Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Ramsgate & St Lawrence - private residents - K


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Kates Mrs 21 Herbert Road  
Katlar Mrs 4 Camden Square  
Kay James 36 Ellington Park Road  
Keats Ernest William 55 Winstanley Crescent  
Keel George 28 St Lukes Avenue  
Keel Mrs E 32 St Lukes Avenue  
Keeler E W 131 Grange Road  
Keeler Harry 8 Irchester Street  
Keeler Randolph 1 Torrington Villas Northwood
Keeler William 9 Montefiore Cottages  
Keeley Walter Priory House West Cliff Road  
Keeling Jack 2 Elm Lodge Ellington  
Keeling Miss D D 21 Addington Street  
Keeling Mrs 46 Alma Road  
Keen Edward 54 Bloomsbury Road  
Keen James Francis 56 Hollicondane Road  
Keen Percival Charles Mount Egmont St Mildreds Avenue  
Keene Miss 19 Duncan Road  
Keller Mrs 54 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Kelly Edward Harding Northfield Newington Road St Lawrence
Kelly George Frederick 10 Rodney Street  
Kelly Mrs 1 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road  
Kelly Robert Rosebery Bungalow Pysons Road Northwood
Kelly Thomas 7 Camden Square  
Kelsall James 6 Camden Road  
Kelsey Frederick Charles 8 Crescent Road  
Kelsey Mrs 25 North Avenue The Elms
Kelsey Mrs C F 1 Marlborough Road The Elms
Kelson Harold 23 Belmont Road  
Kelson Thomas 168 High Street Ramsgate
Kember Arthur 78 Hereson Road  
Kember Hy James 67 Coleman Crescent  
Kember Mrs 2 Liverpool Lawn West Cliff
Kember William 27 Lorne Road  
Kemp Albert Edward 35 St Patricks Road  
Kemp Arthur 10 Newington Road St Lawrence
Kemp Bertie William 1 Montague Road  
Kemp Edward 3 Flora Road  
Kemp George 15 Dumpton Park Road  
Kemp George William 27 Bloomsbury Road  
Kemp Herbert 22 Belmont Road  
Kemp Herbert 24 Dumpton Park Road  
Kemp Herbert John 10 Clarendon Gardens  
Kemp John Francis 38 Picton Road  
Kemp John Frederick 14 St Georges Road  
Kemp Mrs 72 Church Road  
Kemp Mrs 22 Dumpton Park Road  
Kemp Mrs 25 Priory Road  
Kemp Mrs 1 Rose Villas Margate Road  
Kemp Mrs 52 St Patricks Road  
Kemp Thomas S 109 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Kemp William 92 Hardres Street  
Kemp Zara James 55 Alexandra Road  
Kendall James Colyer 6 Brockenhurst Road East Cliff
Kendrick Miss 6 Church Road  
Kennard Bertram John 2 Sydney Road St Lawrence
Kennard Charles 9 Emma Simmons Homes Napleton Road  
Kennard Robert 13 Flora Road  
Kennett Frederick Thomas 2 Park Cottages West Dumpton Broadstairs
Kennett George 33 Percy Road  
Kennett Mrs 9 Belmont Street  
Kennett Mrs 8 Kent Place  
Kennett Mrs 3 Sacketts Cottages Northwood
Kennett Sydney Frank 4 Newlands Terrace Margate Road  
Kennett Thomas Henry 1 Arklow Square  
Kennett William 13 Broad Street  
Kennett William 3 Sydney Road St Lawrence
Kensall Alfred Charles 32 Coleman Crescent  
Kent Ernest 18 Dumpton Park Drive St Lawrence
Kent Leonard 2 Warten Road  
Kent R Vernon 37 Southwood Road  
Kerslake Hy Charles 7 Coast Guard Station Victoria Parade East Cliff
Kettle Henry 28 Dane Road  
Keys Mrs 24 Finsbury Road  
Keys William Hy 15 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Keyse Samuel Edward 71 West Cliff Road  
Keyte Mrs 12 Picton Road  
Kidd Robert Northwood House Margate Road  
Kidder Frederick R J 124 Crescent Road  
Kilburn Hy 7 Crescent Road  
Kilby Frederick 15 Cliff Street West Cliff
Kiley Charles Alfred 8 Mews Cottages  
