Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Ramsgate & St Lawrence - private residents - R


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Rackham Miss May L 17 Dane Park Road  
Radcliff Mrs 15 Paragon West Cliff
Radford Albert Edward 1 Leopold Road  
Radford Alfred 176 Grange Road  
Radford Mrs 34 Rosebery Avenue  
Radford Sydney John 25 Princes Street  
Raffell Samuel Wallace 11 St Patricks Road  
Ralph Edgar 18 Elms Avenue  
Ralph Frederick H M Bayeux Margate Road  
Ralph Herbert Thomas Invicta Villa Cecilia Road  
Ralph John 25 Albert Street West Cliff
Ralph Robert 3 Alma Place King Street  
Ralph William Silvester 6 Dane Road  
Ramsay Capt J R (MC) 24 Edith Road  
Ramsden Sidney 4 Hibernia Street  
Randall Mrs 8 Brunswick Street  
Randall Mrs 5 Lillian Road  
Randall Thomas John 31 West Cliff Road  
Randall William 8 Dane Road  
Randle Mrs 11 Winstanley Crescent  
Rankin Mrs 91 Boundary Road  
Rankin Rt 32 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Ransome George Somerville Warre Avenue  
Rapp Frederick W 17 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Ratcliff Harry 39 Dane Park Road  
Ratcliff Mrs 15 Sussex Street  
Ratcliff Richard 43 Townley Street  
Ratcliff William Edward 25 Lillian Road  
Ratcliffe Nicholas George 69 Plains of Waterloo  
Ray John 6 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Ray William Arthur 68 King Street  
Raybould William 7 Church Road  
Rayner Mrs 5 Chatham Place  
Read Charles W 7 Prospect Terrace  
Read Cyril 51 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Read Frederick Charles Tanooma Ellington Park Road  
Read George Harry Chatham House Chatham Street  
Read Harry 4 Union Place  
Read Herbert Edwin 15 Cumberland Road  
Read Mrs 6 Vicarage Cottages Newington Road St Lawrence
Read Mrs L M 182 Hereson Road  
Read Thomas Henry 17 Cottage Road  
Read Thomas William 19 Cottage Road  
Read Walter 39 Camden Square  
Read William Richd 18 Cross Street West Cliff
Reader Alfred T 3 Stanley Cottages Downs Road  
Reading William Justice 8 Ayton Road  
Ready Leslie 3 Olive Grove Trinity Place  
Reaney Cecil T 7 Nelson Crescent West Cliff
Rece Joseph 2 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Redfern Mrs J 24 Southwood Road  
Redman Albert B 11 Emma Simmons Homes Napleton Road  
Redman Arthur 42 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Redman Frederick Charles 33 Belmont Street  
Redman James Alfred 54 Boundary Road  
Redman Mrs 3 Welby Villas Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Redman Mrs 9 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road  
Redwood Henry 55 Bloomsbury Road  
Redwood Sidney Charles T 113 Hereson Road  
Redwood William Leslie 1 Melrose Cottages Hertford Street West Cliff
Reed Joseph 44 Picton Road  
Reed Reginald 59 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Reed Samuel 24 Hardres Street  
Reeve Arthur 10 South Eastern Road  
Reeves Charles 13 Bellevue Cottages  
Reeves James Vivian 3 Lillian Road  
Reeves Mrs 131 King Street  
Reeves Percival Edward 7 York Street  
Regan William 4 Dane Crescent  
Reid Frank Howell 5 Unity Place  
Reid Miss Janet Cotswold Dane Crescent  
Reine William 26 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Relf George 30 Lorina Road St Lawrence
Relf John 236 Hereson Road  
Rendell E Arthur 5 Addington Street  
Rennels Charles 3 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Rete Mrs 4 St Lukes Avenue  
Revell Arthur 3 Monkton Place  
