Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Ramsgate & St Lawrence - private residents - O


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Oates Arthur 7 Shaftesbury Street East Cliff
O'Brien John 18 Claremont Gardens St Lawrence
O'Brien Michael V 63 West Cliff Road  
O'Brien-Clifford Mrs A Iddlesleigh Downs Road  
Ockleford Mrs Underwood St Mildreds Avenue  
Oclee Edward 6 Herbert Road  
Oclee Mrs 13 Ratcliffe Square  
Oclee Richard 17 Ratcliffe Square  
Oclee William 15 Muir Road  
O'Connor Patrick 27 Newington Road St Lawrence
Odell Albert 2 Elms Avenue  
Odell Joseph 8 Chatham Street  
Odell Mrs 11 Broad Street  
Odell Mrs 20 Salisbury Avenue  
Odell Sidney 21 Dumpton Park Road  
Offen George Isaac 33 St Lukes Avenue  
Offen Harry St Ida Manston Road St Lawrence
Offen Hy A 7 Avenue Road East Cliff
Offen John 62 Winstanley Crescent  
Offen John Rd 1 Portland Court  
Offen Mrs F A 18 Warten Road  
Offen Mrs R J 66 Ellington Road  
Offen William John 4 Bradley Road St Lawrence
Offin John Richard 1 Portland Court  
Offley Mrs 20 Crescent Road  
Ogier Lt-Col E E (JP) 1 Grove Road  
O'Keefe Miss Falt 2, 33 Spencer Square West Cliff
Okill Mrs 4 Liverpool Lawn West Cliff
Olby John 36 Hollicondane Road  
Olby Miss 9 Penshurst Road East Cliff
Old Thomas 4 Rose Hill  
Oldfield Charles 16 Rodney Street  
Oldfield Walter George 8 St Lukes Road  
Olive Mrs 1 Fairlight Avenue St Lawrence
Oliver Horace Brooklands Newington Road St Lawrence
Oliver William 132 Grange Road  
Olliett Miss 23 Albert Road East Cliff
Olliff Miss 61 West Cliff Road  
Olliffe Miss M E 8 Dumpton Park Drive  
Olsen Harry 2 Dove Place Packers Lane  
Olsen Olaf Thomas   Packers Lane  
Olver William 3 Prices Avenue  
Oram Leonard Victor 18 Margate Road  
Orchard Bertie 16 Camden Cottages Camden Road  
Ormerod Herbert Capernham West Dumpton Broadstairs
Ormsby Charles Hy 14 Granville Marina  
O'Rorke Alfred Joseph 33 Finsbury Road  
Osborn Bertie 31 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Osborn Charles L 16 Dumpton Park Road  
Osborn Mrs A 8 Penshurst Road East Cliff
Osborn Sidney D M 18 Chatham Street  
Osborne Frederick Thomas 1 Chilton Farm Cottages Chilton Lane  
Osborne Henry 87 Crescent Road  
Osborne Mrs 6 Queens Road  
Osborne Rt William 33 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Osman Harry 74 Ellington Road  
Osterstock Mrs 11 Paradise  
Ottewill John Albert 15 Hardres Road  
Ough Fras 87 St Lukes Avenue  
Oughton Miss 25 Rawdon Road  
Ousley Frederick William 15 Alexandra Road  
Outhwaite Wallace Delamere Dane Crescent  
Ovenden Albert Charles 25 Victoria Road  
Ovenden Alfred Charles 3 Lorne Road  
Ovenden James Fras 20 Dane Park Road  
Ovenden Lewis George 27 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Ovenden Mrs 43 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Ovenden Mrs 13 Queen Bertha Road  
Ovenden Mrs E 13 Alexandra Road  
Ovenden Stanley Arthur 5 Harbour Street  
Ovenden Victor Albert Frank 2 Northwood Villas Margate Road  
Ovenden Walter 1 Union Street  
Overend Frederick 2 Kent Place  
Overend Thomas 5 Hardres Road  
Overton Mrs 41 Albert Road East Cliff
Overy William G 2 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Owen Edward Theodore Nida Dumpton Park Drive  
Owen Hugh Rt 43 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Owen Hugh William Bryn Norman Road  
Owen John Edward 39 Warten Road  
Owen Mrs S 19 Grange Road  
Owen Rd Llewellyn 35 Cannonbury Road  
Owens Albert 30 Liverpool Lawn West Cliff
Oxley Mrs R D 29 Priory Road  

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