Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Ramsgate & St Lawrence - private residents - E


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Earle Harold 2 Coleman Crescent  
Earle Richard (JP) 5 Theodore Terrace Margate Road  
Earles Louis John 3 Pegwell Avenue  
Eason Herbert Thomas Beverley Victoria Parade East Cliff
East Alfred 41 Alexandra Road  
East Alfred 4 Liverpool Lawn West Cliff
East Alfred 22 Liverpool Lawn West Cliff
East Arthur Frederick 72 Hardres Street  
East Mrs 162 Grange Road  
East Reginald 6 Ellington Park Road  
Easter Edward J 10 Alma Road  
Easter Mrs 4 Newcastle Hill  
Easter William 12 West Cliff Road  
Eastes Ernest S 44 Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Eastes Mrs 59 West Cliff Road  
Eastes Richard 25 Abbots Hill  
Eastes Thomas 17 Rodney Street  
Eastgate Mrs A J Poplar House Carlton Avenue The Elms
Eastland Walter Hy 33 St Patricks Road  
Eastop Henry 55 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Eastop William 3 Alpha Road  
Eccleston George 21 Picton Road  
Ede Mrs 14 St Patricks Road  
Edgar Miss E 40 Ellington Road  
Edmunds Charles John The Nest   Northwood
Edwards Albert 21 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Edwards Alfred 17 Dumpton Park Road  
Edwards Arthur Watt 47 Southwood Road  
Edwards Edward William Inverleigh Ellington Park Road  
Edwards Frank John 30 Muir Road  
Edwards Henry Thomas 28 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Edwards James H Homeleigh Princes Avenue St Lawrence
Edwards John Kintore Carlton Avenue The Elms
Edwards Mrs 19 Artillery Road  
Edwards Mrs 6 Codrington Road  
Edwards Mrs 10 Marlborough Road  
Edwards Mrs 85 Winstanley Crescent  
Edwards Mrs A M 90 Southwood Road  
Edwards Richard 69 Alexandra Road  
Edwards Rd 7 Warten Road  
Edwards Richard Joseph 91 Southwood Road  
Edwards Samuel 132 Crescent Road  
Edwards Thomas 4 Belmont Street  
Edwards Walter 16 Sydney Road East Cliff
Edwards William 30 Grove Road  
Edwards William 67 St Lukes Avenue  
Egan Right Rev T Erkenwald (Abbot, Roman Catholic) St Augustines Abbey St Augustines Road West Cliff
Egan Misses 25 Penshurst Road East Cliff
Ekins Misses 32 Grove Road  
Elen Frederick Charles 5 Newington Road St Lawrence
Elen Harry Leonard Instow Margate Road  
Elen Walter Edwin 48 Ellington Park Road  
Elin Mrs 8 Paragon West Cliff
Eliot Miss 5 St Augustines Road West Cliff
Elkington Herbert T 5 North Avenue The Elms
Elks Leonard St Davids Manston Road St Lawrence
Ellen Ernest Bernard 35 High Street St Lawrence
Ellen William Thomas 1 Tilbury Villas Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Ellender Albert Edward 58 Denmark Road  
Ellender Alfred James 11 Church Road  
Ellender Walter 29 Rawdon Road  
Ellender Wilfred 12 Dane Park Road  
Ellicott Mrs L 55 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Ellinor Horatio 3 Buckstone Road Northwood
Elliott Alfred 3 Queens Avenue St Lawrence
Elliott Alfred Ernest 69 West Cliff Road  
Elliott Alfred Ernest 38 Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Elliott Frank 102 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Elliott Miss E M 21 Duncan Road  
Elliott Mrs 33 Grange Road  
Ellis Ernest A 4 Montefiore Cottages  
Ellis Florrie A 2 Leopold Street  
Ellis George 3 Princes Road  
Ellis George 13 Sussex Street  
Ellis Joseph 40 Duncan Road  
Ellis Joseph 28 La Belle Alliance Square East Cliff
Ellis Misses 76 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Ellis Mrs 18 Hereson Road  
Ellis Mrs G M 11 Grosvenor Road St Lawrence
Ellis Percival 81 Winstanley Crescent  
Ellis Sydney 3 Foresters Cottages  
Elliss Frederick 18 Avenue Road East Cliff
Elliston Arthur William Coronation Villa Coronation Road  
Ells Charles William 68 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Ells Frank 12 Liverpool Lawn West Cliff
Ells George John 46 Hereson Road  
Elmer Alfred 13 Cumberland Road  
Elms Albert 34 Coleman Crescent  
Elms Albert Charles Pembury Dane Crescent  
Elms George 9 Shaftesbury Street East Cliff
Elms Miss F 22 Meeting Street  
Elphick Mrs 9A St James Street West Cliff
Else Stephen 17 Percy Road  
Elson Frederick 31 St Davids Road  
Elson George Hy 5 Artillery Road  
Elvin Clarence 6 Alliance Road  
Elvy Mrs 17 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Emburey Mrs 40 Crescent Road  
Emery Charles 7 Newcastle Hill  
Emery Frederick 49 St Lukes Avenue  
Emery James Briston West Dumpton Broadstairs
Emery John Henry 4 Dumpton Park Road  
Emery mrs 1 Parkstone Villas Newington Road St Lawrence
Emery Walter 52 Flora Road  
Emery Walter J 17 Dane Crescent  
Emmerson Mrs 6 Syndale Place East Cliff
Emmerson Mrs 9 Trinity Place  
Emmerson Walter 16 Camden Square  
Emmett Mrs M Annie 44 Ellington Road  
Emmins John 2 Union Place  
Emms Charles 51 Southwood Road  
Emms Herbert Cecil Chez Nous Vale Square  
Emms John 6 Ellington Road  
Emms John 22 Finsbury Road  
Emptage Frederick 2 Oakwood Villas West Dumpton Broadstairs
Emptage George 35 Flora Road  
Emptage John William 25 Lorne Road  
England Edward 174 Hereson Road  
England Hy Edward 2 Newington View Newington Road St Lawrence
English Miss 17 Cavendish Street  
Enness Herbert 18 Muir Road  
Epps George 40 Boundary Road  
Epps Herbert Fletcher 19 Grove Road  
Epps Mrs 4 Syndale Place East Cliff
Essex Albert 2 St Pauls Cottages  
Euden George William 70 Boundary Road  
Euden George William 80 Church Road  
Euden Mrs B 33 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Evans Rev Arthur Hy (BA) 29 Hollicondane Road  
Evans Arthur George 31 Central Road  
Evans David William 25 Townley Street  
Evans George 29 Sydney Road St Lawrence
Evans James 1 Bristol Place  
Evans Miss 20 Lyndhurst Road East Cliff
Evans Mrs 12 Staffordshire Street  
Evans Salyn 12 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Evans Samuel 16 Newington Road St Lawrence
Eve Garnet Charles 45 Muir Road  
Evenden Edward F 24 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Everitt William Arthur 23 Codrington Road  
Eveson David 4 Clifton Lawn  
Ewald Mrs 4 Nelson Crescent West Cliff
Ewell Herbert William 109 Boundary Road  
Ewell Mrs 82 Church Road  
Ewens Sidney The Bungalow Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Eyers Henry 17 La Belle Alliance Square East Cliff

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