Kilkenny Edmund Joseph 31 South Eastern Road  
Killick Archie George 2 Daisy Villas Garden Row  
Killingback William 20 Hertford Street West Cliff
Killingback William Charles 20 Hertford Place West Cliff
King Albert 33 Alma Road  
King Archibald G 15 Dumpton Park Drive St Lawrence
King Arthur 22 Alma Road  
King Arthur William 24 Hertford Street West Cliff
King Bertie 21 Muir Road  
King Ernest Roy 8 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road  
King Fred 6 Vale Square  
King George 13 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
King George 44 Vale Road  
King Harry 4 Wheatley Road St Lawrence
King John 39 Coleman Crescent  
King John 6 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
King Mrs 63 Boundary Road  
King Mrs 33 Royal Road West Cliff
King Percy 1 Foresters Cottages  
King Rd 34 St Georges Road  
King Willie 3 Alpha Road  
Kingscote Arthur 49 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Kingsford Frederick Charles 35 Artillery Road  
Kingsland Albert 12 Poplar Road  
Kingsland Alfred W (MBE) Wyvenhoe Ellington  
Kingsland Frederick 107 Hereson Road  
Kingsland Miss 6 West Cliff Road  
Kippen Mrs 11 Coastguard Station Victoria Parade East Cliff
Kirby Rev Fras Joshua (Baptist) 9 Brockenhurst Road East Cliff
Kirby Dennis 43 St Georges Road  
Kirby Frederick 47 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Kirby Mrs 29 Camden Square  
Kirkaldie Aug. 113 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Kirkaldie George W 18 Bellevue Cottages  
Kirkcaldy Arthur 8 Southwood Road  
Kirkcaldy George 2 Newcastle Hill  
Kirke Rd   Charlotte Court  
Kirkland John 13 Grange Road  
Kite Ernest Charles 17 Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Kiy George 65 Southwood Road  
Knibbs Walter 26 Bradley Road St Lawrence
Knight Alfred George 12 Alfred Cottages  
Knight Albert Edward 36 Coleman Crescent  
Knight Alfred H 6 Rodney Street  
Knight Charles Edward 8 Camden Square  
Knight Edwin David 10 Ellington Road  
Knight Ernest Arthur 11 Poplar Road  
Knight Frank 71 Alexandra Road  
Knight George   Hopes Lane  
Knight George 1 Princes Avenue St Lawrence
Knight Howard 7 Alliance Road  
Knight John C F 31 Winstanley Crescent  
Knight John R 94 Crescent Road  
Knight Miss 129 Crescent Road  
Knight Mrs 9 La Belle Alliance Square  
Knight Mrs M 12 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Knight Thomas 1 Fitzroy Avenue Northwood
Knight Thomas 22 Hibernia Street  
Knight Thomas 11 Theodore Terrace Margate Road  
Knight Thomas William 13 Townley Street  
Knight Tom 33 Effingham Street  
Knight William 37 Montague Road  
Knight William 84 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Knight William James 2 Saxon Road  
Knights Arthur Westlea West Dumpton Broadstairs
Knivett Henry Edward 8 Prices Avenue  
Knocker Miss 68 Queen Bertha Road  
Knocker Mrs 79 Crescent Road  
Knott Bert 25 St Andrews Road  
Knott Bertram Edmund 33 Brunswick Street  
Knott Marshall 16 Meeting Street  
Knott Mrs 44 South Eastern Road  
Knott Percy 14 Picton Road  
Knott Thomas 8 Vale Road  
Knott William 63 Muir Road  
Knott William Frank 32 Muir Road  
Knott William George 14 Rodney Street  
Knowles Arthur Fras 50 Ellington Road  
Knowles Mrs 59 Edith Road  
Knowles Mrs 6 Townley Street  
Koolhoven Mrs 74 Crescent Road  
Krivan Mrs Royston Margate Road  

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