Revell Edward 13 Hertford Place West Cliff
Revell Ernest 29 Avenue Road East Cliff
Revell Francis Herbert 2 Gordon Road  
Revell George Henry 2 Foresters Cottages  
Revell George Henry 2 Queens Avenue St Lawrence
Revell John Frederick 20 St Patricks Road  
Revell John Richard 19 Alexandra Road  
Revell Thomas Henry 11 Albion Mews  
Revill Thomas H 7 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Reynolds Charles 42 Denmark Road  
Reynolds James 29 Effingham Street  
Reynolds James 4 St James Street West Cliff
Reynolds Richard James 4 Albert Terrace King Edward Road  
Reynolds Robert 10 Hollicondane Road  
Reynolds William G 16 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Reynolds William Hy 7 Cross Street West Cliff
Rhodes Ernest William 2 Lime Cottages Hereson St Lawrence
Rhodes Stephen 62 Hertford Street West Cliff
Rich Ephraim 1 Townley Street  
Rich Thomas 29 Rodney Street  
Richards Charles Christopher 25 Meeting Street  
Richards Charles Silvester 30 Hereson Road  
Richards James J 19 Denmark Road  
Richards John James 78 Hardres Street  
Richards Mrs 8 Monkton Place  
Richards Percy William 8 Sir James Square Packers Lane  
Richards Sylvester 5A Eagle Hill  
Richards Thomas 51 Hereson Road  
Richards William T S Bindon Dane Crescent  
Richardson Albert E 107 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Richardson Fras Arthur 1 Warten Road  
Richardson John Thomas 51 St Andrews Road  
Richardson Mrs 35 Townley Street  
Richardson Mrs W S 26 Flora Road  
Richardson Thomas Jesse 13 Percy Road  
Richardson William 86 Boundary Road  
Riches Mrs 55 Edith Road  
Riches Paulin Fred 3 Codrington Road  
Richmond Miss Norbury West Dumpton Broadstairs
Richmond Robert Uplands Margate Road  
Ricks Patrick 34 Cecilia Road  
Rickwood Leonard 50 Bradley Road St Lawrence
Ridgwell Mrs Ellen Villa Bellevue Avenue  
Rigby Rev Thomas (Roman Catholic) St Augustines Abbey St Augustines Road  
Rigby Mrs 5 Rawdon Road  
Rigden Alfred 30 Dane Road  
Rigden Ernest 5 Newcastle Hill  
Rigden George Hy 46 Vale Road  
Rigden Harry 22 Ellington Park Road  
Rigden Hy Joseph 28 Staffordshire Street  
Rigden Henry Thomas 26 Belmont Street  
Rigden John Francis C 75 Hardres Street  
Rigden Mrs M 13 Belmont Street  
Rigden Thomas H 18 Hardres Street  
Rigden Thomas Henry 30 Bloomsbury Road  
Rigden William 28 Seafield Road St Lawrence
Rigg Sir Edward (CB, CVO, ISO) Malvern House Albion Road East Cliff
Riley John 62 Hardres Street  
Ring Mrs Rose 6 Albion Place  
Ringe Edward Isaac 14 Lorina Road St Lawrence
Riordan Alfred William J 36 Bradley Road St Lawrence
Riordan J E 43 Grange Road  
Roalf Frank Ernest 54 Hardres Street  
Roalf Miss Emily 53 West Cliff Road  
Roalf Mrs 85 Boundary Road  
Robbins Miss 12A BRoad Street  
Robbins Rt Hy 82 Coleman Crescent  
Roberson William 68 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Robert Victor Thurlmar South Eastern Road  
Roberts John 23 Hill Brow Road  
Roberts Joseph 78 Edith Road  
Roberts Mrs 12 James Street West Cliff
Roberts Mrs 11 Princes Street  
Roberts Mrs Wood Lawn Avenue Road East Cliff
Roberts-Taylor Henry William Douglaston Queens Road East Cliff
Robertson Thomas Smith 76 Southwood Road  
Robins Albert 69 Hardres Street  
Robins George 10 Kingsley Villas St Lukes Road  
Robinson Arthur Stanley 3 Dane Crescent  
Robinson Frederick 6 Rosebery Avenue  
Robinson Jock 42 Alexandra Road  
Robinson John Henry Sunnycote St Mildreds Road  
Robinson Mrs 53 Grange Road  
Robinson Mrs Ridings Margate Road  
