawn Villas Guildford Lawn  
Simson Mrs 7 Lorina Road St Lawrence
Simson Reginald 1 Ethelbert Road  
Sinclair Edward 69 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Sinclair Henry 2 Vicarage Cottages Newington Road St Lawrence
Sinclair John 35 Plains of Waterloo  
Sinclair Mrs 76 Winstanley Crescent  
Sinden Leonard Joseph 41 Fairlight Avenue St Lawrence
Sinden Mrs 42 Winstanley Crescent  
Singleton Eugene 97 Southwood Road  
Sired Miss 18 Duncan Road  
Sisley Robert 29 Finsbury Road  
Skelton Charles 119 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Skinner Alfred 24 Coleman Crescent  
Skinner George 7 Theodore Terrace Margate Road  
Skinner Mrs 34 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Skinner Walter John 2 Fitzroy Avenue Northwood
Skitt James Hy 176 High Street Ramsgate
Skitt James Henry 68 King Street  
Slack Mrs Penang Truro Road East Cliff
Sladden John Frederick 6 Unity Place  
Sladden Mrs 145 Southwood Road  
Sladden William 25 Thanet Road  
Slade Mrs The Grange Avebury Avenue  
Slade Rd Wylde 21 Woodford Avenue  
Slater William Ernest V 56 Coleman Crescent  
Slattery Thomas 8 Union Street  
Slaughter Henry James 39 St Georges Road  
Slaughter John Rt 14 Brunswick Street  
Sleeth George Hy 28 Plains of Waterloo  
Slingsby Charles 1 Codrington Road  
Sloan John Matthew 2 Avenue Road East Cliff
Sloggett William 7 Leopold Road  
Sloper George 11 Queen Bertha Road  
Small Cornelius B 9 Finsbury Road  
Small Francis 40 Bloomsbury Road  
Smart Alfred 28 Alexandra Road  
Smart George Hy 11 Grove Road  
Smart Richard 64 Boundary Road  
Smiles Percy 1 Tritsches Cottages Hereson St Lawrence
Smith Lt-Col David (ret) 24B Hollicondane Road  
Smith Rev L Cuthbert (Roman Catholic) St Augustines Abbey St Augustines Road West Cliff
Smith Albert Hy 5 Chilton Villas Pegwell Road  
Smith Albert James 44 Finsbury Road  
Smith Alfred J H 71 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Smith Algernon Gables Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Smith Arthur 180 Hereson Road  
Smith Burton 34 Hibernia Street  
Smith Charles Hy W W 52 Bradley Road St Lawrence
Smith Charles William 4 Mews Cottages  
Smith Christian The Elms Nethercourt St Lawrence
Smith Clifford 4 Chandos Terrace Boundary Road  
Smith Clifton 37 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Smith Edmund 95 Hardres Street  
Smith Edward 198 Hereson Road  
Smith Edwin J 54 Southwood Road  
Smith Ernest Sunnycroft Dane Crescent  
Smith Fras Randall Bay View Pegwell Avenue  
Smith Frank 7 Garden Row  
Smith Frank 27 Montague Road  
Smith Frank 23 St Patricks Road  
Smith Fred 114 Crescent Road  
Smith Frederick 104 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Smith George 21 Flora Road  
Smith George Kessith Margate Road  
Smith George 3 Liverpool Lawn West Cliff
Smith George 2 Pegwell Avenue  
Smith George A 2 Alma Cottages West Dumpton Broadstairs
Smith Harry 24 Camden Square  
Smith Harry Gilbert 11 Cannonbury Road  
Smith Harry Percy 3 Avenue Road East Cliff
Smith Hy 5 Hereson Road  
Smith Henry 2 Mill Cottages  
Smith Henry 24 Salisbury Avenue  
Smith Herbert Charles 9 Marlborough Road The Elms
Smith James Thomas 12 Artillery Road  
Smith James William 29 Monkton Place  
Smith Jesse 22 Codrington Road  
Smith John 29 Alma Road  
Smith John Leslie Richmond Road  
Smith John 1 Salisbury Avenue  
Smith John Joseph 7 Belmont Street  
Smith Joseph 60 Margate Road  
Smith Joseph 6 Vincent Place  
Smith Joseph D 38 Church Road  
Smith Louis 37 Victoria Road  
Smith Low John 1 Granville Gardens Truro Road East Cliff
Smith Matthew 18 Hertford Place West Cliff
Smith Maurice Argyle Downs Road  
Smith Maurice 9 Lorina Road St Lawrence
Smith Miss 8 Cannonbury Road  
Smith Miss 9 Queen Bertha Road  
Smith Miss St Johns Villa Hereson St Lawrence
Smith Miss A M 37 St Georges Road  
