Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Ramsgate & St Lawrence - private residents - J


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Jackman John G Nunro St James Avenue St Lawrence
Jackson Frederick Hy 14 Paragon West Cliff
Jackson John 29 Coleman Crescent  
Jackson Miss Vale Court Vale Square  
Jackson Thomas 76 Church Road  
Jaggers Thomas L 32 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Jakes Harold H 61 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
James Daniel 7 Abbots hill  
James John 6 Spencer Square West Cliff
James Miss Threeways West Dumpton Broadstairs
James Mrs 5 Alliance Road  
James Rd Hitchens 33 Coleman Crescent  
James Walter 42 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
James Walter Rd 16 Sussex Street  
Jamieson Alfred William 12 Rawdon Road  
Janes George 7 Harrison Terrace Harrison Road  
Jannotti Mrs 39 Central Road  
Jaricot Rev H Paul (Roman Catholic) St Augustines Abbey St Augustines Road West Cliff
Jarman Abraham Charles 62 Boundary Road  
Jarman Albert Edward 25 Seafield Road St Lawrence
Jarman James W 35 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Jarman John 4 Myrtle Cottages Forge Lane  
Jarman Miss 24 Paragon West Cliff
Jarman Mrs 15 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Jarman William John 6 Seafield Road St Lawrence
Jarratt Frederick Charles 14 West Cliff Road  
Jarratt Harry 27 Picton Road  
Jarvis Arthur 1 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Jarvis Ernest 1 Eagle Yard  
Jarvis Ernest Edward 34 Belmont Road  
Jarvis Frederick G Clifton Manston Road St Lawrence
Jarvis George 9 Salisbury Avenue  
Jarvis James Percival Providence Cottages Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Jarvis John 8 Duncan Road  
Jarvis John 102 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Jarvis William John 158 Hereson Road  
Jeffery Frederick 3 Augusta Road East Cliff
Jeffery Frederick J 33 Winstanley Crescent  
Jeffery William 14 Victoria Road  
Jeffrey Alfred Edward 38 King Street  
Jeffrey Walter 7 Sion Passage West Cliff
Jeffries Percy William 6 Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Jellicoe Herbert H P 77 Crescent Road  
Jenkins Frederick Albert 65 Cecilia Road  
Jenkins John 34 Alma Road  
Jenkins Miss D M (MA) 3 Seagarth Dumpton Park Drive St Lawrence
Jenkins William David 37 Hereson Road  
Jenner Mrs 5 Ratcliffe Square  
Jenner Mrs 25 Royal Road West Cliff
Jennings Alfred 125 King Street  
Jennings Fred George 79 Winstanley Crescent  
Jennings Harry J (MBE) 7 St Mildreds Road  
Jennings Leonard D 8 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Jennings Mrs 18 Union Street  
Jennings William 45 Hereson Road  
Jensen Mrs 2 Dumpton Park Road  
Jepson Urbanus 5 La Belle Alliance Square East Cliff
Jermy P R 23 Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Jetten Albert 21 Dumpton Park Drive  
Jewells Alex Thomas 69 Edith Road  
Jezard Frederick Walter 25 Margate Road  
Jezard Walter F 90 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Joad Alfred George James 2 Memel Place  
Joad George 93 Winstanley Crescent  
Joad Mrs 26 Seafield Road St Lawrence
Johncock Peter 21 St Georges Road  
Johncock Thomas 5 Daisy Villas Garden Row  
Johns William 121 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Johnson Alfred 14 Ratcliffe Square  
Johnson Frederick 26 St Georges Road  
Johnson Henry William 3 St Andrews Road  
Johnson Jesse 21 Addington Street  
Johnson John 4 Sydney Terrace West Dumpton Broadstairs
Johnson Malcolm 26 York Street  
Johnson Miss R N E Glenwood Elmstone Road  
Johnson Mrs 9 Artillery Road  
Johnson Mrs 52 Dane Road  
Johnson Mrs 18 Ratcliffe Square  
Johnson Mrs 37 Sydney Road St Lawrence
Johnson Mrs A 102 Hardres Street  
Johnson Mrs W 22 Southwood Road  
Johnson Reginald 240 Hereson Road  
Johnson Robert 41 Queen Bertha Road  
Johnson Thomas 5 Cecilia Road  
Johnson William Lylecot Northwood St Lawrence
Johnson William J 3 Farley Place  
Johnston Arthur Stanley Paragon Cottage Paragon Street West Cliff
Johnston Frederick Ivan West Dumpton Broadstairs
Johnstone William 10 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Joliffe Frederick 58 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Jones Albert 32 Cecilia Road  
Jones Alfred 15 Grosvenor Road St Lawrence
Jones Arthur Charles 9 Garden Row  
Jones Charles 2 Leopold Road  
Jones Daniel 6 Harrison Terrace Harrison Road  
Jones Elijah 34 St Patricks Road  
Jones Frank 8 Newington Road St Lawrence
Jones George Frederick 89 Cecilia Road  
Jones George Henry 134 Hereson Road  
Jones Harry 6 Shaftesbury Street East Cliff
Jones Harry Lewis 7 Queens Road East Cliff
Jones Henry 37 Duncan Road  
Jones Hy William 42 Coleman Crescent  
Jones Henry William 12 New Alfred Cottages  
Jones Humphrey 7 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Jones Idris 54 Cannonbury Road  
Jones James William 28 Salisbury Avenue  
Jones John 125 Margate Road  
Jones John 27 Princes Street  
Jones Joseph 34 Flora Road  
Jones Miss 13 Alma Road  
Jones Miss 25 Grove Road  
Jones Miss West Cliff Villas West Cliff Road  
Jones Mrs 22 Abbots hill  
Jones Mrs 28 Alma Road  
Jones Mrs C 29 Albert Road East Cliff
Jones Phillip 26 St Patricks Road  
Jones Robert 5 Albert Terrace King Edward Road  
Jones Thomas 1 Sussex Street  
Jones Thomas Alfred 1A Chartham Terrace St Augustines Road West Cliff
Jones Thomas Hy 1 Jessamine villas Percy Road  
Jones William Alexandra House Queens Road East Cliff
Jones William Abbey Gate Lodge Pegwell Road  
Jones William 27 Woodford Avenue  
Jones William Charles 20 Herbert Road  
Jones William David 103 South Eastern Road  
Jones William George 36 Boundary Road  
Jones William James 1 Morden Cottages  
Jordan Arthur 29 Artillery Road  
Jordan Charles 38 St Patricks Road  
Jordan Edward Hy 10 Manston Road St Lawrence
Jordan Mrs J R 62 Margate Road  
Jordan Robert 98 Southwood Road  
Jordan Rt William 5 Cavendish Street  
Jordan Samuel 157 Boundary Road  
Jordan William H 19 Shaftesbury Street East Cliff
Josey Benjamin 29 Warten Road  
Josling Frederick John 34 Winstanley Crescent  
Josling Henry Willie 139 Southwood Road  
Josling Mrs 32 Hardres Street  
Joy Miss 13 Hatfield Road  
Joy Mrs 1A Anns Road  
Joyce Charles 9 Royal Road West Cliff
Joyce Thomas 4 Pegwell Avenue  
Judge Arthur James 15 Warten Road  
Judge Percival 29 Winstanley Crescent  
Judges Edward James 18 Southwood Road  
Julyan Mrs Shanklin Villa Newington Street St Lawrence
Jupp Edward 14 Alfred Cottages  
Jupp Mrs 1 Chatham Passage  
Jury Mrs 3 Camden Cottages Camden Road  

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