Robinson Thomas 25 Alma Road  
Robinson Thomas William 14 Poplar Road  
Roche Mrs 82 Southwood Road  
Rochester Alec B 9 Field Terrace Chilton Lane  
Rock Eng-Capt Herbert Edgar (JP, RN ret) 20 Hollicondane Road  
Rockhill Frederick Fairview West Dumpton Broadstairs
Roddy John Thomas 21 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Rodger Robert 43 Crescent Road  
Roe John (BA Cantab) 26 Augusta Road  
Rogers Albert Henry 50 Cannonbury Road  
Rogers Alfred Page 8 Hollicondane Road  
Rogers Charles 22 Albert Road East Cliff
Rogers Charles Frederick Frant Dane Crescent  
Rogers Charles John 4 Francis Terrace Anns Road  
Rogers Edward 12 Spencer Square West Cliff
Rogers Edward John 10 Albert Terrace King Edward Road  
Rogers Frederick Thomas 1 Coronation Road  
Rogers Harry 1 Vale Square  
Rogers John Edward 63 Winstanley Crescent  
Rogers John William 2 Southwood Road  
Rogers Leo Rt 17 Denmark Road  
Rogers Thomas 46 Duncan Road  
Rogers William Edward 3 Claremont Gardens St Lawrence
Rogers William Richard 59 Cecilia Road  
Rogerson Walter 12 Hibernia Street  
Rolfe Mrs 7 Camden Road  
Rolfe Walter Wallace Elizabeth Cottage Kings Avenue St Lawrence
Rolfe William John 10 Gordon Road  
Rolls Frederick James 83 Grange Road  
Rolls George 10 Addington Street  
Rood Miss 3 Midlothian Cottages Stanley Place  
Rose George Edward 115 Margate Road  
Rose Harry T N 15 Winstanley Crescent  
Rose Harry William 242 Hereson Road  
Rose James Alfred 81 Southwood Road  
Rose John 68 Plains of Waterloo  
Rose Miss 22 Elms Avenue  
Rose Miss 17 Rawden Road  
Rose Miss 1 (flat 3) Sion Hill  
Rose William 21 Grove Road  
Rosenburg Miss 10 Havens of Rest Thanet Road  
Roser Mrs M E 21 South Eastern Road  
Rothwell Charles Percival 1 Dundonald Road  
Rothwell James 141 Boundary Road  
Rothwell Mrs 155 Boundary Road  
Rothwell Mrs 3 Havens of Rest Thanet Road  
Roud Charles 3 Artillery Road  
Rouse Jordan 82 High Street Ramsgate
Routledge Frederick 8 Coleman Crescent  
Row William Thomas Kosicot Saxon Road  
Rowden Stanley 1 Hatfield Road  
Rowe Charles F 42 Queen Bertha Road  
Rowe Mrs 24 Belmont Road  
Rowe Mrs 40 St Patricks Road  
Rowe Reginald S 162 High Street Ramsgate
Rowell Oliver Leonard 4 Crescent Road  
Rowett John 5 Fairlight Avenue St Lawrence
Rowland Charles 17 Claremont Gardens St Lawrence
Rowland Ernest John 15 St Patricks Road  
Rowland Mrs Victory Cottage Tomsons Passage  
Rowland Walter James 69 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Rowley Harry Reginald 12 St Mildreds Road  
Rowsell Charles Rosecote West Dumpton Broadstairs
Rudge James Hy 48 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Rule Edwin S 1 South Eastern Road  
Rumfitt Edward 93 West Cliff Road  
Rumsey Edwin Charles 18 Shaftesbury Street  
Rundle John 28 Hibernia Street  
Ruocco Consiglio 9 Effingham Street  
Ruocco Joseph 6 Ratcliffe Square  
Rushbrook Alfred 28 Belmont Street  
Russell Alfred 28 Percy Road  
Russell Charles 2 Finsbury Road  
Russell Duncan 4 Laurel Cottages Chilton Lane  
Russell Ernest Montague 56 Royal Road  
Russell Frederick William 86 Coleman Crescent  
Russell Joseph 32 Augusta Road  
Russell William John 39 Hereson Road  
Ruthven Robert Henry Kirkby St Mildreds Road  
Rutter Mrs E J 41 Picton Road  
Ryan Timothy 31 Montague Road  
Ryde Alfred William 8 Woodford Avenue  
Rye George 4 Seagarth Dumpton Park Drive St Lawrence
Ryley Egbert Wylde 88 Ellington Road  

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