Smith Miss G 5 Florence Terrace Albert Road East Cliff
Smith Miss Hilda M Findon Lodge Avebury Avenue  
Smith Misses West Ridge West Dumpton Broadstairs
Smith Mrs Catherine Cottage Paragon Street West Cliff
Smith Mrs 58 Dumpton Park Road  
Smith Mrs 11 Mill Cottages  
Smith Mrs 32 Plains of Waterloo  
Smith Mrs 160 Southwood Road  
Smith Mrs 16 Turner Street  
Smith Mrs Westdene Ellington  
Smith Mrs A 26 Picton Road  
Smith Mrs Alice 22 St Andrews Road  
Smith Mrs C 4 Church Avenue  
Smith Mrs Jessie 17 Plains of Waterloo  
Smith Mrs Rose 17 Camden Square  
Smith Rd Hy 5 Nixon Avenue South
Smith Robert Harris 13 Albion Place  
Smith Rt James 121 Hardres Street  
Smith Rt William 71 South Eastern Road  
Smith Robert James 1 Queen Bertha Road  
Smith Robert P 6 Paradise  
Smith Robert W 9 Cumberland Road  
Smith Samuel 74 Grange Road  
Smith Samuel 22 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Smith Sidney James 34 Hereson Road  
Smith Stephen J 31 Dane Park Road  
Smith Sydney 53 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Smith Sydney W 4 Cannon Road  
Smith Thomas 6 Belmont Street  
Smith Thomas 47 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Smith Thomas Hy 5 Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Smith Walter 8 Church Road  
Smith Walter H 38 Finsbury Road  
Smith William 4 Alma Road  
Smith William 74 Church Road  
Smith William 38 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Smith William Silverdene Kings Avenue St Lawrence
Smith William Edward 22 Salisbury Avenue  
Smith William F J 3 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Smith William James Glenville Goodwin Road  
Smith William John 16 Seafield Road St Lawrence
Smith William T 7 Rawdon Road  
Smith William T Arnside Ellington Park Road  
Smith William Thomas 40 Dundonald Road  
Smithers Alfred 4 Bethesda Street  
Smithers Alfred jun 22 Leopold Street  
Smithers Alfred Thomas 20 Leopold Street  
Smithers Charles 24 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Smithers Charles 105 Hereson Road  
Smithers Charles 14 Leopold Street  
Smithers Ernest 16 Leopold Street  
Smithers Ernest E 10 Seafield Road St Lawrence
Smithers Hy 30 Brunswick Street  
Snelling Alfred John 5 Avenue Road East Cliff
Snelling Hy 12A Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Snoad Miss 49 Picton Road  
Snowden Miss 6 Elms Avenue  
Soanes Samuel John 7 Grange Road  
Soans John Isaac 28 Augusta Road East Cliff
Solley Frederick 30 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Solley Frederick Vanguard Manston Road St Lawrence
Solley George E Elmcote Northwood St Lawrence
Solley Mark   Hope Lane  
Solley Mrs L 12 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Solley Walter George 5 Field Terrace Chiltern Lane  
Solley William 5 Alpha Road  
Solley William 9 Kent Place  
Solley William Alfred 14 Artillery Road  
Solly Albert 60 Denmark Road  
Solly Alfred 115 Hereson Road  
Solly Edward 4 Hollicodane Terrace Hollicondane Lane  
Solly Edward Thornly Dane Crescent  
Solly Edward Cyril 21 Lorina Road St Lawrence
Solly Frederick 44 Hertford Street West Cliff
Solly George Edward 80 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Solly Harry Charles 40 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Solly Henry 22 Montague Road  
Solly Henry Edward 29 Hereson Road  
Solly Hy George 26 Lorina Road St Lawrence
Solly James 74 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Solly John 35 Dumpton Park Road  
Solly John 7 Francis Terrace Anns Road  
Solly Mrs 1 Leeds Terrace Boundary Road  
Solly Mrs 28 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Solly Mrs Sarah 19 Cannonbury Road  
Solly Percy 18 South Eastern Road  
Solly Robert John 23 Albert Street  
Sorrell Miss 2 West Cliff Villas West Cliff Road  
Southey William 83 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Southam Mrs 65 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Southam Mrs 7 Hereson Road  
