Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Ramsgate & St Lawrence - private residents - G


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Gaguine Shem-Tob (rabbi) 8 & 9 Montefiore College Honeysuckle Road St Lawrence
Gaines Walter 17 Bradley Road St Lawrence
Gair John 22 Dumpton Park Drive St Lawrence
Gair Mrs 136 High Street Ramsgate
Gale Ernest Edward 2 Artillery Road  
Gales George Clifton 13 Clifton Road St Lawrence
Gallant Miss 27 Vale Road  
Gambrell Stephen R 55 Seafield Road St Lawrence
Gammon George 33 Dumpton Park Road  
Gammon Mrs 22 Albion Place  
Gander Albert 25 Avenue Road East Cliff
Gander Frederick 31 Rodney Street  
Gapper Ernest Alfred 5 Bristol Place  
Gard Samuel 9 Rodney Street  
Gardener Mrs Adelaide Villa Hereson St Lawrence
Gardiner Rt Charles Flora cottage Hereson St Lawrence
Gardner Arthur Scott 166 High Street Ramsgate
Gardner Benjamin 92 Thanet Road  
Gardner Edward 4 Duncan Road  
Gardner Harry 8 Grange Road  
Gardner Harry Walter 7 Ayton Road  
Gardner Henry 9 Claremont Gardens St Lawrence
Gardner Jesse 4 Hollicondane Road  
Gardner John T 3 Laurell Cottages Chilton Lane  
Gardner John William 21 Hollicondane Road  
Gardner Mrs 53 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Gardner Mrs 38 Hollicondane Road  
Gardner Mrs 104 Southwood Road  
Gardner Mrs M 6 Wellington Crescent East Cliff
Gardner Walter Edward 7 Dane Road  
Gardner William 68 Crescent Road  
Garland Ernest John Barclays Bank House Queen Street  
Garlinge Albert 36 Percy Road  
Garner Ernest Albert 4 Cottage Road  
Garner Horace 37 West Cliff Road  
Garnham Sidney 17 Princes Street  
Garrett Frank 7 Poplar Road  
Garrett Mrs 129 Hardres Street  
Garton Mrs 14 Royal Crescent  
Garvey Miss T Eastleigh Truro Road East Cliff
Garwood Charles 16 St James Street West Cliff
Garwood Edward 18 Poplar Road  
Garwood Frederick 9 Alpha Road  
Garwood Frederick James 26 Denmark Road  
Garwood Miss 6 St James Street West Cliff
Garwood Mrs 46 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Garwood William 4 Union Street  
Gaskin Percy William 11 Picton Road  
Gauld Sidney Oswald 55 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Gaymer Mrs E 26 Percy Road  
Geard Victor 48 Margate Road  
Gee Ernest J C Meadow View Pegwell Road  
Geering Charles 13 Grosvenor Road  
Geering Sidney William Spray Cottage Newington Road St Lawrence
Gelberg Hirsch 2 Montefiore College Hereson St Lawrence
Gentry Charles Wright 60 Southwood Road  
Gentry Mrs 16 La Belle Alliance Square East Cliff
George Mrs Ada 10 Theodore Terrace Margate Road  
George Rt H 24 Lorne Road  
Germain Miss Rochester Lodge Ellington Place St Lawrence
Gerring Albert Arthur John 4 Cavendish Place  
Gerty Miss 4 Albion Place  
Gethin William 154 High Street Ramsgate
Gibbens Albert Edward 55A Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Gibbens Charles 11 Sussex Street  
Gibbens Edward 10 Grosvenor Road St Lawrence
Gibbens Ernest 35 Boundary Road  
Gibbens Hy Lorden 15 Dane Park Road  
Gibbens Mrs 5 Trinity Place  
Gibbens Patrick Hy 19 Coleman Crescent  
Gibbens Percy 43 Coleman Crescent  
Gibbens Robert 74 High Street St Lawrence
Gibbens Rt Stephen 97 Coleman Crescent  
Gibbens Thomas Lester 2 Margate Road  
Gibbons Ernest Vincent 42 Vale Road  
Gibbons John 25 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Gibbons Miss 5 Ayton Road  
Gibbons Mrs 9 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Gibbons Mrs 152 Southwood Road  
Gibbons Rt 25 Bradley Road St Lawrence
Gibbs Mrs 75 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Gibbs Mrs 4 Ethelbert Road  
Gibbs Thomas 25 St Patricks Road  
Gibbs William John R St Finbarre Ellington St Lawrence
Gibbs-Chandler Mrs 14 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road  
Gibson George 4 Kingsley Villas St Lukes Road  
