Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Ramsgate & St Lawrence - private residents - I


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Ibbotson Joseph Wembley Margate Road  
Iddenden Charles 3 & 4 Sion Passage West Cliff
Iddenden Percy 22 Boundary Road  
Ilett Harry George 170 High Street Ramsgate
Impett Herbert Hy 3 Bay View Villas Manston Road St Lawrence
Impett Mrs 58 Picton Road  
Impett Mrs 7 St Andrews Road  
Impett William Edward 64 Percy Road  
Ing Thomas Rd Newlands Margate Road  
Inge Herbert Stuart 177 Grange Road  
Inglefield Mrs 33 Liverpool Lawn West Cliff
Ingleson Hy The Rosary Bungalow Vale Square  
Ingram Harry Westcot Goodwin Road  
Inman Miss Harriett Denham House Marlborough Road The Elms
Inwood Walter John 1 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Ireland Frank 3 Paradise  
Ireland Mrs 216 Hereson Road  
Irven Capt John Paul (RN retired) 5 Paragon Mansions Paragon West Cliff
Irvine John 1 Blucher Villas  
Isaac Henry William 4 Olive Grove Trinity Place  
Isaacs Arthur 30 Seafield Road St Lawrence
Isaacs Charles John 22 Bloomsbury Road  
Isaacs George 6 Anns Road  
Isaacs John 80 High Street St Lawrence
Isaacs John 137 Southwood Road  
Isemonger Miss 149 Southwood Road  
Isherwood Mrs 62 Southwood Road  
Israel Miss 7 Havens of Rest Thanet Road  
Ives Frederick Pegwell Lodge Cottage Pegwell Road  
Ives Mrs 21 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff

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