Southern James Hy Ringmer Margate Road  
Southey Charles Richard 111 Crescent Road  
Southey Richard George 12 St Patricks Road  
Southon Ernest Thomas William 8 Ethelbert Road  
Southworth Charles V 9 Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Sowden George 4 St Davids Road  
Spain Ernest Albert 23 Alexandra Road  
Spain Ernest Thomas 29 Bloomsbury Road  
Spain Frederick C 1 Clements Road  
Spain George 26 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Spain George 42 Dane Road  
Spain George   Newington Road St Lawrence
Spain Harry 31 Artillery Road  
Spain John James B The Cottage Priory Road  
Spain John William 53 Percy Road  
Spain Miss Annie 46 Alexandra Road  
Spain Mrs 1 Claremont Gardens Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Spain Owen Henry 20 Rosebery Avenue  
Spain Robert Stephen 7 Vicarage Cottages Newington Road St Lawrence
Spain Stephen John Netherfield Margate Road  
Spain Stephen Robert 2 Greenfield Cotrtages Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Spalding Archibald D Newington House Newington Road St Lawrence
Spalding Mrs L'Abri Napleton Road  
Sparks John L 6 Augusta Road East Cliff
Sparks William Graham Dardoni West Dumpton Broadstairs
Speed Hy 2 Marlborough Road The Elms
Spellman John 51 Picton Road  
Spelman Wilfred Thomas St James Cottage Cross Street West Cliff
Spencer Edgar 11 Albion Place  
Spencer Mrs 36 Grove Road  
Spencer T Hy 6 Florence Terrace Harrison Road  
Spice Edward 40 Dane Road  
Spice George J 11 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Spice Mrs Hannah 10 Dane Park Road  
Spice Sidney Thomas 61 Picton Road  
Spice William 63 Woodford Avenue  
Spicer Henry 37 Vale Road  
Spicer Mrs Littlebourne Gilbert Road St Lawrence
Spicer Mrs 22 Rawdon Road  
Spicer William 24 Central Road  
Spielmann Mrs 36 Albert Street West Cliff
Spillett Frederick 57 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Spillett Mrs 106 South Eastern Road  
Spinner Miss 4 Victoria Parade East Cliff
Sponder William 17 Cannonbury Road  
Spooner Albert George 2 Dundonald Road  
Spratling A Leonard Elmworth Elmstone Road  
Spratling Miss 38 Dundonald Road  
Spratt Walter Edward 17 Alma Road  
Springate Mrs 30 Augusta Road East Cliff
Springate Mrs Somerset House Albion Road East Cliff
Springett William F 2 Flint Cottages  
Springthorpe Sherrard Hy 27 Wellington Crescent East Cliff
Sprunt Edward Walter 49 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Spurr Mrs St Annes Vale Square  
Squelch Joseph Herbert sen 3 South Eastern Road  
Squelch Joseph Herbert A jun Iris Dane Crescent  
Squire Cecil 8 Cavendish Place  
Squires James Albert 36 Bellevue Cottages  
Stagg Stanley Alfred 20 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Staines Walter 1 Lawn Villas Guildford Lawn  
Stancomb-Wills Dame Janet (DBE, JP) East Court Victoria Parade East Cliff
Standen Frank Reginald 17 Lorina Road St Lawrence
Standen Fred 75 King Street  
Standen Herbert Nelson 47 Percy Road  
Standen John 8 Clarendon Gardens  
Standen Mrs 10 Alfred Cottages  
Standen Stephen Edwin 67 Cecilia Road  
Standen William George 45 Southwood Road  
Standing Thomas James 8 St Georges Villas Union Road  
Standley Edwin George 85 Grange Road  
Stanford Mrs School House, 65 Hereson Road  
Stanford Walter Herbert 29 Southwood Road  
Stankiste Charles Rd 3 Union Place  
Stanley Miss 60 Boundary Road  
Stanley Percy Edward St Bernard Goodwin Road  
Stanner Charles 74 South Eastern Road  
Stanner Cyril Arthur 52 Alexandra Road  
Stanner George Thomas 15 Queen Bertha Road  
Stanner Stephen 33 Townley Street  
Stanner William Stephen 21 Lorne Road  
Stapleford William 136 Grange Road  
Stark Stanley 64 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Starr Wilfred 1 Leopold Villas Leopold Street  
