Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Ramsgate & St Lawrence - private residents - D


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Daborn Mrs A 33 Thanet Road  
Daborn William Hy 56 Queen Bertha Road  
Da Costa Benjamin 215 Hereson Road  
Dadd Mrs 21 Ashburnham Road  
Daguati Peter Assouan High Street St Lawrence
Daisey George 135 King Street  
Daisy John 4 Dove place Packers Lane  
Daisy Mrs R 65 Coleman Crescent  
Daisy William Primrose Villa Packers Lane  
Dale George 5 Poplar Road  
Dale Mrs 9 Priory Road West Cliff
Dales George Fox 15 Grove Road  
Dalley Mrs S P Hawthorn Villa Willsons Road  
Dallimore Hy John 3 Ada cottages Avenue Road East Cliff
Dallison John Rochester Cottage High Street St Lawrence
Dalton Harry William 50 Church Road  
Dalton Sidney 20 Bradley Road St Lawrence
Dalton Thomas 20 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Danaher Timothy 1 Avenue Road East Cliff
Dandridge Adan Frank Newville West Dumpton Broadstairs
Dane Leslie William 23 Warten Road  
Danes Mrs 45 Margate Road  
Danford Ellis 5 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Daniel Emanuel 71 South Eastern Road  
Daniel Henry Kenyon 15 Vale Square  
Daniel Mrs Arthur 33 Augusta Road East Cliff
Daniel Mrs Owen 11 Marlborough Road The Elms
Daniel Walter 3 Ellington Park Road  
Daniels George Edward Adastra Margate Road  
Daniels John Checksfield Manston Road St Lawrence
Daniels Mrs 3 Highfield Villas Northwood
Daniels William Frederick 23 High Street St Lawrence
Dann Mrs Margaret 49 Grange Road  
Dannatt Percy 174 Grange Road  
Danton Edward 48 Denmark Road  
Danton Edward Hy 9 Cross Street West Cliff
Danton George 62 Dumpton Park Road  
Danton George Rd 15 Dane Crescent  
Danton George Riley 11 Denmark Road  
Danton John Frederick Villa Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Danton Joseph 13 St Patricks Road  
Danton Mrs 17 Bloomsbury Road  
Danton Mrs 1 Southwood Road  
Danton William Thomas 11 King Edward Road  
Danziger Herman 3 Montefiore College Hereson
Dapson Peter Thomas 33 Grange Road  
Darby Alfred 6 Theodore Terrace Margate Road  
Darby George Barwick Margate Road  
Darby George 12 Rodney Street  
Darby Harry 34 High Street St Lawrence
Darby Henry 7 Florence Cottages Coronation Road  
Darby Hy Waleigh Newington Road St Lawrence
Darby Hy C 2 Osmond Terrace Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Darby John Owen 30 La Belle Alliance Square East Cliff
Darby Leonard Harold V 9 Camden Square  
Darby Leonard Raymond 37 Dane Park Road  
Darby Lewis Barwick Dilkushia Newington Road St Lawrence
Darby Mrs 3 Dumpton Park Drive St Lawrence
Darby William 3 Edith Cottages Clements Road  
Darby William 6 Mews Cottages  
Darby William Daniel 4 Central Road  
Darker Alfred James 10 Camden Square  
Darrington Charles W 41 Plains of Waterloo  
Darvill Miss 34 Spencer Square West Cliff
Dash Henry 2 BRoad Street  
Davey Frank 129 Hereson Road  
Davey Hy Charles 30 Hardres Street  
Davey Thomas Edwin 10 Brunswick Street  
Davey Walter 40 Ellington Park Road  
David Mrs S 39 Hardres Street  
Davie Mrs E 172 Hereson Road  
Davies David 73 Alexandra Road  
Davies David Richard 5 Kent Villas Central Road  
Davies Emlyn Lloyd 73A Alexandra Road  
Davies Harry 3 Kent Place  
Davies Harry 19 Willsons Road  
Davies Isaac Redwood Victoria lodge West Cliff Road  
Davies James 7 Irchester Street East Cliff
Davies Mrs S 5 Cannonbury Road  
Davies Thomas 1 Bradley Road St Lawrence
Davies Thomas 86 High Street St Lawrence
Davis Arthur Mowbray Chilton Lane  
Davis Benjamin 15 Church Road  
Davis Harry 37 Camden Square  
Davis Herbert Henry 16 Shaftesbury Street  
Davis Mrs Addington Cottages Spencer Street West Cliff
Davis Mrs 121 Grange Road  
Davis Mrs 42 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Davis Robert Clifton Villa West Cliff Road  
Davis Samuel William 70 Edith Road  
Davis Sydney James 22 Cecilia Road  
Davis Walter 51 Bloomsbury Road  
Davis William 11 Wheatley Road St Lawrence
Davis William Hy 20 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Davy Archie 7 Rose Hill  
Dawes Edward 31 Brunswick Street  
Dawes Edward 18 Dane Road  
Dawes Mrs 79 Plains of Waterloo  
Dawes Walter H 9 Ratcliffe Square  