Gibson James A 1 Seagarth Dumpton Park Drive  
Gifford Albert 56 Alexandra Road  
Gifford Alfred L H 19 Newington Road St Lawrence
Gifford Charles 58 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Gifford Mrs 4 Forge Cottages High Street St Lawrence
Gifford William sen. 158 Southwood Road  
Gifford William jun. 154 Southwood Road  
Gilbert Edward 12 Dumpton Park Drive St Lawrence
Gilby Mrs 5 South Eastern Road  
Giles Alfred 23 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Giles Mrs Strathmore Vale Square  
Giles Rt 22 Princes Street  
Gilham Frederick William 5 Alexandra Road  
Gilham Mrs Annie 10 Montague Road  
Gilham William John 103 Hereson Road  
Gilham William John 6 Leopold Street  
Gill James 34 Townley Street  
Gill Mrs 131 Crescent Road  
Gill Mrs 16 South Eastern Road  
Gill Walter L 66 Coleman Crescent  
Gillespie John 13 St Davids Road  
Gillett Frederick Charles 93 Margate Road  
Gillett William 17 St Georges Road  
Gillham Walter 108 Southwood Road  
Gillido Mrs 30 Rosebery Avenue  
Gilliess Maximillian Rene Victoria House Queens Road East Cliff
Giraud Edward George 52 Cannonbury Road  
Gisbey Harry 8 Newcastle Hill  
Gisbey John 22 Portland Court  
Gisby George 3 Oakwood Villas West Dumpton Lane Broadstairs
Gisby Mrs 15 Hereson Road  
Gisby Mrs 56 Plains of Waterloo  
Gisby Peter 8 St Georges Road  
Gisby William 3 Sydney Terrace West Dumpton Broadstairs
Gittings Walter 45 Grove Road  
Gladhill William Arthur 1 Newington Road St Lawrence
Gleeson Lt Col A F (OBE) Linley Truro Road East Cliff
Glenn Edward 31 Meeting Street  
Glisbey Misses Wenderton Truro Road East Cliff
Glover Hooper 30 Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Glover James 11 St Andrews Road  
Gluyas Ernest 90 Crescent Road  
Glynn George 24 Meeting Street  
Glynn Rd 29 Plains of Waterloo  
Goble George 38 Dumpton Park Road  
Goddard James 10 Mews Cottages  
Goddard Mrs R 5 Meeting Street  
Godfrey Stephen 46 Rosebery Avenue  
Godley William 20 Muir Road  
Godman John F E 30 South Eastern Road  
Godrich Mrs 6 Elmstone Road  
Godwin Frank 37 Cecilia Road  
Godwin Mrs M 16 Rawdon Road  
Goff Miss R 102 Grange Road  
Goff Stanley 13 Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Gold Edgar 10 Hollicondane Terrace Hollicondane Lane  
Golder William Rusthall Dane Crescent  
Goldfinch Albert 18 Abbots hill  
Goldfinch Alfred 1 Ratcliffe Square  
Goldfinch Bertie Alfred 3 St Georges Cottages Church Lane  
Goldfinch Edward 2 Sussex Street  
Goldfinch George 7 Portland Court  
Goldfinch George H 7 Brunswick Street  
Goldfinch Henry 6 Ivy Lane West Cliff
Goldfinch John 1 St Georges Cottages Church Lane  
Goldfinch Miss 30 Belmont Road  
Goldfinch Thomas 133 King Street  
Goldfinch Thomas Hy 8 Victoria Road  
Goldfinch Walter Hy 87 Winstanley Crescent  
Goldfinch William 20 Dumpton Park Road  
Golding Edward 27 Denmark Road  
Goldsack John Charles 27 Grove Road  
Goldsmith Albert 4 Bellevue Cottages  
Goldsmith Alfred 18 Turner Street  
Goldsmith George 44 Bellevue Cottages  
Goldsmith George 18 Hollicondane Road  
Goldsmith John 99 Ellington Road  
Goldsmith Mrs 7 Boundary Road  
Goldsmith Mrs 1 Irchester Villas Irchester Street East Cliff
Goldsmith Mrs 25 Plains of Waterloo  
Goldsmith Oliver 70 Plains of Waterloo  
Goldsmith Robert 29 Abbots hill  
Goldsmith Thomas 8 Bellevue Cottages  
Goldsmith William 26 Grosvenor Road St Lawrence
Goldsmith William Edward 14 Mews Cottages  
Goldsmith William Herbert 16 Penshurst Road East Cliff
Goldsmith William Terry 2 Ivy Cottages Terrace Cottages  
Goldsworthy Mrs Hayes 2 Granville Gardens Truro Road East Cliff
Goldsworthy Mrs M 1 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road  
Goldsworthy Mrs W 11 (Flat 1) Victoria parade  
Goodall Charles 47 Grange Road  