Startin Mrs 14 Duncan Road  
Startup Arthur C E Southwood Queens Avenue St Lawrence
Staynes Norman F 58 Queen Bertha Road  
Stead Ernest Henry 31 Flora Road  
Stead Frederick John 153 Boundary Road  
Stead George 20 Camden Square  
Stead Harry Allandale Chilton Lane  
Stead Henry John 11 Belmont Road  
Stead Mrs 11 Bellevue Cottages  
Stead Mrs 50 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Stead Mrs 2A Montefiore Cottages  
Stead Mrs Emma 79 Margate Road  
Stead Mrs Mary Ann 19 Margate Road  
Stead Robert 148 Grange Road  
Stead Thomas William 45 Townley Street  
Stebben Joseph 31 Herbert Road  
Stebbings John Morley 6 Nelson Crescent West Cliff
Steed Rev Augustus James (MA) 16 Vale Square  
Steed Edward 1 Catherine Terrace Chapel Road St Lawrence
Steed Edward 7 Muir Road  
Steel George 68 Vale Road  
Steel Mrs 9 Vale Square  
Steer Thomas 38 Ellington Road  
Stenton Frederick James 4 Ayton Road  
Stephens Henry 76 Margate Road  
Stevens Alfred 19 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Stevens Alfred Thomas 5 Francis Terrace Anns Road  
Stevens Arthur Fairfield Newington Road St Lawrence
Stevens David F 49 Southwood Road  
Stevens Francis 39 St Patricks Road  
Stevens George 12 South Eastern Road  
Stevens Mrs Pear Tree Cottage Pegwell Road  
Stevens Thomas 107 Hardres Street  
Stevenson Archibald 34 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Stevenson Edward William 3 Belmont Street  
Stevenson Miss S O 6 Crescent Road  
Stewart John Joseph 59 Hereson Road  
Stewart Miss E A 7 Paragon West Cliff
Stewart Mrs 5 Granville Gardens Truro Road East Cliff
Stewart William Hy 120 Southwood Road  
Stickels Elvy 27 Alma Road  
Stidolph William 5 Lyndhurst Road East Cliff
Stiles Mrs F B Kinta Stancomb Avenue  
Stilgrove Arthur 38 Flora Road  
Still Jim 3 Lawn Villas Guildford Lawn  
Stimpson Alfred 12 Townley Street  
Stock Mrs 20 Duncan Road  
Stock Robert 22 Central Road  
Stock Walter Charles Bleanbury Margate Road  
Stock William Thomas 23 North Avenue The Elms
Stockbridge Hy John 3 Leonards Avenue  
Stockbridge James William 12 St Davids Road  
Stockbridge Miss 36 Crescent Road  
Stocker Mrs 26 Hereson Road  
Stockley Frederick Ashby 1 Church Road  
Stockley Hy H 109 Crescent Road  
Stockley Richard 84 Boundary Road  
Stokes Alfred V 1 St James Square Packers Lane  
Stokes Frederick C Belmont Cottage Belmont Road  
Stokes John 4 Tabernacle Cottages Northwood
Stokes John E 5 Kingsley Villas St Lukes Road  
Stokes Miss 4 Hatfield Road  
Stokes Peter 21 Sussex Street  
Stokes Thomas 19 Alma Road  
Stokes Thomas Chantry Cottage Ellington Place St Lawrence
Stone Albert 3 Portland Court  
Stone Arthur John 1 Alexandra Road  
Stone Harry Cranch 19 Hollicondane Road  
Stone Horace Walter 35 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Stone Miss 11 Vale Road  
Stone Mrs 35 Alma Road  
Stone Mrs Lyndale Ellington  
Stone Mrs 47 St Lukes Avenue  
Stone Mrs E 22 Dane Crescent  
Stone William John Stoneholm West Dumpton Broadstairs
Stonebridge Mrs 76 Ellington Road  
Stoner Mrs 28 Spencer Square West Cliff
Stonestreet George Hy 10 Hibernia Street  
Story George Arthur 8 Edith Road  
Stovin Mrs Lucas 7 Lyndhurst Road East Cliff
Stowe Arthur 115 South Eastern Road  
Stowe Mrs 6 Willsons Road  
Stratford George 6 Coast Guard Station Victoria Parade East Cliff
Stratford Thomas 92 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Stratton Albert 97 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Stredwick John 9 Sussex Street  
Stredwick William 22 Sussex Street  
Street Mrs 7 Hatfield Road  
Streeter Reginald 56 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Strevens George 136 King Street  
Strevens Harry 5 Emma Simmons Homes Napleton Road  
Strevens Mrs 3 Guildford Lawn  
Strevens Mrs M 10 Dundonald Road  
Stroud Ernest E 27 High Street Ramsgate
Stroud Frank 31 Denmark Road  