Dawkins Joseph Dranoutre Ellington Park Road  
Daws Mrs 3 Osmond Terrace Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Daws William Phillip 27 Artillery Road  
Dawson George 14 Hollicondane Road  
Dawson Miss 12 Albert Street West Cliff
Dawson Mrs 41 Percy Road  
Dawson Richard 1 Bellevue Cottages  
Dawson Richard 18 Sussex Street  
Dawson William 68 Hereson Road  
Dawson William John 64 Hereson Road  
Day Alfred Edward 9 Park Cottages West Dumpton Lane Broadstairs
Day Arnold M 32 Crescent Road  
Day Arthur 101 Winstanley Crescent  
Day Edwin 23 Harbour Street  
Day Henry 9 Addington Street  
Day Miss 182 High Street  
Day Percy Charles 12 Kingsley Villas St Lukes Road  
Dayer Henry James 75 Boundary Road  
Deakin Charles Ulse 13 Vale Road  
Deamer Mrs 1 St Mildreds Road  
Dean Alfred 17 Picton Road  
Dean Charles 8 Newington Road St Lawrence
Dean James 13 Arklow Square  
Dean Mrs 50 Hereson Road  
Dean Samuel James 26 Marlborough Road The Elms
Dean William Hy 7 Clifton Road St Lawrence
Deane Mrs A A 1 Chatham Place  
D'Eath Mrs 72 Southwood Road  
D'Eath Mrs William 10 Coast Guard Station Victoria parade East Cliff
Debling Alfred 11 Alfred Cottages  
Debling Arthur 10 Newcastle Hill  
Debling George 3 Newcastle Hill  
Debling Mrs 2 Seafield Road St Lawrence
Debling William 1 Dove Place Packers Lane  
Debling William 213 Hereson Road  
Debling William T 14 St James Square Packers Lane  
De Costa Benjamin 215 Hereson Road  
De Horne Percy Hy 9 Dumpton Park Road  
Deley George Prall Danesbury Avebury Avenue  
Dell Leslie John 12 Bellevue Cottages  
Dell Mrs 133 Grange Road  
Denham Miss 78 Southwood Road  
Denmee Mrs 30 Denmark Road  
Dennard Mrs L 17 Brunswick Street  
Denne Charles William Napier Villa Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Denne Frederick 9 Flora Road  
Denne George Alfred 34 Alexandra Road  
Denne Herbert 3 Church Avenue  
Denne John 3 Chilton Terrace Chilton Lane  
Dennett Mrs L M 18 Vale Road  
Denning Mrs E M 17 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road  
Dennis Albert Victor 3 Dane Road  
Dennis Christphr 34 Bradley Road St Lawrence
Dennis Edgar Charles 2 Alma Cottages Hereson
Dennis Edward 19 Hereson Road  
Dennison Thomas 6 Gordon Road  
Dennison William 26 Alexandra Road  
Denny Henry Joseph 13 St Andrews Road  
Densham John 19 Salisbury Avenue  
Dent Hy 25 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Denton Albert Edward Ringwould   Northwood
Denton Mrs D 37 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Denton William George 36 Southwood Road  
Denyer Alfred 3 Abbots hill  
de Paiva Alfred Joseph 19 Emma Simmons Homes Napleton Road  
de Rome Paul 71 Southwood Road  
Dettmar William Hy 6 Francis Terrace Anns Road  
de Vere Mrs Emily 210 Hereson Road  
Deverson Arthurur 16 Alma Road  
Deverson Charles jun 17 Vale Road  
Deverson John William 80 Edith Road  
Deverson Miss 1A Vale Road  
Deverson Mrs 44 Percy Road  
Deverson Samuel John 60 Royal Road West Cliff
Deveson Mrs Hillcrest Norman Road  
Deveson Samuel V 3 Sion Hill West Cliff
de Villiers Carol C Alex (BA, BSc, MB, BS London) 10 York terrace West Cliff
Devonport Miss St James St Mildreds Road  
Dew Frederick Charles 4 Granville Marina  
Dewsby Miss 34 Muir Road  
Dicker William 15 Albion Place  
Dickinson Benjamin 22 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Dickson Miss C B S 23 Victoria Road  
Dickson Mrs 9 Gordon Road  
Diddams Walter 181 Grange Road  
Diggins Miss 57 Thanet Road  
Dike John 32 Hibernia Street  
Dike Mrs 5 Portland Court  
Dilnot-Smith Richard 3 Bellevue Cottages  
Dines Alfred Thomas 24 Boundary Road  
Dines Charles E 16 Flora Road  
Dines Ernest 44 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Dines Frederick Charles 4 Trinity Place  
Dines George G 72 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Dines Harry 12 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Dines Mrs 24 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Divers Harry 7 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Divers Henry Richard 77 Margate Road  
Divers John James 9 Belvedere Terrace Northwood
Divers Mrs A C Torbay Beresford Road  
Dix Mrs 8 Mill Cottages  
Dixon Albert 10 St James Square Packers Lane  