Goodall Frederick George 32 Montague Road  
Goodban Ernest 55 Hereson Road  
Goodban Frank William 97 Winstanley Crescent  
Goodban George William 32 St Patricks Road  
Goodban Harry 131 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Goodban Henry 19 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Goodban Stephen James 3 Phoenix Villas Margate Road  
Goodbourn Albert Edward 57 St Lukes Avenue  
Goodbourn Arthur Ernest 26 Boundary Road  
Goodbourn Edward Young 1 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Goodbourn James 20 Seafield Road St Lawrence
Goodbourn Sidney 1A Montefiore Cottages  
Goodbourn William 46 Dumpton Park Road  
Goodbourn William 25 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Goodbun George S 27 Townley Street  
Goodbun Herbert 48 Cannonbury Road  
Goodchild Mrs 49 Vale Road  
Goodchild Mrs E 1 Gilbert Road St Lawrence
Goodchild Mrs E 24 Sydney Road St Lawrence
Goodchild Philip George 49 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Goodchild Spencer 2 Percy Villas Alliance Road  
Goodey Frederick 9 Muir Road  
Goodman Alfred George 37 Dumpton Park Road  
Goodman George A 74 Coleman Crescent  
Goodman James 81 Boundary Road  
Goodram William Valentine (MA) 62 Vale Road  
Goodridge James 9 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Goodson Ernest 8 Arklow Square  
Goodson Misses 8 Arklow Square  
Goodwin Charles 8 St Davids Road  
Goodwin Charles 30 St Georges Road  
Goodwin George F 18 Cannon Road  
Goodwin Miss 6 Penshurst Road East Cliff
Goodwin Miss 25 Vale Road  
Goodwin Miss Warre House Warre Avenue  
Goodwin Mrs 4 Hardres Road  
Goodwin Mrs 111 Hereson Road  
Goodwin Mrs 106 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Goodwin Mrs 44 St Patricks Road  
Goodyear Alfred 12 Rosebery Avenue  
Goodyear Ernest 16 Denmark Road  
Goodyear Frederick 17 St Mildreds Road  
Gordon Charles J 37 Hollicondane Road  
Gordon Mrs 9 Chilton Terrace Chilton Lane  
Gore Alfred 12 Hertford Place West Cliff
Gore Mrs 3 Daisy Villas Garden Row  
Goreing Edward 60 Winstanley Crescent  
Gorham John 46 Flora Road  
Gorham Stuart Edward John 38 Cecilia Road  
Gorham William Henry 48 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Gorringe William 18 Rodney Street  
Gorringe William Edward 30 Percy Road  
Gorton Mrs 88 Southwood Road  
Gossage Mrs 15 Royal Crescent  
Gosset Walter Crichton 41 Crescent Road  
Gouger Mrs M C 24 Cannon Road  
Gould Frank Arthur 16 Alexandra Road  
Gould Robert Stanley 18 Belmont Street  
Goulden Albert Edward 12 Seafield Road St Lawrence
Goulden George Harvey 20 Brunswick Street  
Gover Joseph J Seyssel Lodge Manston Road St Lawrence
Gowdey James Leonard 162 Hereson Road  
Gowen Arthur 14 Hibernia Street  
Gower Alfred 12 Gordon Road  
Gower Mrs 9 Leonards Avenue  
Gower Mrs M G 15 Coleman Crescent  
Gower Walter 10 Cumberland Road  
Gower William 5 Church Avenue  
Gowin Harry 5 Victoria Mansions Victoria parade East Cliff
Grady Mrs 18 Dumpton Park Road  
Graham Albert 83 Coleman Crescent  
Graham Harry 2A Townley Parade Chatham Street  
Graham Miss S 16 Crescent Road  
Graham Mrs 54 Vale Road  
Graham William Anderson 11 St James Square Packers Lane  
Grainger George Richard 4 Eagle Hill  
Grainger Mrs 40 Hereson Road  
Grainger William Southwood House Lodge   St Lawrence
Granger Charles 68 Coleman Crescent  
Granger Jacob Hy 2 Sydney Terrace West Dumpton Broadstairs
Granger William 85 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Grant Edward 95 St Lukes Avenue  
Grant Edward H 11 St Lukes Avenue  
Grant Miss I 72 Ellington Road  
Grant Mrs F L 16 Bethesda Street  
Grant Percy 7 Bristol Place  
Grantham Cyril 11 Albion Place  
Gray Edmund 40 Abbots Hill  
Gray Fras Bath Cottage Willsons Road  
Gray George 10 Liverpool Lawn West Cliff
Gray Gerald John Kingsclere Downs Road  