Stroud Harry Herbert West scar London Road  
Stroud John 34 Effingham Street  
Stroud Mrs 16 Hertford Place West Cliff
Stroud Mrs 5 Townley Street  
Stroud Mrs 36 Turner Street  
Stroud Thomas 48 Hardres Street  
Strover Charles 101 South Eastern Road  
Strover Cyril 48 St Lukes Avenue  
Strover James 22 Poplar Road  
Stuart Robert 33 Hardres Street  
Stubberfield George 41 Edith Road  
Stubbings Henry Edward 62 Royal Road West Cliff
Stubbington Mrs 6 Cecilia Road  
Stubbles Frank 26 Sussex Street  
Stupples George E 45 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Stupples Henry William Ilen Villla Terrace Cottages  
Stupples Herbert S 56 Denmark Road  
Stupples John 21 St Lukes Avenue  
Stupples Mrs 6 Union Street  
Stupples Percy George William 2 Cambrian Cottages  
Stupples Richard 2 Thatch Cottages Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Stupples William Phillip 1 Union Place  
Sturges Bert 1 Bolton Street  
Sturges Edward 12 Margate Road  
Sturges Edward John 13 Alexandra Road  
Sturgess Norman 16 Elms Avenue  
Sturips John 22 Winstanley Crescent  
Sturips John Thomas 42 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Style Robert 136 Crescent Road  
Styles William Thomas 9 Grange Road  
Sudds James Norman 15A Trinity Place  
Sullivan John 8 Kingsley Villas St Lukes Road  
Sullivan John Walter 3 Spencer Square West Cliff
Sullivan Mrs 14 Rosebery Avenue  
Sulsh Charles 2 St James Street West Cliff
Summers Albert 40 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Summers Mrs 41 Grove Road  
Summers Henry William 16 Cannon Road  
Summers Thomas George 8 Bristol Road  
Surman Mrs 19 Belmont Road  
Suter Benjamin 20 Artillery Road  
Sutton Alfred John 20 Denmark Road  
Sutton Alfred John 4 Unity Place  
Sutton Arthur Leslie 46 Dane Park Road  
Sutton Basil Hubert 18 Hardres Road  
Sutton Bertram 2 Buckstone Road Northwood
Sutton Charles 6 Sussex Street  
Sutton Charles Arthur 81 Cecilia Road  
Sutton Ernest Thomas 3 Archway Road  
Sutton F F (MA) (Headmaster of the Junior School) St Lawrence College Hollicondane Road  
Sutton Frederick 18 Church Road  
Sutton George 39 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Sutton George Thomas 16 Winstanley Crescent  
Sutton Henry George 2 St Andrews Road  
Sutton Henry Robert 31 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Sutton John 67A King Street  
Sutton Miss 49 Avenue Road East Cliff
Sutton Miss 87 South Eastern Road  
Sutton Mrs 3 Elgar Cottages Union Street  
Sutton Mrs 19 Montague Road  
Sutton Mrs 87 South Eastern Road  
Sutton Mrs E Woodwards Cottage James Passage West Cliff
Sutton Mrs S E 21 Abbots Hill  
Sutton Stanley James 234 Hereson Road  
Sutton Stephen 23 Flora Road  
Sutton William Albert 2 Dane Road  
Sutton William Henry 38 Hereson Road  
Sutton William Martin 106 Hereson Road  
Sutton-Smith Ernest Lynton St Lawrence Avenue  
Swaffer Ernest George 28 Southwood Road  
Swain Hy Albert 100 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Swain Mrs A 32 Liverpool Lawn West Cliff
Swan Albert 24 Bradley Road St Lawrence
Swan Harry 9 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Swan Mrs 9 Wheatley Road St Lawrence
Swan Thomas W 31 Plains of Waterloo  
Swan William 45 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Swatton Joseph 10 Alpha Road  
Sweet Mrs 120 Grange Road  
Sweetland Miss 76 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Sweetman Mrs 37 Fairlight Avenue St Lawrence
Swendell Edward 15 St Georges Road  
Swift Miss 97 Grange Road  
Swift Mrs 13 Willsons Road  
Swinnock Henry Robert 1 Lowther Cottages Chapel Place Lane  
Sykes Mrs 53 Boundary Road  
Sylvester Miss The Cottage Charlotte Court  
Symes Mrs J 12 St Lukes Avenue  
Symons Capt Francis S Harbour House West Cliff Mansions  
Symons Mrs 9 Havens of Rest Thanet Road  

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