Dixon Frederick 31 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Dixon Mrs Edith 35 Grove Road  
Dobinson Herbert Horace 9 Warten Road  
Dobree Mrs H H 26 Victoria Road  
Dobson Edward Lyon 4 Townley House Chatham Street  
Dodds Mrs 16 Codrington Road  
Dodds Mrs Isabella 6 Dane Crescent  
Doorne Alfred E 1 Dane Crescent  
Doran Frederick 14 Erdley Square  
Dorey George 56 Dumpton Park Road  
Dorman Thomas Edward 17 Vale Square  
Doughty Charles Thomas 10 Alexandra Road  
Douglas Andrew 50 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Douse Mrs 13 Shaftesbury Street East Cliff
Doust George 19 Clifton Road St Lawrence
Doust William 52 Denmark Road  
Dow Malcolm Kennedy (MA Oxon) Thurso St Mildreds Avenue  
Dowding James Troy Dane Crescent  
Dowling Percy Carina St Lawrence Avenue  
Downes Arthur Clement 26 Vale Square  
Downes Mrs 30 Albert Street West Cliff
Downs Norman T 2B North Avenue The Elms
Downs Sydney 25 Codrington Road  
Downs William 1 Elizabeth cottages Packers Lane  
Dowse William 10 James Street West Cliff
Doyle Mrs 5 Leopold Street  
Drake Sutcliffe 24 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Drake Walter 9 Ellington  
Dray Richard William 6 St Davids Road  
Dray Thomas 3 Trinity Place  
Draycon Alfred Pryer 2A North Avenue  
Drayson Aug 14 Dane Park Road  
Drayson Frederick Louis Broad End Victoria parade East Cliff
Drayson Harold 37 Muir Road  
Drayson John 69 Boundary Road  
Drayson Stephen 3 BRoad Street  
Drew Albert John K 2 Chapel Place  
Drew George Frederick 56 Dane Park Road  
Driver John Hy 21 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Driver Walter Thomas 55 Grange Road  
Drury John Thorn 5 High Street St Lawrence
Drury Richard F Thorn 23 Southwood Road  
Dry Edward 9 Camden Road  
Duckett Ernest William 63 Crescent Road  
Duckett Mrs Crossways Napleton Road  
Duckett Mrs 31 Grove Road  
Duckett William Edward 11 Dundonald Road  
Duckworth Mrs A 122 Grange Road  
Dudley Charles Hy 1 Lorina Road St Lawrence
Dudley John 28 St Georges Road  
Dudley William 15 Ratcliffe Square  
Dudman Thomas 18 Sydney Road St Lawrence
Duff Alfred 71 Plains of Waterloo  
Duff William Brookes Banff West Dumpton Lane Broadstairs
Duff William Knox 15 Abbots Hill  
Duffield Cecil Stanley 3 Rodney Street  
Dugwell George Alfred 17 Meeting Street  
Dugwell Mrs 11 Flora Road  
Dugwell Mrs 101 Hardres Street  
Dunbar Walter Herbert 5 Penshurst Road East Cliff
Duncan Sydney Wallace 96 Crescent Road  
Dunham Frank 16 Abbots Hill  
Dunham John Walton House Vale Square  
Dunham Mrs Montrose Albion Road East Cliff
Dunk Harry George 51 Margate Road  
Dunk Harry George 20 Percy Road  
Dunk Philip Alfred 28 Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Dunk Mrs 2 Seaburg Villas Napleton Road  
Dunk Philip 137 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Dunkerton Frank D 29 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Dunkley Leonard 5 Vale Square  
Dunlop William John 1 Torrington Villas West Cliff Road  
Dunn Arthurur Fras 29 Royal Road West Cliff
Dunn Edmund Richard 4 Prospect terrace West Cliff
Dunn Edward Charles 173 Grange Road  
Dunn Frederick Claude 65 Muir Road  
Dunn John 1 Spencer Cottages Paragon Street West Cliff
Dunn Louis Sydney Elsbert Dane Crescent  
Dunn Martin 9 Hollicondane Terrace Hollicondane Road  
Dunn Miss H 8 Ellington Road  
Dunn Miss M J Sunridge Downs Road  
Dunn Walter Edward 48 Ellington Road  
Dunn William H 22 Crescent Road  
Dunnett John William 3 Coburg Cottages  
Dunster Mrs F A Millhaven Newington Road St Lawrence
Dunt Harry M 37 Spencer Square West Cliff
Dunwell William James 33 Southwood Road  
Dunwoody William George (MD) 24 South Eastern Road  
Durance Mrs 79 Hardres Street  
Durrant Edward 6 Central Road  
Durrant Edward 58 High Street St Lawrence
Durrant Mrs Alice 13 High Street St Lawrence
Dury Mrs 1 Camden Cottages Camden Road  
Dutton Thomas Hy 2 Armadale Villas Southwood Road  
Duval Miss Clara Providence Cottage Margate Road  
Dye Ernest 10 Prospect terrace West Cliff
Dyer Alfred Thomas 18 Cannonbury Road  
Dyer Henry John 188 Grange Road  
Dyer Mrs 18 La Belle Alliance Square East Cliff
Dyer Mrs C E 37 Coleman Crescent  
Dyke George T 3 Memel Place  

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