Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Ramsgate & St Lawrence - private residents - N


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Nairne Arthur Charles 19 Muir Road  
Nairne Frederick 3 Francis Terrace Anns Road  
Nairne James 3 Salisbury Avenue  
Nairne John 8 Turner Street  
Nairne Mrs 23 Muir Road  
Nairne Mrs 5 Syndale Place East Cliff
Nairne Norman William 12 Leonards Avenue  
Nall Miss Bleak House Pegwell Road  
Nalson Frank James 15 Ellington Road  
Nash Albert 41 Bloomsbury Road  
Nash Albert 39 Boundary Road  
Nash Harold 159 Boundary Road  
Nash John Cornelius 26 South Eastern Road  
Nash- Williams Alvah 67 Southwood Road  
Nation Mrs 9 Fairlight Avenue St Lawrence
Neal Christopher C Royal Cottage Priory Road  
Neal Joseph Bartlett 4 Kent Terrace  
Neal Samuel David 1 & 3A Harbour Street  
Neale Harry G 16 Spencer Square West Cliff
Neame Frederick C 50 Boundary Road  
Neame George Edward 26 Artillery Road  
Neep Miss 78 Margate Road  
Neeves Alfred Edward 3 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Neeves Benjamin 10 Bloomsbury Road  
Neeves Frederick William 29 Salisbury Avenue  
Neeves George 7 Margate Road  
Neeves James 4 Catherine Terrace Chapel Road St Lawrence
Nelson Miss E 16 Church Hill  
Nethersole Albert Hy 20 Portland Court  
Nethersole Henry 6 Florence Cottages Coronation Road  
Neves Henry 85 Margate Road  
Neves Henry James 5 Abbots hill  
Neville Graham C L 6 North Avenue The Elms
New Thomas 58 Coleman Crescent  
Newberry Edward 9 Cavendish Street  
Newbery Francis Percy 48 Queen Street Ramsgate
Newby Edward 24 Dane Park Road  
Newby Edward G 16 Lyndhurst Road East Cliff
Newby Mrs Bennington Ellington Park Road  
Newby Mrs 70 South Eastern Road  
Newby Mrs M A 104 South Eastern Road  
Newby William 46 St Lukes Avenue  
Newell Rev Cameron Percy (LtH) Curate of Christ Church 71 Edith Road  
Newing Frederick William 47 Margate Road  
Newing Percy Stephen 46 Coleman Crescent  
Newing Richard 41 Winstanley Crescent  
Newing Stephen 23 Central Road  
Newing Walter 21 Central Road  
Newing William 6 Eagle Hill  
Newington Thomas 2 Princes Road  
Newling Miss 121 Crescent Road  
Newlyn Mrs H C 172 High Street Ramsgate
Newman Charles A 134 King Street  
Newman Eric Howard 51 Duncan Road  
Newman George 40 Percy Road  
Newman Mrs 8 Royal Crescent West Cliff
Newman Mrs H C Memel Lodge Memel Place  
Newman Thomas 104 Hardres Street  
Newman Walter Frederick 73 Hereson Road  
Newman William 40 Dane Park Road  
Newnham Mrs 19 Lillian Road  
Newth Francis Robert 164 High Street Ramsgate
Newton Albert 5 Florence Terrace Harrison Road  
Newton Ernest 14 Alma Road  
Newton George 77 Grange Road  
Newton George William 15A West Cliff Road  
Newton Mrs 112 Grange Road  
Newton Walter 14 Denmark Road  
Newton William J 15 Southwood Road  
Nicholas George William 22 Hereson Road  
Nicholls Mrs 107 Boundary Road  
Nichols Alfred 4 Greenfield Cottages Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Nichols Alfred 26 Herbert Road  
Nichols Charles 17 Penshurst Road East Cliff
Nichols Robert 38 Ellington Park Road  
Nichols Thomas John 16 Cannonbury Road  
Nicholson James 11 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Nisbet Arthur 18 Albion Hill  
Nixon Charles Lyddhurst Chapel Place  
Nixon Mrs 24 Crescent Road  
Nixon Mrs 96 Southwood Road  
Noakes Mrs 2 Clunns Cottages Cross Street  
Noakes Ronald Alfred Thomas 123 Hereson Road  
Nobes John 5 Sydney Road St Lawrence
Noble Miss 47 Edith Road  
Noble Miss 42 Ellington Park Road  
Norburn Major William Joseph The Crossways Margate Road  
Norman George 34 Turner Street  
Norman Hulbert Charles 124 High Street Ramsgate
Norman Mrs 19 Albert Road East Cliff
Norman Ralph 26 Muir Road  
Norman Walter William 25 Fairlight Avenue St Lawrence
Norrington Jesse 38 Sydney Road St Lawrence
Norris Edward E Holmlea Ellington  
Norris George Hy 56 Vale Road  
Norris Henry George 35 Brunswick Street  
Norris Miss 4 Havens of Rest Thanet Road St Lawrence
Norris Mrs 15 Alpha Road  
Norris Mrs 126 Grange Road  
Norris Percy Bertram 183 High Street Ramsgate
Norris Stanley G 3 Rose Cottages Church Lane  
Norris Walter 57 Hardres Street  
Norris Walter William James 61 Hereson Road  
Norris William 17 Flora Road  
Notley Mrs 22 Penshurst Road  
Nowell Mrs M 35 Alexandra Road  
Nowell William 8 Albert Terrace King Edward Road  
Nowell William George 126 Hereson Road  
Nugent Miss Grace 22 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road  
Nunn Mrs 12 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road  
Nutchey Mrs 36 Effingham Street  
Nuttall Edwin James 64 Queen Bertha Road  
Nutter George 19 Picton Road  

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