Gray Henry 23 Cecilia Road  
Gray John Iwood Napleton Road  
Gray Miss 169 High Street Ramsgate
Gray Mrs 169 High Street Ramsgate
Gray Thomas 5 Bradley Road St Lawrence
Gray Thomas Alfred Providence Cottages Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Gray William 9 Lorne Road  
Greany Mrs 47 Avenue Road East Cliff
Green Albert Louis 21 St Davids Road  
Green Charles Beechcroft Newington Road St Lawrence
Green Cornelius Daniel Thistledene Kings Avenue St Lawrence
Green E Banfield C 4 The Cedars North Avenue The Elms
Green Edgar 2 Black Cottages Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Green Ernest L 9 Coleman Crescent  
Green Frederick Court Stairs Lodge Pegwell Road  
Green Frederick Ernest 33 Warten Road  
Green Harry 96 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Green Herbert 35 Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Green Mark 15 Montague Road  
Green Miss 10 Codrington Road  
Green Mrs 40 Albert Road East Cliff
Green Mrs 36 Dane Park Road  
Green Mrs 15 Montague Road  
Green Mrs 5 Grosvenor Road St Lawrence
Green Mrs A M 31 Albert Road East Cliff
Green Walter Brodie 12 High Street Ramsgate
Greengrass Arthur Edward 5 Coronation Road  
Greengrass Charles J 81 Plains of Waterloo  
Greenhough Albert 21 Dane Crescent  
Greenstreet George B 3 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Greenstreet Thomas James 14 Dane Crescent  
Gregg Jonathan 23 Bloomsbury Road  
Gregory Joseph 21 Plains of Waterloo  
Gregson Herbert Charles 45 South Eastern Road  
Grey Sidney Taringa Queens Avenue St Lawrence
Griffiths John 8 Poplar Road  
Griffiths Mrs 2 Cavendish Street  
Grigg John 17 Trinity Place  
Griggs Charles 21 Hill Brow Road  
Griggs Ernest 33 Bloomsbury Road  
Griggs Frederick William 202 Hereson Road  
Griggs George 42 Dane Park Road  
Griggs John 101 Southwood Road  
Griggs John Edmund 81 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Griggs Mrs A 103 Crescent Road  
Griggs Richard A 8 Claremont Gardens St Lawrence
Griggs Thomas 28 Flora Road  
Griggs Thomas William 1 Myrtle Cottages Forge Lane St Lawrence
Griggs Tom 10 Rosebery Avenue  
Griggs William 6 Ayton Road  
Griggs William 19 Claremont Gardens St Lawrence
Griggs William Edmund 71 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Grimwade William The Hut West Dumpton Broadstairs
Grinham Richard Thomas 15 Dane Road  
Groom Edward 58 South Eastern Road  
Groom Edward 2 Trinity Place  
Groom Joseph 37 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Groom Leonard 28 (flat 3) Elms Avenue  
Groom Mrs 13 Claremont Gardens St Lawrence
Groom Thomas Joseph 14 Penshurst Road East Cliff
Groom William 83 West Cliff Road  
Groombridge David 2 Central Road  
Groombridge Herbert Victor 11 Rodney Street  
Groombridge James 32 Brunswick Street  
Groombridge James 1 Tabernacle Cottages Northwood
Groombridge Sidney 21 Rodney Street  
Grosvenor John Donald 1 Albion Place  
Groves Mrs I 40 Hollicondane Road  
Growns Miss 13 Picton Road  
Grummant Alfred Thomas 105 Grange Road  
Grummant Charles Frederick 63 Picton Road  
Grummant Joseph C The Acre Saxon Road  
Guildford Frederick W 72 Crescent Road  
Guiver William John 13 Guildford Lawn  
Gunn Ernest Harry 5 Flora Road  
Gunter William 3 The Gables Villas Crescent Road  
Gupper James 21 Artillery Road  
Gurney James B 94 Southwood Road  
Gurney Mrs Wiiliam 11 Paragon West Cliff
Gutrige James 3 Clements Road  
Gutrige Rd Frederick 7 Trinity Place  
Guttridge Miss Nigella Napleton Road  
Guy Ernest 91 Ellington Road  
Guyler Charles Frederick 139 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Gwyn Misses Elms House Carlton Avenue The Elms
Gwynne Mrs 43 Woodford Avenue  
Gwyther John Henry 22 Marlborough Road The Elms

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